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6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014

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6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014 Empty 6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon 23 Jun 2014, 11:16 pm

Match 1
Wild Stallions vs G.A.Y.S

Match 2
Simon Cagero vs Hobo

Match 3
Brotherhood vs Robin Reborn/Jack Hurst

Match 4
DeMarcus Brown vs Jackson Black
On commentary: Bam Sparkleston

Match 5
#1 Contender (International Championship)
Jax Cutler vs Jimmy Phillips

Match 6
(If Joshua wins he gets a title shot)
Edward Plague vs Joshua

Match 7
Jerome Dubois vs Vincent Costello vs Liam Wood

Match 8
Handicap match
Keith Leone vs Bad Intentions

Main Event
Max Adamson/Alexander Altair/Daniel Reilly vs Nate Nack/Mike Masters/Scott Harris
Special Referee: GazzyD

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6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014

Post by x12x on Tue 24 Jun 2014, 8:15 am

The Copper Box Arena goes crazy as “Endseekers” begins to blast from the speakers and The Viper Liam Wood bursts out on to the stage with a head of steam, Wood pauses on the stage with a huge smile on his face

HE: This is sickening...Wood gets a few wins and he thinks he's king of the world...what a joke!

HA: A few wins!? I don't think you're giving the credit he deserves, at Night Of Glory Wood got a win that had eluded him for a long time and last time we saw him out here he was able to make a Hall Of Famer submit...

HE: What can I say, he's been lucky lately but it won't be long before his luck runs out and he goes back to being a laughing stock!

As Wood stands on the stage he straightens his cut off demin jacket holding it open so that the camera can pick up on the EWF t-shirt underneath before confidently making his way down the aisle towards the ring, tapping the hands of some of the fans in attendance. As Wood reaches the apron he takes a microphone and rolls in to the ring pausing again and soaking in the adulation from the crowd who break out in to a chant for Wood. Wood finally lifts the microphone and begins to speak.

“Leading up to Night Of Glory I told each and everyone of you that my match against Vincent Costello was the rebirth of my legacy, there were people who were calling it the biggest match in my career and I have to say...they were wasn't the biggest match in my career but the biggest match in my entire life!”

Wood lowers the microphone and smiles as the crowd continue to chant

“You see, Costello was like a dark cloud following me around and without that win I could never really claim to be the best in the world...maybe it's why I felt the need to talk about my credentials each and every time I got this mic...maybe it was why I nearly let myself lose everything just for that one match...when it was over...when the ref counted to three and raised my arms in felt like someone pushed a reset button and gave me a second chance to show this world just what I can really achieve...”

“Last night at Aftermath I went one on one with the newest member of the 6CW Hall Of Fame and I showed him just what the new breed of 6CW Legends are going to look like, I showed him that any doubt that he may have had in me or my ability was misplaced and that underestimating me was his biggest mistake...I showed him that despite what he thought before the match that The Viper Liam Wood is the future of this business and that future starts right now!”

The cheers get louder and Wood begins to pace the ring

“At Aftermath I saw a sign in the crowd that said 'Everything Changes' and I couldn't agree more...last night we not only saw the return of two men who made this business what it was but we saw the beginning of the end of The Authority...we saw a revolution forming and we saw the return of the man who gave me a shot in the first place...Daniel Magnusson...without him? I wouldn't be standing here right now...”

The crowd pop again as they begin to chant “thank you Daniel!”

HE: What a joke! Magnusson lost EWF and it should stay dead and buried!

HA: I think you'll find the contract says otherwise...

Wood smiles before lifting the mic to his lips and singing to the enjoyment of the crowd

“It's a new's a new day...and I'm feeling goood!”

Wood begins to laugh before going back to speaking

“When I said that my future started after Night Of Glory I never once thought it would go like each and everyone of you I was shocked to have Magnusson and Andrews back in the companies that they gave life too but I welcome it with open arms! I was there when Fear infected EWF...a company that I helped build up only for it to be torn down by Drake Calihan and Michael Jones as if it didn't mean anything.”

Wood's tone changes to a serious one as he looks down at his EWF t-shirt and taps the logo across his chest before looking in to the camera and speaking directly to the leader of the Authority

“Jones...for far too long you have ran this place like your own little boy's've done everything in your power to protect your precious little champions and you've stacked the deck against anyone who's had a fighting've tried to destroy friendships, families, relationships and for what? Power! Well your days are numbered and Enforcer and better start counting as well because I am here to say that over the past few months I have put my demons to rest and I'm coming for what should be mine...”

“...I am going to show the world that I am truly the best in this business and I am going to take my place at the top of the mountain...”

“...You have been warned”

Wood lowers the mic as the crowd stamp their feet and chant his name


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6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014

Post by MtotheC on Tue 24 Jun 2014, 11:08 am

As Liam Wood stands in the centre of the ring lapping up the adulation from the live crowd the sound of stomping feet subsides as the tron flickers into life…

The big screen shows a shot of the backstage corridor, the sound of shouting and crashing can be heard as Vincent Costello comes into shot, flipping over tables and slamming chairs against the wall. As he continues down the hall he comes to a poster of the new co-owner of 6CW… Daniel Magnusson hanging on the wall, Costello stops in his tracks, takes a deep breath and begins to repeatedly smash the poster with a steel chair. As he lowers the chair he spots a stage hand out the corner of his eye, he grabs the young man by the scruff of the neck…

Costello: Play my damn music, I’ve got something to say.

The tron instantly flicks over to display the words COSTELLO’S LAW as ‘Killing in the name of’ by Rage Against the Machine begins to play. Costello appears from behind the curtain, oblivious to the chorus of boos engulfing the Cooper Box, he makes his way down the ramp, entering the ring he brushes past the Viper ignoring him completely as he beings to talk…

Costello: I’m sick of this, I’m sick of this place and the incompetence on display, not only do I have to endure the corrupt politics of Jones and the Authority who blank me at every turn, ignore my claim and treat me as though I’m an insignificant irritant but now I have to deal with that slime ball Magnusson. Possibly the most inept businessman I’ve ever had the displeasure of working with. This is a man, if you can even class him as a man, that let the asylum be overrun by the inmates, a bumbling buffoon that dogged Costello’s Law over and over again, a man that did everything in his power to try and strip me of my title, well regardless of how much Jones and Magnusson stack the deck against me, I will endure, I will prevail and I will take what is mine.

Liam Wood is standing in the corner of the ring, arms crossed with a big smile on his face

And what are you so happy about? You think I don’t see what’s happening here, you think I can’t read between the lines? I’ve known for over a year now that you are nothing more than a patsy, a marketable face that the likes of Magnusson and Jones exploit for their own personal gain. And because these people, these parasites cheer your name, stomp their feet and wear your t-shirts you think that somehow you’re a big deal... the best in the world. Well news flash boy, you aint sh$t, your nothing more than a glorified ho@r, selling yourself for a cheap pop, selling out for a pat on the back from the boss and a spot on the card that belongs to someone else…ME.

I’m sick of being held back, of being treated like a second rate citizen, of being overlooked and mistreated. No wonder 6CW is in the state it is, when you have a talent like Vincent Costello you don’t ignore it, you treat that talent like a precious commodity, you protect that commodity not hang it out to dry. And how has Jones protected me? By letting my opponent strike me with a steel bar a week before Night of Glory, giving me a damn concussion, I had to go against medical advice just to compete that night… and what does Jones do about it? Does he punish Liam Wood? Nooo, are there any consequences for Woods actions what so ever? No. All that power hungry maniac Jones is proving right now, is that he is just as inept as Magnusson, no wonder the old man lost half his company.

Costello quickly turns around and gets in Liam Woods face and the two square up in the corner of the ring

Costello: Will you wipe that damn smile off of your face, that ridiculous smile disrespects me, you maybe all please with yourself, you may think you’ve made it by beating me but I’m still standing here, I’m still in your face giving you the finger.

Costello takes a step back and gives Wood the middle finger

Granted you beat me, when I said that I would end you, when I said I would smash the glass ceiling in this place… you got the win, you’ve got more guts than I gave you credit for but take that smile off of your face and do it now.

Wood’s expression changes to a more serious one as Costello continues…

I’m done with playing by the rules, I’m done with towing the company line, you talk about being reborn, about an awakening within you, well that defeat at Night of Glory has awoken something in me, if you thought Costello’s Law was callous, heartless and cruel before well you’d better buckle up, because I’m about to take it to a whole new level. And I won’t stop until I can’t be ignored any longer, I won’t stop until I get everything that is coming to me, until I have what is by rights… MINE!


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6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014

Post by x12x on Tue 24 Jun 2014, 12:30 pm

Costello and Wood stare each other down eye to eye as Wood begins to speak again with a smile from ear to ear almost just to annoy Vincent Costello.

There we go ladies and gentlemen...the world famous selective memory of Vincent Costello...

Wood slow claps and grins at Costello on the screen before speaking

So Daniel Magnusson did everything in his power to take the world title away from you!? Really!? I have to say from what I remember it was slightly see, from what I remember he was the one who convinced me and the rest of Team EWF to save your ass from Fear time and time again...he was the one who begged and pleaded with me to go out their and stop Fear getting that title because he knew that you weren't up to the job were a lamb to the slaughter and it's down to him that you weren't torn limb from limb sooner than you actually were!

You see as I've said before you weren't a threat back then, the threat was the Fear Campaign and he knew that and so did everyone else. The reason you even held that belt for as long as you did was down to ME, it was down to Phillips, it was down to was down to Thunder...without us your title reign would have ended with a whimper just like it began...there's another thing you fail to beat a man who was injured for that belt!

That period of time showed that despite the act you put's just that, an had a choice to choice to fight for EWF...the company that you were the world champion of and you did showed that you were a coward and you're doing it again right now!

Wood begins to pace the ring

For someone who claims to have had a tough upbringing you sure to moan about every little problem you seem to face while being a hypocrite at the same time! You claim that 6CW is holding you back yet only just recently were you the UK claim that you were mistreated by me with acts of violence and claim I should be punished yet this comes from the same man who ended the career of my best see I agree, you will get what's coming to you one's how karma works and when this all comes back and bites you on the ass I can't wait to be stood there watching...

Can I ask you one thing though? Can you change the damn record!? How many times will you claim that these fans are parasites or that I'm just here to make the posters look pretty? Your act is boring and in all honesty're being a bit of a b¡tch!

Costello snarls as Wood continues to speak

So you want Jones to punish me for what I did to you? That's fine, nothing he can do will stop me getting where I want to be anyway...I'm actually glad your demanding repercussions just shows that when the big bad Vinnie Costello tastes his own medicine that he goes crying to whoever has a shoulder for him to cry on and that's why the threats don't scare me...

...Night Of Glory changed a lot of things and I can see that they even changed you Vinnie!

Vinnie shakes his head in denial and laughs off the claims

Oh really? You say that loss to me has awoken something in you and it's time for us to worry but I say that me beating you has showed the world that without his little bag of tricks Vinnie Costello is clutching at straws and that's playing on your mind isn't it?

That confidence, that bravado, that's begun to see last night while I was making a Hall Of Famer tap out, you were on your back being pinned 1...2...3! Now I'm sure you'll have an excuse and I'd expect nothing less from you but I'm just here to let you know that you aren't part of my plans's time for me to move on to bigger and better things and after I beat you and Jerome Dubois next week you'll be a bad memory. You see you might still be standing here but my mission was to never end your was to restart mine... thank you for that.

