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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by JJJohnson Sun 17 Mar 2013, 2:06 pm

Wednesday 27th March 2013
Live from the Elite Coliseum, Los Angeles, California
Starting time: 7pm

EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Atonem10

Match 1
Rookie's Row
E-Unit vs Thunder vs Wade Kelvin vs ???

Match 2
"The Grudge"
Dr. Bryan Wells vs Mr Jones

Match 3
EWF TV Championship
"The Viper" Liam Wood © vs Alex Garcia

Match 4
3 stages of hell (1st Fall:Falls Count Anywhere
2nd Fall: Tables match
3rd Fall *If necessary:Dante's Peak)

Dario Machiavelli/Ojore (FEAR) vs Jimmy Phillips/Mike Conrad

Main Event
Part II
EWF World Heavyweight Championship

Jason Sparkz (c) vs Vincent Costello

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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by x12x Sun 17 Mar 2013, 2:59 pm

The Elite Coliseum comes to life as the EWF Television Champion's music begins to play and the champion appears at the top of the stage with his beautiful media manager Emmy. The look of tension and stress that we had come to recognise across his face over the last few weeks, replaced with a calm, happy look. The champion makes his way towards the ring, raising the title above his head and taking the time to celebrate with the fans, slapping hands and fist bumping with as many of the fans as humanly possible on the way, he slowly walks up the steel steps of the ring, collects a microphone from Emmy and kisses her on the cheek before addressing the crowd in attendance.

“I'm sorry...”

The fans look around confused at each other as the champion pauses to reflect on the words that just came out of his mouth, he circles the ring before placing the title down at the ring post and once again raises the microphone up towards his mouth

“Let me explain myself, I felt the need to come out here and apologise. Over the last few weeks I have felt myself becoming something I wasn't, I could feel myself changing and forgetting why I came to the EWF in the first place.
I've let myself be dragged down to the level of a loud mouth punk, who instead of training for the biggest matches of his life spends the week with hookers and drinking himself in to a state, I let this man push me around and worst of all I let him talk about the most amazing girl in my life.”

The camera pans over to Emmy to see a smile across her face as she begins to blush, she begins to see the person who convinced her to move half way across the world with him once again.

“When me and Emmy moved out here it was to change our lives for the better but somewhere along that journey I stopped focusing on the things that were the most important to me and let my anger take control of my actions. It's taken a while but I've remembered the things that kept me going and they're all right here...This girl (motions to Emmy), that title and every single one of you!”

The crowd explode as they feel their champion getting his head back in the game.

“So that's why I thought I'd come out here and apologise to a certain someone..."

The champion pauses for a second before shocking the crowd once again

...Alex Garcia!

The crowd fall to a shocked silence as The Viper walks around the ring with a huge smile on his face, he looks over at Emmy who is trying to hold back a smile as he continues to explain his reasoning.

“I know you might be shocked, a week ago I could have easily ended this guys career, I hated him more than anything but right now I just feel sorry for him. So Alex, if you're out there in some strip club or STI clinic watching I want to say I'm sorry for letting you get under my skin for these past few weeks..."

JK: Isn't this a bad idea for the champion to admit that his opponent in 10 days is under his skin?
DF: I have no idea what he thinks he can achieve from this, he's practically handing him the advantage!

Liam continues to talk, circling the ring as he does.

“The reason I'm sorry Alex is because I feel bad that I've filled you with so much false hope before our title match, I can see it when you talk about me in interviews you cling on to it like you need it more than oxygen, like it's the very thing keeping you going and I feel bad to say that in 10 days time...I'm bringing you down to earth with a bang.

Last week you faced a man that had been emotionally picked apart, you faced a man that had nothing but hate controlling him and all of his actions and you got the victory but that man is gone and the one who replaces him can see all your little tricks a mile away...You met that man at Conflict today, he was the one who left you out cold during the main event, how did it look from down there?

You once told me that I was “playing with the big boys now” well at time is over and you step in to my world."

The champion drops the mic and picks up his title, raising it above his head as the crowd go wild

DF: It looks like the words of Emmy and Thunder have really got him back on track and just in time as in 10 days he steps in to the ring with Alex Garcia to defend that very title.
JK: With his head back in the game and Garcia's actions over the last month it's going to be one hell of a fight when they go toe to toe!


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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by Blade Sun 17 Mar 2013, 4:00 pm

The scene opens up in the parking lot and a yellow bin lorry is backing up orange lights flashing and the sirens going off as the crowd cheers loudly and they see Conrad's refuse collection services any time any day written on the side of the trucks door.

The lorry then backs up just of some trash cans and the crowd cheers loudly when all of a sudden the drivers door opens and then Mike Conrad steps out and jumps down to the floor slamming the door shut.

Conrad then picks up a trash can and hooks it on to the back of the lorry and presses the green button sending the trash can up and all the trash falls into to the back of the lorry.

???: Mike, Mike Conrad may we have a word with you, I know your busy but it wont take long?

Mike Conrad turns round and see's Carlton Jacobs running up to him with a cameraman just behind him Conrad smiles and nods to Carlton.

MC: Course you can Carlton lad but it will have to be a quick word as I have a busy schedule to stick to.

Huffing and puffing Carlton comes to a holt next to Mike Conrad pulls a microphone from his pocket and takes a deep breath.

CJ: Last week you had an 8 man tag match and you lost that match how do feel about that?

MC: Well obviously very disappointed about the loss but what concerns me even more then the loss is what happened after the match when Jimmy Phillips went after Machiavelli and who he had in the car with him.

Machiavelli you have again crossed the line kidnapping Hayley Lennox you just don't go around doing things like this do you?

You have taken things to the next level Machiavelli and you should know by now that me and Jimmy will not take that crap from anyone especially not from a sadistic monster like you.

CJ: And what about the match at Atonement, Will Jimmy be in the right frame of mind to go through all that hell and win this brutal match?

Conrad rubs his hands through his hair.

MC: Look Jimmy is a man a good man and am sure he will do what ever it takes to get the job done this is our chance to get rid of Fear once and for all.

This is our chance to get a bit of breathing space between sanity and madness, This is our chance to rid Fear from EWF and that is what we are going to do Carlton for the first time in months the light is at the end of the tunnel no matter what Fear throws at us we will come out on top and then we shall part our separate ways cos then it is all about the world championship

CJ: And will you and Jimmy be on the same side during that match?

MC: What did I just say to you Carlton I just said that we will be going our separate ways that means it will be every man for himself three men fighting it out for the world heavyweight championship that will be my goal that is what I aim for and at the end of the day I will be world heavy weight champion, Now if you don't mind Carlton I really do have a busy schedule to keep to so if you don't mind I must get on with it.

Carlton nods at Mike Conrad and steps back as Conrad then continues to empty the trash cans in his truck.


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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by E-unit Sun 17 Mar 2013, 5:49 pm

OOC This takes place right after Vipers rp

The chorus of sound of madness chimes across the speakers. The crowd erupts with boos, as The unit paces towards the ring. He passes the viper. Thus turning his head around and looking at him, as he goes through the curtain. A fan throws his soft drink at him and jumps the guard rail. He gets within finger tips of the superstar, before security tackles him. The unit peels off his coke stained victims of violence tee shirt and throws it in the fans face, as security picks the lad up. The unit lunges forward, and face plants him with a head butt opening up his own head. He wipes his face, as the blood pours. He walks around the ring, and grabs a towel. He begins to clean himself up. He grabs a mic and heads into the ring. He shifts around as the boos get louder. He raises the mic and begins to speak.

E: You know I was setting in the back listening. I heard Mr.. Viper...Ahhh I mean Viper talk about false hope. This just rang a bell with me. I mean did you all see my match this past week. I totally slipped and fell, and as I was going to pull myself up Wade's crotch got between me and the ropes. I was partially blinded how did I know by lifting my arm it be a low blow. So now he's got a victory, and I got a rematch. No not just any rematch its a rookies row match. They threw in Thunder and anyone else who wants to get involved, and I'm not liking it. I don't understand how they can throw me the EWF national treasure into such a train wreck of a match. Against two men who are full of this false hope that Viper speaks of...

E-unit paces around. He walks over to a turnbuckle and leans on it.

E: Boys look closely. I am your future. I give my opponents a reputation. If you don't like losing. If you don't want a reputation for losing. My only recommendation is don't show up. I don't lay down for anybody, and when I leave Atonement I will have that prize Magnusson talked about.

The unit looks out amongst the fans as the boos pour in louder with each breath.

E: You see after I win this prize I will then embark on a journey. I know what you people are thinking you don't have the slightest idea what the prize is going to be. Well I have it on good authority... You know what you people don't deserve to know what it is. You people ought to be humbled I'm even in this arena to entertain you. Not a single one of you has accomplished what I have. All you put together hasn't accomplished what I have.

The boos get louder. Almost drowning out the units voice.

E: You people want to boo me. You people really want to boo me. I'm a living legend.

The fans begin to get irritate, as trash begins to be thrown in the ring. The unit looks at it and is a little nervous.

E: Ok, Ok, maybe a truce. You people have your jobs, and I got mine. I mean sure you people work hard. You work hard for that raise. All I'm trying to do is get mine. You people work hard to become that employee of the month. That's what I'm trying to do..

The fans calm down a bit, and the unit knows he has them.

E: You see It takes a certain kind of man to go against the grain. To come out here and tell you fools the truth, and know that you will boo me for it. There's millions of you. That's why you people are where you are at, and that's why I'm where I'm at. Because I'm one in a million. Look hard at me, and you will know greatness follows me wherever I go. I p!ss excellence and sh*t perfection. That's just how I roll. So now your welcome you people may bow at will.

The fans looked shocked. How quickly the unit has turned this around on its head.

E: Now about my match. This rookies row thing. I want the respect that I deserve. From the highest form of management in EWF. All the way to the nose bleed section of this arena. I'm not the highest paid performer in this company for no reason at all. Every man women and child needs to come through that curtain, and you classless bunch of hasbeens need to stand up and show the unit some respect. Because I am E-Unit and I am a living legend, as well as the gold standard... And the future heavy weight champion of the world.

The sound of madness erupts as the unit crawls down off the apron.


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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by MtotheC Sun 17 Mar 2013, 9:23 pm

The scene opens with Carlton Jacobs standing back stage at the Elite Coliseum

CJ: Good evening ladies and gentlemen I'm Charlton Jacobs reporting live back stage at EWF Conflict, please welcome my guest at this time the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship and the man who will challenge Jason Sparkx at Atonement Vincent Costello

The camera pans round to Costello, dressed in a smart pin stripped suit with his jet black hair slicked back, his arms crossed, he appears all business

CJ: Vincent, in 10 days EWF presents its first PPV event Atonement, a PPV that you will main event and compete for the world title vs. Jason Sparkx, your confidence must be high after picking up your first ever victory over Sparkx tonight albeit under some what controversial circumstances?

VC:shhhh...can you here that?

