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England a review of the review-an outsiders view.

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England a review of the review-an outsiders view. Empty England a review of the review-an outsiders view.

Post by emack2 Fri Nov 20, 2015 7:18 pm

So the Post RWC review draws to its secret conclusions Lancaster gone,Eddie Jones enthroned.We are not privy to it`s findings.
As an outsider I have been fascinated,amazed,surprised,and been disgusted by the media hate campaign etc.
We have not been privy to the situation on many important issues which I want to discuss now.Firstly Ritchie,SCW,Eddie Jones
ALL saying he was the wrong choice NOW.Ritchie 2012 quote "We have got the man we wanted I`m very proud to say"
Since SCW`s RWC every team and player/coaches have lived in it`s shadow players between 2004-12 were rejected because
they weren't.JW,MJ,RH,JR,players who come once in a generation.Then come 2011 when MJ brings back some of them they
go abroad for cash.
Coaches [Head] are ringmasters of a circus of Coaches all of whom effects the team performance,and presumably input
on team selections,injury /rest of players etc.BUT the final word should be with the Chief but was it?
SL has a 60% win record overall,wins v Aus,NZ,draw v SA,several close defeats by SH sides and 80 % v NH sides 3-6NS joint wins
IF you ignore points difference.
We only know from media leaks often denied if Farrell or SL made the selections,but the relationship of Ford/Farrell SNR and there
sons selection being all over the media doesn't help.
We have only media leaks as to SL`s  access to France based players was possible or not RFU policy being no.Or whether the bad
boys.Tualagi,Hartley,Cipriani,were available for selection at some point.
The position with the Club setup to the national side is difficult,unlike some SH sides if national coach wants a player in a certain
position.He has to pick that player with the skills he possess`s and fit him into his squad a 10 at 15 maybe[ common SH practice.]
In 2012 after the NZ win the media was calling Englands Scrum the best in the world,before the RWC in the warm ups the Scrum
was rubbish,just foxing we thought?how wrong can you be what went wrong forwards coach?
In the RWC it was plain the conditioning was wrong,so Bench had to be used early,also to cover injuries in RWC.
Expectations?when SL was given an extension of contract to 2019 the inference was he was expected to have a realistic chance
of winning RWC 2019 an 8 year cycle between wins is more likely for a Coach.
Since 2003 despite 2007 was never a realistic option despite Home advantage,why change playing style?because of the magic
RWC formula Defence and Penalty Goals win matches.Look at the history of RWCs and also all that kept ALL the NH sides
in touch with SH ones.
Injuries?prior to RWC all through previous year it was injured,will miss,or may miss RWC,how many of the squad were
carrying them.Did there Clubs let them back to early.
The Group of Death?given Wales are only a couple of losses between them,and the form Aus 2015 England winning the
Group was always a game too far maybe.
The Burgess farce,a Great league player goes union,a Prop played be his club as a 6,but England needs a 12.The thinking
in the Wales game was sound a big powerful defender in the 10/12 channel to counter Welsh big mid field.
Until the injuries caused the game to swing it worked Wales didn't look like scoring tries,that penalty lack of
communication.Coach send on the water boy with a message kick the goal at worst a 22 drop out and another
chance to draw.
Australia ?yes they were the better side but had Pocock seen Yellow at half time as he should have who knows
we were only one score away till Farrells Yellow.
Then the constant leaks,the not me guv,tweets,why was I dropped,can`t trust no one toxic.
Good Luck Eddie,muzzle the Squad,dump the coaches,and start from scratch RWC2023? laughing Whistle Erm


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