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6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014

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6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014 Empty 6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014

Post by JJJohnson Wed 01 Oct 2014, 9:37 pm

Live from Wembley Arena
Start time: TBA

Match 1
Ojore vs DeMarcus Brown

Match 2
Joshua vs The Brotherhood

Match 3
Alexander Altair vs Bruce Bolan

Match 4
JJ Johnson/Bam Sparkleston vs Simon Cagero/Jerome Dubois

Match 5
Vincent Costello vs Anthony Grace

Match 6
GazzyD vs Nate Nack

Match 7
Jax Cutler vs Liam Wood

Main Event
Enforcer/Red Arrows/Scott Harris vs Max Adamson/Bad Intentions/Mike Masters

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6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014

Post by x12x Wed 01 Oct 2014, 9:50 pm

Our scene opens in a back room of Wembley Stadium, as the camera stops we see the figure of the Viper Liam Wood sat on the floor with his head resting against the wall. Wood breathes heavily and runs his hands through his hair as the camera gets closer causing Wood to look up and directly down the lens. Wood's gaze almost looks hollow as he stares up at the camera man who clearly begins to feel nervous being around Wood.

Suddenly Wood springs up causing the camera to jolt back as he paces back and forth, talking to himself and repeating “Well done Vinnie...” over and over again getting more and more erratic before quickly turning towards the camera man who attempts to walk backwards but is stopped by Wood.

“Don't move!”

The Cameraman stops dead in his tracks as Wood composes himself. A look of sadness covers his face, he quickly shakes his head and scowls before speaking in to the camera to his long term rival, Vincent Costello

“Well done Vinnie...”

Wood pulls at his own hair and lets out a frustrated scream before calming his breathing and continuing to speak

“...since day one you walked in to EWF and ran your mouth, you talked about Costello's Law and how you would always get what you made promises to anyone who would listen and I hate to admit it...but you came through on each and every damn one of them...”

Wood shakes his head and attempts to hold in his emotions before speaking again

“ makes me sick to my damn gut it really does! You walked in to EWF and promised that you would do this and do that...You told everyone you would end Sparx and take his title and you did just forward to 6CW and you once again beat an injured man for the EWF title, just as you said you would...those things though, they never really effected me...even at my lowest...seeing you succeed was never really enough to destroy me...but there was a promise that you made when you came back to 6CW and it was that you were going to destroy were going to take everything away from me and leave me with were there when I lost both of MY took away my best friend from this business and you said it wouldn't end said that you wouldn't be happy until I was left with nothing at all...”

Wood pauses before screaming in to the camera


Wood spins and punches a wall before pulling the camera in close and dragging it to the ground where he slumps against the wall, breathing heavily and rocking slightly.

“You Beachfront Brawl...when you put your hands on my girlfriend you took my pride...when you put her in hospital you pushed me further than ever before and you made it my mission to get revenge...the thing is've done exactly what you wanted...right are responsible for taking away the only beautiful thing I had in my are the man who took away the only real reason I feel human when I wake up...congratulations took it all.”

Wood pushes the camera away causing the camera man to film from a distance, he begins to speak in an angry tone as he talks about his rivalry with Costello and his relationship with Emmy.

“You see, the funny thing is...I've talked about being a man who has nothing to lose before...when I went in to Ground Zero last year I said I had nothing to lose but the truth is...I have Emmy...when I lost not only the TV title but the World Title...I knew I'd be ok because I had her there...she is worth more than any title, any award...more than ANYTHING that you could when I had her...I had something to lose...I went in to Night Of Glory and I put my body on the line, I knew that NOTHING could stop me...I knew that there wasn't a man out there who could beat me that night because she believed in me...”

“...but she's gone and so has everything else...”

“...which is bad news for everyone.”

Wood puts his head in his hands and rocks a bit more as he speaks once again

“You see Vinnie, when you took her took away the part of me that cared if I lived or died in that ring, you took away that voice that told me to stop when the match was over, you took away the ONLY person who kept my feet on the ground and what you've left 6CW with is a man who won't stop...a man who just doesn't know how because it doesn't matter anymore...if I got out there tomorrow and my career is ended...who would really care? You said it yourself right? These fans would probably move on...Magnusson has shown that he can find a new golden boy pretty easily and after a few name would probably be why care?”

Wood looks up in to the camera one last time and speaks again.

“Tonight, when I had you on the ground and blood was pouring from your face it didn't fill me with happiness to see you suffer because I honestly don't think any form of punishment will truly achieve that feeling, I felt numb Vinnie...I felt numb as I watched you in pain and it was then I realised that when you took away took away apart of me and for have to be have to be haunted by my shadow and fear turning the corner because I will be waiting to turn you in to a bloody mess over and over again because you've already shown that you care about the only person I can punish to get to you!”

“So here's a promise I'm going to make for you Vinnie...I am going to take away the only thing you seem to care about, the only thing that makes you tick...I'm going to take away that title...not because I believe in eye for an eye because that title is worthless compared to her but because I need to see you suffer, I need to see you beaten and I will do whatever it takes.”

Wood stands up and walks up to the camera so it is zoomed in on his face

“What you did was stupid because I'm not bullet proof anymore...I'm a loaded gun...and we're past boobie for tat and me falling to your level because I'm a whole lot more dangerous that you could ever dream of being...right now you're holding the knife by the blade and we're all going to sit back and watch you bleed to death.”

Wood walks away from the camera as the camera man plucks up the courage to speak

“Liam...thi-th-this isn't you..”

As Wood walks away he speaks one final time as the shot fades to black

“ kill the have to become one yourself.”


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6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014

Post by MtotheC Thu 02 Oct 2014, 11:38 am

Costello is sitting on a stretcher in the medical room at Wembley arena, blood is dripping from the laceration on his forehead inflicted by Liam Wood at Aftermath.

An EMT is treating the wound, causing Costello to grimace in pain

VC: Be careful you idiot!!

Costello snarls…

The EMT apologetically nods and continues to treat Costello when Timothy Allen appears in the doorway.

TA: Knock, Knock

Costello raises his head with a look of contempt that could kill… but says nothing.

TA: Vincent, our fans have been going crazy over on Twitter, they want to know what’s next for CostWood?

Allen’s question provokes an instant response and Costello retorts with utter distain…

VC: What the HELL is CostWood??

TA: It’s just a little hashtag I’ve been working on, catchy don’t you think?!

As Costello goes to reply his face contorts in pain yet again…

VC: How incompetent can you be??? Get your hands off’a me, we’re done here

EMT: But Mr Costello I still have several stiches left to sew!

VC: Well go and find me a damn Doctor then, you know… someone in a white coat, stethoscope around his neck, someone who actually went to medical school!

The EMT leaves in search of a doctor as Costello uses the EWF world title as mirror to check on his wound…

TA: So Vincent, what do you have to say about what went down tonight? I mean look at your head, Liam Wood gave you one hell of a beating!

Costello lowers the EWF title and snarls straight back at Allen…

VC: This!!!! This is nothing…

Costello beats the cut on his head opening it up further, he then dramatically wipes the blood on his chest…

VC: This blood is nothing, this proves nothing, all this tells me is that Liam Wood is right where I want him, oh how the self-righteous have fallen! The man who had it all, the man who had everything, has been reduced to a petulant, petty, winging mess! For months now, he has told me how I’m full of cr$p, how my threats are nothing but empty promises, but let’s take a reality check shall we…

Who has the world title, who has everything they ever wanted? And who’s life has been decimated, unrecognisable from before he made the ultimate mistake of trying to mess with Costello’s Law.

