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6CW Anarchy Tuesday 16th June 2015

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6CW Anarchy Tuesday 16th June 2015 Empty 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 16th June 2015

Post by JJJohnson Wed 03 Jun 2015, 6:31 pm

Live from Wembley Arena
Start time: TBA

Match 1
Red Arrows/Terrance Kray/Ryker Kidd/Enigma vs The Forgotten/Jerome Dubois/Syn Shadows

Match 2
Buck Riggins vs Jax Cutler

Match 3

Thunder vs Jonathan Daniels

Match 4
JJ Johnson/Anthony Grace/Dicey Reilly/Liam Wood vs Lex Hart/Max Adamson/Perfect Jack/Mike Masters

Main Event
GazzyD vs Keith Leone vs Vincent Costello vs Joshua

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6CW Anarchy Tuesday 16th June 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 16th June 2015

Post by Guest Fri 05 Jun 2015, 7:41 pm

The crowd in the arena chanting “6CW” repeatedly as the eagerly await something to occur in the ring, when suddenly the lights dim slightly and the arena goes into silence. “Limo Wreck” then plays out as the fans cheer loudly and the lights come back up as the hooded figure of Keith Leone walks out onto the stage. Leone remains still for a few moments staring out at the arena, before walking down the aisle and then walking around to the timekeeper’s area to collect a microphone. Leone then rolls into the ring and soaks up the atmosphere as he waits for the fans to calm down before he begins to speak.

Leone: You know, when I this war began, I knew that the cost would be heavy and I have always thrived on pain, but I have to admit that these wounds aren’t healing as quickly as they used to.

Leone then takes off his hood to reveal his bandaged head and he opens his hooded jacket to show a blood stained t-shirt from last week.

Leone: Is this gross? Yes, undoubtedly. More importantly though, it’s a reminder to me of how heavy my loss could be if I make a mistake. For example last week I let my guard down and assumed that when I was facing Joshua, he would be my only problem for the night. How wrong I was and how idiotic I was. I mean come on, I’ve run my mouth about you enough Vince, I know your games and I know you’ll do whatever it takes to get ahead, it’s what made you into a champion. So the only question to ask is how could I be so stupid as to allow you the chance to do this kind of damage to me? Thankfully I can guarantee right now that this incident will never be repeated due to the memories you have etched into my mind now. This shirt symbolises all of the blood of mine that you’ve spilt. This cut on my head is a reminder of just how dangerous you are and what my future could hold if I take anything else for granted. But as much pain as you’ve put me through so far Vince, I’ve always been back at the end to have the last laugh. Yes, you cost me the match with Joshua, and even though it was with interference, it still counts as a loss for me, something that I won’t tolerate. But by the end of the night, you were laid out at the top of the entrance way with an aching jaw, whilst I stood tall with the EWF World Title belt. It would seem right now that no matter what you do and how badly you bust me up, you still haven’t found a way to keep me down, whereas I have a way to take you out in a heartbeat. All of this time where you have tried to keep control of the situation and even when you’ve done so, I’ve still come back to cause damage. I mean you have to realise Vince that time is ticking in the run up to Night of Glory, and people are expecting a lot from you. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, ever since you won that EWF World Title, you have been the best competitor in this company. Nobody has outperformed, outsmarted or even outright beaten you in approaching eleven months. You will continue to be the best until someone is able to take the belt off of you, and you’re well aware of this fact. Though when you step into the ring at Night of Glory, I wonder if the doubts you have in your mind will begin to grow. I wonder if you’ll be able to focus fully on me from now on, knowing that one kick could send your world crashing down.

Leone smirks as he then paces around the ring, seemingly thinking through carefully what he will say next. Leone then begins to speak once again.

Leone: In fact, maybe I’ll give you another reminder of how dangerous I am at Anarchy this time around, you know, when I’m ready for you to jump me. It would appear that my battles with Vince have greatly overlapped with the David and Goliath story of Gazzy D and Joshua, and obviously, that hasn’t always been to my advantage. Joshua, congratulations, you have a pinfall victory over me, and not to blow my trumpet too much, but that’s something very few men have. I will get vengeance on Vince for all of the damage he has caused to myself, but I feel that I’ll probably spread out those issues over a long period of time. With you though Joshua, I want some quicker retribution. You’ve pulverised Gazzy, put him through tables and all in all, made yourself look like a true monster, and I can respect that. That being said, at Anarchy last time out, I showed you to have weaknesses, to be a mortal just like the rest of us. No matter what the result was, I made sure that you were well aware that even if you can get through a guy like Gazzy, there’s still a long way to the top of the food chain. So here’s what’s going to happen at Anarchy, you’re going to bring all of your power and psychological warfare to the ring to try and intimidate me. I on the other hand am going to bring my bile and hatred that I have accumulated over many years, and we’ll just see who is more powerful come the end of the night. Though speaking of many years, we get to the other guy in this match, the 6CW World Champion himself Gazzy D. I’ve called you a hothead in the past Gazzy and on occasions I’ve given you some advice that I’m sure you weren’t a fan of receiving, but you don’t have to worry about that anymore. This is our last chance to make a statement before Night of Glory, and lord knows the two of us in this match need to make it the most. I’m still trying to find my old self and return to my best, and you, you’re trying to stop a freight train by standing in the way of it. I mean when people look into your eyes now they still see the same fire and passion you’ve always had, but what good is fire when you’re being scraped up off the mat and placed onto a stretcher? You need to prove to the world, and more importantly yourself, that you have what it takes to defend that title at Night of Glory. Right now, Joshua is feeding on the lack of belief so many people have in you, and the moment you stop believing is when he’ll hammer the final nail into your coffin. You’d best bring your A-Game this week, otherwise Joshua may not get a chance to humiliate you in front of thousands of people at Night of Glory. As for you Vince, I’m sure that our fighting will only escalate from here and I look forward to seeing whatever you bring this time, you know exactly what I have planned for you though.

Keith Leone lowers the microphone as the fans cheer once again as he then goes and leans on the ropes facing the entrance way.


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6CW Anarchy Tuesday 16th June 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 16th June 2015

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Tue 09 Jun 2015, 2:58 pm

*Christy is in the interview room taking full control of the staff around her

CJ: We're done for now, boys and girls, lets clear this up and move on. I don't want any cameras or sound tech left in here, get moving people!

