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6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015

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6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015 Empty 6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015

Post by JJJohnson Fri 06 Mar 2015, 9:51 pm

Live from the Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland
Start time: TBA

Match 1
JJ Johnson vs Tyler Roth

Match 2
The Producers vs The Forgotten

Match 3
Lex Hart vs Enigma

Match 4
Joshua vs Terrance Kray

Match 5
Robin Reborn vs El Rey Castile

Match 6
Buck Riggins vs Jonathan Daniels

Match 7
Mike Masters/Jax Cutler/Jerome Dubois vs Liam Wood/Thunder/Keith Leone

Main Event
Max Adamson/Vincent Costello vs GazzyD/Anthony Grace

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6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015

Post by TwisT Sat 07 Mar 2015, 1:28 pm

The Aviva stadium is packed with Irish 6CW fans that are looking forward to the show. The ring has been decked out in red and there is a rostrum in the centre. It appears something big is about to happen and the crowd look on eagerly towards the stage. From their commentary positions, Harold and Henry Lloyd can be heard speaking.

HA: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Dublin! The 6CW roadshow has come across the water and I have never seen such enthusiastic fans!

HE: They are waiting to see what happens in the next show. Aftermath provided some big bombshells and the biggest was the announcement of the main event at Revolution.

HA: It certainly raised a few eyebrows, when you think of the talent on the roster. But, the match at Madison Square Garden will be Vincent Costello versus Anthony Grace for the EWF World Title.

HE: Grace has had a lot of congratulations on his twitter account by some notable people. The 6CW universe were surprised at the decision, but it is eagerly looked forward to now.

Suddenly, the first few bars of "Amazing Grace" starts and most of the fans start cheering loudly, especially the young COG's on either side of the aisle. However, there is a large section of boos and jeering that for once can be easily heard.

HA: Grace dividing opinion.......did 6CW sell out?

HE: You can't argue with the fact that Grace did last until the final five at Gateway to Glory AND pinned Max Adamson at Aftermath.

HA: Well, New York city does have a large Irish community. Maybe this is a taste of things to come for Mr. Grace.

As the music continues, Anthony Grace appears from behind the curtain. He is wearing a dazzling white suit with a black shirt and wears his usual sunglasses. Grace has a cheek microphone stuck to his face and from his jacket pocket a large shamrock is visible. He confidently strides down to the ring and takes his time greeting the young fans that are cheering for him. The boos are still audible however, and the "Amazing Grace" song seems to be blaring out of the speakers louder. Grace seems oblivious to the jeers and merely spends longer taking pictures with those young fans happy to see him.

HE: Grace lapping up the attention and irritating a section of these fans even more........

HA: He is being the true superstar! Those kids have waited a long time to see their idol and he is making sure they get their moneys worth!

After a while, Grace finally gets to the apron. He climbs the steel steps and enters the ring. Grace salutes the crowd as the music finishes and even blows kisses. The hard camera concentrates on him and not any negativity being shown behind his back. Grace then confidently walks up to the rostrum and clears his throat. He stares out across the crowd and smiles.

AG: This is what you get.......when you BELIEVE! A shot at the EWF World Title!

The crowd cheer loudly and Grace mouths "thank you" at them. He stands up straight at the rostrum looking very self-assured and comfortable. He gives one big smile before continuing.

AG: There are many people I have to thank for this opportunity. Many men and women that I need to show gratitude at their hard work, dedication and BELIEF!

The crowd cheer again as Grace looks down at some sheets of paper that have been put on the rostrum. He scans the pages quickly before looking up and speaking.

AG: Firstly, I want to thank my backstage team. An unseen entity FILLED with experts in their art. That goes for my tailor, make-up artist, security staff and personal assistants. They allow me to concentrate on what's important......pleasing the FANS and bringing the ENTERTAINMENT!

Grace briefly looks up the aisle and applauds.

AG: Next I would like to thank the 6CW hierarchy. The sponsors have been a driving force and a constant ROCK of support, as I have climbed the ranks to be in this position. They saw in me a man that GAVE his all for the cause and truly EMBRACED the 6CW way. I feel very humble that they have chosen me as the standard bearer of 6CW for when we play at the spiritual home of wrestling!

He nods his head and smiles, as the crowd politely applaud.

AG: Along with them, I have to reserve special thanks for Daniel Magnusson and my good friend Dean Andrews. Two men that have dragged 6CW to the TOP with brilliant decisions and tireless hard work. These two men should be given statues outside the gates of Wembley arena, such is the manner they have made this organisation the very BEST!

HA: You can't argue with that.......

HE: They pay our salaries, so no........

Grace gazes at the paper a second time, before taking a sip of water that has been left for him on the rostrum. He composes himself and continues.

AG: Next comes my friends and most importantly my family. My loving wife and my gorgeous daughters have provided so much INSPIRATION which has pushed me higher. My thanks to my friends at Marvel, all those that were part of the Gambit franchise and The Reckoning. To all the beautiful performers that have sung to herald my arrival. And last, but by no means least., Mr. Chuck Norris. A man of the highest calibre that has bestowed upon me a new weapon that has been used to DEVASTATING effect in my last two matches. A true BLOCKBUSTER and one I am forever grateful for.

HE: Hathaway and Adamson aren't thankful! They felt the effects of that kick to the face!

Grace takes another sip of water and leans forward. He grips the sides of the rostrum and looks out towards the audience.

AG: Lastly, I need to thank those fine young individuals that have BLESSED me with their cheers, their smiles and their support. For many months, this band of brothers and sisters have supplied me with STRENGTH and SPIRIT. That, along with my thanks to God, is one of the most important call of gratitude I can make right now. You have no idea how much I VALUE your cheers. You have no idea how much I RESPECT your loyalty. You have no idea how HUMBLE I feel when I gaze out on this sea of love. To the COGS.......I say this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You BELIEVED and I ACHIEVED!

Grace raises his arm and salutes the crowd as they cheer loudly. He takes a few bows and waves to the fans.


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6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015

Post by x12x Sat 07 Mar 2015, 8:21 pm

Just a few hours removed from Aftermath we are backstage the 6CW Arena. The camera comes to life showing an excited Tim Allen stood next to a less than impressed Liam Wood. Wood wearing a plain black hoody over a Kevin Steen shirt looks off in to the distance looking bored already

TA: Liam, tonight we learned that you would be one of the six men going in to the Elimination Chamber at Revolution with a shot at the EWF title on the line but the question on everyone's lips is how will you cope being in there with your best friend Thunder...

