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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Mon 20 Feb 2017, 11:09 pm

Ashes to Ashes - Sunday 5th March
Live from the SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland.

Official Theme - Seven Nation Army (remix) - The Glitch Mob

Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Ashes_10 Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread 2s7gs4g

Match One
Cameron Faith vs Jack Hurst

Match Two
UK/INT Titles: Fatal Four-way
O'Callaghan (c) vs Geoff Steel vs Mike Hill vs Perfect Jack

Match Three
Tag Team Titles
The Parasite Killers (c) vs The TA w/Max Adamson

Match Four
TV Title: Casket Match
Cerberus (c) vs Crime Lord

Match Five
CoH vs The Brotherhood

Match Six
GazzyD vs Anthony Grace

Match Seven
EWF Title
Liam Wood (c) vs Engel Harlequin
Special Guest Referee: Robin Reborn

Main Event
6CW Title: 30-minute Time-Attack
Cassius Zhi (c) vs Lex Hart vs JJ Johnson vs Dicey Reilly

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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by x12x Tue 21 Feb 2017, 1:51 am

EWF Title Vignette:

As the scene begins we see a misty, empty battlefield, smoking slowly floating along the ice covered tips of grass as the sound of marching begins to be heard. After a few moments on either side of the field two groups form, on one an army all dressed in white, on the other an army dressed in black. Behind the footage Bury Me Face Down by Grandson begins to play.

With the music playing men from each side begin to walk to the centre where a throne rests, floating above the throne, a crown of thorns. The first men of both groups reaches the throne and hold each other up at gun point...One one side a man dressed as Engel Harlequin...On the other a man dressed as Liam Wood.

The camera then begins to pan along the two armies, showing the faces, each man dressed in black dressed as versions of Liam Wood...The men dressed in white as iterations of Engel. We cut back to the men in the middle with the stand off over the throne as the sun goes down, turning the sky a dark black causing the version of Engel to turn as two more groups begin to form.

One the north side, men dressed as versions of the Church Of Hero...On the other, The Brotherhood. As Engel turns back to the throne after the distraction he now see's Wood sitting down, the throne now looking rotted and worn, the wood splintering.

With the music ending we end the scene focussed on Engel, surrounded. He turns in a circle, first looking at the versions of himself, then at the Church Of Hero, then the Brotherhood and finally he looks at Wood sitting on the rotting throne.

The group's all then flicker before disappearing leaving Engel alone in the field. The scene then cuts to black.


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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by Engel Harlequin Tue 21 Feb 2017, 1:39 pm

The packed out SSE Hydro arena erupts as 'time is running out' plays and out walks Engel Harlequin from behind the curtain. He humbly bows each side of the stage acknowledging the fans in attendance. Engel begins walking down the ramp towards the ring

HA: Hello and welcome! We are LIVE here at the SSE Hydro arena for the Ashes to Ashes kick off show and what a way to kick off the kick off, Engel Harlequin, the man challenging for Liam Wood's EWF title tonight is coming out here early it seems.

HE: Hopefully he is announcing that he forfeits...or even better his retirement. I mean do we even know which Engel is coming out here tonight?

HA: Oh shut up Henry, while it is true that Engel has been a little all over the place in recent times, that is no detriment to his character and in the last few months he has been focussed on one goal. While Engel is coming down here let's take you back to Anarchy just two weeks ago...

The scene cuts to a video playback of the events involving Reborn, Plague, Engel and Wood at Anarchy with 'the devil in I' playing in the background from the start of the lyrics


MMM is exiting the ring as Reborn comes from behind and hits a dropkick knocking him off balance and forcing him to fall awkwardly to the outside. Reborn watches for MMM to get to his feet and then runs and bounces off the ropes


Replays whow on the big screen of Reborn soaring through the air over the top rope, twisting and turning before crashing down and taking both himself and MMM out

Ha: I think Reborn might be hurt out here in front of us. He hasn't moved. Here come sthe official to check on him

The official waves to backstage for the EMT as in the ring both Wood and Engel have pulled themselves to their feet.

Ha: If this has been anything to go by I can't wait to see these two face off in a couple of weeks.....HEY!!!!







The referee signals for the bell as 'revival mode' blasts out of the speakers again and Liam Wood sits up a huge smile on his face. He gets to his feet and pull shis EWF title from the grasp of the official and orders him to raise his arm in victory as MMM joins him. The crowd are booing loudly

Ha: That was insane, shame to have ended like it did

He: Just think, somewhere Hurst and Faith are still brawling too. What a fight, and what a deserved win. You're all seeing a preview of what will happen at Ashes to Ashes here...Liam Wood victorious

EMTs have Reborn on a strecther as MMM and Wood stand victorious over Engel in the middle of the ring

The video continues, showing Engel's earlier victories over Wood, and the ending of there match at Season's Beatings









Hero shoves Engel into Liam Wood

HA: WORLD EATER! AGAIN! Engel needs to get his head in the game

The video fades to Engel and Reborn backstage




The video ends with Engel outside the ring watching the church of Hero and Brotherhood fighting and a final voiceover

EH: WHO...AM...I!!!

The scene returns to the ring where Engel is stood holding a microphone. He paces the ring as the crowd chant "Engel" nodding his head, a wide grin forms across his face and he climbs the turnbuckle raising the microphone to the crowd

HA: Engel has really been taken in by the 6CW universe over the past month and he seemingly has taken the crowd in himself. Engel may not be one of the Angel's, but tonight he fights for THEM!

HE: ANGELS?!?! Have you heard yourself Harold, your turning into that freak. Angels?! Ah crap this is sickening!

