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Corbyn and Trump - Showing that anti-establishment is in vogue !!

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Corbyn and Trump - Showing that anti-establishment is in vogue !! Empty Corbyn and Trump - Showing that anti-establishment is in vogue !!

Post by TRUSSMAN66 on Mon 10 Aug 2015, 10:55 am

Whilst I don't want either of these two to win......I'm so glad they are running....Both are making Washington and Westminster bubbles both increasingly alarmed and the races much more interesting..

In the last week Trump has insulted most of the presenters on Fox news.............Called Frank Luntz one of the most respected pollsters in America a loser and the veteran journalist Charles Krauthammer a clown.....and had a pop at the politicians in Washington..

On Megyn Kelly (Fox news presenter) she's overrated.....Comes across as quick and smart but when you know her, You know she's not...She's got blood coming out of her whatever.....Bimbo.

on Frank Luntz (respected pollster) - He came to my office to look for work a few years ago..I shipped him out....Loser and a low class slob..

on Charles Krauthammer (pullitzer prize journalist)- Clown and a loser..

On Washington -  You chuck these Senators and Congressman some money and then you call them up when you want something and they do it for you....Washington is broken !!

On famous Vietnamese POW and Presidential runner John MCCain - I prefer my soldiers not to get caught !!

In fairness at the Fox news debate last week it did seem like they set Trump up...still even though they set him up he still won according to Gallup and other pollsters despite Luntz polling otherwise..

As for Corbyn well he's forgotten politicians are just supposed to chuck out meaningless statements too and behave themselves when running for office.  He's too forthcoming.

He wants to renationalise everything......Fleece the rich....Bring back clause 4.......and do anything Robin Hood would want to do if he were here now....I disagree with most of his views....But I like him !!

Trump is leading..........Corbyn is leading....Anti-establishment is in vogue and people are lapping it up......They would both be dangerous in office but who cares they are good to go......For now !!

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