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NRFL (USA) Chat Empty NRFL (USA) Chat

Post by TG Sun 12 Jul 2015, 12:50 am

Saw this on YouTube, an interview with the chap trying to set up a pro league in the US. Interesting, seems to blame the Unions for sabotaging his plans to get Tigers and Saracens over there.

This Rugby Wrap-UP Youtube channels looks like will be worth keeping an eye on for news from the US.


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NRFL (USA) Chat Empty Re: NRFL (USA) Chat

Post by madmaccas Mon 13 Jul 2015, 1:07 pm

Hmm strange interview. Strikes me as a bit of a snake oil salesman. His obsession with profit is exactly why a lot of people are afraid of the USA getting heavily involved in rugby.

As I mentioned on one of the previous threads, this is the country that actually stops play for ad breaks!

Now we know a little more I'm glad this didn't end up happening.

Nigel Melville is a smart cookie and clearly smelt a rat here, hence no backing them. The union has to be behind any pro league to help protect the integrity of the game. Thankfully he's openly stated that he'd like to create a pro league in time for the 2019 World Cup.

I was intrigued by the Rugby League comment at the end. It would indeed be a big shame if Russell Crow's proposed league stole union's march.


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NRFL (USA) Chat Empty Re: NRFL (USA) Chat

Post by broadlandboy Mon 13 Jul 2015, 3:33 pm

Profit should not be feared. All teams want to make a profit, even the unions want to make a profit. What that profit is spent on is where the problem begins. If re invested in rugby good, if taken out of rugby not good


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NRFL (USA) Chat Empty Re: NRFL (USA) Chat

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