Liam Wood lives his life in the clouds, inside a fictional world of make-believe, you see he portrays this illusion of confidence, that he is the best in the world… but all he has ever achieved is picking up the pieces left behind by greater, more superior men… he won the TV title in EWF, why? Because I was more concerned with the world title, he won this championship…

Costello gestures towards his EWF world title

Why? Because I was injured, he won superstar of the year, why? Because I was in the hospital for three months recuperating. The oh so great achievements he constantly bleats on about are pure fantasy. Whereas Costello’s Law from day one has made cast iron, stonewall promises that it has delivered time and time again. I don’t need to put myself up on a pedestal, my actions do it for me!

Liam you wanna go one more round, fine by me, but let me tell you this… This is your last chance, no more come backs, no more excuses, no more wining! NO MORE FANTASY! It’s time to face your reality; it’s time to face your destiny!

TA: You seem very dismissive of the threat The Viper poses, I haven’t seen him this focused since, well… since ever… are you that confident you can beat him one more time?

VC: Confidence has nothing to do with it, confidence alone gets you nowhere, Wood is living, breathing proof of that fact. What I have is the god damn given right to be world champion and in that knowledge I can rest assured that no mater what Liam brings at me, no matter how focused he is, or how little he has left to lose I will always be victorious when this title is on the line.

TA: Now you probably won’t have seen this yet but Liam has already gone on record since Aftermath went off air, publically stating that he will take that title from you, that he will take from you exactly what you have taken away from him… everything.

Costello smirks at the statement from Allen.

VC: Really, has he? Well you know what Timmy, that doesn’t surprise me one bit, that boy is so predictable; I bet he even said something about being bulletproof!

Costello laughs to himself

TA: He did actually

VC: THAT, that right there is why he will never get the better of me! While he’s trying to guess my every move, overthinking every step, every action… I know exactly what he’s going to say and what he’s goanna do before he’s even done it.

So Liam, it’s the bottom of the ninth, it’s do or die, it’s now or never, you wanna break the chains of Costello’s Law, you wanna get that monkey off’a your back, you wanna finally let go of this anchor that’s been weighing you down for the best part of two years….

Well… WAKE UP!!! You’re living in a dream world…

Costello’s Law is reality!

Costello stands up intimidatingly and Allan back away out of the room before Costello slams the door in his face as the scene ends.


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6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Thu 02 Oct 2014, 7:16 pm

*Jack Hurst is standing backstage chatting to an extremely attractive blonde.

JH: So, make up eh? Beauty encourages beauty...

*The girl blushes and Jack hands her a card

JH: Gimme a call when you're off tonight

*He kisses her on the cheek and she lingers in his gaze before walking away. As he smiles to himself Reborn jumps up from behind him.

RR: What up playa?!

JH: Robin, you never can just say hello can you?

*Reborn smiles

RR: You seen the card?! We rollin it now.

JH: Who do we have?

RR: We got the champ. We got Adamson!

*Hurst arches his eyebrows and looks a bit surprised

RR: And he's got bad intentions

JH: Doesn't he always, his lot always have

*Reborn laughs but shakes his head

RR: No, no, man, he's got Bad Intentions with him, it's a 6 man tag

JH: Ohhhh! Who do we have on our side?

RR: The number one contender

JH: Enforcer?! *Hurst grimaces a little* Can't say that fills me with hope

RR: We got common enemies now, he'll keep his end.

JH: He better do; We've got big plans with those Bad Intentions boys and it wouldn't do either of us any harm to knock the champ off his perch either.

RR: We're main event boy! We bringing that tag gold to the top of the card. Bad Intentions gonna see that some of us can swim with the fishes and the others get fed to the sharks. And we three boys getting hungry!

*The pair slap hands and smile as the scene fades

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6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014

Post by Enforcer Mon 06 Oct 2014, 1:49 pm

The scene opens in the locker room of The Red Arrows. Robin Reborn is listening to music on his headphones, dancing in a world of his own. Hurst is sat at a desk pouring over a hardback text book, deep in concentration.

The door opens and the imposing figure of Enforcer fills the doorway, however neither man notices the visitor. Enforcer coughs to try and attract some attention.

E: I hope these guys have more awareness in the ring!

He bangs on the door, receiving the same response as before. In frustration he strides into the room, scoops up Hurst's book and flings it towards Reborn, narrowly missing his head.

RR: Whoa man! You nearly took my head clean off!

JH: I told you this man couldn't work as part of a cohesive unit!

E: You guys are impossible - do you pay no attention to your surroundings? I've been here for ages, how can I hope for you to have my back if you can miss me entering your room?

RR: I was listening to my tunes to get me focussed...

JH: ...and I was brushing up on the Art of War.

E: Well perhaps there is some hope for you. But you don't need music or books to know what you need to do. Make sure you've got my back and I will have yours. I am a three time tag team champion, I was on the winning War Games team and was part of the greatest stable in professional wrestling history. I know how to work in a team, those...Enforcer points at the Arrows tag team title belts...tell me that you know how to be in a team.

Now I felt a lot better when it was the three of us going into battle. I really don't want anything to do with the squabble between Harris and Masters, but Harris stood side by side with me in War Games and I think we can trust him.

I know I have a reputation around here and I appreciate that you may have some concerns about standing with me.

Hurst nods his head

E: But, I have no issue with you. My only issue now Jones has gone is with Max Adamson. So there is no reason to have any doubts about me, we have a common enemy on Anarachy - and I assure you my focus is on them.

Enforcer offers his hand to Reborn and then Hurst, both of whom accept it and shake hands. Enforcer nods at both and leaves the room.

RR: I told you we could trust him!

JH: Maybe you're right Robin, maybe you're right.

RR: I didn't realise Enforcer was in 3MB though...

Jack shakes his head as the scene ends.


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6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014

Post by TwisT Mon 06 Oct 2014, 4:16 pm

Wembley arena is full of expectant fans as the lights suddenly lower to near pitch blackness. The arena screen starts to flicker on and the face of Joshua fills the screen. His hair is covering his face and his head is bowed. As he speaks, the strands of hair move forward delicately as small puffs of air is exhaled. Joshua’s tone is calm, but his hidden face looks terrifying when magnified on the screen and in the blackness of the arena:

Do you hear it………?

His head doesn’t move, but after a few moments Joshua sighs deeply:

I have missed the music too………Contemplated how to deal with its disappearance………Worried over whether it would return………Remembered and feared that it is not the silence that kills us………But the yearning for the sound you once knew………

Joshua sighs again but still doesn’t look up:

The sounds that are familiar to us………That make us feel safe………That make us in a dead world………actually feel alive………That stay with us for as long as we live………For when it vanishes………we sit and wonder whether life is worth it at all………

Joshua sighs again, before lifting up his hands to the screen. The palms are red with blood and there are heavy cuts stretching from his fingers to his wrist. The wounds are fresh and blood drips slowly down his skin:

Look at my hands………Hands that for many a day………clung to something so important………Worth more than life itself………Hands that have bruised………broken………and destroyed………many unsuspecting victim………Hands that carried a leader………our conductor of pain………to the rostrum………Where skilfully………and without remorse………a symphony of suffering sweetly played………

He growls softly and presses his hands against the camera screen so the blood smudges on it:

Look at my hands………How empty they have become………Missing such a huge part of my soul………that even this blood is insignificant………For what is physical pain………compared to the silent desolation in my head………A void that was caused not by these hands………but the hands of others………Hands which had a purpose………before it was untimely ripped from me………

He slowly lowers his hands but the smudge marks remain either of the screen. Marks that are only separated by Joshua’s bowed head:

So………to remove the emptiness………I decided to fill it………

Joshua looks up and the lower half of his face is visible. His mouth now curls up into a half smile but quickly vanishes from view:

Hands once wrapped around a comforting soul……..are now wrapped around uncomfortable throats……..As they look at me with confused eyes……..they don’t understand that their innocent actions have no meaning to me……..They shudder in my presence………unsure whether to fight or take flight………and are stuck in a mixture of fear and confusion………Why do I choose NOW………to take them apart piece by piece………Why is it NOW………actions promised when the music first played………that I choose to wreak havoc………Why is it NOW………when other men deserve revenge………do I instead target more undeserving targets………

He brushes his hair away from his face and stares deeply into the camera:

The reason is simple……… The actions of one……will cause the suffering of all…….

