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6WF Lockdown Results 31st August Empty 6WF Lockdown Results 31st August

Post by Mat on Fri 31 Aug 2012, 6:58 pm

"Rest in Pieces" blares out through the speakers and the crowd are cheering loudly as Lockdown goes live to air at the Birmingham Bowl. A quick replay of Explosion is playing on the titantron as pyrotechnics explode off at the top of the ramp followed by a series of strobe lighting. The camera then pans to the commentary desk...

RJ:Good evening Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to 6WF Lockdown. We are live from the Birmingham Bowl, I'm RJ and I'm joined by Michael Wire on commentary.

MW:Good evening RJ!

RJ:Evening Michael, a fantastic show in store tonight don't you agree?

MW:Sure is RJ, some huge matches lined up none more so than our Main Event. There will be plenty of fall-out from Explosion as well.

RJ:However I think the one thing more everyone is looking forward to is Danny McGraw addressing the 6WF roster.

*Various signs are shown...


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6WF Lockdown Results 31st August Empty Re: 6WF Lockdown Results 31st August

Post by Mat on Fri 31 Aug 2012, 7:00 pm

Danny McGraw is shown in his office with Stuart Sparkes as The Consultant walks in...

TC: Danny, can i grab a moment with you........in private?

McGraw looks up at The Consultant....

DM: Can't right now, do you know how busy i've been? My phone has been going non-stop since last night. Advertisers are begging me for slots in our shows. TV execs are hounding me for contract talks. Last night was the greatest spectacle this company has ever seen. It was a game changer......and remember, i couldn't have done it without you.

McGraw holds out his hand and The Consultant shakes it...

TC: I appreciate this, but look, Danny, this is urgent, i really need to speak with you...

Sparkes gets up from his chair....

SS: Look, i can go if you have other things to discuss....

DM: No, it's fine, whatever it is can wait. Anyway, before you shoot off to wow your readers with tales of what we've acheived here, i've got one final story for you...

McGraw smiles at Sparkes...

DM: You see, outside that door is my entire roster. Waiting for this announcement. See the board may think i'm stupid, they may think i've let things get out of control, but tonight, i'm gonna show them that they doubted the wrong man.

TC: Danny......

McGraw looks over at The Consultant....

DM: You're right, we should be getting on with things, we have a show to run after all.

McGraw heads to the door and leaves, Sparkes follows but is grabbed by The Consultant....

TC: I know who you are, Stuart. I know your game. And rest assured by the end of the night, Danny and this entire roster will see you for the fraud you are....

SS: I don't know what you're talking about....

Sparkes smiles and follows McGraw out of the door where he is stood on a podium. The roster is gathered in the back of the arena as the camera pans around. The faces and heels are seperated by a line of chairs. Only Cassius is sat on on a chair in front of the podium, a sick grin across his face...

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6WF Lockdown Results 31st August Empty Re: 6WF Lockdown Results 31st August

Post by Mat on Fri 31 Aug 2012, 7:01 pm

DM: Good evening. Thank you all for coming. Firstly, i want to thank each and every one of you for your efforts last night. I see alot of bruised bodies, alot of broken men, but i can assure you that your efforts have been worth it.

For months now we have pushed the boundaries of sports entertainment. We've taken this company and it's name to new heights, yet people have dared to doubt me. Dared to doubt my vision, my dreams and my goals. They doubted that i had to take this company to the next level. That i would stagnate, burnt out and regurgitate ideas. Well you know something, they were wrong. I stand here before you as the greatest General Manager to have graced this industry. I stand here whilst the likes of 6CW and CWA have plummeted and burned around us...

Members of the roll their eyes as Cassius continues to stare up at the podium...

DM: Those people choose to sit behind closed doors in their plush offices, so out of touch with the real day to day goings on but yet still have the nerve to dictate to me, to try and force me into making decisions, to try and determine how and when i can or cannot change the face of a company i singlehandedly raised. Try to decide who can appear on my show and when and try to take MY company away from me...

McGraw's look turns to one of frustration as he looks out across the roster. He loosens his tie and takes a sip of water before composing himself...

DM: As many of you know, certain incidents have taken place over the last few months. Certain incidents which in the eyes of some have gone unpunished. Acts that have brought this company into the spotlight for wrong reasons, whilst the good work we continually produce has gone unnoticed. Privately, i have been criticised over my handling over these matters when the truth of the matter is, i've done what is best for this company, and for all of you. To keep this place ticking over. To ensure the best quality programme each week.

I am aware that i can no longer turn a blind eye to thses incidents. It is my responsibility to protect the welfare of each and every member of my roster. To re-establish a sense of stability within these walls and ensure that these heinous acts are no longer ignored.

From today onwards there will be no more attacks, no more inteference, no more unprotected chair shots. No more marauding, uncontrollable maniacs doing what they so please when they so want.

The roster look over at Cassius whose stare becomes increasingly fierce. His eyes locked firmly on McGraw, he turns his head to both sides, his breathing deeper as his chest puffs out with each breath....

DM: It's time to take a stand. To show that i cannot be intimidated whether within these walls or outside of them. I'm going to make an example of someone. Someone who has done all the things listed. A man who seems to think he is bigger than the company. That he can just play by his own set of rules when he sees fit, that his actions are unpunishable. That his reputation will somehow safegaurd him from what he deserves.

TGA is shown smiling to himself. The camera shows Crime Lord adjusting the 6WF title on his shoulder and smirking.....

DM: That's why, tonight, i am annoucing with immediate effect the termination of the contract of........

Cassius stands from his chair, twitching incesantly, a sadistic grin across his face.....

DM: Clarke James!

RJ: You what?! You've gotta be kidding me!?

MW: For what?!

CJ: Are you sh*tting me?!

The faces look on in shock as the camera pans in on shocked Clarke James. He steps forward in disbelief as Chris Patricks is shown laughing as security enter....

DM: Mr James......you've seen fit to meddle in the business of others. Causing harm and distress to numerous members of the roster. Your actions led to JJ Johnson being continually assaulted. You ignored medical advice to compete, placing the company; and those who work for it under risk. And last night at Explosion, on live television, you attacked Chris Patricks with a chair. Security will escort you to your locker room. I expect you gone by the end of the night....

Security surround James as JJ Johnson and Blue Dragon try to reason with them....

DM: Anyone who wishes to stand in the way of security are more than welcome to join Mr James in packing up and leaving. Bottom line is gentleman that this behaviour will not be tolerated. The board have made it clear that this incidents require a strong hand. I hope that you'll all begin to feel safer in your surroundings....

McGraw turns to smile at Sparkes and The Consultant as James is escorted away from the crowd...

CJ: This is bullsh*t, McGraw! Bullsh*t!!!!!

The roster can be seen discussing the announcement as Cassius sits back in his chair, staring up at podium as Patricks looks over at James being dragged off...

RJ: This is unbelievable! The kid was made to compete! He stood up for a fellow colleague and put his body on the line and he's getting sacked?

MW: I can't believe it, 'Arj! I'm not his biggest fan but how on earth can McGraw sack Clarke James when Cassius Zhi is still in the company? It's abuse of power!

RJ: It's just McGraw trying to get back at the board, someone needs to sort this out!

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6WF Lockdown Results 31st August Empty Re: 6WF Lockdown Results 31st August

Post by Mat on Fri 31 Aug 2012, 7:04 pm

Match 1
Javier Grace v Andre Licentia

RJ: Singles action up first here on Lockdown...

MW: And two men making their 6WF debuts, it’s a hell of a time to come into 6WF at the moment the way things are going.

RJ: Sure is Michael, and these two will be looking to make a mark immediately by gaining a victory on debut.

“Attitude” hits and the crowd give a polite reception to Javier Grace as he runs out onto the ramp. He walks to the ring tagging the fans hands.

RJ: From Brazil, trained in Capoeira and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, and these fans seem to like him.

All of the lights turn out and the crowd are treated to “Montagues and Capulets” by Prokofiev. Slow moving lights of silver roam across the front of the stage before “O Fortuna” by Orff roars into life. Andre Licentia walks out dressed in a long black robe and a black mask before removing both and standing with his arms wide a part, fireworks exploding behind him. He saunters down to the ring ignoring the fans.

MW: Where as the fans aren’t a big fan of this man, he’s just ignored their offered high-5’s, who can blame him, no-one knows where their hands have been.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

The bell rings to start the match-up, they lock-up. Grace is quickly on the offence, hitting an uppercut to Licentia. He then follows this up with a series of knife-edge chops as the crowd “woo!” along with each chop. Grace then launches Licentia into the opposite corner where he follows up with a dropkick. Licentia falls to the mat and Grace hooks the leg.

Ref: 1........2.....Kick out!

Licentia thrusts the shoulder up, Grace places him into a side headlock. Licentia fights to his feet and whips Grace against the ropes, he then meets him with the Trouble in Paradise kick and Grace collapses to the mat. Licentia makes the cover.

Ref: 1........2.....Kick out!

Licentia drags up Grace, he then drives a knee to the stomach. Grace goes for a boot in respone, Licentia grabs it but Grace counters with an enzaguri kick. Licentia rolls up and Grace hits a spinebuster. Cover.