Wood lowers the mic and smugly smiles as Costello


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6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014

Post by MtotheC on Tue 24 Jun 2014, 2:00 pm

Costello: You can spout your skewed recollection of history until your blue in the face but anyone who’s opinion matters, knows that Vincent Costello...was EWF, I made that title relevant, I held that championship like it was the most important title in this business. I couldn’t give a cr@p what you, Thunder or any of Magnusson’s other drones did, the fact is that I was the champion and you were nothing more than a pawn in the war against FEAR. I made a conscious decision like any other great tactician would to distance myself from that pack of wolves and let people like you get your hands dirty. So what I didn’t fight the good fight, I was the world champion, it was beneath me.

I could have squashed that pathetic campaign any time I wanted but it was far more interesting seeing you trying to play the hero, getting you’re a$$ handed to you week in week out. But I guess it was all worth it wasn’t it hero, EWF survived, EWF prospered and you went on to have the most successful spell of your career… Oh wait sorry let me just take off my Liam Wood rose tinted glasses… EWF died, you lost your title and then went on to have one spectacular loss after another.

But at least these fans love you, at least they cheer your name and I guess that’s why you wanna call me out on how I talk about these people, that I call them leaches, parasites, blood sucking vermin… well that’s what they are, they don’t have my respect, they have my contempt… as do you. I would rather be booed than have that fat retarded guy in the front row screaming my name.

You say my ‘act’ is boring… well your words deceive you Liam, for you this business may be a pantomime, it may all be an act, you may lace up your boots solely to create a legacy to put a strike through all those ‘accomplishment’ on your to do list, well this isn’t xbox, you don’t get extra credit for accomplishments. You get what you take from this industry and fortunately for me I plan on taking everything and leaving nothing but the bones for you and the other ‘acts’ to pick. Karma may be a biatch but I don’t believe in Karma… I believe in Costello’s Law!

By all means Liam move on to bigger and better things, but you should know I’m still standing in your way, I’m not done with you, not by a long shot, you may have thought Night of Glory was some kind of door opener on the road to redemption but believe me it was only the beginning for you and I. Did you honestly expect me to just walk away, no no, It’s not gonna be that easy I’m afraid your gonna have to work a lot harder than that because I’m going nowhere.

I’m practically chomping at the bit to get back in this ring to face you and Dubois, I’m like a kid at Christmas who can’t wait to unwrap his presents. And the fact you have a victory over a hall of famer means nothing to me, being in the hall of fame only means one thing… you used to be good, you used to be somebody and that’s all Jerome Dubois is… a has been.

So come Anarchy i'm gonna show you, that has been Dubois and everyone else exactly why Costello's Law is THE reason to tune in to 6CW


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6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014

Post by TwisT on Tue 24 Jun 2014, 2:17 pm

The crowd in the Copper Box arena are cheering loudly and holding up various signs fuelled by the goings on of Aftermath. A lone cameraman positions himself in front of the announcers desk and beams the smiling images of the Lloyd brothers onto the big screen.

HA: Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you now after an explosive Aftermath show. It was a time when we will look back and surely remember that everything changes!

HE: I have to admit that the ending of JJ Johnson and Keith Leone got me more interested than usual.

HA: And we cannot forget that 6CW now has some new leaders. While Jones regains an element of control, both Magnusson and Andrews will make that definitely lessen the impact of Authority.

HE: The man always has a plan. He will…….

Suddenly, the familiar sound of a heartbeat booms around the building. The crowd quieten down somewhat and look up the aisle. Joshua appears almost instantly, carrying McCoy in his hands. The audience watch as he makes his way slowly down the ramp, his head bowed as always. McCoy is looking around with a stern look on his face and eyebrows arched downwards. The lights flash on and off as Joshua makes his way around the ring. The lone cameraman turns to face him, edging backwards as Joshua walks round past the commentators.

HE: Terrifying. Simply terrifying.

HA: If it isn’t Joshua scaring the bejesus out of you then McCoy does a pretty good job as well.

HE: Please don’t let him put McCoy in front of us again.

As Joshua fails to turn round back to the Lloyd brothers, an audible deep sigh is heard. Joshua instead picks up a microphone and a chair from the side of the ring and rolls under the ropes. Turning towards the cameraman, he beckons him to do the same with one outstretched finger. The cameraman tentatively does so, keeping Joshua in shot but also keeping his distance. Joshua sets the chair up in the centre of the ring and carefully sits McCoy down upon it. He pauses a moment, checking that McCoy is ok, before facing out towards the audience:

The symphony of suffering ..........has increased its tempo..........While the music plays..........others have now joined..........the production..........

The fans cheer at this reference and signs with “JJ Johnson” and “Keith Leone” on are picked up by the hard camera. Joshua bows his head lower and speaks again from under his hair:

When you look on and their individual would be forgiven in losing the moment..........But that is when player..........and viewer is at..........their most vulnerable..........I don’t look upon these..........arrivals..........and believe suffering..........cannot be inflicted..........I look upon them inflict more..........The orchestra may well be increasing..........but they peddle their petty instruments..........still looking to the conductor..........for guidance..........The guidance of one..........that does not speak..........barely moves..........but instructs those play his tune..........And when that conductor..........asks you one

He lifts his head up slowly before asking the question:

Do these new arrivals..........give you what you crave? ..........

The fans cheer again loudly and a few chants of various wrestlers go up in unison.

HA: He got his answer. They are loving the men that returned this week. Loving it!

Joshua bows his head again and slowly shakes it. His tone is menacing and barely audible as he continues:

Your reaction..........says it all..........Merely a few precious days.......... since the have forgotten..........the horror of the hour..........The torment imposed..........on four men..........The blood spilt..........and bones shattered..........For it only takes someone..........changing the tone of the music..........for you to overlook..........the masterpiece...........A few uneducated debutants..........suit wearing or not..........and all is your world..........All is peaceful..........All is content..........

He goes back to McCoy and slowly takes him off the chair and seats him on the canvas. He then places his hand on the back of the chair and looks deep into the cameraman’s lens:

Shall I show world?..........Shall I show you..........what I crave?..........

Crowd: HOLY BEEP X 5

Without warning Joshua flings the chair up and starts attacking the cameraman. The hard camera has to show the audience, such is the brutality of what is going on in the ring.



Suddenly the crowd die down and we see ring again via the hard camera. Joshua is kneeling down, his hand on the back of the chair, as it is thrust into the lying cameraman’s throat. The poor guy is struggling to breathe and is bleeding from his head. Joshua simply looks at McCoy and shows no emotion. He slowly lifts the microphone to his lips and starts speaking again, still pushing the chair down on the cameraman’s neck:

With one swipe of metal..........images of a torrid past flash..........into your mind..........while images of a deceitful future..........evaporate..........With one swipe of try to avert your eyes..........and think of..........happier times..........But take a glance to have been missing..........With one swipe of suddenly remember..........Remember what is to be feared..........and realise what is to be..........forgotten...........

Joshua turns back to the shocked audience and extends his free arm out wide:

Look upon him..........Look how his eyes he struggles for breath..........Look how his mouth tries to..........plead for mercy..........Look at his mind..........concentrating on one..........thing..........only..........Not his profession..........Not his colleagues..........Not his family..........But one self-centred thought.......... as he clings to this earth……….the notion of his suffering..........

Joshua looks down to the cameraman and strokes the top of his head while the guy is still struggling. Suddenly, Joshua lifts the chair up and pushes the man away. The cameraman doesn’t need to be told twice and with a brief look back at Joshua, he rolls under the ropes and wearily staggers up the aisle as fast as he can.

HA: Thank god for that………..

Joshua slowly gets to his feet and watches the cameraman exit through the curtain:

And then the thought..........releases him..........Ready to torment him..........another day..........

He flings the chair away in disgust, before going back up to McCoy and picking him up with care. He looks out at the crowd, his hair bellowing as he spits out his next words:

My patience is unyielding..........even when your lack.......... of ill-fitting..........I should not make my entire existence is evidence..........of what I can a simple truth..........That suffering..........on my part and the only way worth living...........

He turns and looks down and McCoy before whispering:

Memories shape that life..........And mine are full of ones..........I shall not forget..........

Joshua then turns and looks up towards the curtain. He bows his head so that his hair covers his face:


He lifts his head back up and snarls:

The sacrilege you imposed on that..........who is dear to me..........has been my mind..........Drawn with a sweeping brush..........covered in your blood..........I think not on how..........I will destroy you..........I think on simply how long..........I will enjoy..........seeing you survive..........You think the value..........of to your advantage?..........You think sharing..........a common goal..........will elevate..........your ability?..........This mistake will be your undoing..........A demon with enough distress..........coursing through his veins..........does not need other hounds..........of hell..........For his belief in the far greater than those..........that preach..........but do not prepare..........I do not need..........protectors..........I do not need..........directors..........I do not need..........supporters..........All that I that you finally recall my deeds..........just as these people..........have done tonight..........Then the answers you seek..........will finally become clear..........and irrelevant..........

He extends one arm out in front of him and points with his finger:

Why do my name?..........Are you in preparation..........for screaming it in fear?.......... Why is it you..........cling to false hopes?..........Are you in preparation..........for clinging to each fright? .......... Why is it you..........plead for my acceptance?..........Are you in accept bitter defeat?..........

He cocks a head to the crowd and continues: you remember..........the carnage inflicted?..........Do you think I long to wear..........your symbol of extreme..........Or simply use another tool to choke within a second of his passing? ..........For I value gold far less..........than screams of humanity..........That..........and only a gauge of my..........success..........

He lifts his head up so that everyone in attendance can see his scarred face:

Think on it..........Remember it..........Let it grow inside you..........And never..........ever..........forget. For when you example

Joshua lowers his head and looks at the spots of blood on the canvas before holding McCoy closer to him.

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6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014

Post by roverstdt on Tue 24 Jun 2014, 2:24 pm

I’m practically chomping at the bit to get back in this ring to face you and Dubois, I’m like a kid at Christmas who can’t wait to unwrap his presents. And the fact you have a victory over a hall of famer means nothing to me, being in the hall of fame only means one thing… you used to be good, you used to be somebody and that’s all Jerome Dubois is… a has been.

So come Anarchy i'm gonna show you, that has been Dubois and everyone else exactly why Costello's Law is THE reason to tune in to 6CW

Costello lowes his mic and gets up close to Wood face to stare into his eyes.

“Beat the devils Tattoo” hits

The two men back away from each other

HE: OOhh my things are picking up!

HA: This is a highly combustible situation!

HE: That’s right all 3 of these men are facing each other next week, and Wood has been both of them before.

Dubois slowly makes his way out at the top of the ramp is seen mockingly applauding Liam Wood, and Vincent Costello as they both stand in the center of the ring. “Oui” Chants are heard echoing across the arena as Dubois smiles and raises his arm mic in hand.

JD: Congratulations Monsieur Wood! Congratulation…You indeed do deserve ze praise…I mean just like Monsieur Hurst you have finally achieved something dat has some sort of recognition in my company 6CW…Ze record will forever show, dat I Jerome Dubois, ze Phenomene Francais, ze Pride of France…tapped out…

Crowd: You Tapped Out! You Tapped Out! You Tapped Out!

