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The Next Generation

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The Next Generation - Page 4 Empty The Next Generation

Post by Born Slippy Sun 7 Feb - 13:02

First topic message reminder :

It's exciting times for tennis, with the established generation still playing amazing tennis but with no fewer than 11 teenagers in the top 200. With Zverev beating Cilic and making an ATP level semi final this week, I thought it would be a good time for a thread to follow them. The eleven to watch are as follows:

1. Coric (WR38 age 19.2) - touted for some time and boasts wins over Nadal and Murray. However, seems to have stagnated recently and lack of real weapons may stop him reaching the very top. 23.10 WR45 - still not 20 and has now spent around 18 months ranked around 40-50. Signs of improving his weight of shot and clearly has a good attitude but currently stagnant. 2016 Grade - C

2. Chung (WR68 age 19.7)  - steady progression largely at Challenger level. Very tough all-round game but, like Coric, possible questions whether he has sufficient weaponry. Needs to kick on and start getting wins at ATP level. 23.10 WR135 - struggled at ATP level and then had a break after RG, possibly injured. Now back playing Challengers and getting strong results again at that level. 2016 Grade - D

3. Zverev (WR69 age 18.8) - The youngest player in the top 100, with wins already over Cilic, Dolgopolov and Anderson. Made it to the SF in Montpellier this week. Former junior number one and Oz junior champ in 2014. 23.10 WR 20 - the standout star, becoming the first teenage title winner in 8 years. Signs he could be the next dominant player in the game. 2016 Grade - A+

4. Kokkinakis (WR96 age 19.8) - Another big guy with a modern all-court game. Has all the shots to make it to the top, if not quite the explosiveness of his compatriot, Kyrgios. Career so far being held back by injury and currently yet to play this season due to a left shoulder injury. Hopefully, he can have an injury-free spell and start climbing back up the rankings. 23.10 Unranked - not played an ATP match all year through injury. Cruel luck. 

5. Fritz (WR145 age 18.2) - Already 6'4 and touted as the great American hope. The 2015 US junior champ and year end junior number 1. Already with 3 challenger level titles, he made his slam debut at the Australian, making his way through qualifiers before losing in 5 to Jack Sock. Expect him to be top 50 by year end. 23.10 WR 73 - breakthrough ATP final broke him into the top 100. No real exceptional results since but gaining great ATP level experience and still only 18. Also, managed to fit in getting married! 2016 Grade - B+

6. Khachanov (WR152 age 19.7) - Possibly the least heralded of the 11, the 6'6 Russian burst to prominence when just 17 with a win over Tipsarevic at the Kremlin Cup. Yet to make a breakthrough at ATP level. Still developing at Challenger level. 23.10 WR 63 - outstanding second half to the season including a 250 title have seen him jump 100 places. Looks a future top 10 player with a combination of movement and power. No one will want to face him next year. 2016 Grade - A

7. Ymer (WR153 age 19.8) - The older of the two Ymer brothers, seen as the future of Swedish tennis. Qualified for all 4 slams in 2015 but didn't make it past the first round. Another with wins at Challenger level. Best ATP result so far the 3rd round in Barcelona. 23.10 WR 158 - stagnant and one of the oldest of the bunch. No real signs of progress. 2016 Grade - C-

8. Donaldson (WR159 age 19.3) - The second of three Anericans in this list. Coached by Taylor Dent, he's again seen as a big hope. Yet to break through at ATP level and with only one title at Challenger level, still very much a work in progress. 23.10 WR 109 - broke into the top 100 following a R16 showing in Toronto and a superb R3 at the US Open (beating Goffin and Troicki). Promising. 2016 Grade - B

9. Halys (WR172 age 19.2) - The top French junior. Produced a promising display against Novak in Oz. Still very raw but looks to have the game if he can pull it all together. 23.10 WR 149. Has won a Challenger but not progressed significantly this year. 2016 Grade C-

10. Tiafoe (WR176 age 18) - The youngest of the 11 and another American. Already made his slam debut at the French 2015. Two Challenger finals already and beat Sam Groth in Dallas this week. 23.10 WR 102. Broke the top 100 a couple of weeks ago. Two Challenger titles and several other finals. Sporadic ATP appearances so far but looks to have the tools to make it. Expect big strides next year. 2016 Grade - B+

11. Rublev (WR195 age 18.3) - The 4th player on this list with a junior slam title (French 14). Has an explosive game. Yet to win a Challenger title but seen by many as a future top tenner. Expect big ranking strides this year. 23.10 WR 166 - disappointing year for one of those most hyped youngsters. One Challenger title amongst a sea of mediocre results. The only one yet to make his grand slam debut. Still only just 19, so don't write him off yet! 2016 Grade - D

Good luck to all the youngsters!

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Born Slippy

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The Next Generation - Page 4 Empty Re: The Next Generation

Post by lags72 Tue 25 Oct - 15:07

Yes - and whilst on the one hand you can understand him wanting to rack up as many points as possible before season-end, perhaps this enforced break (assuming nothing too serious ?) has come at the right time for Edmund.

After making such impressive progress he can take stock, re-group, and look ahead to (hopefully ...!) climbing further up the rankings in 2017. But of course it only gets tougher & tougher from now on.


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The Next Generation - Page 4 Empty Re: The Next Generation

Post by No name Bertie Sat 20 Jan - 8:58

Checking out backlog articles I came across this article outlining the next generation. I thought I would give this article a bump for now and for the future.

No name Bertie

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The Next Generation - Page 4 Empty Re: The Next Generation

Post by MrInvisible Sat 20 Jan - 9:14

Well, good win for Chung over Zverev today. Interesting that Zverev has had 2 successive losses in slams to other less heralded younger players (it was Coric at US Open). Not sure if it is a physical conditioning or mental toughness issue holding back the German at the highest level - still, he's young and got plenty of time on his side.


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The Next Generation - Page 4 Empty Re: The Next Generation

Post by Born Slippy Sat 20 Jan - 10:38

Current live rankings for the 11 in the article:

3. Zverev
33. Rublev
46. Coric
48. Khachanov
53. Chung
58. Donaldson
91. Fritz
92. Tiafoe
122. Halys
131. Ymer
212. Kokkinakis (has had shocking luck with injuries)

Two years on and it’s probably only Zverev and Rublev who currently look like they could be top 10 regulars. Fritz and Tiafoe have still only just turned 20 though, so could make big strides this year.

Worth noting as well that the top 8 on that list (i.e. those in the top 100) remain 8 of the 10 youngest in the top 100. Only the even younger Shapovalov (at 47) and Tsitsipas (at 82) have joined the group.

Born Slippy

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The Next Generation - Page 4 Empty Re: The Next Generation

Post by Sponsored content

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