Engel lowers himself from the turnbuckle and leans into it before raising the microphone to his mouth, he speaks with a sombre tone

HA: ANGELS, it seems that I don't even know if our good friend Robin Reborn will be here see while I am out here talking to you, Robin Reborn has been made to pass a medical to come out here, such were the injuries he suffered in this very ring just two weeks ago. (Crowd Boo, Engel pauses whilst they boo before continuing)Now I know your all thinking I'm screwed, that the church and the brotherhood gonna come out here and screw me over just like before...but the fact is...I'm not scared...oh no...hehehe...the more the merrier my friends,you see I don't see this as my Mrs Harlequin's baby boy winning the title and going to disneyland moment...oh no...boys you better hope Robin Reborn gets a full bill of health, cause I have just the friend in mind if I need an enforcer.

Engel licks his lips and brushes his hair back as the crowd cheer knowingly









EH: LIAM WOOD...(Pauses)Mr. Bat has got a date with each and every one of your skulls and I would be the one to keep him from said date...hehehehe

EH: I have no desire to end your reign Liam, but...I WANT WHATS MINE...I had you beat in the middle of this ring at Season's Beatings, you stole that from ME, NO CROWN! NO CROSS! NO KING! APT wouldn't you say for there false monarch's funeral incoming, all being well, Reverend Reborn will oversee to ensure it remains tasteful hehehe...


EH: And the fact of the matter is I say, this is not my Mrs Harlequins baby boy moment, there aint no happy ending to this story, oh hell no, at Ashes to Ashes the pyre is lit, your the first in a LONG line, Ashes to Ashes dust to dust, will he fall or just be pushed hehehehe...I can feel it Liam, the fear, the smell reeks of you, when your screaming for your beg for me to stop...when your vision is a blur of red and arena lights...just remember "Brother" Liam...its only just begun hehehehe...ASHES TO ASHES DUST TO DUST, WILL HE FALL OR JUST BE PUSHED...ASHES TO ASHES DUST TO DUST...HEHEHEHEHEHE...

Engel slumps to the floor laughing rocking back and forth


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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by President Trump Tue 21 Feb 2017, 2:26 pm

“Born to Fight” his and the arena explodes as Dicey walks out on stage, he looks out on the crowd who are chanting his name and smiles, he raises his arm in the air and starts his slow walk to the ring, tagging peoples outstretched hands as he goes

HA: Here he comes brother, the favourite son of 6CW

HE: A son that should have been aborted a long time ago

HA: He will be up against it at Ashes to Ashes as he is fighting against the best this business has ever seen, Lex Hart, JJ Johnson and the 6CW Champ Cassius Zhi

HE: Is there any point of him even showing up, he is nowhere near their level in anyway

HA: He will show up with all guns blazing as usual brother don’t you worry

Dicey climbs into the ring and calls for a mic, he soaks in the crowd’s reaction before starting to speak

Dicey: Who could ever stay away from a reception like that?

Crowd: DICEY

Dicey: You are all to kind…way too kind to a guy that has let you all down throughout the years, a guy that promises so much but doesn’t live up to those promises, I promised to beat Woods, to get rid of Jones, to stop 6WF from getting a foothold in this company and I promised to stop Cassius Zhi


Dicey: All things I failed to do and that is only the last 2 years……7 years since I stood in this ring and held the 6CW title over my head after winning it from Median, 7 years, I know I won the Undisputed title a few years back when this place shut its doors but that title doesn’t count, just like the old 6CW doesn’t count in most people’s eyes, they are afraid to look back and see what this place use to be, the hardships we had to endure just to get a show out each week, the constant reminder that we were no 6WF and that they could take our stars whenever they wanted and did in the end, most jumped ship when the going was good but those of us who stayed and saw it to the end, we are the true 6CW and many would want you all to forget that because they don’t care about their own history, their own betrayal but I don’t forget my past, it is etched onto my very soul, I have tried to bring that old 6CW feeling back but it is gone, we have entered a new era an era of chaos and civil war in 6CW, people vying for the top of the company and stepping on anyone that stands in their way, it’s like f**king Game of Thrones backstage, no trust, no friendship, no nothing, only power talks and I am tired of it all, I walked away at Christmas because I needed to get away from all the cowpat, to try and have a normal life not just for me but for Sally too, I tried my best but I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t turn a blind eye to the sh*t that was going on here in my house, my yard, I could stack shelves when the place I love, the place I helped along with a few others built with our own hands, I couldn’t do it so I returned to right the wrongs of my promises in the past, I have come back to tell all of the c**ts in the back and not just those in my match, the bear has been poked and bitten and chained up for too long, sometimes he needs to break out of his cage and tear the f**king Poopie out of everyone to let them know he is still alive, nobody is going to be safe from the sh*t storm this time, no more promises, no more f**ks to be given, no more shackles to hold me back, the hound is finished chopping wood and eating chicken, he is pi**ed and wants to f**k some c**ts up, DICEY F**KING REILLY IS BACK…………so come on down and lets get this over and done with

HA: Dicey is fired up Henry, I haven’t seen him like this since the old days

HE: Just more talk that his talent cant cash brother…pinch of salt

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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by Good Golly I'm Olly Tue 21 Feb 2017, 10:27 pm

*The crowd are in fine voice as "Run this town" echoes through the speakers and O'Callaghan swaggers onto the stage, parading his International and UK Championships as he does so....*

HA: "Welcome ladies and gentlemen, O'Callaghan joining us at this time for what looks like O'Callaghan O'Clock"

HE: "You're damn right! A man who caused quite some carnage on Anarchy"

HA: "That carnage may have ultimately cost him at Ashes to Ashes, as Enforcer booked a fatal four way match for the UK and International titles"

HE: "Piece of cake for this don"

*O'Callaghan enters the ring, surveys the set of O'Callaghan O'Clock, grabs a microphone and takes his seat, placing his title belts either side of the chair on the canvas*

O'Callaghan: "Welcome, welcome, welcome, universe, fans, colleagues to this special Ashes to Ashes edition of O'Callaghan O'Clock"

*O'Callaghan crosses his legs, picking up a wine glass with nothing in it, and swirling it in his hand the microphone isn't in, seemingly more solumn and thoughtful than usual*

O'Callaghan: "Are we all excited for Ashes to Ashes?"