Carlton looks puzzled, as he goes to speak Costello puts his finger to his lips

VC:shhh...just listen

Costello pauses and bends his head as if to motion that he's trying to make out a sound in the distance, Carlton Jacobs is looking around over his should trying to identify what Costello is listening for

VC:There it is, the sound of inevitability, the sound of overwhelming, gratifying inevitability! You see as sure as the tide will rise and recede, as certain as the sun will set tonight the inevitable future that is me Vincent Costello the most precious commodity in this industry announced as 'the new EWF world champion'.

I can not be denied, I will not be denied, Sparkx your time to shine has run it's course and not a second soon enough will the mediocrity that has been your title reign come to an emphatic end.

CJ:Vincent you seem to lack respect for our current reigning and defending champion, you've spent over nearly two hours in the ring together since EWF debuted at Ironman what have you learnt from your time in the ring with Jason Sparkx?

VC:Let me tell you Carlton that the age old saying of familiarity breeds contempt is extremely apt and that's exactly the extent of my evaluation of Sparkx...contempt! He is inferior to myself in every way possible, I'm stronger, quicker, more determined, more resourceful to name a few, but where I really have the edge over you is that I'm sick and twisted with a devil may care mindset, I'll tear this mother down and bury us both if it means getting what I want. Do you really have it in you to take me to the limit? I doubt it!

CJ:And what's your final message to Sparkx before Atonement?

VC:Sparkx, you have been weighed, you have been measured and believe me when I say you have been found wanting. Atonement, right here in the EWF Coliseum, in the very ring that I pinned you 1,2,3 tonight I will once again stand with my arm raised in victory with the world title strapped around my waist and the sun will set on your time to shine...

Costello pulls the camera in close and with the most intense look shouts


Costello pushes the camera away and storms off down the corridor slamming past a production worker knocking him to the floor without a second glance to check on the crew member, as Costello fades out of the picture the camera returns to a flustered Carlton Jacobs

CJ:Well there you have it folks, Vincent Costello intensely focused on winning the EWF World Tittle in 10 days time at Atonement, however Jason Sparkx stands in his way. Whatever the outcome the main event promises to be the biggest match in EWF history.


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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by Guest Sun 17 Mar 2013, 10:18 pm

The following is an exclusive

Jonathan Kelly is seen speaking with Donovan Franklin behind the announce table at ringside. The crowd can be seen emptying behind them

JK: Folks, you join us here for an exclusive. We're just minutes gone from Conflict and my word I don't think any of us expected to see what we just seen

DF: No not at all. I...I'm speechless. I don't think I've ever seen anything so messed up

JK: Ladies and gentlemen if you're wondering what we're referring to, just minutes ago we witnessed the shocking conclusion to Conflict where Dario Machavelli gave this sickening rivalry a twist....lets take a look at the footage

*The scene at ringside is shown a little more before we head into the backstage area. Jimmy Phillips has a small cut over his right eye and slams his way through a door and into the parking lot. He has a metal pipe in his hand.

Phillips: Machiavelli… yourself you son of a (beep)….

*Phillips lashes the pipe against the side of a car in a rage, crashing the window through. He then turns to the side and the sound of an engine running. Dario Machiavelli is stood next to a black car, watching Phillips with an excited expression.

Machiavelli: You cannot win this war Mr Phillips………… cannot conquer FEAR, for it is everywhere… endless source of malice and evil…..the sooner you realise that, the better…

*Machiavelli opens the driver’s seat door and is about to climb in before he pauses

Machiavelli: But as my words don’t seem to have much effect on you, I prepared a little something so that you know exactly what you are dealing with. FEAR is all around you Jimmy………..there is nobody that you can truly trust, because how do you know who is really hiding behind the masks of human expression…

Phillips: I swear to God, Machiavelli…

Machiavelli: God cannot help you now Jimmy………only you can help yourself. You have a choice to make…..because at Atonement your time runs out…………..walk away, leave this little hero act to someone who has nothing to lose……………because you, if you do not do as I say, you have everything to lose Jimmy…..EVERYTHING!

*Machiavelli laughs and climbs into the car, shutting the door. Phillips quickly moves toward the vehicle as the car spins to the side and the back windows wind down, causing Phillips to stop in his tracks.

Phillips: SON OF A…

*The show ends with Phillips staring at the terrified expression of Hayley Lennox, who has been bound and gagged in the back of the car. She is joined by a masked kidnapper, who waves at Phillips, before the car speed away. Phillips drops the steel pipe to the floor and looks lost as we go to credits.

JK: Just sickening. Like Phillips, I thought Machavelli crossed a line when he filmed Jimmy's family but this is something else.

DF: It really is, this whole FEAR campaign is going too far now

JK: Well I'm hearing we have Carlton Jacobs backstage alongside The Talent

we cut to backstage. Phillips is staring into the distance, a tear can visibly be seen in his eyes. Next to Carlton Jacobs stands, microphone in hand

CJ: Jimmy. I appreciate that this isn't the best time, but I'm sure the whole EWF universe will wanna know what's going through your mind now?

Jimmy acts like he hasn't even heard the question and continues to stare blankly as if watching the car disappear from view

CJ: Jimmy? You with me? I'm sorry but can you give me anything as to what your mindset is now ahead of that brutal three stages of hell match at Atonement given what has just happened?

Again no change in Jimmy Phillips' stance

CJ: Does this give FEAR an upper hand in the rivalry? I mean we've seen them stoop to some lows, but surely this is the lowest thing they have done to get in your head?

Phillips continues to ignore Carltons questions

CJ: Jimmy, do you feel you should have taken Machavelli's warning not to continue your war with the FEAR campaign. He did give you a chance to stand down so this wouldn't go any further. I think in hindsight a lot of people would have seen that as the sensible thing to do. I mean if I where you, I'd probably be kicking myself right now seeing my fiance gagged in the back of his car

Finally a response from Jimmy as he turns in the direction of Carlton, he doesn't say anything, just breathes heavily and closes in backing him up against the wall

CJ: Jimmy, I'm sorry I never meant anything by it. You know how much I adore Hayley, believe me I'm as worried as you are. But you've never let the fans down before and I'm sure they're desperate to hear from you in regards to what has happened here. I know this is difficult, but are you blaming yourself right now?

Jimmy looks deep in thought and then rounds on Carlton, he hooks his arm and drives him down to the concrete floor with the Touchdown (Rock bottom). He gets up and starts to stomp on him as security quickly appears on the scene. Jimmy takes the first and throws him through the security door into the street and then knocks the second down with a clothesline. He picks the limp body of Carlton Jacobs up and then throws him through a glass window of one of the backstage offices. More security come in and try and restrain Phillips, he overpowers them before the numbers game eventually tells and they have face first down on the floor. Mr Magnusson can be seen entering the the scene


We cut back to ringside

JK: I think it's fair to say that Jimmy Phillips has lost it. FEAR have finally got inside his head and I don't think anybody is safe around him at the moment, even his tag partner Mike Conrad

DF: Maybe, but on the flipside FEAR may have unleashed the monster inside Phillips and signed their own fate, only time will tell

JK: Indeed, will FEAR get their comeuppance at Atonemnet,you'll have to tune in in 10 days time. Thank you for joining us on, until next time, goodnight folks


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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by Thunder87 Mon 18 Mar 2013, 12:20 am

(OOC: Takes place straight after E-Units)

As E-Unit drops off the apron and starts to make his way up the ramp, Heroes Are Hard to Find by Twisted Sister blasts out of the Hypertron. E-Unit stops dead in his tracks, a look of disgust on his face. As the first rift kicks in, Thunder steps through the curtain. The crowd pop at the sight of Thunder, whose expression is one of disappointment. Thunder taps his heart three times before pointing out in to the crowd.

Thunder pulls a microphone from his pocket and taps it against his head. E-unit scrambles about looking for a microphone. Thunder waits patiently for him to find a microphone. The crowd chant Thunders name until E-Unit finds the microphone and interrupts them.

Why do you insist on stealing my spot light? You rat Bar Steward. I’ve had enough of seeing you up in my business. Standing in my way. Well at Atonement I’ll…

E-Unit’s microphone cuts out mid sentence as, Thunder looks dead in to the camera and makes a repeated slash across his neck, most likely suggesting to someone to cut the feed.

Like these good people, who as you put it work hard for their money, I’ve heard enough of your mouth writing cheques that your arse can’t cash. I interrupted you and stopped you from leaving because, I was sat in the back watching your little segment and I noticed something… familiar.

Thunder begins to pace on the stage never looking away from E-Unit who begins to walk up the ramp again.

No! We here at the EWF don’t work around you. You work around the EWF. They schedule you in a match you fight, they don’t then guess what, you don’t. I did have a point to make, but instead I rambled, so here I’ll make my point. If you steal from one writer its called plagiarism, if you steal from many it’s called research. Oh, and your less likely to get caught out.

E-Unit looks up at the stage puzzled. The crowd cheer as Thunder feels satisfied that he’s said enough. Thunder turns to leave before turning back around.

One more thing. Let’s Rock.

The fans chant “and ride,” as Thunder drops the microphone and Heroes Are Hard to Find begins to play again. This time when Thunder turns he walks through the curtain and off of the stage as the scene fades.


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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by E-unit Mon 18 Mar 2013, 2:59 am

In the back a camera catches up with the unit. He glares at the camera. He pushes it out the way. This does not detour the cameraman. He stays right on the units heels. Finally he stops, and turns around addressing the camera.

E: Thunder you want to call me out. You want to say I've stole something. I've stole nothing more than you have, or anybody else in the EWF. Take your crappy a$$ Thor gimmick with... Well actually if you were trying to be like Thor it be cool, but cat your totally f'n it up. I've been around a few places The whole Thunder gimmick every other spots got one, and get this there isn't one of you guys that's over. The fact you throw in some crappy British accent. Well its not helping...

The unit laughs a spell.

E: Your never going to be anything above midcard here. Why you might ask. Because you don't have the it factor. You suck! This aint reading rainbow Thor. You don't have to take my word for it, or what you going to call me out for stealing that line to. You see Thor carving you up is like Christmas morning for me. That's how much I enjoy it. Rattling your cage is better than an orgasm, and I'm going to give you a reason to list me as public enemy number one. You talked about all this sh!t and you know what? I'm done hearing it.

The unit strolls over to a vending machine and puts money in it. As the water bottle drops he takes it and sips.

E: Listen Thor I know your going to get mad when you see this, but look at my face and tell me if I give a FN sh!t! Your an a$$hole and you turned on me. So now I turn the deck back on you despite everything I've done in and for this business. I hate what internet fan calls a shoot. Because really this isn't a shoot. I'm just stating a fact. Your a second rate chump and I'm going to bring ass down. You feel me. I'm going to take this fist and split your head open, and then I'm knock every tooth in that mouth of yours out and make you swallow every piece all the way down to the root canal. So go on. Make me public enemy number one.

E swigs at the water as the shot fades.


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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by MtotheC Mon 18 Mar 2013, 7:06 pm

The following is a video upload to twitter posted by @VinnieC

The footage is filmed on an amateur camera with the date, time and battery life shown in the bottom right hand corner, Vincent Costello comes into shot as the red recording light flashes on in the top right hand corner

VC:So everyone wants a piece of Vincent Costello and why wouldn’t they? Everyone wants to know what I’m thinking and what I’m going to do next? My Twitter is blowing up, my Facebook wall has more posts than I count, MySpace might even get back in the game with the amount of PM's I’m receiving! The v2 forum is going crazy with every other thread wanting to know just what’s going through my head.

