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TNA Hardcore Justice Results

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TNA Hardcore Justice Results Empty TNA Hardcore Justice Results

Post by Fernando Sat 02 May 2015, 9:44 am

Six Man Tag Team Street Fight
Davey Richards & The Hardys vs The Revolution

We start the show off with the particpants already fighting on the ramp, then Davey hits a suplex as Khoya attacks Jeff. Manik hits Davey with a neckbreaker, then the Hardys hit Poetry In Motion, with Davey holding a chair in front of Abyss’ face. Matt hits a Twist of Fate, then Jeff heads up top but Manik crotches him on the ropes. Khoya slams Jeff down before Matt hits him with a chair, then Matt hits Abyss before slamming Khoya with a trash can. They head back inside the ring and end up hitting a Tower of Doom spot, then Davey hits Creeping Death before diving on Abyss on the floor. Manik kicks Matt and goes for a springboard, but Matt hits a Side Effect and Davey hits a top rope double stomp. Abyss breaks up a pin and chokeslams Davey, then he tries to hit Jeff with a senton but Jeff hits him with a chair, then hits a Swanton for the win.

Winners – Davey Richards & The Hardys

Ken Anderson comes out and gets in front of a podium and mocks Ethan Carter III’s campaigning, then EC3 cuts him off and says it sucks getting cut off. Anderson mocks him, and tells Ethan to win the title by earning it, but Ethan says he has beaten everyone in his path so far. Anderson says Ethan thinks he should be champion because he’s unbeaten, and it’s really important to him so that’s exactly what she’s been getting at. Anderson reveals a poster for him to beat Ethan’s streak, but Ethan isn’t amused and Anderson says they should do this live on May 8th. He says the fans should vote to see how Ethan loses, and Ethan says the fans don’t deserve that power, but he’s on, and Anderson should tread lightly.

X Division Championship (Ladder Match)
Mark Andrews vs Tigre Uno vs Kenny King vs Rockstar Spud (c)

Andrews kicks things off with a shooting star press to the floor, then he gets the ladder but King cuts him off and fights for the ladder. Uno springboards in and slingshots the ladder into their faces, then Andrews comes back with a tornado DDT. Spud goes after King but gets caught in the ribs with the ladder, then King stomps him before Andrews slams King into another ladder. Andrews climbs for the title but Uno pulls him back and hits a moonsault side slam. Spud connects with a few kicks to the head, then King knocks him off the ladder but Uno springboards onto the ladder and attacks. King slams his face off the ladder before Spud punches and bites King, then he goes for the title but Homicide runs in and slams him on a second ladder. King rolls back in, and climbs up and takes the title.

Winner and NEW X Division Champion – Kenny King

Eric Young comes out with a stretcher and says Kurt Angle was right about him, and the title changed him. He says it just proved he is a world class champion and athlete, and now he wants it back, and he’s taking out everyone in his way. He says he put Bobby Lashley, Bobby Roode and Austin Aries out, so now it’s time to deal with Kurt, and he sees a man who is beatable and a man who is hurt. Eric says he will do what no one has done before, and he will end Kurt Angle’s career.

Rockstar Spud is shown backstage talking about how the BDC stole from him, and that X Division title meant everything to him. He says his name was on the list of all-time greats, and he worked for 14 years to get there. Spud says he won’t stop here, then he looks at the camera and says he will get his title back.

Knockouts Championship
Brooke vs Taryn Terrell (c) (w/ The Doll House)

Brooke hits Taryn a few times and connects with a neckbreaker for two, then she heads up top and hits a diving forearm. Marti jumps on the apron and the referee deals with her, but Jade hits Brooke from behind and Taryn slams her face on the mat. Taryn taunts Brooke and hits a suplex and a rolling neckbreaker for two, then she sends Brooke into corner but Brooke throws her back and goes for Asstastic. Taryn rolls outside so Brooke splashes all three Doll House members, then she heads back up top but Jade knocks her down and Taryn hits a diving cutter for the win.

Winner – Taryn Terrell

Pipe On A Pole Match
Low Ki vs Drew Galloway

Drew attacks Ki on the floor and sends him into the barricade, then he goes for a suplex on a chair before Ki sends him into the corner. Ki reaches for the pipe but Drew slams him down, then he sets up for a superplex but Ki shoves him back and hits Warrior’s Way onto a chair. They head back up to the turnbuckles as the pipe falls down, then Ki tries to hit Warrior’s Way but Drew hits a fallaway slam from Tree of Woe position. Drew gets the pipe and winds up, but Ki kicks him in the ribs and tries to use the pipe. He runs at Drew, but Drew ducks and kicks him, then hits Future Shock for the win.

Winner – Drew Galloway

The BDC runs right out and attacks Drew, then Mika and Eli make the save and they continue to brawl into a commercial.

We see highlights of Mickie James’ return and history with James Storm and Magnus, then Mickie is seen going to the supermarket. James Storm happens to run into her, and asks to hold Mickie’s son, and makes small talk. We segway to the ring with Magnus waiting to speak, but Storm cuts him off and Magnus says he is getting peed. Storm says he didn’t tell Mickie ‘one more match’, and he didn’t tell a camera man to follow her either. He says they just happened to run into each other in public, and it wasn’t a big deal. Storm says he’s known Mickie longer than Magnus, and she should have told Magnus they ran into each other, and he should ask her these questions.

Stretcher Match
Eric Young vs Kurt Angle (c)

Eric and Kurt fight at ringside before Kurt clotheslines Eric in the ring, then he goes for another but Eric sends him into the ringpost. We get back from a break to see Kurt hit a belly-to-belly suplex, then Eric rolls outside and slams Kurt into the steps. Eric gets the stretcher and rolls it to ringside, then he sets up a piledriver but Kurt hits an Angle Slam on the floor. Kurt pulls Eric onto the stretcher, but Eric gets free and tries to slam Kurt in the ring. Kurt goes for a quick suplex but Eric sends Kurt into an exposed turnbuckle, then hits two piledrivers and straps Kurt onto the stretcher to win.

Winner – Eric Young


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