*The crowd cheer loudly*

O'Callaghan: "For once, O'Callaghan agrees with the consensus. It should be a good show, note, not great, but good."

*O'Callaghan takes a swig of the empty wine glass and lays it on the canvas*

HA: "Not great?"

HE: "???"

*O'Callaghan begins again*

O'Callaghan: "Yes a good show, and only a good show because it peaks in match two, as that is when O'Callaghan is going to be rassling and defending his titles. After that there will be some decent rassling, but nothing to quite match what I do week in week out"

HE: "He's right brother"

*O'Callaghan switches legs crossed over*

O'Callaghan: "You see Enforcer, is yet again proviing to be stuck in 2012. The past year, even the past few weeks, O'Callaghan has been the best thing about 6CW. Dominating the mid card, the most exciting thing in the main event, yet Enforcer, the seeming stupid idiot that he is, places O'Callaghan as the 2nd match on the show, meaning that most of the audience will tune out after that match is over. O'Callaghan can only hope that the 6CW bosses see what a horrible misjustice this is, and hand Enforcer his P45 for his stupidity soon"

HA: "Harsh words from O'Callaghan there, might land him in hot water"

HE: "Is he saying anything wrong?"

*O'Callaghan stands, goes behind the fake clock, pulls out a fur rug, places it on the floor near his chair, and sits back down, with his feet on the rug*

O'Callaghan: "As for my actions on Monday night, pretty simple really, O'Callaghan merely showing his dominance. A champion, sending a message to his challengers that they cannot compete at his level. O'Callaghan is so confident, he doesn't mind if he has to face 3 challengers, one challenger or 10 challengers - they will all fall. Mike Hill has already fallen, Geoff Steel seems to think it's 2012 and he's still relevant, and Perfect Jack is just there"

*O'Callaghan now stands, wiping his feet on the rug*

O'Callaghan: "But because O'Callaghan is not one to deny an opportunity for a challenger to delude themselves into thinking they could possibly beat him, I would like to invite all of you, if physically fit enough, to come and join me in the ring, we can get more chairs out here - for a little chat, maybe you can tell O'Callaghan how you think you will beat him, and O'Callaghan will tell you what exactly will happen. So Mike, Geoff, Perfect - please come on down..."

*O'Callaghan sits back down in his chair awaiting his rivals....*
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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by x12x Wed 22 Feb 2017, 6:13 am

As Engel rocks back and forward and the crowd continue to chant they are quickly cut off by the sound of Revival Mode blasting through the speakers causing the chants to turn to boos. After a few moments the boo's get even louder as Liam Wood slowly walks out on to the stage on his own. As Wood stands there Engel begins to pay attention, his eyes locked on the EWF World Heavyweight Champion who rests the belt across his shoulder, lifting the microphone to his lips and speaking.

You know, I listen to everything...from the back room staff to the so called superstars and there just seems to be one word that accompanies the name Liam Wood...


Engel nods as Wood smirks at his opponent, adjusting the belt over his shoulder

I hear you all talk...each dropping cliché after cliché as if you're borrowing the same 'Trash Talk For Dummies' book and I hear you say that Liam Wood is scared...I hear you say that Liam Wood fears his opponents and that's why he cheats...

...I think at this point it's just something people say because they've heard other people say it...and Engel...we all know how easy you are to manipulate, don't we? We've seen you bend over for everyone and you did it so quickly just so that you'd get that love Mummy never really gave you... long until Robin Reborn doesn't fill Mummy's underwear well enough and you move on to your next man crush?

Wood laughs to himself before speaking

Better yet, answer this...when I threw Dicey Reilly down a set of stairs and left him in a pool of his own blood, was I scared? When I beat Keith Leone for this title over my shoulder, was I scared? How about when I faced you in a cage? Was I scared?

Engel nods

Now, I get can watch back the tape and see how the Brotherhood came out and put you in your place and see my use of them as being can pull your head out of your ass and see it for what it really was, the smart move...were you about to beat me? Maybe...maybe not...but did I walk out of 2016 as a three time world champion...hell yeah I did...

You see...I did what was needed, I made sure that if you even came close to fluking a title win that I would shut that sh¡t down! I would pull the trigger and remind you of the clown you are. This is a dog eat dog world Engel...fear has nothing to do with it...and that's your problem.

Wood walks closer to the ring, standing on the apron and leaning on the top rope as he speaks one last time to Engel.

Your problem is that 'fear' is all you have...I already know that you can beat the sh¡t out of me...I already know that you can break my what next? What am I meant to fear about you and your little bat because the truth is...the sad truth for you...when it matters, when push comes to shove... just aren't scary enough to get the job done, I already know everything that you are going to throw at me! Apparently, according to the puppets in the crowd...ENGEL'S GONNA KILL ME...

Wood looks around at the crowd

...well, that's fine because to get this belt out of my hands, he's gonna have to.”

Wood lowers the mic, turning back and smirking at Engel, waiting for his reply.