We’ll let me tell you that the future heavyweight champion of the world is focused, more focused than I have been in years and in just 9 days I’m going to reveal to the world what anyone who has ever stepped in the ring with Jason Sparkx already knows...that’s he's a fraud, a paper champion, manipulated into his spot by the corrupt Magnusson because he fits the bill. He's a yes man, a corporate shell, a seal clapping for another fish to be thrown down his slippery gullet.

And at Atonement I’m not going to take it easy on Sparkx, I’m not going to end it quickly, there will be no brass knuckles to put you down, you see I want to saviour your destruction, I want to drink in the emotions when I physically and mentally dissect you in the middle of the ring. Sparkx you’re a disease, a plague on this company and I am the cure, the liberator, the righteous protector and on the 27th in the main event, the biggest match in this companies history I will prevail, I will be victorious and finally Sparkx can continue to hide under whatever stone he happens to be under. See I know why your off the grid, I know why you show up to conflict and then go underground it’s because you know that if you can stay quiet, if you can keep your title reign as low key as possible no one will even care when you eventually lose and for that I applaud you, you’re a man who has accepted his fate, accepted the inevitability and at Atonement I’ll put you down and back in your hole where finally you will get the rest bite you so obviously desire.

Costello’s law says take everything leave nothing.

Costello walks up to the camera and switches it off, the screen turns to static and the video ends


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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by MtotheC Wed 20 Mar 2013, 3:00 pm

The scene opens on Carlton Jacobs standing in the backstage interview area at the Elite Coliseum

CJ:Good afternoon ladies and gentleman I’m the man with his ear to the ground right here in the Coliseum bringing you all the EWF news as it happens. As some of you may know our world champion Jason Sparkx sustained a knee injury at this week’s house show after he was blindsided by his opponent at Atonement; Vincent Costello. We understand that Sparkx was transferred to a local medical facility here in LA for a scan however initial signs do not look good for the champ, what ramifications this will have for the main event in just seven days’ time are yet to be known or even if the Champion will make it to Atonement.

As Carlton continues Vincent Costello walks into shot, looking extremely smug with the world title resting over his shoulder

VC: Well, well, well, Jason Sparkx is doing his best to run and hide from inevitability, but you can’t blame him can you jack? I’m mean who in their right mind wants to face me; the champion elect?

CJ: Sparkx isn’t hiding, he was right in the middle of the ring when you blindsided him!

VC:Watch your tone Carlton ‘no’ Jacobs, just remember who you’re talking to! What you have to remember is that from day one I have been as bold as brass, I have laid it on the line from the outset, I will take everything and leave nothing from my opponents and EWF, if you’ve got what I want, you’d better run and hide just like Sparkx is doing because if you don’t you’re gonna get hurt.

CJ: Vincent you stand there with the EWF title over your shoulder but surely you must know that you haven’t earned the right to call yourself the champion?

Carlton looks sheepish as Costello snarls at him

CJ: I’m just saying that’s all.

VC: Listen Jack I am the champion elect and with Sparkx hiding in some hospital somewhere I am for all intense and purposes your champion, all I need now is for Magnusson to make it official

CJ:And what if Jason Sparkx manages to make it to the main event at Atonement

Costello laughs

VC:At Atonement you people and more specifically Jason Sparkx, if he even makes it that far will experience first-hand Costello’s law in full effect, Costello’s law isn’t a catchy strap line or a saying it’s a code of conduct, a moral compass that I live my life by, it’s not something that I expect all these greasy hicks to understand or even any of these so called wrestlers in the back, it’s what sets me apart from the bottom feeders, it’s what makes a champion a champion, separating the strong from the weak.

And today Costello’s law says; only respect those that deserve to be respected

Which in EWF is a very, very short list in fact it consists of only one…ME! Because quite frankly I am the only person in this building that deserves respect and I dare anyone to prove me wrong.

Costello’s law is THE authority in EWF more powerful than Magnusson, more terrifying than FEAR and as unforgiving as brass knuckles to the temple.

Once I am officially declared the heavyweight champion of the world Costello’s law will run EWF with an iron fist

Costello reaches into his pocket takes out the brass knuckles slips them onto his fist and motions a knockout punch in the style of the big Show

VC:Jason Sparkx if you can hear me where ever you are hiding take my advice; don’t show up to Atonement, stay at home, keep the doors locked and the curtains closed because if you are stupid enough to stand in that very ring and face me in 7 days’ time Costello’s law is going make you it’s very first victim.

Costello slaps the championship belt with his hand and walks off down the corridor, as he walks off he can be heard shouting

VC:Costello’s law


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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by x12x Wed 20 Mar 2013, 11:41 pm

The screen goes black and the EWF logo begins to flicker upon the screen as Empire by Bring Me The Horizon begins to play quietly in the background. Black and white footage of the Iron Man Tournament begins to play and shows Liam Wood on his knees, looking ecstatic as the referee hands him the Television Championship. He holds the golden championship belt in his arms and then kisses it as he gets back to his feet. He raises it above his head in triumph as the fans chant his name…

Rick Ambrose: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner...and NEW EWF TV CHAMPION...

The footage then changes to Alex Garcia rolling under the bottom rope and knocking The Viper down to the outside of the ring, it then cuts to him picking up the title and then finally him leaving with the belt. A deep voice begins to speak.

VO: They say that possession is nine tenths of the law...

As the voice over plays the footage changes to various clips of Alex Garcia with the stolen EWF Television title shot by his personal camera man a smug look across his face, it flickers between this and footage of The Viper Liam Wood being held back by EWF security.

VO: But in a lawless land, actions speak louder than words.

The music breaks down, becoming heavier and louder as the footage once again changes, this time to Alex Garcia and The Viper colliding, throwing lefts and rights and throwing each other around the ring, preforming their finishers on each other. Footage from their last few matches plays and various quotes play over the top of the video.

Viper: I will start my legacy and there is no one who can stop me!
Garcia: This is the start of a dynasty!

VO: The Legacy and the Dynasty go to war for the Elite Wrestling Franchise Television Title but this is about more than the title now...

The music becomes much calmer and the footage changes to footage of Emmy and Liam celebrating with the TV title, it then flickers to show her stood with Garcia threatening her with The Viper's baseball bat, a look of fear across her face, it then cuts to the moment that Viper speared her off the edge of the apron by accident, followed by Garcia breaking the beer bottle over Wood's head. The scene then changes to a clearly enraged Viper smashing the countdown clock and shouting for Garcia to face him wielding his baseball bat. A Voice Over of Thunder begins to play over this footage.

Thunder: You will lose the TV championship, you will lose the support of the fans and the girl and worse you will lose your self respect. All gone because you let Garcia drag you down to his level. Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned...

Footage changes to The Viper with his head in his hands is shown, it suddenly cuts to the image of Alex Garcia with a smug grin across his face.

VO: One man demanding respect the other looking for redemption...on the 27th of March, only one man can leave with the Elite Wrestling Franchise Television Title...

...and one man will Atone for his sins

The video package ends with an image of The Viper and Alex Garcia starring each other down.


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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by Cable Thu 21 Mar 2013, 3:25 am

A Kelvin Production

JK- And we're back just a few days away from our glorious ppv known as Atonement! And I can't wait!

DF- Same here JK same here you see with all the new talent coming to EWF this is looking to be one to head toll to toll with companies such as 6WF and 6CW and I will bet every penny we'll wipe them off the market!

JK- Well speaking of new talent we have this Danny Bateman guy I don't know what his name is but it sounds like he's trying to make a name for himself or something

DF- Well this kid could be something and I heard alot from Bateman and I think he has something to say HA!

JK- You don't say!

Bateman- Silence! Silence! Silence EWF! I could care less if you idiots payed to see wrestling or not you will hear what I have to say

JK- And time

Bateman- I am the new talent here at EWF! I am 23 yrs of age and I want to be the breakthrough star!

(Fans Boo)

Bateman- Oh hush you morons! You people don't even know jack about real wrestling!

DF- I'm trying to understand what this kid is saying??

Bateman- I'm am the guy thats getting ready to take this company by storm whether you like it or not! And it starts with tonight! I demand a match right here right now!!!

JK- Uhh well kid I'm not soo sure if you can...

DF- This is getting good this kid sounds even more interesting!

Bateman- I don't get a match??? Well at least know this! The top guys The Viper even Alex Garcia, Jason Sparkz and Vincent Costello I will beat those guys step by step of the way!

JK- Ok are we cutting to commercial??


("You Suck" Chants)

Bateman- I don't suck!!!! I don't suck! I am the best thing this company has ever seen! I am "The Product" Danny Bateman and I am!!

(Suddenly "Deep Cover" blast on the tron in the Arena as the fans looks to see a man walk from behind the curtains standing 6'2 built like a American Football Player..the ramp is curtain is filled with smoke as the figure walks out)

JK- Wade Kelvin Ladies and Gentlemen

DF- That man is built!

(WK stares dead at the eyes of Danny Bateman as Bateman looks on in confused. Kelvin sprints down into the ring as Bateman proceeds to go on the attack but Kelvin dodges it and flies back with a spear. The fans are hyped!)


DF- Kelvin just broke that guy in two!

(Wade Kelvin gets back up and places Batman underhooked into a powerbomb position)

JK- And Kelvin calls this the PROTON POWERBOMB!!!

(Wade Kelvin hits the Proton Powerbomb as Danny Bateman looks squashed. Kelvin kicks him out the ring as he picks up the microphone)

WK- Much Better right?

(The fans cheer)

WK- Allow me to reintroduce myself I am Wade Kelvin also known as the Surgeon...self proclaimed "Heel Surgeon". But I'm not out here to waste no time but simply I like to shut people up who talks too damn much!

(The fans cheer)

WK- You will see more of me and I promise you that! I'm not here in this company to bore you people to tears!

I'm here at EWF because I want each and everyone of you people at home even in this arena to get a feel of me when I step into this ring! You people are the best damn fans a wrestler can ever ask for and as he take this journey! This ride! We will be dominate! I can guaran-damn-tee it!

(The fans cheer)

WK- E-Unit! Thunder! And Mysterious Opponent who will also get his ass kicked comes Atonement! I not here for no damn games and I can't wait to hurt you monkeys and step all over you. Because everyone knows E-Unit you wear your balls behind your ass

DF- I like the trash talk!!!!!!!!!

WK- Ladies and Gentlemen of the EWF Universe we about to get things poppin

(The fans cheer as "Deep Cover" blasts as Wade Kelvin proceeds to walk out of the ring..scene fades away)


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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by Rowdy Rod Thu 21 Mar 2013, 10:53 pm

Dario Machiavelli presents

A Fear Production

The arena is plunged into darkness as the hypertron emits a blinding light.

Eventually the light reduces to a lower but still dazzling shine that most of the attending audience has to shield their eyes from. Eventually the scene changes to an empty corridor in a hospital. A wheelchair slowly moves into shot and stops as it touches a hospital gurney.