Dubois is seen getting agitated by the crowd as he tries to shrug off the crowds chant.

JD: But Monsieur Wood, might I warn you have only won part 1 of ze battle and zis war is far from over…And dat is ze difference between you and me…You will never…Never…Ever….rebuild your career, and will always be dat much beneath me, because you content yourself with short term gains, which eventually lead you to absolutely nowhere…No one will forever remember ze day dat Jerome Dubois tapped out to Liam Wood! But everyone will remember when I beat you in ze center of dat ring on my terms, at my time! Because all dat happened last week was a fluke! It was a mirage! Hell it was a travesty, and I will be dam if anyone ever makes me tap out again!

Dubois starts pacing back and forth as the “You Tapped Out!” Chants get louder and louder.

HE: Dubois looks like he is on the verge of snapping here Harold!

HA: Can you blame him, these fans are being completely disrespectful!


Dubois throws his mic on the floor as it rolls down the ramp in frustration as he tries to center himself, as he then bends over to pick it up calmly.

JD: Well Monsieur Wood, I hope you are happy as now you have my attention…You have my focus…but don’t get cute and misinterpret dat for respect, because as far as I am concerned, ever since you have come to 6CW you have achieved nodding. Just like Monsieur Costello who is staring at me with his little beady eyes. What Monsieur Costello, have you never seen a legend, who could embarrass you all across dis arena before? Hein?

Dubois dat backs away, up the ramp.

JD: I dought so…So while you are both in dere hugging each other having zis little homo erotic moment between ze two of you I want you to realize one ding…And one ding only…and dat is dat you have no idea what you are getting yourselves into next week…You are both C+ plus wrestlers, who wrestled in a C+ rated company…Zis is ze big times, and ze big leagues…Come next week on my Show…Monsieur Wood, I will send you back into ze shadows where you came from just like I did to Monsieur Hurst…I will make you both irrelavent just like I made Hurst…So enjoy zis moment Monsieur Wood, ze floor is yours, ze spotlight is on you! But come next week you will choke, because you are unable to handle ze pressure, you are unable to deal with ze fact dat you are ze favorite going into zis match…Are you are unable to deal with ze fact dat you know dat last week was a fluke and dat next week…Ze outcome mon ami will be very very different.

Crowd: Non!!!! Non!!!!! Non!!!!

Dubois then has a smug smile.

JD: And don’t dink I have forgotten about you Monsieur Costello…Because as far as Costello Law goes…Which might I add sounds like some kinky sexual activity! Costello Law in 6CW so far has been non existent! You have choked at every single moment dat has been presented in front of you…Hell you couldn’t even beat Monsieur Wood at Night of Glory! Which means you certainly won’t be able to beat me…Because come next week on Anarchy…I am going to turn Costello’s Law into my B!tch!


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6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014

Post by x12x on Tue 24 Jun 2014, 2:40 pm

Wood shakes his head and laughs as he begins to pace the ring around around Vincent Costello before speaking again.

Vinnie, I'm impressed...the fact that you were able to call yourself Mr EWF without cracking up must have taken a lot of practice...the truth is though you claiming that you meant anything to that company is a joke...If you were EWF then you would have stood and fought for it, you say you held that title like it was the most important title in the business but you didn' held it like it was the only thing keeping you your decision a tactical masterpiece if you want but the truth is it was that decision that left you helpless and was that decision that lead to Team EWF leaving you to fend for yourself and it was that decision that lead to Fear taking you out!

To me that to me doesn't seem like a great were left on the shelf and without and title...but instead of blaming yourself for your actions you sat and watched as I was voted Superstar of the year...You sat and watched as I went on to win that World Title in a match that defined a match that defined the world title and in a match that defined what I was all about...I walked out of the War Games match as the World and Television title...I held the top two singles titles in that company but yet you still claim that you were EWF...keep telling yourself that “champ” and while you're at it, Keep telling yourself that you could have ended Fear Campaign but I guess we'll never know because after they put you out you weren't seen in EWF on the other hand, I stood tall through every beating, I stood back up after being knocked down over and over again and when all was said and done, I was champion!

The crowd break out in to a massive cheer as Wood looks around the arena at the fans in attendance before turning his attention back to his future opponent

Here's a question for you though, do you really think that EWF is dead? We won the battle and despite what Jones has been feeding you, we're still in the war...EWF may not exist in name but it exists in spirit, it's still standing tall...Magnusson owns half this company and guys like Phillips and Reborn are going to make this their year. Not only that but I am going to make this my year!


Wood places a hand to his ear in a listening pose before smiling

You hear that Vinnie!? That's the sound of the crowd showing you just what they's a newflash for you though, you claim that you don't respect these fans? Well, I can guarantee the feeling is mutual...they're sick of watching you claim to be the best this company has to offer when in reality you're a glorified thug who just couldn't fill daddies shoes...You're a jumped up little bully who throws the toys of out the pram the moment you're made to actually work for something and right now you're rattled because the last two times you've stepped in to a 6CW ring you've been beaten by actual wrestlers who know each and every move in your arsenal and have counters for all of them...

At Anarchy Vinnie, you get to experience the new me and remember just why I was never beaten for my television title, you get to see just why I can walk in to this arena and have the guts to call myself the best in the business and you get to see just why Night Of Glory five was just the beginning

Wood drops the microphone and rolls down to the outside where he joins the crowd in an EWF chant before making his way through the crowd to the back


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6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014

Post by Guest on Tue 24 Jun 2014, 3:45 pm

The camera cuts to the backstage area of the 6CW arena where many stagehands are walking around trying to get on with their business. This bustling continues for a few moments before there is suddenly calm and only one figure can be seen. The person is leaning against the wall and is clad in a hooded check shirt and a pair of scruffy jeans. The character remains in silence for yet more time before raising his head slightly and starting to speak.

???: They’re right when they say there is no place like home.

The character then removes his hood to be revealed as Keith Leone. Leone has a slightly twisted smile on his face as he looks into the camera before continuing to talk.

Leone: I’ve fought in many federations and countries and no matter where I go, there is always a sense that I don’t truly belong there. It’s almost like every time I leave this place, it keeps trying to drag me back, but I suppose when you help build the foundations of somewhere it’s to be expected. When my blood, sweat and tears still stain some of the canvasses for the ring it’s natural to think that I’d treat this place with slightly more respect than anywhere else. But now it’s time to cut the sappy stuff, they’ll be time for that when they’re putting me in the ground, now it’s time to address the events at the last show. You know a wise man in this business once said, “No-one cares about dates, what they care about are the moments that go on to define us.” Well on June 23rd 2014 at 6CW Aftermath, there is a moment that nobody will ever forget. Nobody will forget where they were on the night that JJ Johnson and Keith Leone went nose to nose in a wrestling ring for the first time, and believe me when I say I got the same tingles you did. For a few minutes every 6CW fan was forced to sit up and take notice, no matter who their allegiance was with, they were hypnotised by what was occurring in the ring. From the moment I got back to the locker room and was able to truly understand what had just happened, my phone hasn’t stopped ringing. People keep asking me, “Why Keith? Why did you challenge JJ Johnson?” And it amuses me still to think that they all put JJ Johnson on this pedestal. It’s like JJ Johnson is wrestling’s sun, and all the rest of us bask in his glow to survive, and really that’s why I took up his challenge. I’ve said my tirade against other people companies already, so no doubt you all already understand why I feel so strongly about JJ. He’s the living embodiment of corporate structure; you have the guys that a company wants to succeed, and then you have the guys like me. JJ has and always will be the face of a company, because he has the right image. The big smile, the happy-go-lucky attitude, hell even the decent style, it all screams of the perfect role model. But what everyone needs to understand is that this isn’t some TV commercial, this isn’t an educational programme for schools; this is professional wrestling. This is a sport in which men beat each other half to death just to prove that they’re better than one another, now does that sound like somewhere that needs a “role model.” I have given so much for this business and it’s only ever in 6CW that I was truly recognised as great, and then for JJ Johnson to walk in here expecting to take glory… that grinds my gears a little. I never had the chance to take you on elsewhere JJ, I never got to show the people why I should be sitting atop that pedestal, but now… now I’m going to take the chance with both hands. You’re in my house now JJ, my world, and you’re about to find out what 6CW is all about. All of those horror stories you’ve heard, all of myths that were told around the water coolers about this place, they’re all true. Nobody walks away from 6CW the same way they walked in, but with what’s going to happen between us JJ, you may very well not walk away at all.

Leone’s face looks coldly into the camera now as he takes a few breaths to compose himself whilst he closes his eyes. Leone then looks more relaxed as he reopens his eyes and speaks again.

Leone: But as with everything in my career, the plan isn’t going to go smoothly. I may not have seen it live, but I got to watch Mr. Jones’ reaction to the showdown between JJ and myself, and I know full well he has the power to make things difficult. Can I make a suggestion though? From one professional to another I suggest you stay away from my business. If you want to know why it’s a bad idea to go against me, pick up the phone and call Alex Walker and asked what happened to Genesis. He will say one thing to you, “Keith Leone.” I get myself into situations where there is no chance of winning and I still walk out victorious because I don’t work in the same fashion as anyone you have dealt with before. I mean take this week for example; you have stuck me in a two on one handicap match against your newest boys, Bad Intentions. I’ve been watching 6CW for a while now, I know that you’re fairly good at what you do, and the potential for Bad Intentions to go on to do great things is large too, but it’s still not going to work in your favour. There are teams in my career where I could only dream of two on one handicap matches because the deck was stacked that much against me, so to start off with I’m really not intimidated by that premise. Secondly, and this is more addressed to Bad Intentions, boys, you’re out of your league. You did a real number on Helms and Daniels at Aftermath and you’ve proven that you can take out the trash, but I’m not any old trash. You will beat me down to a bloodied pulp and when you think there is nothing left of me, I will claw my way back to my feet and kick your teeth down your throat. Then I will take the other one of you and drive your skull into the ground with a tombstone, and at that point you will realise why men run when they hear my name. You will understand why 6CW is synonymous with me, and you will feel the pain that threatens any man that tries to interfere with my future plans. Gentlemen you have a war going on and the last thing you want to do, is get me involved in it, because trust me when I tell you that if I’m dragged in, there will be few survivors when I leave. I’ll see you all out there.

Keith Leone puts his hood back up as he then puts his hands in his shirt pockets before walking away down the corridor as the camera pans around to follow him before cutting away.


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6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014

Post by MtotheC on Tue 24 Jun 2014, 4:31 pm

Costello: And here he is, the has been hall of famer himself, gracing us all with his presence, I don’t know who’s more deluded, this sycophant standing right here (points to Wood) or you Dubois?!

I’ve seen you fight only a handful of times but I’ll tell you this for free, you suck… maybe once upon a time you had something but when I look at you now all I see a broken down, desperate, shell of your former self clinging on to the coat tails of others trying to make your career mean something again. Well sorry Frenchy there’s no free ride for you here, I’m done carrying people and once all is said and done next week you’ll be yet again left wondering where did all go wrong for the one time great Jerome Dubois courtesy of Costello’s Law.

