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TNA Impact Results 24th October

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TNA Impact Results 24th October  Empty TNA Impact Results 24th October

Post by Fernando Fri 25 Oct 2013, 11:24 am

Impact Wrestling starts out with a video package about Bound for Glory this past Sunday. Sabin won the title, BroMans won the tag titles, Gail Kim wins the Knockouts Title, Kurt Angle declines the Hall of Fame, and AJ Styles wins the World Title. Dixie tried her power to make Styles lose, but she couldn’t stop him. He will make her pay.

The camera shows the arena with fans on their feet cheering. The crowd looks wild. They are ready. Music hits and here comes Dixie Carter! Dixie walks down the ramp with a little card in her hand. She gets in the ring with the ramp no longer being connected to the ring. There’s asign inthe ring saying “Welcome Back AJ Styles!” Dixie grabs a mic and says thank you to all of the fans. She states it is not about her tonight. It is about someone else. She said she made a little mistake recently but she can clean it up. She admits it. It’s the past. She is all about the future. The future is the legend of TNA. The future is someone who overcame all the odds at Bound for Glory. He is the man who she is proud to call the TNA World Champion. She welcomes AJ Styles! His music plays and the crowd roars.

AJ Styles comes out from the stage. He has the TNA World Title over his shoulder. The crowd is going crazy. He gets in the ring and raises the title. He has his blackleather jacketon. He grabs a mic. Dixie goes for a hug but AJ backs up. Dixie says she sees how it is. Dixie isn’t expecting a thank you tonight. The fans chant, “AJ, AJ, AJ” and Dixie likes it. Dixie says for 6 weeks she has been motivating him. Face it, he was in the slumps for over a year. Dixie says she is willing to pay. She is fine with it. Dixie says she wills start with a fancy dressing room. It’s almost as good as hers. It has the bestfood and drinksin it. She picks up a box and it has a watch in it. She gave the same thing to someone we can’t talk about but that one was used onCraigslist. This one for AJ is brand new. Dixie then tells the officials to reveal the next prize. The pull the cloth off the brandnew convertiblecar. Dixie says she paid it all for him. AJ gets on the mic and says she wants him on Team Dixie. Dixie says that sounds good. AJ says all of this is for manipulation and he is not going to buy it. AJ says he will make her pay, but this is too easy. He is a rednecktruckguy, so that car won’t even work. AJ goes on to talk about separating himself. AJ states Dixie didn’t believe in him. She bet against him and lost. Dixie says AJ is still upset about Sunday night. She did step out of line and did not act lady like when she called for the rematch, but AJ doesn’t have to do that. They can both go in her private jet and go somewhere fun instead of this horrible town. All AJ has to do is agree to move forward. Dixie promises to cancel the match if he agrees.

Just then the Aces & 8s music plays. Here comes Bully Ray and Brooke! He slowly walks down the ramp.


Bully Ray is in the ring with a mic. He asks if he heard Dixie correctly. Did he drive all this way to this crap city to not have his rematch? AJ tells Ray to shut his mouth and listen to what he has to say. AJ says Ray will get his chance. If Dixie thinks AJ will really go with her to Dixie Land, then she is dumber than we all thought. The whole rematch thing is about people who are under contract, but he wants to do something in Salt Lake and he will defend the title and beat Ray tonight. Ray tells AJ that he is not fighting Dixie Carter but fighting Bully Ray. One word that sums up AJ’s win at BFG is… lucky! He got lucky. There’s no way a kid can beat a man like Ray. Ray says it was all Earl Hebner’s fault. He kicked out. AJ knows it. Earl couldn’t see it. He is blind. That is the only way he can beat Ray. Ray is tired of hearing himself talk. He is going to beat the p%ss out of AJ and beat him and he will send AJ back to his ugly wife and kids. Ray is a God. If God was a Bully then he would be Ray himself. AJ says Ray should be worried about his own family… Aces & 8s. They didn’t help him at BFG and they won’t help him tonight. He will take the title after successfully defending it and say to the world, “Do you know who I am… I am the TNA World Champion AJ Styles!” AJ raises the title and Ray soccer punches AJ right in the stomach. He then tosses the merchandise and a poster stand onto AJ’s back. He picks AJ up, sets him up for a power bomb through the table, but the lights go out!

