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RWC Pool Games - Winners and Losers

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RWC Pool Games - Winners and Losers Empty RWC Pool Games - Winners and Losers

Post by LondonTiger Mon Oct 12, 2015 1:03 pm


Wales (Seeded 3rd, finished 2nd)
Scotland (Seeded 3rd, finished 2nd)
Japan (Unseeded, finished 3rd)
Georgia (Unseeded, finished 3rd)
Ireland (Seeded 2nd, Finished 1st)


England (Seeded 2nd, finished 3rd)
Samoa (Seeded 2nd, finished 3rd)
Tonga (seeded 3rd, finished 4th)
France (seeded 1st, finished 2nd)

Performance by a tier 1 country: Australia beating England
Performance by a Tier 2 country: Japan beating South Africa
Defensive show: Australia defending their line with 13 players
Attacking Show: DTH
Reaction to adversity: Wales against England
Cameo: SBW vs Argentina
Ref: Wayne Barnes
Beard: Canadian pack, bunch of lumberjacks

Display of leadership: Chris Robshaw
Performance by a team: Samoa against Japan
Win over a tier 2 country: Wales versus England
Beard: Andy Farrell
Ref: JP Doyle
Prediction: Eddie Jones "if we are in touch at HT we will beat Scotland"
Dive for the try line: Josh Furno

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RWC Pool Games - Winners and Losers Empty Re: RWC Pool Games - Winners and Losers

Post by aqualung Mon Oct 12, 2015 1:06 pm

Losers : Furno landing on the try-zone on the wrong side of the body and keeping Ireland in the cup Crying or Very sad


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