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Stressed out McRae is leaving Salford

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Stressed out McRae is leaving Salford Empty Stressed out McRae is leaving Salford

Post by BigPhil Thu 21 Apr 2011, 9:32 pm,19528,12207_6887770,00.html

Shaun McRae has confirmed he will not be renewing his contract with Salford at the end of the Super League season.

The Australian is currently on sick leave and although a return has not yet been ruled out, he is already in the final year of his current deal.

The former St Helens boss has been absent since March 2 with what is thought to be a stress-related illness and, according to his manager David Howes, is due to see the doctor again next week.

McRae, who took over at the Willows from Karl Harrison in the summer of 2007, admits he feels it is "time for a change of direction".

"It is a time for a change of direction in my rugby league career," he said. "It is generally accepted that five years is the watershed for a head coach with a club."

"I imagine we'll get lots of interest. It's an exciting time for the club. "
Football director Steve Simms Quotes of the week

Phil Veivers, who joined Salford in the close season, is currently in charge of team affairs, with his fellow assistant Malcolm Alker in dispute with the club.

The City Reds expect plenty of interest in the vacancy, though, particularly as they are likely to be granted a new three-year Super League licence ahead of their move to a new stadium in 2012.

Kurt Wrigley, the South Sydney assistant coach, is an early name in the frame, while Ian Millward and Brian Noble could be potential candidates.

"We'll wait and see what happens over the weekend," said football director Steve Simms. "I imagine we'll get lots of interest. It's an exciting time for the club.

"We want to get the best person for the job and, whether that is from overseas or local, we'll have to wait and see."


I don't think he's done anything really special for the club and I think he'll still be off for a month or so yet, but I for one hope he gets better soon. Whoever will be taking over will inherit a decent, not excellent squad with a good new stadium to boot. Things are still looking up for us! Your thoughts?


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Stressed out McRae is leaving Salford Empty Re: Stressed out McRae is leaving Salford

Post by Luke Fri 22 Apr 2011, 1:07 am

1st of all, i hope that Shaun gets better soon.

As for Salford in general, i'm not sure what to expect, as i thought with
the player's you bought in you would be up challanging for the top 8.
You're playing squad looks okay, if a little aging.

But the club seems to be in a mess behind the scenes, with the Mcrae
situation, componded by the Alker one. But you will get a SL license
i think, as you tick all the boxes as far as i can tell, and being next
to Manchester is a bonus, who your next coach is should be intresting,
in weather it will be an established name or not, Think i might put
money on Brian Noble getting it.

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