Liam Wood raises his microphone to interject, only for Costello to cut him off…

You shut your mouth Wood, I’m not done yet. You talk about EWF like it was the glory days, but truth be told Magnusson and FEAR ran that place into the ground. And I don’t like to agree with him but Dubois is right, this is the big leagues now, 6CW is THE wrestling promotion. EWF deserved to burn and now that moron is here I have serious concerns over the future of this company, but I for one will not let him do to 6CW what he did in LA, I will liberate us from Daniel Magnusson and all his false promise.

So you keep on running your mouth about what you’ve done, because take it from me all those accomplishments, all those ticks on your check list mean absolutely nothing when that bells rings. Because when it’s me and you… oh and that insignificant has been , standing in this ring ready to fight they count for jack sh$t.

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6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Tue 24 Jun 2014, 5:12 pm

*The lights in the Copper Box dim and then an electric blue spotlight begins to whirl around the arena. It comes to a stop on the stage before "Remember the name" blasts out to a standing ovation from the audience.

HA: JJ Johnson is in the house...

HE: Hasn't Mr Jones taking care of this guy already?

HA: The Authority may not be happy about JJ being here but these fans don't care one bit....JJ Johnson and Keith Leone are set to go one on one in the near future and that is all the counts for the 6CW Universe...

HE: Not if Mr Jones has anything to do with it...

HA: Jones needs to back the hell off...this is a match of a lifetime, nobody should step in the way of that...

*JJ swaggers down the ramp and he pauses in the aisleway with a broad grin on his face. He removes his sunglasses and nods his head before making his way to the steel steps, climbing up into the ring.

HA: It has been nineteen long months since we last saw JJ in this is fantastic to have him back...

HE: Speak for yourself...

*JJ takes to all four corners, soaking up the atmosphere, before he jumps down into the ring. He shakes hands with the ring announcer before taking a microphone in his grasp.

JJ: Easy now playas....

*Crowd pop

JJ: Just incase y'all thought you may have been hallucinating at Aftermath, here I didn't fall into a deep sleep, you were not experiencing the greatest dream that mankind has ever, no, no.....JJ Johnson is back!

*Huge cheers

JJ: And for those of you who watched on with wide-eyed wonder as JJ Johnson stood in the middle of this ring, entertaining like only he can, only to be joined by the man they refer to as the "Extreme Savior"....a man they call Keith Leone.....oh yeah, that happened too!

*More cheers and a "Keith Leone" chant starts up

JJ: Now I know y'all are big Leone fans and I dig that, he is synonymous with this promotion and he is responsible for many of the most famous moments in 6CW's history....but when JJ Johnson stands in the middle of this ring and issues an open challenge to anyone in the back to go one on one with the Franchise Initiative...and your march on out here to confront me..then I don't care if your Santa Claus or the Dalai Lama...I'm gonna whoop your a55!

*Mixed reaction from the audience

JJ: I got a whole lot of respect for Keith Leone...he's a tough son of a gun, he can wrestle better than 99% of guys in this business, and he is passionate about what he does...but my name isn't JJ Johnson for no goddamn reason. I don't be known as a three time world champion because I am real good at twirling on the spot with my thumb up my name means something because where I come from, I get the job done whenever I step between these ropes....and I really hope Keith remembers that.

And this isn't me running him down, because he has never done anything to earn my ire but respect only stretches so soon as you become my opponent then nothing else matters any more....I want to win this upcoming match and so does Keith....neither of us are going to give an inch and that really excites me....this could truly go down as the greatest match of all time.

HE: Can this guy's ego get any bigger?

JJ: This is the exact reason I came back to this business....and I know there will be those of you who wonder whether or not I can handle the pace, whether I'm jumping in deep water without thinking of the consequences...nineteen months out with a career-threatening injury, is a man like Keith Leone the right foe for my first match back?

Quite simply put; time is going to tell. I didn't bust my a55 and put my body through the ringer so that I could come back and curtain jerk with Percy Percival...

HA: Jerking and Percy in the same sentence...JJ should be careful...

JJ: I said that I would start from the bottom and work my way up, I really have no problem with that, but when a guy like Keith Leone comes out here and issues a don't turn that down, you don't turn your back on that, because opportunities such as those come around once in a lifetime...there is not many more high profile matchups than that, if you don't live for that kind of chance then you picked the wrong profession...

And if I didn't believe that I have what it takes to not only hold my own with a guy like him, but to beat him in the middle of this ring....then I would never have signed my contract in the first place. Because nobody, except me, knows what I had to go through in the last year and half....the heartbreak, the rehab, spending day after day pushing myself beyond the limit....mentally and physically draining myself to make sure I was ready for whatever the future may hold...

I truly believe that the man I am today is superior to anything I have ever been in my life before...I believe my physical shape and my athletic edge is on a whole new level and everything I have achieved to this date is nothing compared to what I am going to do this time and my team have put in all the preparation, trained better, lived better....I could not be in a better place..

But talking about it and for as good as all my training has been...none of it matters when I finally step through the ropes and gear up to go to war for this first time since 2012. Nobody knows the answers, not even me, and all the speculation in the world won't change the fact that when the time comes for me to fight...we are all entering the unknown...

I believe in me...but seeing is believing and we haven't seen anything yet!

*JJ takes a look at his feet as a huge "JJ Johnson" chant rings all around.

JJ: I can't tell you how much I have dreamt about this....standing in front of die-hard fans and feeding off the energy that only you guys can generate....there is no profession on this earth that can produce the electricity that this one does.....I truly am home and I thank you all for welcoming me back with open arms...

*More cheers from the crowd

JJ: The love of my supporters has spurred me on to come back here, bigger and better than ever, and hopefully together we can write some new chapters of the Franchise Experience...Keith Leone may be the first stop but he sure as hell won't be the last...

I have wrestled the best and the fiercest competitors this industry has ever seen....Cassius Zhi, Hero, Nemesis, The Saint, Median and many many more....I have the big fight experience, a whole lot more so than Keith Leone does, and when the time comes for me and Keith to get in the ring I am going to able to draw on every ounce of that experience to prove that I still have it takes to be the "main event playa"...

Crowd: Damn straight!

JJ: Haha damn straight indeed....I understand it riles you up, Leone, that your whole career has been someone in a suit overlooking you for guys like me....but I assure you I am not overlooking you...I will never underestimate you....because I know just how damn good you are....and in this business it doesn't matter one iota what you look like or how you matters about how you throw down....and Keith Leone is more than capable of throwing down with the best of them...

This is your house but I fashioned myself a key and the only thing standing in my way of unlocking the door is you...I won't be denied entry to the next stage of my career...

I look forward to the coming weeks, Keith, and it going to be a helluva experience sharing a ring with you, homie, may the best man win...

*The crowd are roaring with delight, half shouting for JJ and half for Keith Leone

JJ: But before I leave I'd like to just take a moment to change my focus a little....and speak out to man in the back...he's wearing a suit and probably about now has Mr Hernandez' tongue lodged between the crevice of his a55cheeks...

*Laughter from the crowd

JJ: I saw that Mr Jones....yeah I saw what you said Jonesy....wants this "sham" taken care of and he is going to do whatever it takes to make sure me and Leone never get it on...well I don't know if you followed my career or Keith's for that matter, but neither of us have ever taken kindly to being threatened...

So do your damn worst, but I can assure you that any plan you have is likely to blow up in your bloated, jowly, face....I'd advise you to have a word with your new little pets, the aptly named Bad Choices, and you focus your attention on the men currently trying to rip this company from your sweaty palms...

Because coming after me is only going to accelerate the procedure...I'll drag control of this promotion from your dying hands and the last thing you ever will see is me pulling down my zipper to take a leak over everything you have ever held dear...

Think it over!

*JJ drops the mic and the crowd cheer as "Remember the Name" booms from the PA system once more. He poses on each of the four turnbuckles again before climbing from the ring and making his way backstage.

HA: JJ Johnson is back and he has words for both Keith Leone and Mr Jones....I wonder if they will listen...

HE: Mr Jones doesn't need to listen to this idiot...he just needs to put him back in the gutter where he belongs...

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6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014

Post by Marky on Tue 24 Jun 2014, 8:49 pm

The lights go down, a pink hue is illuminating the entrance, and "Golf, Alpha, Yankee, Sierra" is heard in the arena before "No Limits" by 2Unlimited begins to play. The Titantron flickers into life and Percy Percival and Molly Coddle are stood backstage in a locker room that's been decorated pink. Percy is wearing white PVC shorts and waistcoat, Molly wearing white PVC buttock-less trousers and a matching vest.

Percy: Tonight, Molly and I take on a couple of wild stallions who will give us some rough treatment but we're confident we can come out on top.

Molly: But first we need to talk about our match!

(Percy and Molly giggle excitedly)

Percy: Shh Molly... The Guys Against Y-chromosome Sickos are fully prepared to handle these Wild Stallions, whether it's Billy Shaw Thing, or Ass Cold Cassidy, we are here to teach those boys a lesson. You cannot go around being a Y-chromosome Sicko. Whether you're calling yourself Stallions without the means to back it up, or if you're simply denying your homosexual tendencies. The G.A.Y.S are here to ensure you live your life properly. Believe in us. Believe in the G.A.Y.S.

(Percy and Molly do the "G.A.Y.S Salute", which is taking the index and middle fingers of your right hand, making a circle with your index finger and thumb on your left hand, and pushing the right hand fingers through the hole)


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6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014

Post by Marky on Tue 24 Jun 2014, 8:51 pm

Max Adamson is shown arriving flanked by security guards, he looks as confident as ever as he strolls in wearing a t-shirt which says "Uprise this", the 6CW World Championship is over his shoulder and he smirks as he walks past some 6CW fans who boo and chant "you suck" at him.

Max: Deal with it.

(Adamson continues walking as the security keep any rowdy fans from coming into contact with him. Adamson arrives at Mr Jones' office, but standing in his way is Timothy Allen who is holding a microphone. Adamson is nonplussed)

Max: Ok, you may interview the Champ.

(Adamson hands Allen a piece of paper, which appears to be a list of pre-selected questions for Allen to ask! Adamson switches the title from his left shoulder to the right shoulder, and cricks his neck before "allowing" Allen to begin. Allen is unimpressed as he reads from the paper)

TA: Lord Adamson, Heavyweight Champion of the World, how do you keep the 6CW World Championship looking so shiny?

Max: Great question. Well Tim, it's quite straightforward. In the Jewellers trade they use a slurry, which is a mixture of baking soda and water. This slurry is applied with a soft brush, I prefer to use a toothbrush myself. The baking soda and water slurry will not only keep the gold clean, but also the baking soda will do small amounts of polishing so the metal is actually shinier.

TA: Right...

(Allen goes back to the list for the next question)

TA: Lord Adamson, Heavyweight Champion of the World, how do you keep your skin so blemish-free?

Max: Another great question. My five steps to keeping Blemish free are as follows. Number one, drink plenty of fresh water. This will keep your skin healthy. Not too much as you can over-do it. Number two, get plenty of sleep. Your skin can also get tired Tim, as most evident with those bags under your eyes. Number three, keep your skin clean. Don't go putting make-up on like certain other performers, keep your skin free of that rubbish. Number four, if you do go all pizza-face, visit your doctor. There may actually be something wrong, and he can help you. I regularly visit my GP if I find a pimple. And number five, don't allow hands to touch your face. Be it your own or those of our germ ridden fans. There are germs all over your hands, so if you have to touch your face, or in my case, stroke my beard, make sure you wash your hands first.

