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6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015

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6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015 Empty 6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015

Post by JJJohnson Thu 02 Jul 2015, 7:27 pm

Live from Wembley Arena
Start time: TBA

Match 1
Majestic vs Blade

Match 2
Aaron Heath vs ???

Match 3
Ryker Kidd/Buck Riggins vs Jonathan Daniels/Syn Shadows

Match 4
Mike Masters vs Dicey Reilly

Match 5
Anthony Grace vs Perfect Jack

Match 6
Liam Wood vs Lex Hart

Match 7
Vincent Costello vs Keith Leone

Main Event
Joshua/The Forgotten vs Thunder/Red Arrows/Enigma

6CW Creative

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6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015

Post by x12x Thu 02 Jul 2015, 8:04 pm

Our scene opens in the lavish apartment of the former EWF World Heavyweight Champion The World Eater Liam Wood. The camera pans around the darkened living room revealing all of the wrestling merchandise and memorabilia covering the walls before reaching the door as it swings open. As boobie opens Wood walks through dropping his bag to the ground and slowly making his way to the sofa in the middle of the room. Wood sits back cradling his ribs for a second clearly still in pain from the chair shot from Masters that stole the win from him earlier that night. Wood sits back in his chair putting a foot on the coffee table before turning the television on as a dejected look covers his face.

As the television comes to life we are mid way through an episode of Wrestletalk with everyone's favourite host CJ Holmes, her guests tonight are former 6CW star Geoff Steel and wrestling critic Matthew Booth, the group have gathered for Wrestletalk's Night Of Glory special and are midway through talking about Wood's match with Masters from just a few hours ago.

Matthew Booth (MB): Despite his history in companies like EWF and a pretty impressive indie career it seems like when it really matters that Wood just can't get the job done...I think he might actually be the worst big match fighter in 6CW history!

Wood sits forward and grits his teeth at the claims as the trio continue to discuss Booth's claims

CJ: I can see your point as in the two years since he joined 6CW Wood has only been able to win two PPV matches...would either of you say those stats are improved when you realise that both men he was able to beat are now currently World Champions of 6CW?

MB: Not really, I think it goes to show that those two men moved on with their futures while Wood has allowed himself to be held back by something or another. I think that's a big part of Wood's career, he's spent so long living in the past that he's now stuck there.

Wood shakes his head as he continues to watch

CJ: Now, were there tonight at Night Of Glory and you got to see this match in person...from where I was sitting it felt like despite the win/loss record the fans were still 100% in Wood's corner...why is it that they continue to cheer for him even though his record is less than impressive?

Geoff Steel: It's hard to say why the fans are still cheering but to me I think it's because they can relate to what is happening to many people have tried and failed? All of us but the important thing is he still stands back up and tries again...I think people admire the fact that he just isn't going to stop until he gets where he wants to be and he isn't going to take a short cut like joining with Mr Jones.

MB: How long until he does though? Tonight we saw Liam Wood arguably being the best man on the night once again only to walk away with nothing. How many times can he fall and get back up before he's going to accept help from a guy like Jones...I think tonight showed him why he probably should have taken that help.

As the trio continue to talk Wood turns the TV off once again shadowing himself in the shadows of the room. Wood sits forward resting his arms on his knees as the camera slowly pans back away from him leaving him sat in the dark.


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6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015

Post by Fernando Thu 02 Jul 2015, 9:37 pm

From the desk of Wrestletalk TV's Matthew Booth wrote:

Liam "Viper" Wood

Over the last 24 hours, I have been receiving abuse on various social forms due to my comments on last night's episode of Wrestletalk TV about 6CW superstar Liam Wood. I have felt the need to personally respond to the criticism of my comments about Mr Wood.

I have personally encountered Mr Wood on many occasions over the last 12 months but often seemed more interested in finding women on Tinder then training hard or working on his "Emotional Issues" which has cost him several matches over these 12 months.

The facts show that he's career so far in 6CW has been a spectacular failure and not worth the money he has been paid to perform infront of the 6CW crowd.

He has 2 PPV wins in his entire career of 6CW and has struggled to step up like everyone else who jumped from the sinking ship that was EWF. You just have to look at Vincent Costello. Current reigning and defending EWF Championship who has held the title for a near year long reign. Mr Wood had a chance to end Vincent's reign as champion but stupidly and ignorantly chose a Hell In a Cell to gain "Revenge" but like the failure you've always been you lost again.

Until Mr Wood recognises that he doesn't have the talent to succeed in 6CW without the backing of Mr Jones who for some reason actually sees something in this 2 bit wrestler, What that is i don't know but if Mr Wood continues along this path of failure he will go down in the 6CW history books as one of the worst wrestlers in their respected history... Personally I expect to see his "Emotional Issues" growing considerably until he breaks mentally and gives in to demon fighting to escape his soul.

If Mr Wood has an issue with any of these comments, He is welcome to pop by Wrestletalk TV and join us for a show in the near future.

Yours Sincerely,
Matthew Booth

Wrestletalk TV's Wrestling Critic

All opinions expressed in this column are of Matthew Booth himself and Wrestletalk TV & Challenge are not liable for these comments.


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6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015

Post by Blade Thu 02 Jul 2015, 9:42 pm

The fans are buzzing with excitement and looking forward to the aftermath of Night of Glory, suddenly the fans turn the noise decibels up as I do what I want by Feat rages out of the arena speakers, Red and yellow pyrotechnics race off into the rafters,Blade then comes bouncing out on to the stage he waves to the fans in the arena and then runs down the ramp and slides unders the bottom rope and into the ring,He then climbs the top turnbuckle and poses for the fans. Blade then jumps of the turnbuckle bounces around like a little kid in a sweatshop he then collects a microphone from the ring announcer and waits for the fans to settle down and his music to stop.

Blade: Oh my god! Blade shouts, It sounds like Wembley is alive tonight you guys are just awesome.

The fans cheers loudly as Blades take it all in.

Blade: So guess what guys I'm back!!!!!!

Again the fans in the arena cheers loudly.

Blade: You just don't know how much I have missed this, The atmosphere, The noise, The Adrenaline it always used to get me pumped up and it still does get me pumped up.

The fans cheer once more.

Blade: And what a show Night of Glory was we now have a new world champion in Joshua.

The fans in the arena start booing louder than ever.

Blade: Man not a good reaction but as to be expected, In my mind it should be Gazzyd but it's not to be and I'm sure Gazzyd will want a rematch and win back that world heavyweight title.

The fans start to cheer onc more.

Blade: But for me my first match back is against a young rising star called Majestic.

The start the you suck chant.

Blade: Yeah I know exactly what you mean he does suck, I mean come on these guys to defeat one man at Night of Glory that's just pure and utter cowardness. You knew that Kevin Jones was going to beat you so you got yours guys no not your guys your crew to give you a hand and you whacked poor Jones with a chain that was given to you by one member off your crew.

Boooooooo from the fans they remembered from last night what happened and are not happy.  

Blade: You're damn right I'm not happy with that either so I'm glad my first match is with you because then my friend I can beat the living crap out of you and If your boys what to get involved then they will get their teeth kicked down their throats just like your will be. You are a cocky sob Myjestic and with your two boys behind you that makes you a very dangerous man.

But on the other hand it could mean that you have got an EGO the size of the Grand Canyon and one day that EGO will get the bite you in the ass. I wondered just how good you are if you haven't got your crew behind you, I wonder if you would have won against Kevin Jones at Night of Glory. I wonder if you would be a wrestler if you didn't have all that money behind you to pay for your crew. I know exactly what the answer would be to all those questions and that is you my friend would be nothing more than a loser with a capital L. And that's what your going to be when me and you face each other in the Wembley arena.

I know what your going to say about me, Your going to say, What was that drivel I just said and what is this has been doing coming back to 6CW, well i shall tell you what this has been is doing back in 6CW he's back to fight for the good of the company and get rid of the filth and that starts with you Myjestic, You and your crew can go back to the streets because that's where you belong. Your nothing than a punk kid who thinks he can get away with anything but that aint just gonna happen, NOT on my watch. 