The wind whistles through the corridor before the distinctive drawl of Dario is over heard.

"silence can be deafening. People pray for peace and for the noise to end. But for others, the nothingness is a prison they want released from"

The camera shot cuts away to scenes of war, explosions, guerillas shooting at unseen enemies. The scenes continue to cut quickly in silence and every so often a shot of Ojore is interspliced in the scenes of violence. The whole scene takes place in silence.

"The fear campaign has remained muted for a reason"

The scene goes back to the empty hospital corridor which stays on screen as silence once again descends.

"Silence is the greatest fear of some. Solitude. Emptiness."

"Silence for too long corrupts the soul"

The scene fades to grey for another 20 seconds.

"But when the FEAR has finished, you will all pray for the screaming to end"

A loud shriek screams over the tannoy before once again the camera cuts to scenes of torture and vioence. Wild blood curdling noises are being played loudly over the film, as the scenes of a man being flailed on a wooden cross can be seen.

Ojore can be seen to be cracking the whip as the terror of victims is played over the shots. The man is severely lacerated across his back but ojore continues.

"Screams, silence are all the same to me. They hold no fear when there is nothing that can shock you anymore."

"The world has a new pope to bring unity to the church"

"Well in my church, there are no saviours, there are no worshippers, there is only........"

The camera pulls away from Ojore who is still whipping the man. It moves around the crucifix to which he is attached to reveal that is Dario tied and being whipped.


Dario smiles as the soundtrack goes silent once more. Before the image fades to nothing, Ojore starts his punishment again as the smile on Dario grows.

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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by Rowdy Rod Thu 21 Mar 2013, 11:38 pm

The scene opens with Dario reclining in a large leather armchair. He rolls a glass of scotch around his thick tumbler and takes a swig.

He fingers a large remote in his other hand and points it towards a large wall of monitors that he is sitting facing.

One of the monitors flickers on and the scene shows a bound and gagged Hayley Lennox. She is hangning from her arms which are suspended above her on a rope.

Dario puts down the remote and pulls out a small leather folder from his chair. He watches the screen and then takes out a large silver pen and scrawls into it.

He turns on another monitor which shows Hayley from another angle.

Dario makes more notes before getting out a walkie talkie which he talks into. Within the chamber, the speaker plays out Darios voice to Hayley who is sobbing.

"You think that this is hell?"

Hayley screams to be released

"This is only the beginning. The abject humiliation of your position is not something to be fearful of. We will not hurt you. Much."

Hayley screams some more

"Dear Hayley. Do you not realise that this is all part of your release? This fear that you feel will set you free. Because once you leave my convent, your real ordeal begins. This fear you feel will never feel this good again"

"What happens next is the fun part as I see the next step"

"My fun starts when Jimmy wont come near you. When he doesnt know what you have endured. And every time he asks, you break down. You will push him away just as sure as he will push you. And then you will come to appreciate this moment. The moment that FEAR opened your eyes to see that Jimmy is nothing."

"I am not here to torture you. I am here to direct you. I am the director of your nightmares. I pull the strings of your darkest fears"

"And once this is all over, you will thank me Hayley. For showing you how not to fear......FEAR"

Dario puts down the walkie and watched as Hayley squirms some more whilst all the time making notes.

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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by Guest Fri 22 Mar 2013, 12:52 am


The following takes place after Sparx is strectered out of the ring at the weekly house show

DF: Costello has gone too far tonight, he had no right interfering in this match up and who knows what damage he has caused to the champs knee

JK: this is true, but he may have screwed himself here, because if the champ is in that bad a state he may not be medically cleared to compete and Costello won't get his shot at the title afterall

DF: Well that title shots is his, he won it. It just means his shot will come at a later date

JK: If he still gets his shot, who knows what will happen when the boss intervenes, he won't be happy if Costellos actions costs him his main event, he may choose to punish Costello as a result and I ....

The commentators are cut off as 'Cold Cash and colder hearts' blasts from the speakers, the lights turn a deep red and Jimmy Phillips walks out to the stage. He hops from one foot to the other and then walks down to ringside and jumps onto the apron and climbs through the ropes.

JK: I'm surprised to see The Talent here after his actions last week! Carlton Jacobs is lucky to escpae with a concussion after what he done to him

DF: while I don't condone Phillips' actions, Jacobs was voluntarily in the wrong place at the wrong time and I'm sure he feels bad about what he did

JK: well we're about to find out

Phillips paces around the ring as the crowd chants his name. He waits for the chants to die down and then begins to speak

JP: While last week wasn't the greatest night in my professional career, I'm a big enough man to realize when I've crossed a line. Now I want you all to know nobody has forced my hand in this, I'm doing this all off my own back because I know that what I did last week was wrong, it showed weakness and a side of The Talent that shouldn't come out. So Carlton Jacobs, I know you're back there, and I just wanted to say I'm sorry

There is a big applause throughout the crowd and more Jimmy chants erupt

JP: The truth is you were right. Dario did warn me off his campaign and yet I continued to go after him. But the reason for that is because The Talent doesn't understand the meaning of the word quit. I said I was going to put an end to this ridiculous campaign of his and I still will.

You see you may have upped your mindgames to gain an advantage in this war, but the fact of the matter is this, all you have done is placed a red flag in front of the bull, and like everybody knows, you mess with the bull, you get the horns. You've crossed a line that it's impossible to return from. You made this more personal than any title that has ever been on the line in any wrestling organisation from here to a parallel universe.

You think by setting up this cute little three stages of Hell match you've got this all sewn up. You think that when we're raised high above that ring, one fall and its all over, a career ending fall. But at the minute I don't care what I have to do, at what lengths I have to go to, you've unleashed a beast in me that won't back down. I'm going to rise above FEAR, because there may not be any title's on the line but as it happens there's something a Hell of a lot more important than any title, and I think we both know who I'm referring to.

You take my fiance? Well I say I'm gonna take something just as important to you. I'm going to take your career and with it your prescious FEAR campaign. The same campaign that has been a pain in my ass since day one. 46 days ago to be precise and 46 days too long for my liking. I ain't gonna stop till Hayley is safe and sound back in my arms. I ain't gonna stop till I've rid this company of your monkey ass and I ain't gonna stop till the only FEAR in EWF is the fear that both champions will have knowing that once I'm done with you the Jimmy Phillips title charge is back on track.

This Wednesday we may be on pay per view, but its not going to be about the glitz or the glamour, its going to be about two men pushed too far by your crap, it's going to be about two twisted sons of b!tches getting their asses handed to them two to nothing, everybody knows how much Mike Conrad likes a clean sweep. There'll be no place for your precious Dantes Peak stipulation because this Wednesday it's all about revenge, for the past 46 days your actions have wrote a lot of cheques your ass better damn well be ready to cash

JK: Phillips keeping a lid on it this evening, somehow I don't think he'll be able to contain himself come Wednesday


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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Fri 22 Mar 2013, 3:38 pm


Ojore is walking briskly in the back

"Mr Jacobs, Mr Jacobs where are you with this microphone you want to hear me talk to?! Mr Jacobs, Ojore have your news, Ojore have the story!" Ojore continues to power round the corridors shouting for Carlton Jacobs.

He pushes through double doors and sees CJ talking to a runner with a drink in his hand

"Ahhh Mr Jacobs, FEAR has found you"

CJ "Ojore, I, umm, I don't know"

Ojore: "Yes, you stay scared. Mr Machiavelli gave me a message you can take"

CJ: "Take where?"

Ojore: "Wherever you see fit little Jacobs. Maybe Phillips would like this delivery"

Ojore hands over a clump of long hair, clearly that of Jimmy's fiance. He smiles "Maybe he can take this with him when I watch him tumble down Dante's Peak."

CJ: "If you're so dominant why must you see it going to the Peak?"

Ojore: "I allow this question. I will make sure it gets that far little Jacobs, I dont come here to wrestle, I hurt people. Maybe I can break Jimmy Phillips neck before I go to the back and maim his dear woman. A laugh at their tearful wedding. Now go before you suffer same fate"

Ojore stands laughing as CJ runs out of the room.

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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by Blade Fri 22 Mar 2013, 7:36 pm

The crowed are cheering Jimmy Phillips who is still pacing the ring when all of a sudden the noise levels raise a little bit more when the sirens of a dump truck rage out of the arena speakers and then the crowd cheers even louder when Mike Conrad comes out holding his trade mark trash can.

JK: Oh my here he is the partner of Jimmy Phillips in the three stages of hell match at Atonement both men have had there problems with the Fear campaign and both men are hell bent on revenge.

DF: And were just about to see what Conrad has to say about all this business with the Fear he's in the ring and grabbing a microphone.

MC: This crowd just turns the hairs back on my neck there so awesome and I can tell you I have a lot of hairs on the back of my neck.

The crowd in the arena gives a loud cheer as Jimmy Phillips and Mike Conrad take in the cheers.

MC: Jimmy pal I know right now your not in a good place and that your mad as hell with the Fear campaign but I just got this of Carlton Jacobs he was a little too scared to come to the ring after what you did to him so he gave it to me instead.

JK: Conrad is getting something out of his trash can and we all know what that is don't we?

DF: And look at the face of Phillips its red with rage.

Conrad takes out the lock of hair and hands it over to Phillips who is red with rage and then grabs Conrad's trash can and starts to smash it over his head several times denting the can and then throwing it over the top rope and then falls to his knees holding the lock of hair in his hand.

MC: Whoa there big man that was my best Trash can mate and what he hell are you doing down there get the hell up before I kick you the hell up!

JK: Hang on what's this I thought there were the best of mates here?

DF: So did I, Ah there you go just encouraging Phillips that's all.

Phillips looks up at Conrad as Conrad hold out his arm and lifts Jimmy up to his feet as the crowd cheers loudly.

MC: That's what I want from you Jimmy to be strong which I know you are and that intensity when you hit my trash can was just phenomenal even though you must have hurt your head this shows me that you are one tough son of a bitch and this is the Jimmy Phillips that I want and that we need to get through the three stages of hell.

Oh and by the way Carlton also said to me that Ojore wants it to go to the Dante's Peak match a steel structure 20ft high above the ring so that he can hurt us both but we all know that it doesn't matter if that structure is 100ft above the ring there is know way in hell that Fear will come out victorious.

The crowd gives out a big cheer.

MC: You see Jimmy they may have got your Emmy but that will only make you even more dangerous than you already are and what ever you do to get Hayley back I will be right behind you 100% and we will get rid of the Fear campaign once and for all.

Jimmy and Mike both give a high five as the crowd then cheers loudly as Jimmy and Mike pose for the fans.


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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by E-unit Sun 24 Mar 2013, 12:33 am Presents Unit radio...

The sound of madness jumps starts. Followed by a thumping sound...

E: Is this thing on..

Thump, thump, thump..

E: Testing one, two, there we go. Welcome to the first edition of the unit radio hour. I want to think EWF, and pro internet radio for broadcasting us. We are in negotiations with XM, and Dish network to pick up the show... Details coming on that in the near feature. I guess this being live we..

The sound of a phone going off is heard in the back ground.

