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The Secret Life of Tiger Woods

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The Secret Life of Tiger Woods Empty The Secret Life of Tiger Woods

Post by kingraf Sun 24 Apr 2016, 3:28 pm

Generally follow the Sunshine Tour as a rule so I don't really post on golf here but I thought thought this was an interesting enough article on ol' Eldrick

Ten years ago, Tiger Woods sat in his boyhood
home across from his father's body, waiting on
the men from the funeral home to arrive and
carry Earl away. It was around 3 in the morning.
Outside this bedroom in Cypress, California, the
mechanism of burial and goodbye sputtered into
action, while inside, Tiger and his half sister,
Royce, floated in those gauzy first hours after a
death, when a loved one isn't there but doesn't
quite seem gone either. About an hour earlier, Earl
had taken two or three final breaths that sounded
different from the ones that came before. Tiger
got the call and came straight to Cypress,
passing the Navy golf course where he learned to
play, turning finally onto Teakwood Street. His
dad never sold the house because he liked the
easily accessible nostalgia. If Earl wanted, he
could go see the Obi-Wan Kenobi poster still
hanging on Tiger's closet door, or find an old
Nintendo or Lego Star Destroyer. Earl died three
steps from his son's old room.
Royce says she sat with her father on the bed,
rubbing his back, like she'd done the last few
hours as he faded.
"You're waiting for him to wake up?" Tiger asked.
"Yes," Royce said.
"I am too."
Three days later, on May 6, 2006, the family
gathered at a private air terminal in Anaheim to
take Earl's remains back to Manhattan, Kansas,
where he grew up. Tiger's mom, Tida, and his
wife, Elin, sat together in the Gulfstream IV, facing
each other, according to Royce. Elin did college
homework, which she often did during any free
moment, in airplanes or even on fishing trips,
working toward her degree in psychology. Tiger's
half siblings came along; Royce and Earl Jr. sat
at a table, and Kevin sat across from them on a
couch. There were six passengers total, and Tiger
plopped down in his usual seat, in the front left of
the plane. He put the urn holding his father's
remains directly across from him -- Royce made
a joke about "strapping Dad in" -- and when the
pilot pushed the throttles forward to lift off, Royce
said, Tiger stretched out his legs to hold the urn
in place with his feet.

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