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Friday Night Fights review - Bowlers arena

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Friday Night Fights review - Bowlers arena Empty Friday Night Fights review - Bowlers arena

Post by Derbymanc Tue Nov 29, 2016 9:20 am

Farrell Promotions held there 3rd Friday Fight Night Card on 18th Nov 2016 and again it was a huge success. The atmosphere was amazing and with the cheapest ticket being £20.00 and a pint being £3.50 there wasn’t much to argue about.

The night started in the Welterweight division as heavy handed Bilal Rehman took on Dan Carr as people continued to stream into the building. Bilal started fast and thudded shots into the body of Carr and chasing him for that big head shot to put him down. Unfortunately for him the game Carr would not go away and whilst he was beaten handily on points he frustrated Bilal who was unable to land the big headshot and was made to look slightly ungainly at times. A good bout but for anyone seeing Bilal for the first time, there’s a lot better to come.

2nd up was George ‘The Cereal Killer’ Brennan against the tough and durable Anwar Alfadli. The crowd were on their feet as the youngster made his entrance and took no time in taking control of the action with extremely fast hands to the head. Alfadli tried to force himself into the fight but the superior footwork of Brennan kept him out of any danger before dancing forward with combinations to the head and body. Alfadli did will to stay in the bout for the first 2 rounds but in the final 2 Brennan shown he was outclassed as he seemingly targeted at will and thudded punches into the head and body (My little lad winced at a few himself). Brennan’s hand was raised at the end as the vocal crowd cheered him on.

Irvin Magno was next up in a 4 rounder with Billy Parker. I must admit to being surprised to the support he had with a large section of the crowd behind us began the singing for him and carried on until the final bell. Magno was extremely quick and manouvered Parker around the ring and onto the ropes for large portions of the 4 rounds, at one point looking like the stoppage was on the cards as Parkers head was snapped back multiple times without reply. A hush came up from behind until Parker managed to throw out a left hook to show he was still fighting. He fully deserved to be standing at the end and to the delight of the crowd Magno got his first win.

I must admit to being slightly biased for the next contest as Reece Macmillon dropped down a weight to Super Lightweight to take on the experienced Youssef Al Hamidi in what could have turned out to be a real banana skin. Nothing to worry about as Reece opened up straight away to the body and controlled the fight from the first bell, Al Hamidi just seemed to wilt under the pressure from the shorter man and could not find a rhythm at all. Everytime he seemed to step forward, the Macman seemed to go tortoiselike into a shell before whipping left and right hooks into the body and pushing the larger man back. A points decision was never in doubt and now Reece needs to make the decision to stay at the weight or move back up. Either way he’s always good to watch and I look forward to seeing him in action again.

In his debut Danny Craven wowed the crowd as he destroyed Grustans within around a minute, the speed and movement was exceptional and Grustans just had no answer to the fan favourite who had the whole arena on their feet and made certain that most if not all, left wanting more.

Danny Craven with 2 other potential superstars (yes they’re my 2)

The highly rated Osman Aslam took on Kamil Jaworek in the 6th bout and definitely surprised me as he dispatched his opponent in the 2nd round with some lethal body shots that left Jaworek writing on the ground long after the 10 count had been issued. Osman is a master technician and I fully expected this to go the full 8 but it became apparent early on that it was a step too far for Kamil and Aslam took the opportunity to not only showcase his technicality but a surprising amount of power as well.

2 fights left and the crowd were pumped after the last 2 stoppages, big things are expected of Super Bantamweight Lee ‘Kombat’ Clayton despite 1 loss being on his record (about time we stopped moaning over losses in my opinion). They weren’t to be disappointed as Kombat lived up to his name as he absolutely pummelled his game but outclassed opponent Davidaitis and the ref had no choice but to step in and stop the contest. Clayton could be allowed a smile and a rest after the showing but his maturity shone through as he admitted he’d made a few mistakes and would be back in the gym to iron these out. (Honestly he was a bit over excited as he had his opponent hurt but looked a very classy operator.)

Final fight of the night saw Jack Sellars up against, the extremely tough and durable William Warburton who shocked all at Farrell’s first show by winning on points against the home fighter. Alas tonight was not to be as Sellars started fast from the first bell and was just too busy for the plucky veteran and took the points decision.

Read the rest and see the pics at the link below


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