E: Sorry folks.. Some old gal I met last night. Like this right here really gets on my nerves. The whole smiley face characterization. Do you people really think its necessary. Alright being a live talk show. We will be taking phone calls on the topic after this break.

The show cuts to a commercial for Atonement.

E: Alright welcome back. I guess we had to pay them bills. ( sarcasm in his voice.) I can't wait to see what add pro internet radio has. All right to the phone lines. We have Henry from St. Louis.

The voice of a kid is heard...

Henry: Hello. Hello E-Unit...

E: Yeah Henry?

Henry: I can't bel...

E: How old are you child.

H: 11..

E: Then how would you know about text char..

The unit is stopped mid sentence..

H: I'm not calling about that. I'm calling to wish my favorite wrestler Storm good luck.

Just then the phone clicks.

E: You tool. I own Storm. As smart wresting fans know he's a mark for me. I want you to know something Henry. Storm has been quiet. He is in awe and shock at the fact he is up against a superior athlete, and just as he is quiet now come Atonement I'm going to silence the Storm for good. Hopefully he took my advice and is at home right now reinventing himself. Because that whole eye of the storm thing he does. It's a total snoozer...

You can hear mumbling off the mimic...

E: Well I'm sorry. That was the wrong Storm I mentioned there. That was three stops ago. Before the victims of violence world tour. When I honored the world of entertainment with my first world tour known as the abuse treatment, but that's for another day and another show. How about a segway... Sounds good to me. Right now in the world of sports we have March madness going on, and if your brackets like my fifteen. You might as well rip those b!tches up. Wait another caller.. You there go ahead caller.

A voice of a man is heard..

Voice: Unit.. Am I on.

E: Yes caller..

Voice: I was wondering. Did you see the Wade K..

E: Hang up on this a$$ clown. Yes I seen the well I don't know what to classify it as. I know EWF official and most of the talent are tired of me walking around saying. This guy isn't legit. That guy isn't legit, and why do they have a problem. Because weather we like it or not. Wrestling is a business. Every body has competition. You know for all the horrible talent I have seen. There's a few guys who stand out. Costello comes to mind right away. Really love his in ring work. The guy is the t!ts on the mic. Ok let me stop gushing over myself like I got a crush on him or something. The thing is I seen Wade's speech if you will, and all these promises he was making. The only promise that would have made the EWF and the wrestling community at that happy. Is if he would have promised to never get on the mic again. Check it out Wade's got the look, but case and point. The late 80's, early 90's are over. Yelling and making a bunch of gibber jabber is done. That's not what people want. I could understand what a lion was trying to tell me easier than what was coming out of Wade's mouth. Speaking of a lion. EWF might consider replacing Wade with a lion. I mean for one it could sell more tickets and worse case scenario. It wouldn't chase any more fans out of the arena than what Wade usually does.

Laughter is heard in the back ground.

E: We need to hit a quick break. Maybe a guest caller when we return....

OOC: Any body who wants to hit it up can other wise I'll finish it up tomorrow. Use E in any way you see fit...


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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by Thunder87 Sun 24 Mar 2013, 2:15 am

The scene opens with the camera moving around the empty halls of the Elite Coliseum. As camera turns the corner it comes across Kelsey Hughes, standing at a cross junction, one way leading to the locker room area, one to the ring side area and the opposite to the camera leads to the offices. Kelsey smiles as she brings her microphone to mouth.

Hello, you join me here backstage at the EWF Elite Coliseum. We are mere days away from the Atonement pay per view. With the building being this quite, I thought I’d take the opportunity to show you around the Coliseum. So, follow me.

Kelsey looks around between the three options of which way to go. She points to the right and leads the way down the hall. The sign on the wall says “Locker rooms.” Kelsey stops in the hall way and turns back to the camera.

This is the locker room area. Currently we have enough locker rooms for each wrestler to have his own locker. When more join the roster until they prove their worth they will use one of the communal locker rooms. As no ones about let’s go in and take a look.

Kelsey opens the door and enters. The camera follows her in. As the camera enters your standard locker room is revealed, couple benches and two rows of lockers. The camera runs along one row of lockers showing that each locker requires both a key and a code to open, as well as a black name plate at the top. The camera turns to reveal Kelsey sitting on one of the benches.

As you can see, these lockers haven’t yet been assigned to anyone. I’m sure they will be soon enough though. (Pointing to the door at the far side of the room). That door leads to a shower block and I’m sure we all know what they showers look like. So, how about we check out, what’s behind door number two.

Kelsey rises to her feet and spins on her heels to face the door behind her. She grasps the handle and pulls it down popping the open. She steps aside letting the camera enter first. The new room appears to be part communal social, area part communal gym. The social area contains a large; LCD TV on the wall, with several sofa’s pointed at it with a coffee table in the middle. On the far side of the room in the gym area, there are several treadmills, rowing machines and various workout machines. The camera pans around to Kelsey who stands in front of what appears to be a small kitchen, with a sink, fridge, kettle and microwave.

As you can see, we at EWF pride ourselves on giving our wrestlers the best chance to prepare for up coming matches or to wind down after a match. With the TV showing the show while it’s in progress. Our wrestler all have access to see what’s going on out in the ring or they can workout. As the TV is communal we don’t allow anyone to have the remote, unless either their alone or everyone agrees. Unfortunately I don’t have anyone’s permission to enter their personal locker rooms so, this concludes our tour of the locker room area. How about the offices next?

Kelsey heads out the door back into the basic locker room. As she does the door opens and Thunder enters.

Dave? Is that… oh, sorry I saw the camera cable and thought it might have been Dave.

Camera man Dave?

Yeah, have you seen him?

No. He was due in today to help me with my tour but he never showed.

Yeah, sorry about that, that might be my fault. He went out to do me a favour and I haven’t seen him since.

I hope he’s ok.

Yeah, me too. Oh, Where are my manners, I haven’t introduced myself.

No need, you’re The Oncoming Storm, Thunder. My name is Kelsey Hughes, I’m an interviewer for the EWF, we haven’t had a chance to meet until now. Normally Hugh, collars you before I get the chance.

Thunder looks at her thoughtfully.

Well, I’ve got a few minutes if you want to pick my brain. At the same time you can show the good folks at home my locker room.

Kelsey bounces excitedly at the prospect of getting to show one of the personal locker rooms the EWF has to offer. She clears her throat as she regains her composure.

Yes, that would be great, if you don’t mind.

Thunder smiles and holds the door open allowing Kelsey and the camera man to leave first, before joining them in the hall, pulling the door closed behind him. Thunder walks across the hall to the door opposite with his name, printed on the name plate. He unlocks the door and it swings open.

After you.

Thunder makes a gesture for Kelsey to enter first. Kelsey steps in, closely followed by the camera man. The shot reveals that besides the replica of the Iron Throne in the centre of the room, Thunder’s locker room is really humble. Besides the throne, there is a desk with a leather office chair, a laptop and a stack of books and comic books. On the floor is a set of dumb bells, a pair of weighted wristbands and a tea set.

Please excuse the minimalist look to the place. Won’t you have a seat?

Kelsey pulls the leather office chair out and sits on it. Thunder turns the Iron Throne with ease and sits in it facing her. Kelsey looks on, amazed at the ease of moving such a large item, even if it was only to turn it.

Wow, that was impressive.

Not really, I’ve set it up on one those turning panels so; I can turn it around depending on what I’m doing.

Still, impressive that you have the insight to do that.

So, questions?

Do you mind if I ask you about the upcoming Rookies Row?

Ah, so nice to once again be classed as a rookie. I haven’t been called that in ages. Normally, a guy like me that has been to all these different companies is expected to perform at the top of the class. It’s nice to start from scratch and work up. After all it has been about five years.

Well, I’m glad that you came back in to the industry. In your match on Wednesday, you’ll be facing three other guys. We don’t know the mystery opponent and we all know your thoughts on E-Unit--

-- No, I don’t think all of my thoughts on him are known. After all had been said and done, I honestly think the guys one unlucky sob. As you know last week I challenged him to a match, he didn’t reply, didn’t accept or decline and now he has to face me anyway and with another two opponents to boot. Everything else I’ve said still stands. Although he has given me an idea for Atonement.

I don’t suppose you care to let us in on that?

Where would the fun be in that?

Fine, I’ll accept that. What about Wade Kelvin?

Thunder pauses for a second, thinking over the question before answering

Wade Kelvin. I’ve only met the guy once and that was in a confrontation. Me and Unit were arguing and this Wade jumps in and we argued a little. I wish that hadn’t gone down. After watching back his and Unit’s match, as well as what went down the other day between him that other guy Mater Batesaman. It would appear that Wade is like me, a man of the people. If that’s the case, it’s a shame that he going to get caught up in the eye of the storm.

Thunders phone rings and he answers it.

You got Thunder -- hey man -- so, are we on for Wednesday?—Grand, I’ll see you then. Sorry, about that, please carry on.

Does not knowing the identity of the mystery opponent, effect your game plan?

The mystery opponent is like the Schrödinger's cat theory. The theory is that if a cat is placed in a box, until the box is opened, we don’t know if the cat is alive or dead yet, at one point that cat was both alive and dead. The same idea can be used here. Until the other guy steps in to the ring we don’t know whether he will or won’t change the game plan, yet also being a mystery opponent does and does not change the game plan.

My head hurts.

Sorry, Kelsey. What I’m trying to say is normally, yes, he would change the game plan. However, my game plan can’t be changed. My plan only consists of entertaining.

Ok, I have to finish the tour so, we’ll have to wrap this up. Would you like to add anything?

Yeah. Wade, I wish you luck but when the dust settles I will be the victor. Mystery guy, bring you’re a game or just don’t bother showing up. And Unit, come Wednesday, you will learn why you don’t urine in the wind, step on Superman’s cape or step in to the eye of the on coming storm.

Kelsey rises and shakes Thunder’s hand before heading out the door.


Scene change.

The camera is zoomed in to a monitor showing Thunders interview. The camera zooms out from the monitor to reveal the inside of a bar, before panning round to reveal a guy tied up against the wall. The guy tied up struggles against his bonds. There is a lot of chatter in the background.

Hey, give me a go on that thing!

Camera man
Back off Spud, I called it therefore its mine.

Pfft. You fight at a guys back, you think the least he’d do is share his toys.

The camera pans around to reveal a large number of guys dressed in the same style leather jacket, each with spikes on the left shoulder. A bottle flies from behind the camera as though the one holding it has thrown the bottle.

Camera man
You want to play? Let’s play!

The camera man puts the camera down on a table pointed towards a space between him and the other guy. The camera guy, charges at the other one, revealing himself to be wearing the same leather jacket as the rest. The guy he was bickering with charges at him also. The two clash in the centre of the frame. Both men throwing lefts and rights, in to each others face and mid-section. The one reaches for a pool cue and the other for a broken bottle. The fight continues, centre frame. The one wielding the cue brings it down over the others head, splintering it in to pieces. The one with the bottle brings it up across the others face, cutting him open across the cheek.

There is a large thud as the door slams open. A large man steps in to shot, dragging a familiar woman behind him. He brings his knee into the chest of each of the two guys in turn. Both crumple to the floor.

