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EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13)

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EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13) Empty EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13)

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Jun 2013, 2:53 pm

EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13) Confli14

Sunday July 7th, 2013
Live from the Elite Coliseum, Los Angeles, California
Starting time: TBA

Match 1
Mr Jones vs Tyler Roth

Match 2
Alex Garcia vs Jason Sparkz

Match 3
Liam Wood vs Mike Conrad

Match 4
Jimmy Phillips vs Enforcer

Main Event
EWF World Heavyweight Championship
Vincent Costello © vs Ojore vs Thunder

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EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13) Empty Re: EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13)

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Jun 2013, 2:54 pm

*Two hours after Conflict

*Daniel Magnusson is shown draining a glass of water in his office before exiting the room, with his briefcase in hand. He is stopped by a member of the production team.

PT: Great job tonight Mr Magnusson…things are finally looking up…

Magnusson: I hope so Tom….

Tom: Goodnight sir…

Magnusson: Goodnight to you too…

*Magnusson continues walking down the corridor, and he bumps into Carlton Jacobs, who is just getting ready to leave himself.

Jacobs: Mr Magnusson, I didn’t know anyone was still around…

Magnusson: I had a few things to take care of for the next show.

Jacobs: Any previews?

Magnusson: Well all I can say is that next week the world championship will be on the line…

Jacobs: Really?

Magnusson: Oh yes….and for those fans who have inundated us with e-mails about Thunder getting his prize for winning Rookie’s Row, I can assure you good things really do come to those who wait…

Jacobs: You mean…

Magnusson: The card will be official in the next couple of hours….that is all I can say.

Jacobs: And what about the stipulation pick? EWF won the six man tag match….what is the decision?

Magnusson: I will leave that decision to the men who earned it, Wood, Phillips and Thunder will make that announcement next week.

Jacobs: Thanks for your time, Mr Magnusson…

Magnusson: Thank you…goodnight, Carlton!

*The two men smile at each other and then Magnusson heads off toward the door that leads to the parking lot. He pushes out into the cold night air and locates his car, which he begins to walk toward. He pauses abruptly though as the sounds of heels clicking off the floor behind him echo all around…Magnusson turns around quickly, almost in fright but then his expression softens..

Magnusson: Ah it’s you Kelsey, you almost gave me a fright…

*Magnusson stares at the EWF interviewer, who smiles back at her boss

Kelsey: Sorry, sir….it’s these heels, they are so loud…

*Magnusson smiles

Magnusson: It is no problem….anyways, I should be getting home….goodnight, Kelsey…

Kelsey: Goodnight sir…

*Magnusson turns around and makes to step toward his car when a dawn of realisation hits him.

Magnusson: Conrad…he said he heard heels….just before…

*Suddenly a hammer smashes across the back of Magnusson’s head and sends him stumbling forward and into the bonnet of his car. Another voice then echoes out into the air, a familiar Texan drawl.

Garcia: Damn…how hard did you hit him?

Kelsey: Who cares…

*Alex Garcia suddenly drags Daniel Magnusson around to the driver’s seat of his car and he laughs before ploughing Magnusson’s head right through the window, leaving the Co-owner to drop down to the floor covered in blood. The sounds of tires screeching can then be heard and a dark rental car pulls up beside the scene. The window winds down and Drake Callihan is there, smiling broadly.

Callihan: Desperate times….get in, before anyone comes…

*Alex Garcia climbs into the passenger seat but Kelsey Hughes carries on staring down at the bloodied Magnusson.

Callihan: What the hell are you waiting for, princess…..we need to move..

*Kelsey suddenly looks up at Callihan with a smile

Kelsey: Yes daddy…

*Callihan smirks as Kelsey climbs into the backseat of the car and the vehicle drives away quickly. The cameras show Daniel Magnusson still lying there, unconscious and covered in blood before the scene fades out.

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EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13) Empty Re: EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13)

Post by x12x on Thu 27 Jun 2013, 10:59 pm

(OOC: This promo takes place at the end of Conflict, so Viper doesn't know about Magnusson being attacked)