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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by TwisT Wed 22 Feb 2017, 11:16 am

The SSE Hydro is full of cheering fans who are holding up many posters. On most of them we can see “#HAHAHAHAHAHAHA” and “Make Anthony Grace Again”. As the camera pans around the arena we can hear the Lloyd brothers on commentary.

HA: Welcome everyone to Scotland and Ashes to Ashes looks set to be a sell-out.

HE: A sell-out in the GazzyD sense?

HA: GazzyD has never sold out! He gives his all for the fans every time!

HE: Oh wake up! Anthony Grace told the world what has been going on! GazzyD got himself in debt to some very bad men and Grace bailed him out! He owes Grace, just like Anthony has told us since he arrived. We are lucky he came back at all otherwise we would not know of Gazzy’s deceit!

HA: That is going too far! Gazzy might have made some mistakes but……

HE: Really? You don’t care about Christy then? You don’t care that she has been lied too constantly by the man she loves? You think that is the actions of an honourable man?!

HA: Well…..

HE: Exactly! You may not like Anthony Grace but you can appreciate that without him GazzyD would be in worse shape! Instead he has had to face up to his actions and not continue with his lies!

HA: But………

HE: No buts! If you want GazzyD around then you recognise that he wouldn’t be without Anthony Grace!

Suddenly “Power” by Kanye West blasts out around the arena and Anthony Grace appears with 12 security men. The men rush off in front of him and start to target those fans that are holding posters up. Every time they see a “#HAHAHAHA” one, they rip it up into pieces. For those that say “Make Anthony Grace Again” they snatch it from the crowd members and cross out “Anthony” in red felt pen before writing “6CW” in its place.

HA: This isn’t right! Grace can’t treat the fans this way!

HE: I don’t see Grace doing anything wrong. It is 6CW security that is out here.

While all this is going on, Grace paces the stage. He is wearing his over the top white fur coat, with the massive gold “A” chain hanging from his neck. He also now wears a white trilby hat. He watches as the security mingle with the fans and destroy or alter most of the posters in view. When he is satisfied, Grace starts to pace down to the ring. The security guards stand on the outside and face the fans as they automatically start booing at how they have been treated. Grace slides under the ropes and takes out his gold microphone from his inside coat pocket.


Grace glares at the fans as the booing continues.

AG: It is a well-known fact that false advertising is a crime! 6CW knows better than to not look after its main asset! So stop crying and stop spreading fake news!

The fans continue booing as Grace takes his sunglasses off. He chucks his hat into the crowd and shouts out.


Grace expects the crowd to go quiet but instead they just increase in volume. Grace walks over to the corner and sulks. He occasionally barks orders at 6CW staff as they shrug their shoulders. The noise carries on as Grace at last starts to speak again.

AG: Oh you want me to talk about GazzyD?

A massive cheer goes up and Grace glares at the camera.

AG: You fools believe to be the man, you have to beat the man?! Well that is crap! All you have to do is pay the man off! I proved it in the last show! Max Adamson soon understood my power when I palmed him some loose change! See how his eyes lit up like a dog rolling over and getting his tummy scratched! It was pathetic! PATHETIC!

The crowd mocks laughter but Grace shouts through it.

AG: I saw that same pathetic look when GazzyD came pleading to me! This so called man of 6CW!

The crowd cheer Gazzy’s name again.

AG: He is no man! He isn’t someone to look up to. He couldn’t deal with his debts. He couldn’t deal with responsibility. He couldn’t deal with real life. And when he came crawling to me, desperately needing my help, he knew he couldn’t deal with the devil. So he tried to shy away from his debt. Shy away from responsibility. Shy away from real life! And then most importantly shy away from the promises he made to me! The contract he signed! The clause he agreed to!

The crowd boo as Grace continues.

AG: That is why at Ashes to Ashes, GazzyD cannot win…….

The crowd boo louder and Grace has a fit.


He paces the ring and speaks.

AG: If by some miracle he beats me at the PPV, then his life ends. No retribution. No farewell tour. No one for the road. His whole life ends! I will crush him not with muscle but with money. I will burn him not with fire but with finance. I will erase the memory of GazzyD not through brawn but through bankruptcy. His life ends if the referee lifts his hand in victory.

Another Gazzy chant starts again.

AG: I will give him one last chance. Forfeit and tell the world he can’t stomach the fight. Wave the white flag and tell the fans about my power. Realise this is one gamble where the rewards add up to nothing! Act like the man these blind people think you are. Respect the path you took and the promises you made! Understand when it is time to give up and move on……………

Grace stares at the camera.

AG: So Gazzy what is more important? Proving you can beat a Hollywood actor. Or walking away and starting a new life away from 6CW? What would Christy want?!

The crowd boos and Grace turns to face them.


When the crowd fail to back down, Grace gets angrier.


Grace reaches into his coat and takes out a wad of cash. He then stares at the stage.

AG: Here is $500. Take the money. Say your piece. Walk away. Then plan the long holiday you will take come March 4th!

Grace throws the money onto the canvas and glares at the curtain.

AG: If you don’t, you won’t just have to face the future. You will have to face your past. And no amount of begging, pleading, and promises will get you out of this hole. The hole you dug for yourself. The hole that you won’t climb out of. The hole you should curl up and die in!

The crowd boos again as Grace shouts out.

AG: Make 6CW Grace again! Because without the A-Game, 6CW is in as much trouble as GazzyD!

He then walks over to the corner and waits.


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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by x12x Wed 22 Feb 2017, 12:10 pm

The scene begins deep inside the formerly abanonded fire damaged home of Edward Plague, the camera slowly moving once again to the only undamaged room in the entire building. As the camera moves through the doors we see the room empty for once apart from the figures of Edward Plague and Mother. Plague stands at the altar with his head hung, a deep sigh released as Mother sit behind him in her chair at the top of the room.