Big Guy
What have I told you Spud’s? No, fighting each other.

Another man, wearing the same jacket as the others, plus a visor over his eyes steps up.

New guy
Say Boss? Do you really think this Thunder guy will show?

Big Guy
You trippin’ balls Spud, if you don’t think he’ll come. We has his camera friend and the lady of loose morals. He’ll come.

New Guy
But, he was just on TV Boss.

Big Guy
Those things are always pre-filmed. I’ll be in the back with ‘er. You two dumb Spuds get up and get in there two.

The two on the floor slowly return to their feet and follow behind their boss. The new guy walks over to a booth and slumps down in the chair. Another Spud walks in front of the camera and picks it up.

Well, I guess their too busy to play with this now.

The camera pans round the room, showing the other members of the gang pulling faces at the camera. As the camera passes the door, the door opens but the camera keeps panning. It stops and slowly returns to the door. There, stood in the door way is a silhouetted man with his coat blowing in the breeze. The scene fades out.


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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by E-unit Sun 24 Mar 2013, 11:13 pm Unit radio.
E: Welcome back. I know we mentioned a live guest, but this came up during the break. Thunder posted a new video on I think it needs to be properly addressed. Also during the break I was informed he goes by Thunder not Storm... I really confused his name something awful. Ok, ok. Let's roll the clip and dissect what all the man has to say if you will.

As the footage rolls the sound bites pour through. A voice is heard on a second mic.

Voice: You know E Thunders going to tell all his fans that you stole viewership from him.

E: Thats the voice of my long time friend Jim. You people might remember back in 2006 when he was little Jimmy, but apparently some big time company in Connecticut sued him for the rights to the name... Yes Jim you're probably right. People listening to it here and fail to actually watch this b.s. Thunder will probably say I had a hand in it.

Jim: Or your plagiarizing his craft.

The two men laugh as the footage rolls on and on.

E: And there's Thunder.

As Thunder is shown on his video the unit pauses it, and like some hokey radio show thunder and lightning sound effects are added. Followed by clapping and cheering. Then Thunder speaks.

E: Well he just ruined my ratings. Don't go in his locker room.

Jim: No women has ever gone in there, and returned.

E: Half right Jimmy. No women has ever returned without filing a harassment suit. What do you reckon the over under is that thunder pulls his Meat trombone soloist out.

Jim: I'd say 2 mins.

E: I got 10 bones we see flesh in the first minute.

Jim: Bet...

E: Oh it's getting good. Way better than those web cam shows you watch Jim. No telling how many Thunder stains she's sitting in right now. How about another bet.

Jim: What you got?

E: When she gets up. I bet she has a quart of baby gravy from her back to her a$$.

Jim: I'm going to say a$$ only.

E: 10 again... Oh.. Oh.. Jimmy order me one of those Thunder thrones. I bet we can get one on Amazon.

Jim: Let me look into it.

E: Let me stop it right here. Look he's blushing. He's somewhat humbled to be classified as a rookie. Really I thought when I signed with the EWF we were all classified as rookies. If we use what they describe us as we all are. This company loves to discriminate against its new talent. Two years from now I bet were still not classified as originals. Roll the film. See that there is his weakness. He is showing Wade compassion. While still trying to be the alpha male. Thunder the world doesn't work like that. Thats why I don't see you as a threat. You sir can be extorted because of this.

Jim: What was that. The mystery guy is dead or alive. You know maybe the mystery guy is the lion you talked about. I mean he did say cat.

E: You know what Jim. Who is stealing whose idea now. I'm sure it's not, but you know that be sweet if it was. Listen to him. His goal is to be entertaining. Well, Thunder you better take some classes. Because if your idea of entertainment is like this video I'm watching.. Your going to fail miserably. Look at him he's wishing Wade luck and well you're the Croce fan why don't you take this one.

Jim: Thunder you butchered a great song. It's actually...

As the music plays the chorus of that old Jim Croce song.
You don't tug on Superman's cape
You don't spit into the wind
You don't pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger

Both the unit and Jim sing the last words...
And you don't mess around with Jim..

E: I love that song.

Jim: What is this.

E: Some rift I guess. Man this is classic stuff right here. Is this like an epic Thunder story or something?

The video ends..

E: You know Jim. He hit it out of the park.

Jim: Only because he wasn't on screen. Look he used editing. Oh and by the way you owe me one dime and two nickel's.

E: Right you are Jim, and we are out of time for this week.


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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by x12x Sun 24 Mar 2013, 11:49 pm

OOC: This takes place just after Thunder's tour promo.

The scene changes to a long empty hall way, the walls are bare apart from two framed posters that are being admired by none other than Elite Wrestling Franchise Television Champion The Viper Liam Wood, the first the official promotional poster for the EWF's first ever PPV “The Iron Man Tournament”, a simple design with nothing but the chained Iron Man logo.
The second much more detailed, advertising for the upcoming PPV featuring the faces of the EWF World Champion, the so called “Champion Elect” Vincent Costello and the members of the match for The Viper's very title...the TV Champion has an excited look on his face as he is called by a familiar voice, Kelsey Hughes.

KH: Atonement's not for another few days, what are you doing here so early?

LW: Well I heard that the poster for the show had been hung up and I couldn't stay away. I know that I act like a confident guy but it just feels real now, it's all coming together

A surprised look crosses the face of Kelsey.

KH: You sound shocked? So are you saying that you're not really as confident as you act week in week out?

LW: Come on Kelsey, look at me...I've got the looks, I've got the talent and most importantly I've got the title around my waist. All I mean is I've spent years being held back by companies that realised that if they let me show my full potential that I'd outshine their golden boys, it's just amazing to finally find a guy like Magnuson who see's that I am loyal to the EWF and realises that if he lets me show the world that I'm the best in this business that I will put this company on the map.

KH: So you're not going anywhere then Liam?

LW: Nothing could take me away for there, unlike some of the guys in the back room I am not motivated by money or using this as a springboard to “bigger things”. The EWF is my home and the sooner those guys are gone the better.

KH: I have a feeling you're on about Garcia...

LW: Who else!? he b!itched and moaned that he wasn't being paid enough and then b!tched and moaned until he got a shot at my title and then he b!tched and moaned about not getting you see a pattern here?

KH: Speaking of your opponent at Atonement, he's been pretty quiet this week so far, where do you think he's been hiding?

LW: Probably in a sleazy motel half way down a bottle with some hired help if you know that I mean. He claims to be ready to face me but while I've been training he's been killing off his last remaining braincells.

KH: Glad to see that trademark confidence hasn't gone, do you see an easy victory this Wednesday then?

LW: You can never take anything for granted when it comes to stepping in to the Coliseum, anything can happen but I've taken special measures to ensure that I'm prepared...I've trained every day harder than before and I have something special added to my offensive won't want to miss it.

KH: Can we have a sneak preview?

LW: I think you'll want to wait and see, it's going to be special.

Emmy appears at the doorway of the hallway wearing her “Viper Pit” t-shirt, she smiles at the champ and he walks over to her

LW: That's my queue Kelsey, you better congratulate me on my win after Atonement.

Kelsey laughs as she continues the tour of the EWF building as the scene fades to black.


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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by Pigwidgeon Mon 25 Mar 2013, 4:46 pm

Alex Garcia comes onto the screen, standing outside the Elite Coliseum in the blazing sunshine. There is a camera crew on site, as well as Hugh Cartwright.

Cartwright: We all set?

Garcia just rolls his eyes

Cartwright: Great. Here I am, standing outside the EWF arena, in the glorious Los Angeles sun, I am joined by one of the most controversial superstars that wrestling has seen in recent times. The number one contender to the EWF Tv Champion, and the man that will face Liam Wood this Wednesday night at Atonement, Alex Garcia.

Garcia steps out of the shadows and he pretends to bow to non-existent audience.

Cartwright: Alex, first question on the list, how has the preparation for this fight been? Have you been drinking much?

Garcia rolls his eyes with a smile

Garcia: That would really help the "Viper" campaign trail wouldn't it? Garcia in shock drink binge. But I am going to have to rain all over your parade there Hugh because I haven't touched a drop in the last ten days. I've trained for this fight and I am more determined than I have felt in a long time.

Cartwright looks a tad surprised

Cartwright: What has caused this sudden change in tactic? Your lifestyle hasn't surely just altered over night?

Garcia: It isn't "what" Hugh, it is "who" and that is something I will be looking to make public within the next few days. I have to admit that I have allowed a lot of things to cloud my judgement, and I am not on the straight and narrow just yet, but things are looking a little better.

I drink, far too much, and I have done now for quite some time. It helps me to numb the pain of my childhood and I won't be reprimanded for that. But in that drunken haze I have forgotten what is important to me, and the goals I have set myself. But slowly I am getting my priorities sorted, maybe there will be a lapse or two but I guarantee you are going to see a very different side to me in the coming weeks and months.

Cartwright: Will the changes be implemented by Wednesday though? The big match with Liam Wood, and he seems very confident.

Garcia: I'm sure he does, when you have an army of fans blowing steam up your arse then it's bound to give you a false sense of security. He didn't look that confident when i was pinning him to the canvass just two weeks ago. When my beer bottle was stuck in that overlarged skull of his, I didn't see him cracking a smile then, did you?

Cartwright: But how confident are you that Atonement will be your night? Do you think you will be leaving with the gold?

Garcia: As confident as the sun will set and the stars will shine, it is written in my destiny whether Wood wants to admit that or not. He and his little princess think they have everything figured out, I reckon the champagne is already on ice, but this cowboy has a reputation for crashing parties and I promise you that Wednesday will be no different in that respect.

He wasn't man enough to stand with me on Conflict, in a match he asked for, and Wednesday night he is going to get a taste of the very same medicine. I targetted Liam Wood for one simple reason, he doesn't deserve to own the accolades that rightfully belong to me.

I was wrongfully banned from competing for that TV Title at the Iron Man because Daniel Magnusson doesn't want a guy like me, a truth-teller, to take a pivotal role in this company. He knows I am an Icon in the making, he knows that I have the God given ability to change the whole landscape of this business, and he is holding me back because I do not conform to his idealistic plot.

Not like Liam Wood, the poster boy, the face of the TV division, the kind of guy that will accept gracefully from his boss without asking a single question in return. That isn't me, I don't bow down to anyone and I don't kiss anyone's arse. I tell you how it is and if you don't like that, tell somebody who cares.

Whether you give me this microphone or you give me a spot in that ring, I am going to make historic things happen and there is no getting away from that fact. Magnusson can shackle me, he can try to place any restraints upon me, but he won't kill my spirit, there is only so long you can hold an innovator like me back.

Cartwright: But the match...

Garcia: Don't you see, this whole thing is much bigger than just me versus Wood and if you can't grasp that then put some glasses on, gather in the whole picture. There are forces at work here, behind the scenes, and they do not want me to succeed in this industry, they do not want to arm me with the tools that I need to make a difference.

It isn't just about my ability to wrestle, it is my ability to blow the lid sky high on anything you want to know. I can tell you about Magnusson, the whole HyperEx corporation and the poison that they exhume on a daily basis, but in order to do that I need my soapbox and Magnusson is denying me my right to represent.