“Ladies and Gentleman, in 20 days we here at EWF are going to war but I'm not here to talk about how me and Phillips are going to lead this company to victory over the misfit toys that populate the ranks of the Fear, I'm here about a day that's much closer...10 days in fact."
“In 10 days you all get to see the moment you've been waiting get to see me kick the ass of that knuckle dragging, back stabbing, chimp Michael Conrad...and I promise you, he's going to see why you don't turn your back on a Viper...and believe me...I'm ready to strike”
The crowd cheer as Liam struts around the ring, pausing to take in the attention of the fans before addressing his opponent at the next episode of Conflict.
“Mike, today you saw a tiny preview of what is going to happen when we face off next were launched in to the air and shown my favourite little move...the World Eater! I was going to ask you how it felt but I think you were too busy making sure your nose wasn't broken...sorry about that.”
The crowd laugh as Viper adopts a more serious tone and continues to talk.
“For the last few weeks you've been talking about how Fear are going to destroy EWF, how you're an unstoppable team but today we showed you that EWF just, won't, quit...maybe you could learn a thing or'll need too quickly because I PROMISE you that next week I'm going to show you that you cannot stand toe to toe with the legacy, with the best in the business and the savour of the EWF...I'm going to show these people that without your friends backing you up, without your cheap shots and when it's only you and me in this just can't cope.”
Viper laughs before changing his tone.
“I do have a favour to ask though Mikey, face me on your own and prove that you're not a coward...even when I have you in the Viper lock and you're begging for mercy...leave your boyfriends in the these fans why they should fear you...because, if you beat me with the help of'll prove that you're the one that's scared.”
The crowd begin to chant E-DUB-F over and over again
“You've got a good reason to be scared though, next week Team EWF show's the world that we're the dominant force in this company...I already hold the TV Title and in 10 days time....Thunder will have the World Title around his waist...we'll be the EWF's very own Mega-Powers!”
The crowd begin to cheer as Viper stands in the centre of the ring, soaking up the adoration of the fans.


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EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13) Empty Re: EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13)

Post by Guest on Thu 27 Jun 2013, 11:24 pm

A hour later Phillips drives to the Coliseum. He pulls up in the parking lot and is met by Carlton Jacobs who seems flustered

JP: Carlton....please tell me this is a joke?

CJ: Jimmy I only wish it was. I mean I heard a commotion but I didn't think anything of it

JP: Where is he?

CJ: An ambulance took him away about 45 minutes ago

JP: And do we know who did this?

CJ: FEAR, isn't it obvious?

JP: I know FEAR, but who. Conrad, Enforcer, Ojore?

The two men are walk across the parking lot until they reach a production truck, they climb in where they are met by a wall of monitors showing footage from not just Conflict, but footage from the security cameras dotted around the arena

CJ: It was Garcia, CCTV caught the whole thing on tape. But there's more, and Jimmy you're not going to believe me when I tell you

JP: Based on the last couple of weeks I honestly don't think anything you say about FEAR could surprise me

CJ: Kelsey isn't who we thought she was

JP: Kelsey? Kelsey who? Hughes? What has she got to do with this?

CJ: I don't know how to say this but she was with them

Phillips stares at Carlton as if trying to process what he's just heard before letting out a laugh

JP: Don't be silly, that can't be......

Phillips suddenly freezes and falls silent as he watches the events of the evening unfold on the monitor in front of him. His eyes go from one monitor to the other which show the assault from various angles and then he is lost for words as he sees Kelsey Hughes climb into the car alongside Drake. Jimmy turns around and exits the production truck with Carlton following

CJ: Jimmy? Where you heading Jimmy?

Phillips turns sharply and walks at Jacobs only stopping CMs away from his face


Phillips takes out his mobile and dials a number

JP: Hey, it's Jimmy. Listen FEAR have took out Magnusson, Carlton says he was taken by ambulance about 45 minutes ago ........... Listen, there's more. I don't know how or why but Kelsey is with them ....... I don't know but I just seen Garcia put Magnusson's head through his car window and then Kelsey, Garcia and Drake drove off ....... I got a plan, meet me at the hospital in 20

Phillips hangs up as Carlton Jacobs is eager for answers

CJ: Jimmy, who was that? What have you got planned?

JP: That was Liam, as co-captain of team EWF he needs to know about this. As for what happens now I'm going to check up on Magnusson and when I know he's OK I'm going to go round that b!tch Kelsey's apartment and demand answers. This *beep* has to stop

Jimmy opens the trunk of his car and puts several steel chairs in it before climbing in the driving seat and speeding out of sight



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EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13) Empty Re: EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13)

Post by Thunder87 on Fri 28 Jun 2013, 12:23 am

(OOC: This takes place at the same time as Jimmy's but across town)

The scene opens in a stairwell; the camera is bouncing about all over the place, as if the one holding it is running about. An arm appears from behind the camera and pulls open a door, which leads out into a swank hallway of a hotel. The camera bounds up to room number 3001. The camera goes down as the arm tries to get the card key in the slot. After three attempts, the card slides into the slot and the door unlocks. The arm swings the door open and hits the lights.

As the lights flash on, the room lights up revealing Thunder to be lying in bed with Laura. Thunder is lay flat on his back with Laura cuddled up to him, half under the covers. Thunder begins to stir as the light intensifies; he rubs his eyes, groggily and groans from being woken. Laura rolls over.

Gragh. Who turned on the dang light?