He turns away from the screen and nods:

This horrendous personal episode…….will then be rectified…….and the saga will enter a new chapter …….Until the conductor is safe within my grasp once more…….you will all be reliving the same bloody tale…….I do not care whether you have no part in it…….I do not care if begging tones fill your mouth when you see me…….I do not care about names…….creed…….or titles…….Every living thing is now a target…….until my needs are taken care of…….And my master is rightly returned…….Payment will be taken…….even by those that have no debt…….And I will…….be…….satisfied…….

He turns back to face the screen and snarls:

For guilt is a brush I now paint broadly……..over the blank canvas of 6CW……..And the silence WILL be filled…….!

Joshua bows his head slowly as the arena screen starts to flicker off. His voice still remains however, calling out to the crowd:

Hear it……..Believe it…….Welcome it……For the symphony will continue…….as the suffering consumes you all…….

The fans look on worried as Joshua vanishes from the screen. After a few moments, the houselights come back up and the audience are bathed in comforting light once more.


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6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014

Post by jeromedubois Mon 06 Oct 2014, 7:23 pm

The camera pans across the arena as the fans wait patiently as “Beat The devils tattoo” hits as the arena erupts into a chorus of boo’s.

HE: Uh Oh, Dubois making his way out here!

HA: And you know dam well Henry he won’t be happy with losing against Grace once again.

Dubois slowly makes his way out with a grin on his face as he seen dressed in his black suit with a white shirt, and brown shoes. Dubois then turns his back to the crowd as “Wrestling God” is seen stitched on the back of Dubois’s blazer. Dubois then turns around and descends down the ramp with a purpose, as he then makes his way up the steel steps and into the ring through the middle rope.

HE: I have to say I didn’t expect to see such a joyful Dubois!

HA: Neither did I…

Dubois then grabs a mic as he stands in the middle of the ring.

*Wrestling god chants are from the crowd as Dubois nods his head and smiles.


*Louds cheers are heard from the crowd.

HA: Maybe he has forgotten he lost to Grace?

JD: Haha, mon dieux, what a pleasure it is to be here tonight…What a pleasure it is to be in this ring…Because this is no ordinary ring mes amis…Far from it, this is a ring where careers are made…Where moments that steal the show, and are remembered forever by the fans are made…For instances like Grace beating me on Aftermath! (Dubois winks at the camera) Which might I add who cares! I said since day one I am a conqueror, a wrestling God! A man who stands tall above the rest and looks down on each and everyone of you simple because I am better…And that is not a myth, that is just a fact! I beat Anthony Grace within an inch of his life at Beachfront Brawl, and exposed him to the world that his 3 words “Believe to Achieve” was nothing more than an overhyped sentence, that meant nothing…Because it was in this very ring, where I became the first man in 6CW history to beat Anthony Grace one on one, on the grandest stage of them all Beachfront Brawl! It was in this ring…this very special ring…Because anywhere else in the world this…this right here is just ring…but here inside this very building mes amis…This is a 6….C….Dub. ring, but more importantly this is my ring!

Which leads me to my point you must all be wondering why I am so happy? Hein? How can Jerome Dubois celebrating and dancing around like a clown jester, after coming off another defeat to Anthony Grace? Hein? It is very simple mes amis…I am happy because I finally get what I deserve! I finally get to write the wrongs, and show the world exactly what Jerome Dubois, THIS WRESTLING GOD, is capable of…Monsieur Grace was just a little side project of mine, but now it is time to set the record straight…because Finally Jerome Dubois is stepping into the ring with the one and only JJ Johnson…

Crowd: JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ!

HE: The people champ!

HA: One of the most popular superstars of all time!

Dubois smile then suddenly disappears.

JD: Monsieur Johnson…I told myself tonight that I wouldn’t get angry tonight, but everytime your name comes up I just cannot help myself! I can’t help myself because quite frankly if there is one man I despise more than anyone else in this business it is you Monsieur Johnson! IT IS YOU!!!! I despise every little thing that you represent! I despise the fact that I have given every single dam thing that I had to this company, been included into the hall of fame, yet….yet hahaha…I AM NOT EVEN MENTIONED IN THE SAME BREATH AS YOU!??!?! Quite frankly that makes me sick Monsieur Johnson! It makes me sick because I have been screwed over by your Jones, your Andrews, Your, your Magn whatever his name is, because I have never been given – Not ONCE!- the same opportunities as you...A company that I put on this map! A company that I have bled for! Yet…yet these fans…these 6CW fans chant your name when they should be chanting mine…They praise you, when they should be praising me…and I will be the first to admit monsieur Johnson that yes…YES THAT P!SSES ME OFF!!!! Hell just have to look at recent history! I came back to 6CW a company that I love…A company that I thought respected and all they do is throw me in some Battle Royal….Really?! Really 6CW?!!??! A Battle Royal is the stage for my grand return…That is how 6CW show there respect to me….I AM A GOD DAM WRESTLING GOD, AND YOU DARE PUT ME IN A BATTLE ROYAL, WHILE JJ JOHNSON RETURNS TO THE MAIN EVENT ONCE AGAIN! OH WHY WHAT A SURPRISE!!!! I AM A DAM WRESTLING GOD THAT HAS BEEN DISRESPECTED FOR FAR TOO LONG BY THIS COMPANY!!!!!

HE: Dubois is losing it here.

HA: Never seen this hatred so much for one man.

Dubois starts pacing back and forth in the ring like a crazed man

JD: It is funny mes amis, because when you look back at history Jerome Dubois, and JJ Johnson roughly started off at the same time whether it was 2009 or 2008 whenever it was in the 6WF, or 6CW…Yet when you look back at both of our debuts, I went on to make history winning titles and keep them for records amount of time, such as being the longest reigning internet champion in 6WF History, you would think that would be enough to show that I deserved to be in the main event but no…No it didn’t because at that time you had one man who the people loved…who kids looked up too in JJ Johnson….And what was he doing hein?! Was he making an impact like I was? Hein? Non! Was he stealing headlines like I was?! NON!!! He was there where he was because he knew how to play the backstage political game better than I could! He wasn’t there on merit! He was there spitting in my face and keep me where I was because he knew that should the shackles be released that I would have become 5 times the bigger star that he is today! The truth of the matter is that’s why I came to 6CW! I left the 6WF to escape the tyranny, and the political power that JJ Johnson had! That is how I came to 6CW, and why I ended up becoming the greatest wrestler this company has ever had….Yet now…Now…This man….THIS PARASITE PEASANT!!! COMES TO MY COMPANY!!! MY COMPANY!!!! And repeats exactly the same thing that happened to me in the 6WF? Hell even after being inducted into the hall of fame that means absolutely nothing because JJ is still spoken of higher than me…He still gets the opportunities that I don’t! He still steals the spotlight away from me! And that isn’t paranoia, that is just a simple fact! That JJ Johnson, has always tried to keep Jerome Dubois down, and below him! DAAAAAAAM……

Crowd: STRAIGHT!!!!!