Cartwright: But what is he denying you? What do you want to say?

Garcia: It will all come in time, but I need to make sure that Magnusson can't place obstacles in my way whilst I do whatever I need to do. Don't think like I have some great conspiracy to tell, Magnusson isn't the mastermind behind the oil spills in the Middle East, but he is a cancer on this industry all the same. He and his fake suits in the HyperEx shouldn't be running this promotion, they don't know the first thing about pro-wrestling, but I am preparing them a little lesson as we speak.

Cartwright: Care to give any details?

Garcia: No I don't, when I make something happen, you will know about it, believe me on that. Everyone thinks I am deluded when I say I'll be bigger than Hogan, but when I drop my bombshell, when I make my statement and put EWF on the map with authority, you losers will be laughing on the other side of your face then.

It's not just about winning titles, seeing my face on posters or billboards, or even having no-mark journalists like yourself talking up my credentials. It is about me, nobody else, and my getting the recognition and respect that I deserve. If there was a wrestling Mt Rushmore then that is where my face belongs, front row and centre, ahead of all else, because I am the man that is going to bring wrestling into the twenty first century.

We are in the backwards of beyond, wrestling hasn't made a transitional impact in almost twenty years, but I am going to change all that, that is a promise. I will transcend, my star will shine bright than any other, and when we are done not even Hollywood will be able to afford my performance fees.

Cartwright: It seems like perhaps your sights are set a lot further in the future than just this coming Wednesday?

Garcia: Don't get confused, Atonement is a very big deal for me, in fact it is bigger than any moment in my career so far. Without the EWF TV Title as my pedastal I won't be able to make the statement that I intend to. This is me moving past the watershed and declaring my new journey open for business.

Liam Wood, though, despite what he believes right now, is not important to me. I don't care about him, his girlfriend, or his apparent bad taste toward me. He is an inconsequential pawn in this game, his role is really meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

Once I take what he holds dear, my career is heading to the pinnacle, and he can argue with anyone he likes about what comes next for him. I don't care about that, there is no feud here for me to discuss, I really want you to know that.

Wednesday night is the start of something you are never going to forget. I think our time is over with here.

Cartwright looks on the verge of asking more questions when Garcia walks past him, down the steps, and into the Californian distance.


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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by x12x Mon 25 Mar 2013, 6:17 pm

OOC: This takes place right after Garcia's interview

As Garcia begins to walk away he is stopped in his tracks by the sound of clapping and a familiar voice. Upon turning around he see's the EWF TV Champion with a confident look across his face

LW: (Still slow clapping) There you go again Alex, playing the victim and making the excuses as to why you're being “held back”...once again b!tching and moaning about your own actions, I'd find it funny if it wasn't so pathetic.

Garcia walks back up the steps to the champion with an agitated grimace across his face. The two square up as Liam continues to speak cutting off Alex before he can respond

So you think that you're being held back because you're not the “poster boy” and you don't conform to what Mr Magnusson wants? If that's true then why is a thug like Costello in the main event? He lies, he cheats and he disrespects everyone but for some reason he could soon be the EWF World can claim that you're being held back but the truth is you've done this to yourself.

You say that I've got everything that you deserve? jealousy's a terrible thing's having a selective memory. You can easily bring up the moment you smashed a bottle over my head to get the win but then seem to forget that the last time we stood toe to toe in that arena it ended with you flat on your back and me stood above you...just how Atonement will finish.

I may be an after thought to you but you better get it in to that thick skull of yours that if you take facing me for granted then I will damn well make sure that I'm the one who makes your world crumble around you, you might not rate me but I couldn't give a damn what you think because when it comes down to it, you're the guy who pushed around officials because he couldn't get buy a victory, it's nice to see that the reason you ended up in prison is still right there inside're becoming a better person? Then why did you just spend five minutes talking about all the things that you “deserve” instead of proving it?

I'm the champion for a reason, forgetting that will be the biggest mistake you've ever made.

The pair stare each other down, a look of fury across the contender's face...the reminder of his past seeming to anger him.


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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by Thunder87 Tue 26 Mar 2013, 12:47 am

(ooc: the interview was pre-recorded and this one starts before the interview is aired but ends after the airing)

Thunder stands in his apartment looking at his multiple screen set up. The centre one displays E-Unit’s latest backstage interview, rant. The one next to it displays the altercation between Wade Kelvin and Bateman. Thunder mutes the screen displaying the Kelvin, Bateman incident and raises the volume of the E-Unit screen. Thunder hears the Thor comment, pauses and rewinds, listening to it again. Thunder switches both screen off and turns to head out of shot.

Ha ha, Thor… Hmm, That gives me an idea. Bed or to work on this idea? That is the real question here. Do I need sleep or do I need to sort the idea before I forget it?

Thunder stands there in the practically bare living room of his apartment, contemplating the question. Thunder rolls his head and sits on the floor cross legged. He lifts the lid to his laptop and sets to work on the idea. As he types pounds away at the key board the camera peers over his shoulder to look at what he’s doing, revealing that Thunder has done an Ebay search for a Thor costume. He closes the page and brings up Gmail, the camera pans around to the multiple screens and zooms in on the middle screen.

Thunder (voice over)
Unable to find a suitable costume, I contacted an acquaintance about seeing if he could help me out. Things are looking set for Atonement.

At that moment Thunder’s phone goes off. He takes the phone out of his pocket wondering who could be texting him at that time in the morning. The camera pans over the screen, revealing the name Dave and a one word message, “Mike’s.” Thunder looks intensely at the message and smiles. Thunder, pulls his long trench coat and fedora, off of their respective hooks on the wall and heads out the door.

Thunder (voice over)
Finally. I knew where both my missing friend from the “escort service,” and the guy who floored me were. Finally. The guy can get his comeuppance, I could have my retribution and the girl others call lady of loose morals but, I call friend can be saved. The only thing question left was when. I jump in a cab and head to the twenty four hour dinner over looking Mike’s Tavern to plot.

~#~ Scene Chance ~#~

Dawn and Thunder now sits in his usual dinner, looking out the window at Mike’s Tavern. Knowing full well, that the guy who jumped him, two weeks ago at the Comic Con and his friend are inside. He begins to rise, appearing to decide that now is the time. Until he sees two guys, dressed in matching black, leather jackets with spikes on the left shoulder, dragging a man and camera equipment in to the tavern opposite. Thunder’s facial expression changes to one of dread and anger as he slumps back down.

Thunder (voice over)
Damn! They have Dave too. Two hostages and god knows how many guys waiting to jump anyone who enters. I can’t just go barging in there all guns blazing, I need a new plan. If only I knew how many I was dealing with, the layout of the building or even that Laura was even in there. Plus, who knows that big burley guy might not even be there right now. I mean, how many times have I sat right here and watched.

Dot, the waitress, bring Thunder a fresh cup of tea. He takes the tea in both hands and stares a whole through Mike’s Tavern. Just then, the big, burly guy comes charging out of the door to the tavern and heads off. Thunder slams his fist against the table cursing himself for not taking the opportunity. He begins impatiently tapping the coaster against the table.

Thunder (voice over)
I just need to stop and think. Obviously I’m going to wait for him to return, what would be the point of going in there, if I couldn’t finish this? Once I’m in there though, what do I do? I have to plan this to a tee. Any mistake or unplanned for incident and I’m screwed. Dave and Laura with me.

Thunder sits there gazing out to space pondering what to do, before he knows it, the interview he had recorded with Kelsey Hugh is being aired. Thunder looks up out of his daze when here’s his own voice before sharply returning to window when he see the big guy dragging Laura in to the tavern. Thunder rises and begins to pace up and down the dinner.

Thunder (voice over)
It’s been hours and no new plan. I have to go with my gut and just storm the place. Before anything else, goes wrong. I leave the dinner and make my way across the street to the tavern. It feels like an eternity has passed since I left the dinner. When I reach the door, I feel all the anger inside bubbling up to the surface. Last time we met, I tried to match his ferocity, not this time.

The camera follows Thunder as he crosses the street. He places his hand on the front door to the tavern and a smile shoots across his face. Thunder pushes the door open with some force. The camera angle changes completely, showing the door swing open from the other side. Thunder’s silhouette stands in the door. His coat, blowing in the wind. Thunder steps in to the bar, letting the door close behind him and blocking out the light from outside. No longer covered in shadow, he charges towards the camera, pulls it out of the hands of the guy holding in and slams his head in to the table. The camera shows about twenty other people in the room all shocked at the sight, they’ve just witnessed. There is a guy sat on a chair looking at Thunder, through a visor.

Visor Guy
How’d you get here so quick Spud? You was just on telly.

Spud? Where’s your boss?

Visor Guy
I ain’t tellin’ you squat. ‘Specially, when you’s out numbers what, forty to one?

Thunder looks around the room at each guy and back at the visor guy. He raises an eye brow quizzically.

You maths skills are bad, friend. Counting the guy I just took out of the equation, there are only twenty of you, not forty. If in fact, there was forty of you, I might be worried, as there is only twenty…sorry nineteen, of you, I think it’s a fair fight. Nineteen unskilled, untrained, undisciplined, punk’s verses one very well, trained, Elite Wrestling Franchise, wrestler, is even sided. I have no beef with any of you, just your boss. So, where is he?

The visor guy looks a little less sure of himself and his eyes dart over to the left of the room at a set of double doors.

Thank you.

Thunder turns around and unties Dave the camera man and hands him back his camera. He then makes his way to the double doors and walks through them. Fighting sounds come from behind the doors. Thunder flies through them as he’s thrown out of the back room. He gets back up and goes through the doors again, again the same sounds are heard and Thunder lands on his rear as he’s thrown through the doors again. He slaps his hands against the floor.

Third times the charm or so, they say.

Thunder rises once more and dusts himself off. He mockingly dusts himself off and rolls up his sleeves. This time he goes in with a little more fury. Locking noises are made by the door. Several banging noises are made; the whole gang seems to lean in towards the doors as things fall silent. A member of the gang steps in close to the door, just as he reaches the door a loud thud is heard and the doors shake, this scares the gang member who jumps away from the doors. Shortly after, the door swing open as another member is flung through them. Another member falls through, a lot more sluggish than the other, wedging the doors open slightly. The camera moves to show the doors, front on and through the open gap, Thunder is shown punching the big, burly guy in the midsection. Thunder judo throws him towards the door, the big guy flies through rolling as he hits the floor.

Thunder steps over the member whose keeping the door from closing, out in to the main room of the tavern. The big guy charges at Thunder, who merely side steps him, tapping the back of his head as he goes through the doors again. This only serves to infuriate beast even more. He charges again at Thunder, who has his back to him. Thunder uses the beast’s size and momentum to his advantage, catching his arm as he closes in on Thunder, throwing him over on to the floor. Still holding the guy’s arm Thunder leaps up slightly landing a leg drop down on the guy’s arm.