Cameraman Dave
I did and I’m sorry to wake you but it’s important. It’s all over the EWF.

That’s nice but, it can wait until the morning.

Cameraman Dave
No, it can’t. You’ve got a world title shot next week and Magnusson been taken out by FEAR.

Hmm, in the morning.

Thunder closes his eyes again and cuddles back up to Laura.

Cameraman Dave
It was Kelsey who took him out.

A moment passes before Thunder shoots up to sitting position. He reaches for his glasses. He points towards Dave and goes to speak, unable to. He contemplates for a long moment.

Kelsey? As in Kelsey Hughes?

The camera nods and Thunder swings his legs out from under the covers. Laura’s hand reaches up and grabs Thunder by the hair, pulling him back down.

Listen, you geeky, little Bar Steward. You are not running out in the middle of the night to catch FEAR. You are not Batman.

Ow ow, ow. Let go of the hair. I wasn’t going to, I promised you that I’d stop the vigilantism didn’t I? I was merely going to go down to the Coliseum and see if there was anything I could do.

Don’t give me that, until Dave mentioned Kelsey you were going to deal with it in the morning.

Ok, I was going to try and intercept Liam and Jimmy. I know those two, right now their going to be very angry and illogical. They will want blood for what’s happened to Danny Boy and for that, they’ll go after Kelsey. They know where she lives and will head there, demanding answers, they may well break in or attack the girl, which will mean police action, which will mean they’ll be thrown behind bars, which will mean EWF will be down two men, which will mean FEAR have a bigger advantage than they already have, which will more than likely mean that they’ll win, which will mean I will be out of a job, which will mean I can no longer keep you in the manner of which you have become accustomed.

Thunder takes a deep breath after speaking so, long with out a breath. Laura looks at him quizzically and let’s his hair go.

Ok, just don’t pretend that you compete to pay the bills. We all know you compete for the thrill of the fans cheers. Now go, stop the mutual agreement society from doing something stupid.

Thunder smiles before kissing the girl on the forehead and then the belly before, whispering to it.

Daddy’s got to go to work now, look after your mother.

Thunder jumps out off the bed and quickly dresses before grabbing his phone and keys. He leaves the room and the camera follows. In the hallway Thunder tries to dial a number.

Damn it Liam get off the phone.

Thunder walks over to the elevator and presses the button as he dial’s another number.

Cameraman Dave
There was and elevator? Damn it!

Jimmy’s phone too? They’ve got to be planning, I’ll try Carlton.

Thunder hangs up and dials again, this time his face eases a little.

Carlton? Finally, someone who isn’t on their phone. Is Liam or Jimmy with you? What do you mean Jimmy just left? With several steel chairs? That’s not good, not good at all. Did he say where he was going? Great, thanks man, hopefully I can cut them of there.

Thunder hangs up the phone and heads in to the lift, the scene fades as the doors close.

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EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13) Empty Re: EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13)

Post by Blade on Sat 29 Jun 2013, 6:15 pm

The scene opens up in a bar on one of the back streets of Los Angeles its a truckers and bikers bar all the tables are full of bikers and truckers with leather vests on and and jeans or leather trousers on at the bar there is a man wearing a skull and cross bones leather vest dark blue jeans and a Fear t shirt he a whisky glass which is half full and his three ice cubes in the glass next to the glass is a half empty bottle of whisky the man picks up the bottle and pours the whisky into the glass and tops it up.

The bar tender then comes up to the man as he is cleaning a glass with a white cloth and begins to talk to him.

Bar Tender: Hey man I know you your that wrestle from EWF aren't ya?

The man then slams his glass of whisky hard onto the bar making the bar tender jump.

????: Listen man don't you ever refer me to been an associate with that cheesy peace of crap company I am Fear and Fear only you call me a member of EWF once more and I will smash this god damn bottle over your head.

Bar Tender: Hey listen man slip of the tongue, I heard about you guys and until now have never seen one only on the TV but man you need to relax a little, Yeah I know you, Your that Mike Conrad kid aren't ya, go on tell me am wrong.

Mike Conrad: Yeah am Conrad what of it, What the hell are you gonna do about it I could kick everyone's arse in this bar and still finish my drink anyone who tells me different is gonna regret he did.

Bar Tender: Hey man I have no fight with you nor do any of my guys in here, There all on your side you know they want you to kick the hell out of EWF and that you are there hero they be leave that you can beat anyone and that you will lead Fear to victory.

Conrad takes a swig from his whisky and does a loud burp.

Mike Conrad: Is that right huh, well they should all bow down and kiss my ass you see this week i face one of my former team mates and that man is Liam Wood and I'm just gonna show him exactly why I choose to go from a loser to a winner and he will find out first hand how tough I really am.  