Blade then celebrates with the fans as I do what I want hits he bounce up and down the ring and wave to the fans and wonders if Myjestic has got the bottle to come out for the ring and face him either with out his crew.

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6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015

Post by Guest Thu 02 Jul 2015, 11:50 pm

The camera cuts backstage where there is a cameraman standing by, along with a slightly dishevelled looking Timothy Allen. Allen is constantly glancing at the doors that lead into the backstage area from the parking lot. Finally, clearly after some prompting from the cameraman, Allen begins to address the audience.

Allen: Ladies and gentlemen, I am standing by…

Cameraman: (slightly muffled from off camera) Better than you were at the party after Night of Glory.

Allen: (Scowling off camera) I’m sorry, I thought I made the witty comments here. (Allen readjusts himself and then begins to speak)Now yes, I’m standing by here, hoping to snag an interview with one of the 6CW superstars as they make their first appearances back in a 6CW locker room since Night of Glory.

The camera then zooms out so Allen and the doors can both be seen in the shot, as they wait patiently. A few moments of awkward silence pass, as Allen begins to look more and more nervous, when suddenly a stagehand runs to Allen and whispers something in his ear, which causes him to smarten himself up.

Allen: I’ve just received word now that someone has arrived and will be with us shortly, and obviously we are here to get their first opinions on the events that transpired at Night of Glory.

Suddenly the doors behind Allen are pushed open, and the hooded figure of Keith Leone walks into the arena. Leone has his sports bag slung over his right shoulder. His hood is pulled far down over his face so that no-one can see under it and he walks with a quick pace as if he is determined to reach somewhere. Allen steps back from his original position to try and get Leone’s attention.

Allen: Keith, Keith! Good to see you and up on your feet after what happened at Night of Glory…

Allen gets no response and Leone keeps powering down the corridor, seemingly unaware of Allen’s presence. Allen looks nervously back at the camera before once again trying to begin a conversation.

Allen: Many people have said that the performance you put on at the event was one of the best of your career and you really do still have it; do you think this is so?

Once again, Leone does not say a word and just keeps on walking. Allen out of desperation grabs the arm of Leone and then goes to address him once more.

Allen: Keith…

Suddenly Allen seems to realise what he has done as Leone stops instantaneously, and turns his head slightly so that he is just facing Allen.

Leone: If you value you’re continued existence on this planet, I suggest you never touch me again, is that clear to you?

Allen immediately withdraws his arm and looks defensive as Leone then turns back to his original position. Leone looks as if he is about to walk away as Allen then speaks.

Allen: Come on Keith, you have to give us all something here. I know you’re upset but you have Costello again in the ring tonight. Sure it’s non-title, but you can get your hands on him again. Surely you have something to say about that.

Leone stays silent for a few moments as he stares down at the floor. Finally Leone raises his head slightly but does not face the camera as he speaks.

Leone: The time for talking is over. There are no words to describe what I felt following our match at Night of Glory, and there are no words to describe what I’m going to do to Vincent Costello at Aftermath. All I will say is that I’m not a religious man, but even I will be praying before our match Aftermath for God to forgive me for what I will do.

Leone then lowers his head again and walks down the corridor as the camera pans around to follow him, and watches as he enters a locker room and then slams the door of it behind him. The camera then pans around to see the face of Timothy Allen, which is a mixture of terror and frustration. Finally he shakes his head and begins to walk back to where he was standing earlier as the camera feed cuts away.


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6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015

Post by Marky Sat 04 Jul 2015, 9:04 pm

The following footage was recorded after Night of Glory

Max Adamson is in a rush, he has gotten changed and is wheeling his suitcase behind him, with sunglasses on in a futile attempt to avoid being spoken to, when a reporter from E! Entertainment News stops Adamson with a smug look on his face;

E! Reporter: Looks like you had no reason to be so cocky when talking to us after all! I mean, you and Grace had a hell of a match but when all was said and done, Grace-

(Adamson grabs the reporter by the throat and forces him against the wall, and pauses while the reporter struggles uncomfortably)

Max: What's that? Go on, finish what you were going to say. It's okay.

(Adamson keeps his grip on the reporter's throat as the reporter cannot get any words out)

Max: That's what I thought. Don't ever stop me again. This shows you don't have the knowledge of 6CW to be here. Because if you knew anything about this place, you wouldn't DARE try and mock Max Adamson son.

(Adamson tightens his grip on the reporter's throat)

Max: Now, one fluke loss against somebody doesn't mean that person is better than me. I'm a four time World Champion. I'm a two time 6CW World Heavyweight Champion, I'm the longest ever reigning 6CW World Champion. And you are nothing but a skidmark on the underpants of this world.

(Adamson tosses the reporter into the opposite wall by the throat and all you can hear is the reporter coughing and gagging for air as Adamson calmly picks up his belongings and walks out of Wembley Stadium)


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6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015

Post by Thunder87 Sun 05 Jul 2015, 8:26 am

The scene opens outside Thunder’s locker room just as the Night of Glory show has come to an end. Tim Allen is standing by with the new International Champion. Despite just winning the title Thunder looks annoyed and more spacey than normal. He wears the belt around his neck Tim get’s the sign that he’s live and tries to bring Thunder back to the here and now by waving in front of his face.

Tim Allen
I’m here with the new International champion, Thunder. Care to comment on your victory champ?

Thunder stops spacing and locks eye with Tim

Gazzy D just got dismantled by a bunch of low lives and you want to talk about my victory? Fine. Let’s do that.

Thunder holla hoops the belt around his neck so, that it sits with the face plate dangling forward.

Tonight, I beat Jax Cutler straight, clean and fair. Do you want to know why I won? Simple, I’m faster, smarter and I’ve dealt with bullies like him all my damned life. Now, I’m the International champion, I never asked to be champion, I never wanted to be champion, I will admit, I hoped to be champion ‘cause lie I said before the match, I am the hope of 6CW. This belt does three things and I embrace all three of them. It silences the nay sayers, the doubters and proves I’m not to be taking lightly. It puts a target around my neck for every dirt bag in this place that wants’ a piece and that’s just fine. It also weighs a ton, I’m going to take this off of my neck.

Thunder slips the belt off his neck and wraps it around his waist.

Now, that I’ve talked about my victory, do you mind if I address the damned Forgotten and their hideous acts tonight?

Tim nods.

Thank you. Tonight, the Forgotten didn’t make a statement, tonight they made a declaration of war. I’ve seen too many good guys fall in battle, their legends forgotten because of scumbags like the Forgotten. While in EWF, I was on the sidelines, an after thought of the FEAR campaign. Before that, I watched as Jason Sparx was taken out. Back in ORW, I watch the MOB, pick apart the locker room after I allowed my faction the Rogue Riders, the only line of defense get split up because, we didn’t have a big enough roster for two factions. What I’m saying is, I’ve been away from the front line for far too long. I don’t know what the Forgotten are after but, if their a bunch of Magpies after gold, I am the International champion. If their after the heart of 6CW well, I am the hope. If their simply attacking good guys, like Gazzy D, The Arrows and Enigma, well, I am THE good guy. Regardless of what you assholes want, I say…
<Thunder pauses for a moment> I’m going to finish this thought else where.

Thunder walks out of the camera shot and throws the mic back to Tim Allen. Tim looks at the camera and gestures for it to follow Thunder. The camera pans around and follows Thunder down the hall, bobbing as the camera man tries his best to keep up. As Thunder passes the lighting control booth, the roar of the fans echoes through the arena, as they realise he is headed for the ring.

Thunder climbs the steps to the gorilla position and bursts through the curtain, marching with purpose towards the ring, making time to interact with the fans. He walks around to the commentary booth and picks up a mic, before heading up the steps and into the ring.

It dawns on me, I could have just kept Timmy’s mic but, oh well. As I was saying backstage, regardless of what you aholes want, I say I’m here, I’m always right here. You dickbag, asshats want to play? Then pick up the pad and let’s play, other wise pick up your marbles and get going.

Thunder stands in the center of the ring, itching for the Forgotten.