*The sound and camera guys look at each other and smile, a knowing stare being shared by all. Christy catches them

CJ: What are you all smiling at?

*Before they can reply the door bursts open and in comes a purposeful Robin Reborn

RR: My turn team!

*A flustered CJ turns to Robin

CJ: Sorry double R, all getting packed up

RR: Yadda yadda yadda, we all know the schedule. Three o'clock in the afternoon every Tuesday Christy clears an interview slot with Gareth. Every week. And yet, no interview is ever filmed.

*The crew laugh

RR: Yeah, we all know about afternoon delight, Christy. Gazzy and his D can wait for a while, I'm sure he won't be going anywhere.

*Christy is both shocked and embarrassed

CJ: Robin!

*Reborn ignores her consternation

RR: Boys, don't touch another thing. Keep those cameras right here.

"We're always rolling, Mr Reborn"

RR: I bet you are.

*He turns to Christy

RR: Now, lets talk.

CJ: About what?

RR: Boy gotta vent. The bulls*** has gone on long enough.

*Christy has recovered her composure and nods to her staff who jump into action

CJ: Do I sense another Red Arrows explosion?

RR: We go off when we go off. But Robin Reborn is representing Robin Reborn right now. I wanna talk, you wanna listen. So does everyone watching. And especially the suits in the offices more concerned with car crashes and movie stars than actual wrestling.

CJ: Daniel Magnusson was brutally attacked last week, maybe you should reconsider this rage

RR: F*** Magnusson. F*** Andrews and f*** Anthony Grace too. This isn't Hollywood and this isn't Hollyoaks either. I don't give one about no whodunnit. Who shot J.R Ewing? I don't f***ing care.

CJ: We will have to bleep most of this out

RR: So? Do it. I'm here to lay it out. Finally, FINALLY! A tag team match. With a real team. With real meaning. And we had to make it. Do they care about our titles? Did Wood and Thunder? Did Perfect f***ing Jack? You know how much they cared? About as much as Blandrews and Magnetron.

CJ: So, what are you trying to say?

RR: What I'm saying is this: first I'm gonna kick the face off of any man who gets in my way come Anarchy. Syn, Frenchy and the revolutionaries can all suck a d***. And then I'm coming for the power. After NOG, The Forgotten ain't the only ones who want a revolution. I threatened it before and I'll do it again.

*Reborn turns to the camera, directing his stare right down it

RR: Rest up, boss, cos you've got about two weeks before Robin Reborn brings everything he has and ruins your life.

*Reborn drops the mic in customary fashion and storms out of the room.

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6CW Anarchy Tuesday 16th June 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 16th June 2015

Post by TwisT Tue 09 Jun 2015, 8:34 pm

Wembley Arena is abuzz with anticipation as the cameras focus on the Lloyd brothers at their commentary positions. Harold begins to speak.

HA: Folks, with Night of Glory only one show away, you will realise that the entire locker room is on edge. However, with the assault of Daniel Magnusson still unexplained, those same guys are also on edge for a totally different reason.......the finger of suspicion.

HE: Rightly or wrongly, one of those that have been accused is Charlie Kramer. Brought in by Anthony Grace to be his official spokesman, it appears that backstage Kramer is increasing his influence.

HA: Kramer himself hasn't been seen this week and a statement that was released stated that he "wished Daniel Magnusson a speedy recovery" and that he was on "official business for Anthony Grace and 6CW".

HE: Grace himself has been having a huge tour ahead of the biggest PPV in 6CW. He has been giving exclusive interviews to the media and has certainly helped to drum up interest in his homeland and other countries besides the UK. For this reason, he has been an elusive man to pin down, but we hear he is ready to come out tonight and talk to the 6CW faithful...........

Right on cue, "Amazing Grace" blares out of the speakers. The majority of the fans are cheering, especially those younger ones. However, there is a large portion that are jeering and holding anti-Grace slogans up. Grace soon appears on the stage, casually holding his jacket over his shoulder and waving to the crowd. He is wearing his usual sunglasses and has his top shirt button undone. The music continues has Grace crosses his chest religiously and then starts to walk to the ring.

HA: Anthony Grace.......a man that is dividing opinion, I think it is fair to say that. For the most part, he has been an absolute asset to 6CW and been the driving force of its expansion. However, there are a few people wondering at what cost..........

HE: Like Daniel Magnusson........

Grace takes his time and greets the fans by the aisle warmly. He seems reluctant to get in the ring to speak, especially as the jeering grows from some quarters. Grace keeps his smile nailed on though, as he walks up the steel steps and enters the ring. He salutes the crowd as the music fades and even gives a wave in the direction of those booing him. He then carefully put on his jacket and takes a few deep breathes.

HA: You have to admire his attitude. Not once has he thrown his toys out of the pram at the negative response.

HE: At least not in public!

Grace steadies himself in the centre of the ring and gazes around the arena. He looks down to the canvas and sighs deeply before talking into his cheek microphone.

AG: Ladies and gentlemen, friends and COG's, thank you for that positive reaction. I, however, have an apology to make to you all. An apology that I should have made weeks ago..........

HE: Oh ho.......could we have an admission of guilt here?

HA: Shhhhhhh!!

Grace waits dramatically as the crowds expectation builds. He then speaks quietly again.

AG: Over the past few weeks, since I faced Mr. Costello in New York, there has been a continuation of something bad. Situations that have arose that, although I have tried my best to eradicate, have simply not gone away. It is those situations that have made me feel as if I have LET DOWN the very people I love to perform to. Those situations that has caused some friction and some COG's to lose heart. Those situations that have made people judge me WRONGLY and distrust the very phrase I hold dear............Believe to Achieve.

He paces the ring as the crowd listens intensely.

AG: At the end of last weeks show, I looked at myself and realised that enough was enough. I could not carry on sprouting positive vibes when negativity followed me around. That negativity was by my own hand and I have only myself to blame. For that reason, I need to ask the higher powers for mercy.

HE: At last he gets it!

HA: Listen to what the man has to say!

Grace stops in the centre of the ring and looks around at the thousands of faces staring back at him. All eyes are on him as Grace crosses himself and looks to the heavens.

AG: I stand here, a humble servant to 6CW and everything it stands for, and ask it's forgiveness. I stand here, a believer to our crusade, and ask the COG's for forgiveness.

Grace bites his lip and nods his head a few times, before speaking again.

AG: I stand here and ask forgiveness..................for my current losing streak.