Conrad takes another swing of whisky this time he lifts his right leg of the stool he is sitting on and farts loudly.

Conrad: Wood last week your teams little triumph against Fear was just one big fluke and now that your leader has got his brains bashed in and now they have no leader to lead them, Sparkz makes his return and he thinks this will save EWF not a chance we have the best unit in the whole of professorial wrestling we are family and family stick together through thick and thin we do not run away when the going gets tough and then decided to could back when we feel like it just like Sparkz did.

Wood will feel like a a tall tree when he gets in that ring and then when the dust has settled he will be a like a plank off wood chopped up to in small peaces and then made  up into match sticks then we light up the match stick and throw it away just like I will do to you Wood you will be tossed away just like the rest of EWF tossed in the trash can like the peace of crap that you are.    

Bar Tender: Hey that sounds great man and I will be the first one that will buy the ticket to see the end of EWF and those idiot's that think they are gonna win this war, You will be my Hero for ever and you will have the key to the best bar in Los Angeles

Mike Conrad:Yeah what ever, Just get me another bottle man this one is nearly empty.

Bar Tender: Sure thing boss and this one is on the house.

Conrad takes a swing of his whisky as the bar tender grabs another bottle of the shelf as the scene then goes dark.

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EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13) Empty Re: EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13)

Post by x12x on Sun 30 Jun 2013, 12:15 am

Our scene opens in a downtown gym, the clock on the wall shows midnight and the shutters have been pulled down, a loud crashing noise is heard as the camera pans around to show the EWF TV Champion Liam Wood bench pressing a 75kg weight. He pushes the weight up with a detriment look on his face, he crashes the weight back on to the bar before sitting up on the bench and running his hands through his hair, letting out a big sigh as he does.
The camera zooms out to show Mr Hope the owner of the gym, he looks over to Viper with a worried look plastered across his face as he approaches him
Mr Hope: Liam, I know that you're a regular here and we appreciate it, we really do...but you've been here for the last three hours and we're beginning to worry about you...
LW looks over at Mr Hope and smiles, he shakes his head before confiding in his friend.
LW: I'm not the one people should be worrying about Jim...those freaks have Magnusson yet people are still worrying about me working out...this is what I do...I train, I perfect perfection and I get ready to show the world why I'm the best...while Conrad sits in bars, getting drunk and threatening innocent people I push myself harder than he could even imagine possible...I'm not training for a fight at Conflcit...I'm preparing for a war...Conrad can slur all the insults about my second name but when we meet in that ring, I'll make sure people see that it's game over for Fear
The funny thing is...he's been claiming that he's going to destroy me...a few weeks ago he even had the audacity to call ME the weak link...the guy who's held gold pretty much every day he's been in this business...I think he was on to something though...there was a weak link...”
...who was the one who swapped teams just so his so called new “family” would stop kicking his ass?...oh yeah, him. The same family that I've shown time and time again that they just can't handle the Viper pit”
Mr Hope: "Good to see you're keeping your chin up...I hope they find your boss soon."
LW: "For the sake of Fear, I hope they do too...I'm ready to tear them apart one by one...add Jimmy and Thunder in to the mix and they're on a one way ticket to hell...we showed that last week Fear are nothing more than cowards who hide behind smoke and mirrors."
on the 7th...the smoke, the mirrors, the tricks and the cheap shots are's just me and Mike Conrad one on one...and he's going to realise that he's just another victim of the Legacy.”
Mr Hope walks over to Viper and hands him the keys to gym before patting him on the shoulder and smiling, Mr Hope exits as Viper continues to lift the 75kg weight at an alarming pace...he counts off the reps as the scene fades to black.


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EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13) Empty Re: EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13)

Post by Guest on Tue 02 Jul 2013, 10:29 pm

OOC this follows on from earlier Jimmy Phillips promo

The scene this time opens in the hospital unit of a local medical facility. The camera pans around a fairly empty room and then focuses on a private room in the distance. It zooms in and we can make out the familiar of Liam Wood. Suddenly Jimmy Phillips walks in front and the camera man follows him to the room

JP: Hey man, how is he?

LW: Doctors haven't been in yet so you're guess is really as good as mine

JP: This is getting ridiculous now. Thats three shows in a row now we've had a somebody align themselves with those assholes and I'm getting sick of it

LW: Listen Jimmy, you gotta calm down. All this isn't going to help anybody

JP: maybe not but it would make me feel a little better about myself if I could give those FEAR sons of b!tches a taste of their own medicine and leave them like this (he points at Daniel lying in the hospital bed)

LW: And you'll get your chance. Day of Reckoning is the show after next. We'll all get our chance to kick FEARs ass

JP: BULLSH!T...... Earlier tonight that b!tch Kelsey was stood as close to me as you are now and she had the nerve to question my loyalty to EWF, all the while she was on their side. Godammit, why Kelsey.... why?