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6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015

Post by x12x Sun 05 Jul 2015, 10:50 pm

Our scene opens in the lavish apartment of the World Eater Liam Wood. Wood is sat on his sofa in front of his screen as he records a message for a certain somebody

“Dear Mr Booth...I have to be honest I don't normally reply to fan mail but I thought I'd make an exception for a “professional critic” such as yourself. At first, I could have easily kicked your head off your shoulders but I thought I'd take a step back...compose myself...and give you the reply that you deserve.”

Wood smirks before continuing

“Now I have to say, a lot of what you said is win loss record isn't what it should be for a man of my talents but this is where the problem lies with the BS that came out of your mouth and it kind of showed me exactly what I needed to know about you and any opinion you have about me, my life or this business...”

“ see, if you really knew anything about this business then you'd be able to judge me on my performance and not my 'record''d be able to see that in countless matches I was screwed over and even though I was the better man, I didn't walk away with the win. I find it funny that you say the money paid to me has been wasted but why don't you go ask the fans if they want to see me leave...see how they'd feel if they didn't get to watch me week in week call yourself a wrestling critic yet you think one of the most talented wrestlings this company has should walk away...look back at any match I have had...even the ones I have lost and you will see a match where I have given my all...those fans cheer my name because I leave it all out in that ring and that is something you would know nothing about!”

Wood sits back running his hand through his hair before speaking once more

“It would be stupid to claim that you didn't love this business...a man with your job isn't in this for the money and you clearly have a passion for it...if a little misguided...but I think THAT is the biggest issue here! It's easy for you to sit back and call me a failure when you've not stepped through the's easy to talk the talk when you don't have to walk the walk...and it's damn easy to mock my record when you sit there with a 0-0 “backing you up”. You see Matty have no idea about this might think you're an expert because you've checked a few record books but that's not what this is about and you'll never know it like I do...

...while you were debating wether all of Hero's reigns count I was winning titles...while you were talking about your favourite moments in wrestling I was creating them and while you were taking shots at me for not shaking Mr Jones' hand...I was standing back up, dusting myself off and getting ready to start again because that is what I do...

...I'm not going to quit because a nerd on some show thinks he knows me, I'm going to keep fighting and even if I fail a hundred more times...I'll keep going until I'm where I deserve to be. You might be right that things could be different if I shook the right hands or kissed the right asses but if I did that...they I wouldn't be Liam Wood...I wouldn't be the world eater and I wouldn't deserve it when I finally get back to the top of the mountain.”

Wood laughs to himself before changing his tone to a more tongue in cheek one

“I have to say though...for a man who should be watching the action in the ring you certainly spend a lot of your time talking about my personal's funny because on the “many occasions” we've met you've never once had the balls to say this to my face and instead you've formed an opinion and stuck with think because you've had the privilege of getting to stand near me once or twice you know anything about me? Are you that much of an idiot? are a wrestling don't work for TMZ...get more interested in the fighting and less in the relationship want that?...then get a job for loose women and leave this business to the men.”

Wood pauses for a moment before a smirk covers his face once again.

“I'll see you around Matty”

Wood waves before stopping the recording.


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6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015

Post by TwisT Mon 06 Jul 2015, 9:18 pm

Wembley Arena is full to capacity as the fans eagerly await the fallout from the Night of Glory PPV. The cameras pan the crowd who are wearing 6CW merchandise and waving their signs. Suddenly, "Amazing Grace" rips through the arena and the Lloyd brothers can be heard on commentary.

HA: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us tonight as we welcome one of the stars of Night of Glory! Anthony "Amazing" Grace defied the odds and beat, CLEANLY, former dominant 6CW World Champion Max Adamson. What a match it was!

HE: There were a lot of open mouths when the bell rang. Grace was supposed to be easily beaten by Adamson but it is obvious he didn't read the script! 6CW just cannot shake this former movie star, as much as certain quarters want!

HA: It was an amazing victory, there is no doubt of that. Max Adamson hasn't been seen since; he hasn't even been heard of since. He neglected all his post Night of Glory media duties and his whereabouts are unknown. Grace however has been on many talk shows in the last few days and some are saying that this will kick start Grace's career as genuine world title contender!

HE: Even when he gets it handed to him on a silver platter?

HA: He has worked for it! You can't argue that the victory was seriously impressive.

HE: ........................

As "Amazing Grace" continues to play, a series of red, white and blue fireworks go off behind the stage. The majority of the crowd are cheering loudly as "Believe 2 Achieve" flashes up onto the big screen.

HA: It seems Grace's entrance has had an upgrade. This is how much 6CW believe in him right now. He is probably the biggest fan favourite in the company!

HE: ........................

The music plays on and at last Anthony Grace appears on the stage. He is wearing a crisp white suit with a white shirt and white trousers. His sunglasses are on his face and his cheek microphone is placed ready. Grace stands on the stage and laps up the attention; holding his arms out wide before saluting the fans. He starts to make his way slowly down to the ring and signs autographs as he goes. Thousands of flashbulbs go off as people try and catch a glimpse of the leader of the COG's.

HA: Grace looking every inch the superstar! That victory must have given him so much confidence!

Grace finally gets to the ring and enters it. He climbs all four turnbuckles and salutes the crowd enthusiastically. Smiling broadly, he waves to the front row and then way to the back of the building. The music dies down and Grace stands in the centre of the ring proudly.

AG: What a WELCOME! I thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart!

The cheers go up again and Grace smiles. He motions for quiet before speaking again.

AG: That welcome has given me the confidence to come out here and get some things off my chest. You see, as we start a new year in wrestling, I feel it is only RIGHT to be honest to you all. For a long time, the smile I have had on my face has hidden an inner ANGUISH........

Grace turns away and paces the ring. He looks upset but he is able to speak.

AG: Many of my great achievements here have been tarnished by rumours and hearsay. When I CLEANLY won the International title, I was told that I had cheated. That a 6CW sanctioned official had counted TOO FAST! The best night in my 6CW career thus far and it was being ruined by unbelievers, who were quick to JUDGE!

Grace turns to the fans and brings his arms out wide.

AG: Then when I was given, through HARD WORK and DEDICATION, a chance to face EWF world champion Vincent Costello; I again was told I didn't deserve it. That I had somehow BROUGHT my way to feature in that main event. The time where I was looking forward to fighting it out in my home country; I had to face abuse over whether I should even be there!

Grace shakes his head and then adjusts his suit.

AG: And then we come to Night of Glory. An event I have ALWAYS wanted to be a part of! NOTHING in this business is bigger than 6CW's top PPV. It was a show I felt humble and privileged to be a part of! Something I would remember for the rest of my life; WIN or LOSE, and a tale I would be proud to tell my children and grandchildren.

Grace turns to the camera and stares down it.

AG: But once again I was not ALLOWED to feel that pride. Because I was told time and again, I wasn't worthy of being in the ring on that fateful night. I heard the accusations loudly from all corners, but none louder than from my opponent.........

Suddenly the arena screen comes on and shows a still from Night of Glory. Grace is staggering to his feet as Adamson is in the corner. Grace removes his glasses and continues to stare into the camera.

AG: Mr Adamson, you told me you would beat the snot out of me......

The footage is played with Adamson shouting out "YOU'RE NOTHING GRACE.....THIS IS THE ADAMSON SHOW" before running forward for the Gore. However, he runs straight into the Blockbuster roundhouse kick. The footage pauses and then rewinds, as the cameras go back to Grace.

AG: Mr. Adamson, you said you would end my so called sham of a wrestling career.

Again the screen plays the exact same footage, before pausing on the roundhouse kicks massive impact and then rewinding.

AG: Mr Adamson, you put your middle finger up to my face and told me the win was guaranteed. I DIDN'T. HAVE. A CHANCE!

For the third time the footage plays again. Grace holds his stare into the camera as the film stops on impact and stays at that point.

AG: But guess what Mr. Adamson........achieving is believing! And believing is seeing! So watch this and remember!

The footage plays again with Adamson falling to the canvas in a heap. Grace covers him and the referee counts to three. The bell rings and Wembley Stadium erupts in cheers in the film. This is mirrored in the stadium as the footage ends, as fans in the arena start cheering loudly. Grace looks out around the crowd and smiles at the reaction. He mouths "thank you" to the fans as the applause continues for a long time and a "Amaz-ing Grace" chant breaks out.