HE: What?!

A couple of jeers start up as the majority of the crowd are silent. Grace seems a tad confused and is quick to continue.

AG: For someone who knows that BELIEF comes from within, it has been hard to have match after match and be on the losing side. Giving my all but coming up a long way short. I could blame outside interference. I could blame time spent for my charities getting in the way. But ultimately, I have NOT achieved. And as I approach the biggest match of my career...........that is not acceptable.

Grace points at the crowd and smiles.

AG: And even though you COG's have given me the fuel to achieve, I need to ensure that my side of the bargain is met as well! Anthony Grace is NOTHING without the fans! The fans that I know will cheer me NO.....MATTER......WHAT!

The crowd react positively and Grace's confidence grows.

AG: That is why I have concentrated non-stop on this week's match. This 8 man tag of TITANS! I want to make sure that come my music hitting at Wembley Stadium, that I have come there off the back of a BREATHTAKING performance! One that will cause that belief to course it's way through MY veins and the veins of each and every COG!

The crowd cheer again and Grace mouths the words "I love you guys" to them. He points at one young fan in the front row wearing his Grace merchandise proudly, and salutes him. The camera focuses on the young boy smiling broadly before it returns to Grace looking up the aisle.

AG: My helpers to this cause. They will sense the opportunity as well! Mr. Johnson, Mr. Reilly and Mr. Wood all want to come out of that match with a big "W" by their name. Only that will implant the seeds of doubt into their Night of Glory opponents and INSPIRE my partners to join me in producing 6CW's Oscar winning masterpiece.

Grace points at the curtain and gets more animated.

AG: That is why I talk to them directly. Talk to my FRIENDS who will join forces with me to provide the biggest cheer Wembley Arena has ever heard. If we infuse ourselves with TEAM SPIRIT then we can accomplish anything! And that accomplishment will take the form of what my team mates desire. For Mr. Johnson, it is revenge. For Mr. Reilly, it is retribution. For Mr. Wood, it is resolution..................

Grace turns back to his audience and smiles again.

AG: And you may ask what I DESIRE? What will a well deserved victory pave the way too come Night of Glory? Well my friends, it is simply a matter of rejoicing........

Grace holds out his arms and shouts out his words as if preaching.

AG: Rejoicing being part of this place! Rejoicing being cheered by the COG's! Rejoicing the chance to putting on a hell a show! But most of all........MOST OF is rejoicing the air I breathe, the will to believe and the desire to achieve!

As the crowd cheer, Grace stares into the camera and winks.

AG: And that my friends......I will NEVER apologise for!

Grace winks again as the crowd cheer loudly. He waves enthusiastically at them as the camera pans around the arena.


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6CW Anarchy Tuesday 16th June 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 16th June 2015

Post by x12x Tue 09 Jun 2015, 9:57 pm

Anthony Grace stands proudly in the ring soaking up the love from the C.O.G's while ignoring the hate from the Anti-Grace fans. Suddenly 'End Seekers' by Oh, Sleeper blares out of the sound system causing the arena to explode. The Anti-Grace fans now cheering more than ever as the former EWF World Heavyweight Champion Liam Wood makes his way out on to the stage with a smirk across his face.

HA: Just listen to that crowd! The fans here obviously excited to see The Viper Liam Wood here tonight!

HE: Yeah but which one? The man who “saved” EWF or the man who let his best friend down for the second show in a row?

Wood remains on the stage for a few seconds keeping his eyes locked on his future partner before making his way down, he adjusts his cut off denim jacket showing off more of his old school DDP t-shirt. Wood walks slowly around the ring taking a microphone before rolling in to the ring and facing Grace.

HE: Wood has shown that he cannot be part of a team...Grace should get the hell out of there before Wood hits him with a chair!

HA: Will you shut up and listen to what he has to say?! It's clear that Anthony Grace has provoked a reaction out of Wood!

As Wood's theme dies off he stares at Grace who continues to smile back. Wood pauses for a moment and shakes his head before finally lifting the microphone to his lips and speaking. As he begins to speak the camera zooms out showing both men standing opposite each other.

LW: Sorry to break up your little pep talk Tony but I just had to stop you for a see, you might think you know how this business works and you might think that just because a few kids cheer for you that you've made it but here's a news have no idea about any of this...

A large majority of the crowd are stunned in to silence allowing the anti-Grace members to pipe up once again in support of Wood. After a few moments though both sides are at full voice battling amongst themselves.

HE: I think we have our answer! Liam Wood is only looking after himself!

LW: ...You walked in to this company with a golden ticket because of some movies you've been in and the fact that they can bleed you dry but the fact that they're teaming us's a joke!

Grace looks shocked but still keeps a look of care on his face as he allows Wood to speak

LW: That's the problem though...the suits, they label us as good and bad and treat it like one of your movies but it's time to wake up because life is NOT black and white and that's what THIS is to me...this is my damn's not some summer camp between movies, it's not some cry to stay's my life.

So next time you want to talk on my behalf and act like you know what I'm looking for, keep your mouth shut because WE are nothing alike and you do NOT know a damn thing about what is going through my mind...the guys who make money off of this might want to paint us in the same light to get fans watching us team up but we both know that THIS is not a team.

I'm not your friend and I am not your helper...I could honestly give a damn if you get to put a W next to your name because I know that it doesn't really matter to you...and actually, I'm just waiting for you to go back to Hollywood like most of these fans!

Wood lowers the microphone for a second as the anti-Grace start a “LET'S GO VIPER” while the rest battle back with a “LET'S GO GRACE” of their own. Wood continues, a scowl covers his face.

LW: When I walk in to that ring next week I am fighting for myself but in all honesty...that match is just another thing in the way before I finally get my hands on Mike Masters...that match is just another case of the bosses putting me with people I have no interest of teaming up with...

The fans give a mixed reaction with some still cheering for Wood as he begins to pace, his eyes locked on Anthony Grace at all times.

LW: see, you might act like you're happy with this little arrangement but I don't buy it...I don't buy any of this actually. This whiter than white thing you've got going's a character you're playing and I can see through might want to shake my hand in public to keep up your persona but I know for a fact that people like you...look down on people like me because they have my whole life...