Ref: 1........2......Kick out!

Grace heads to the top rope...

RJ: Lining up the Starship Pain...Licentia rolls out of the way!

MW: He calls that the Fall from Grace and it really was.

Licentia drags up Grace and then lifts him onto his shoulders connecting with a green bay plunge. Grace rolls up straight into a spinning heel kick. Cover.

Ref: 1.........2......Kick out!

Licentia waits for Grace to rise, he then boots him in the stomach and then levels him with a Double Arm DDT. Grace gets to his feet and Licentia ducks a groggy clothesline attempt before connecting with a tiger suplex, bridging into the cover.

Ref: 1.........2......Kick out!

Licentia immediately stomps away on Grace as the crowd boo. He then allows Grace to his feet before placing him into a front facelock, he goes to the top rope....

MW: 720 Tornado DDT!

Ref: 1..........2.........Kick out!

Licentia places Grace into an armbar, he lifts up Grace who counters with an arm drag. Licentia rolls to his feet and is met with a pele kick, he falls into the ropes. Grace then nails a Russian Legsweep, followed up with a swift knee drop.

Ref: 1...........2...........Kick out!

Licentia gets the shoulder up, Grace waits for him to rise before nailing a dropkick. Grace lines up his finishing move, the helio kick, but Licentia manages to avoid...

Grace spins around...

RJ: Anarchy Rulz(Dream Street)

Ref: 1...............2........................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

MW: And it is Licentia who picks up the win on debut!

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6WF Lockdown Results 31st August Empty Re: 6WF Lockdown Results 31st August

Post by Mat on Fri 31 Aug 2012, 7:11 pm

*The action returns to the backstage area, Mike Hill is sat in a chair looking relaxed as various producers walk past him, looking at him with unease. Eventually one stops...

Producer:I don't mean to be rude Mike...

Hill:Oh sorry...wait...Are we on first name terms now? You'll refer to me as Mr Hill and I'll refer to you as whatever the hell I like, because I don't have a damn clue who you are.

Producer:Sorry Mr Hill, but what exactly are you doing here? You're not a member of the 6WF roster.

Hill:Did you have to get a degree to become a producer on this show? What was it in exactly? Stating the plainly obvious? I know I'm not a member of the roster, though if McGraw pulled his head out of Sparkes' ass and got his business done properly I could be competing in that ring tonight.

But no McGraw is finally getting what he wanted. When I was in The Association, he was always jealous of me, of Solomon, of La Pulga, of Hobo. We were the one getting the air-time, the plaudits. Now he's finally getting a chance to have some fame and he's grabbed it with both hands.

However that means McGraw can't see past his own ego, thus he can't see the hottest free agent in wrestling is slowly slipping through his fingers. He keeps sending his little cronies to deal with me, offering what must be the lowest pay-packet of all wrestlers whilst he gets his picture in a magazine.

Come to me direct McGraw, let's sort this out and let's get me in that ring doing what Mike Hill does best, kicking ass and winning titles.

So yeah, that's why I'm here!

*The Producer walks off.

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6WF Lockdown Results 31st August Empty Re: 6WF Lockdown Results 31st August

Post by Mat on Fri 31 Aug 2012, 7:13 pm

Match 2
Mr. Kenty vs. Scorpion

RJ: Now we have a matchup between two stars in the making, Mr. Kenty and Scorpion. Both have a good chance at showing what they can do.

‘Turn up the Trouble’ blasts out of the speakers and Mr. Kenty steps out surrounded by pyrotechnics. He stands with his arms aloft as the crowd give him a good reception. He jogs down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans on his way. He slides under the bottom rope of the ring and stands in the centre of the ring as the lights dim, and a spotlight shines on him. A microphone slowly descends from the ceiling.

MK: Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, I weight into tonight at 230 pounds, Hailing from Buckinghamshire, united kingdom I am...MRRRR KEEEENNNNTTTTYYYYY!

MW: What a show off, completely unnecessary.

RJ: These fans seem to disagree; they’ve taken an instant fondness to former 6CW star Mr. Kenty.

‘Wake Up’ screams out and the fans around the arena start to boo. Scorpion steps out onto the stage, he raises his arms in an ‘X’ above his head and looks around in disgust at the fans. He beats his chest before running down the ramp and sliding into the ring. He gets into the ring and ignores Kenty, he climbs to the top rope and raises both his arms in the air as the crowd boo and chant ‘You Suck’.

MW: This is a real wrestler, Scorpion, two time Hardcore champion, Straight Edge legend.

RJ: He’s been stuck doing nothing recently though, a win here would do him a lot of good, but Kenty is a difficult opponent.

The two men are separated by the referee and the bell rings, he allows them to lock up in a test of strength. Kenty gets a sly knee into the ribs of Scorpion who lets go to cover himself, this allows Kenty to hit a snap DDT. He quickly rolls Scorpion on his back and goes for a pin...1....2...kick out!

RJ: That was sneaky, cocky, brash...all the things Kenty is about.

MW: It was also unsuccessful...so I guess you’re right.

Scorpion is back to his feet, as well as Kenty, Scorpion chops the former 6CW star across the chest and starts chopping him all the way into the corner. He tells the crowd to ‘shush’ before slapping him hard on the chest. Scorpion grabs hold of Kenty’s arm and puts him in an arm bar, he pushes him down to his knees and has him in an arm bar before headbutts him and then locks in a crossface. Kenty quickly rolls it into another pin.

1.........2.......kick out!

RJ: Scorpion again nearly caught out.

MW: Kenty is trying to end this match quickly, he’s scared of what Scorpion can do.

Scorpion is quickly up again and is grabs Kenty and throws him violently into the ring post, Kenty’s shoulder taking a painful smash against it. Scorpion wraps his arms around Kenty’s waist and connects with a German suplex. Scorpion grabs hold of Kenty’s arm and head and locks in an Anaconda Vice.

RJ: We don’t often see this submission hold from Scorpion, but he’s following the route of his mentor CM Punk.

Kenty manages to fight his way out of it and is back to his feet, Scorpion gets up as well. The former Hardcore Champion runs at Scorpion, but Kenty catches him out with a hard clothesline. Kenty quickly lifts Scorpion up and hits a suplex. Kenty is back up again and starts climbing to the top rope.


MW: Dodged!

Scorpion rolls out of the way of the big highflying move from Kenty, the former 6CW star rolls in pain on the mat as Scorpion takes advantage, laying an arm across his chest.

1.......2.kick out!

RJ: Not even close for Scorpion, but Kenty is in real trouble.

Scorpion slams the mat in frustration and lifts Kenty up, he connects with a hard knee and then a double axe handle across his back. Scorpion knees him in the face and connects with a neckbreaker.

MW: What a series of moves there from Scorpion.

Scorpion is on the mat beating it as he waits to hit the Death Stalker, as Kenty groggily gets up, he goes for the move.

MW: Death Stalker!


MW: No! Scorpion hits a belly to belly!

A series of reversals leads to Scorpion connecting with a quick belly to belly suplex. Scorpion runs at Kenty and connects with a viscous punt kick!

1.............2..........3kick out!

RJ: Excellent awareness from Kenty to kick out!

Scorpion lifts Kenty up and connects with a Death Stalker!


MW: Big win!

Scorpion gets up and snatches his arm from the referee who had tried to raise it. Scorpion makes the ‘X’ with his arms before rolling out of the ring. He strides up the ramp, ignoring the jeering fans as Kenty recovers in the ring.

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6WF Lockdown Results 31st August Empty Re: 6WF Lockdown Results 31st August

Post by Mat on Fri 31 Aug 2012, 7:14 pm

RJ: Ladies and Gentleman, on what has been a shocking night so far following the firing of Clarke James we are lucky enough to be able to bring you some good news!

MW: That's right, 'Arj. We received confirmation today that Clarissa is to be discharged from hospital following the injuries she suffered at Against The Wall.

RJ: It's great news, we're also told that Uryu Ishida suffered nothing but severe bruising and cuts following his brutal 'I Quit' match at Explosion and he'll be back with us next week!

MW: It's going to be interesting to see where Uryu goes from here and how he copes with the aftermath of his recent feud with Cassius.

RJ: Hopefully he'll be back and raring to go, Mike!

MW: That's all from us folks, we'll be back after these messages!

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6WF Lockdown Results 31st August Empty Re: 6WF Lockdown Results 31st August

Post by Mat on Fri 31 Aug 2012, 7:18 pm

*The camera's return backstage, Scorpion is shown with a mic in hand.

Scorpion:I told you I'd shut him up. Kenty he likes to run his mouth, in fact he is not too dis-similar to most of the supposed big guns around this place. They run their mouths and yet they never live up to what they're saying.

I don't know what I have to do to get recognised around here. I'm beating these guys, my supposed rivals with ease until they fluke a win and suddenly Scorpion is cast aside for some returnee? For some big gun, veteran...a "legend" if you will.

The thing about Legends is, they should be left in the past. To reminisce about, to talk fondly of, to be compared to. But they should never come back and try and make their legend ever bigger because they just aren't good enough anymore.