Wood shakes his head and rolls his eyes before looking in to the camera with intent in his eyes before speaking

Tim, when I walk in to that Chamber with six other men I won't be facing Jax Cutler, I wont be facing Keith Leone, I won't be facing Mike Masters, I won't be facing Jerome Dubois and I won't even be facing my best friend see, when I walk in to the Chamber...those five other men are just nameless, faceless victims who I have to eliminate.
Thunder has known me long enough to know that this match won't be personal, anything that happens in that arena, stays in that arena and only an idiot would think otherwise.

TA: I understand but what about the advantage some say you and Thunder may have? You're clearly friends and you're going up against four other men. Do you see a partnership forming at any point?

Without even a second of hesitation Wood answers the question

No, like I said this isn't about who is in that match for's about me getting back to where I belong. The moment I allow my feelings to get involved is the moment I let someone else decide my fate and those days are done. Thunder and I go a long way back and I am proud to watch him wrestle again but the moment we step between those ropes...he'll be someone else who is in my way. You see, for the past few months I have been down and out...I hit rock bottom and I thought that was it but you know what? All I had to do was look up and I could still see the top of that mountain...I could still see exactly where I belonged and now I know exactly how to get right back up there...last week, before Aftermath The Forgotten dropped my name and it made me realise something that I have, something that I will change about 6CW...

...I am sick of these run of a mill, flash in the pan, flavour of the month average Joe's thinking they can get away with talking about me...I'm going to remind each and every person on that roster that I am not a cartoon character that you can take lightly...I'm not Anthony Grace, I'm not Mike Masters...I'm Liam Wood and if you want to mention that name again...prepare for me to put my knee through your damn face because play time is over...people need to realise that when you get caught up in business with get hurt....people need to realise that every time I step through those ropes I am ready to fight for my life and I am done with merely surviving...I'm going to start to take what's mine.

Allen interrupts Wood

TA: Very interesting that you mention Mike Masters, before Aftermath I asked you about your relationship with his mentor of sorts Michael Jones and you were quick to shoot down any links but tonight we once again saw the former 6CW Owner take a big interest in you.

Let him take an interest, it doesn't matter...I am here to do things MY way and they do not involve some old man and his egotistical little lap dog. Mike Masters seems to want to add me to their little “family” but I don't know if he really gets what would happen if I joined them...He seems to think that we'd work towards a future where we were the top two men in the company but if I joined he'd be old news, he'd be surplus to requirement...he'd be Scott Harris.

TA: I can see why you wouldn't want to involve yourself with Mr Jones but don't you think that having someone with his experience in your corner could give you an upper hand that you have been looking for?

Wood grits his teeth

Have you ever looked in to my history? In 2013 I walked in to this business and I made it didn't matter what title I had on my shoulder...nothing could change the fact that I was the person the people were tuning in for...I was Mr EWF and I made that company...not Vincent Costello, not Jimmy Phillips, not Enforcer....not Daniel Magnusson...I did!
Sadly though, EWF has gone so I have to turn my attention to taking over another's time for me to make 6CW MY company and there is nobody out there who is going to stop me...I won't be needing anyone's help for that because the moment you let someone like Michael Jones's the moment you're dragged in to his pointless bs...Mike Masters is now nothing more than a lapdog running Mikey's errands with the promise of greatness but Masters needs to ask himself this...if you were really capable of greatness...why is Jones so interested in me?

A confident smirk covers Wood's face as he adjust his hoody

Right now the idea of having me carry his dead weight is like a dream come true but if I was to actually join him and that Vulture Jones we all know what would wouldn't be long before the love letters from Jones would slow down and stop and before he knew it, he'd be treated just like Michael's baby boy.

TA: Earlier you mentioned Anthony Grace, we learned at Aftermath that he would be next in line to face EWF Champion Vincent Costello for a shot at the title. With this in mind, if you were able to secure the title shot at Night Of Glory...which man would you prepare to face?

It doesn't matter...

Allen looks shocked for a second before continuing

TA: Surly you'd prefer to face the man who made your life a misery late last year? Costel...

Wood quickly cuts off Allen with a serious tone to my voice

What part of it doesn't matter do you not get? Whichever man I face WHEN I go to Night Of Glory will be holding the title that I have been missing for two years and they will not be able to stop me from taking it back to where it belongs...You might want to build up the hatred I have for Costello but I am done letting my anger control me...I am done acting as if my angst means a damn thing because when it all comes down to it...this business is about talent, it's about hunger for success and it's about determination and I can promise you that I have more of all of those things than both of those men combined and whoever I face at Night Of Glory is in for the worst night of their life...

...It's ironic that I call myself bullet proof because the truth is that when I walk out of my chamber at Revolution...I'm the bullet and I'm heading towards every single person stood in my way and that ends with the man holding MY title.

Allen attempts to speak but Wood shakes his head and walks away with a serious look across his face.


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6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015

Post by Guest Sun 08 Mar 2015, 4:01 pm

The camera cuts to the backstage area of the Aviva Stadium, with various pieces of 6CW equipment strewn around the place. A general air of control chaos is in the air as various crew members try and get the place in shape as suddenly a door swings open at the far end of the corridor and a hooded figure walks in. The figure stops and looks around at all that is happening, before strolling through the centre of the people and towards one of the locker rooms. Once the figure gets in, he unhoods himself to reveal that it is Keith Leone. Leone takes a seat on a bench and slowly runs his hands throw his long blonde hair, before beginning to speak.

Leone: Six months, six long months…

Leone now raises his head up and runs his hands over his nose and mouth.

