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London Scottish have beaten London Welsh

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London Scottish have beaten London Welsh Empty London Scottish have beaten London Welsh

Post by madmaccas Sat Dec 21, 2013 8:20 pm

Don't know if any of you caught it on Sky Sports but London Scottish just turned over league leader London Welsh 5-13.

Lee Millar looked very handy when he came on and Jim Thompson marshalled the game from the back. It was a hell of defensive effort from Scottish and they seemed to get better as the game went on

It's blown the Championship right open and moved them up to 2nd place in the table. Don't wanna speak too soon but looks like Scottish could be set for a play-off spot, and then who knows!
I dare to dream.


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London Scottish have beaten London Welsh Empty Re: London Scottish have beaten London Welsh

Post by BigGee Sun Dec 22, 2013 12:42 am

Well deserved win by LS, hung tough at the beginning and then eventually took the game to them. They played the conditions so much better than the welsh, a bit like Edinburgh did on Friday night against Leinster.

They are really coming into some form now and should be looking for a playoff place. Mind you there is such an obvious difference in watching the championship and the AP, you do wonder how any of them would survive up there.

Boy has Mantella got some gas though, he was never going to be caught from the moment he caught that ball!


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