Dubois smiles.

JD: Ooopss I might get sued for copyright!  Never mind, because Monsieur Johnson this isn’t going to be a repeat of the 6WF, this time it is going to be very different! This is a match I have been waiting for, for over 5 years! This moment right here, right now, to have you in this ring facing me is the moment I have been waiting for over 5 years! 5 YEARS JJ! 5 Years of pain and frustration…5 Years of you disrespecting me and spitting in my face, my company, and my fans!!!! And trust me when I say this, I will make you feel every little bit of pain that you have done to me! The only difference mon ami is this time…This time this isn’t going to be another little JJ Johnson Parade! Non! Non! Non! This is going to be a Dubois show! This is going to be Jerome Dubois showing the world that inside this ring, my ring, it doesn’t matter if it is one on one…

Crowd: What!?

JD: Tag team…..

Crowd: What!?

JD: Cage match…

Crowd: What!?

JD: Submission Match….

Crowd: What!?

JD: Hell in Cell….

Crowd: What!?


Crowd: Boooooooo

JD: It doesn’t matter what the match is JJ, because once and for all this conqueror, this wrestling god, is going to set the record straight…Yes I have never once pinned you in any match…But the last time we faced each other mon ami was over 5 years ago and this is a very different Dubois you are stepping into the ring with…Make no mistake about it, if you think for one single solitary second that I am the same Dubois as 5 years ago, then you are in for the biggest shock of your life…Because today mon amis I have become the best dam superstar in this business today! A bonafide wrestling god! So when you step into this ring with me on Anarchy I want to make one thing perfectly clear…I don’t give a dam whether this is a tag team match or not! Simon Cagero, and Bam Sparkleton, can kiss my sweet French Ar$e! Because all I want to do is get my hands on you…All I want to do is put an end to this disrespect you have been showing me all these years…All I want to do, is finally beat the holy hell out of you….J…..J……Johnson, and more importantly show the world that Jerome Dubois can beat JJ Johnson, and that Jerome Dubois is the bigger star!


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6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014

Post by Marky Tue 07 Oct 2014, 7:37 pm

(Timothy Allen is backstage looking nervous as Max Adamson walks into shot, with a smug grin on his face as he adjusts the 6CW World Championship on his shoulder, Adamson nods at Allen as if to give him permission to begin the interview.)

TA: Max Adamson, last week you made a hell of a statement, you left JJ Johnson flat on his back after your match and later in the evening, after Enforcer won the number one contender's match, you laid him out with a Cyclone on the steel ramp. What do you have to say about last week and the huge 8 man tag team match this coming week where you team up with Bad Intentions and Mike Masters against Enforcer, the Red Arrows and Scott Harris?

(Adamson smiles and answers Allen)

Max: You seem surprised Tim. You seem surprised that Max Adamson is capable of what Max Adamson did last week. What, did everyone think that because the Authority was defeated, that the whole world would fall down around Max Adamson like a house of cards? Let me remind you and the entire 6CW universe who I am. I am Max Adamson, I am the 6CW World Heavyweight Champion. I am a two time 6CW World Champion. I am a former 6CW Tag Team Champion. Need more? OK. I am the only man in 6CW history who has successfully defended the 6CW World Championship at Night of Glory. I am the man who in one night, just last week, took two of this industry's biggest names and left them laying face down, and I did it without some cronies who called themselves part of the Authority. Max Adamson was only in the Authority for only a few months, but in those few months Max Adamson reached down, grabbed the Authority by the bootlaces and almost dragged each and every member of the Authority to superstardom.

(Adamson looks at Allen)

Max: But I'm not a miracle worker Tim.

(Adamson looks at his 6CW World Championship)

Max: So Enforcer wants some of this. He thinks he can just steal from me? This isn't a new rivalry, this isn't even something caused by the Authority. This goes way, way back. There has been bad blood between Max Adamson and Enforcer ever since our 6WF days. 6wE. The breakaway. Enforcer gave up a lot to join 6wE with me, before 6wE merged with 6CW. But it never worked out for Big E. Max Adamson gave his all to 6CW and Max Adamson won his first 6CW World Championship not long after that. But Enforcer seemed to lose focus, he was the World Champion in 6WF before giving it up to follow me. But he soon realised that 6CW was out of his depth. He soon realised he didn't have what it takes to win the 6CW World Championship, and that was that. Mister Hockey quit wrestling. He blamed me for his shortcomings Tim. Like it's my fault he followed someone out the door. Once a sheep, always a sheep. Fast forward to last year, Enforcer is following someone else, namely Mr Jones. Mr Jones gave Enforcer the opportunity as EWF World Champion to defeat the reigning 6CW World Champion, one Max Adamson. Mr Jones wanted all the gold to be inside the Authority. But Mr Jones had the awareness to know when his men weren't up to the job. Mr Jones acquired Max Adamson the 6CW World Champion to join forces because even he knew Enforcer can't beat Max Adamson.

(Adamson smirks as he continues)

Max: So what's changed Big E? You no longer follow Mr Jones, you now follow these people. You now follow Daniel Magnussen. Like you used to follow Hobo. Like you used to follow Cassius Zhi. Like you followed Max Adamson out of 6WF. Once a sheep, always a sheep. I was able to stop you winning back the EWF World Championship, I'm sure you haven't forgotten that. But if you think for one moment that you can step forward and take my 6CW World Championship as some sort of revenge mission then you are seriously deluded.

(Adamson moves the 6CW World Championship from one shoulder to the other)

Max: Listen to me. I don't follow anybody. I don't follow these people. I am the messiah. I am the shepherd and the sheep follow me. Enforcer is the follower, and that is why he cannot beat me Tim. Enforcer will never step out of my shadow. For as long as he lives. For all his achievements. For everything Enforcer has done in Professional Wrestling. He is a follower. Sorry to spoil it for the fans in attendance, but Enforcer is NOT going to become 6CW World Champion. He couldn't handle it back then, and he most certainly cannot handle it now. And just quickly, I am not going to be "Enforced" either, whatever that even means.

(Adamson smiles broadly as he goes to leave)

TA: What about GazzyD?

(Adamson looks furious as he turns back to Allen)

Max: GazzyD is a parasite within the skidmark on the dirty underpants of 6CW. Nate Nack saw through his facade and punished him. All I have to say about GazzyD is that I tried to lead him on the path of redemption, but some people just can't be changed Tim. Now, if you don't mind.

(Adamson walks off leaving Allen behind)


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6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014

Post by TwisT Thu 09 Oct 2014, 12:52 pm

The crowd in Wembley arena are buzzing as the next episode of Anarchy approaches. Suddenly, the arena screen comes on and the fans cheer loudly when they see Anthony Grace walking confidently down the backstage corridor. He is wearing a dark navy suit, with the jacket slung over his shoulder. Grace also has his usual wrap-around sunglasses on and everything about him looks pristine and crisp.

Grace continues to walk down the corridor, swigging from a drinks can and smiling when he notices the camera. He takes one last gulp of the drink and sighs in satisfaction, while showing the can’s label to the camera.

AG: Ahhhhh…..that hit the spot!

??: Anthony! One moment!

Grace looks up to the sound and Timothy Allen comes into shot with a microphone. Grace passes the drinks can to the cameraman and then shakes the interviewer warmly by the hand. Allen doesn’t even have to ask Grace if he is ok to have an interview. Instead, the leader of the COG’s checks his reflection on camera and then nods to Allen to begin.