Leone: Six months of barely being able to look at myself in the mirror, because I was so disgusted at what looked back at me. I gave what I thought was my heart and soul for one match and I came up short. Now most guys seem to do that and then come back fighting harder than before, but not me. No, I never come up short, on my best day nobody in this or any other company can touch me, and yet on that ill-fated night I was beaten. Now people said to me, “but Keith, JJ Johnson is one of the best of all time, he is a living legend,” and to them I say a simple two words, screw you. I don’t care who it is I’m up against, for around four years now I have lived with the ideology that if I’m not the best in this business, than I might as well quit, and trust me when I say that I was close. I kept watching and re-watching that tape, looking for where I screwed up, and I just couldn’t find it. Finally I couldn’t bear to watch it anymore and I went and finally looked into that mirror to see the man looking back at me, and that’s when it hit me. I didn’t get one thing wrong in that match, I got everything wrong. The man looking back at me in that mirror wasn’t the man who won the 6CW World Title at Night of Glory IV and was sure as hell not the man who fought Genesis single handed. This man was some kind of wannabe, who was living the life of luxury and taking the plaudits as they came in. This man felt that facing off with JJ Johnson was all about getting the plaudits of the wrestling world rather than making a genuine mark and that makes me sick. I know some people will think it’s however many years bad luck to break a mirror, but I won’t hesitate to say that I smashed that thing into thousands of fragments. Then as I looked at those various pieces of reflective material, showing different images of me in each one, I started to feel real again. If I want to climb to the top of the mountain again and be the standard bearer for professional wrestling, I can’t fall into the trap that all of those other guys fall into. No more kissing up to the fans in the arenas, no more friendly “banter” with guys who will just as soon stab me in the back as shake my hand, no more fun and games. The events at Aftermath was the demonstration of a return to the old ways, Keith Leone once again being the anti-establishment; and if that means the fans still cheer for me that’s fine, but this isn’t about them. This is a warning to anyone who stands in my way, you will be beaten; I don’t care about what it takes or the sacrifices I have to make, come Night of Glory, people will remember why I am the top dog in the wrestling world.

Keith Leone now looks up at the camera with a look of anger in his eyes, which quickly turns to coldness as he begins to speak once again.

Leone: Now we find ourselves though heading into Anarchy, where an “epic” six man tag match will take place, involving all participants of the upcoming Elimination Chamber match. People are already talking about what may happen inside the chamber, what horrors might be unleashed, but I want remind the other participants, that they have to survive the road to the chamber first. At Anarchy this week, we’re really going to get a good look at what everyone is capable of doing, and what people are willing to do to get ahead. Now I’m not trying to take anything away from anyone just yet, because every man in this match has at one point or another shown that they deserve their place in the upper echelons of the 6CW card. What I’m trying to say is that some men may not have reached their full potential, some men may have passed their best days, and some may be getting comfortable whilst resting on their laurels. Though obviously that can all change, the lure of gold and success is a very powerful thing, and there are men in this match who have already done unspeakable deeds to gain success. Now is not the time though to start getting personal, I’m sure we’re all going to get very acquainted over the next few weeks, and with my personality, I doubt I’m going to making many allies in that time anyway. All I shall say at this time is this; you all want to become top dog at Night of Glory to finally feel what it’s like being so high up there. But I’ve already been there, I know what how warm the sun is at that height and I know how addictive it is to be considered that good. But for me, that’s not what I want anymore, what I want is to be the best once again, and that is an even more powerful desire. This week I team with Liam Wood and Thunder, and to you gentlemen I use the word team in the loosest possible sense. We all have something to prove and so long as you don’t interfere in my business I’m sure on this occasion we’ll get on swimmingly. To you Dubois, Cutler and Masters; keep your heads on straight and your minds focussed on the task at hand, as the first chance I get to take one of you down, I will. There will be no hesitation and no mercy in my actions because from this point on, you are the men that are going to be used as proof of how great I am. I’ll see you all out there.

Keith Leone now gets up from the bench and swiftly walks past the camera and out of the room as the screen cuts away.


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6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015

Post by MtotheC Sun 08 Mar 2015, 5:42 pm

AG: Lastly, I need to thank those fine young individuals that have BLESSED me with their cheers, their smiles and their support. For many months, this band of brothers and sisters have supplied me with STRENGTH and SPIRIT. That, along with my thanks to God, is one of the most important call of gratitude I can make right now. You have no idea how much I VALUE your cheers. You have no idea how much I RESPECT your loyalty. You have no idea how HUMBLE I feel when I gaze out on this sea of love. To the COGS.......I say this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You BELIEVED and I ACHIEVED!

Grace raises his arm and salutes the crowd as they cheer loudly. He takes a few bows and waves to the fans.

I Fought the law and the law won...

The crowd immediately burst into uproar in reaction to the above words screaming out around the arena, the words Costello’s Law appear on the big screen and are intwined by the thorns of a red rose. ‘Killing in the name of’ by Rage Against The Machine instantaneously kicks in and the beat of the music reverberates around the arena!

HA: And here comes the EWF world champion, Costello has been on a dominating run since defeating Enforcer for that very title over eight month ago and at the next PPV he goes one on one with Anthony Grace in his home town of New York City with the title on the line!

HE: That's right 6CW roll into Madison Square Garden the home town of Vincent Costello and I predict one hell of an aggressive partisan crowd firmly on the side of the greatest champion to ever hold the EWF title... Grace isn't going to know what's hit him!

Costello appears from behind the curtain and stands on the stage looking out around the arena, the world championship positioned over his shoulder he beats his chest and shouts Costello's law at the top of his voice. Costello pause's on the entrance ramp gesturing towards Grace as he makes his way towards to the ring...

HA: Costello doesn't look pleased about the prospect of facing Grace... Maybe our champion is feeling a little threatened by the Hollywood A lister!

HE: Threatened???!!! Pfttttt... Costello is a fighting champion, I'd say this match at the PPV is more of an insult to Vince than anything else... I mean come on does anybody honestly believe Grace deserves this shot?

Costello collects a microphone from the timekeeper as he makes he way up the steel steps and into the ring, he definitely marches straight over to Grace and squares up to him, there's a moments pause as Grace takes a step back and offers out his hand...

HA: Now that's what I call class!

HE: Knock his block off Vincent!

Costello ignores the gesture and simply steps away from Grace before raising the microphone to speak...

Costello: I'm gonna says this nice and slow, because I know that all that BS you're filled with has clogged up your ears... But YOU Anthony Grace, the film star, the Hollywood A lister, the celebrity attraction... You are everything that is wrong with pro wrestling... You and your kind... 'the sports entertainers' (Costello spits on the floor after uttering the words) have destroyed this business, you're like a cancer sweeping through it, taking everything it once stood for and tearing it to the ground. It's people like you that have made the need to sell supersize soda cups and collectible sticker books more important than blood sweat and tears. You see me, I'm an old school kinda guy... I believe in getting the job done inside this ring, I believe in two warriors knocking twenty shades of sh$t out of each other to proves who's the best!

Sections of the live crowd pop in reaction to VC's straight talking

YOU, you've turned this company into a joke, 6CW used to be universally recognised as the standard barer for the most legitimate, competitive, credible non stop action in this industry, but now, thanks to you it's a side show, a carnival attraction, filled with nothing more than a bunch of cheap pops from so called 'fans' who couldn't even tell you what half the moves are they've just seen... And that's thanks to you!