Mother: Edward...why so down?

Edward remains silent, turning to her and making his way to the seat next to her, she remains quiet, waiting for him to speak

Plague: Mother...I can feel the wolves at the door...the wood creaks as they try to break through and tear all of this apart...I can feel them voice weak behind their howls.

Mother scowls, placing a hand on the shoulder of Plague

Mother: Edward...their howls are hollow, you know this...their claws are blunt, they growl just for show but when their howls turn to whimpers. Your voice will remain, it always does. This is why I saved you, this is why I brought you back here...back home.

Edward smiles but it falters quickly

Plague: I have been sent away before Mother...

Mother: In to my arms, the arms that healed you and brought you back to spread your word

Plague: ...but the flames...

Mother: The flames cleansed you of weakness and you rose from the ashes with my OUR help.

Plague looks around as the followers of the Brotherhood begin to enter the room, their quiet chants creating a hum that buzzes under the conversation of Plague and Mother as it continues

Mother: With our help you rose and return...Ashes to ashes...with our help you will spread your message, you will destroy the pretenders...

Plague: My voice will be heard.

Plague smiles, this time it stays on his face as the room fills with the Brotherhood. Entering the room last are Brother Varyag, Brother Castille and Brother Michael who take seats next to Mother as Plague steps back to the altar once more. In a calm voice he speaks.

Plague: There will be times when you are put through hell, these times are soon upon us...but do we fear the flames?

The entire room speaks in unison

All: No Brother Edward...

Plague lands a fist on the altar and speaks, his voice losing it's calm

Plague: YES! We DO fear the flames...we fear the pain...

The room looks shocked as Plague calms himself before speaking again

Plague: ...We fear it all yet we welcome it...we sacrifice ourselves so that THEY can see that we are all alike, we sacrifice ourselves so that THEY open their eyes to the one truth that reminds us that we are equal...

We fear the pain because it has broken us all before but we welcome it because then we were rebuilt. Now we welcome it to rebuild others...

Plague smiles, calmer than before.

The foolish man claims he isn't scared of pain because he truly hasn't felt what it means to be broken...the foolish man claims that he isn't scared of pain because he doesn't really know what it see, I am a man who has felt true pain...

...I am a man who was dragged and left in hell once before...

...but I am a man who had someone there to pull him out of the ashes.

Plague looks over at Mother as the pair share a smile before Plague speaks one last time

Plague: I am a man who will do what it takes to come out of the other side clearing a path for those who are still weak, for those who are ready to be rebuilt...but first we must clear the path.

Soon we wage war on an egotistical idol and his weakened followers, they are fed the lies of gold and glory but must be broken before they are rebuilt. They claim Brotherhood but follow in the shadows of a self proclaimed Hero...

...they claim Brotherhood but are not equal...

...they claim Brotherhood but their eyes are locked shut. It is our job to rip them open, break them down and build them back until they are truly Brothers...

Plague lets a sick smile cover his face

Plague: Their idol must fall.


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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Wed 22 Feb 2017, 6:34 pm

*The raucous Scottish crowd are singing the kind of curse-laden songs you get north of the border. They're interrupted by the sounds of Swing Low Sweet Chariot from the speakers, and do their best to drown it out with boos

HA: Who is this?

HE: Jonny Wilkinson?

HA: Not got a modern reference?

HE: Oh no one has cared about rugby since then!

*The boos reach another level as out saunters Jack Hurst with a flag of St George draped over his shoulders. He laughs at the rage and bile screamed at him from the fans.

JH: You cretins, not a soul here can understand what you are saying; you're drunks, you're fat and you're all covered in batter!

*The boos reach a new height and Hurst laughs at them as he walks to the ring

HA: This is going to be uncomfortable...

HE: Hard truths

*Hurst rolls into the ring, straightens up and addresses the crowd once more

JH: Yes, Scotland, you do hate an English gentleman. And, as for all of history, all the men before me, I shall smile too and just let you be your brainless little selves.

When your biggest icon is an Australian playing a muddied version of some Scottish terrorist

*Bottles fly down from the crowd, Hurst sidestepping one - then smiling broadly as he picks up an Irn-Bru bottle

JH: Even the alcohol you sneak in has to come in this urine container. Is there anything fresh and original about you that isn't entirely deplorable?

*He points out at them

JH: You are ALL Cameron Faith! And that is why I'm taking him apart. That's all there is to say of him. Let him come, and maybe I can cut him out of 6CW like we so desire to rid ourselves of the wart of these United Kingdoms

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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by Engel Harlequin Wed 22 Feb 2017, 9:58 pm

Engel, who has been laughing merrily to himself in the corner stops and frowns before looking at Liam Wood and climbing up with a sigh


Liam looks perplexed yet slightly angered at the clowns "insolence" Engel stops laughing, breathing heavily as he does

EH: You know whaaat? That was FUNNY! He-He, I often wonder what leaves you and I staring at each other, fluttering about like little moths to the flame...ITS TRUE! You and I are cut (Engel signals with his hands like scissors) right from the same cloth, mothers little, you were the angelic little choir kid, thats where we differ because whilst you were singing ode to joy and all things bright and beautiful...I was the demon, I was the boogey man, I was the bully that stole the lunch money...huh I was a bad guy...


EH: HeHe, and then you found success...but oh no it wasn't being that goody goody two shoes little angel that made his mummy all so proud. It was being the bad guy...but yet something doesn't sit right with me, the truth want each and every one of these people behind you, you want the crowd to chant your name, the recognition...just like me.

