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Good luck to all

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Good luck to all Empty Good luck to all

Post by Fanster Sat 19 Mar - 12:07

Today isn't going to be the wild, harem scarem ride of last year, England will be crowned, Italy have the spoon, and the rest is a bit of a muchness, however 2 teams will find today extremely important to their ambitions...

Scotland have a shot at a 3rd place finish, and 3 wins on the trot, I like Ireland but I sincerely hope Scotland manage to win and do it, so much hard work and unrealised performances have culminated to the edge of a big step IMO, win today and finish 3rd and that momentum takes them into a much better place, and highlights proof that theyre performances can be translated into results!

England are on for the GS again, they've underperformed for a few seasons and have, if we're honest played second fiddle to both Ireland and Wales in recent tournaments, however they are champions, and I for one really want to see them win the slam (I also think France don't stand much of a chance of winning this game, I hope it's closer than I am expecting!).

So to everyone I wish good luck, and mostly great rugby played throughout the day, however my heart will be with England and Scotland and I'll certainly be cheering you guys on to what you both deserve,



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Good luck to all Empty Re: Good luck to all

Post by No 7&1/2 Sat 19 Mar - 12:43

Scotland may even have a chance at 2nd, though unlikely.

No 7&1/2

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Good luck to all Empty Re: Good luck to all

Post by majesticimperialman Sat 19 Mar - 13:29

I am getting a bit nervous to be hoenst. For the first time in almost 13 years, England have a chance at getting the Grand Slam with out any other team being close...But this is France in France the ho0me crowd will be right behind their team and it will be like 23 English men against the whole of France.

I do hope England get the Slam this year, they have ben the better team so far in this years 6ns.

Come on ENGLAND.


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Good luck to all Empty Re: Good luck to all

Post by RuggerRadge2611 Sat 19 Mar - 13:38

England have been the best team, but not by much, they do deserve the slam this year though. All the best boys.

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Good luck to all Empty Re: Good luck to all

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