YOU and your legion of COG's are week by week destroying what this company used to be , what it should be... But to tell you the truth I've never been that compelled to speak out, that bothered to actually take action because it didn't affect me... But now that the office has your back, now that the sponsors are calling the shots and they have the deluded opinion that having Anthony Grace as the EWF champion would be 'best for business' well that affects me... So here I am breaking it down for you bub... If you think you can step up to my level, if you think you can do what no man has ever been able to do before you and that's best me in this ring for the world title then you've drunk too much of your own cool aide... Because when it comes to me defending this title I'm unstoppable, unbeatable and ain't no Hollywood film star gonna change that FACT!

You may play a bad a$$ in your films, mixing it up with Chuck 'no one gives a fu#k' Norris but that Anthony is pure fantasy... What you're looking at... right now... is reality... The reality that is gonna beat your a$$ all over the greatest city on the earth, because when it comes to dealing with Hollywood phoneys there ain't no better people in the world than the citizens of New York City... We have a little saying in Hell's Kitchen and it goes like this... Take everything, leave nothing! 

New York and Costello's Law is going to take everything from the amazing Anthony Grace and return 6CW back to the WRESTLING promotion it once was... 

Don't get me wrong this isn't Vincent Costello seeing the error of his ways, this isn't me turning over a new leaf... I'm still the same sick sadistic SOB I always have been... This isn't about prejudice, Costello's Law has no prejudice... I judge and hate everyone equally! This is about YOU Grace, this about YOU and your sports entertainer BS, this about restoring the equilibrium and curing us all of the cancer YOU have inflicted on us...

Costello lowers his mic as the anti Grace sections of the crowd react raucously to his speech


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6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Sun 08 Mar 2015, 7:45 pm

*Hurst and Reborn are in the back inside a van full of tv and computer screens. There are two crew members sat below the tag champions as they stand over them and watch footage from last week.

RR: You know, man, conchairto was the absolute dogs!

JH: I think it sent a message. They jumped all around us as we got backstage last week; we made them take notice.

RR: We gonna go to our slot with Tim later or we sending the sound of silence?

*Hurst considers for a second.

JH: It's your match, Robin, you go out there and say whatever you want. This is a message from both of us and it's backstage that we need to make our mark. 6CW have thousands, millions even, a whole audience telling them that there's this feeling of fire right under us. But the management won't strike the light, so we're going out there to set off our own fireworks.

RR: Yes boy! Watch a brother hit the switch!

*Hurst shakes the hands of the two crew members they were working with as Reborn bounces out of the shot.

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6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015

Post by Paul Mac 6CW Mon 09 Mar 2015, 1:20 pm

Backstage at the 6CW arena stands Tim Allen and his interview team
TA: My guest at this time in what may just be his first interview since his 6CW debut, the man they call Enigma

The 6CW superstar walks into shot, his face masked by the shadow of his hood, his eyes visible show the strains of a man fighting for survival

TA: Enigma. Why have you waited till now to speak out, there have been many rumours, speculations as to a secret you have been hiding, of an identity you are desperate to keep under wraps. What is the big mystery and why has Machiavelli taken such a deep interest in the truth that he says you are so unwilling to speak

A slight smile is visible under the shadow as Enigma speaks
E: He talks of truth, of transparency yet he hides behind the lens of a camera. He speaks of a fear of reality but it is he who is scared of the world that we inhabit, it is he who does not belong

This is my reality, you talk of choice. Choice is having a decision to make. My future is defined by my past, my reality is defined by my responsibility

I do not hide. I protect. This mask is not to conceal my secrets it is to keep safe my truth. I will not bow down to physical pressure, I will not let go of my moral responsibility because of threats of violence. He will not break me!

Enigma is breathing heavily as he stares towards the camera

TA: And what about next week on Anarchy. Lex Hart is perhaps the biggest evil this company has ever known, the Lex Luthor to 6CW's Superman?

Enigma breathes deeply
E: I have heard the stories of what Lex has done in the past, of the devastation he has caused but the world has changed since the days of Genesis, we have all evolved and 6CW is a lot stronger and ready to combat the threat he possesses. I do not FEAR Lex Hart

A tutting noise can be heard of camera. Enigma turns as Miss Jessica walks into view. She is dressed in a skin tight pink miniskirt and a white shirt, she slowly runs her finger across Enigma's chest and suggestively removes her glasses placing them on her cherry red lips, she looks Enigma up and down

MJ: For a brave man you seem to be very stupid

Enigma's muscles flex and Jessica giggles

MJ: Mmmmm I like that, do that again sweetness...

Enigma sighs
E: I am not your plaything

Jessica licks her lips
MJ: Not yet, but I might ask Lexykins if once he's finished with you I can have what's left, for, well, let's not spoil the surprise....

Jessica walks behind Enigma sizing him up

TA: Was there a reason behind this interruption Jessica?

Jessica shoots Allen a look that could kill a man stone dead

MJ: I'm the new gal around town, I'm just being neighbourly that's all. What's the harm with that. You don't mind me stopping by do you?

Jessica is standing against Enigma her heaving chest rests against his torso. Enigma takes a step back and talks sternly

E: What you do or where you go is none of my concern.

Jessica smiles
MJ: I'll keep that in mind

Jessica walks out of shot as Allen and Enigma look on

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6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Mon 09 Mar 2015, 2:48 pm

*Tim Allen is backstage in the interview area

TA: My guest at this half of the tag team champions...Robin Reborn!

*Reborn walks in and ignores the outstretched hand of Allen

RR: Sup, son!

TA: We spoke on Aftermath about the change in attitude for the Red Arrows, an attitude shift I can see that has continued tonight, but why are the longest reigning tag team champions out here demanding respect when the crowd loves them and the titles remain on your waist?

*Reborn smiles

RR: That's what we talking about, man! These belts were earned, we fight for em all the damn time, yet people just think nuttin of it. Having these titles don't mean we getting respect. Let's break down the third wall for a second. Hey Colt Cobana and all that s***. We got a man back there making waves in this business not cos of what he do in the ring, but cos of what he sell on the screens. Advertising, media coverage, sponsors. You know the score here, Tim. Money make the world go round. But that ain't how the fans play their cards.

TA: I don't understand what you mean?

RR: Look at it this way...when Brad Pitt takes his steps out there, the crowd ain't chanting cos he looks good in the ring. Or cos he's winning matches. If anything they cheer cos he nails Angelina Jolie. And, if not for the fact Mr Grace is sharing his chocolate orange with Dawn French, then you see how business seems to be taking over what's important in the business, know what i'm saying?