TA: Ladies and gentlemen, I am standing next to a guy that won a 3 match series against legend Jerome Dubois. I give you Anthony “Amazing” Grace.

Grace smiles at the camera and back at Allen before placing a hand on interviewer’s shoulder.

AG: Before we begin, I have something I would like to say to one important person……

Grace looks at the camera and smiles again.

AG: Mr. Dubois, hopefully you can hear this. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for our three match series. It was a fantastic introduction to 6CW and to the legends that this place has produced. You rank highly in my esteem Mr. Dubois and I hope that someday down the line, we can battle again. I am sure the fans of 6CW AND the COG’s will revel in another meeting between the pair of us. Who knows……maybe the result will be different. Then, we can sit back and remember just how much of the impact those matches had and how honoured we were to take part in them.

He turns back to Allen and smiles broadly.

AG: Thank you for that Timothy. Now…..your questions.

Allen readies himself and then begins.

TA: This week you face EWF World Champion Vincent Costello. A man that many have said is an unhinged force in this company and who has been the cause of some pretty grim events over the last few months. How are you feeling coming into this match, in what is a definite step up for you?

Grace laughs a little and again places his hand on Allen’s shoulder.

AG: Timothy, I feel great! This match is EXACTLY what I wanted when I arrived here. For me, as a relative rookie, to beat a 6CW Hall of Fame-r and then to go up against a current World Champion, just proves how right I am to BELIEVE in what I CAN accomplish. There is no way that Dean would put me in this match if he didn’t think I was ready.

Allen looks concerned.

TA: But surely you have kept abreast of what has been happening between Liam Wood and Costello?

Grace laughs again and shakes his head.

AG: It is some kind of fallout over a woman isn’t it? They are just natural red-blooded males after, who I am led to believe, is a rather pretty young lady. I heard she had an accident a few weeks ago and is in hospital still…….

Grace turns to the camera and blows a kiss.

AG: Get well soon gorgeous!

Grace turns to Allen, who looks confused, and prompts him to ask his next question.

TA: Emmy suffered greatly at the hands of Vincent Costello, who in turn suffered at the hands of Liam Wood two weeks ago. The amount of hate and anger in this match could well spill out and you could find yourself in the firing line Anthony. Isn’t that a concern to you?

Grace sighs slightly but then smiles at the interviewer.

AG: Hate and anger are emotions that are a waste of energy. I am sorry that Mr. Wood and Mr. Costello are having such a disagreement that it is affecting other people. But it WON’T affect me. I look forward to this match and I am confident that I can come out of it by putting on an AMAZING performance……win OR lose. That is the thing that matters……..that the COG’s go back home happy with the show that they have seen and then return for the next one…….

Again Allen looks concerned as Grace continues.

AG: Putting my body on the line in the name of my art is something I am not afraid of. Mr. Costello has the background and the gold to be favourite in this match, but that doesn’t faze me. Nor does his tendency to explode in a rage of fury. For me, I have all the tools to beat him. I have the backing of my COG’s. And……I am watched over by a higher power than even the EWF champion……

Grace crosses himself and then stares at Allen with a broad grin on his face

AG: And you forget Timothy, I am undefeated at the Copper Box. I am undefeated at Wembley. You could say I am undefeated in this Great Britain. I don’t intend to lose that undefeated moniker and neither do I intend to play a bit part role in the story between Mr. Costello and Mr. Wood.

He stares at the camera and looks over his sunglasses.

AG: This is just another match. A match I hope to win. A match I intend to make the COG’s happy. A match I WILL have the entire Wembley arena applauding at the end of it. Another match……against another man.

He turns to Allen and beams his Hollywood smile.

AG: No more……no less Timothy.

??: Well I have more………

Allen and Grace both turn round and Vincent Costello comes into shot. He pushes Allen out of the way and stands toe-to-toe with Grace. Allen decides it is best to leave them to it and only a lone camera points at Costello and Grace, as the EWF champions starts to speak.


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6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014

Post by MtotheC Thu 09 Oct 2014, 4:45 pm

VC: You really do think you're something special don't ya boy? I mean just look at ya, you've got your three hundred dollar shades on and your hair done up all real pretty, spouting some garbage about a higher power... Well here's a reality check for YOU Hollywood! The only higher power in 6CW is Costello's Law!

Now your new around here and you haven't quite got to grips with the natural order of things yet... So let me break it down for ya... I'm the EWF world heavyweight champion

Costello unbuttons his suit jacket to reveal the world title

And I worked my fingers to the bone to get where I am today, I've travelled around the world putting my body through hell, sometimes just to wrestle in front of a handful of people for no more than my gas money home, your damn straight I paid my dues... and then some! But after all that hard work, after all that blood and sweat and tears I got my shot in EWF and it was right then that I made a vow never to forget those freezing cold gymnasiums, where you had to get changed in the parking and stitch your own cuts. I said to myself; don't you ever forget what it took to get here, not because I want to look back nostalgically and reminisce! But because I ain't never going back! Fast forward to 6CW and I'm the biggest, must see superstar on this roster, I'm the world champion and I'm one match away from putting Liam Wood out of my life and this company for good!

I look at you Grace and I see everything I hate...

But you see Hollywood, I don't hate you because your Anthony Grace the movie star, I hate you because of everything I've been through... While I was scratching and crawling and pleading for my first pro contract, you were handed one on a silver plater, while I was getting stiffed for my appearance fee by independent promoters you were eating caviar and sipping champagne. 

Well let me tell you this Mr Hollywood smile... You can't beat me, not tonight, not tomorrow, not ever! Why? because whilst you and your personal trainer where working out real hard in the gym while Dean Andrews jerked off in the background, I was beating people, I was ending careers and I was winning championships... 

You may have the best preparation money can buy, but you haven't got this...

Costello beats his chest

This is a body carved out of stone, tried, tested and battle hardened because of what I've put it through and tonight I'm gonna walk out from behind that curtain and I'm gonna do what I always do and that's beat the cr@p out somebody, unfortunately for the COGs that somebody is you!

I'm gonna make wish you never sat up one day in the south of France whilst you cruised along the riviera and turned to that beautiful wife of yours and said; "you know what honey I feel like being a pro wrestle"...

I'm gonna make you realise that all those people who said your insane, that said your gonna get hurt, I'm gonna make you realise... that they were all right... Because Costello's Law is your reality now!


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6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014

Post by TwisT Fri 10 Oct 2014, 11:01 am

Grace smiles broadly at Costello which annoys him even more. Grace then taps the EWF a few times with his knuckle and whistles.

AG: Wow……that is an impressive bit of bling you are wearing there Mr. Costello. I am glad I am wearing sunglasses!

He laughs at his own joke, before taking his sunglasses off and starts cleaning them.

AG: I am glad someone is trying to bring me back to reality. My career so far in 6CW has been like a dream. Undefeated in this beautiful country, beating a legend that we should all aspire too and meeting some fantastic new fans. It really has been the perfect start to what I believe will be a successful time here.

Grace finishes cleaning his glasses and holds them up to the light. He makes Costello wait before putting the glasses back on and continuing.

AG: I do not doubt how hard you have worked to be where you are now Mr. Costello. And believe me when I say, I am both excited and humble to be up against you so quickly. But you are wrong when you say it has anything to do with my association with Dean Andrews. Have you seen him about with me lately? In fact, have you seen me talk to anyone from the management team? As painful as it may be for you to understand Mr. Costello, I am against you this week because of merit. Even if our fellow colleagues feel differently about that, the people at home and watching us right now in that arena, know the truth. They are not just believing I can achieve now………they realise that achievement is a 24 carat gold title belt guarantee.

