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Boxing taking a Back seat - Perception?

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Boxing taking a Back seat - Perception? Empty Boxing taking a Back seat - Perception?

Post by DirectView2 Sat 16 Aug 2014, 03:27

A lot of claims on many forums that Boxing has taken a big back seat to many new sports like MMA etc,.. one side it looked true with no huge fan following for the Heavyweight champions on the otherside no sport brings in as much revenue as boxing for 1 given fight/match.

Most sportsman can play any other sport for life time yet may not touch Mayweather's 1 bout income. Boner's combined income of a match [share in ticket sales, sponsorship, TV rights + Salary] could be close to 150 to 300 million dollars a fight, something even Rooney might struggle to make in his lifetime, given Rooney started with less than million for first few years and only earning now close to 20 million dollars per annum.

But yes not every Boxer earns like the Boner, lowest rated boxer might not even make 1/10000th of the Boner's bout income but thats the case for almost many in individual sport, many low level fighters in MMA doesn't even make enough to afford a trainer and most of them self train themselves.

So its kind of confusing and unclear to say Boxing has taken a back seat to many new sports, Boxing indeed has grown into a billion dollar business like many other sports and its no where near extinction.


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