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What is Shady Roman up to with Jose's agent?

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What is Shady Roman up to with Jose's agent? Empty What is Shady Roman up to with Jose's agent?

Post by socal1976 on Fri 31 Jan 2014, 7:10 pm

Chelsea Football Club appear to be involved in the funding of "third-party ownership" of players outside the Premier League, contrary to the Premier League's and Uefa's strong official condemnation of the practice. Company documents in the UK, Jersey and Ireland strongly suggest that Chelsea are working in partnership with José Mourinho's Portuguese agent Jorge Mendes, and the US company Creative Arts Agency, who buy "economic rights participation agreements" in footballers playing for other clubs outside the Premier League.

Roman Abramovich's Chelsea appear to be partners in the Quality Sports Investments and Quality Football Ireland network of companies, which operate via a complicated series of companies and several different funds in the tax haven of Jersey, to buy a percentage of players' "economic rights". The QSI funds seek to cash in by making a profit when the players are sold, operating via companies in Ireland, where corporation tax is set at 12.5%.

It is unclear if the Premier League ever considered the possibility that, despite having outlawed "third-party ownership" of players in English football, its clubs could be involved in third-party ownership of players in other leagues abroad. The Premier League declined to comment on Chelsea's apparent involvement.

That Chelsea should be in partnership with Mendes and CAA in the Burnaby venture, without openly discussing it, raises many questions. One inference is that Chelsea could be seeking through this involvement to secure options over players at other clubs.

Chelsea buying up third party rights to foreign players. In violation or UEFA and FA edicts. And forming the company in Ireland to avoid taxes on profits as well. This is similar to what Neymar's family is accused of doing. This is a huge article in the guardian I just cut out a few paragraphs. Tactical loans and transfers to rivals, third party ownership, what is Roman up to? Is he trying to buy rights to block transfers of hot prospects to other rival clubs? Or to make a profit. Is this fair, I don't know if it is even in contradiction of the rules.


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