Grace looks at the EWF belt and then back up to Costello smiling.

AG: So as battle hardened as you may be, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of the COG’s. I can feel the surge of added energy they give me every time I step into the ring. It gives me the ability to make super-human comebacks when those unbelievers expect me to lie down and quit. Mr. Dubois found that out and, slowly but surely, others are finding out the same thing. I am a man you just can’t shake off with strong words and idle threats.

Grace puts his jacket on and straightens it, making sure everyone can see how tight it looks over his muscles.

AG: I am not Mr. Wood, but I don’t expect you to treat me any differently than if you were facing him on Wednesday. However, if your mind isn’t focused……if you are thinking about other things……then you may end up being embarrassed by a Hollywood rookie.

He winks into the camera and then looks back at Costello.

AG: May the best man win Mr. Costello……

Grace extends his hand out for Costello to shake.


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6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Fri 10 Oct 2014, 3:46 pm

Timothy Allen and Christy James are backstage in front of a big sign advertising their exclusive online show "6CW Extra"

TA: Welcome to 6CW Extra with your hosts Christy James and me, the ever glamorous Timothy Allen.

CH: As always we'll be coming at you everyday exclusively on with all the backstage news as we build to another great edition of Anarchy

TA: Thats right Christy, every word from the dressing room, the fallout of every match and the attitude of the stars we see shine each and every week for this company and it all comes through us on 6CW Extra!

CH: And today has been all about one thing in the locker room...the return of the flame.

TA: A cryptic clue, merely a sign of what is to come, everyone here knows that when the fire starts only one man started it. The car park has seen itself reclaimed by the beast, the monster, the most feared man in 6CW.

CH: We saw it this evening and the chatter backstage began. He has returned and taken residence again.

TA: You're certainly right there, Christy. His camp is set up and The Man of War is ready to fight again.

*The scene changes and we see the flame out in the car park and a solitary figure unmoved next to it. Christy speaks over the shot

CH: This is live footage. We're sure you can understand all of this, but if you're new to us here at 6CW then that is the sign that Ojore is back.

TA: Ojore, the man who takes extreme to new levels, with pain merely a joy to him, only enters the building to fight. Until that time he waits outside, alone, quiet and by his fire.

CH: We sent Brian out there to catch a word with the monster...consider it our welcome gift to our new colleague

*The footage changes again and we see Brian approaching the silent monster by his burning crown.

B: O-o-o-ojore, may I h-h-h-h-have a mo-mo-moment of your time?

*Brian stands waiting for a full seconds before Ojore slowly turns his head

O: Ojore give one word to you, the word is same for the Mr Brown. Respect. He may take that as he want. Ojore not respect many men, but the Mr Brown earns respect. He done so before, tonight he can do so again, he know Ojore will bring the fire, DeMarcus always stand his ground. For that Ojore respect.

*Ojore turns back and closes his eyes. Brian stands there, his mouth opening occasionally to ask another question but always stopping himself

O: Leave now. Ojore is not needing you here alive.

*Brian takes the threat as it was meant and quickly runs away as the scene fades and we return to Christy and Tim.

CH: The man remains the same as ever; a mysterious, terrifying enigma.

TA: Right again Christy. DeMarcus Brown has his work cut out for him, but he knows the task at hand.

CH: And we'll see how it goes down this Wednesday on Anarchy. Join us then!

TA: This was your daily 6CW Extra, until next time...


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6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014

Post by MtotheC Fri 10 Oct 2014, 7:20 pm

Costello looks at the outstretched hand of Grace dismissively before snapping back at the Hollywood A lister...

VC: You sound like some corrupt Westminster politician, swerving the real question at hand, playing up to all the weak minded idiots out there, spewing them a load of garage that they lap up chapter and verse.

You say you deserve to be facing me tonight, well I say that's bull sh£t, I say... if your name wasn't Anthony Grace you'd be sweeping up outside the concession stand tonight... Well your name might afford you opportunities that others would kill for, but tonight Costello's law is gonna make you wish you weren't Anthony Grace, tonight I'm gonna take this fist and shove it so far down your throat you'll be begging to go back to Hollywood before the final bell rings.

Grace stands his ground, simply smiling back in the direction of Costello

And you can talk about your superhuman ability, you can talk about your perseverance to comeback from the brink... To take a licking and keep on kicking... but what you should know about Costello's Law is that no matter how big a guy you might be, no matter how tough or talented you are... I'll take you on. You hit me with fists, i'll comes back with a bat. You hit me with a chair, I'll come back with a sledgehammer. You wanna get violent with me, well you better put me out, because I'll keep comin’ back and back until one of us is either in the hospital or in the ground. Just ask Liam Wood and his two bit sl&t!

Costello smirks to himself at the mention of Woods name

And please stop spouting that trash about Jerome 'I used to be somebody' Dubois... That baguette eating, garlic wearing has been is not the benchmark he used to be, if Dubois is now the measuring stick then I fear for the future of 6CW... 

Let's get one thing straight Grace, you have achieved NOTHING, you have proven NOTHING, and you deserve NOTHING. That's why tonight when all is said and done and I'm looking down on your broken caracas in the middle of ring you'll realise that I will have taken everything and left you with NOTHING.

And you can muster all the COGS, all the belief, all the Devine intervention you damn well please but the reality is that once that bell rings God won't be there to carry you through, the COGS won't be there to help you fight, because it'll be just you and me and your realisation that reality is a b£tch!

Costello unbuckles the EWF world title from around his waste and positions it over his shoulder, a look of pure superiority over his face


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6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014

Post by TheCultOfPersonality Fri 10 Oct 2014, 7:24 pm

Mike Masters is sat in his locker room currently on the phone to someone. The cameraman walks into the room but Masters doesn't notice.

MM: But baby, hey baby listen...


MM: Oh come on are you gonna let me talk...


MM: Listen, they're all lies, all god damn lies. You've been lied to sweety and trust me, I know how it feels. You feel betrayed right?


MM: You know what, screw you and you're sister. Neither of you are worth this. Have a nice life babe.

Masters hangs up the phone with a smirk on his face only to notice a cameraman behind him.

MM: Ohh of course. Completely invade my privacy why don't you. I mean, what the hells wrong with you people. Why don't you get a more meaningful job? Why are you here huh? What, did Magnusson send you to check up on me, to make sure i'm behaving myself. Of course he did, you know what that man is obsessed and he's already messing with this company. He needs to realize who the man is around here. Do you hear that, you hear all those people chanting and screaming at the top of their lungs, there all here for me, Mike Masters, the Masterful one. Those people purschase reasonably priced tickets to see me and Magnusson needs to get that through his head. Like, did you see what happened on Aftermath? Did you see what Harris did to me. I mean, I'm not overeacting here but he could have killed me. Actually even worse, he could have ended my career. My pro wrestling career which I worked so hard for. That son of a b1tch...

Masters gets and kicks his chair away in anger as he gets closer to the camera.

MM: Harris...oh boy Scotty not only are you a liar, not only are you messed up in the head, not only have you screwed me over time and time again from numerous championships, you now tried to mess with my career. Scotty, you've got some nerve. I said this weeks ago, I want you in a one v one match. Just me and you. But what happens, what does that good for nothing owner of this company do? He books us in a tag match. And to make matters worse, he puts me and in a team with Adamson and Bad intentions. Really adamson and Bad Intentions. The guy who's holding the title I so richly deserve and the two jerks who screwed me out of the tag titles I worked oh so hard for?! Oh boy this is gonna be fun. Once again, it looks as though I'm the bad guy in this situation. Everybody hates my tag partners, nobody...well except Harris hates me. Oh Magnusson, don't worry I'll comply with your rules because that's just the kinda guy I am.