TA: Not...really?

RR: Aight, see, we come out every week and we do what we do. We do it for the fans, we do it cos of what this industry means to us, and we do it cos we wanna reach the heights, literal and metaphorical. But who we fighting? I'd guess, for the next few weeks, it'll be some sort of variation on a theme with those Death boys. Like last week. And before that. And before and before and before. I can shine up this title *he pats the gold hanging over his shoulder* real nice but it ain't gonna catch the eye of the bosses when there's green to be chased. Cash money running the show even more than the monkeys out back.

TA: So, this is about money to you?

RR: No you idiot! Me and Jacky boy hitting superkicks and getting those 3 counts all the time. But who got a title shot at Revolution? Gracious Maximus himself. And who in the Elimination Chamber? Who fighting for a title shot at Glory? Two guys who had to leave cos they lost their big shots, an old French dude who has surrendered so much even the French are sick of him, the little b***h boy of the guy who tried to burn this place to the ground and a guy who bends over and takes it every time he gets a chance at the top title. Hell, Cutler the only one who earned his place in there.

TA: The old guard showing up hasn't put a smile on your face then, Robin?

RR: They can get everyone back but the ones we ask for. I'm telling ya, my sources saying we got a Night of Glory main event for 6-C-dub title that you could buy on DVD 10 years ago. Lex Hart vs JJ Johnson vs Keith Leone vs Jerome Dubois vs Dicey Reilly vs Perfect Jack. They tried to invite Hero back but Thunder and Wood stole all his spandex when they were playing Wonderwoman last night.

TA: And you think that you should be competing for the top titles at PPVs?

RR: It ain't about that, its about who is ahead of us. Because they waltz in and we don't get a mention. They watching films and jacking it to that Pepsi sponsorship money, that skittles advertising dollar. While we putting on a show they in the back counting they dough.

TA: Is it fair to say your focus is not on your match with El Rey Castile, one on one?

RR: Oh he'll see my focus. And his big old burly monster better stand back too. Best way to take down a big man? Hit him square in the little men. I'm out, Timbo, holla at me when you got something real to say

*Reborn walks off and Allen cuts the interview to finish the scene

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6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015

Post by President Trump Mon 09 Mar 2015, 2:57 pm

Dicey is walking through Dublin airport wearing a pair of jeans an “AA is for quitters” t-shirt and his bag slung over his shoulder, he stops and inhales the Dublin air in.

Dicey: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh the smell of broken dreams, it’s great to be home

Dicey starts walking again when he sees a large group of people up ahead holding signs and wearing 6CW t-shirts, they suddenly start screaming “THERE HE IS” as they start rushing in Dicey’s direction

Dicey: My fans await, as I said it’s great to be home

Dicey drops his bag on the ground and opens his arms up wide, the fans give him a weird look as they brush past him and run screaming over to the big figure of JJ Johnson who was walking through with his entourage, they swarm around him and as they walk by JJ gives Dicey a wink and a smile

Dicey: You bust your a** for years to entertain the fans and once you leave thats it....forgotten

Dicey sighs and picks his bag up and is about to walk towards the exit when he feels a tug on his jeans, he turns around to see a young boy around 6 or 7 standing there with a poster in his hand

Dicey: So little fella, what can I do for you

The young boy smiles and hands him the poster which has a picture of Dicey holding the Undisputed 6CW title in the centre of the ring, Dicey looks at the young boy with tears in his eyes

Boy: My dad is over there (He points to a man standing at a nearby wall) he asked me to come over and ask you to sign the poster for him, you are his favourite wrestler and only came over to this show because it’s in Dublin and you appeared at Aftermath last week

Dicey: I tell you what, seeing as though you were a brave lad coming over for your dad and that you two are such fans I will go one better than a signed poster, you and your dad will be my guests of honour tonight at the show, so lets go over and get the big jesse over there and head for a pint...and some cola for you

Dicey winks at the excited looking boy and the two of them go over to the dad waiting at the wall, the boy runs ahead and tells his dad what Dicey said and after some introductions they all head out of the airport, the young boy out in from with his replica 6CW title on his shoulder

Dicey: Great boy you got there Greg, you’re doing a great job

Greg: He is and thanks Mr Reilly for doing this

Dicey: It’s day like these that shape young kids Greg and if I can help that I will.....and the names Dicey, now come on we have a long day ahead of us and this young man wants to meet some superstars

Dicey lifts the boy on his shoulders and hails a cab

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6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015

Post by Thunder87 Mon 09 Mar 2015, 4:48 pm

Thunder sits in the locker room, nonchalantly stretching. He sits fidgeting on the bench, clearly uneasy and a little uncomfortable, he pulls a coin from his pocket and begins rolling it across his knuckles and flips in the air. As he goes to catch it, he misses and it bounces out of his hand and hits him in the eye. As Thunder winces, the coin gets sent flying; it hits the floor and rolls out of the room. Thunder springs to his feet looking for the coin, he lies on the floor with his head in dried puddle of red paint and stretches his arm under the bench. Thunder pulls a sledgehammer from underneath and throws it behind him.

In the hall way the Ronster walks past the locker room, he see a two pound coin lying on the floor, which he picks up. He retraces his steps and goes in to the locker room, looking for the owner of the coin. The Ronster, see’s Thunder lying there, seemingly motionless as he looks for his coin. Ron’s eyes widen as he surveys the ‘crime scene,’ slowly he backs up out of the doorway. In the hallway, Ron turns on his heels and begins to run down the hall. As he runs he passes Liam Wood and drops the two pound coin. Liam picks it up and tries to get Ron’s attention, who just keeps running.

Liam looks at the coin and rolls it across his knuckles, flips it in the air and puts it in his pocket, before walking in to the locker room. He sees Thunder slouched on the bench, Liam nods to him and Thunder gives a nonchalant wave back. Liam walks over and sits on the bench next to him, leaning forward. He hands Thunder a piece of paper which has the matches for the show on it. The two bump fists as the scene fades.


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6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015

Post by TwisT Thu 12 Mar 2015, 9:15 pm

The scene opens in the attic nursery shown many times before. For once, Joshua is seated quietly at one end of the room, with McCoy seated directly to the side of him. The camera turns on them both and shows Joshua with his head bowed and his long black hair covering all of his face. His voice is just audible as he slowly lifts his head, stares at McCoy and starts to speak:

Your question........demands an answer........