LW: I spoke with Thunder. You're really not going to believe this but how do you think Kelsey got this gig?

Phillips shakes his head

LW: It turns out sweet innocent Kelsey, isn't as sweet and nowhere near as innocent as we first thought

JP: Well, who is she?

LW: She is the daughter of the enemy, Drake Callahan is her father

Jimmy Phillips pauses to take in the information

JP: That cheating little (Jimmy hits the walls causing the thin plastic windows to vibrate) I can't wait till Day of Reckoning, FEAR have to pay, and they have to pay now

Viper grabs Jimmy by the arm to calm him down

LW: Jimmy, you think you're the only one desperate to get their hands on FEAR? You're not let me tell you that.

JP: Really? At the minute it sure feels like it

LW: OK!! So what happens if I do just let you go now and walk into the ambush. What then? Sure you may get you hands on FEAR quicker than Day of Reckoning, but when the numbers are 5 on 1 in their favour I wouldn't even worry about about War Games because ypu'll be in a bed next to him (again they acknowledge Magnusson).

Jimmy exhales sharply and Wood has to drag him back to keep his attention

LW: Jimmy as co-captain of team EWF I want the strongest team possible as I'm sure you do, but if you go looking for trouble now then I guarentee you that FEAR won't hesitate but to put you on the shelf

JP: They can try

LW: Jimmy will you calm down for five minutes. When will you realize that it isn't just you fighting for this company? We need you alongside me as co-captain leading this war, not running in trying to save the day

Jimmy shows signs of calming, he isn't pacing as much as he was and he places his hand across Woods shoulder

JP: Maybe you're right. Its's just the same every single week. this crap has got to end. FEAR need to be destroyed

LW: and they will, at Day of reckoning, we just have to make sure not to lose our heads between now and then and we'll make those b@stards pay

The two captains bump knuckles as the camera fades


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EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13) Empty Re: EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13)

Post by Thunder87 on Wed 03 Jul 2013, 2:00 am

As the scene begins, the Godfather movie theme music begins to play. There is a brown hue over the shot as it pans across the skyline of Hell Kitchen. The camera backs out, revealing a balcony. The doors leading to the room connected it open and Thunder, walks through the doorway in his tan trench coat and fedora.

He walks out on to the balcony, chewing on a tooth pick. He rests one foot on the wall of the balcony and looks out over the neighbourhood. He pokes the brim of the fedora up.

So, this is where the devil goes to recruit. Looks a little tame to me.

Thunder puts more weight on the foot on the balcony, causing him to slip and fall over the edge. As he tumbles his foot crashes against the skyline knocking down the green screen.

Cut! Damn it Thunder, don’t you know how to balance? Somebody get him out of there and reset the screen. We’ll go one more time and that’s it. From the top people.

The camera back out to reveal a film set as a member of the crew gives Thunder a hand up. They reset the screen and Thunder climbs back on balcony and goes through the doors. He walks back through, re-resting his foot on the wall, as the camera zooms back in.

So, this is where the devil goes to recruit. Looks a little tame to… You know what? Screw it, I’m gonna shoot how I normally do. Forget you’re scripts and other such bull. Keep that camera running and that scene loaded.

Damn it! If that’s what you want, you uncultured moron.

Moron? Dave your director buddy called me a moron, get him out of here. I didn’t have the time to go to New York to film for you Costello but, I wanted to get a look at the hell hole you crawled out of.

Thunder leans over and runs his hand over the green screen.

It feels as soft as it looks. You turned your back on EWF and the fans, two groups I hold so, dear. You betrayed them and that hurt them. Now, now I get the chance to avenge them and hurt you by taking from you, what you hold dear. The EWF World title. That strap belongs around you’re waist as much as it does Ojores.

Thunder pauses for a moment bringing his one finger up in front of his chest. He nods his head slowly before disappearing through the doors. The scene on the green screen changes to Uganda. Thunder bursts back through the doors wearing shorts and a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses. He holds in his hand a half coconut with a straw. Thunder drinks from the half coconut before continuing.

Mentioning Ojore reminded me, we shouldn’t leave his home out either. It looks nice. As I was saying, the EWF world title, represents the EWF and the fans. Logic dictates that it shouldn’t be around the waist of a bumbling idiot or Ojore. Costello, you won that belt by beating down Sparxz, injuring him before the match. That was very gangster of you. Since then though, all you’ve done is cower and run, more Joe Pesci than Robert De Niro. You’ve beaten, Dario, Sparx, Phillips, even Wood, I’ll give you that. However, each victory was never clean and you’ll give me that.

Thunder begins to pace on the balcony set. He climbs up on the wall and begins to walk it.

