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Post by hbk48942 on Thu 11 Dec 2014, 12:18 am

basically , as it is thursday thought i would start a thread where we look back at old memories , so share an old memory (can be completely random and post it here)

mine is i was sent to the head teachers office when i was in Year 6 and i started crying as i was scared that i would get told off.


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#throwbackthursday Empty Re: #throwbackthursday

Post by ShahenshahG on Thu 11 Dec 2014, 2:48 am

Mine is when I was a child I went with my dad to a local car boot sale and he gave me 50p to buy whatever i wanted. I bought an octagonal marble slide with rectangular cut outs so you could see the marble going round and round in the octagonal pattern. The guy selling it looked at me strangely and gestured towards some toy cars and my dad asked if i was sure I wanted it and I was adamant. Got home and found a bag of 500 marbles I'd bought in pakistan for about 20p earlier that summer, and I dropped each marble in one by one imagining a procession of beautiful marbles glittering from the sunlight as they went down the path on the side and dropped to the next level etc etc. Dropped first one. Plunk!. Stopped dead. Dropped second one. Plunk. Stopped dead. Dropped about 5 or 10 and with no success then my dad walks in watching me with a dawning expression of understanding on his face and he bit down on his laughter and took me back to the sale to buy a few more toys.

At this point i'm blissfully unaware of the source of his amusement just delighted to be able to keep the defective marble slide AND buy more toys. So he buys a few more toys and they keep me entertained for a few more days but always in my mind is that marble slide i'm determined to make work. One day mum walks into my room and sees me poking morosely at the marble slide and bursts into a fit of giggles then nags my dad to explain some hard soul destroying truth to me. He says son, come here, in a voice trembling with laughter and explains to me gently and as seriously as he can with a rapidly reddening face, Son - that isn't a marble slide. Its a cassete storage carousel.

Frak you car boot sales Frak you


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Post by TRUSSMAN66 on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 1:30 pm

I won the High school Tennis tournament in my last year...The year before however I was drawn against a kid in the year above.... someone who was getting professional coaching and people were expecting big things from....

It was a best of three 1/4 final.....

Anyway I was pretty much beaten before the first serve and lost the first set easily and was down in the second set when I suddenly realised that he wasn't all that......

I managed to break him twice and lost in the second set tie break.....

I always regret that......

If I had believed... I would have beat him.....He even told me after he'd won the tournament that I was his hardest game...

Anyway he got some chick pregnant and last I heard he was running his own cab firm..

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