HA: You have to say Grace deserves that! He has carried a lot on his shoulders recently, so you can forgive him for enjoying the taste of victory.

Grace motions again for quiet before chuckling.

AG: And where is Mr. Adamson now? Where is the answer to 6CW's prayes? Where is the saviour out to defeat the so called sham...........

The screen comes on again and shows the following footage:

Max Adamson is in a rush, he has gotten changed and is wheeling his suitcase behind him, with sunglasses on in a futile attempt to avoid being spoken to, when a reporter from E! Entertainment News stops Adamson with a smug look on his face;

E! Reporter: Looks like you had no reason to be so cocky when talking to us after all! I mean, you and Grace had a hell of a match but when all was said and done, Grace-

(Adamson grabs the reporter by the throat and forces him against the wall, and pauses while the reporter struggles uncomfortably)

Max: What's that? Go on, finish what you were going to say. It's okay.

(Adamson keeps his grip on the reporter's throat as the reporter cannot get any words out)

Max: That's what I thought. Don't ever stop me again. This shows you don't have the knowledge of 6CW to be here. Because if you knew anything about this place, you wouldn't DARE try and mock Max Adamson son.

(Adamson tightens his grip on the reporter's throat)

Max: Now, one fluke loss against somebody doesn't mean that person is better than me. I'm a four time World Champion. I'm a two time 6CW World Heavyweight Champion, I'm the longest ever reigning 6CW World Champion. And you are nothing but a skidmark on the underpants of this world.

(Adamson tosses the reporter into the opposite wall by the throat and all you can hear is the reporter coughing and gagging for air as Adamson calmly picks up his belongings and walks out of Wembley Stadium)

The screen goes off as Grace laughs again.

AG: Mr. Adamson always had a way with the media!

He smiles and then turns back to the camera.

AG: But......unbelievers sometimes need their eyes FORCED open to believe in GREAT things. Achievements that CAN be made even when faced against insurmountable odds and furious hostility. Dreams CAN be made possible! Regardless of how many times people tell you their own twisted sense of reality!

The crowd react positively and Grace faces them.

AG: My friends! A new era is upon us! An era in which you do not have to listen to negativity! You now have the PROOF that mountains, however high, can be conquered! Never........NEVER.......let it be said again that Anthony Grace's career is destined for failure! That Anthony Grace's career doesn't belong. That Anthony Grace is one step away from walking out of this business!

Grace defiantly yells out to the fans with his arms raised.

AG: Anthony Grace is here to STAY, FIGHT AND PRAY! Because he BELIEVES........


Grace gives a victory two fingered salute as the crowd cheer loudly.

HA: What an ovation this man is getting! Anthony Grace setting his stall out for greater things! He is a 6CW wrestler of calibre and no-one can deny that anymore!

Grace continues to lap up the attention as the crowd continue cheering.


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6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015

Post by x12x Mon 06 Jul 2015, 10:54 pm

The crowd jump up to their feet as Endseekers by Oh, Sleeper blasts from the speaks and the World Eater Liam Wood walks slowly on to the stage, the former EWF World Champion stands tall on the stage wearing black skinnies, an old school ECW t-shirt and a cut off denim jacket covered in various metal and death metal bands. Wood pauses on the stage for a moment before walking down the aisle and rolling in to the ring as a member of the 6CW ringside staff hands him a microphone.

HA: It looks like Liam Wood has something to say, this week we've seen him go to war with the wrestling critic Matthew Booth who claimed that Wood was 6CW's worst big time fighter!

HE: He might be on to something, Wood is coming off the back of ANOTHER PPV loss and has failed to reclaim that World Title the last time he had the chance!

Wood remains silent in the ring as the fans continue to chant his name, he begins to pace it from corner to corner before lifting the microphone to his lips, his hand trails over the ropes as he walks.

"Thunder once told me that you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain but I think that's bull sh¡ are the hero until you let the shadows creep see, as a human you control your are the master of your own destiny and it is only the cowardly and the weak that claim that their actions were inevitable. Since day one I have stood by every action, every mistake and every choice and I did it by myself...I didn't need to be lead and I didn't need anyone to fight my battles...unlike some people!

People like Mike Masters who allowed a vulture to take him by the hand and win him his match against me...he was too weak to do it on his own and I had that match won over and over again but the truth is...that is all in the past and it's time to really look at the future in front of me. It's time to distance myself from Mike Masters and Mr Jones...”

The fans give a hugely positive reaction causing Wood's smile to widen before continuing, focusing on his match next week.

“July 15th will soon be known as Chapter is the starting point of the rest of my career and the moment that I put everything behind me once and for all...and I mean everything. It's time for me to stop living in the past and start controlling my own destiny! I am the best wrestler in this company and it is time for me to get where I belong!”

Wood points to the sky causing the crowd to cheer like crazy as Wood smiles to himself, continuing to pace around the ring.

“I have to say though, what better way to start the rebirth of The World Eater by facing a man that some say is a future Hall Of Famer...a man who has held titles in various companies and a man who at Night Of Glory showed that he had what it takes to beat a legend like JJ Johnson...

“...In 9 days time I go one on one with Lex he's shown before just what he thought of me but I'm looking forward to seeing what happens when it's just me and see, I'm not taking this match lightly so I'm hoping that Lex isn't either.”

Wood pauses for a moment before a smirk covers his face

“Now, from what I know...Lex loves the spotlight nearly as much as me so what do you about you come out here Lex and let us know just how excited you are to face a fellow future Hall Of Famer...”

Wood confidently leans on the top rope staring at the stage in anticipation


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6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Mon 06 Jul 2015, 10:54 pm

Christy James is backstage and bares all those pearly whites, but without the glitter in her eye that we usually see. The clearly fragile Christy soldiers on, but as she introduces her guests she seems to focus elsewhere

CJ: My guests at this time, the reigning, defending 6CW Tag Team Champions of the World...the Red Arrows!

*Reborn limps in ahead of a bruised and beaten Hurst. Their punishment from Night of Glory appears to have lasted everyday since.

JH: Christy, I think you feel how we look right now. You don't wanna be here. I've got a car out the back waiting for you, get out of here and anyone who asks any questions can deal with the rage we have inside ourselves anyway.

*Christy clicks back into the room and looks up at Hurst. He nods and she kisses him on the cheek before walking away.

*Hurst turns to the camera and the warm smile is gone, replaced by a piercing glare.

JH: Look at us. We're beaten, battered and bruised. Hell, we're blooded and nearly broken. But we won. We're here at Aftermath, 341 days the Tag Team Champions. You don't do that by bowing down to bullies. There's nothing more exciting to them. Revolutionaries; by god we've heard all the excuses. You come in to this business, whether for the first time or making a return, and you look to stake a claim. They've done it the coward's way. Lights off, sneak attacks, after the bell. They saw a story from the main event and cost Gazzy not to send a message, not to lead a new world order, but to cheat their way into the spotlight

RR: Y'see, boys like us got targets on our backs. The boy Gazzy has the same, even now. Thunder will know now, but you ain't gonna shake him up. We a real team of superheroes tonight, even the masked man Enigma don't scare from trouble. We've gone after established names, we gone after the bosses' boys, but tonight we team up with men who do their own thing and get the job done how they do it. No envelopes with management in the back, no low blows to heroes, no emo crying fits when you cant get the job done.

JH: Tonight we go out there to entertain the 6CW universe, to protect the legacy of boys starting out and boys who been there n done it all. And we bring the fight to the men in the masks and their puppet driven monster.

RR: I came into 6CW chasing the Prince of War. Joshua is just a brainless Ojore, and aint no size gonna scare me. I climb up ladders and jump onto stupid things. Most of them wrestlers here *Robin smiles for the first time* Bigger they come the harder they fall, and Joshua's fall from the mountain top is gonna be huge. Arrows out...