McCoy doesn't move as Joshua lifts the hair away from his face. He sighs deeply and touches his face, before staring into the camera:

For those that live........for this charade being played........the question who will be the next victim........has weighted heavily on their minds........Ever since the suffering music chimed in many ears........the question of the chosen one has continually been asked........

Joshua looks down at the floor and sighs deeply again. He then looks up and an angry stare crosses his face:

But the wrong people are asking........for that burning be clarified........

Joshua moves his hair away from his face again and stares towards the attic window. He cocks his head to one side and cracks his knuckles. He then turns back towards the camera:

Too many times have I seen worlds........go on as normal........when armageddon is on the rise........Maybe the thought of what is to come........can be too much for weak minds........Minds that decide to turn their back on the grim reality........that has come to be........My words last week have failed to strike a chord........largely washed over and substituted for easier to stomach sound bites........Thoughts turning to other fairy tales which are deemed less potent........than the anger flowing through my veins........

He stares at McCoy before speaking again:

I have not been biased in my response........I have stayed true to who I am and what I will achieve........When I said suffering would be felt by was not some idle threat........but a promise of what is to come........

Joshua looks back at the camera and grits his teeth:

But it is a threat........largely disregarded........

He pauses a moment and stares at the ceiling. Joshua seems lost in his own memories before looking back down at the camera. He cocks his head to one side and looks questioningly into the lens:

The many faces of this saga........concentrate on each other........The fateful six given an opportunity at redemption........The man who lives in fantasy having to deal with........a paper champion........And the new hero........drunk on adoration from the crowd........but too lightweight to deal with headier challenges........All these souls surrounded by minor players........bureaucrats........and mouthpieces........Everyone lost in their own cosy little world........ignoring the painfully obvious fact........and believing that no hurt will ever their direction........

Joshua suddenly lifts his hand and points towards the camera viciously:

You all live in your secluded shelter........oblivious to the demon banging on your door........You all talk words of strength........oblivious to the fiend whose actions yell much louder........You all swear blind that suffering will be felt by other people........oblivious of the evil eye that sees you all as one entity........

He lowers his hand and starts to nod:

Your question DOES........demand an answer........

Joshua stares at McCoy:

And the answer is clear........

He looks back into the camera as a lightening flash goes off outside:

It is not "who"........but "when"........

Joshua feels his scars on his forehead and grimaces slightly:

And that answer is wrote on everyone's face........every time they gaze at their own reflection........

He turns towards McCoy and cocks his head to one side:

When will it be........?

As the camera eerily zooms into McCoy's features, we can just make out Joshua's voice in the background:


The screen starts to fade out with McCoy's evil smile as the lasting image.


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6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015

Post by The Last Outlaw Fri 13 Mar 2015, 5:15 pm

The scene opens with the camera panning around an empty farmyard as the camera pans round we see a red barn with hays of straw at the front of it, the camera pans out a little bit and we see a large figure wearing a checked shirt and torn jeans. The figure in front of the camera turns around to reveal himself as being Jonathan Daniels who is also wearing a straw hat with a piece of straw in his mouth when he starts to speak it is in a mocking deep southern American accent.

JD: Hi everybody my name is Buck Riggins and I live on a big farm just like this with my family, I learnt to wrestle in a barn with my hillbilly family and I think I can beat Jonathan Daniels. He is a big man but I am big too but he is much smarter than me and stronger too.

Daniels spits the straw out of his mouth and removes the hat.

JD: Buck Riggins I have read all there is to read about you and I know this is the surroundings that you feel comfortable in as you were brought up on a farm and it is where you learnt to wrestle and you feel like you can beat me. I know you are a champion to those idiotic fans and that will not be for long as when I finish with you, you will be sent packing with your tail between your legs after the beating that I give you. Not only will you be sent packing when we meet but I will send you back to that farm you live on and you and the rest of your hillbilly family can live happily ever after.

JD: My time is now Buck and you are just another obstacle that has been placed temporarily in my way but at Anarchy I deal with you… I remove you from my path to glory. You made a valiant effort last time to save Terrance Kray but he went down in a perfect storm and your future holds a similar fate. My return to 6CW has seen my get stronger with every passing match and there is a storm brewing inside of me… storm that will not be held back for much longer and once it is released anyone who stands in my way shall fall to the domination of Jonathan Daniels.

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6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015

Post by TheCultOfPersonality Sat 14 Mar 2015, 6:34 pm

Backstage at the latest 6CW live event, Mike Masters is shown on the big titantron talking to Mr. Jones in his locker room while taping his wrists. Seconds later, Timothy Allen walks into the shot to Masters and Mr. Jones' annoyance.

TA: M....

MJ: Hold on their Timothy, you think you can just barge into Mike Masters locker room and ask for an interview just like that. Can't you see were preparing for a match here.

TA: I'm sorry but I'm just doing my....

MJ: Oh you're just doing your job are you? My apologies, don't let me interupt go on...

TA: Well Mike...

MJ: You see here's were you fail Mr. Allen. You come into our locker room and ask for an interview and claim you're just doing your job. But what you fail to realise is you interupting the two of us is getting in the way of us doing our job. Do you understand now Mr. Allen, you're being a hypocrite. But you see, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt. I understand the situation you're in, as your previous boss I know that you're a loyal, kind servant who does all he can to provide for his family. I also know that your nothing more than a puppy who does whatever 6CW management tells you to do, and if you don't go back with some juicy news, there may be some trouble heading your way. Therefore Mr. Allen, ask away.

TA: *Gulp* Ok. Well I'd like to start with you Masters...

MM: Sup dweeb.

TA: On aftermatg, Daniel Magnusson made the announcement that you will feature in an elimination chamber match with five other participants at 6CW's next PPV, Revolution?

MM: You wannna know my thoughts on that Timmy? Well personally I think its stupid but I think most decisions Magnusson makes are stupid. But you wanna know what the stupidest decision Magnusson has ever made? that even a word. Whatever. Anyway, did you see who Magnussson made as the number one contender to the EWF championship? Let me tell you something Timmy, I've busted my a$s off for this company since day one, I've showed the world what I'm capable of, I've shown why people's first word is "perfection" when they see me. But then to have someone like Anthony Grace enter this company because of his popularity, and then for 6CW to hand him everything on a silver platter. And then because of his name, they just hand him a title shot? I mean seriously, what's he done to earn a title shot, he doesn't deserve anything, that should have been me.