Engel rubs his chin taking several slow steps forward

EH: But yet its not so simple is it? Little boy lost...seeking solace in those that would call you Brother...even they cannot deliver that which you crave. Yet you see me here the angels on my side, my own CHURCH of Engel and it eats at you, it eats at your very world because you cannot fathom the things I have had to get through to reach this very spot, you cant understand why I stand before you with these people waiting on my every see thats the only reason I can see for you to come out here and spend the last 7 minutes explaining to me that this is a dog eat dog've been driven to a drivelling fool...DO I NOT KNOW THAT THIS IS A DOG EAT DOG WORLD? Can you please explain to me in as fewer words as possible why I Engel Harlequin would not know of the cruel world we live in? A man that has beaten Cassius Zhi, Anthony Grace, Caused Hero to be out of 6CW for one year, I KILLED JOSHUA, Something your great master Plague could not do, I ended the career of 6CW's longest reigning champion...hell while we are on the subject of past glory, I beat you TWICE one two...three in the middle of this ring, of course it doesn't occur to you in that delusional mind of yours that I've got your number, nope am sure somewhere in that hollow canyon of inactivity your thinking I didnt do it when it counted...and of course you are right, I didnt do it when it counted, I let each and every one of these people down.

Engel lowers his head solemnly

EH: But did you make the smart move? Really Liam, did you? I mean have you ever made the smart move? You've never REALLY got the job done have you? You threw Dicey Reilly down a few stairs sure thing, but was he not dancing around in this very ring only weeks later, fighting in some of the toughest matches of his career against me and Cerberus, did he not come back for that very title...of course you again took advantage of a situation in another "smart" move there...didn't that comic book guy steal it from you? You tell me that I am not scary enough to get the job done, I don't have to be scary enough when I have nothing to have never got the job done, not on your own, never in your entire career have you ever got the job done, JUST like your little brotherhood of Plague is heaped in failure so to are you. So hear I am...poking the proverbial bear, and you see I am not done...have I got a surprise for you Brother Liam, do you want to know how easy it is? I'll get right under your skin JUST as easily as it was to break down your ranks...hehehehe.

Engel laughs as Liam looks a little confused. Engel points to the tron and Liam spins around, Engel continuing to laugh as the video wall shows two masked men holding a chair on its two legs out of what seems to be a window. Upon the chair is a large man with a hood upon his head. The camera focuses on the wall as Engel speaks

EH: You see that...that is a predicament, don't you think Liam? And who the hell do you think it is? Hmmm? Not the two masked guys, oh no they are of no relevance, in fact I am certain you will never see them again...This is 6CW afterall HeHeHe...whose under the hood? him!

The two masked men remove the hood revealing an enraged Man Mountain Mike. His arms and feet are tied to the chair and one of the masked men pushes a microphone into Man Mountain Mikes face


EH: (Engel signals for the microphone to be lowered) Hush now big guy, nobody really wants to hear you talk...Liam, your Brother teeters on the edge awaiting your response...I want your promise, the word of Liam Wood, that our match tonight is MAN to MAN, you and me...NO MORE of this tom me, show these people that you can get the job done.

Engel Harlequin

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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by Perfect Jack Thu 23 Feb 2017, 12:10 am

I am Perfection plays out of the arena speakers as Perfect Jack makes his way out onto the stage loud boo's.

Perfect Jack strolls down the aisle, picking up a nearby microphone as he enters the ring.

PJ: From Ashes to Ashes, rises the perfect era of the UK and International Title scene. The era of Perfect Jack.

The crowd boo's.

PJ: It's the truth. In an era of 6CW being overrun and dominated by cowardice. A new man must step forward and break the shackles that hold 6CW back. That man is me. Winning the UK and International titles at Ashes to Ashes is only the first step on my path of purifying 6CW from the cowards that overwhelm this company. You only have to look at this past week's actions from O'Callaghan.

HA: Didn't he step out of the way so Mike Hill and Geoff Steel could fight it out? One could say he was being cowardly.

HE: Yes he did but should he stop them from beating each other senseless? I wouldn't call it being a coward I would call it being smart.

PJ: You all saw it last week, you can't deny what you saw. The cowardly and fearful O'Callaghan brutalizing me from behind. Is that someone you want representing the UK and International championships? I think not. What you all want is perfection. What you really want is me. What you all so desperately crave is me wrapping those two lovely championships over my shoulders and finally giving you a champion that you can be proud of.

The crowd boo loudly.

Perfect Jack

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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by x12x Thu 23 Feb 2017, 2:09 pm

Wood turns back and looks at Engel with a look of confusion for a second before a smirk covers his face once more

Did you really just reference Thunder as 'Comic Book Guy' while having this cliché super villain sh¡t waiting for me the whole time?! Go for it...drop him...what are you going to do next? Block out the sun? Are you going to find my kryptonite? Newsflash...this isn't an act and you aren't the bad guy...if you were you wouldn't come out here and drop to your knees for whoever paid you attention like the good girl you are.

I said it all along though, this is all an act to you...your mental health, your's nothing but a gimmick that you use to scare people and now you're claiming that you're the god damn bogey's not scary Engel, it's sad. I guess your claim of being the bully was meant to make you seem like a threat but we all know that all bullies are, are cowards...they punish people because they didn't get enough love...they come from a broken up, a sh¡tty upbringing...Mummy never read them bed time stories and now they hate the world...

...wah...wah...wah...woe is you utter moron.