It's time they stepped aside and passed the baton on, and the baton should be given directly to me, the future of this industry!

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6WF Lockdown Results 31st August Empty Re: 6WF Lockdown Results 31st August

Post by Mat on Fri 31 Aug 2012, 7:19 pm

Match 3
Lucas Takeo v Rasta

RJ: Welcome back to 6WF Lockdown, and we have an official debut next for Lucas Takeo.

MW: The build up to his debut was drawn out, and it seemed as if he wasn’t actually going to appear, but on Sunday night at Explosion that all changed.

RJ: Takeo destroyed everyone in front of him in the Hardcore Hell match, before simply turning around and leaving.

“Buffalo Solider” blares out through the speakers and the crowd pop hugely as Rasta sprints out onto the ramp. He nods to the fans before walking down to the ring tagging the fans hands.

RJ: I wouldn’t want to be Rasta tonight...

MW: I wouldn’t want to be Rasta ever.

“From Yesterday” blasts out over the speakers and the crowd descend into huge boos as Takeo walks slowly out onto the ramp, his head bowed and towel draped over it. He proceeds slowly down to the ring before stepping under the bottom rope.

MW: He is one hell of an intimidating figure, and we saw how dominant he can be in the Hardcore Hell match.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Rasta goes to lock-up but Takeo just shoves him down into the canvas. Rasta rolls up, he throws a punch which Takeo blocks, he then hits a number of huge punches into the body. Rasta is keeled over, Takeo launches him across the ring with a huge gutwrench throw.

Rasta rolls up and Takeo floors him with a big boot. Cover.

Ref: 1............2.......Kick out!

Takeo places Rasta into a sleeper hold, the cult favourite gets to his feet and Takeo swings him around wildly, showing his strength. He eventually releases Rasta, he stumbles around straight into a huge spear from Takeo.

RJ: This is brutal from Takeo!

Ref: 1..............2........Kick out!

Takeo hauls up Rasta, he puts him onto his shoulders and then nails a Snake Eyes. Rasta stumbles forward, Takeo boots him in the stomach and then nails a huge sit-down powerbomb.

MW: It’s only Rasta, but this is scary.

Ref: 1............2........Kick out!

Takeo again takes Rasta to the corner, he places him down, nailing a series of shoulder thrusts followed by a huge big splash. Rasta stumbles forward...


RJ: Look at the elevation on that!

Ref: 1....................2...........................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

MW: Easy for Takeo.

RJ: That was brutal.

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6WF Lockdown Results 31st August Empty Re: 6WF Lockdown Results 31st August

Post by Mat on Fri 31 Aug 2012, 7:20 pm

Blade and Dragon are backstage in the locker rooms...

Blade: Well we did it! Tag Team Champions!!

Dragon: Yes, we did win. I am very happy to team with you. This shows my brother that I am a true warrior.

Blade: Don't go worrying about your brother. I see his sorry ass I'll kick it back to Tokyo. Blades got your back partner.

Dragon nods in appreciation but turns his head as the door of the locker room opens and Dopant Zero walk in...

NK: Oh, how lovely. You should make the most of these moments, as soon you'll have no belts to cherish, and no amount of back slapping will get you them back!

YT: See, when we defeat Chaos and McManus, we will come straight for you and take what is rightfully ours. Those belts wouldn't even be here without us.

NK: We should be Champions. Team Japan will be Champions.

The four men staredown as we head to commercial

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6WF Lockdown Results 31st August Empty Re: 6WF Lockdown Results 31st August

Post by Mat on Fri 31 Aug 2012, 7:26 pm

*Lockdown returns from it's commercial break still in the backstage area, where James McManus is warming up. He is approached by Chaos.

Chaos:Right then James, let's see you try and pick your game up a little bit tonight shall we. I can't keep carrying you through these matches.

McManus:Carrying me? Really Chaos? I know you love wearing that make-up but you don't have that much on that you can't watch the tapes of our matches? It's been you getting pinned, not me Chaos. It's been me carrying you, like it was me beating you.

I know this arrangement was made to get some revenge on Dopant Zero, but it's not really going well is it?

Chaos:I think it's going fine James. Because you see, you know that I'm right. About everything. And you also know that as much as you want to try and make it on your own two feet, that you can't without me. It is literally impossible for you to escape from me.

You will always be compared to me, you will always be compared to how much you achieve by yourself as you did with me. And it will never be as good. You can't escape...

*Chaos grins crazily.

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6WF Lockdown Results 31st August Empty Re: 6WF Lockdown Results 31st August

Post by Mat on Fri 31 Aug 2012, 7:28 pm

Match 4
Number 1 Contender Match for 6WF Tag Team Titles
Dopant Zero v Chaos & McManus

RJ: Up next here on Lockdown we have tag team action for you.

MW: And there is a big prize on the line for these two teams, as the winners will become the N01 contenders to the tag team titles.

RJ: And the two teams in this match are the two teams who lost out to Yarmouth Blade and Dragon.

MW: I thought that Dopant Zero had that one tied up to be honest, but fair play to Blade and Dragon they pulled through, I don’t expect them to keep the belts for long though with both Dopant Zero and them of Chaos and James McManus after the belts.

“Sad but true” roars out through the speakers and the crowd are split in their reaction for the arrival of James McManus. He waits as “It’s an omen” followed by “Granite” play out and Chaos strides out. He walks down the ramp, pacing past McManus who follows behind looking angrily at Chaos.

RJ: Their relationship really hasn’t improved as a tag team has it?

MW: I don’t think it matters, they are two fantastic singles competitors, that should be more than good enough to get the job done in the tag division.

“Shook ones” blazes out through the speakers and the crowd boo loudly as Dopant Zero walk out onto the ramp. Nogami leaps up in front of Yagurama who stands with his arms wide as pyro’s go off around them. They then stride down to the ring, Nogami springboards in and Yagurama steps over the top rope.

RJ: As you said Michael, Chaos and McManus are two truly gifted singles competitors, but these two as a team are a potent combination.

MW: They sure are RJ, they’ve got some fantastic double team moves, and individually they combine the power of Yagurama with the agility of Nogami.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Chaos starts off in the ring with Yagurama, Chaos tries to catch the Team Japan member off guard by firing in a couple of kicks to the side, but Yagurama counters by grabbing the right leg of Chaos then lifting him into the air and drilling him to the canvas with a Spinebuster. Yagurama makes the cover.

Ref: 1...........2.....Kick out!

Yagurama lifts up Chaos, he hits a couple of punches to the stomach and then connects with an avalanche belly to belly suplex, Chaos rolls to the corner and Yagurama makes the tag to Nogami. Yagurama runs in hitting a big splash, which Nogami follows up with a running boot to the face. Chaos stumbles forward and Nogami hits him with a Capoeira Kick.

Ref: 1...........2.....Kick out!

MW: There is a demonstration of their contrasting styles, and how well those styles work as part of a tag team.

Nogami stands over Chaos, waiting for him to rise before hitting him with a flash kick. Nogami then goes to the ring apron, he flies off connecting with a springboard dropkick. Another cover.

RJ: Dopant Zero dominant at the moment.

MW: Chaos just needs one move to get himself into this match.

Ref: 1..............2.......Kick out!

Nogami tags in Yagurama, he steps into the ring as Nogami goes to the top rope. Yagurama sets up for a powerbomb but Chaos manages to counter with a hurracanrana. He then runs and hits a pele kick on Nogami who is stood on the top rope, he crotches himself and Chaos begins to work over Yagurama.

Chaos stomps away on the back of Yagurama’s head, he then lifts him up and runs over nailing a bulldog. Yagurama stumbles up and Chaos floors him with a big superkick. Cover.

Ref: 1..............2.......Kick out!

The former undisputed champion drags up Yagurama, he whips him out across the ring and then demonstrates some impressive power by connecting with a spinebuster, followed by a Lionsault.

MW: Chaos now firmly on top in this match.

Ref: 1..............2.......Kick out!

Chaos goes to the corner, he tags in James McManus. The pair work together, hitting a double suplex followed by a double dropkick. McManus then lifts up Yagurama, he connects with a chopblock before bouncing off the ropes and nailing a knee to the head.

RJ: I think these two realise that they’ve got to work together to beat Dopant Zero.

Ref: 1..........2.......Kick out!

McManus picks up Yagurama, he whips him out across the ring and then nails a clothesline on the rebound. Yagurama stumbles up straight into a snap powerslam from McManus, cover.

Ref: 1..............2..........Kick out!

Yagurama forces the shoulder up, McManus drags him to the corner and stomps away on him repeatedly before tagging in Chaos, he goes to the opposite corner...


Ref: 1................2............Kick out!

Chaos re-tags McManus, McManus hits Yagurama with a spinebuster, Chaos then runs the ropes going for a back senton but Yagurama rolls out of the way. Chaos hits the mat back first and rolls to the ropes, leaving McManus by himself.

Yagurama edges to the corner, McManus grabs his right leg going for an ankle lock but is booted away, tag to Nogami. McManus runs in and Nogami hits an over the top rope feint kick, as Yagurama slumps down in the corner. Nogami then goes to the top rope...