(Allen sighs as he goes onto the next question)

TA: Lord Adamson, Heavyweight Champion of the World, please tell us again about how you are the only two time Australian Champion in professional wrestling history.

Max: Oh I suppose so. Back in 6WF, I was awarded the Australian Championship by my peers. I defended that Championship against all who qualified for an opportunity and was undefeated as Champion for well over a year. I used my Australian Championship as bait to force a match with Snake Eyes for his European Championship, and of course I won. There were many others who were jealous of my success however, one JJ Johnson, who was in charge at the time and he forced me to defend my Australian Championship against a cocky upstart called Mack Bogart. Mack was from Australia and fulfilled the criteria, but he was no match for me, until Cassius Zhi decided to get revenge on me running him over, or something, and screwed me out of my Championship! But fear not young Timothy, for this story has a happy ending. I eventually got my fair rematch with Mack Bogart in a steel cage match, and in a hellacious battle, I escaped the cage first and I stand before you, the only ever two time, and still current, Australian Champion in history.

(Adamson looks proud as he reminisces, Allen looks fed up)

TA: Max, what about the Uprising? What about the huge six man tag team match on Anarchy this week? What about GazzyD being the special guest referee?

(Adamson looks disgusted with Allen and sneers in Allen's direction before reluctantly answering)

Max: There are far more important things to talk about than the Uprising. I don't care about Dean Andrews, I don't care about Daniel Magnusson, I don't care about Oliver Keane, I don't care about Drake, I don't care about GazzyD, I don't care about Enforcer not liking me, I don't care about Nate Nack, I don't care about Mike Masters, I don't care about Scott Harris, I don't care about Liam Wood, I don't care about Keith Leone, and I certainly don't care about JJ Johnson. Does that cover everything?

(Allen nods)

Max: Good. The only things I care about, are the things that directly impact on me. I don't care if GazzyD is the referee for the six man tag team match on Anarchy, because this team is unstoppable. This team is Daniel Reilly, the current UK Champion. Alexander Altair, the current International Champion. And Max Adamson, the current 6CW World Heavyweight Champion. That's all I care about. Gazzy will probably try to turn the match into a 4 on 3 handicap match, but we don't care. We are all Champions, and we know what it takes to overcome the odds.

(Adamson leans in towards Allen)

Max: Do you want to know what the Authority thinks of the Uprising?

(Allen nods again)

Max: Then we will show you on Anarchy exactly what we think of the Uprising.

(Adamson nonchalantly shoves Allen back a few steps and then enters Mr Jones' office, his security remaining outside as the door is closed behind him.)


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6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014

Post by MtotheC on Thu 26 Jun 2014, 11:46 am

The tron flickers into life at the Cooper Box, revealing Nicky ‘Ice Cold’ Cassidy standing outside the Wild Stallions dressing room door…

Cassidy: Come on Billy Bob, get you’re a$$ out here!

Shaw: No way, I look ridiculous, what was wrong with the clothes I had on?

Cassidy: Well bro, I’ve come to the conclusion that although you’re a pretty cool guy you’re not exactly ice cold.

Shaw: What does that even mean?

Cassidy: Ice cold isn’t something you can label, you can’t pigeon hole it, it’s what the French call… well I don’t exactly know what the French call it, but that’s something people say isn’t it?! Look bro just get out here and let’s see how you look.

Shaw opens the dressing room door, drawing huge laughs from the live crowd in attendance, he is dressed in; wraparound sun glasses, a tight aluminous green vest, a cut off denim waistcoat, skinny jeans, brown espadrilles and a white panama hat.

Cassidy: Here he is... Billy Shaw, shaking and baking!

Shaw: I look like I was locked in a wardrobe filled with Top Man clothes, thrown down a staircase and this car crash of an outfit it was happen to fall on me.

Cassidy: What?! You’re rocking that ensemble, this is exactly what I’m talking about… So now you’ve got the look we need to work on the attitude.

Shaw: Attitude?

Cassidy: Yeah attitude, you need some swag bro, you need to be all like ... ‘I don’t care what people think, I’ve got confidence’ and most importantly that you have passion in your pants and you aint afraid to show it!

Shaw: Look whatever is going on in my pants, is my business and nobody else’s!

Cassidy: And that’s why you’ll never be ICE COLD! You need to be loud and proud, you need to stop a chick in her tracks and say… ‘hey beautiful, there’s a party going on down here and you are on the VIP guest list baby”

Shaw: Does that ever work?

Cassidy: 60% of the time, it works every time!

Shaw: That makes absolutely no sense.

Cassidy: Of course it does, look Bill, if you ever wanna be Ice Cold, score with chicks and generally be kiss ass, you need to embrace this shiz

Shaw: Don’t you think we should get focused on our match with Percival and Coddle? We need a win at Anarchy Nicky, I didn’t come to this company to be a laughing stock, I want tag team gold around my waist.

Cassidy: Look, let me break it down for you… the only thing impressive about the G.A.Y.S is their dress sense I mean those dudes know how to rock a pair of skin tight short shorts but at the end of the day the Wild Stallions are big time ballers here in 6CW we don’t sweat nobody, we need to concentrate on our swag, on our style and on our energy… and we’ll be rocking gold in no time, do you get me bra?

Shaw: Do you know what, in some completely insane use of twisted logic that actually makes sense, your right Nicky… if we get our game plan sorted the rest will fall into place.

Cassidy: Now you’re thinking like a Wild Stallion… Come on, lets get you on that sun bed, your milky white skin is blinding me.

Shaw: If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a hundred times, I’m not getting on any sun be…..

The scene fades out as the two continue to bicker…


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6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014

Post by roverstdt on Thu 26 Jun 2014, 1:56 pm

Dubois stares up and burst into a fit of laughter, as he starts tapping on his microphone…

JD: Hello…..hello……testing……testing……1…..2…..3……Ladies and Gentlemen, mes amis in ze 6CW arena here tonight….Monsieur Costello has finally lost ze plot…I mean unless Monsieur is some magician, or has an identical twin broder clearly I am missing ze point…Because last time, Monsieur Wood decide to run away with his tail between his legs and drough each and everyone of you as he ran out of ze arena on pure fear! I mean I am not one to speculate, but MERDE Monsieur Wood, beat ze absolute oly hell out of you dat you actually visualize seeing him, yet I am ze one who lost ze plot? I am ze broken down man? I dink Costello Law is pretty much just a cry out for help….Please someone help me!

*Crowd end up laugh

HE: Who knew Dubois had a sense of humor!

HA: This a look back at the old Dubois here, making jokes, but backing it up in the ring.

JD: Either dat or Costello Law is some sort of sadomasochism dat ze youth are practicing dese days which follows a strict set of rules….Which after having do some research on google -Oui mes amis Dubois and Franceis in touch with ze 21st century, and we do have ze internet- I did find some interesting results…Rule 1: To ze gentlemen engaging in Costello Law, you shall be humiliated, and ridiculed in front of a public….Rule number 2: To ze gentlemen You shall lose all self respect, and become emasculated after getting your balls crushed repeatedly by others….Worse part mes amis dese are only 2 rules from a 450 page encyclopedia of Costello’s Law!

Dubois pauses as “Eunuch” chants are head across the arena.

*Dubois into a fit of laughter.

JD: Well that’s a first!

HE: My god what on earth is going on?

HA: All I know is Costello must be fuming at this point

JD: And how ironic because come Anarchy I will humiliate you Monsieur Costello…I will embarrass, and make you realized dat you just aren’t up to it…You may have been a big fish in EWF, but zis…..zis right here….Zis is 6….C…..W! Dere is a reason why EWF burned to ze ground terribly…and dat is because not a single one of you on dat show had ze star power dat I have! You say dat I am past it…a has been….Let me make 2 things perfectly clear…Ever since I returned ze biggest names in wrestling have followed in tune behind ze likes of JJ Johnson….and Keith Leone….Two men who will cross paths with Dubois at some point, and two men I will….and trust me when I say dis…I will send dem back into ze shadows where dey belong! Well last time I checked mon ami, dis “Has Been” won his match on ze biggest stage of dem all…What about you? Hein? O yeah! Dats right, you LOST!!!! You will point to ze fact dat Monsieur Wood, may have defeated me last week…But mon ami ze difference between you and me, is dat I am a big time players…I perform when it counts, and I always get ze last laugh! So if you dink dat my performance last week meant anyding…Well mon ami you are completely wrong! Because dis isn’t just about Redemption….Zis is unfinished business….I don’t care for titles….I am don’t care for money, as I have all ze money in ze world….All I care about mon ami, is kicking both of your asses next week! All I care about is disposing of both you second rate wrestlers from a second rate company so dat I can move on to my goal…Dat is to finally get my hand on Monsieur Johnson….To finally ze modern day prostitute Keith Leone all ze way back to ze 6WF….Because if you haven’t noticed dat man doesn’t give a dam about each and everyone of you….All he cares about is money and attention! And finally I want to get my hands on ze man who has made a career in imitating me….Mike Masters…..SO Monsieur Costello enjoy zis moment with me next week….enjoy it….because after next week you will no longer be relevant…Zis is as close you will ever get to making a name for yourself in 6CW….


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6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014

Post by TheCultOfPersonality on Thu 26 Jun 2014, 5:20 pm

At the latest 6CW live event, a video begins to play up on the titantron. The video shows a brief summary of the build up of the match between the tag team champions vs Helms and Daniels. The video then shows Masters and Harris coming out victorious in the match before having a stare down with one another. The video ends with action from Aftermath from Masters pinned Costello. As the video ends, "Champion" hits as the crowd get on their feet as Mike Masters makes his way out. Masters does his signature pose on the ramp before shouting at the cameraman, "Ohh it's hot in here, Masters is da house" as he continues his entrance. Masters then grabs a microphone as he addresses the 6CW universe.

MM: 6CW, the Mastersful one is here. *Crowd pop*. Oh yeah that's right people, the show off, the man all the men want to be and the man all the woman want to be with is here. Whoa, just listen, just listen to this. The electricity in the air when Masters comes out. This place just came alive when I came in and trust me, that's not me being cocky, it's just me being honest. I know all of you want to see me. And hey I want to see you. It makes me feel good inside to know that I entertain you people. I entertain and I deliver, when Mike Masters is in the house who can always expect a high calibre match. Which brings me to Aftermath...

MM: At aftermath, simply put I stole the show. You see, Aftermath saw a night of many many returns. Now I'm gonna be pretty honest and a lot of people might not like this but I couldn't care less about any single one of them. Sure, Mr. Jones finally got put in his place. But that doesn't take away the fact he's still a weasel and he made my life hell once a while back. So with one authority figure losing power, two more enter the frame and gain that power. How do I feel about this? I have no clue. How do I know what these guys will do, how do I know these guys won't get power power hungry and pull a Mr. Jones? You see I don't trust them...yet. You guys all know I have a big issue about trust. Trust has bit me on the shoulder a few times but I'm gonna make damn sure it doesn't happen again. But hey, Luis Suarez said that and look what happened right? *Huge boo's echo around the arena*.