Wood laughs to himself before walking along the apron and climbing up the side of the turnbuckle until he's sat on top of it facing his future opponent

Here's the funny thing though, I know that you were broken from a young age because it's all you want to talk use this business as a therapy session and I'm sick and tired of you turning a pair of sh¡tty parents in to an act. You can pretend you know me all you can pretend that having a wh*re of a mother taught you how to break people down but all it taught you was how to please those around're a sad pathetic D list horror movie bad guy who gets sympathy cheers if he's sucking up to the right people at the right time and I'm sorry to burst your bubble but you don't know me at all...I'm not sure if you're actually stupid or if you're trying to ignore just who the hell I am.

Wood adjusts the belt, looking down at it for a moment

Did you really tell me that I've never got the job done? I hate to be this guy but let's refresh that broken little mind of yours...

...Three time World Champion, Undefeated TV Champion and a former Superstar Of The Year...

...Every time something went wrong I went away, looked at the issue and I came back better than before, I did what it took to be the man and climb the mountain and each and every time it lead me to this damn point in my life...Liam Wood...the Viper...Bullet Proof...The World Eater...The King Slayer...whatever you want to call me...

...remember to call me champion because that is what I am...I got the job done when it mattered, I got the job done and was able to hold this belt over my head on the biggest stage of them all. Can you say that? Can you tell me that you came back better? Right now you're just the man that Reborn keeps around him to make him feel're basically the ugly friend that a hot girl lets hang around with her. You know that right?

Wood smiles at Engel before turning to face the screen. Brother Michael is still being held by the two men in the window.

So what are you going to do Engel? What's his fate? After you push him to his death what's next on the list of evil guy cliches? hey, maybe you could go back to bullying kids for their lunch money?

Wood turns back to Engel and shrugs with the smug smile still on his face


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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by Marky Thu 23 Feb 2017, 5:33 pm

The crowd inside the SSE Hydro are buzzing, the reaction is a mixture of booing and excitement as "Machine Gun" by Portishead hits, after a short delay Max Adamson walks out, he's wearing a blue three piece suit with white pinstripes, he has a microphone and he hushes the music;

Max: If I could have some quiet please Glass Cow Scott Land, I would like to introduce to you, YOUR next 6CW World Tag Team Champions, Jackson Jackson, Frank Horrigan, The TA!

"Machine Gun" plays again and the crowd boo as Jackson and Horrigan walk out, again in their ring gear with black faux fur coats over the top, Horrigan looking increasingly menacing as Jackson has a certain swagger about him. Adamson grins as his clients walk past him towards the ring, Adamson follows as they all walk to the ring.

HA: On the back of an impressive win last week against The Death Squad AND Fanatic, in what turned into a 2 on 3 handicap match, The TA are on a hell of a roll.

HE: Surely it's only a matter of when, not if, they become Tag Team Champions Harold.

HA: I think the Parasite Killers will have something to say about that Henry.

All three men are now in the ring, the crowd are booing as Jackson Jackson has the mic;

Jackson: For once, this pathetic City will bear witness to something truly historic. And no, I don't mean two groups of barbarians beating seven bells out of each other in the name of football and or religion, then going home and beating your wife, because that is a regular occurrence to you guys...

(The crowd boo as Jackson smirks)

Jackson: ...What I'm referring to is that in this very ring, when 6CW Ashes to Ashes begins, here in this wretched hive of villainy and scum, history will be made as Frank Horrigan, and yours truly, will win our first ever 6CW gold. It'll be one of those memorable moments, one of those "where were you when" moments. And you lucky lucky people will be able to answer that question truthfully.

(Jackson pauses as the crowd are still booing, and an "Ohhhhh Parasite Killers" chant is heard)

Jackson: "Where were you when The TA won their first 6CW World Tag Team Championship?"

And you will get to respond, "I was there..." You will get to tell your grandkids, you know, when you're in your early thirties... You will get to tell them that you took an evening off of drunkenly beating their grandmother half to death to witness Jackson Jackson and Frank Horrigan win their first Championships, and their first of many Championships at that.

(The crowd boo as Frank Horrigan takes the microphone from Jackson)

Horrigan: McManus, Fanatic, we know you're good. But we're better. We showed it when we destroyed you numerous times over the past few weeks and months. We dismantled you and put all three of you through pain because we could. Jenny might have been hurt accidentally but as if you weren't emasculated enough McManus, your wife took her beating a lot manlier than you did...

(Jackson leans over to speak into the microphone as Horrigan still holds it)

Jackson: Just quickly, I did change my settings to allow Jenny McManus to slide into my DM's but maybe she didn't see my tweet... Jenny, if you're watching, you know where to find me toots.

(Adamson calmly takes the microphone from Horrigan and speaks over the booing)

Max: If McManus and Fanatic don't like what we are saying, I'm telling you right now that my boys are ready to go RIGHT NOW, so if you really have the cohones to do something about it, here we are. But you need to understand that none of this is personal. It's ALL business baby. You just so happen to hold what my guys are going to take from you. And make no mistake, they WILL take those titles from you.

(The crowd continue to boo as all three members of The TA stand in the ring)

HA: This has become so disrespectful from The TA, I wouldn't be surprised if McManus and Fanatic came out here.

HE: I would, they're probably busy enjoying those Tag Titles while they still have them...


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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by Steel Thu 23 Feb 2017, 6:48 pm

The boos of the crowd are interrupted as Last resort begins to sound, Steel steps out from behind the curtain to a warm reception. The effects of the chair shot from O’Callaghan clearly still visible with a bandage wrapped around Steels forehead.

HA: Not sure it’s wise Steel being out here, he doesn’t look in any condition to compete.

HE: Good we don’t need this old timer to be any part of this match.

Steel is now by ringside he picks up a microphone form the announce desk then climbs into the ring, he gets straight in the face of O’Callaghan looking him up and down, then repeats the same process with Perfect Jack before taking a few steps back and beginning to speak.