Mr. Anderson’s music plays! Anderson comes out on the stage and runs down the ramp. He slides right in the ring and looks at Ray. Ray can’t believe it. He starts yelling and pointing at Ken. He goes to punch Ken but Ken blocks and punches Ray in the face. He backs him up in the corner and punches his head around 20 times. Ray falls down and rolls out of the ring. Ken looks on.


Mr. Anderson is in the ring with a mic. The crowd is going crazy! Anderson states that he really missed us. Wait, does that mean we missed him too? The crowd cheers. Mr. Anderson says he really missed Bully Ray. Did Ray really miss him though? Anderson starts spinning his head around and says his head feels great. He has been sitting at home watching the product and he sees what Ray is doing. The boys are getting tired of it. The agents are getting sick of it. We are getting sick and tired of it. The crowd cheers. They start doing the “Yes” chants! Whoa… Dixie Carter comes back out on the stage. She has security behind her. She says Anderson is not authorized to be in her ring. She says to have the guards come out and handcuff him and take him out of the building. The guard walk down and says he likes handcuffs and Dixie must like them too. He hasn’t been arrested in awhile so let’s have some fun with it. He attacks some of the guard that come in the ring and then brings his arms out for the last two guards to handcuff him. They do. They get him out of the ring and walk him up the ramp. Dixie is standing there and says he is not allowed to be here. Get out. They lead Anderson to backstage.

Mike Tenay and Taz are shown at the commentator’s desk. They talk about the main event tonight and then Bound for Glory.

Video shows Kurt Angle arriving at the arena earlier today.

A video plays showcasing the Triple Threat Knockouts Title match at Bound for Glory. Lei’D Tapa helps Gail Kim win the title. Gail states no one will be able to defeat them.

Lei’D Tapa’s music plays. She comes out on the stage. Gail Kim’s music then hits. She has the Knockouts Title around her shoulder. Gail Kim moves forward with Tapa behind her. They go to the ring.


Music hits and here comes Brooke! She comes down to the ramp with Aces & 8s music playing. Velvet Sky comes down the ramp and goes to the ring. She let’s the pigeons loose and gets in the ring. Here comes ODB! She comes down the ramp and the crowd cheers. She has her flask in hand.

Gail Kim and Brooke vs. Velvet Sky, ODB

ODB goes right after Brooke and knocks her down. She whips Brooke right in the corner and then does the bronco buster. Brooke slides out. ODB goes right after Gail and plants Gail’s face into her chest. Brooke grabs ODB from the outside and attacks her. She brings her back in and tags Gail. Gail enters and kicks ODB. ODB tries to fight back but Gail takes her down and tags Brooke. Brooke chokes ODB on the second rope. She then sits down right on the back of ODB. ODB gets up in the corner. Brooke punches her in the face and climbs the corner. ODB lifts her and takes her down chest and face first on the mat. Each go to their corner and tag their opponents. Sky knocks Gail down several times and then does a hurricanrona. She kicks Gail in the gut and face. She does a neck breaker and a cover. Brooke breaks it up. ODB enters and spears Brooke. They go to the outside and Brooke attacks ODB now. Gail goes to get a steel chair and the referee tries to stop her. Tapa enters the ring and does a huge big boot to the face of Sky. Gail gets in and covers and wins.

Winners: Gail Kim and Brooke


BroMans are backstage. Robbie E is fixing his hair wile Jessie is so hyped about being the TNA World tag Team Champioins. Jessie talks about BFG and Phil Heath being there for him. Robbie then counts down for the Cele-Bros-Ian as he sprays his hair nonstop and Jessie goes at it with the hairdryer.

The lights go out and music hits. Ethan Carter III comes down the ramp. Christy introduces him three times. He gets in the ring. Dewey Bonds comes down the ramp and gets in the ring. The crowd likes him.