The beast rises to his feet and begins circling Thunder. In response, Thunder raises his arms in a defensive stance. The members of the gang look on in awe. The beast, lashes out with a right, Thunder crouches with a dodge. The beast, advances with a knee, Thunder takes a step back to avoid. Thunder flicks his fingers at the guy, making a bring it gesture. The beast takes Thunders invitation and swings at him with another right, again Thunder crouches, this time he counters with a right of his own to the rib cage. The beast stumbles backwards and recomposes’ himself before come at Thunder again, this time from the left. Thunder, sees it coming and easily steps to the right to avoid it.

The beast backs off, near to a table. He takes a glass bottle from the table and proceeds to throw it at Thunder. Thunder catches the bottle and drops it on the floor smashing it. The beast takes another bottle and smashes it against the table before, charging again at Thunder, with the jagged bottle neck. As he gets near Thunder, Thunder starts stepping backward, weaving as he goes to avoid the slashes the beast makes. Thunder is soon backed against the bar. With no where else to go he climbs the bar. The beast climbs after him, he takes a lunge at Thunder, losing his balance and slipping in to Thunder. Thunder takes the bottle neck and tosses it casually over his shoulder. He crunches his knee in to the midsection of the beast and turns his body and beast to face the floor. Thunder sets the beast into position and hit the Thunder Clap, off of the bar.

Thunder is quick to rise and brings his elbow up for an elbow drop, he changes his mind and hits a leg drop instead. Thunder rises again, pulls his elbow up and realises the beast is out cold. He drops his arm to his side and shrugs again. He looks around the tavern at the gang members, who look back in awe. The guy with the visor steps forward, removing his visor and jacket. He then proceeds to drop them on his fallen boss before walking out. The other members follow his lead, each dumping their jacket on the beast. Thunder smiles to himself realising that in getting his retribution he has probably saved these kids from a life of crime and the city from the crimes they could have committed.

Thunder walks over to the double door and for the first time since this all started removes his trench coat before walking into the back room. He walks out a minute later with Laura wrapped up in the coat, unconscious with her bare legs poking out from the coat. The guy who had worn the visor come back in to the tavern and drops to his knees.

Visor Guy
Thunder, please, train me.

What will you do with my training?

Visor Guy
I’ll help people, like you helped her, me and them.

What’s your name?

Visor Guy

Ok, Visor, if you’re not afraid of hard work follow me.

Thunder walks out of the tavern cradling Laura in his arms and Visor follows behind him as the scene fades.


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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by MtotheC Tue 26 Mar 2013, 1:40 pm

The scene opens on a large oak door, as the camera pans up the name plaque clearly states Oliver Baker- Head of talent relations/development and scouting. The door is pushed open and Vincent Costello barges into the office, Baker is sitting behind his desk attending to some paper work.

OB:What’s the meaning of this Vincent? You can’t just come barging in here like this, show a little respect for god sake.

VC:Firstly, I’ll show respect when you’ve done something to earn it and secondly I’ll do what I damn please, as your EWF world champion elect I can do what the hell I like.

Costello repositions the world title that he stole from Jason Sparkx earlier in the week over his shoulder.

Baker a little taken back by Costello’s front has a startled look on his face as Vincent continues

VC:I’ve been reviewing my contract and as your champion elect and soon to be official world heavyweight champion I have a few requests…no demands that I want seen to.

OB:And prey tell Vincent what are these pressing amendments that couldn’t wait?

VC:I’m glad you asked

Vincent takes out a piece of paper from his inside jacket pocket and unfolds it

VC: Firstly; up until I am officially declared the world champion all EWF based personal and talent, I use that term lightly be the way, must refer to me either in person, in type or on camera as the EWF champion elect.

Secondly; at Atonement I will make my way out to the ring in the scheduled time slot for the main event at which point Magnusson must come out to the ring an officially announce me as the world champion.

Thirdly; all my matches as your world champion must be agreed in principle with myself along with any stipulations before said match is officially booked, any opponent I deem not suitable or not befitting of a match with the world champion will be vetoed and I will be granted the night off.

OB:Are you quite finished?

VC:No there’s more…Finally as your world champion I will only defend the world title once a year at Atonement, in the interests of making the title the show piece of the years build-up of course.

OC: Are you done?

VC: I’m going to leave this with you, I know a mere pencil pushes like you has no real power, so you take these demands to Magnusson and you tell him that the champion elect sent you.

Costello slams the piece of paper onto Baker’s desk, throws the EWF title back over his shoulder and leaves Baker’s office

OB:Something needs to be done about this guy

Baker calls out to his assistant

OB:Claire…get me Mr Magnusson on the phone now

The scene ends as Claire shuts the door to Baker’s office


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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by E-unit Tue 26 Mar 2013, 11:42 pm

The shot opens out side the Elite Coliseum. Fans stand behind the cold metal barriers, as they wait to fill the arena. The camera crops to a figure walking down the street, as he approaches the arena. He strolls at a brisk walk. His grey under armor jogging pants cover up the tongues on his generic black shoes. The man pauses in front of the camera. He never lifts his shrouded head. Which is covered by the green zip up hoodie he wears. He rounds the corner and removes a pass from his pocket, and then is hurried into the Coliseum by security. The man clears the door. He flips the hood off his head, and puts his sunglasses on his forehead. Cameras begin to flash as E-Unit holds a man of the world pose. Reporters flood over to him. They throw mics in his face in shock. That a star would use the front door. The sea of reporters yell questions at him. The unit just smiles, as security makes a path for him. They follow him down the hall. The sound is chaotic, and no certain questions are heard. The unit stops at a door. He gazes at it. Only the back of his head is shown. The cameras flash, and what feels like an eternity. The unit just holds and doesn't move. Finally he spins around and we get a look at the door. The tag Thunder wrote on the door. The snarl on his face is legendary.

E: You people want answers. I welcome the first one of you to knock. Then and only then will you get answers. All I heard since I walked through that door, was Thunder this. Thunder that. I for one can't answer his question's? You flees and parasites are as bad as his legion's, and I do mean legion's of Thunder Cat's. These pimple faced, booger eating geek's have done nothing but blown up the Units twitter account. Thunder's going to own you. Hash tag Thunder this. Hash tag Thunder that. When I think of Thunder all that comes to my mind is. He's full of flash, he's full of pizzazz, he's like an STD!!! He's the Thunder clap.

The Unit stands there a moment.

E: Ok another bad joke bombed.

The unit takes off down the hall. The reporters hot on his heels as he goes off on anther rant.

E: For all his failures. Thunder really is a decent competitor. The only thing EWF has done right is book me along side him. In the great history of our sport. No matter how bad one competitor may be. Two personality's clash like mine and his and it's golden. If we were to have one hundred contests and I were to win all of them we would still sell out arena's. Because I bring the best out of him, and this makes me want to vomit in the back of my throat. He brings the best out in me. EWF in it's infancy has yet to learn. You have to crawl before you walk, and you have to scoot before you crawl. Saying they booked me along side him was a smart idea. They totally dropped the ball adding people around us. You see EWF has a monster on their hands. When it come's to a E-Unit Thunder feud. Quote my words E-unit and Thunder will be epic. It will go down not only as the biggest rivalry in EWF history, but will be logged in the annuals as one of the greatest in professional wrestling history as well. The suits are to blind to see the cash cow before them. They know they got a star in me, but they really haven't found a place for me yet. I'm like a round peg trying to fit in their square peg foundation. Just like when they say were going to let you fight the champ. Then they back off and send this clown Thunder after me to protect their champ. I could see it in their eyes. It was in their grins. They thought man boys that was a close one. Somebody legit was about to go out there and carve up our boy. Sparxie can hide behind the suit's. I'm not like him or Thunder. I don't kiss *** and bow down to the man. Like me don't like me. I'm the same person day in day out. After I win at Atonement. As I walk through that curtain to the showers. Each and every one of you will know that you witnessed the match of the night, and that you have seen one of the true greats in this sport.

The unit stops outside his locker room. He reaches for the door, but stops short as the questions begin to pour. One in general catches his ear.

E: Hold on.. Hold on. What was that sir.

Reporter: Did you see the latest video Thunder posted on the

E: No. I've come to realize that Thunders stuff is scripted, and poorly written.

Reported: Well... ( STOPPED SHORT )

E: Look cat. I seen his footage the other day. His new stuff doesn't peek my interest. You see Thunder looks like a man whose desperate. A man desperate to get my attention. When he's had it all along. He's like some high school girl crushing over the star quarter back, and when I mention him. He's like OMG he mentioned my name. He totally wants to get into my panties.

The crowd kind of snickers at the thought.

Reporter: Are you not concerned.

E: Concerned? Concerned with Thunder or the match in general. Because if your talking about Thunder I'm not. I mean come on the guy thinks a tomato is a vegetable. As far as the match goes. The only concern is the unknown. Not talking about the mystery guy, or Wade. Just these non one on one matches have never went my way. I think we all know what I'm talking about.

Reporter: I remember that one time.

E: Yeah we're not going to talk about that. The only guarantee's in matches like this is. Things will happen that have never happened before. The best thing a man can do before a match like this is. Plan your work and work your plan. I know my biggest strength going into this match is pressure. I not only thrive under pressure. I strive under it. We know millions of people are going to be watching us. Dissecting our every move. That's a lot of pressure on each of us, and in situations like this E-Unit is flawless.

The unit turns around and opens his door. A man in a mask grabs his arm pulling him into a cloths line. He tramples him stomping and punching. The unit looks to be knocked out. The man drags him down the hallway, and out to the parking lot. Security blocks the door not letting the reporters follow, as the scene fades.


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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

Post by JJJohnson Wed 27 Mar 2013, 8:16 pm

The arena is full of excited fans still buzzing from last weeks show when all of a sudden there's a loud Gong that echos all around the arena and the crowd starts to cheer loudly as the lights then goes out and for what seems an eternity the gong goes of twice more and the lights come back on and in the ring its The Dark knight wearing his long black coat and black vest and also with his trade mark mask covering all his face.

The Dark Knight walks over to the ropes and summons for a microphone to be given to him the ring announcer walks over a little uneasy and hands him the microphone as the Dark Knight takes the microphone he nods at the announcer in a way to say thank you and then walks slowly to the center of the ring as the crowd is going wild The Dark Knight looks all around the arena before putting the microphone to his lips.

DK: Dr Wells you have felt once again the power that I have inside of me, I lifted you with one arm and slammed you to the mat and you lay still in this ring feeling the pain that shoots up and down your spine.

You dare to challenge me for match here tonight at Atonement well good DR you had you answer last week and now I will make you pay for all your crimes that you have committed against man kind you will be sent through the pain barrier back out again and then back in again you tell me you are yourself a monster this is good it means you will put up some sort of fight against me but that will only end one way and that will be the end of Dr Wells.

You shall never be the same man again you shall have all the badness drained from your body, you shall all of the evilness sent to hell you shall not be and never will be the same man ever again this is what I call making a wrong a right you Dr Wells are over a s man and I will make sure of that.

The crowd in the arena start to cheer loudly.

Suddenly the crowd jumps as a loud Gong goes off and then the lights goes out in the arena and then two gongs sound and then the lights come back on with an empty ring as the scene then fades to black.

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EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013 Empty Re: EWF Presents Atonement Wednesday 27th March 2013

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