Masters takes a deep breath and gets even closer to the camera and displays a smirk on his face as he begins to talk again.

MM: But, I want Harris alone. I'm gonna make him pay. I'm gonna me him suffer for everything he's done to me. You know what, I may even stoop as low as him and try end his career. Well maybe that's best for you Harris, I mean, that way you'll be able to spend more time with your dear old mother aye?

Masters begins laughing to himself as he then playfully puts his hand on his left cheek and gives a wink to the camera. The picture then slowly fades out.


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6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014

Post by TwisT Fri 10 Oct 2014, 8:46 pm

Grace laughs at Costello and points his finger at him.

AG: You are a very funny man, Mr Costello! Definitely a more interesting adversary than Mr. Dubois. Whereas he told me all about himself, you are telling me what you can do. I appreciate that Mr. Costello, I really do. But isn't this machismo a bit beneath someone who is a champion of this company and idolised by its fans.......?

Grace looks into the camera and winks.

AG: Or maybe not.

He turns backs to Costello and chuckles.

AG: And forgive me for being a tad big-headed, but who would wish that they were not Anthony "Amazing" Grace?! I am sure that after a quick walk around Wembley you will find many different COG's of all ages, that would love to be me for a day. I am not quite sure whether they would want to face you or not, but that is a hardship I have to bear!

Grace laughs again and Costello looks increasingly annoyed.

AG: Look Mr. Costello, I can see you are getting a little irate here and believe me that isn't my intention. The imagery you are using is very vivid and all I can say is you will have your opportunity to make it come true this Wednesday. Hopefully I will be a worthy opponent for you. If not.....well I will still be around in 6 months time. Maybe we can make another appointment then?

Grace starts to outstretch his hand again but stops.

AG: Oh yes, I forgot......

Grace pulls his hand back to his side and beams his Hollywood smile.

AG: Now, unless you have anything further to add Mr. Costello, I have to rush off. I have an appointment to meet some mini COG's as part of my involvement in the Make-A-Wish foundation.

He turns to the camera and gives a double thumbs up before turning back to Costello.


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6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014

Post by Cagero Sat 11 Oct 2014, 2:12 pm

Of course, I could make things familiar – a thousand people shouting and cheering, maybe even booing at the sound of my name… But where is the fun in that? It’s not always great to be out in front of the crowds, nor is it good for me to have someone dictating the direction of conversation. It never really is how I do things… So here I am, being a little bit of a crazy person. Doing what, anyway? Of course, I’m walking right dead in the middle of the street, wearing as little as I possibly can, without being arrested, and of course the 6CW UK championship over my shoulder. Have to bring some prestige to this thing somehow, and what better way than to get maximum exposure…

Simon: “Nobody thought it was possible.”

I say, as I walk slowly, barefoot down the road. The sun has set, so the road is cool. I’m not dumb enough to allow for hot asphalt to burn my feet.

Simon: “Nobody believed it would happen…”

I tap the gold on my shoulder, as I continue talking and walking.

Simon: “What people were once looking upon as a fool, nothing but an arrogant p***k, they are now looking at differently… And why would they be doing as such? Why would they change their little opinion about someone so quickly? It’s simple, really – actions speak louder than words, and there is nothing more correct in this world. Actions speak volumes more than words, something that our little owners and general managers could learn a thing or two from. It’s amazing, really for the amount of time you listen to me rabble, to the absolute garbage that comes out of my mouth… It’s amazing that there is anybody that really even pays attention to me anymore. Sure, I may be what you guys call charismatic. I might live a little bit like this so called Simon Cagero chap; I might even talk a big game… But why do you all tune in week after week? Why do you listen on the edge of your seat for probably one of the biggest up-and-coming superstars that 6CW has to offer?”

I rub my wrist on the gold, maybe to shine it up a little bit more.

Simon: “Well it’s simple.”

I shake my head, as it’s not the title that makes me.

Simon: “I deliver the goods.”

I switch the title to the other shoulder.

Simon: “Move on over, JJ.”

I chuckle a little bit.

Simon: “This isn’t about people that THINK they have what it takes, it’s not about being larger than life, and not being able to back it up. It’s about saying what you mean… It’s about doing exactly what you say. I’m not a big man, to say the least… So how do I do it? How do I deliver these goods that so many people fail to do? Especially when they claim they can; I hate liars, that’s all that they are, is a bunch of god damn liars… Can’t back up what they say, can’t do anything right… So anyway, what separates me from everyone else out there? More specifically, what separates me, Simon Cagero from the rest of the riff raff that 6CW has to offer?”

I stop, and look left and right. Some cars pass by me, honking their horn.

Simon: “Could it be this beautiful bod?”

I rub my hand over my stomach, as the passing by cars scream words that your mother would be ashamed of at me.

Simon: “Sadly no.”

I shake my head.

Simon: “Or how about this charming personality of mine?”

I wave to them, as they go into the distance; nothing too spectacular, just a Queen’s wave.

Simon: “Again, I doubt that could be the answer.”

I drop the title off my shoulder, and allow it to fall to the ground with a reassuring thud.

Simon: “Maybe it’s my overpowering urge to p*** people off. That one seems a little bit more likely, does it not? Maybe the urge is so great, that it dominates my body, my mind, my very psyche right to the core. Maybe it makes me so hell bent on winning – proving people wrong, and frustrating them to no end… Doesn’t that sound like a really good time? I mean, if I could do that every day, I would do it gladly, paid or not.”

I give the title a little push with my foot.

Simon: “Here’s an example.”

Then I grind my heel into it.

Simon: “This week, I face off against Bam Sparkleton (Again)”

I wiggle my eyebrows. We all know the outcome of that.

Simon: “And JJ Johnson.”

I wag my finger like an old hag, while I continue to twist my heel back and forth on the title.

Simon: “In my corner, there is someone that decided to be a little b**** toward me.”

I laugh, and roll my eyes.

Simon: “I know! Who would treat me that way!?”

I shrug my shoulders, and take my foot off the title.

Simon: “Here’s the thing, Dubois, you don’t talk to me. Don’t even mention me – you don’t deserve to. Not because you’re French or anything… Oh okay, that just might be the reason – hear me out here though. I will not kiss your a** or anybody else’s ass. I don’t give a sh** if you want to focus on JJ, or whoever it is that you feel like facing. Here’s the thing, JEROME; you don’t get to pick your fights – that is unless you decide to pick it against me. I don’t care if you want Bam and me to get the hell away from your fight, or you feel like you have something to prove, or even if you want to kiss his a**… You don’t talk to me. See, I’ve been pretty good up until now with tag partners. They leave me alone, I leave them alone; pretty fair deal that we had going on. You however, have rubbed me the wrong way… Yes Jerome, you have RUBBED ME…”

I grab my crotch.

Simon: “The wrong way.”

And shake it, before the smile fades from my face.

Simon: “I don’t like that.”

I let go, and shake my head.

Simon: “Nor do I really like you.”

I say as a matter-of-factly.

Simon: “Anybody that refers to themselves as a Wrestling God deserves to be brought down a peg.”

I pick up the gold, and toss it off the road, into a grassy place.

Simon: “I’m the a**hat here, not you Dubois. You don’t get to make outlandish claims… Hell, you don’t get to make ANY claims as long as I’m in this match. You aren’t as great as you say. You don’t live the lifestyle of the great, and famous. You don’t know what it takes. Jesus, I wish that I understood half the stuff you say, maybe pile that up on my ignorant American roots or something… But there are facts that you’re missing out on, you don’t have the big picture in mind… You lack something that this world knows as substance; a simple thing to lack, yet oh so crucial in this world of wrestling.”

