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Is the EPL the best league?

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Is the EPL the best league? Empty Is the EPL the best league?

Post by Muscular-mouse on Sat 21 Jan 2017, 10:47 pm

I often hear English fans saying the Epl is the best league. Their main reason for saying this is that the league is the most competitive and that the quality of teams throughout the league is higher than that in la liga eg teams 3rd to 20th are better in epl than la liga.

Is this true?

Sevilla who finished 4th last season in la liga have won the Europa league 3x in a row beating many English teams en route including Tottenham and Liverpool in last years final.

Other teams below sevilla have also done well against English teams with athletic bilbao knocking out Manchester united only a few years ago.

The Europa league which is aimed at the 2nd tier football teams is dominated by la liga teams who year on year outperform premier league teams.

So the quality of teams seems to be better in Spain based on results of la liga v epl teams and general performances in Europe.

Now is the premier league better to watch? People say the epl is better to watch because any team can beat any team but is this true?

EPL winners 2015-2016 Leicester lost 3 games that title winning year whilst la liga winners Barcelona lost 5 games. So it seems that the champions of la liga were beaten more times than the epl champions.

2015-2016 the gap between 1st and 3rd place in la liga was just 3 points whilst in the epl the gap was 11 points.

So what makes some English fans say the EPL is better than la liga? is it just nationalism and pride obscuring their judgement?


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Is the EPL the best league? Empty Re: Is the EPL the best league?

Post by mystiroakey on Tue 24 Jan 2017, 11:48 am

Tough question (but mainly part of there early memories as a child, patriotism , and still loving the same thing - i wouldn't say its all nationalism - although it can be in some cases)

I like the championship, the premier league and the Bundesliga the best

However thats what I like, and I do support Palace and Leipzig - so....

I doesn't take much intelligence to work out why I like those leagues more - I follow them due to my team's.

Its entertainment and normally(which one or few) is liked  more is based on what teams we support .

I like the battle in Ligue one this year, La liga ok normally only has 2 really great teams(so great that they would on there day beat any team in the world). But they also have athletico and sevillia, amongst others

Yes the Premier league has 6 Huge teams - which does make it exiting. It does have a lot of world players which adds to its influence around the globe, The one thing I will say for certain is that at present it does have some of the best managers in the world - it certainly has the best marketing and the most money (but its more evenly split in the EPL)

It doesn't have say the top 4 players(Barca and Real seem to lap them up). but after that it has a lot of good players, I like the fact there is a chance of getting a top player in the Pl even if you are a bottom team - this is not possible in Spain. However that possibly increases there international team by having to use more of there grass roots talent - so it doesn't really help England as an international

its all about what you like mate.

There is no right or wrong answer.


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Is the EPL the best league? Empty Re: Is the EPL the best league?

Post by The Buss on Thu 26 Jan 2017, 7:39 pm

yeah, it really depends on your preferences. for example, I find it the most entertaining

The Buss

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Is the EPL the best league? Empty Re: Is the EPL the best league?

Post by westisbest on Thu 26 Jan 2017, 7:44 pm

The championship is much better Wink
It is a quality league in fairness.


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Is the EPL the best league? Empty Re: Is the EPL the best league?

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