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Swansea and Sinclair

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Swansea and Sinclair Empty Swansea and Sinclair

Post by mckay1402 on Sat 25 Aug 2012, 4:19 pm

I wonder if Sinclair is maybe thinking he's been a bit hasty. I know its still early doors but you've got to love a start like that. If he goes who could Swansea bring in to replace him?

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Swansea and Sinclair Empty Re: Swansea and Sinclair

Post by Smirnoffpriest on Wed 29 Aug 2012, 4:24 pm

Yeah I think it's a silly move from his POV, he's getting game time at a club where it's easy to look good as an attacking player and where he gets a lot of the ball, and he wants to move to a team where he'll barely play, and when he does he'll barely get the ball, as people will pass to the other stars in the team.

Swansea have rejected a £6.3m bid for him, which is interesting as I thought they'd only expect £5m for him, and had already spent that £5m on their signings/rumoured signings - good for them for playing hard ball. If they don't sell him then they could have some great options in midfield and attack.


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Swansea and Sinclair Empty Re: Swansea and Sinclair

Post by Liam on Wed 29 Aug 2012, 5:22 pm

I think its a win-win situation for Swansea. If he stays they keep Scott Sinclair and gives them more options going forward.

If he goes they can use that money to re-invest in more than likely a la liga player, who due to the financial situation at these clubs, will probably lose their best players (Michu) for cheap. Laudrop knows the league well and will have probably made some recommendations on players to replace Sinclair.

I think Sinclair will be making the wrong decision personally. He's giving up 1st team football to go to a club where he will struggle to get a game. I mean, if Adam Johnson wasn't considered for a 1st team place, I doubt Sinclair will be either as I personally rate Johnson above Sinclair.


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Swansea and Sinclair Empty Re: Swansea and Sinclair

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