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The uprising of test cricket's Numbers 8 and 9

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The uprising of test cricket's Numbers 8 and 9 Empty The uprising of test cricket's Numbers 8 and 9

Post by KP_fan Sun 03 May 2015, 10:32 pm

I haven't had much time to watch or post lately...but was following test cricket...through reports and scorecards.

A momentous and monumental week in the history of test cricket... it was the week of uprising from the Nos 8 and 9 teams...

--No.9 BD with those two games in world cup have found a level of confidence that has transformed ...them and they won every game against Pak....including the test that was a moral win.....putting those monumental scores under pressure and pulling out a moral win in the test match.

-soon they will start winning tests.

--and WI the no.8 team...take a bow.."the talentless team"  Very Happy  came from behind in the series and in the test ..chasing a tricky 200ish total in the 4th inning...against a team that eats-drinks-sleeps test cricket.

It was a sum of parts the 3rd test they got their bowling combination right.
every one barring Chanders made his series too many for chanedrpaul as someone wrote on CI...but will go with his head held high.....seeing his team win a series and ending his yeoman's service that spanned 21 years.

--WI can continue to  do well if they keep disruptive larger than team stars out of their make-up...their depth of talent ain't bad Wink

--And Eng...what more can I say that I haven't .

I had written here

Trott to retain spot; Tredwell injury doubt

Re Trott: Peter Moores, the England coach, saying he has "earned the right to have a go,"

yeah maan it's so convenient to completely overlook the history when it's Trott

Re: Tredwell...what a timely "injury of convenience" Smile to let Ali back in

Convenience is the keyword that drives English cricket it seems.

that they prefer  convenience over competitive ness.
and both those conveninet but not competitive links were their weakest links in the game.

--Man to Man talent wise, Eng are quite a lot superior than their results....they lack the competive, ruthless edge and also motivational leadership.....a cosy comfortable club, nice friendly dressing room...but if you can't beat WI....well the outlook is bleak.

Most will be surprised if Cook's captaincy survives this...but hey it won't really be a surprise if they "scape-goat the coach" and cite Cook's background etc to retain him as a captain.

I am pleased for WI and BD and the sting shown by the tail of the ICC rankings table clap

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