Grace offers a welcoming smile and shakes his head in protest causing Wood to grit his teeth until a smirk covers his face

LW:, I just don't buy stuck up Christian type's always have a “thing” don't you? So what is it Anthony? ...a mistress? Do you like being choked? Is it alcohol? Hey, who know's...maybe Kramer has taken a few trips to 'Graceland' in the past?

Wood pauses waiting for a reaction but doesn't get it causing him to shake his head

LW: That's it! That's what gets to me about never give a reaction to just stand there with your sh¡t eating grin and you act like it doesn't bother might call it might call it control...I say that you have no emotion for this business and you're as bad as the suits in the look at the children in your awful t-shirts and you see dollar signs...'re a fake and that is why I have no intention of fighting for you when I walk in to this ring next week...I'm fighting for me because I actually care about this business.”

Wood lowers the microphone and keeps eye contact with Anthony Grace as the fans chant back and forth for both men with Wood getting some negative reactions for the younger members in the crowd

HE: So what was that about hearing Liam Wood out?

HA: It's hard to deny brother, Liam Wood seems to hate the idea of being teamed up with Anthony Grace...he needs to focus before he lets Masters get in his head once again

HE: It might be too late, Wood is losing it and I know for a fact that Mr Jones is watching on with a smile on his face!


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6CW Anarchy Tuesday 16th June 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 16th June 2015

Post by Paul Mac 6CW Wed 10 Jun 2015, 8:26 am

By Myself blasts out of the speakers and all eyes turn to the ramp

HA: The ego has landed

The curtain opens and Lex Hart confidently steps out into the arena. Boos erupt from every corner as Miss Jessica gleefully skips behind her man. Lex is dressed in blue jeans, a black and pink Hart Attack T- shirt and sunglasses. Jessica as ever is dressed in a figure hugging outfit that accentuates every curve. A few wolf whistles can be heard above the boos and Jessica playfully blows kisses to her admirers

Lex pulls a mic from his back pocket and smiles smugly as he stops half way down the ramp

LH: Will you please both shut the hell up with this self indulgent, I'm good, I'm bad, they love me, they hate me. I'm sorry, I'm not sorry horse cr**.

I'm not buying it and like your over priced merchandise Anthony this crowd sure as hell aint buying it, so why don't you both do everyone a favour. Liam, go to the back light some candles and self harm for a bit, I'm sure that will release some of those stresses or better still head to Bethnal Green go get a hooker and take out your frustration all over her ***

And Anthony Grace my god where do you begin. People have called me delusional, people have accused me of being up my own ar** but you take the David Koresh award and you take it to a whole new level

Have you ever considered that this losing streak might actually be because you're not a very good wrestler?

*Some of the crowd cheer and Lex smiles

LH: Seems to me your personal advisers are spending so much time arguing out back that they've forgotten about little old Anthony Grace desperately treading water and as they say you're only as strong as your weakest link and I'm staring that link straight in the eye

*Grace stands smiling in the ring whilst Wood paces back and forth

LH: From where I am standing you both have one terrible trait in common and that's your desperation to be loved. You can smell it on you both, the fear to do anything that might turn these fans against you when in fact it is that very thing that is holding you back

Liam I'll admit lately you've shown signs of promise but to tell you the truth I don't think you've got it in you to cross the line

Lex grins

Oh you want to, I can see it in your eyes, you desperately want to...........but something is holding you back

What are you afraid of Liam. Embrace the hate

It never did me any harm!

Paul Mac 6CW
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6CW Anarchy Tuesday 16th June 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 16th June 2015

Post by x12x Wed 10 Jun 2015, 10:35 am

As Hart stops speaking the crowd settle down and turn their attention back to the men in the ring. As Grace attempts to speak Wood quickly cuts him off, sarcastically slow clapping while keeping his eyes locked on Lex at all times before speaking.

LW: really Lex? After all I've heard about your legendary mind games this is all you have to offer?! You come out here with reverse psychology and expect that to push my buttons?! What a joke!

Wood smirks while keeping his eyes locked on Lex at all times. Wood continues to pace before speaking again.

LW: I'm impressed though, you came out here the bad guy but managed to become more relatable to Mr Hollywood over here in just a few minutes! You see, you're just another person with no clue about who I am or what is going through my come out here, make a few emo jokes and act like you have me figured out but it just makes you like everybody're reading the bad guy 101 book and its letting you down big time!

Wood pauses getting the crowd behind him again before dropping down to the ringside area and heading towards Hart.

LW: you know where you got it wrong Lex? Where your little rant failed you?! It was when you said that I was desperate for love from these fans but the truth is I couldn't care less...unlike you, I don't fall in to the good guy, bad guy stereo type BS...

Some of the fans are shocked but most still cheer as Wood continues to speak

LW: you see, when I do's because I WANTED to do it and that has been who I am since day one...if these fans cheer then that's cool but if they don't then I won't be losing sleep any time soon!

When I beat FEAR and saved EWF...I did that for ME! When I beat Vincent Costello at Night Of Glory I did it for ME and when I kick your head off next week I'll be doing that for me as well!

Wood pauses for a moment as he reaches Lex

LW: the problem is you think you know who your dealing with but you don't! If you underestimate me then I'll derail your little come back your before it even takes you back to relevancy!

Wood finally reaches Lex with a smile on his face.

LW: and that's what you need to might get to carry around the tag of being a legend but when it comes down to it...your reputation means nothing and right now...your looking at the guy who's going to take your place.

Wood drops the mic and continues to walk straight past Hart before exiting


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6CW Anarchy Tuesday 16th June 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 16th June 2015

Post by President Trump Wed 10 Jun 2015, 10:43 am

Just as Woods disappears the crowd erupt as Dicey walks out and stands behind an unknowing Lex Hart, Lex looks smug as he thinks the crowd are cheering because of Woods exit when he realises someone is standing behind him, Lex slowly turns around to see a smiling Dicey who says “Boo” before “Born to Fight” blasts out over the arena and Lex nearly jumps out of his skin

HA: Brilliant, that’s what you call mind games Henry

HE: That’s what I call childish but what’s to be expected of Dicey

Dicey starts laughing as he shoulders his way past an annoyed Lex and makes his way down to ring where he ignores his new tag partners and poses for the fans on the turnbuckles

Crowd: DICEY

Dicey: I’m sorry about that pink pants I couldn’t help myself, pretty much like you around any old skank...oh how is Jess

Crowd: SL*T!!

