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Post by Holymiky on Tue 18 Oct 2016, 11:18 pm

Budget: £25m

Max squad 25 from the start

For squads over 25 to start with, managers have to shed players to get down to 25 minimum

If over squad limit, players signed over the limit are not eligible until there is a squad space for them. First in basis with the players who you have had longer being in the squad first.

4 injuries

£2m bonus each week for all unless you are late in which case you will recieve nothing

Pre-season TPs: Up to 3 signings each, done on a draft style with highest bidder getting player. Multiple rounds until all managers have made 3 signings (unless a manager opts not to sign 3). There needs to be space in the squad to sign players

Regular TPs: 2 per week + one for each lawyer accepted. 3rd TP available for £2.5m in each of the first 2 weeks of season

Players who purchased after midnight on the Thursday of the current gameweek will not be eligible to play in that same gameweek as usual.

2 lawyers per week: one random with +5% price, one nominated with -5% price. 1 extra nominated available in first two weeks of the season with -10% price

Players who are sold to lawyers are not able to be purchased by any other team until the end of the current season. 

150 word tactics including team talk, and subs instructions

3 managers vote on result – simple vote on who wins (no draws). Unanimous win gets +2 “goal difference”, split vote win gets +1 “goal difference”

Releases only between seasons and at 50% value

No match scores or goalscorers.

League table decided by:
1) Number of wins
2) Goal difference
3) Results between two teams

Note: We can format this properly at some point if needed


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