Ethan Carter III vs. Dewey Bonds

Dewey gets the crowd into it and then he locks up with Ethan. Ethan goes around him, picks him up, and slams him down. Dewey gets back up. They lock-up and Ethan goes behind him but Dewey goes behind him but Ethan reverses and it continues. Carter pushes Dewey into the corner and attacks him with punches to the face. He gets him up and smashes Dewey in the corner and does a huge knife edge chop. He does a hip toss to Dewey. Dewey get up in the corner and Ethan does a running big boot. Ethan grabs him and then let’s Dewey fall. Dewey gets up and punches Ethan in the face and then bounces off the ropes and hits Carter with elbows to the face. Dewey climbs the ropes and does a missile dropkick. He covers but Carter kicks out. Ethan grabs Dewey’s head and puts him in a headlock and then slams him down on the top of his head. Dewey looked like a nail in the ring. He covers and wins. The referee pushes Dewey out of the ring and Ethan taunts. Winner: Ethan Carter III

Ethan grabs a mic. He says he is EC3. He is a Carter and the world needs them.


A video package plays showcasing the Bound for Glory match between Sting and Magnus. Magnus won the match via submission. He stated he had everything to lose in this match. Sting said he didn’t believe it would happen tonight and against him. Sting hopes it puts Magnus on the map and that he takes off.

Magnus and Sting are backstage. They are both in suits and sitting down at a table. It was filmed earlier today. Magnus said he watched the match again from BFG and said he didn’t give the proper respect for Sting after. Sting says it is all fine, but he isn’t sure he passed the torch or lit a fire under Magnus… or both. Magnus says that this is Sting’s world. Magnus extends his hand and Sting shakes it.

A video plays showcasing this year’s Hall of Fame. It shows Sting and Kurt Angle at BFG and Kurt declining the offer to be in the Hall of Fame. He will set a new standard and, when he is worthy, he will join Sting in the HOF. Kurt goes on to face Bobby Roode at the PPV. It was a battle. Kurt lost. He wasn’t moving at the end. He was put on a stretcher but then he walked away himself.

Music hits and here comes Kurt Angle! The crowd roars. Kurt interest with the fans by the entrance stage and then gets in the ring. Mike Tenay says Kurt tore knee cartilage after he preformed the top rope moonsault. Kurt grabs a mic.

Kurt stays it has been a tough weekend this past weekend and it’s hard to forget. It was great to hear talent talk about him at the Hall of Fame dinner, but he couldn’t accept the offer from Sting. He says he has so much to prove. He will rightfully accept it when he thinks it is right. He switches to Bobby Roode. Kurt says he knocked himself out from the final move of the match. He said it was one of his most physical matches. Just then, Bobby Roode comes out as his entrance music plays. Roode gets in the ring and goes right to Kurt. He is right in his face. Roode backs away and grabs a mic. Roode states it is pathetic to listen to excuse after excuse after excuse. The real reason why he declined his HOF introduction is because he knew he couldn’t beat Roode deep down inside. It was a good choice. Roode did beat him. Fair and square. In the middle of the ring. For two years, Roode lived with the feeling of failure. He could have won the TNA World Title against Kurt two years ago. He failed. He lived with it. Now it is Kurt’s turn to have that failure in his guts. The It Factor of wrestling defeated Kurt Angle.

Kurt gets back on the mic. He says Roode may be one bad SOB but he is not better than him. He is not going to make any excuses. He wants a match right now! Roode takes his coat off and says he will wrestle him but he can’t. No, Kurt can’t! Kurt can’t and Roode hands Angle a doctor’s note. Kurt tore cartilage in his knee and is not cleared to wrestle tonight. Roode would love to beat him again, but he simply isn’t allowed. Kurt said he doesn’t know where Roode got it and he can’t wrestle, but the doctor didn’t say anything about a fight. Kurt punches Roode in the face and he falls down. Kurt goes on top of him, but security come out and separate both men in the ring.

