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Q&A With Mitchell Smith

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Q&A With Mitchell Smith  Empty Q&A With Mitchell Smith

Post by hampo17 Mon Apr 28, 2014 7:38 pm

By Paul Hampton.

Mitchell Smith is one of the most exciting prospects on the British scene today. Since his move to the professional ranks in 2012, he has achieved a record of 8-0 with 4 by the way of stoppage. Recently I got the chance to put my questions to Mitchell and here’s what he had to say.

PH: You took up boxing at the age of 6, what made you first lace up the gloves?

MS: I took up boxing so young because I was bullied and pushed around a bit in school so my dad took me straight up the local gym and chucked me in the deep end to learn how to look after myself, I feel in love with boxing.

PH: What sort of amateur career did you have?

MS: My Amateur career was about 30 wins 20 losses! Not the best record to look at I no but I won 3 junior titles and the elite ABA championship my first year in them! The amateur boxing game was so fixed I won fights clear and it went the other way but me and my dad looked it as a learning curve every fight I was learning!

PH: You fight under Frank Warren on Boxnation, do you feel there is a lack of exposure on a subscription channel compared to Sky?

MS: NO! How many lads are on small hall shows? Getting no coverage! Box nation is a great channel specially if your a big boxing fan I'm very grateful to frank and the team for what there doing and I will deliver the goods!

PH: If you had to use one word to describe your style what would it be?

MS: Exciting

PH: What does your training schedule look like? Also what is your favorite and least favorite part of a training camp?

MS: I train 3 times a day 6 days a week not all intense sometimes just having an hour in the pool or a light bike ride but I train hard and I don't cut corners I've learnt from the past I'm now living the sport!

PH: Do you have a full time job as well as boxing, or are you lucky enough to be able to focus on your fight career fully?

MS: I'm lucky enough to have 4 main sponsors winter well build who is fantastic to have on the team, ATS interiors who has helped me out since I was 16 with boxing, Edgware scrap metal who have been great helping me be in full time training and Danslow signs who helps to take the stress off as well which I'm am thankful for and if it isn't for these people I would be able to do what I do and chase my dream of being a world champion!

PH: What is your biggest strength?

MS: Everything I believe I can do what I want when I'm in the ring a confident fighter is a dangerous fighter! Plus I have knockout power in both hands!

PH: What is your biggest weakness?

MS: Weakness? No such thing as a weakness I train to be the best I don't have a weakness if you do something I’ll be better at it! I'm confidant I can go all the way!

PH: Who was your boxing idol and why?

MS: Never really had 1 growing up loved watching Mexicans fight, it’s brilliant to see to men go to war and not take a backwards step "hard men"

Now I like money Mayweather he's got everything in life and he's still boxing he's still the best ever fighter, he's still hungry for success that makes me respect him an awful lot!

PH: If you had to sit down and watch one fight from history what fight would it be?

MS: The money man v sugar ray Leonard

I sway to Floyd Mayweather but he's was some fighter Leonard!!

PH: I know you’re a big West Ham fan, where would you prefer to fight – West Hams ground or the MGM in Las Vegas?

MS: I'm a big West Ham fan so it would have to be on there ground for sure! I'd love to be able to show my class to such a great fan base that West Ham has it would be a dream come true! The buzz of the west ham songs as I walk into the ring bubbles rising into the sky it's what I’d dream to do!

Recently Mitchell was lined up to fight for the English Super Featherweight title, however injury forced that fight to be put on hold. I have no doubt’s that he’ll come back stronger than ever and go on to achieve his goals in the future.


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Q&A With Mitchell Smith  Empty Re: Q&A With Mitchell Smith

Post by spencerclarke Tue Apr 29, 2014 12:51 pm

A great piece Paul. Don't think I've seen him fight before but will have a look out for him. He seems very confident, hopefully he can back up the words.


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