I look around, knowing that even though I have barely any clothes on, I still have more substance.

Simon: “So what say you? Do you really want to go after JJ Johnson?”

I smile, and shake my head.

Simon: “I don’t think you do.”

My smile broadens, as I start walking again, this time one foot in front of the other, exactly down the line, being very careful not to cross either way.

Simon: “Sure, there’s hearsay, they held you back, so on and so forth… But what is really holding you back, Jerome? I swear I’ve heard you say that before, someone holding you back, I mean. Sounds to me that it’s not anybody else’s problem but your own; after all you are the common denominator, are you not? You’re the one that’s in charge of yourself; you make your own destiny. After all, look at me… Look at Simon Cagero, your newly crowned 6CW UK champion… One of the top up-and-coming stars the 6CW has… Who holds him back, Dubois? Nobody holds back Simon Cagero.”

I stop, and exasperate a gasp?

Simon: “Do you know why that is?”

I slap my face, to add to the exasperation.

Simon: “Because it’s part of this lifestyle that I have.”

I can’t help but laugh. What a joke.

Simon: “It’s simply part of being…”

I pause, before screaming out.

Simon: “WASTED!”

I jump a little bit, but stay right on that line. Just like always, right? Never crossing, but getting ever so close.

Simon: “Waste Some Time, Waste Some Money, Waste a Little Bit of Our Precious Little Minds. Get held down, and fight back, make an impression, and don’t let others decide what you want to do. I’m a p****, I’m an a**, yet nobody seems to want to stand before me and face me one on one. I take a genuine interest in p***ing people off – it’s a rather unique hobby of mine. Sure, people doubted me when I came here. People thought I needed to be put in my place… But what happened? Why isn’t it happening anymore? Because I’m not some whiny bi*** that says that other people are the cause of my turmoil… I do it all to myself, and like that only I can stop it.”

I use my thumb to point to my chest.

Simon: “Only Simon Cagero can make things happen for Simon Cagero.”

I bet that he’s going to make an epiphany with this one.

Simon: “Just like only Jerome Dubois can make things happen for Jerome Dubois.”

Back to walking again, this time I hold my arms out.

Simon: “Now I expect you to be a good little boy, and do what you need to do. I don’t want to hear anymore whining, any more excuses – are we clear?”

Walking, wagging my finger and talking in a nagging tone. Jeez, I sound like my mother.

Simon: “I understand that you want JJ. I get that he makes your blood boil simply because of his existence. I completely agree that he is better than you in every damn way. That doesn’t mean that you have to go and cry, and claim that he’s holding you back, you know? It just means that you have to put on your big girl panties for a bit and prove to yourself, and the world that you are better than him, which is highly unlikely mind you… But hey, that’s why I’m here, right? That’s why I’m in your corner this week. I am guaranteed victory. I don’t need to be a god, like you say you are. I just simply will not lie down and lose, or make excuses on the petty stuff.”

I pause.

Simon: “It isn’t because of my nationality, either.”

I shake my head again.

Simon: “It’s because I fight for what have, and don’t give up. I’m not some lazy piece of crap, like the rest of the 6CW. Tell me, who else does that around here?”

I really don’t know. I can’t help but shrug my shoulders.

Simon: “Obviously not Dubois, he’s out of the question.”

I roll my eyes.

Simon: “That’s right, sit there and scratch your head for a bit. It’s simple, tried and true – only Simon Cagero can say and deliver every single week… Only Simon Cagero is destined for bigger things than this gold right here that I hold – although I’m probably not going to give it up in my attempts. I mean, why should I? I like to stay as a fighting champion, much to the disdain of everyone here, of course… Why would there be any other way, anyway? Any possible chance that I could have to turn the tide, go right ahead, right?”

I have to think about what to say next… But it does come to me rather quickly.

Simon: “But yeah, JJ Johnson… Bam?”

Again, there is a pause.

Simon: “Do you want Simon Cagero?”

I point to myself.

Simon: “Or do you want Jerome Dubois?”

I rub my hands together.

Simon: “I mean, I’m more than happy to take him off your hands, and slap a little sense into the guy. I have no real beef with either of you… I mean, since I took the title off of you, Bam; no hard feelings. I just want to move on, and go ahead with my career. I’m sure you’re sick of losing to me, as well. I mean, who wouldn’t be? You seriously have to be suffering from a little brain damage at this point.”

I turn around, and walk back to where I threw my title.

Simon: “So yeah, there’s your choice, a little off the wall – maybe a little crazy… But it’s all according to plan for me. Such is the way it goes when you are…”

Again I pause, before screaming out.

Simon: “WASTED!”

I make a gun with my hand, point, and click – just like your creepy uncle does to you.

Simon: “Just the way you want to be.”

I make it to where my title was thrown, before picking it up, and walking off into the distance. I wonder if I really hit home with this, all things considered. I mean, being in a speedo walking down the street… How many in the 6CW would tolerate that? Maybe it’ll turn more heads my way. After all, it is as they say – there is no such thing as bad publicity.


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6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014

Post by DP Mon 13 Oct 2014, 12:37 pm

The scene opens to Scott Harris sat in an armchair in a conservatory. He is sat looking over a field. The atmosphere is quaint, peaceful, a world away from the madness and bustle of London and 6CW. He sits still, wrestling with his thoughts. The camera zooms out and reveals his mother sat next to him. She watches her son, her gaunt eyes, analysing him and his every breath...

JH: You should be happy, Scott?! You got your retribution. You put him on the floor... You won.

Harris is unmoved, he continues to look into the distance, his eyes every now and again shifting to his mothers direction. She persists.

JH: I watched you punch him square on the jaw, I've never been so proud, you did what I've wanted to do for years, Scotty. He's gone, we can move on, I can finally get better!

There is a hope in the frail figure of Jayne Harris, her final words elicit a response from The Sharpshooter, who finally looks at his mother, emotionless, possibly restrained.

SH: Do you think it's that easy? I punch the SOB in the mouth, nail him with a Shot in the Dark and that's that. It's never that easy, Mum. It's never going to be. You'll get better, these people will make you better. You never needed his comeuppance to make you better, you've got all the help money can buy...

The thing is though, I thought I did.

I was naive enough to think that laying that vindictive scumbag out would help me get some closure... I thought it was over...

Harris and his mother share a glance. Harris breathes in deeply.

SH: It's not though, is it? Not while Mike Masters is parading around with his cheap shots. He's going to take every chance to dredge up the past, he's not going to let me break free of the past.

As much as he hates Michael Jones, they're the same person, preying on a mans weakness, twisting that screw until he's broken mentally. He's going to try every trick in the book. He's going to goad me and push and poke and prod. He's going to take me down the darkest path I've ever been on, Mum...

I'll be damned if he's going to use what we've been through against me...

JH: Just stay strong, you're twice the man he'll ever be.

SH: But if I respond to him, if I bite back, does that bring me to his level? Does that make me as bad? See, I'm scared. I don't know how far I'm going to be pushed, I've always acted with honour, conducted myself correctly but with Mike Masters chipping away at my sanity, that tethers going to snap, there's a bomb that's going to go off and I'm frightened that people like you will get caught up in the cross fire...

Harris stands and walks to the window.

SH: I can't let it happen. This is between me and Mike...

The scene fades to black as Harris returns to looking out the window, his mother watches on, looking somewhat worried.


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6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Wednesday 15th October 2014

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