Bully Ray is backstage. He goes to Knux and Garett Bischof. Ray tells them to see how selfish Mr. Anderson is. He wants revenge on him. He tries to drill it into their thick skull and he means thick skull like he loves them. He tells them to go to that jail and make sure he does not place bail. Ray will do what it takes to win the title. Ray raises his fist and they all fist pound. They all walk away.


Dixie Carter is backstage on her phone. She is talking about lawyers and then tells the person to do whatever they have to do to put it in for tonight. It is a live show and she has things to do. The camera slowly pulls away from the door rim.

BroMans come out and walk down the ramp. They slowly get in the ring with champagne classes in their hands. They raise the TNA Tag Team Titles. There’s a DJ in the ring mixing some music. Jessie and Robbie start popping poppers and eating some food. Robbie grabs a mic. Robbie introduces DJ dot OH! They pop some more poppers and then Robbie says this is party, OH! Sunday, at Bound for Glory, was the biggest night in BroMan history. The crowd chants, “You can’t wrestle.” Robbie E and Jessie did something… just then James Storm’s music plays. James and Gunner come out on the stage. James drinks some beer and then they walk down the ramp and into the ring. James grabs a mic. Someone said PARTY! James tells DJ bum to get out of the ring. They ruin his table and he leaves. James sees that they have some alcohol and then drinks the champagne. He will take their alcohol and protein bars but they can keep their little sister’s jeans. They will also have the shortest title reign in history as they have a rematch for the titles next week.

Bad Influence come out and walk to the ring. Kaz states they have some crazy people in the ring while he and Daniels are the best tag team in the bus-i-ness. They are petitioning to fight to be the World Tag Team Champions of the world! Daniels states beer is for the lower class. Champagne is for posers. If you are going to celebrate with a man’s drink… an Appletini. James grabs it and says it doesn’t taste like beer or alcohol. He hands it to Gunner and says to get rid of it. Just then, Gunner tosses it into Daniel’s face. Here goes the brawl! The three teams battle it out while Daniels holds his head. Just then, Eric Young and Joseph Park come out. They get in the ring and try to fight but they get beat up. Daniels get up and smashes Park’s head with a bottle. He starts to bleed from the face as he is lying on the mat. Park gets up and Bad Influence runs away. Park turns and chokeslams Jessie. Park leaves and chases after Influence while Storm, Gunner, and Eric stay in the ring.

A split screen is shown showing AJ Styles and Bully Ray walking backstage. Their match is next.


It will be Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode next week.

Aces & 8s music hits. Bully Ray marches his way down the ramp. Brooke skips behind him. He says he will be TNA World Champion in 10 minutes to Taz. He gets in the ring. AJ Styles’ No One music plays. He comes out with his leather jacket and the TNA World Title over his shoulder. He stops at the end of the ramp and stares at Ray in the ring. AJ continues and climbs the corner. He finally gets in the ring. Jeremy Borash introduces the match. Jeremy goes to introduce Bully Ray but Ray takes the mic from him and yells at him to shut up. He says he will introduce himself. He goes to say he will be the next champion but AJ punches him in the face.

Bully Ray vs. AJ Styles (Champ) for the TNA World Title

AJ puts Ray in the corner and continues to punch him. He takes him to the other three corners and smacks his head on the top corner. He then does a knife edge chop and then a punch to the face. Ray leans on the ropes. AJ does a snapmare and then does a kick to the back. AJ gets Ray up and whips him in the ropes. AJ does a leap frog, a drop down, and then hits the dropkick to the head. AJ taunts in the corner while Ray gets up in another corner. AJ goes to run for a splash, but Ray blocks it and then does several punches to the face. AJ turns it and does a kick to the head. AJ goes for a roll-up but Ray kicks out. Both get up. AJ does several kicks to the gut and then an elbow to the back. AJ goes into the ropes. Ray lifts him up for a back body drop, but AJ didn’t flip and lands right on his face and neck.