MJ: If I can just interupt. During my time as the boss of 6CW, my motto and everything I did was "best for business". Literally everthing I did was best for business. And what that entailed was giving 6CW and the 6CW universe the best wresting matches and providing the business with a better financial and marketing outlook. This decision made by Mr. Magnusson was a purely financial and marketing ploy for the good of 6CW, Magnusson failed to consider our wrestling fans when making this decision. Mike Masters is the perfect package, but Magnussons ego fails to recognise this.

TA: On Aftermatch, you and Liam Wood had an interesting altercation. Anything to add to this?

MM: *Masters begins smiling* Liam Wood huh. Listen, I have nothing against Liam Wood but it seems he has a problem with me because of certain people I hang out with. *Looks at Mr. Jones* You know what Jonesy, I think me and Wood are quite similar. We've both had a rollercoaster time here in 6CW as of late, for instance we've both been screwed out of numerous opportunies over time. Were both talented wrestlers, I mean I'm probably a tad more talented than he is but who's competiting right!

MJ: You see I heard Liam Wood say earlier in the week asking the question, why am I so interested in him. But let me ask you Wood who wouldn't be. I mean you talk about your accomplishments more than any man should, you were the 6CW superstar of the year in 2013, double EWF champion... in fact you were EWF. Sadly that company has gone to everyones disappointment, but nothings more disappointing than the decline in value of Liam Wood. But I clearly know what the real Liam Wood is all about, the real Liam Wood is undoubtedly best for business and I know I can bring that Liam Wood to 6CW.

MM: If you really think about it, me and you Liam, we could possibly be the most feared...duo around. But hey if you don't wanna join us its cool. Because I will continue showing off and rising to the top when I take my opportunity at Revolution and go on to win the EWF title at Night of Glory, while you continue your downward spiral here in 6CW. I'll see you, your bestie and Keith Leone, than man trying to steal everyones spotlight all at Anarchy. Timothy Allen you wanted some words, well you got it now get the hell out.


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6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015

Post by TwisT Tue 17 Mar 2015, 9:03 pm

Anthony Grace again offers Costello his hand but the EWF champion refuses it again. Grace doesn't seem bothered by it and instead gives Costello a beaming smile.

AG: Mr. Costello, I am so glad our paths have crossed before that fateful meeting in a few weeks time! It is an HONOUR to be standing in a ring with a champion from my homeland. For too long I have had to face the French, Australians and the blessed English. All of these cultures have something to offer the world but it is FANTASTIC that I am going toe-to-toe with a fellow American and in the biggest city of the USA!

Grace turns to the crowd and extends his arms out.

AG: And it is great to hear your opinions on the state of this company. Obviously I do not agree but that is what makes democratic countries that we ply our trade in so REFRESHING! You can say one thing and I can say the opposite. But when it comes down to it Mr. Costello, the truth will be shown by the fans sitting and watching us here tonight. They KNOW who to cheer. They KNOW who to boo. And they KNOW whose version of events they will SUPPORT!

The fans cheer as Grace turns back to Costello.

AG: But Mr. Costello, there is no need to talk down on the company that made you who you are! Opportunities, whichever way they come, should be SEIZED! There doesn't have to be name-calling or talks of sabotage! Listen to the people Mr. Costello! Even now.........days before we collide in an EPIC main event.........the whole of the 6CW universe is ABUZZ with anticipation. This is what these good people WANT to see. The best against the best. The biggest fan favourite in 6CW versus the killer heel! It is what every wrestling PPV should have! The buy rate has hit the roof and the tickets are selling out as we speak! They want to see us Mr. Costello.....US! Fighting it out in that ring and provide an evenings entertainment the like that 6CW has never seen before!

Grace steps up to Costello and smiles widely, before theatrically holding his fist in front of Costello's face.

AG: Embrace it Mr. Costello. EMBRACE IT!

He holds his fist in front of Costello's face for a few moments before stepping away smiling.

AG: Don't spoil the mood with talk of backstage shenanigans! This match is exactly what it should be......a KILLER conclusion to the end of a BRILLIANT nights activity. It is coming up. It is happening. And there is NOTHING you can say that will distract me from that fact.

Grace turns to the crowd and smiles broadly.

AG: These glorious people are ready. The COG's are in full voice. And let the finish of this week's match be the ANSWER to your questions. Anthony Grace is ready to FIGHT for the people. And the people all unite in chorus and shout as one........BELIEVE.......


AG: And THAT Mr. Costello is the cure to the cancer!

He winks at the EWF champion and adjusts his suit, as the crowd cheer loudly.


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6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015

Post by JJJohnson Wed 18 Mar 2015, 4:05 pm

*JJ Johnson is backstage with Timothy Allen. JJ is dressed in a white vest and a pair of jeans, beads of water running down his head. He listens to the roar of the crowd as the interview begins.


*Crowd pop

TA: Two weeks ago on Aftermath you were once again cost the opportunity of becoming EWF Champion by Lex Hart…you have to be hurting from that attack, watching your dreams of becoming world champion once again go up in smoke?

JJ: It don’t take no genius to work that out, Tim, but hey have a gold star. Because you damn right I’m hurting, mentally and physically…for two shows running I have had everything I have worked so hard for be snatched away from me…I’ve been battered, beaten and bloodied by a hermathoridite in pink pants…it’s like a messed up nightmare straight out of the mind of Percy Percival…

*Laughs from the crowd

JJ: I don’t know who decided to grant Lex Hart a set of balls but they made a very grave mistake…and he made an even bigger one by accepting them and turning back up in this company to interject his flacid manhood where it sure as hell don’t belong…

TA: But what do you think are the motives behind these attacks?

JJ: I said it two weeks ago and I’ll say it again right now….I don’t care. Lex can have a million and one reasons for doing what he did but none of that matters to me…I don’t care if I wiped my a55 with his shorts or if I shot my load all over his momma….this fool done come back in here and decided that he wants himself some of JJ Johnson….and I’m in a very giving mood right now….so he can have as much as he damn well pleases…

Motives or not Lex Hart needs to understand that this isn’t 2012….this isn’t the 6CW of old….and no offense to the greats of this business but I’m not just another victim that’s gonna let him take whatever the hell he likes….the moment he decided to paint a bull’s eye on my back is the moment he signed off on his own execution date….you don’t ride into town on the back of your ginger mule and come looking for the meanest mother (beep) that resides there…you tuck your balls back into the Herpestron 3000’s purse and you sneak past me when I’m not looking….someone needs to let this chump know…and I think I know just the guy…

*The crowd roar as JJ produces a ten foot steel chain and begins to wrap it around his hand