*Reborn drops the mic and the pair walk away

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6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015

Post by President Trump Wed 08 Jul 2015, 1:05 pm

Dicey is sitting in a wheelchair at the front desk of Central Middlesex Hospital talking to a nurse

Dicey: Don’t worry sweetheart I won’t tell your boyfriend about those extra bubbly sponge baths, it’ll be our little secret

Nurse: You are such a bad man Dicey

Dicey: You don’t know the half of it chicken (Dicey gives the nurse a wink)

Nurse: Stop it someone might see or hear us

Dicey: You weren’t that bothered lastnight, the poor b**tards in the next ward probably thought there was a werewolf loose in the building

Dicey starts laughing as the young nurse goes red with embarrassment, just then Dicey hears a familiar voice from behind him

???: Don’t worry love you wouldn’t be the first to succumb to his Irish charm

Dicey turns in his chair to see his best mate and former 6CW champ Diesel standing in the doorway

Dicey: I never heard you complaining when it got you some arse

Diesel smiles and both men embrace in a hug

Dicey: It’s about time you showed up, I was just about to order another sponge bath

Diesel: I can see you were missing me alright

Both men laugh as Dicey says goodbye to the Nurse as she puts her phone number in his phone, Diesel pushes Dicey out to his waiting car and Dicey slowly gets in

Diesel: Jesus Dice I thought the days of me picking you up at hospitals was over

Dicey: You should see the other guy

A hearse drives by and Dicey blesses himself

Dicey: Poor JJ

Diesel rolls his eyes and gets into the car

Diesel: We all watched your performance up in the wrestling club, you are one stubborn son of a b*tch I give you that, the kids were impressed

Dicey: Heart and toughness cost nothing Big D and all the kids we train up there have it in bucket loads, it’s up to you to give them the skill to use to get them to the top, Jack had me beat from the start of that match, my body was shot from the show before and for the life of me I don’t know how I got through it never mind won the damn match

Diesel: You won because you are Dicey Reilly, the toughest guy I’ve ever known, you don’t know when you are beaten that was always your problem, just look at you and Sally, she has messed you up, used you and I think robbed you once or twice but still if she walked through your door you would take her back in a second

Dicey: The heart knows what the heart wants my friend

Diesel: Even though she keeps going back to that nutcase Napalm

Dicey: Nobody’s perfect D not even us

The two men sit in silence for a few minutes as the drive towards London

Diesel: So what did the Doctor say?

Dicey: The usual, you need to slow down, you aren’t getting younger, and you need a long rest bla bla bla

Diesel: I’m guessing you’re not gonna listen to him

Dicey: I need to pay the bills and I can’t do that sitting on my arse now can I

Diesel: Did you see who you are up against next week

Dicey: Masters or something

Diesel: He beat Woods at NoG

Dicey starts to laugh

Dicey: What did that emo do, cut himself and bleed on the poor chap

Diesel: Laugh away Dice but this guy is a tough bloke and a star in the making so the internet tells me, plus he has a slimeball for a manager, Mr Jones his name is

Dicey: So you better get me in ship shape to face them then wont you

Diesel: I’m a wrestler Jim....not a miracle worker

Dicey: You are such a nerd

Both men laugh and continue their journey

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6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015

Post by Paul Mac 6CW Wed 08 Jul 2015, 8:17 pm

*Thunder strolls back and forth in the ring, making the odd joke to members of the front row. He stares down the ramp and with no music out walks Rene Roussimoff. He laughs at the booing crowd, and then points to Thunder and claps his hands whilst smiling; an over elaborate gesture. He stays at the top of the stage and gestures for a stage hand to bring him a mic.

RR: Take your time idiot.

*He turns to Thunder

RR: No, no Thunder, not you! I know you're excited to see me, the bonus of groups like ours is we can delegate tasks. And I'm happy to deal with the unimportant ones. Thus here I am!

*Rene laughs loudly and the crowd boo vociferously.

RR: What a night we had. A Night of Glory for us! We kept a little saved in the tank for our real task come the end of the night. We didn't want to dispense with crucial energy when history was to be made come the end. Every single man in that Chamber, and those Arrow cretins you'll be teaming with later, they can all count themselves lucky. The injuries they sustained were barely scratching at the surface of what we can inflict. And now you are next, oh Thunderous one. The turn of the storm we never notice. You took a title off a team that were meant to combine brains and brawn. Yet neither ever showed any sign of life in either man.

*He winks at the camera and you can pick up him saying "love you Jonesy"

RR: But onto tonight. As many times before we have set out our stall in the bouts we face, but the agenda we promote remains entrapped in webs and little Easter eggs for the bodies who pay attention here. And my message is this; never close your eyes. Weeping angels abound...

*Rene bows and then gestures for Thunder to respond

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6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015

Post by Paul Mac 6CW Wed 08 Jul 2015, 8:43 pm

Thunder lifts his mic but at that moment the lights start to flash intermittently

HE: Oh dear

Strobe lighting interjects through the darkness

HA: I don't think it's who you feared it was

Uprising by Muse blasts out of the speakers and through the crowd Enigma walks down the arena steps, jumping the barriers he slides into the ring. Standing next to Thunder the two men nod, Enigma pulls a mic from his pocket

HE: Looks like our reclusive super hero is embracing the limelight.

The crowd die down; Enigma turns to face Roussimoff and lifts the mic to speak

E: Mr. Roussimoff. Do you expect your words of warning will make us take a step back?

Do we come across as the kind of guys who take heed to threats of violence from the big bad boogie men?

Thunder shakes his head

E: Now I'll admit, your boys did a number at Night of Glory, but don't think for one second we are surprised by these sudden actions.

I have my eyes open to the threat that you carry but that does not mean I will lie down and accept my fate. Do not underestimate the power of the people. Do not think that you know better....

Enigma walks from side to side

E: When you’re a kid, they tell you it’s all… Grow up, get a job, get married, get a house, have a kid, and that’s it. But the truth is, the world is so much stranger than that. It’s so much darker. And so much madder. And so much better.

The universe is big. It’s vast and complicated and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles

The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don’t always spoil the good things and make them unimportant

But one thing is for certain. No matter what....

You don’t just give up. You don’t just let things happen. You make a stand! You say no! You have the guts to do what’s right, even when everyone else just runs away. I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams

Everybody knows that everybody dies. But not every day. Not today. Some days are special. Some days are so, so blessed. Some days, nobody dies at all. Now and then, every once in a very long while, every day in a million days, when the wind stands fair and the Doctor comes to call, everybody lives

And today is the start of those days in 6CW, we are the many, we are an uprising and we will not fall at your feet and beg for mercy

Weeping angels abound?

You expect us to be scared?

Let me tell you about scared....

That feeling when your heart is beating so hard There's so much blood and oxygen pumping through your brain, it's like rocket fuel.

You could run faster and you could fight harder. You can jump higher than ever in your life. And you are so alert, it's like you can slow down time.

You want us to be scared?

What's wrong with scared?

Scared is a super power!

It's our super power!!

So you need to take heed, you need to listen and look out for the people

Don't blink. Blink and you're dead. They are fast. Faster than you can believe. Don't turn your back. Don't look away. And don't blink.

Enigma smiles

E: Good Luck.

The crowd pop as Enigma and Thunder stand unmoved in the centre of the ring

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6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015

Post by Thunder87 Thu 09 Jul 2015, 4:48 am

Thunder stands with Enigma in the ring, seemingly impressed. He looks to the Rene and the to Enigma and back up at Rene.

You, you can wait a moment, just sit right there and eventually I’ll get to you. But, first I have to take care of something else.

Thunder looks Enigma straight in the eye, before offering a handshake.

Did, did you just quote Doctor Who? Colour me impressed. There aren’t many who willing to toe that line.

Turning his attention back to Rene and points right at him.

I’m going to pick apart that little tirade you made. Yes, I took the title off a team that combines brains and brawn, ‘cause I’m one man, that combines brain and brawn. If your not calling me an idiot, who were you talking to? The fans? If so, you’re talking out your rear end. They see through you just as Enigma and I do.

The crowd cheers as Thunder continues.