Ojore because you are you, I’m going to try to use small words you understand. You’re a dangerous, deranged, sadistic human being. Once apon a time, you were the Hulk to Dario’s Banner. Now, your just a lap dog to an old man who wishes he had more in life than serving at the table of man with a god complex. I won’t deny that both of you, group up fighting, grew up in hard places. I’ll show you where I grew up.

The scene on the green screen, flashes and changes to a wrestling ring, in an EWF arena. Thunder throws away the sunglasses and the drink before ripping of his shirt, revealing an EWF shirt.

I grew up, here. I honed my trade, here. Come Conflict, I take that title belt from Costello and in the process, I wrap it around Ojores tiny head. I am Thunder, hear me roar.

Thunder walks out of shot before, popping back in.

Two quick little things, that I forget to mention. Fellow EWF members, I implore you, please, respect me enough to leave this to me. And FEAR stay out of my way or I will frak you up before Day of Reckoning.

Thunder walks our of shot again as the scene fades.


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EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13) Empty Re: EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13)

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Wed 03 Jul 2013, 3:17 am

Sunday 7th July - show night

Carlton Jacobs is walking through the corridors, followed by a camera and in conversation with his cameraman.

CJ "Look, every step in this place is dangerous right now, but Ojore never asks to see anyone. He either appears in front of you or someones forces you before him. He never requests your presence. This note *he shows the note in his hand* just says simply 'Jacobs. Ojore is with the car. You will find Ojore'. It was in my pinned to the door of the production office. What are you more scared of kid, walking these corridors and finding this monster, or walking these corridors and disobeying him?!"

From behind the camera "You know what happened in that parking lot Mr Jacobs and you know what this man is capable of! He may be fine jumping through car windscreens, but we wont survive it!"

CJ "Trust me, if he wanted us hurt he wouldnt arrange a meeting"

They head outside into a wet night. "Oh my god Carlton, hes on top of the car, HES ON TOP OF THE DAMN SAME CAR!"

CJ "You follow me or you're fired Felix ok?!"

Ojore wears his crown, sitting on the same car that FEAR had smashed Daniel Magnusson through. The window is still smashed, glass remains around the car and stains of blood reflect off the street lights.

Ojore "Ojore understands your fear, but you are men, speak with Ojore when he calls you"

The man come closer and then stand transfixed, not on the carnage before them, but the calm in the middle of the storm that is Ojore as he calmly lights the crown on his head on fire.

Ojore "War is Ojore language, Ojore knows war like no other man does. Ojore came here with a phrase. Jus In Bello. This is the conduct, the rules of warfare. Nothing you see before you represents this."

CJ "I, I dont understand. What have you called me for? Is this a message to your opponents tonight?"

Ojore "Mr Carlton. Ojore has no opponents tonight. Ojore is soon to be at war, your title will lay before Ojore, and Ojore will walk over it. They grew up in rings surrounded by ropes, I grew up surrounded by rings of rapists, peddlers, criminals and mercenaries. They have only ever fought for the desire of victory. Ojore has fought for survival, for fear, for fun and for blood. Soon, the people in this company will learn about war."

CJ "Was this monstrous act only the beginning?! This is wrestling Ojore, no one comes here to die, you animals with FEAR don't understand any of this!"

Ojore laughs a deep, calm laugh, intense and unnerving. 

Ojore "Soon you will see...Fear has a new name" Ojore takes the crown from his head, places it on the roof of the car and rolls off the top and walks out of sight.

CJ "Holy. Sh*t."

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EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13) Empty Re: EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13)

Post by Enforcer on Wed 03 Jul 2013, 1:36 pm

Saturday Night begins to play and the crowd boo and jeer as Enforcer makes his way onto the stage. He is wearing a black and red FEAR t-shirt and a pair of jeans. He looks into the crowd and chuckles to himself at the anger of the crowd, only making the noise of the boos increase.
Enforcer confidently strides down the ramp and rolls straight into the ring, waiting for the nosie from the crowd to die down before beginning to speak.
E: I think it's about time I sat down with Daniel Magnusson for a chat about his decision making…

Oh yeah, Daniel's not really in the mood for chatting at the moment is he?

Crowd: YOU SUCK! x5
E: Shut up, Magnusson got what was coming to him, he has brought each and every cut and bruise on himself. I have proven time and again how dominant I am. I have destroyed Thunder two weeks in a row, so how does Magnusson react? He books Thunder in a world title match!! The mans arrogance and nepotism knows no limits, to have Thunder in a world title match and not me shows how ingrained the corruption is here.

The slate will be wiped clean after EWF's Day of Reckoning and the true talent will have the chance to shine under the leadership of FEAR.

But before that comes Conflict, the last one that will be held under the banner of the sham that is EWF.