RJ: Flying leg drop!

Ref: 1..............2.........Kick out!

Nogami lifts up McManus, he nails a bakatare sliding...

“From Yesterday” blares out, Lucas Takeo strides out onto the ramp and down to the ring. He steps over the top rope and straight towards Nogami, he grabs him by the throat and nails a huge chokeslam.

RJ: What the hell is Takeo doing?

MW: He’s got no involvement in this match.

McManus is up to his feet, he looks up at Takeo and then throws a couple of punches, but Takeo blocks one and then drives McManus to the mat with another chokeslam as Chaos watches on from the apron, he quickly drops off leaving Takeo stood in the middle of the ring.

MW:Takeo is out of control.

RJ:Don't you think Chaos could have helped McManus there? Yagurama was down but Chaos could easily have intervened from the apron.

MW:What and get in the ring with Takeo? I certainly wouldn't want to do that.

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6WF Lockdown Results 31st August Empty Re: 6WF Lockdown Results 31st August

Post by Mat on Fri 31 Aug 2012, 7:28 pm

Hobo is shown backstage staring into a mirror....

Hobo: Not good enough? Who the hell does McGraw think he is? I've been in this company long enough to know when it's time to move aside!

So I paid Swann a compliment!? One of the best European title matches in years and I lost. Nothing wrong with giving someone respect for a job well done...

Hobo turns to face the camera...

Well maybe that's the problem..... Too much respect, too many compliments. Maybe it's time Hobo started playing the game. Maybe Hobo should prove to all the nay sayers, all the doubters that this Grand Slam is important to me, that it's not some poxy quest to get my name in the books. And what better way to start with a match against the 6WF Undisputed Champion....

Hobo smiles to himself....

Hobo: Crime Lord, tonight, our match will be Tele!!!

*Crowd Pop*

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6WF Lockdown Results 31st August Empty Re: 6WF Lockdown Results 31st August

Post by Mat on Fri 31 Aug 2012, 7:37 pm

*As on Explosion, a church is shown followed by a man in a hooded top walking towards the church.

The man steps inside the Church and towards a drawer at the back of the room, he then begins rummaging around as the screen goes black.

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6WF Lockdown Results 31st August Empty Re: 6WF Lockdown Results 31st August

Post by Mat on Fri 31 Aug 2012, 7:40 pm

Match 5
Hobo v Crime Lord

RJ: A huge clash up next here on Lockdown, involving two competitors who didn’t have the best of times at Explosion.

MW: Hobo’s quest for the Grand Slam continues after losing to Trevor Swann, whilst Cassius Zhi took out both Crime Lord and TGA in the 6WF Title match.

RJ: I suppose Crime Lord walking out with the belt still around his waist would be some sort of compensation for that.

MW: But we know Crime Lord, he wanted to show TGA he was the most dominant champion in 6WF history.

“Don’t fear the reaper” blares out through the speakers and the crowd cheer loudly as Hobo runs out onto the ramp. He smiles as the crowd chant Trash TV, he then walks to the ring tagging the fans hands. He slides under the bottom rope and awaits his opponent.

RJ: Hobo only needs the European Title to complete the Grand Slam, but it just doesn’t look like it will happen.

MW: Well I don’t think he deserves another shot, Swann’s beaten him so many times, it can’t help with PPV sales.

“Rain Wizard” hits and the crowd are booing loudly as Crime Lord strides out onto the ramp. He storms down to the ring before stepping over the top rope.

RJ: Crime Lord seems seriously P***** off tonight.

MW: Revenge is on the mind, I wouldn’t want to be in that ring with Crime Lord tonight.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Hobo and Crime Lord lock-up, Crimey forces Hobo back against the ropes but Hobo manages to counter with a thumb to the eye. With Crime Lord temporarily blinded, Hobo hits him with a running double axe handle to the back of the head. Crime Lord stumbles up, Hobo lifts Crimey into the air before dropping him down face first with an inverted reverse STO. Cover.

Ref: 1.............2........Kick out!

Hobo rises to his feet quickly, he lifts Crime Lord up and nails a couple of punches to the gut, he then runs the ropes going for a running knee to the face but Crime Lord somehow counters, catching Hobo and driving him down with a powerbomb. Crime Lord hooks the leg.

Ref: 1..........2......Kick out!

Crime Lord lifts up Hobo in an armbar, he then floors him with a clothesline. Hobo is dragged up by Crime Lord and floored with a 2nd clothesline, he then lifts him up for the 3rd clothesline but Hobo manages to duck underneath the clothesline attempt.

The crowd then cheer hugely as Hobo fires off the Down n Out punch combination that rocks Crime Lord back against the ropes. Hobo then whips the 6WF Champion across the ring and then bounces off the ropes, hitting a side-on flying shoulder block!

RJ: Hobo is the master of innovation, he’ll need all of that to keep on top of Crime Lord’s power game.

Ref: 1.........2......Kick out!

Crime Lord is put in a front facelock by Hobo, Crime Lord gets up to a vertical base and drives Hobo backwards towards the corner. He then retreats before running at Hobo going for a big clothesline, but Hobo manages to counter by flap-jacking Crime Lord face-first into the top turnbuckle.

Hobo then runs in, he hits a leaping knee to the back of Crime Lord. Hobo then heads up to the top rope, before sunset-flipping over Crime Lord into a pinning predicament.

Ref: 1.............2.........Kick out!

Hobo drags Crime Lord to his feet, he then boots him in the stomach. Hobo shouts TELE before nailing Crime Lord with a double arm DDT! He stands by the ropes, and this time the crowd shout TELE, before he runs and nails a big splash, with the Trash TV chants starting up again.

Ref: 1............2.......Kick out!

MW: These morons are lapping this up at the moment.

Crime Lord kicks out, Hobo sets up for the Dumpster(Torture Rack) but Crime Lord drops down the back and then nails a big German suplex. The crowd boo as Hobo rolls back to the corner and Crimey hits a running boot to the face, he then chokes Hobo out until the ref steps in.

Hobo stumbles forward out of the corner and Crime Lord hits the former world champion with a huge spear! Cover.

Ref: 1............2.......Kick out!

Crime Lord is quickly onto his feet to continue the offence, stomping away on the head of Hobo. Hobo gets to his feet, Crime Lord sends him back down with an STO then continues stomping away before finally relenting.

He walks back, Hobo rises to his feet and Crime Lord sprints in nailing a big boot to the skull. Cover.

Ref: 1..............2........Kick out!

MW: This is more like it from Crime Lord.

Crime Lord drags up Hobo, he then nails a huge fisherman’s suplex, sending Hobo flying. Hobo rolls to his feet and runs at Crime Lord who hits a big back body drop. Hobo stumbles up into a DDT!

Ref: 1.............2..........Kick out!

Crime Lord goes to the corner, Hobo gets to his knees...


Ref: 1..............2..............Kick out!

MW: Barely a kick out from Hobo!

Crime Lord stands waiting for Hobo to rise when “They Say” blasts out through the speakers, Crime Lord turns towards the ramp but there is no sign of Zhi. The music continues, and Cassius appears on the tron smiling at Crime Lord. The tron flicks off, Crimey spins around...


Ref: 1........................2.................................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

RJ: Hobo pins the world champion!

MW: A huge upset here!

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6WF Lockdown Results 31st August Empty Re: 6WF Lockdown Results 31st August

Post by Mat on Fri 31 Aug 2012, 7:40 pm

Danny McGraw is sat in his office swigging on a glass of Whiskey as Stuart Sparkes packs his laptop away...

SS: Well, Danny, you sure know how to make an announcement....

McGraw chuckles and sits up in his chair...

DM: Just trying to appease the board, Stuart. Wouldn't want them thinking I didn't have control over my roster!

SS: But Clarke James? I mean, everyone saw Patricks bring the chair in the ring?

DM: True, but he didn't use it, that's the key point. And James caused the friction between JJ and Saint, I can't have troublemakers like that on my show!

SS: And Cassius?

McGraw sits up, his face slightly more serious....

DM: Well, he's just more valuable, wouldn't you agree...

Sparkes goes to respond but is interrupted as Chris Patricks bursts in....

CP: Danny, hope you don't mind my interruption but wanted to congratulate you on firing that little ingrate, Clarke James. I think the roster will be a much safer place without him, but it leaves me in a slight pickle, you see, without James here I've lost my punchbag, and I need something to keep me occupied, maybe it's about time you rewarded my hard work and dedication with a title shot....

McGraw sits back in his chair, smiling as he looks at Patricks...

DM: Your serious?

CP: Deadly.

DM: Chris, you think I got this place where it is by handing out shots? You think people just walk in here and demand them? I don't recall you doing anything to warrant a shot, playing second fiddle to The Saint certainly isn't gonna put a fire under the ratings.

Patricks glares at McGraw...

DM: Glare away, Chris. I've already proved nobody is indispensable, maybe you should go about making some sort of statement before coming in here asking for handouts...

CP: Like that is it, Danny? I seem to recall me being very cooperative when you allowed Chaos to ruin my life, kidnap Joyce and take away my title? But I'm sure that was just good for business? I'll take your point on board.