Bully Ray does the hand to ear cuff to mock Hulk Hogan. The fans boo. AJ gets up and punches Ray in the face multiple times. AJ goes in the ropes and kicks Ray in the chest and then goes again and they do a double closeline. Both are down. Both slowly get up. Ray does a bear hug to the ribs that are taped. AJ claps the head of Ray and gets out of it. He runs in the ropes and Ray does a back body drop and AJ lands on his back this time. Ray leans against the ropes and then goes for a cover. AJ kicks out. Ray walks around the ring and then goes for an elbow drop but AJ moves out of the way. Both get up. Ray punches AJ in the face. AJ punches the face of Ray. They go back and forth now. Ray does a huge chop to the chest of AJ. AJ walks around and then does a closeline and then a spin kick. AJ runs to him but Ray pops him up and AJ lands on the apron. He does a springboard elbow smash to Ray’s head. He covers but Ray kicks out. AJ goes to lift Ray up on his shoulders but Ray is too heavy. Ray lifts AJ up and does a samoan drop. He covers but AJ kicks out.

Bully climbs the corner but AJ gets up and punches Ray. He climbs the corner but Ray pushes him down. Ray jumps for a huge back splash, but AJ moves. AJ goes to the apron. He does a springboard 450 splash but Ray slides out of the way. He covers but AJ kicks out. Ray gets up and is getting furious. Ray picks AJ up and puts him in the corner. AJ punches back. He grabs his head and goes for a tornado DDT but Ray pushes him away and AJ lands on Earl Hebner, the referee. He is out. AJ goes after Ray and does the Calf Killer. He taps! Earl didn’t see it. AJ goes to Earl and checks on him. Ray grabs the steel chain. He smacks AJ right in the face of it. AJ slowly gets up and Ray does the Bully Cutter. Earl crawls and counts: 1-2-NO!

Ray couldn’t believe it! AJ rolls over. Ray crawls and grabs the chain again. AJ slowly gets to his feet. Just then, Mr. Anderson comes over and grabs the chain from Ray and chokes him on the top rope. AJ runs over to Ray, spins around him and does a crucifix! Earl counts: 1-2-3!

Winner and Still Champion: AJ Styles

Bully Ray exits the rings and he goes right after Anderson. Anderson fights back. They punch back and forth. Security separate the two. Just then, Dixie Carter appears on the titan tron. She says that Anderson has her attention and she has a contract that is filled with Dixie’s money. She is headed to the ring. Do not leave.


Dixie Carter comes out and gets in the ring with AJ Styles. Dixie has a mic. She says AJ turned down all of her gifts but she thought that is what he wanted. She talked to her attorney’s all night and she has a contract for him. It has more zeros than he has ever seen. She will even through the keys in and he can make it a date night with the car. She wants to put all of this behind and wants to move forward and this is the real deal. AJ grabs the contract. She says it is all there. AJ states that it is an amazing contract by a horrible human being… a horrible human being to uses her bank account for other people’s blood, sweat, and tears. She didn’t believe in him months ago. AJ goes to rip it up and Dixie tells him to stop. AJ then whips his butt with him and the crowd chants “Yes”! Was making her pay about the money? AJ tells Dixie that money won’t fix her problem. She doesn’t respect the title, him, and the people. She states she loves the people and they love her. AJ states the TNA World Title is his title and he is taking it and leaving. He is taking it to them. Dixie says that is not his to take. AJ turns and and grabs the keys from Dixie. He will drive her car too. Dixie wants AJ to come back to the ring. AJ walks up the ramp and walks backstage.

He is walking backstage. He goes to the car that is waiting. He gets in it, turns it on, and drives away as he raises the TNA Title. The show fades.


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TNA Impact Results 24th October  Empty Re: TNA Impact Results 24th October

Post by TheCultOfPersonality Fri 25 Oct 2013, 11:52 am

Although the show was heavy in regards to promos, still thought the show was great. Anderson's return was well done, even though I didn't see the point of the "Arrest". The BroMans segment was pretty cool. Bobby Roode showed what a top talent he was in his segment with Angle. Styles is gonna be a great champion, certainly adds interest to the main event picture. I was hoping to see someone like Aries attack Styles before leaving off in the car but it didnt happen.


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