You are going after the heart of 6CW. Attacking good guys like World champion Gazzy D, tag team champions the Arrow, who have reigned for 341 days, why? Because You like many before you, want destroy this place. You’ll find it harder than you think to do so, because of them.

Thunder points to crowd who, begins a loud 6 C Dub chant.

Chant it loud and chant it proud. 6CW will continue to fight back against the Forgotten. At Aftermath, the heart
<Thunder points to images of Reborn and Hurst>, the soul < he points to Enigma> and <with his hand on his chest> the hope, of 6CW will put the road block up to your conquest.

Thunder drops the mic like it’s hot as the fans cheer and chant. Basking in the moment Thunder picks up the mic once more.

One more thing, if I am next on your agenda, good luck you’re going to need it for
In fearful day, in raging night,
With strong hearts full, our souls ignite,
When all seems lost in the War of Light,
Look to the stars-- For hope burns bright!

Thunder raises his arm high in the air.


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6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015

Post by TheCultOfPersonality Thu 09 Jul 2015, 10:16 pm

*The following footage aired exclusively on 6CW's website following the Night of Glory PPV*

The footage begins backstage after the Night of Glory PPV with Masters dragging Mr. Jones' injured self to his locker room. Masters places Mr. Jones on his chair before taking a moment to take in what just happpened. Masters suddenly begins grinning and punching the air before falling on the sofa. Masters lays on the sofa as he begins speaking...

MM: We did it Jonesy...we did it.

MJ: Yeah...*Mr. Jones is struggling to speak after the attack from Wood*

MM: Don't talk Jonesy, just soak it in, soak it all in. I beat him like I said I would. All the doubters, all the haters, didn't think I stood a chance against a man like Liam Wood, yet I pinned him 1..2...3. Ah this feels good, it feels good to win. It must suck losing the amount of times Wood does, I don't get why people love him so much when he all does is get these fans hopes up only to fail.

MJ: He...*cough*...he..."should've made a deal with the devill" as they say?

MM: Yeah he should've, but now I hope he's hanging his head down in shame. I mean, what was the kinda stuff he called me? A huge jackass? A joke? A good backup plan? Well it looks like that plan backfired on your ass because this joke of a jackass just beat your ass at the biggest stage of them all.

*Masters gets back up on his feet and begins pacing up and down the locker room as Mr. Jones looks on*

MM: You see Liam, I told you, I told the entire 6CW universe that I am the future of this business and I am destined for greatness. *Masters walks over to Mr. jones and puts his arm gently on his shoulder* Now I'd just like to ask you whether you question my partnership with Jonesy. This man put his body on the line for me, just like how he's put all his faith in me. And I repayed that faith by getting the victory over you. I can already hear the excuses coming from you Liam but at the end of the day I got the win which makes the show off better than you.

*Before Masters continues, Mr. Jones looks over at his phone and checks his e-mail to find out Masters has been booked in a match against Dicey Reilly. He then informs Masters.*

MM: Dicey huh? Yeah I checked out his match against his former bestie, PJ, was quite the match. Bloody, brutal, personal, it had it all. But left me tell you something Dicey, there's no stopping me. I mean you're probably in the medical room as we speak healing those old bones of yours were as I'm still here feeling like 100% like I could go another round or two. Dicey, a past champion Dicey to the future champion, I can honestly say you are one of the toughest guys around but you don't possess the masterful technique I have, and with this man ole Jonesy by my side, you have no chance. At Night of Glory, I stole the show and I will continue showing the 6CW universe why I am that damn good until I become the champion of this business.

MM: But for the mean time, well it's time to have some fun, what you say Jonesy?

MJ: thumbsup ...but first, I have someone to see. We'll meet you later. *Mr. Jones calls someone on his phone and walks away*

MM: Erm ok...


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6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015

Post by President Trump Fri 10 Jul 2015, 4:12 pm

Dicey is doing laps of the pool as Diesel is barking out orders at him

Diesel: Come on pick up the pace, we need your back in top condition for next week

Dicey does a few more laps before he gets out of the pool and grabs a towel from a nearby chair

Dicey: That’s all I got for now, I can feel my back twinging, sauna me thinks

Dicey throws his towel at a disheartened looking Diesel

Diesel: If any of the trainees back home did that you would have torn through them

Dicey: Yeah but I’m not a trainee and if you want me to walk out at Aftermath in 100% you will thrust me that I know my body better than you do and sure the Doctor did tell me to take it easy

Dicey gives Diesel a cheesey grin as he opens the door to the Sauna

Diesel: So what did you make of the released video of Masters and Jones after NoG

Dicey: I don’t know what to make of him, he calls himself Masterful, Jack was Perfect, what the hell am I then?

Diesel: A d*ck, a Drunk, a sexpest, an old man

Dicey: Cheers buddy (Dicey laughs), I know this kids got it in bucket loads and he has a slime ball for a manager but I don’t think he has ever faced someone like me....

Diesel: A d*ck, a drun.....

Dicey: Enough out of you and you have a cheek calling anyone old, at least I had the balls to comeback full time and not just for NoG (Dicey sticks his tongue out at Diesel)

Diesel: They made me a great offer for that one night, plus it funded a trip over to the US for a demo show with the lads

Dicey: Look at you, Diesel will fix’it, you would love to come back, I can see it in your eyes everytime we go to CW Towers, just think of it, Dicey and Diesel, The Wrecking Crew back again, or we could get Jack, Jill, SRA and AJ back, reunite The Family again

Diesel: Until Oliver Keane came along and sued us for using his stables name

Dicey: Keane is too busy trying to be a dragon on Dragon’s Den, he wouldn’t care especially if we gave him a percentage of the Merch

Diesel: True but you a missing one little link in you chain, all the other members have moved away or are missing

Dicey: You are such a bloody killjoy do you know that and a sh*t trainer, why are we in here sweating like female cousin at a hillbilly reunion when you are suppose to be getting me ready for just cant get the help these days

Dicey walks out of the sauna and dives back into the pool as a smiling Diesel walks out behind him

Diesel: As I said...a d*ck

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6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015

Post by Paul Mac 6CW Fri 10 Jul 2015, 10:20 pm

HA: A rousing message from Thunder, not the kind of thing The Forgotten will be able to take away from the heroes around this place

HE: All I see in that ring is an endangered species

HA: Why?

HE: Pander, pander, pander

HA: That's...awful

*Thankfully Rene starts to speak

RR: Soldiers of hope like you, the same spiel every fool in your place has ever spouted. But if you're blue, then boys we are black. Dark, haunting foes. At any moment I can click my fingers, drop these lights and see your little party spoiled. Then the Thunder will disappear and Enigma will be broken. Wars have been won this way before and we will bring down everything you know, forced crumbling to the ground. Whilst you fantasise about destroying companies, we remember your little absence. We remember the chances Gareth had. We remember Mr Wood taking on Costello again and again and again. In statu quo res erant ante bellum. We guarantee it shan't return.

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6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015

Post by TwisT Fri 10 Jul 2015, 10:25 pm

As Rene finishes speaking, the lights suddenly go down to near darkness and the frightening heartbeat soon starts.

HA: The 6CW World Champion making his presence know.....and boy what a presence!

As the heartbeat continues, the arena screen starts to come on. We see the familiar surroundings of the attic nursery that has often been seen before. In the distance, a lone figure stands by an open window, looking out at the night sky. The camera moves forward to see that the figure wears a large black cloak that covers the person entirely. A hood covers the features of the figure, but McCoy seated near by gives the game away that it is indeed Joshua. The heartbeat starts to disappear as the men in the ring look to the screen. Joshua slowly starts to turn round, before removing his hood and showing his scarred face. His hair hangs loosely to the sides and black facial paint around his eyes make them look sunken into his skin. Joshua lifts a finger to his lips and motions for those in the ring to be quiet. He then cocks his head towards the open window and starts speaking:

Hope has never burned bright for some of us.........and it never will for the rest of you.........

Joshua turns his head back to the screen and looks into it as if staring at each of the men in turn. He takes a deep breath in and sighs before continuing:

Destruction comes in many forms.........some more clear than others.........Whereas there are those who wait for the right moment to attack.........there are others who made it clear from the start.........what to expect.........