JJ: If there is anyone out there, and I can’t imagine there is, that really cares about Lex Hart’s welfare and safety then they need to buy him a one way ticket back to the transgender-community he slid out of…..because the next time he crosses my path I’m gonna break his face so bad that even the CreamPie Queen herself will think twice about opening up her beastly passage for him to crawl inside…

Lex’s days are more than numbered….they are very quickly counting down to zero and when that moment comes he is going to realise that shooting low budget adult movies really was the way to go….because I’m not going to just hurt him, I’m not just going to make him suffer….I’m going to end him, I’m going to take the final breath from his body and most importantly I’m going to smile whilst I do it…

*The crowd cheer at JJ’s intensity

TA: And how about tonight….you go one on one with…

???: The Baddest Man on the Planet and the guy that you need to be focusing on…

*The crowd boo as the huge form of Tyler Roth walks into the shot and goes head to head with JJ Johnson

Roth: I’d forget all about Lex Hart and his skank-tailed mistress because they really aren’t going to be much concern to you once tonight is over…

*Roth smirks as JJ leans in close to him

JJ: Is that right?

Roth: Oh I guarantee it….look, Johnson, it’s about time someone around here told you the truth. Because your irrelevant, washed up, past his sell by date and it’s about time someone put your old a55 out to pasture…

JJ: I’m still waiting for the guy with big enough nuts to even try….and as I still can’t see anyone remotely capable I’m gonna keep on going…if it’s ok with you, Tyler?

*Roth sneers

Roth: Take a good long look, JJ, because in just a couple of hours I am going to be the last thing you ever see……that thread that is barely holding your fragile spine together is going to shatter when I get my hands on you….it’s about time I got my respect around here and putting you back into retirement where you belong is the first step to making that happen…

JJ: Unless your going to drive your truck down to the ring and run me down like a dog, the same way you did Nate, then I’m afraid you’ve got as much chance of ending me as you have of ever being a world champion….

*Roth flexes his huge muscles and then looks down at the chain wrapped around JJ’s hand

Roth: Believe me when I tell you I don’t need any weapons to settle a fight….you can bring all the artillery you want but it won’t be enough…I’m going to take great satisfaction in being the man that finally demolishes the great JJ Johnson…...I'm going to make you plead for mercy before I turn out the lights...I’ll see you out there, Franchise…..although I’d recommend you stay well away…

*JJ and Roth continue to stare at each other before Roth backs away and walks off with a smile. JJ tenses the chain around his arm and nods his head before walking in the opposite direction.

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6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015

Post by Marky Fri 20 Mar 2015, 8:27 am

(Max Adamson is shown arriving at the Aviva Stadium, Dublin, [Ireland, Europe, The World] and is wearing sunglasses indoors, while carrying his gym bag. A number of cameramen, photographers and Timothy Allen are following him asking various questions)

TA: Max, where have you been in the build up to Anarchy? What do you make of Anthony Grace pinning you last time out? And your thoughts on tonight's main event of you and Costello against Gazzy and Grace?

(Adamson stops suddenly and all is silent apart from the clicks of the photographers' cameras)

Max: I have nothing to say. I went ten and a half months carrying this company, as it's World Heavyweight Champion. The most attention I've got entering the building in that entire time is tonight, when these paparazzi sycophants are trying to write their story of how the mighty Max Adamson was embarrassed by Anthony Grace. Where were you when I was trailblazing and turning 6CW into the most must-see show in sports entertainment huh? Where were you when I was beating the holy crap out of some of the finest athletes in 6CW history huh? Anthony Grace is a skidmark on the underpants of 6CW and like most skidmarks, he'll hang around longer than he's wanted before eventually being scrubbed away.

Paparazzi: Mr Adamson, does your face still hurt from Anthony Grace's kick? Are you two fighting at Night of Glory?

Max: No, and no. Anthony Grace would do well to make sure he doesn't make an enemy out of Max Adamson. And there is no chance of me facing him at Night of Glory, because in a couple of weeks I'll have my rematch for the 6CW World Championship and I'll once again be at the pinnacle of this industry, well above the spoon fed nobodies like Anthony Grace. If I'm going to lower myself into facing Anthony Grace, I may as well give Tim Allen here a match too. Read my lips, there will be no Adamson v Grace Night of Glory match, so stick that in your newspaper and print it.

Paparazzi: We're an online blog.

Max: Excuse me? Did you just correct Max Adamson?

(Adamson shoves the paparazzi against the wall by the scruff of the neck)

Max: I don't give a damn if you write your stories on the back of a fag packet, I'm telling you your stories are wrong, and your job is to take what I say and run along. Stay out of my way, all of you Grace loving glory hunters. Lets see how much you care when I put Grace in a coma tonight.

(Adamson shoves the paparazzi man away and glares at all the photographers, before taking his gym bag and walking away)


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6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015

Post by President Trump Fri 20 Mar 2015, 3:43 pm

Dicey leaves Greg and his son Toby off at their hotel, he tells them he’ll pick them up for the show and goes to a local bar

Barman: Well if my eyes don’t deceive me, Mr Dicey Reilly back in Dublin

Dicey smiles and shakes his hand

Dicey: Jeff me aul flower, hows business buddy?

Jeff: Ah ya know yourself, if you drop the prices enough you’ll get the crowds in, sure just look over there

Jeff points to a group of young looking girls that are looking over at Dicey and giggling to each other

Dicey: Feckin students but hey I wouldn’t say no

Jeff and Dicey laugh and Jeff gives Dicey a pint, a few hours pass and the place empties out, Dicey had been over talking to the students telling them of his wrestling career and getting offended when asked could he get them GazzyD’s number with his response being that a little known fact about Gazzy was that he is a eunuch and thats how he fits into his small shorts, After the girls leave he goes back up to the bar just as Jeff is turn on TVX

Dicey: Ah Jaysus Jeff you’re a married man

Jeff: I have a long night of cleaning this place out so I deserve a bit of fluff to watch

Dicey gets another beer and starts to watch the show which is billed as “Twist Productions presents: Bunny Girls on Elephants” after a few minutes Diceys jeans start to get a bit restrictive so he he gets up to go back to the hotel

Dicey: Right im off, this show is giving me a horn that could choke a giraffe

He says his goodbyes and heads out the side door where he is greeted to the site of one of the student girls sitting on a pile of rubbish bags with a wicked smile on her face

Girl: So are all you wrestlers’ eunuchs then

Dicey adjusts himself and smiles

Dicey: Budge over and you can find out

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Location : Holding cell @ Interpotatol HQ

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6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Friday 20th March 2015

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