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6N Crunch Time!

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6N Crunch Time! Empty 6N Crunch Time!

Post by bsando Sat 12 Mar 2016, 12:23 pm

6N CrUncH TimE!!!!!

This is a tongue and cheek guide to todays big games and the final rounds of the 6N!! No WUMS please, banter only Wink thumbsup

Games Rd 4

Ireland vs Italy
England vs Wales
Scotland vs France

Assuming all home sides win the table will look like this on Sunday evening...

England 8
Wales 5
Scotland 4
France 4
Ireland 3
Italy 0

That will leave a big mid table playoff for Rd 5 with France, Ireland and Scotland fighting for 3rd behind likely 2nd Wales and champions England.

However, if England were to lose to Wales..

Wales 7
England 6
Scotland 4
France 4
Ireland 3
Italy 0

That would leave Wales with only Italy in their path to another 6N championship and an almighty shootout for 2nd place between England, Scotland and France with Ireland aiming for 3rd if the results go their way.

If Scotland and England both lose this weekend...

Wales 7
England 6
France 6
Ireland 2
Scotland 2
Italy 0

It's the battle for 2nd and 3rd with Wales likely winners.

If the bookies have it right, the table should finish like this..

England 10 (GS)
Wales 7
Ireland 5
Scotland 4
France 4
Italy 0


Have been bashing their way through Hollywood doors and are now up against a real one! Can they knock it down?


They could win at Twickers vs a solemn looking Lancaster side, but can they win at Twickers vs a cocky looking Jones side?


So far they have won 2 from 3 and have looked awful! Tres mal! However, if any team in world rugby is allowed to look terrible and then come away with a good result its France. Scotland, England.. they're both winnable games for this French team, but they lack a compass.. and a map.


[Insert Hollywood Trailer Voice Over] After a ropey start vs England came a flattering scoreline vs Wales, followed by a semi-convincing win vs Italy. Now Scotland are FAVOURITES to win at Murrayfield! This game has "False Dawn XXIII: Wrong Turn Vern" written all over it. Confidence is high, the odds are looking good and the media seem to think they can win. That can only mean one thing.. Scotland-are-going-to-LOSE! ALL their remaining games. Coming soon to a theatre near you. Rated R for repeat.


Connor MacGregor was found wanting last weekend, but will this Irish team meet a similar fate? Not if DJ Church has anything to say about it! He's poised on the bench to drop some serious BEATings when the match begins to peak!



Their performances so far have resembled limp spaghetti and melty gelato. Its time to crank those Azzuri engines up to a full 80!!


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6N Crunch Time! Empty Re: 6N Crunch Time!

Post by Exiledinborders Sat 12 Mar 2016, 1:22 pm

Or to sum up your post, today's results will affect the tonight's table. picard


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