MM: Haha. But the change in power wasn't the only thing that happened on Aftermath, a few odd people seem to be going on about the return of JJ Johnson and Keith Leone. *Huge crowd pop*. Hmmm, you wanna know what I see? I see two so called big names from the history books returning to take away the limelight from Mike Masters. I don't wanna feel that way, but I just do. But I can gurantee you people that Mike Masters will keep showing off no matter who returns and who's in charge.

MM: And that I did. On Aftermath I defeated Vincent Costello. I'd count that as a big win for me. Costello is one of the top names around here, but I beat him. You see around my waist here is the tag team championship. But I proved I can get it done as a singles competitor too. As a competitor, one must always strive for more gold. And I'm gonna forward that claim next week on Anarchy when I pin the 6CW one of the singles champions in the main event of Anarchy. But hey, I'm not gonna get over the head about this. As the tag team champion, I know I have one huge target on my back. I may not get a long with my tag team partner and probably never will, but together in that ring, where unstopable. So to those teams, Hurst/Reborn, The Wild Stallions and everyone else, all I gotta say is just bring it. You know who else can just bring it, that trash talking frenchy, that's right Dubois, I heard what you had to say earlier. I will happily show you and the whole tag division why I am that damn good.

Mike Masters throws his microphone on the ground and goes to pose on the turnbuckles as the camera slowly fades out.


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6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014

Post by DP on Thu 26 Jun 2014, 9:54 pm

'Survival' hits the airwaves in the Copper Box and the crowd pop big time as Scott Harris bursts out onto the stage wearing a white hoodie with 'The Sharpshooter' emblazoned upon the back. He stands with his back to the crowd, slowly removes his hood and turns to face them, a broad smile evident on the face of the usually focussed, serious youngster. He applauds the Copper Box crowd.

HA: What a couple of weeks this young man has had! First he was subjected to the suspicions of everyone with the shock announcement of just who his father is, then he defended the 6CW Tag Team Championships, despite his uneasy alliance with Mike Masters at Night of Glory and then this past week at Aftermath, the highlight of his career thus far: A pinfall, hard fought victory over the EWF Champion, Enforcer!

HE: Harris was lucky! It was a pure fluke and now he's walking around like he's the big man! Harris is nothing more than a lucky egotist and I can't wait for his father to put him through the torture he deserves!!

HA: Oh come off it! Harris matched everything Enforcer had and showed that he is more than comfortable of performing at that level! And it looks like Mr Jones' dirty little secret wants to address this sell out Copper Box crowd!

Harris is grinning widely, like a Cheshire Cat, as he stands at the top of the ramp, he rolls up his sleeves of his hoodie and rubs his arms, as if to indicate goosebumps. He raises the microphone he is handed to his mouth.

SH: I've never been one to sit on a victory and take things for granted, 6CW, but you'll forgive me for being a touch elated after what happened at Aftermath! Because I did something pretty incredible. I beat one of this company's world champions! I beat Enforcer!

The crowd cheer.

SH: I broke the glass ceiling, I made people sit up and notice just that little bit more. Because it wasn't a fluke, it wasn't down to luck being in my favour, I went toe to toe, punch for punch, move for move, mano et mano with one of the most destructive men on this roster and I pinned him fair and square in the middle of this very ring one, two, three!

It's moments like that that I wanted to achieve when I signed my contract, moments like that that I dreamed of as a young wrestler treading the independent circuit. It goes to show, 6CW, that dreams do come true, BUT, they have to be earned. I earned my chance at Enforcer and I sure as hell didn't buckle, I didn't shy away from the barrage he sent my way.

The truth is, I loved every second!

I felt at home, taking on a World Champion, I could see myself doing that at Night of Glory and one day, I hope for that to come true. It finally feels like The Sharpshooter has arrived, 6CW. No more Cat footing around, no more being the fresh faced newbie, just out and out, pure intensity from the first bell to the last!!

Because the thing that made that victory even more special, just that touch more emphatic was what occurred moments before it. I came face to face with my father for the first time in years. And that vile, vindictive, crooked old skid mark tried to rattle me, he tried to get in my head and take my mind away from the end goal of getting that big win. But the thing was, dearest Daddy, your attempt, your feeble, weak stab at the mind games had the adverse effect.

You lit a fire inside me, Michael, you awakened a beast in the pit of my being that yearned to prove you wrong, to show you just what I was capable of. That beast, it took your dirty, abhorrent words about my mother, it ingested them and allowed me to breathe fire in your direction and take your once trusted General and emphatically defeat him.

And I hope you watched every second, Michael, I hope you watched it and realised just what having me in this federation will actually mean for you! But allow me to spell it out for you, because I know you're getting a bit senile in your old age, me being in this company, me rising to the top of this company, will eventually, one day, mean the end of you and your dirty, corrupt Authority. You'll have no choice but to one day witness me becoming this Company's World Champion and you'll have no choice but to hand over that Title belt yourself and admit that you were wrong to treat me like the dirty little secret that you have been!

That's the dream, father and one day it'll be a reality: the greatest day of my life and the worst of yours!

Because like The Uprising, I'm invigorated, I feel renewed, like there's a semblance of hope at the end of the arduous path! And that's what the world is going to see in the Main Event of Anarchy! It won't be The Authority celebrating victory, but the team of Nate Nack and the 6CW Tag Champions, Scott Harris and Mike Masters showing the whole damn world that The Authority is dying a slow death and that we under the leadership of Daniel Magnusson and Dean Andrews, are going to continue rising and rising and rising!

And that, 6CW isn't a promise. It's cold, hard fact!

Everything changes and 'The Sharpshooter' Scott Harris is going to be right at the heart of it, wrestling control of this company from the grasp of my father!

Harris drops the microphone and the crowd cheer as 'Survival' plays once more, Harris raising his arms.

HA: A battle cry from The Sharpshooter! Something tells me we might be seeing a lot more of this kid!


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6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014

Post by Guest on Sat 28 Jun 2014, 7:44 pm

With Aftermath going off air the stars are leaving the arena. Phillips enters the shot with his sports bag thrown over the shoulder of his trademark red hoody. He comes to a halt as Tim Allen approaches him

TA: Hey Jimmy, wondering if we can get a minute of your time before you leave?

Phillips turns to Allen smiling a brilliant white smile

JP: Shoot

TA: Thanks, well first of all we haven't really heard from you since Night of Glory when you come within seconds of becoming the International Champion, that must have been hard to take

JP: Listen Tim, I'm not going to lie, at the time I was angry but you know these things are sent to test us. Its not the first time I've come close to becoming a champion and it won't be the last, and thats the important thing, there will be other chances, Scars and Stripes for instance

TA: Well you say that but nothing is official yet. If you want that match at Scars and Stripes you'll have to earn it by defeating the impressive Jax Cutler at Anarchy. In the only singles match you have had he recorded victory over you, and when you two come toe to toe in the ladder match some say that he got the better of you then as well

JP: Thats all well and good Tim, but you see thats all in the past. The Talent doesn't need to tell you that he doesn't look fondly at what has happened in his past, all you need to know is what is going to happen going forward. At Anarchy I'm going to make Jax Cutler my b!tch. I'm going to plant him in the middle of that ring with a Touchdown for the 1 2 3, advance to Scars and Stripes and then finish what I started with Altair three months ago and put that boring son of a b!tch out of his misery. This is the year of the Talent..

TA: About that, after an impressive run people were really starting to get board the Talent train, but the last few shows, has the Year of the Talent come of its tracks a bit?

JP: Its a good job a year is longer than a couple of weeks then isn't it Tim!

Phillips flashes a smile at the camera again before walking to his car and speeding off as the scene fades


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6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014

Post by Cagero on Sun 29 Jun 2014, 12:13 am

The Right Choice…?

A sigh is released from my lips, as I realize that another day has come and gone; I’ve done what was asked of me, but yet still feel empty, still feel deprived of what was once. I don’t feel fulfilled; I don’t feel happy, even though I’ve gotten back into the profession that I love so much. I don’t really know what to do with myself at this point – hold up in a hotel room, nowhere to go, and nothing to see. People around this place hate me anyway, being an American. I admit, we’re all a bit self-centered, we’re all a bit extreme; yet some have taken it upon themselves to give the rest of us a bad name. It’s kind of disappointing, to think that I can’t go out without being branded by them all, as just another stupid American… Why can’t I be Canadian in this case? And why the Hell did Chris sign me over here?

I hate that guy…

Despite him being my brother…

I mean, how dare him! To sign me in a place where I’m hated right away, just for being what I am…

I scratch my head… Wait a second, I think to myself; coming to the realization that people don’t hate me because I’m American, they hate me because I am me. I stifle a laugh out loud, trying not to make it too obvious, after all I am alone; I don’t really want people to think I’m crazy or something.

I look around the hotel room – I could be in here a while. I’m not really one for hotel rooms, not really one for traveling; a little ironic considering my career choice for the past twenty years. Traveling the world, seeing unique cultures, meeting new and interesting people all over the world, yet I do not like it. I prefer my home, my bed – where I can be surrounded in the sorrows of my past, and drown in my very own brand of misery… That seems to be what I do lately

I open the curtains, and look out the window with a sigh.

It seems busy out there…

Maybe I should be…?

Nah… I shake my head, and turn around, to face my plain hotel room. A sigh is released from my lips, as I walk to the other side, holding my head in my hands… This is a lot to take in, a person would think they would get used to it by now… I guess I’m not like other people in that sense. I’ve always been different, able to put on a face, for the sake of the world. To act tough, cocky, whatever it may be… Different, but ultimately the same – fueled by lies and deceit, just like anybody else; nothing but an act, for the world to see.

I look at the watch on my wrist.

Poopie, I forgot to switch it from New York time…

What is that? Six hours ahead or something like that.

Nine O’ Clock, the night is still young.

And I suppose I just begun.

And as if on cue, my phone rings, my brother again… I answer it slowly

Simon: “Yes?”

Pausing, I wait for an answer.

Chris: “You’re getting lazy Simon. Thirty minutes, you know the place.”

Click, he hangs up the phone.  As if I didn't know myself; I used to be ambitious, I used to be something more than I am now. What has happened to me? Why have I let my life go to Poopie the way it has… I've never been the same; I've let this business consume me, to get my mind off the world…

Hell with it.

I put on my shoes, and head out the door. Who knows, maybe I will have a string of luck… Maybe I won’t make it to where this is happening.


Never could I be so lucky though. I stand there behind a curtain under a drastic realization that this is the way I must be if I am ever going to change. Put on a face, to make it big... The only place I belong is at the top. If only I didn't have to put on the face to do it.

Surprisingly, it’s rather easy.

As I hear people chant my name – they've came just for me… Nobody believed me, the name Simon Cagero… But look now, there are followers. I peek through the curtain; people that showed up last time are here again… Some new faces, too. The name Simon Cagero will soon become a household name – whether people like me, or not.

The lights fade in the building, as I take a deep breath. I suppose it’s time to get down to business. The people here need me, regardless of what I think.

“Pardon Me” starts to play, as the people erupt in jeers, maybe even some boos, as for some reason, people like to go to things just to hate on them… It’s like the people that like the McDonald's Facebook page – rather odd if you ask me…

I jump out from beyond the curtain, carrying my microphone. Although, I don’t seem as enthusiastic as usual, do I? But still, I start to speak, as the music starts to die down.

