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Mikey Garcia!!!!!!

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Mikey Garcia!!!!!! Empty Mikey Garcia!!!!!!

Post by AlexHuckerby Mon 02 Mar 2015, 6:13 pm

Christ almighty could this man have another fight... Hasn't fought since around the beginning of 2014, no news, no nothing pencilled in, just another fight with promoter issues.

I was praising him from high heaven not too long ago, I hope he's been in training and not just eating ice cream for the past year as I think he's an exceptional talent and looked about to move to Lightweight and begin his campaign there. Would have been a terrific opponent for Crawford or Gamboa last year however due to inactivity that hasn't happened, seems like a real forgotten man unfortunately considering how incredibly talented he is.


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Mikey Garcia!!!!!! Empty Re: Mikey Garcia!!!!!!

Post by WHU_Champo_League_in_7Yrs Mon 02 Mar 2015, 6:24 pm

I agree very disappointing given how good he was in 2013 was a real breakout star

He was good at 126, his last fight was for a title at 130 but hearing that his next fight will be at 140, a pretty big jump for a guy who wasn't huge looking at 130, think that may be a risky move for him

Either way look forward to seeing him in action soon feel like Crawford is too big for him though


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