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Dylan Hartley rehabilitation setback

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Dylan Hartley rehabilitation setback - Page 12 Empty Dylan Hartley rehabilitation setback

Post by Rugby Fan on Fri 09 Dec 2016, 10:06 pm

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Red-carded tonight for a swinging arm tackle against Leinster.

Saints were behind on the scoreboard but on the attack when Hartley came off the bench. Two scrum penalties later, Leinster were on the Saints goal line and duly scored. a try. Not long afterwards, Hartley was sent off, and Saints promptly crumbled. Not really an effective contribution.

It's the sort of thing Hartley has done before but seemed to have left behind under Jones. Poetically, both Lancaster and Jones were at the ground to bear witness.

This red happened in a club match but it has international implications. Jones might stand by his man, or he might take it as a cue to start looking elsewhere for captaincy options. The 6N match against Ireland could be a crucial encounter, and the referee will be Jerome Garces, who just sent Hartley off the field.

If Hartley doesn't lead England during the 6N, then his Lions chances will take a hit.

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Dylan Hartley rehabilitation setback - Page 12 Empty Re: Dylan Hartley rehabilitation setback

Post by aucklandlaurie on Wed 21 Dec 2016, 11:08 pm

doctor_grey wrote:
aucklandlaurie wrote:Well now that you mention it the tongue is feeling a little sore.
It depends where you out it, old chum.

It was trying to get out through the side of my cheek (the one on my face hasten to add).


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