This week The Talent finally gets to step in the ring and go one on one with someone truly talented. EWF have sent their co-captain on a suicide mission to try and take out the dominant force in this entire company.

Jimmy, I'm not the monster people make me out to be. I've never lied to anyone, I have said from the start that I am here to fight and to hurt people. A man with your history should take careful consideration of who he steps in the ring with, you've already had experience of being paralysed - I won't hesitate to give you a refresher of what it was like.

I know that you need to stand tall and show a united front. Whilst your leader lies in a hospital bed, that he may never get out of, you and the rest of the EWF sheep battle on. You are trying to stare FEAR in the face and not blink, but I can see in your eyes that the battle has already been won. FEAR has consumed your hearts and you are merely waiting for us to put you out of your misery and end your hopeless crusade.

That is why I am appealing to you to show sense Jimmy. One way or another you will be returning to your crippled state at the hands of FEAR, the question is whether it happens at Conflict or during War Games. For the sake of your sanity it needs to happen at War Games, at least you can cling to the belief that you did all you could to stop the inevitable and turn back our tide.

It will eat you alive if you have to sit paralysed in your wheelchair watching your team mates, collegaues and friends be destroyed. That is why I am not a monster Jimmy. Not because I won't destroy you, but that I care enough to make sure I do it at the right time.

It's your choice: get crippled at Conflict on your own, or get crippled fighting for what you believe is a good cause. Your body ends up the same, but possibly you retain an ounce of dignity and self worth…


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EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13) Empty Re: EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13)

Post by x12x on Fri 05 Jul 2013, 12:31 am

The scene opens in the back room of the Elite Coliseum, as the camera pans around the TV Champion Liam Wood walks along with a determined look across his face. As he walks along he notices the PPV poster selection on the way, remembering the events that have lead up to this moment in EWF history. Ironman, where he beat three other men to become the first champion in the history of the company...Atonement, the moment he unleashed the World Eater to put his feud with Alex Garcia to rest and Scars and Stripes where he and EWF team mate put on the match of the year to show the world what EWF was capable of.
As he reaches the last poster frame on the wall he see's the poster for Day Of Reckoning, he sits back on a crate and stares at the artwork...a big rip down the centre with him and Phillips on the one side and Calihan and Conrad on the other. As he stares at the poster he lets out a big sight and runs his hand through his hair.
???: What's the matter champ?
Viper looks up and a smile crosses his face as his girlfriend and media manager Emmy appears there with a sympathetic look, the two share a comfortable pause as Viper begins to talk
LW: A few months ago I told people that I'd be on these posters, that I'd be showing the world that I was the best this business had created and now it's here...I wish it was under different circumstances. I have faith in my team, I'll be putting my trust in the hands of each and every one of them and I can honestly say that I'm not scared at all...
Emmy: Then what's the matter baby?
LW: I know for a fact that I can't trust Fear...look what they did to Daniel...they'll stop at nothing to get the upper hand and I don't know where they'll need to promise me that you'll stay away until this is sorted ok?
Emmy: I promise, it's been hard not being at your side but I know how important this is to know why they're doing those things though don't you? It's because they know that at Day Of Reckoning they can't win, they'll stoop to any level but I know that with you leading Team EWF, nothing can stop you guys
Viper and Emmy embrace in a hug as Emmy kisses Viper on the cheek
Emmy: I need you to promise me something?
LW: What's that?
Emmy: At Conflict, you give Conrad a preview of War him why you've been champion this long and send a message to the rest of Fear that you just aren't scared of them. I know for a fact that he doesn't stand a chance against you.
LW: I promise...he won't know what hit him.
As Viper and Emmy sit together and stare at the posters the scene fades to black.


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EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13) Empty Re: EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13)

Post by Thunder87 on Fri 05 Jul 2013, 1:37 pm

(ooc: takes place after Enforcers)

The fans go on their feet as Heroes Are Hard to Find blasts out of the sound system. Thunder strolls through the curtain, the words fan first, last on the front of his t-shirt. He smiles as he looks out the crowd, they cheer in anticipation.

E-Unit, you sound like a whining child…

A roadie pops through the curtains and whispers to Thunder.

You sure that’s not E-Unit, he sounds like it. No? Ok, it has been brought to my attention that you are Enforcer not E-Unit. It was an easy mistake to make, he was whiney child too. He whined about the same things too. “Wah, you like Thunder better than me.” Well, you know what, they do. The fans, Danny Boy, even Callihan does. I mean, surely if he liked you more than me he’d have put you in the match and not Ojore. As for this, destroyed me two weeks in a row, one if I’d been destroyed, I wouldn’t be standing not challenging for the World title. Secondly, you did nothing. Week one, exposed turnbuckle did the work, week two the barricade did the work, week three, me, Jimmy and Liam wiped the floor with you and yours, week four, you’ll get owned by Jimmy, while I defeat Ojore and Costello. Week six, Day of Reckoning, EWF puts an end to FEAR, I put an end to you and childish moaning.