Patricks storms out, barging past Sparkes...

SS: Another satisfied customer, Danny?

DM: He'll get over it. They always do, hell, it's not like he's got anywhere else to go!

McGraw laughs and raises his glass before standing up and walking over to Sparkes....

DM: Anyway, it's been a pleasure, Stuart. I can't wait to read what you have to say about us. And if ever you want to come back here, just pick up the phone.

McGraw holds out his hand and Sparkes shakes it...

SS: Thanks, I'm sure I'll be around again before you know it.

Sparkes smiles picking his laptop bag up...

SS: I'll be in touch, Danny. All the best.

Sparkes leaves and McGraw sits back at his desk, kicking his feet up on the desk.

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6WF Lockdown Results 31st August Empty Re: 6WF Lockdown Results 31st August

Post by Mat on Fri 31 Aug 2012, 7:41 pm

Match 6
TGA vs The Saint

RJ:Welcome back Lockdown folks, first show since the amazing Explosion pay per view…the road to Born in Fire has begun..

MW:Already tonight we have seen some fantastic contests but we are far from done…

The lights in the arena dim and then “monster” roars out to a chorus of boos from the fans inside the Birmingham Bowl.. of light begin to rain down from above the entranceway as The Saint strides out onto the stage.He glares around with malice before letting out a roar and throwing his arms into the air, causing jets of pyros to explode behind him.

RJ:The Saint is an angry,wounded animal and he will be looking to bounce straight back from Explosion…

MW:Of course he will…The Saint said he didn’t need to fight JJ Johnson, that he was above JJ but the simple fact is, he got beat….all of his talking was not backed up when it mattered…

RJ:Speculation continues to grow that JJ and The Saint’s differences are still not resolved…..their meetings are now locked at 2 a piece, will there be a decider?

MW:Well Saint may feel he has to prove something now……he certainly needs a big performance now if he is to get back up to the cusp of world title contention..

The Saint stares at the fans as he slowly walks down to the ring and then climbs up onto the apron.His eyes blaze with focus as he steps through the ropes and patiently begins to pace the canvass.

RJ:But unfortunately in 6WF there are no easy matches….no easy way back into contention, as The Saint is about to find out…

Smoke billows out from beneath the curtain and then the lights darken as “Just close your eyes” screams out to an almighty ovation. The fans rise to their feet in unison as TGA bursts through the smoke and walks from one side of the stage to the other. He flexes his biceps and smiles before making his way down the ramp, staring at Saint as he comes…

MW:The Godsent Athlete is here…

RJ:And he is another man who will be looking at tonight as his opportunity at proving a point…

MW:Six nights ago he was involved in a physical battle for the 6WF Championship, only to have his dream snatched away from him by the maniacal Cassius Zhi…

RJ:First time ever by our reckoning that a 6WF Title match has gone to a no contest due to outside interference…..TGA is not happy with that outcome, he feels Cassius involved himself in business that did not concern him…

MW:Well he did, but unfortunately that is how it went down and it cannot be changed….if TGA wants another shot at settling his age old feud with Crime Lord then a win here will certainly do him no harm…

RJ:Two former world champions, these two men have shared many differences in the past and their own personal rivalry is set to be re-ignited here tonight…

MW:Both of these men believe they are the best in the world, and they want the opportunity to prove it…

RJ:Well this is not a number one contenders match, but a victory for either man would certainly add weight to their personal argument…

TGA smirks at The Saint as he jumps up onto the apron and steps into the ring. The referee quickly gets in between both superstars as they trade insults and the noise of the crowd grows louder and louder. The lights beam down on the situation as the official reads the riot act and then sends both men back to their respective corners….

RJ:Two big, rough powerhouses here and they both love a fight….should be an enthralling bout…

MW:This is what 6WF is all about…

TGA and The Saint circle one another before engaging in a strong lockup in the centre of the ring. They both amble for control of the situation but neither is willing to budge. The hold is held steady for almost a full minute before TGA digs deep and manages to throw The Saint back into the corner…

RJ:That is strength…

The crowd cheer and TGA smiles at the confused look on The Saint’s face before beckoning him to come out for a second lockup. The Saint stretches his neck and then nods his head, both men lunging into a lockup for a second time. They struggle to break each other down again before this time The Saint locks his right leg behind the heel of TGA and quickly spins around back into a waistlock…


TGA swings back and catches The Saint with a hard back elbow before swiveling out of the predicament. The Saint staggers back towards the corner and TGA chases him, only for Saint to sidestep and haul TGA right over the top rope to the outside of the ring…

RJ:The Saint playing no games here with TGA….

TGA lands hard on his knees as he tumbles to the outside and The Saint takes a moment to steady himself. TGA slowly gets back to his feet and Saint grips the top rope before slingshotting himself over the top into a crossbody….BOOM!

MW:That is going to leave a mark…

TGA spots the incoming Saint and steps out of the way, using Saint’s momentum to push him hard into the steel steps. Saint is folded up across the steel as TGA drags him up and then suplexes him across the hard flooring…

RJ:That floor is barely covered….that is like being slammed on concrete, not nice at all…

Saint writhes in pain as TGA pulls him up by the head and then lifts him into a bodyslam position before dropping him across the security railing….

MW:TGA is not afraid to use the necessary tactics in order to get what he wants….

RJ:Needs to be careful of the referee’s count though…

The referee’s count is at five as TGA runs and slams his knees against The Saint’s head, crumpling him against the barrier and then walks back to climb into the ring………….6………..7…………8……TGA lounges against the corner and the crowd cheer him on……9……

MW:Saint is getting counted out here….

Saint just staggers back to the ring in time and rolls under the bottom rope. TGA pushes himself away from the ropes and ushers The Saint onto his feet before slugging him back with hard right hands. He shoves The Saint against the ropes behind and then whips him across the ring…sending him flying with a huge backbody drop as he returns….

RJ:All TGA in the early going here….he really is not happy about losing his title shot….

MW:He’s releasing all that anger here tonight….

Saint staggers back up to his feet and TGA locks his arms around the waist before nailing the “Angel Clash” belly to back slam, before making the cover………………………1…………………………2…………….Saint pushes his shoulder up off the mat.

RJ:Saint is not used to be dominated in the power stakes…..this is his territory….

MW:TGA is a strong guy….The Saint will need to find another way of combatting his opponent….

TGA drags Saint up by the head and then underhooks both of his arms to nail the “Angel Wings” facebuster but Saint runs his rival back into the corner and scores with three heavy shoulder thrusts to the midsection. TGA doubles up in pain as Saint draws back and then looks for a fourth shoulder thrust…

RJ:Went to the well one too many times…

TGA is able to lift his knee and jam it straight into the top of Saint’s head, staggering the Divine One backwards. TGA takes a moment to catch his breath and then rushes out towards his opponent…

MW:Big boot…

TGA looks for the running big boot but Saint ducks underneath it and counters with a bridging german suplex…………………..1……………………..2……………………shoulder up. They get back to their feet and Saint scores with an uppercut before whipping TGA across the ring and taking him down with a spinning powerslam as he comes back……………………1………………………..2…………………kickout!

RJ:Saint trying to build his own momentum now….

TGA holds his back slightly as he gets back up and Saint waits for him before scooping him up and nails a stiff backbreaker in the centre of the ring.TGA is in a lot of pain on the mat as Saint bounces back against the ropes and then returns with a jumping kneedrop to the exposed spine of TGA…

MW:Saint working over the back of TGA…removing the main core…

RJ:If TGA’s back is out of commission then you can rule out any power moves….

TGA rolls around in pain as Saint stalks him and begins to stomp down hard on his opponent’s back.TGA slides to the corner and the referee forces a break in play, moving Saint back…

MW:Cannot allow the assault to continue whilst on the ropes…

TGA uses the ropes to pull himself up but has no time to react as Saint rushes back in and drives his knee straight into Teej’s gut. He pulls TGA out into the centre of the ring and then scoop slams him to the canvass before heading back to the corner…

RJ:Not often we see The Saint go high risk like this…

MW:He must sense that it is worth it…

Saint steadies himself on the top rope, ignoring the jeers of the crowd, before diving off into a picture perfect senton bomb….

RJ:For a man his size that is incredible…

TGA is prone on the canvass but somehow manages to roll away just in time, causing Saint to land hard on the mat. The crowd are cheering and willing TGA on as he crawls back to the ropes and begins to help himself back up….

MW:TGA’s back is obviously hurting him, but he has an opening here…

RJ:He will fight through any pain he has to….he knows a win here tonight gets him back within touching distance of the world champion….

TGA gets to his feet and he waits for Saint to stagger up before flooring him with a running clothesline. Saint stumbles back to his feet again and TGA takes him down for a second time with a running clothesline. The crowd are cheering as Saint gets back up for a third time and TGA lifts him up onto his shoulders….