Lex is about to say something when Dicey cuts him off

Dicey: Oh come on Lex you know it’s true but you keep telling yourself that you two are “exculsive” (Grace starts to chuckle) Oh you like that one, Grace is it, man can you talk and talk and talk, if you fight just as good we won’t have a problem next week but can I ask you a question

AG: Sure

Dicey: Are you one of those Science know like Tom Cruise and John Travolta, like if you get hurt in a match do you have to rub the injury off what hurt you for a few hours, it’s weird but each to their own I say, just look at Lex and those pink budgie smugglers of his, someday he will come out of that deep closet and run off with Percy but Grace you do know it’s all a farce right

AG: I’m not a Scien.....

Dicey: You don’t have to explain yourself, hell I hardly even know you, lets at least have a pint together before you tell me your life story (Dicey turns and looks at the ramp) and who in the name of the Blue Man Troop did I just walk past, he looked like one of those kids that didn’t get enough hugs off his Da when he was little...or maybe too many “special” hugs (Dicey whispers to Grace “defiantly the latter”), To be honest boys I don’t give a cr*p about anyone in this match except I guy, Perfect Jack

Crowd: Boooooooooooo

Dicey: Hey Jackie Boy, I know you skulking around backstage somewhere, hiding from me because of the beating I gave you last week, look Jack I even left Bettsie at home because she scared you so much last week, so come on Jack, come out and say hello because after NoG it will be a long time before you get to speak at all

HA: Dicey wants Jack

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Post by MtotheC Thu 11 Jun 2015, 12:06 pm

As for you Vince, I’m sure that our fighting will only escalate from here and I look forward to seeing whatever you bring this time, you know exactly what I have planned for you though.

Keith Leone lowers the microphone as the fans cheer once again as he then goes and leans on the ropes facing the entrance way.

As Leone lowers the microphone… the arena explodes into a crescendo of boos from the live crowd in attendance… reacting to the sound of ‘Killing in the name of’ by Rage Against the Machine bellowing out around Wembley.

He: And here comes the champion, Costello’s Law has been practically unstoppable since he captured the EWF title all those months ago

HA: There’s no doubting that brother, but even the most militant of Costello supporters will have to admit that Leone seems to have had his number in recent weeks… Does that give the challenger the advantage going into Night of Glory?

Costello pauses on the entrance ramp looking out around the arena, the EWF world title is strapped around his waist as he beats his chest shouting COSTELLO’S LAW… before making his way into the ring, collecting a microphone from the timekeeper on route

HA: Just listen to this atmosphere…. This place is ready to explode and with these two combustible elements out here that may well be the case!

VC: This past week, everywhere I go people seem to think I’m gonna blow a gasket, they think I’m gonna flip out… I’ve got stage hands dogging me, afraid to look me in the eye in case I slap the taste outta their mouths. I’ve got production exec’s making excuses as to why they can’t attend meetings and backstage agents turning in the opposite direction when they see me coming down the hallway…

All because you Keith Leone hit me with a cheap shot at the end of last week’s Anarchy… people seem to have the opinion that I’m this combustible character, that I can’t handle a bit of pressure… well I was born and raised in the most pressured environment known to man, I grew up in the pressure cooker that is the finest, most dangerous and unforgiving city in the world… Hell’s Kitchen New York!

You see growing up in the Kitchen taught me how to deal with pressure, it taught me a lot… but the most important thing I learnt was that Hell's Kitchen is more than just a’s a state of mind, a mentality that sets us about from the rest, it’s an attitude that sums up Costello’s Law… Aggression, persistence, the overwhelming desire to succeed, remorselessness, ruthlessness but most of all it’s not about emotion… Costello’s Law is cold-blooded, calculated and without compassion… that outlook was crafted and manufactured by Hell’s Kitchen and there isn’t any amount of pressure that you create that would make me flip out and blow a gasket.

Sure I might slap the taste out of some stage monkey’s mouth but that’s because I like to punch people in the face, of course I might grab some jumped up, a$$ kissing executive by the collar and stuff his five hundred dollar tie down his throat for not giving me what I want… but I do these things because that’s what Costello’s Law does… it gets what it wants… always has, always will!

So you keep applying your pressure Keith, you keep wearing your blood stained memento, the reminder of what I’m capable of, you keep watching the hands of clock tick down because come Night of Glory all your reminders, all your pressure will count for nothing… So what are you gonna do Keith Leone when the man without remorse stands opposite you on the biggest night of the year and you look into my eyes knowing there is no way you can beat me, realising that you can’t keep me down, when finally the comprehension washes over you like a tidal wave… that Vincent Costello is THE big fight player, that he is the man for the big occasion and that you just cannot win?

Costello lowers the mic, and with a steely look of determination stares straight at KL

HA: Shots fired!!!!!! Costello thinks that mentally, Keith Leone just can’t compete with him when it comes to the biggest match of the year and the titles on the line.

HE: He doesn’t just think it, he knows it brother!


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Post by TwisT Thu 11 Jun 2015, 8:18 pm

Costello lowers the mic, and with a steely look of determination stares straight at KL

HA: Shots fired!!!!!! Costello thinks that mentally, Keith Leone just can’t compete with him when it comes to the biggest match of the year and the titles on the line.

HE: He doesn’t just think it, he knows it brother!

Suddenly, without warning, the house lights go down to near darkness. Then, the eerie sound of a heartbeat starts up and the crowd look on expectantly. With every beat, a bright light flashes on and off which bathes the audience in white for a second, before going back to darkness. Costello and Leone look around the ring and ready themselves as everyone awaits the arrival of Joshua.

HA: These guys know that the Puppet Master is coming!

HE: And with all the talk......all the put downs.....all the strong is THIS entrance that always makes the biggest statement!

The crowd look up the aisle as the heartbeat continues. Then, the arena screen flickers on and shows the abandoned nursery that used to be Joshua's home. The floor is littered with toys that look creepy in the moonlight. As the camera pans forward we can see Joshua sat at the far end of the room, with McCoy by his side. The wrestler looks calm but has one hand resting on his head. He flexes his fingers and rubs his brow from time to time, as the camera focuses on his face. The heartbeat stops, with everyone in the arena looking at the screen, as Joshua begins to speak:

When the pressure relieve it by a simple release.........