He cocks his head to the side again and growls:

And did you all.........with the evidence so shockingly obvious.........expect anything less.........?

Joshua turns back to the window and stares out:

The threats have been told time and again.........and still those clung to the hope you speak about.........The hope that suffering can be averted with belief.........and pain can be ignored with desire.........But a false dawn with broken promises.........hurts more than facing up to the truth.........For when you finally realise it.........there is no time to turn the clock back and repent.........

He pulls his cloak back slightly so we can see that Joshua is wearing black trousers and a black vest that goes up to his neck with cut away arms. On his legs there is now a white logo of the Symbol of Torment.

6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015 Planescape__symbol_of_torment_simple_by_drdraze-d5zec9a

Joshua gazes down at it and speaks:

This symbol was created for one purpose.........a purpose which burns strong in minds not just my own.........When the deed was done and eyes were opened.........this symbol became the mantra for all tormented souls.........When it is pressed against your skin.........nothing will matter more than your own survival.........Even when that brings pain to all.........and destruction in your wake.........

Joshua stares at the camera:

Do you wish to feel that torment.......?

He holds his stare, before replacing his hood over his head and staring into the camera:

You will remember soon.........and then in the clear light of unforgiving darkness will pierce your heart.........For a new dawn brings death.........And a sunrise that is far from coming.........Understand that the threat moves comfortably in this blackness.........although it shall now never be hidden away.........And this time you find yourselves in.........will be too much of a test for moral hearts and minds........

Joshua reaches under his vest and pulls out a necklace with the Symbol of Torment hanging from it. He kisses it once before replacing it under his attire:

The flesh knows it suffers.........even when the mind has forgotten.........So I must wear this symbol always.........

Joshua turns back to the open window as the camera pans away. As it moves, it focuses on the 6CW World Title lying battered and discarded on the floor. The Symbol of Torment has been sprayed on it with black paint. As the camera zooms in on the belt, we hear a wolf howl in the distance before the screen goes black.


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6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015

Post by Thunder87 Sat 11 Jul 2015, 2:41 am

Thunder slow and sarcastically begins to clap.

Are we supposed to be scared of a video? Honestly, after that heap of crap, I give you a little more credit Roussimoff. At least you had the stones to come out here yourself. It's nice to have a symbol, here's mine.

Thunder turns his back to them and starts undoing his trousers, until Enigma steps to him and makes him stop.

Thunder! There are kids about.

Thunder bolts upright and readjusts.

Good point, sorry Andrews. If you want to be the black hand of death, then I say, turn out those lights and bring it on for Si vis pacem, para bellum. That's right Roussimoff, I know a little Latin too and the war has only just began.


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6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015

Post by Paul Mac 6CW Sat 11 Jul 2015, 1:34 pm

*Rene smiles, and mimics doffing his hat to Thunder

RR: Bravo good sir, tis a shame you know only how to speak. For if you were to listen you would understand that we make no promise of peace. So whilst you wonder why all your jokes haven't lead you to the top of the ladder, and Enigma wonders whether it was worth the effort to start talking when soon his throat will be ripped out, I shall ready the wolves.

Paul Mac 6CW
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6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015

Post by Perfect Jack Tue 14 Jul 2015, 4:31 pm

The scene opens with Christy James standing by with a plasma television monitor showing highlights from Perfect Jack's match against Dicey Reilly at Night of Glory.

CJ: Hello everyone to this exclusive interview with the man is fresh off his defeat against D...

Christy James is cut off as a hand reaches across the screen and puts his hand over the microphone. The camera zooms out a bit as the man is revealed to be Perfect Jack.

Jack walks in wearing a black suit with a white shirt and red tie. This time however, he is notably wearing black aviator sunglasses.

PJ: Do not say that man's name in my presence. He is a poison to 6CW and it eats away at me everyday that I was not able to defeat him and remove him permanently from 6CW. Before this interview continues, I want to say this. I want a re-match, no, I DEMAND a re-match. It is in 6CWs best interests for me to be granted this re-match.

CJ: I think here everyone here at 6CW and its fans would love to see a re-match.

PJ: I don't care what anyone else here at 6CW thinks, nor do I care what the fans think. I'm only bothered with that management thinks and like I said before, they should grant me this re-match.

CJ: That is fair enough Jack.

PJ: That's Perfect Jack to you.

CJ: Ok, so Perfect Jack, at Aftermatch you face Anthony Grace, one of 6CW's brightest talents, who defeated one of the toughest stars in 6CW, Max Adamson, what are your thoughts on this?

PJ: I saw his little appearance at a show recently, and I must say this, he might be on a high right now, but when he steps into the ring with me, I'm going to bring him back down to earth. He says believe to achieve, well I'll tell you what he's going to believe after out match, he's going to believe that you can't beat Perfection and that you can't beat Perfect Jack. So Anthony Grace, by the grace of god Anthony, I'm going to make you wish you never chose the path of a 6CW wrestler, because I'm going to show the world why I'm still the best, and why Dicey Reilly should be afraid of me, because he knows his days are numbered, his fluke victory at Night of Glory only cements that, I dominated that match....

Jack takes a moment to compose himself before speaking again, but is cut off by Christy James.

CJ: I understand that, but...

PJ: How dare you have the audacity to interrupt me. You are lucky I granted you this interview in the first place. You know what, this interview is over, I've said my piece. Dicey Reilly, you're finished.

Perfect Jack walks off as Christy James looks on.

Perfect Jack

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6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015

Post by Bentyf1 Tue 14 Jul 2015, 8:41 pm

*The scene opens up to a breezy, grey and showery day in at a quiet and remote airfield just outside Portland, Oregon. The natural daylight is fast fading away and as a large commercial aeroplane sits patiently on the airfield strip. Coming out from the murky, gloomy and misty pastoral setting of the Oregon woods, a plain white minibus comes onto the airfield strip from the sideroad and then parks adjacent to the Aeroplane. The camera then reveals on the side of the aeroplane, is a big 6CW logo in bright red as the rain begins to slowly get heavier, dripping down the logo slowly with every large drop of water. Suddenly, the minibus’s door opens and out trudges six gangly, lanky and scared looking young men, dressed in nothing more than blue jeans and scruffy looking hoodies. The camera examines these lads, shuffling nervously towards the aeroplane where a man has now appeared. He is wearing a sophisticated black suit, red tie and a 6CW pin badge on his lapel clutching a small, personal black umbrella. As the young men head towards the plane, the man then begins to speak as the group of young men stop in their tracks, the rain continually falling on their heads.*

?? : Welcome to the next chapter of your lives… You’re here today as you have all been selected as you have all demonstrated that you have the skills and talent in North-west America as professional wrestlers…You are all aware of the offer that is on the table and the fact you have all arrived today, makes me think we made the right choice. Now, before I continue my name is Michael Pensworth, and I’m a 6CW official. I will be looking after all of you on this flight to the United Kingdom… if you have any questions. Ask them now…

*The scared and sheepish young men, look at each other pensively before trying to look away at the unrelenting and cold eyes of
Michael Pensworth. A few seconds pass before Pensworth then continues to speak.*

MP: Well then… I think we are ready. Okay, I’m going to read out your names one by one, simply reply present and then you may enter the plane to begin a new chapter and era of your lives. Are you ready? Okay…

*Pensworth pulls out his Samsung nexus and opens up a document on it before then speaking once again.*

MP: Harry Starling?

HS: Present, sir.

MP: Carl Lemon?

CL: Present, Sir.

MP: Todd London?

TL: Present.

MP: Simon Thornton?

ST: Present.

MP: Lenny Stone?

LS: Present.

MP: David Deed?

DD: Present.

MP: And finally… Aaron heath?

*Silence then falls over the airfield as the six young men stop in their tracks once again as they’re about to board the plane. A few whispers then descend out as the young men seem nervous and apprehensive. Pensworth looks around the airfield, before he sees movement coming from the minibus as a brooding figure exits the minibus. The figure is wearing a black hoodie, a white honey-badger logo is visible on the right side of the hoodie. He is also wearing a pair of blue jeans and some filthy old trainers. The man is considerably leaner and muscular compared to the other young men who have been checked and seen by Pensworth. The figure then pulls off his hood, revealing his face showing a trimmed brown beard, blue eyes and an intense and cold demeanour. Calmly and intently, the figure then speaks.