Simon: “So welcome, I suppose this is. You've seen how it is, and how it’s done. Impressed? Probably not; you’re sitting back there saying ‘But Simon! The man was injured! It doesn't matter that he was more than a hundred pounds heavier than you! It’s completely void that you won! So what, he’s more than a foot taller than you! It doesn't count, because things have to be one-hundred percent fair in every fight for it to count! We live in a dream world, where we deal with absolutely perfect scenarios, Simon! You have proven nothing! You’re a fake! You’re a fraud…!”

I scream out, stressing the past two points, body curled over in exaggeration, and everything. But then I stop, and smile, before standing up straight.

Simon: “And unbelievably handsome, aren't I?”

I run my free hand through my hair, as I start to walk to the edge of the stage.

Simon: “But that wasn't the point. The point wasn't to bash the guy’s head in. It wasn't to make a point. I’m here, and you can probably hear me coming from a mile away; I’m sure of it… I just did what was needed to be done, and that was all. Maybe this was my proving though; you know, Simon Cagero the brute of the 6CW. The bar that you have to meet – the entire expectation that you have to be…  Yeah, maybe that could be me. I could see me as some kind of enforcer, just being the benchmark of everyone else in this company.”

I rub my chin, as I sit on the center edge of the stage.

Simon: “But that would be boring as hell, wouldn't it?”

I shrug my shoulders as I really don’t know what to think of that. It’s probably for the best that I’m not.

Simon: “To stay in one spot, to not progress – being stagnant at its finest, ladies and gentlemen. Anyone that knows me – and believes me, if you don’t now, you soon will… You will know that I enjoy the finer things in life. I also enjoy progression, which is probably why people don’t like me. It’s about Simon, you see. It’s pretty cut and dry from that standpoint; Simon Cagero is the number one concern – he’s the one that will progress this company, himself, probably anybody that faces him…”

I stand up and turn my back to the crowd, stopping in the middle of the stage.

Simon: “But are these ramblings of a man that doesn't know what he’s talking about?”

I let out a little chuckle, still keeping my face hidden from the people.

Simon: “Of course, he goes on about being Wasted. It has to mean being drunk, or high, because I don’t have an imagination. I have less imagination than an old man that happens to be in the same place as me. Sure sucks, wish I could have that kind of imagination. I never would have thought of Wasted that way – I’m too stuck on the literal slang meaning that has absolutely no F’n meaning anymore.”

I pause for a moment, the silence is almost deafening.

Simon: “Wasted.”

They seem to become restless at that word.

Simon: “Some would even call me Prodigal.”

I turn around to face them.

Simon: “Yes, I enjoy a lot of reckless things, and I am a little bit wasteful here and there; but that’s not why I am the way I am, either. I get my name because I’m overlooked, because I’m the opportunity that everyone ignores. I’m probably the best thing to EVER happen to this place, and watch. I’ll be stuck facing an acronym for the rest of eternity, because he has decidedly got a hard on for me. He decided it would be good to welcome me to the troops, or to the family, or whatever it may be. Here’s the thing; this isn't family, this is business. This isn't about making friends, or skipping through the field of daisies. It’s not about handshakes, or humperdinks, whatchamacallits or friendships. This is about one thing and one thing only.”

I drop to my knees, looking down at the ground.

Simon: “So how about it? Care to join me? Care to take the ride of your Mother****ing life, and go beyond anything that you have ever encountered before?”

I look back up, and scan the crowd around me.

Simon: “Throw caution to the wind, ladies! Let’s do it!”

I jump back up to my feet.

Simon: “Let’s get…”

I take a couple steps forward, before screaming out.

Simon: “WASTED!”

Some of the people in the crowd seem to join in. I guess that’s okay. I start to walk over to the left side of the stage, stopping before falling off of course.

Simon: “Waste Some Time, Waste Some Money, Waste a Little Bit of Our Precious Little Minds. Simple philosophy to live by in this world, hard to replicate – many can’t, but just as many pretend. It’s not about faking it ‘til you've made it. This is the one and only time it cannot apply. This is real, you know. It’s beyond the world that you've grown so accustomed to – this Wasted Life. Still, if you crave excitement, you've come to the right place… You've stepped up to the right man.”

Turning right around, I walk to the other side of the stage.

Simon: “Because nobody is more exciting than me. Jumping around, the speed of light – perhaps my mouth moves faster, but then again maybe not. Circles, my friends; circles of what you say, and you haven’t even seen what I’m capable of. I’ll steal the victory from the jaws of defeat, perhaps even your wife, or your daughter if she’s over the age of consent – I really don’t care.  You want to be Wasted, so welcome to my world. Welcome to where only Simon Cagero can survive.”

I lick my lips, and shake my head – I doubt anyone could endure what I’ve endured.

Simon: “Where nobody else can even come close.”

Again, I shake my head… But now, I slow myself down with a voice of sincerity.

Simon: “But I will say, at least I was welcomed. At least someone had the common decency to come forward and say hello. Sure, I may have treated him like a piece of crap… And sure, I might have acted like a god damn Tinkywinky; really that’s my call. I’m even impressed that anyone came around at all, and you can’t really say that I’m some sort of ingrate. So while I was a Tinkywinky, to which I don’t apologize for in the least, I will say thank you for the welcome. Although, now that we’re facing each other, that’s really as far as it goes, huh Hobo?”

I smile pretty broadly, guessing that there really is no choice for what’s to come.

Simon: “Of course that’s as far as it goes.”

I turn around, and bend over, slapping my a**, for everyone to see.

Simon: “After all, I’m an a**.”

I stand up, and cover my mouth. OH NO! THE INDECENCY!

Simon: “And I mean, I COULD really go into detail about being an ass, I really won’t. There’s way too much to brag about, to bring to the table. After all, we’re here to Waste Your Time. Not give you ammunition to your little party… Maybe irrelevant to what I’m getting at… Anyway Hobo, even if you are a veteran of this business, even if you've been around a long time, faced many people, probably more than you wish to count. I bet you… Money, hell I don’t even know how much money I should put on the line – not really much of a gambling man, myself.”

I take off my hat, and throw it to the ground. What? You thought I would give it to one of these people? Hah. I step on it.

Simon: “But I bet you have NEVER faced someone like me.”

I smile, as I know things are about to become deeper than normal comprehension.

Simon: “Say what you want, and believe what you think – I’m unlike anybody you've ever seen, anyone you've ever faced. Hell, out of all the wrestlers in the world, every single last one of them… Simon Cagero is unique, because I don’t attack you like you believe I do. Sure, I say some crap, I’m a little cocky, maybe even a blow-hard… But listen, listen closely to what I say; it’s rather intense.”

I exaggerate a shiver, and look around at everyone.

Simon: “And here, I’m going to give you my secret.”

I gasp, as does everyone else. SIMON CAGERO’S SECRET TO WINNING MATCHES?! NO WAY! It makes me almost laugh like an idiot; somehow I maintain my composure though.

Simon: “I mess with your mind.”

I point to my head.

Simon: “Sure, you might believe it’s the same old song and dance, it’s the same old tune. I’M GOING TO BEAT YOU UP SO BADLY! But really, it’s not. I don’t need to flex my muscles, because you flex them for me. I don’t need to do some sort of scat where I’m some sort of idiot that walks out to the ring when my music hits, say my piece, and walk to the back – you will not see that from me. It’s different, don’t you see? And sure, I might not have had many people last week… Just getting my name started, right?

I point to the crowd in front of me.

Simon: “But it doesn't take long, does it?”

I walk to the front edge of the stage again.

Simon: “People get a taste, even you've gotten a taste of what it is, This Wasted Life. You’re intrigued… You want to see more, but I still somehow urine you off – probably the cocky Tinkywinky part that you hang on. But you all are alike, you’ll hang on me being a cocky Tinkywinky, or me being Wasted, and say I’m drunk, or something completely irrelevant and off the mark. You’re no different, Hobo, you’re the same as everyone else. I’ve seen it, as I’m sure everyone else around here has. Hence why this world, this group of people around me has grown, and you haven’t. You’re Hearing what I say, but you aren’t LISTENING!”

I catch my breath, before continuing.

Simon: “Back in my day, we dissected everything our opponent said.”

I crouch down, and start grunting; looking like I’m going to drop one on the stage.

Simon: “Now… It’s a contest on who… Can grunt loudest and have the… Biggest look of… Constipation on their face.”

I stop grunting, I don’t want to drop one on this stage, after all.

Simon: “You get me, Hobo? You’re a veteran, you’ve been around for a while, I’m sure you understand what I mean here… Actually, I’m positive you must, otherwise why else would you come after me? Why would you seek me out? Why would you try to shake my hand, extend whatever the hell you’re offering? Because you’re afraid I’ll use it against you?”

I hold my hand over my heart.

Simon: “There is no way that I will ever use what you say against you.”

I bring my hand up to my neck, as if I’m choking myself.

Simon: “I will however, use it for myself.”

I bring my hand up to cradle the side of my head.

Simon: Because that’s what it’s like, Hobo.”

I turn away from the people. Nobody seems to understand what’s going on.

Simon: “That’s just what it’s like to be…”

I pause for a moment before screaming out.

Simon: “WASTED!”

The spotlight on me fades, but I still get in another word.

Simon: “And that’s the only way to be.”

Because I know how this business works, I know how people tick. Use my secrets against me, try to figure it out. Nobody has ever succeeded yet; unless I have let them of course.


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6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014

Post by AberdeenSteve on Sun 29 Jun 2014, 9:42 am

The scene cuts to a small, communial hall with a circle of people situated in the middle. There is a deft silence until somebody stands up and begins to talk.

"Hi, my name is Jackson Black and I am here for help. I have found myself in a comfort zone, but I now need to get out that zone and be in a position to control my weight."

The camera pans out to show a circle of largely overweight people and Jackson Black. There is a banner over head which reads 'Fat Fighters'.

A portly lady stands up and addresses the group.

"Welcome to our club Jackson, and I am speaking for everyone when I say we are very happy to have someone of your status in our group. However, I am also very pleased that you know yourself that your weight needs to be controlled."

Jackson nods in forced agreement.

"Would you like to properly address the group? Let us know how much weight you want to lose and why you are in this position now."

Jackson again nods in forced agreement, before standing up.

"Hi everybody. As you all probably know, I am a professional wrestler. This has over the years put great pressures on my body and I will be the first to admit that I haven't always looked after it the way I should. Don't get me wrong, I exercise loads and go to the gym regularly but when it comes to food I just can't control myself."

"What kind of foods is you find difficult to stop eating?" asks the group leader.

"I love a Twinkie. I just can't help myself, I get a box and tell myself that I will only have one but I then find myself waking up several hours later with four boxes and the wrappers sprawled over my body. I have had many Twinkie inducded black outs."

Jackson bows his head in embarrassment. The group leader stands up and put an arm around the newest member of the group.

"It's okay Jackson, we all have those moments. Me.. WELL I LOVE DA CAKE!"

Jackson looks up confused at the leader who quickly sits down embarrassed and beckons Jackson to continue.

"I've always been in denial of this problem, but in the recent weeks it has really been brought to a head. There is this new guy at the place I work, Bam Sparkleston, and he has said..some..really..mean... things"

Jackson covers his face with his voice clearly breaking as his holds back the tears.