He moves his hand and we can see steady trickle of blood start to escape his ear. The blood drips down onto Joshua's shirt and we can now see various blood stains on it. He takes the bottom of his shirt and mops his ear, which stops the blood flow momentarily. He then goes back to placing his hand on his head and winces slightly. Shaking it from side to side, Joshua starts to whisper under his breath as he screws his eyes up. Then, he grits his teeth and chucks his hair back so that everyone can see his scarred face. Joshua looks into the camera and snarls:

Talk about being cold-blooded.........Calculating.........And without compassion.........Talk about vengeance.........Retribution.........And hatred.........A list of claims and counter claims.........spew from your mouth like a waterfall of self-worth.........Mixing together time after time.........The same water constantly recycled as it meanders its course.........Crashing against obstacles and hoping the claims are see it continue its way.........

He leans forward and stares intently into the camera:

I am only interested in a river of blood.........Spilt continuously at various points.........but the river flowing without a conclusion or boundaries stopping its path.........

Joshua suddenly winces again and holds the side of his head. More blood starts to trickle out of his ear and he wipes it away from his face. He then flicks his hair forward and talks again:

Do you not yet understand that I care not.........of what you say.........?

He brushes the hair slightly from his head and then continues:

Night after that arena you call home.........the symphony plays and then destruction is dealt.........It has been the same chorus month after month.........Time moving towards a crescendo that is soon to be heard.........And yet you pander to each other........Exchange bile as you say.........And completely ignore the fate that awaits.........

Joshua giggles slightly and cracks his head to the side:

Suffering can have an adverse your mind.........after constant episodes of it.........

He chucks his hair back:

I welcome it.........

Joshua feels the side of his head again and moves it to one side. He then looks back into the camera:

Continue letting the words flow.........Satisfy yourself with the sound of it.........Believe in them as much as you want.........Let them escape from your blinded mind.........and allow yourself one more moment of self-esteem.........

He hunches forward and lets the blood flow from his ear:

What say you.........misguided fools? .........Will you dance once more for the Puppet Master? .........Or will you take the time you have repent?

He snarls as the screen starts to fade:

Suffering is only a heartbeat away.........

The screen goes to black as the house lights slowly start to come on.


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Post by Marky Thu 11 Jun 2015, 8:32 pm

"Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons hits and Max Adamson walks out to the ramp wearing his wrestling attire, with a zipped-up hoodie on over the top. He stands looking down on the Wembley Arena crowd, most of them booing but some cheering. Adamson focuses on Anthony Grace who is stood inside the ring, Adamson smirks and points to sections of the crowd who are Anti-Grace, Adamson has a microphone;

Max: The Anti-Grace movement has begun. It is Max Adamson's personal mission to rid you and your cronies from this place, and it seems a significant number of the 6CW fanbase are behind me...

(Adamson pauses as there is a cheer followed by a "We hate Grace" chant)

Max: It's almost like a "them and us" situation. There's a Pro Grace team, you know, the ones who are under the age of 13, or who don't really "follow" wrestling. And then there's the others, the single men, the "still living at home" virgins who think they're cool because they go against the norm. The wannabe hipsters. While you're praising your followers, I criticise mine. I don't care if some overweight slobs agree with me Grace, but surely you have to ask yourself the question. Why do so many people hate you?

(Adamson holds the microphone up as the crowd is split, "Lets go Grace/Grace sucks!")

Max: But like when my followers speak to women in public, the reaction from me is completely non-existent. This isn't them and us. This isn't Grace versus the people that hate Grace. This is Grace versus Adamson. This would be exactly the same if I had fifty percent, ninety nine percent, or absolutely zero of the 6CW fanbase chanting for me, or chanting against you. You talk about your COG's, and your Believe to Achieve mentality. The only, and I mean this, the ONLY place you're heading is for the scrapheap. Not even Hollywood will want you when I'm finished with you. Nobody is going to want a deformed actor. Unless they remake the Elephant Man of course...

(Adamson smirks at his own joke)

Max: There are World Championships on the line, there are longtime enemies facing off, there's a Chamber of Horrors match, yet people are still talking about Anthony Grace. You can call it bitterness, you can even call it jealousy. But you are taking column inches, you are taking airtime away from wrestlers who have given up more than you'll ever know to be here today, and they have to sit and watch some actor swan in, on more money than they are, and steal their job. Steal their passion. Anthony Grace is nothing more than a common thief, and I am the hero. I am the one who is going to save 6CW. There is a reason I am the 6CW Super Champion, because when 6CW needs a hero to save them, when they need one man to stand above the parapet and go to war in the name of Professional Wrestling...

(Adamson unzips off his hoodie and shows off his new 6CW Super Championship title belt)

Max: ...I am that man. I am that hero. I am more of a hero than any of your characters ever were Grace, and I will channel everything, I will channel my inner Captain Australia if I have to... But I am going to leave Night of Glory with my head held high. And you will leave Night of Glory in an Ambulance.

(Adamson stares a hole into Grace from the ramp as a lot of the crowd boo but there are still cheers)


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Post by TwisT Thu 11 Jun 2015, 9:11 pm

Grace looks a tad uncomfortable at the hate he has been receiving from his opponents and partners. He coughs slightly and concentrates his gaze on Adamson.

AG: Well that is a serious bit of bling you are wearing Mr. Adamson! It sure does make my eyes water when I look at it. Tell me, what federation is that belt sanctioned with? It is not one I have seen.......away from planet Adamson of course!

Grace laughs at his own joke and stares at the favourable sections of the crowd.

AG: It is clear that the men present like to go about their business in various ways. But I am not deaf to what they their own unique ways of course. However, allow me to step away from negativity and remind you ALL that we have a performance to put on.........

Grace looks around him for some allies.

AG: You know......for the fantastic fans of 6CW!

The crowd cheers and Grace nods.

AG: These fans have come here to see some ACTION! Not beneath themselves listening to us guys score petty shots with WILD remarks. Come on people......we are MEN. Proud to stand in this ring yes, but also MEN who do not belittle themselves with cheap pops!

Grace turns to the camera and smiles.

AG: I have no skeletons in my closet Mr. Wood.

He turns to Lex and smiles.

AG: I am not delusional

He turns to Dicey and smiles.

AG: I believe in the almighty God above.

He looks up the aisle towards Adamson.

AG: And these people know a true hero when they see one. Not one who just states good deeds. But one that ACCOMPLISHES them!

Grace turns to the camera and looks solemn.

AG: Please do still help those who are in need in Nepal.......

Grace turns back to Adamson and smiles broadly again.