The crowd cheers as TGA connects with the GTS in the centre of the ring and then collapses down into the cover………………………..1…………………………………..2………………………….shoulder up. TGA rolls his eyes in slight disbelief before crawling back to his feet…

RJ:Might take a little more than that to finish The Saint off…

TGA seems to be thinking the same thing as he staggers back against the ropes and then comes forwards. He grabs The Saint by the head and drags him into position before flipping him up onto his shoulders…..


Saint is positioned for the powerbomb but manages to drive heavy punches down into the face of TGA before jumping out front, kneeing his foe in the stomach and countering with an impailer DDT……………………..1……………………..2…………………….TGA just gets his shoulder up off the canvass.

RJ:Saint almost stole that one there…..TGA was caught off guard…

MW:Both these men getting closer…

Saint rolls over onto his stomach and spits across the mat before pulling himself up to his feet. He slowly walks around TGA with a deranged look on his eye and then beckons for his opponent to stand up…

RJ:Saint has entered the zone….he’s seen enough and he wants this to be finished….

MW:He’s coiled for the strike….


TGA stumbles up and turns around, straight into the Saint’s RKO but manages to push his opponent chest-first into the turnbuckle at the very last second.Saint staggers backwards from impact and straight into a huge german suplex….

MW:TGA not done yet….

The crowd cheer as TGA keeps his hands locked and drags Saint back to his feet before nailing a second powerful german. He seems to be digging deep as he summons all strength and pulls Saint up to his feet for a third time….

RJ:TGA wants the hat-trick…


TGA hauls Saint up and looks to take him down with the trifecta of german suplexes but Saint slips around back at the final moment and synches in the masterlock submission out of nowhere…

RJ:The pressure on the already injured back has got to be excruciating for TGA…

MW:He’s in big trouble here…

TGA shouts out in pain and struggles against the vice like grip of The Saint. His knees are shaking with the pressure as he slowly begins to fall down towards one knee…

RJ:Saint is going to put TGA away here….

MW:TGA may have to tap out…

TGA is shaking his head furiously as the referee asks him if he wants to quit. The Saint’s face is reddening with the energy he is exerting but there is no relent in his actions. TGA’s whole body is quivering with pain…

RJ:This could honestly be one of the finest victories in Saint’s career, to submit TGA…

TGA drops down onto two knees and he looks ready to pack it up, but his heart will not allow him to quit. He is shaking his head and trying to regain his footing…

MW:TGA is a warrior, I will give him that….but how much of this does he expect to take…

RJ:Saint will not let up, he smells blood in the water…

TGA somehow manages to find his feet again and the crowd rally in their support. He flexes his arms and his muscles look to be bursting as he reaches his full height. Saint is shaking with disbelief as he tries desperately to keep the hold locked in but TGA manages to rush them both backwards and drive all his bodyweight into The Saint in the corner…

MW:I don’t know how TGA survived that but my god it took some effort…

RJ:He has to be completely spent…

TGA staggers away from the corner to try and catch his breath and re-energize but has no rest time as Saint runs out and connects with a thunderous big boot to the side of the head. The crowd boo as The Saint taunts them and then drags TGA back up…

MW:Saint knows that TGA is damaged goods here and he is going to finish him off once and for all..

RJ:TGA is about to join the SAINTS ROW!

Saint pulls TGA up and then shows great strength to lift his opponent into the jackhammer position.He spins him around ready to drill him but TGA takes advantage by floating over the back and pushing Saint against the ropes….


Saint comes back off the ropes and TGA looks to twirl him into a black hole slam but Saint spins out the side and kicks Teej in the gut before nailing a sickening pumphandle slam………………………1
………………..shoulder up!

RJ:Saint was so close to taking this one…

MW:I thought he had sealed it….

Saint chastises the referee as he stands up and demands a three count. The referee tells him it was a clear two and The Saint shakes his head with annoyance. He then stomps down on the back of TGA’s head before dragging him up and hauling him into the corner. He begins to unload with furious right hands whilst shouting “I’m the best….I deserve some respect”…..the referee is forced to intervene…

RJ:I think The Saint is slightly unhinged after that loss to JJ Johnson…..those are hard closed fists shots that he was nailing there….

TGA seems to be really feeling the effects of the punches as he staggers out of the corner and Saint kicks him hard in the stomach before flipping him up into the air…


TGA rolls down the back of the attempted powerbomb………………………………1………………………………2……………………..Saint just kicks out. Both men scramble back to their feet and TGA looks to lift Saint into a spinebuster but Saint jumps out of the side and kicks TGA in the stomach before flipping him up again….

RJ:This is it…

TGA jumps off the back of his opponent before the powerbomb can be detonated and then spins Saint around and kicks him in the stomach….


The crowd erupt as TGA flips Saint up into the air and drills him with his own version of the powerbomb, just as “They Say” creeps out of the speakers…

RJ:You have got to be kidding me….


TGA quickly spins away from the downed carcass of The Saint and turns towards the stage to face his impending rival. The crowd are on their feet in anticipation as the music continues and TGA begins to scan the crowd area aswell as glancing back towards the stage…

MW:TGA is on edge here…

RJ:Can you blame him…..Cassius Zhi cost him the world championship, said he would stop at nothing to make sure he got to the promised land before anyone else….

MW:But where is he…

RJ:Probably biding his time….waiting to strike…

MW:Up there!

The crowd and TGA suddenly spin back to the stage as the face of Cassius Zhi appears up on the big screen. Cassius merely stares into the camera with a dark but amused expression on his face. TGA’s eyes are full of fury as he beckons for Zhi to come down to the ring and face him…Cassius continues to stare and then takes a sip of tea as he watches TGA’s frustration grow…

RJ:What in the hell is going on here?

MW:Cassius playing more mindgames…..

RJ:Well they are certainly working….

MW:Yes they are….RKO!

TGA backs away from the ropes and shakes his head with fury before turning around, straight into the recovered Saint who leaps for the RKO….

RJ:Countered…..HELL AND BACK!

MW:Talk about sending a message….

TGA shoves Saint against the ropes and decimates him with the black hole slam on the comeback….he drops down into the cover and stares up at the big screen as the referee counts…………………………..1……………………………………..2………………………3!

RJ:TGA picks up the win here….a very impressive win, no thanks to Cassius Zhi…

MW:Cassius tried to throw TGA off his game….but all he did was make his rival angry…..

“Just close your eyes” echoes out as TGA stands up and has his arm raised in victory. He glares back up at the big screen where Cassius mockingly applauds him with a sinister smile and then the screen switches off once more.

MW:Saint put up a huge effort and really pushed TGA to his limits….but there is a fire ignited in The Godsent Athlete and I don’t know if anything is capable of extinguishing it….

RJ:TGA wants the world title….but so does Cassius Zhi….and if you want my money on a bet then I will say here and now that a storm is coming……there is a war in the offing and I don’t think anybody is safe from the crossfire….

MW:Business is picking up….

RJ:Yes it is…..Cassius Zhi’s mental capacity continues to ask questions of TGA……where will this lead?....and how does our world champion feel about all of this?....you have got to believe that this one is going to get a whole lot more interesting as time goes by…

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6WF Lockdown Results 31st August Empty Re: 6WF Lockdown Results 31st August

Post by Mat on Fri 31 Aug 2012, 7:42 pm

Clarke James is in his locker room packing up his belongings as JJ Johnson walks in...

JJ: CJ, you can't be fo' real? You gon' take the sh*t from McGraw?

CJ: You think I'm gonna hang about and be treated like that? While Cassius goes round attacking anything with a pulse I get a pink slip for standing my ground? Hell no, JJ. I'm not gonna hang around.

James finishes packing his belongings...

JJ: CJ you know this ain' right. Fool jus' tryna scare you man, take it up wit the board, ain' no point walking' out o'er dis!

*Knock, knock*

CJ: Oh great, more visitors.... Come in.

JJ steps back as Stuart Sparkes walks in....

CJ: What can I do for you? Hoping for an exclusive for your little magazine?

SS: No, I came to ask you to not be so hasty in walking away. This will all blow over I can assure you.

CJ: Aren't you the guy who's spent the last month lodged firmly up McGraws ass? And you want me to take your advice? Who are you trying to kid?

SS: Well nobody but...

JJ: Listen to him, CJ. He clearly knows this is McGraw throwin' his weight around. Chill man, b'fo you throw this all away!

James looks at JJ before turning to Sparkes...

CJ: Goodbye, Mr Sparkes...

JJ raises his arms in frustration...

JJ: Dammit, CJ!

SS: Very well, I fear your making a huge mistake Mr James, but good luck.

Sparkes leaves as James grabs his bag....

JJ: CJ, tell me you ain' doin' this?

CJ: It ain't worth it, JJ. Just do me a favour, show these clowns what your made of. Show them why JJ Johnson is the best. Show them there's a reason you stuck around.

James hugs JJ and turns to leave...,

CJ: Look after that woman of yours as well!

James smiles and leaves through the door. JJ follows him out and walks down the hall, snatching his bag...

CJ: Come on, JJ!

JJ: Listen, if y'all bailing on a playa...... Least I could do is get the door and hol' ya bags.

James heads out the exit with JJ as the camera pans back to show Sparkes looking on.