Thunder pauses for a moment, he looks out in to the crowd and grins. The fans cheer

You know what? I’m not waiting until week six.

Thunder tosses the mic to the floor and makes his way down the ramp. Enforcer drops down and rolls out the ring. He takes up a stance ready for Thunder, he eggs Thunder on by taunting with come on flicks of his hands. As Thunder gets to the bottom of the ramp Enforcer, lunges forward and rocks Thunder with a hard right. Thunder balances on his heels and comes back with a stiff right of his own. The two land right after right, as they do the fans cheer yes, when Thunder hits and no when Enforcer hits. Thunder lands a right, a left and a knee the fans cheering with each hit.

As Thunder looks like he has Enforcer set ready for a Tequila Bomb, Enforcer brings his head up in to Thunders midsection, causing Thunder to realise. Enforcer, holds Thunder by the head and crashes his skull in to Thunders. Enforcer rocks Thunder with another stiff right before ploughing into Thunder with a Face Check. Thunder goes down with the impact. Enforcer pulls Thunder up to his feet, the fans boo as he does, fuelling Enforcers rage further.

Enforcer whips Thunder through the steel steps, causing the steps to explode. Thunder lies on his back holding his right knee. Enforcer looks at the carnage he has caused and grins. The crowd cheer as Thunder tries to get up hobbled. Enforcer drives his right hand into the top of Thunder skull sending him back down. Enforcer runs his hand over the barricade as if it was an old lover.

He drags Thunder to his feet. Thunder limp in Enforcers hands. Enforcer laughs as he lifts Thunder into a suplex. He turns on his heels and drops Thunder on to the barricade. Thunder curls up on the floor in pain. Enforcer looks at the down carcass of his fallen foe. He turns and makes his way to the ramp. He looks back one last time at Thunder and makes his way up the ramp. He stops half way up the ramp, his jaw drops in horror as he notices the big screen shows Thunder, back to his feet and grinning. Enforcer turns back to stare at Thunder in disbelief as the scene fades.


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EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13) Empty Re: EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13)

Post by sparxz on Fri 05 Jul 2013, 11:05 pm

A Cameraman spots Jason Sparxz backstage and starts to roll. He zooms in on JS sitting on a chair wrapping his hands intently, JS notices the man and waves him over.

JS: As you all now know, the very 1st EWF champion is back, and every man, woman and child who hold EWF as close to their hearts as I do, can be sure I will do my upmost to help save this company and win my title.

Sparxz continues to wrap his hands

JS: I have had time to reflect, recharge and reignite the passion for what I do, Fighting for the fans, winning for the fans and representing the fans, and I once again get the chance to fight for you guys on sunday night. Alex Garcia may think being FEAR give him some kind of licence to do what the hell he wants, but that is exactly what im gonna do to him come Conflict. He know he has no answer for me, no-one has for a fully fit 100% Jason Sparxz and I cant wait to show you all how fit I am!

JS: The only Lasting Damage from my previous injury will be how intent I am now on achieving my goals, knowing in a blink of an eye you may no longer have to opportunity. Lets be honest I got lucky, 3 months out now fit and strong, it could have been worse, and everyone on the roster somewhere down the line is going to wish it was!!

JS Lowers his hood as he stares as his hands and continues to wrap!

(Fade out)


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EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13) Empty Re: EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13)

Post by RonSwanson on Sat 06 Jul 2013, 12:00 am

We're backstage and Carlton Jacobs is filming a segment to appear "as live" later that evening.

CJ "...unmissable action at the true home of wrestling, just another crazy night here on conf---oof!" The camera flies forward and drops into Carlton Jacobs.

Off camera "Hey Robin, watch out man!"

The camera is up and focuses on young Robin Reborn

RR "Sorry man, a lot on my mind. Ive never been so switched on in an arena even on a night im not wrestling. The boys have got to have each others backs"

CJ "And where are you going in such a blind rush?"

RR "Im after Ojore, you seen him tonight? I wanna keep my eye on him. None of them FEAR guys are as willing to draw blood as him, we don't need another comrade in the hospital without even a fighting chance"

CJ "I have seen the monster. Ojore is switched on too, and hes got ideas of his own to attend to."

RR "Hes got a title match that I am gonna make sure is the only thing he does tonight. Trust me, once I find him, I aint losing him, he wont do anything I dont want him to do. Peace out Jakes"

End scene thumbsup 


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EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13) Empty Re: EWF and FEAR Present Conflict Sunday 7th July (Episode 13)

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