AG: Mr. Adamson, I am sorry to burst your bubble, but this is much more than Grace versus Adamson. This is about the GREATEST show in the WORLD producing what will be my FINEST hour! And all of the people here present are a PART of it!

The crowd cheer again as Grace continues

AG:I have never stolen. I have gave. Given constantly to the fans of 6CW and the COG's. If this has made the media come to me, then I make no apologies for it. It has allowed me to highlight causes in need and also increase the appear of this business. EVERYTHING I have done and EVERYTHING I continue to do is for other people. Not Anthony Grace.

Adamson smirks but Grace continues.

AG: Think what you will Mr. Adamson, I am sure you will make your opinions rightly heard. But I beg, think about one thing first. If you are a hero, truly a man of 6CW and wrestling as a whole, then would you really deny those fans a performance of MAGNITUDE? Allowing yourself to forget what your ego is saying and perhaps realise the truth............

Grace looks slightly stern.

AG: If you really are that hero Mr. Adamson, then you will give myself and the COG's the respect we deserve. Because I would hate you to phone a performance in come Night of Glory and be embarrassed in front of millions.

Grace holds his look before snapping out of it and smiling.

AG: Now gentlemen, it is clear that this will soon decline into playground squabbling and I have many tasks to complete before Tuesday. Interviews galore! But I will be sure that I mention each and every one of my fantastic colleagues. I would not want you to think I was stealing your thunder.....

He winks at Adamson as "Amazing Grace" plays. Grace exits the ring and calmly walks up the aisle and past Adamson. He offers Max a handshake, which is declined. Grace shrugs and turns to face the cheering crowd, saluting once, before exiting behind the curtain.


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Post by Perfect Jack Fri 12 Jun 2015, 6:03 pm

I am Perfection hits as Perfect Jack walks out through the curtain walking past Grace as the crowd continue their boo's at the arrival of Perfect Jack. As he's walking out he begins to speak.

PJ: Cut my music.

Jack's music dies down as he continues to speak. He looks at Adamson and smirks.

PJ: Well hello Max, how are you? Been a long time hasn't it, let me think, when was the last time we met, oh yes, I do believe it was at Night of Glory 2 wasn't it, when I broke your damn ankle and I took the 6CW World title by force. The perfect ending to the perfect event.

Max looks infuriated as Jack continues walking down the ramp with a smirk on his face.

HA: Arrogant SOB, I really hope Dicey teaches him a lesson at Night of Glory.

HE: Be professional Harold, we all know Jack's going to win so stop your bias and listen to what this man has to say.

PJ: But alas, the reason I came out here wasn't to gloat, although I couldn't resist, Dicey, you wanted me, so I'm right here buddy boy.

Dicey is focused on Jack as he enters the ring.

PJ: You wanted me Dicey, I'm right here old friend, You going to attack me? Oh wait, my back isn't turned.

Jack turns his back against Dicey

PJ: That's right Dicey, the only way you can beat me is if you attack me from behind, or blindside me when I'm receiving medical attention. Dicey, you know I'm better than you, that's why you have to resort to cheap shots, you're a coward Dicey, just like everyone else in this company. Afraid to do anything face to face.

Jack turns around and looks Dicey straight in the eyes.

PJ: You think you're better than me Dicey Reilly? You're just like everyone else that has had the audacity to even think they're better than me. When you look at yourself, and when you look at me, we're not even close Dicey Reilly. That's why I had to cut you loose, you're nothing but pathetic alcoholic, looking for another pay-cheque to waste away on alcohol. That's the difference between me and you, you're pathetic, and I'm perfect and at Night of Glory, if you don't understand now, then I'm going have to beat it into you.

Perfect Jack

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Post by TheCultOfPersonality Fri 12 Jun 2015, 6:52 pm

As the men involved in one of the multi-man tag matches dispute in the middle of the ring, Masters and Mr. Jones are in the backstage area looking on watching on the big flat screen TV.

MM: Just look at these fools arguing amongst one another, it's pretty clear which teams gonna win and it's the team I'm on. Although hearing these guys absolutely mock Anthony Grace is quite entertaining.

MJ: He's an absolute travesty to our industry, I'm sure my former client, Mr. Adamson will defeat him and send him crashing back to Hollywood.

MM: Send him back to Hollywood? Nobody wants to see that anymore. Even his own teammates despise him, did you hear what our buddy Liam had to say to him?

MJ: You know what that was Mike? That was the REAL Liam Wood. Sheer aggression, doesn't give a care in the world, just tells it how it is...

MM: I tell it how it is...

MJ: Of course you do Mike, but it's refreshing to see someone else do it. The plan is slowly coming into fruition. He's embracing the hate, he's turning on himself, he's turning on these fans, he's turning on his friends and it's such a joy to watch. It's only a matter of time. Because the thing is now, Liam Wood is no longer in control of his emotions Mike...we are. He thinks we're irrelevant, he thinks are opinion doesn't matter but clearly it does and it's taking its toil. That missing piece in our puzzle is edging ever closer...

MM: Yeah...

MJ: What is it Mike?

MM: Well I hate to burst your bubble and as much as it would be neat if it happens, I don't see Liam joining us. I think this will all end in disappointment. Disappointment for Liam that is. You see Liam wants a match with me at Night of Glory and for what, to prove he's better than me? Wood doesn't quite understand what he's getting into does he Jonesy, he's not ever faced anyone near perfection like I am. He can talk all he wants about the past, he did this in EWF, he did that in EWF, he's done absolutely nothing in 6CW! I single handledly carried the 6CW tag team championships on my back...I am the future of 6CW, that's more than Liam can say.

MJ: But what Liam Wood has is experience. He's fought some of the biggest names in our business, he knows what it's like to be in the situation you're in. Whereas you lack that experience Mike. This is why Liam is so pivotal to us, this is why in the whole grand scheme of things, the bigger picture will foresee you holding the presitigous world championship title and not Liam Wood. This plan is...well going to plan. He's in a vulnerable state and we must capitalise. I see total FEAR in Wood's eyes and you Mike need to make the most of it.

MM: Liam Wood wants a match at Night of Glory? We'll see how he is feeling after Anarchy when I get my hands on him, it's been a bloody state of affiars between us so far and I look to continue that trend when I make him bleed...again. And while I'm doing that, I will carry my team to victory. You got a team of has-beens and of course Grace, but I will show them all what all the fuss is about, why I am the show stealer and why I am that...damn...good.