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6WF Lockdown Results 31st August Empty Re: 6WF Lockdown Results 31st August

Post by Mat on Fri 31 Aug 2012, 7:43 pm

Main Event
JJ Johnson v Chris Patricks v Cassius Zhi v Vortex

RJ: Ladies and Gentleman we have a huge match for you tonight as our MAIN EVENT!

MW: A fatal four way match involving some of the biggest name competitors in 6WF, involving elements of the many feuds that have been going on at the moment.

MW: We have Chris Patricks, whose adversary Clarke James got fired earlier tonight, we have Vortex the freeweight champion representing The Consultancy.

RJ: Then we have JJ Johnson, who defeated The Saint at Explosion to make it 2-2 in matches between the pair, and finally Cassius Zhi who brutally defeated Uryu in an unsanctioned I quit match at Explosion and then interrupted the world title match.

MW: It promises to be a hell of a contest that’s for sure.

“Breathe” blares out through the speakers, a plume of green smoke appears on the top of the ramp and Vortex strides out through the smoke, with the Freeweight Title over his shoulder. He strides down to the ring before stepping into the ring.

RJ: Vortex retained the freeweight title at Explosion, marking the beginning of a very successful night for The Consultancy.

MW: He’s had a very impressive reign as Champion.

“Ascending Malice” blasts out through the speakers and the crowd boo loudly as Christopher Patricks strolls out onto the ramp, staring at the crowd. He then proceeds calmly to the ring, Patricks springboards over the top rope and then taunts the fans.

MW: Although Patricks lost out at Explosion, he got the final laugh with Clarke James no longer a 6WF employee.

RJ: Patricks will be looking to springboard himself back towards the world title scene.

“Remember the name” blasts out over the speakers and the crowd erupt into huge cheers as a spotlight shines on the top of the stage. JJ Johnson has his back to the crowd, he moonwalks out onto the top of the stage, spins on the spot and takes off his hood and the crowd reaction goes through the roof. He launches his hooded top into the crowd before walking to the ring, tagging the fans hands. JJ slides under the bottom rope, and then goes to the corner to salute the fans.

RJ: After a three month losing streak, JJ Johnson has been on fire over the past couple of months.

MW: Not really, he fluked a win over Saint at Explosion and that’s about it.

“They Say” hits and the crowd descend into huge boos as Cassius Zhi strolls out onto the ramp, he has a maniacal grin on his face as he stares towards the ring. He stomps down the rampway and then slides under the bottom rope.

MW: If we want to talk about someone who is on fire, then that is this man. Arguably the form superstar at the moment, Zhi has been back to his brutal, crazy best.

RJ: If you think that’s something we want in 6WF fair enough but I think Zhi should have been the one out of the door today, he shockwaved a woman off the stage and then visited her in hospital damn it!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

JJ Johnson locks up with Vortex, JJ then nails a couple of punches to the chin backing Vortex towards the corner. Johnson then whips Vortex across into the opposite corner, JJ runs in hitting a clothesline and then Vortex stumbles forward straight into a big spinebuster from Johnson.

JJ hauls up Vortex, and then whips him out across the ring again and goes for a tilt-a-whirl neckbreaker but Vortex manages to counter, landing on his feet and then snapmaring Johnson down into the canvas. Vortex then bounces off the ropes and nails a running knee into the back of the head. JJ is put into a sleeper.

Meanwhile, Patricks and Cassius Zhi lock-up. Zhi is forced slightly back by Patricks, but he counters with a sharp roundhouse kick to the side. Patricks keels over, he goes for a gutwrench suplex but Patricks lands on his feet behind Cassius and then connects with a bridging German suplex.

Ref: 1.............2....Kick out!

MW: Interesting start to this match-up in terms of who goes after one another.

RJ: No teamwork on display here, I think the ego’s are too big for that.

Patricks drags up Cassius Zhi, he then hits a couple of knees to the gut before throwing Zhi into the corner shoulder first. Patricks goes to the top rope and then nails a leaping double foot stomp across the back. Zhi stumbles back, Patricks goes for a springboard Tornado DDT but Cassius shoves him away.

Patricks bounces back off the ropes, Zhi nails him with a boot to the gut before running off the ropes and nailing a vicious neckbreaker. Zhi hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.............2......Kick out!

Zhi drags Patricks to the corner, he then fires away with a series of huge roundhouse kicks and Patricks slumps down. Zhi then stomps down as the camera goes back to Vortex who has JJ up to a vertical base in the sleeper hold. Johnson counters with a jawbreaker and then launches Vortex out across the ring with a huge belly to belly suplex.

Vortex stumbles up to his feet, JJ boots him in the stomach and then runs off the ropes connecting with a scissors kick. JJ covers.

Ref: 1...........2.......Kick out!

JJ gets up to his feet, he waits for Vortex to rise before running off the ropes and then going for a clothesline, Vortex counters with a bearhug! He swings JJ around wildly, he fights out with some flailing elbows to the head, JJ goes for an RKO but he is shoved away. Vortex then leaps up into a Lou Thesz Press and pummels down on the head of JJ repeatedly.

RJ: The ref certainly has his hands full here.

The ref drags Vortex away, and then goes to remove Zhi from the corner where he is choking out Patricks.

MW: There’s Zhi’s vicious side on display.

Vortex lifts up JJ onto his shoulders and then nails a big samoan drop! He makes the cover.

Ref: 1...........2........Kick out!

The action goes back to Cassius Zhi, he lifts Patricks away from the corner and then runs off the ropes and connects with a spinning heel kick. Zhi lifts up Patricks, he goes for a superkick but Patricks ducks underneath it. Zhi spins around, Patricks boots him in the stomach and then runs off the ropes...

RJ: Front Flip Piledriver!

Ref: 1...........2.......Kick out!

The camera’s return to Vortex, he drops a couple of fists down into the face of JJ Johnson. Vortex then lifts up JJ, he goes for a side slam but Johnson counters with a T-Bone suplex. Vortex gets to his feet and he runs at JJ who counters with a tilt-a-whirl neckbreaker.

Vortex stumbles into the ropes, JJ runs in and sends him to the outside with a big clothesline. Patricks then goes up to the top rope...

RJ: Split legged moonsault!

Ref: 1.............2.........Kick out!

Patricks then applies a leg scissors on Cassius, but he manages to fight to his feet, he then flings Patricks over the top rope with a big hip toss. Cassius Zhi turns around, and he is face to face with his old rival JJ Johnson.

MW: Wow we knew this could happen, but I didn’t think it would happen.

RJ: arguably the greatest rivalry in 6WF history about to be renewed!

JJ fires in a couple of punches on Zhi, who fires back with a big roundhouse kick to the head. Zhi fires in a couple more kicks, JJ grabs one pulls Zhi in and then nails a huge powerbomb! He lifts him up and goes for a 2nd powerbomb, but Zhi counters with a hurracanrana!

Zhi then lifts up Johnson, he goes for a spinning heel kick which connects. Zhi then goes to the 2nd rope...

MW: Dropkick to the head!

Ref: 1........2.....Kick out!

Cassius drags up JJ Johnson, he goes for the shockwave but JJ grabs it, he then nails Zhi with a big DDT! JJ hooks the leg this time.

Ref: 1............2...........Kick out!

JJ lifts up Cassius, who attempts a Dragons Fury but JJ ducks under, Zhi nails a spin kick just as Johnson nails a kick of his own!

Both men are down, Vortex rolls into the ring and he then motions down the ramp, and The Consultancy come sprinting down to the ring. Chris Patricks leaps onto the apron but he is knocked off the apron by Vortex. Logan Kincade and Trevor Swann slide into the ring, whilst The Consultant waits on the outside.

Vortex, Kincade and Swann proceed to stomp a mudhole into JJ Johnson as the crowd explode into huge boos.

MW: This match has imploded.

The Consultancy continue to stomp down on JJ Johnson when Mr Kenty, Blue Dragon, Hobo and Nay Bother come sprinting down to the ring. Kenty smashes The Consultant down with a big shoulder block, he then drags Vortex under the bottom rope and starts to pummel away on him with a series of big punches up against the steel ring post.

Hobo pulls Swann away from JJ and the two begin exchanging big punches in the middle of the ring, as Blue Dragon then goes after Logan Kincade but the Hardcore Champion fires back with a big headbutt. Nay Bother tries to get involved but The Consultant is holding onto his leg.

Eventually Nay manages to boot away The Consultant, he gets into the ring and smashes Logan in the back of the head with a double axe handle. He slumps down and Nay stomps away on the hardcore champion as Blue Dragon recovers.

Vortex is managing to regain some advantage against Kenty as he fires off a series of punches of his own, Kenty then blocks one, he boots Vortex in the stomach and goes for the mic check but The Consultant interferes, distracting Kenty allowing Vortex to escape.

JJ Johnson slides out of the ring and pulls himself up using the apron, he is about to go and assist Kenty who is now being double-teamed by Vortex and The Consultant when The Saint springs from the crowd and hits JJ with a big clothesline from behind. He picks up JJ, shoves him back-first into the edge of the ring and then proceeds to nail some huge shoulder blocks.

RJ: We’ve got half the roster out here damn it!