"He called me fat, and said that I was packing junk in the trunk. He has really gotten to me, I have been comfort eating as a result and I had the most embarrasing moment in my wrestling career to date... He beat me."

The group collective sigh in sympathy for Jackson with several of the group putting their arms around him in support.

"It is clear that Bam's jibes have gotten to you Jackson, he has made you feel worthless. This is normal when you are overweight with people trying to make you feel worthless. So what you need to do Jackson is show this Bam that you are the bigger person. You won't let your weight control you and that you are a great athlete."

Jackson perks up with the motivational words he has heard.

"Yeah, you are right. I am the bigger person. He is just a god dam bully. Jackson Black will not let some fairy drag him down and make him feel worthless. Jackson Black is not worthless, he is worth a million Bam Sparklestons.

I will confront my demons. I will not let food and Bam Sparkleston get the better of me."

Jackson looks incredibly happy now.

"I will prove everybody that Jackson Black is not some worthless, fat slob and he will overcome his issues with food. I will beat DeMarcus Brown at Anarchy and I will prove everybody that I am a wrestling god."

Jackson kicks the over in excitement as he now looks clearly ready to smash something up.



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6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Mon 30 Jun 2014, 7:48 pm

*Robin Reborn and Jack Hurst are backstage, in the dressing room, clearly at odds with each other.

RR: I'm telling you, man, we go out there and lay down the first strike.

JH: No, Robin. Wait. Patience is a virtue we must all master.

RR: But they gonna go talk their nonsense, turn off all the lights and try their tricks.

JH: So? If we go out there we are playing their game. Wait. Let them cast the first stone.

RR: Man, whatever. I say we cut the chat and find them right here in this arena. No talk, no cameras, no microphones. I ain't scared of no Brotherhood and I ain't scared of that god damn Plague.

JH: Let them walk through our jungle. All they'll hear is rumbles. They don't know how to play our game. If we don't react, they have nothing to give.

*Hurst sits on the floor, crosses his legs and closes his eyes.

JH: One thing I learned from the monster's ball is that the silence hurts the preacher. The man who never flinched was Ojore and Plague still hasn't beaten him down.

RR: I never thought he'd be my spiritual guide...

*Robin sits down next to him

RR: Jay is chillin', Ray is chillin' what more can I say...we killin' it.

*The scene fades out

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6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014

Post by Michael_Sweetwater on Tue 01 Jul 2014, 7:59 pm

“Unbreakable” hits the speakers and the lights shine down as the Mighty Mighty Nate Nack comes out from backstage in his wrestling singlet and his trademark “Mighty Mighty” t-shirt over it. He's carrying a large sheet of brown corrugated plastic under one arm and waving with the other. As he walks, he gives high-fives to the fans sitting near the aisle.

“Here comes Nate Nack, looking fired-up after last week's statement,” says Harold Lloyd, sitting at ringside.

“What statement?” shouts his broadcast partner Henry Lloyd. “He came out and interfered in a match he had no business being a part of. He didn't even wrestle! And what the hell's he got there?”

“I don't know, but I assume we'll find out in a moment.”

“What gives him the right to think he can do whatever he wants here?”

“With all the Authority has done, you're mad that he's bringing a prop to the ring? I'll remind you of this moment the next time Adamson or Enforcer steps out of line.”

“You know what the difference is? Those two are champions! Nate can do what he wants when he's got the gold to back it up. Until then, he needs to know his role and-”

“And shut his damn mouth, yes yes. Now where have I heard that before...”

He finally gets to the ring and unfolds the cardboard, which becomes a makeshift podium with the 6CW logo on front, as well as two silver “M”s and two gold “N”s. He takes a microphone sitting near the ring steps and stands behind it.

“Ladies and gentleman,” he begins in a somber tone, “it has been suggested by my adviser and fiancée that I come out here to you tonight and apologize for my actions last week. I came out unannounced and interrupted the match between Daniel Riley and Alexander Altair against Robin Reborn and Jack Hurst, ultimately distracting Daniel and Alexander and causing them to lose the match. I am here tonight to say I'm mighty sorry.”

Nate can barely keep a straight face as he finishes his thought.

“I'm mighty sorry that I didn't do that much earlier! That felt mighty good, getting one over on the Authority after everything that's happened! That was like a mini-dessert right there, like the Spurs and the Heat for me. Now I know here the sport is football, and I'm more of a baseball kind of guy, which I suppose is like cricket but completely different... but anyway, basketball last year, San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat. Spurs had the championship in the palm of their hand, almost literally, and they collapsed just before their championship dreams came true. They fell in a historic breakdown and one of the most mighty mighty heart-breaking losses in the NBA. They could have given up, they could have said “screw the world” at that point, but they fought back and aimed high the next year. They went back to the finals against the Heat again and destroyed them, I mean 20, 30 point wins. I guess that's like a 4, 5 goal victory in football. But the fact remains that they didn't let that loss sting, didn't let it linger or depress them. No, they used it as fuel. And with everything I've suffered at the hands of the Authority, I've got enough fuel to burn this ring up!”

Nate knocks down the podium and begins to pace around the ring.

“I tell you right now Max, you aren't worried about me? Let me give you a mighty good reason you should be mighty worried about me, and that's that I don't and I won't go away! You can beat me down, you can push me around, but I don't give up on nothin'! I'm no stranger to losing, and I'm no stranger to your Authority's screwjobs. It started with Orthrus in the beginning, and it continues with you, but the end starts now. With Magnusson here and Andrews returning, you'd best believe things are going to a whole new level. And don't even get me started on Keith and JJ. Didn't I just say that I wanted to be a Keith Leone for 6CW? Lordy, working in the same company as those two right now... that's what I came here for! I came here to fight with the best, not play with who Jones likes to look at. Of course, that's not all.

No, I also came here to be the champion. I was the new 6CW's first champion, and I don't intend on stopping there. And this week, when I stand alongside the Sharpshooter and the Masterful One, we will show the Authority and all of you that we aren't through fighting, and I will prove that I belong at the top.”


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6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Wed 02 Jul 2014, 3:35 pm

(The beautiful face of Glory, manager of Bad Intentions, appears on the screen. Her lips are a deep, seductive, red and her elegant blond hair rolls down across her shoulders. She smiles, displaying pearly white teeth, and she inches her glasses down her nose a little)

“Good afternoon, 6CW. In just over twenty four hours from now you are going to have the viewing pleasure of witnessing the debut of the best tag team in professional wrestling history. Confidence Carter and Justice Porter have worked very hard for this opportunity and tomorrow night they are going to prove to the world that talk is cheap but none of that matters when you have the ability to back it up”

(Two men appear behind Glory. They both have shoulder length black hair and balaclavas covering their mouths. Glory reaches up and plants a kiss on Justice Porter’s cheek)

“Confidence Carter is the most athletically-gifted superstar to ever set foot in this industry. He can fly higher than anyone you have seen before, he is faster than the rest of the men on the 6CW roster and he is as deadly with his feet as he is with his hands.”

(Carter lowers his balaclava and smiles, exuding confidence.)

“And Justice Porter is the most physically dominating man to ever sign a professional wrestling contract. He is stronger than each and every one of you, he is destructive and barbaric, he is the immovable object and the unstoppable force rolled into one perfect package”

(Porter now removes his balaclava and he smiles as he kisses the back of Glory’s head)

“This company has played host to a number of tag teams over the years that had the audacity to call themselves “great” when in reality they were barely deserving of a “mediocre” rating. You people have never witnesses a truly great tag team but all of that is about to change. Bad Intentions are exactly that and they transform their name into their ring style. Because anyone unfortunate enough to be paired with these two men is in for a rude awakening, the chances of leaving with your senses intact are improbable at best.”

“Never has the industry clamoured to see two men so much without ever having witnessed them compete before. Bad Intentions have already created a huge buzz and not once have they wrestled a match; do you get the picture? Mr Jones, the architect of the greatest period in this company’s history, saw enough of these two men to sign them to exclusive contracts with the most dominant stable in 6CW. He has put faith in my clients because he knows exactly what he is getting for his money, and tomorrow night that faith will be repaid. “

(Carter and Porter lift their fists into the air and club them together as Glory smiles once more)

“Which brings me on to Keith Leone; Keith, we don’t know you, we have never met you and not once have our paths crossed. But business is business and right now you are the business that we have been asked to take care of. And take care of it we shall. Because when we are given a task, we do not rest until we have done exactly what is asked of us. What happens to you tomorrow night will not be personal but it will be painful. Mr Jones has been very kind to us, The Authority have welcomed us with open arms, and now we want to show them that the decision they made to trust us was the correct one”

“You had your time, once upon a time you were a very big deal in this promotion, but 2012 just rang and asked me to inform you that you are not relevant any more. These two men standing beside me are a big deal now, they are relevant, and now is their time to shine. Now is the time of The Authority”

(Glory picks up a remote and she switch a monitor on, showing highlights of Keith Leone’s greatest matches)

“We have studied you, Keith, we know your strengths and we have scouted your weaknesses. There is nothing you can do which can surprise us. Even if, and it would be a miraculous if, you were able to overcome one of us, the fact remains that you have to go up against all of Bad Intentions tomorrow night and not even a helping hand from the Lord above can save you from what is in store. Last show was a fabulous moment for you, and the giddy, soulless, fans lapped it up but the clock is already ticking on your flash in the pan return”

“And don’t you worry, JJ Johnson, because we haven’t forgotten about you either. What an inspiring story it was, you are a real hero, and you have done so well to come back from your injuries. But signing for this company was the biggest mistake you ever made. Because the injuries you have overcome are nothing compared to what we will inflict upon you if you get in our way. Ride off into the sunset with your lovely wife and look back on the great run you had but do not make us render you an invalid for the rest of your life. It doesn’t have to happen this way but as long as you and Keith continue to pursue this sham match and answer to Dean Andrews and Daniel Magnusson then you are nothing but moving targets to us, another “0” on our bank balances at the end of the month.”

“Until tomorrow”

(Glory blows a kiss into the camera and winks playfully as Justice Porter and Confidence Carter raises their balaclavas once more.)

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6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Thursday 3rd July 2014

Post by Paul Mac 6CW on Wed 02 Jul 2014, 9:08 pm

Backstage at the 6CW arena Alexander Altair is stood with Mr Hernandez. Altair appears frustrated

AA: So we are just meant to trust him, after everything that has happened still he keeps up the silent act?

I'm sorry but things don't just go away because you ignore them, we are all out there busting our asses for this thing and he doesn't think to tell us what is going on. I'm a smart man Hernandez, I don't believe in Blind Faith. I joined the Authority because of the advantages the alliance would bring. If those benefits are coming to an end how can I be expected to maintain my loyalty?

I need some assurances that what we have isn't about to come crashing down around us. You need to tell him that we need to see he is doing something

Hernandez raises his hands
MH: Whoa, not to be blunt but that piece of gold you've got around your waist didn't just appear there by chance, that right there is the benefits that being part of the Authority brings

That is your assurance Alex, that is all you need to know right there. That is the power of The Authority

Altair shakes his head
AA: Do you think that is enough, this is a stepping stone. I didn't come to 6CW to be happy with average, I wanna be the best and I think I've proved already that I am more than ready to take that step up

MH: Actions speak louder than words Alex. You know what you need to do

Hernandez is grinning as Altair stares intently down the camera

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