Heath: Aaron Heath… present.

*Heath then trudges over to the aeroplane where the young men begin to look scared and nervous, hurriedly getting into the plane before Heath can arrive. Pensively, Pensworth awaits the arrival of Aaron Heath, rolling his hands nervously as Heath finally gets his way next to the stairs of the plane. Heath remains silent, his eyes never leaving the large 6CW logo. Pensworth clears his throat, and
then speaks.*

MP: Mr Heath… we have heard a lot about you.

*Pensworth extends his hand to a cold, intense Aaron Heath who continues to stare longingly at the 6CW logo. Heath then turns to Pensworth and begins to speak in almost controlled, angry tone.

AH: Quite frankly, I couldn't care less about what you have heard about me. The things I have seen… the things I have had to go through. What you have heard about me is just one side of the coin… and I’m not going to give you the other side of that coin, With all due respect. I know who you are, I know why I’m doing this and as far as I’m concerned I don’t need to associate myself with people like you. You are all the same you suits… trying to look out for the best interests of the company you represent but in reality, you’re just looking out for number one and yourself. I bet you get a lovely, fat chunk of money in your back pocket doing this.

AH: Representing this professional wrestling company, in one of the largest countries in the world… I bet you will be laughing all the way to the bank back in the United Kingdom, unless you have bought yourself a comfortable house in the states… I wouldn’t blame you. I hear Hawaii is nice this time of year. I wonder what dirty little secrets you’d hate for to be aired… You suits are all the same. Your business models, your ideologies on how to squeeze every little penny out of the people you entertain… makes me feel queasy. But, all negative things aside… I have never been to London or the United Kingdom… Would you kindly tell me what I will be expecting? But please, don’t lecture me on where the fat cats eat their lobsters. I want to know the things I need to know about this professional wrestling company

*Pensworth looks a little tense, as Heath coldly smirks looking at Pensworth with his chilling, blue eyes. Pensworth speaks tentatively.*

MP: Well, Aaron… London is a fabulous city. You will have plenty of time to explore and sample what London has to offer in due course. 6CW looks after its talent in the greatest regard. If you have issues both professionally and personally there are always people on hand to help you in any way, shape or form. Please, we must go, if you have any more questions you can ask me on the plane but time is of the essence.

*Heath lets out a sarcastic laugh, as he holds his head in his hand shaking it. Suddenly, he then returns back to his serious, ruthless and ice cold demeanour looking Pensworth directly in his eyes.*

AH: You just don’t get it do you… I’m not interested if professional wrestlers get to meet the local quack on a regular basis. That is not what I’m here for… you damn know what I’m here for. I’m here to be the best in the world. I’m here to become the very best on a worldwide basis… because in the clear light of day, I know that I’m capable of and I don’t need it ratified by people like you. Ask the countless amount of men I have beaten to a pulp in bars, taverns and underground wrestling in the North West. Ask the guys who have looked at me with utter disdain and thought of me nothing more than a failure… I have proved them all wrong. They will give you a better understanding than any person on YouTube commenting on one of my wrestling videos or those people who study factsheets on people like me.

AH: Here is the problem buddy…I find myself here one week later on this spectacularly awful day after receiving and sending countless emails and letters from the company you represent, and I still get no clear answers from you either. Tell me why that is fair? Tell me why I haven’t been given the information I desire to know? In the past week I probably have busted my elbow, my ankle, my hands and maybe I might be going crazy in the old noggin, but I still find myself here, willing to join your company and yet I don’t receive the respect back in the simplest of tasks.

AH: It goes back to what I said earlier… you suits are exactly the same as the people who have put me down before. But in the same way, I never ever let myself be kept down. You can keep running and dancing around the facts but in the end, I always find out. I always find a solution to the problems, I never cause the problems as a matter of fact, I merely find solutions to make people lives easier.

AH: But lucky for you, I already know about your wrestling company… 6CW. Infact, let’s talk about 6CW. I know it’s filled to the top with guys who are supremely talented. Ex- champions, legends, Icons, champions and men who have dominated rings up and down that country for years. These guys have broken men and left them battered in the ring. But over all the years and over all the matches, they have never reckoned with a guy like me. The one thing they all share in common… their biggest weapons aren't their strength, speed, charisma or endurance… no, it’s the fear factor.

AH: The names of your professional wrestling company, scare and intimidate men around the world… they intimidate men who walk down that ramp for the first time, and nine times out of ten they all fall into line like one after the other. Their heart and their minds, consumed by fear… If 6CW needs a cover story or a magazine headline, it would be… Aaron Heath is not afraid of 6CW. Aaron heath is not going to fall in line and Aaron Heath is not going to crumble at the feet of men who have a grip of fear over 6CW.

AH: It doesn't matter if the people don’t like it… it doesn’t matter if the superstars don’t like it… they will all find out that any wrestling ring is my property. I own it and I have proved it time and time again in underground wrestling, Bar room fights, bare knuckle fights and fights that would make you turn away. I own any ring I walk into and in a 6CW ring, I'm going to own that one too. Listen up, I'm promising to you now that you can take back to your suits and your peers in those big offices, I will make 6CW a world where fear is non-existent. But the constant will be Aaron Heath… Because I’m the true catalyst of change.

*With that, Heath shoves his way past a shocked Michael Pensworth. Pensworth quickly then flicks a switch causing the stairs to fold up and pack away into the 6CW commercial plane as the propels begin to flicker into the life. The camera then goes inside the Plane, Heath has taken his seat and place his seatbelt on while plugging in his white iphone headphones. Looking out of the plane at take-off, Heath’s demeanour suddenly changes to a slightly emotional and scared look as he sees a plain red car parked at the bottom of the airstrip. Outside the car is a pretty, petite blonde lady with tears in her eyes, holding onto a little girl who points at the plane taking off. Heath holds his breathe as the plane heads into the sky, looking back at the women and girl who are still staring into the distance as the screen then fades away.*


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6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Wednesday 15th July 2015

Post by The Last Outlaw Fri 17 Jul 2015, 7:45 am

We are at a 6CW live event and Tim Allen is stood in the middle of the ring.

TA: Ladies and Gentlemen at this time would you please welcome your NEW 6CW UK Champion Jonathan Daniels!

Perfection starts to play as the lighting changes to gold with gold streamers going off on the ramp way. Daniels makes his way out onto the stage and is greeted by the crowd with a barrage of boos, Daniels walks all the way down to ringside with a big grin on his face almost laughing the boos off from the fans. As Daniels enters the ring he shakes hands with Tim.

JD: Thank you Tim for such a great and welcoming introduction and as for you fans who decided it was best for you to boo me… How dare you boo YOUR UK CHAMPION! I did exactly what I said I was going to do and I beat that hillbilly hick Buck Riggins…. I guess we can now change your favourite saying to your name is Buck and at Night of Glory you ran out of luck HAHA. At Night of Glory  I showed the world that Jonathan Daniels has arrived and I am ready to take on anyone and everyone whether it be for my title or not I will make my way to the top of this company mark my words. Since my return to 6CW I have grown I have made my way up the ladder and I am only going to go further whether you fans like it or not Jonathan Daniels is here to stay.

Now let's look forward into the future and it starts with a tag team match against Buck Riggins and Ryker Kidd and as we all know Buck Riggins is someone who is on the decline he is a nobody just like each and every one of you stupid fans sat here tonight. Then we have Ryker Kidd a man who claims he is here for all of you until either his Dad finally sits front and centre cheering him on or he is carted out of here unable to compete anymore well all I can say to all you fans is cheer for him now as you won't have much time left to cheer for him as I promise you all that when Syn Shadows and myself are finished with him he will not be the same man. Mr Kidd I hope you see this video as the best thing you can do is sit in that front row with all of these idiotic fans who cheer for your son as this may very well be his last wrestling match so I personally invite you to come and watch the destruction of your son.

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