The Consultant is holding the arms of Kenty allowing Vortex to pummel away on the stomach, he goes for a punch to the head, Kenty manages to duck and luckily for Vortex so does the Consultant. However Kenty then shoves Vortex into The Consultant who falls down, Kenty then punches away at Vortex.

In the ring, Logan is still being beaten down on by Nay and Blue Dragon. Blue Dragon goes for a powerslam but Logan drops down the back and nail a big boot to the back of the head. Kincade and Nay end up brawling around Swann and Hobo who are also entangled in a punching exchange.

JJ manages to hit a knee to the gut on Saint and then fires in a couple more knees to the stomach, with Sainty stumbling back. Saint then fires in a European Uppercut as the brawl continues.

MW: Zhi looking to escape from this situation relatively unscathed.

Cassius rolls out of the ring, and starts walking up the ramp when Crime Lord runs out and those two start brawling. This is quickly followed with TGA joining the scene, he nails Crime Lord with a headbutt and he falls into Zhi. TGA then stomps away on Crime Lord...

RJ: Zhi’s got a chair...

Crime Lord kicks away at the head of TGA,who falls back up the ramp. Crime Lord gets up and pummels away at him with big punches.

Security come sprinting out and divide up looking to break up the many brawls in and around the arena but the wrestlers manage to fight their way through the security and the mass brawl continues.

RJ: Zhi’s going to nail Crime Lord with that steel chair...

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6WF Lockdown Results 31st August Empty Re: 6WF Lockdown Results 31st August

Post by Mat on Fri 31 Aug 2012, 7:44 pm

??: ENOUGH!!!!

McGraw walks on stage as even more security pile down the ramp to separate the carnage...

DM: What the hell is going on here?

McGraw walks down the ramp as security hold everyone separated in the ring....

DM: Did none of you hear anything I said earlier? Or did you somehow think I was begging for you all to come out here and ruin my show!?

McGraw enters the ring, he looks at Blue Dragon and Nay Bother....

DM: Neither of you were cleared to wrestle tonight, so I suggest you get the hell out of my ring before you follow Clarke James to the job centre...

Blue Dragon and Nay look over at a smiling Logan before heading out of the ring and up the ramp. McGraw turns to Hobo....

DM: Given your little speech earlier in the week I find it surprising that you insist on coming out and attacking the Greatest European Champion this company has seen. Is it sour grapes that he's continually beaten you? Or is it cause you're just not good enough any more?

Hobo: .....

DM: Oh, it wasn't a question, I'm telling you you're not good enough any more. I seem to remember an agreement whereby you'd get to run Lockdown for the night.....after your actions tonight, consider the agreement terminated...


DM: Oh, and if you even think about stepping out of line again, I'll make sure you never see the Grand Slam, let alone another title shot. Is that understood?

Hobo stares at McGraw, nodding in agreement....

DM: Now get your ass to the back..

McGraw turns his attention to Mr Kenty....

DM: For someone pretty new to this place you sure as hell like sticking your nose in where it's not wanted don't ya, boy?

Kenty smiles at McGraw before winking over at Vortex who is pushed back by The Consultant and security....

DM: I suggest taking your Cheshire
Cat grin and getting out of my sight.

Kenty waves to Vortex and leaves up the ramp. McGraw turns and looks around the ring. Crime Lord and TGA stand in corners separated by security as Cassius stands on the outside grinning to himself. The Consultany exit the ring and stand on the rampa as The Saint and JJ are locked in a staring match as McGraw wanders over.....

DM: Now you two just can't seem to get along can you? What is it, two all now? I've gotta hand it to you, it's been a moneymaker, four matches, four months of great rivalry, it's a GM's dream...

Saint and JJ turn to face McGraw....

DM: But, truth be told, it's boring me now. And this little fiasco has done nothing to whet my appetite. Whilst people may clamour to see you two beat the hell out of each other at Born In Fire, I don't share the same view, see this feud; like your career, JJ, is getting on a bit. So next week in the Main Event, we'll have JJ Johnson vs The Saint....

*Crowd Pop*

DM: But it's not just to see who the better man is, oh no, see, I'm well aware that you both covet a certain title, that you both feel you should have it, and with Destiny coming up what better chance to get that shot than in the Gold Rush? Your final match, your 'decider' in this little p*ssing contest will see the winner take the number 30 spot in the Gold Rush. And the loser? The loser takes number 1!

RJ: What a match! One of these 2 men is gonna get the coveted number 30 spot at Destiny!

JJ and Saint smirk at each other....

DM: Now if you two gentleman don't mind....

Security usher Saint and JJ away from each other through the crowd and McGraw turns his attention to the three remaining men. Cassius continues to grin outside the ring, he turns his head to look at the security men surrounding him, a menacing state across his face causes the men to back off as McGraw steps between TGA and Crime Lord....

DM: Seeing as you three seem to have gotten in each others way over the last few weeks, let's not beat around the bush. Teej, you've had enough chances at Crime Lord, and seeing as Cassius managed to call a halt to proceedings last Sunday at Explosion, why don't we put this little trio together....

Cassius begins grinning wildly as a huge TGA chant breaks out....

DM: Destiny is going to see you, Crime Lord, defend your 6WF Undisputed Title against TGA and Cassius Zhi!


MW: Another huge match, Cassius will get another shot at the World Title not just against Crime Lord, but TGA as well!

Crime Lord fumes as he exits the ring. TGA smirks down at Cassius who stares blankly across the ring before turning to leave through the crowd. TGA salutes the crowd and heads up the ramp.

McGraw goes to leave as The Consultant heads up the ring steps...

TC: Danny.....

RJ: What on earth?

'Rest In Pieces' roars from the speakers as the crowd focus on the ramp...

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6WF Lockdown Results 31st August Empty Re: 6WF Lockdown Results 31st August

Post by Mat on Fri 31 Aug 2012, 7:44 pm

MW: Are we having production issues again?

RJ: It might well......wait a minute, that's....

MW: Sparkes? What's he doing out here!?

Stuart Sparkes strolls on to the ramp to a cheer from the crowd as McGraw looks down the ramp in confusion....

DM: Sparkes? What the hell are you playing at??

TC: Danny, I've been trying to tell you....

SS: Not tried hard enough though have you....

DM: What's the meaning of this, Sparkes? What the hell are you doing interrupting me on MY show!?

Sparkes smiles at McGraw....

SS: Your show? Danny, it's not your show. It's my show.

RJ: What!?

SS: Well to be precise, it's mine and around 7 other gentleman's show. See, Danny, I'm not quite who I appear to be. My name for a start is not Stuart Sparkes. My name is Carter Samuels....

McGraw tries to recollect the name....

SS: I don't, nor have I ever worked for or owned 'WreslteSlam' magazine, infact, you'll find that publication no longer exists, something your assistant there knows full well....

McGraw glares at The Consultant who stares back, he gestures that he tried to explain to McGraw's disdain....

SS: Just to clarify, Danny, as you seem to be struggling with the name, I'm the son of Parker Samuels. Chairman of 6WF....

RJ: Oh my god, he's from the board!

McGraw looks down the ramp in disbelief...


MW: McGraw can't believe it!

SS: Let me explain, Danny. The board were aware of certain issues within 6WF. These issues came to a head when an innocent member of staff was pushed from the stage and severely injured at the hands of a Cassius Zhi.

Rather than take immediate action the board felt it was better to get a full understanding of what was going on behind the scenes here, and what could lead to this kind of incident to be allowed to happen, and given your very public distrust of the board it was in our best interests to use my guise as Stuart Sparkes to, infiltrate, if you like, your circle.

Danny, whilst the board recognise and appreciate the work you've put in to elevate 6WF, they're also concerned at the lack of compassion and apparent disregard for the safety and well being of members of the roster. A few examples being numerous wrestlers being forced to compete with head trauma. Assaults on wrestlers going unpunished. The constant slurs on the board. Allowing unsanctioned matches to take place and signing the construction of something designed to hurt and maim for entertainment purposes.

DM: Wait a minute....

SS: I'm sorry Danny, I wasn't finished...

It's the boards decision, that with immediate effect, your position as General Manager of 6WF is under official review...


RJ: Yes! It's about damn time!!!

Samuels turns to walk off before stopping in his tracks, he turns again to address McGraw....

CS: Oh, how silly of me, you didn't think the board would leave you in control when your position is under review?

The board have also decided that whilst we undertake a review of your conduct, that someone should come in to assist you, to help run the place, someone whose wrestling views are, shall we say, 'pure'....


CS: I'll let him introduce himself, Danny. We'll be in touch...

RJ: Well who the hell.....


MW: No way!!! Unbelievable!!!!

'Carry On My Wayward Son' erupts from the speakers as Abe Abercorn walks on to the stage dressed in a grey suit and purple clip on tie to a huge ovation....

RJ: It's Abercorn! Abe Abercorn is the new Co General Manger of 6WF!!!

Abercorn salutes the fans before looking down the ramp smiling at a shocked McGraw as Lockdown goes off air.

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6WF Lockdown Results 31st August Empty Re: 6WF Lockdown Results 31st August

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