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Post by Thunder87 Mon 15 Jun 2015, 12:16 am

The scene opens outside the arena, hours before the doors open. The fans are already waiting in the que, some may have been there since dawn. The door opens and Tim Allen appears through the door. To his surprise no one seems to have noticed their attention appears to be drawn else where. Tim approaches the que looking to see what had their attention. He finds Thunder crowd surfing and asking to be returned toward the front where Tim stands, his face in his hand.

Tim Allen
I should have known.

What I do?

Tim Allen
Pardon the expression, but, you stole my thunder.

Thunder looks at him and then at the fans.

Aww Timmy, I’m sorry dude, my bad. Here let me help you.

Thunder lifts Tim Allen up and sends him crowd surfing.

In two weeks time at Night of Glory, I will face Jax Cutler, the Neanderthal, for the international championship, where I will leave him covered in my glory… Oh god, what did I just say? Aw man, that was bad even for me… ok, this ones better, we’ll edit that bit out later. Take two. I will leave him basking in my glory… yeah, that’s one, go with that. Before Night of Glory, we have one more stop, Anarchy right here at Wembley arena and there’s a storm coming for Jonathan Danials and that’s a fact, Jack.

With that said, Thunder picks up his hold all and heads into the arena. The crowd cheers as the door opens again as Thunder returns.

One more thing, LET’S ROCK!

The crowd responds with AND RIDE! Thunder raises his fist in the air and disappears again. The crowd send Tim Allen back towards the front, dropping him unceremoniously on the floor as the scene fades.


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6CW Anarchy Tuesday 16th June 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 16th June 2015

Post by Nay Tue 16 Jun 2015, 12:42 pm

*The arena plunges into darkness as “Bawitdaba” quietly starts to sound out around the arena before “MY NAME IS KIDD” suddenly blasts out and pyros explode revealing Ryker Kidd stood back to the ring, arms outstretched as to a huge ovation before spinning around with a microphone in hand*

RK: Welcome to Kidd is Anarchy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*The camera moves in close to reveal a heavily bandaged Kidd slowly walking to the ring slapping the fans hands as he passes*

Ha: Kidd showing the scars of that battle with Syn Shadows last time out.

He: Just further proof that Kidd’s style is just risky.

Ha: I’m not going to disagree Henry, Kidd has all the talent in the world and just as much chance as getting injured permantely. Let’s take a look at what happened last week
*The Titantron flickers into life as the ending of Kidd vs Shadows starts to play. Ryker slowly walks up the steps and climbs into the ring and stands watching the big screen until it finishes *

RK: For those that don’t know yet my name is Ryker Kidd and I am your next Xtreme Champion. I am the Kidd who is going to enter that Chamber of Horrors match as a nobody and walk out the face of a new generation.


RK: Now I know that there are the doubters who think that I need to change my style, that it’s too risky. There’s the Haters who just plain don’t think that Ryker Kidd deserves this opportunity, that it’s too soon as I only just graduated from the “Snake Pit”.

Well all I have to say that it tough T*tties, see I have had to ut up with that doubt my ever since as an 8 year old I told my dad that I didn’t want to follow his footsteps into the family business, that I wanted to become a professional wrestler.

I mean just the other week when I phoned him to tell him I was in a title match on the biggest night of them all do you know what he said. He said Ryker, I made it onto the local bowling team, you don’t see me phoning everyone to tell them do you.

He: His dad has a point Harold!

Ha: Oh shut up Henry

RK: In the ten years i have been wrestling he has never once came to watch me. Thats why every week i take it up a notch in the hope that the next week he will be sat front and centre.

So all you kiddaholics out there who pay to watch Ryker Kidd do what he does.

*The crowd let out a cheer*

RK: Yeah I see you with your T-shirts and banners, you guy. You guys don't have to worry about a thing because until James T Kidd is sat right there leading the cheering then then i am never stopping.

If thats means killing myself to walk out that chamber champion then so be it.

Thats what motivates me, thats why i need that championship, Thats why i wrestle the way i do. Thats why walking in to tonights match the whole world are talking about the forgotten but once it finishes they will only be talking about..

*Kidd raises the microphone as the crowd shout RYKER KIDD*

Thats why i am the next Xtreme Champion

*Kidd slams the microphone down running and jumping to the top of the turnbuckle arm raised aloft.*


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Post by The Last Outlaw Tue 16 Jun 2015, 4:36 pm

The scene opens with Jonathan Daniels having just finished a match at a 6CW live event having just beaten an unknown local competitor.

JD: Now everybody knows my story I started out here in 6CW by joining the Authority… and we saw what good that did for me I ended up left a beaten and bloodied mess in the hallways. But that has made me the stronger than I was it has made me realise that for me survive here I had to get nasty, I had to get mean and that is what I have done so we fast forward several months after the Authority attack and I make my return promising to never let the same things happen to me as last time, promising things would be different and that I was here to take 6CW by storm and that storm has been building up slowly week by week with every passing match the storm is brewing stronger inside me waiting to be unleashed and I will unleash some of that storm on Buck Riggins when I defeat him for his title. Buck Riggins you are going to be the biggest victim to date of my career for you see that title you hold so dear is more than just a title to me it is the proof that I belong here it is the proof that when I came back it was the right choice to come back it shows that I will not lay down and let anyone think they have the better of me no matter what.  

JD: But I am getting a little bit ahead of myself as I have the small matter of Thunder to contend with at the upcoming Anarchy…. Don't worry yourself Thunder I have not overlooked you I have been keeping an eye on you just like I have the rest of 6CW and I will show the whole world that I am here to stay and Jonathan Daniels is a Champion in waiting. I am going to make an example out of you Thunder I am going to own you in this very ring when we meet. Now I hope that you have recovered enough from going through the announce table and that bad back of your is up to facing me as it would be a shame if all these people did not get the chance to see yours truly compete. Besides I need to keep in top shape in the ring for my Title match and facing you which will be another victory for me might I add will be just what I need.  You know it is funny as they say when you hear Thunder you know a storm is coming…. Well when you hear Thunder coming or his music anyway the only storm that is coming will be me as I make my way down that ramp get in this ring destroy you and leave you a broken mess in the middle of this ring.

With this Daniels drops the mic and rolls out of the ring.

The Last Outlaw

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