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IPL - Mumbai vs Punjab 5 out of 5ers

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IPL - Mumbai vs Punjab 5 out of 5ers Empty IPL - Mumbai vs Punjab 5 out of 5ers

Post by DirectView Fri May 02, 2014 9:39 pm

What a match tomorrow, Mumbai on a record losing spree on 5/5 and Punjab on a record winning spree 5/5, to alert viewer Mumbai is the current defending champion picard and Punjab was close to wooden spoon last time I guess.

Its like Spain vs Japan Soccer match, with Spain the defending WC and Euro champions posing no wins in their league match and Japan winning everything on the same group.

I hope Maxwell punish Mumbai Indians pretty badly with the fastest century of the IPL and M Johnson bundle the top order with 5 quick wickets to unleash the biggest loss in IPL history.

Note: The two best players I mentioned actually played for Mumbai untill last edition  picard 


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