GS: Evening Gentlemen, I believe I received an invitation to join this forum, well here I am, mostly in one piece I might add.

Steel turn to O’Callaghan directly

GS: What no weapon tonight? Somebody feeling brave enough, or have you suddenly developed a pair of testicles in these past few days. You know I didn’t need any kind of motivation going into this title match but between the three of you well you’ve certainly given me a significant push to find that little something extra I’ve maybe not had in a while. You think I’m stuck in 2012 O’Callaghan well at Ashes to Ashes you might just find yourself joining me there, you wouldn’t have stood a chance against me then, nobody even came close, you’re going just about the right way to ending up on the end of one of those gruelling nights. The reason you called me down here though is you want a reason why I will beat you and claim those titles. That’s simple I’m Geoff Steel I live for the big occasion and honestly, I don’t need a reason to beat on guys like you who think they are bigger than 6CW. Your right about one thing though because I remember back in 2012 Perfect Jack was just about irrelevant as he is now.

HE: Please the guy wanted factual reasons, not some made up nonsense.

GS: Come on Jack you can’t really believe you’re in with a chance of leaving Ashes to Ashes with those titles, you should be thanking this man here for hitting you with that chair, it’s what earned you your spot. There was only one man going to win that number one contenders match and that was me, I have a right to be aggrieved. If those titles are going anywhere trust me it’s around my waist all you need to do is, ask all these people in attendance you who the deserving recipient should be.

The crowd chant Steels name and he smirks

GS: Now you two talk amongst yourselves whilst I try to get through to our friend who has yet to make an appearance. Mike I want you to know that whilst there may be two other individuals more than worthy of a significant ass kicking. I’m reserving an extra slice just for you, I hope that makes you feel special because you deserve it buddy, you earned that honour. I don’t want you to worry though I’m sure one of Jack or OC here will be conscious enough come the end to describe to you my victory, that is once the lights have been turned back on in that head of yours.

Steel lowers the microphone and turns to face the entrance ramp expectantly


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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by Fernando Thu 23 Feb 2017, 9:31 pm

The scene opens to a whistling postman wandering about on his daily route putting mail through various doors until he walks up to a mansion pulling out a card and has a quick read " You are invited to the funeral of Crime Lord....3pm today at the local crematorium...Will include a eulogy & fond memories of a lost friend" as the scene fades 

The scene opens to "Candle In the Wind" playing as a Casket is carried into the crematorium with a man in a smart black suit walking infront of it  and watches them lay the casket into place before stepping up behind the Lecture Stand revealing himself to be Cerberus before  pulling out a piece of paper from his pocket. 

Dearly beloved we are here today to celebrate the life of Crime Lord...
A man....A Myth...To the stupid...A Legend....
A man who started a war...
That he cannot win...

Cerberus looks around the room to the uninterested people he's clearly paid to attend

Today is about to make Crime Lord realize that their is no way back from where he's going...
Stood on the ledge of the precipice waiting for that casket to be lowered into the ground... 
He's going to realize that sometimes the best thing to do is accept fate...
I told him before the last PPV that he wasn't on my level...
And me choking him out proved it...

Over the years Crime Lord has been highly resilient and would pass out before he'd even consider tapping...
Yet at Seasons Beatings he tapped out...
Because he knew if he didn't he'd end up seriously hurt & on the shelf like everyone else that decided they wanted to get in my way...
He was a top quality opponent but the years have aged him and it's taken it's toll on his body...
He can sit and claim he thought id be easy to defeat and didn't really take me seriously like he should of...
Maybe he isn't the man i thought he was...
Making pathetic excuses about why he lost...
He lost because he's exactly what i said..

Cerberus takes a glance over his shoulder and walks over to the casket before running his fingers across the waxed surface 
It's beautiful isn't it...?
A perfectly craved piece of carpentry fit for housing the soul of Crime Lord...
It's a got a few little flaws like him but it's nothing a little fire won't correct...
But now it's time to bless this lovely moment with a small verse from the bible...

Isaac spoke to Abraham his father and said, "My father!" And he said, "Here I am, my son." And he said,
 "Behold, the fire and the wood, but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?"

In less then 2 weeks that Lamb committed to slaughter in the fire will be the soul of Crime Lord...

Cerberus starts laughing manically to himself as the sound of a high revving engine before brakes locking up catches his attention outside.

I think the guest of honor has decided to grace us with his presence...

Loud steps are heard getting faster heading towards the crematorium doors

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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by Marsh Fri 24 Feb 2017, 11:36 am

Marshall Murdoch is walking backstage when he sees Clarke James reading the match card that’s posted to the wall.

MM: ‘Clarke’ (no response)…Clarke (still he doesn’t turn around)…CLARKE!’

(At this point a stagehand walks past)

SH: ‘Brother James, someone’s trying to talk you’

(Clarke finally turns round and sees Marshall)

MM: Clarke! Long time no see, what are you doing here brother?

CJ: ‘I’ve been back for a few weeks now brother, we’re teaming together at the pay per view brother’

MM: ‘Well nobody told me brother, it’s good to see you brother. Who are we facing then brother? The Soldiers of Fortune? Max and Paddy? Re-Genesis? What are we going to do brother?’

CJ: ‘We’re facing the brotherhood, brother’

MM: ‘Who are they brother?’

CJ: ‘Some of Liam Wood’s mates, could be brothers, brother, I’m not too sure. Anyway what ya gonna do brother?’

MM: ‘I’ll go to Danny McGraw and find out who they are brother. He’s still in charge isn’t he brother?

CJ: ‘He was the last time I heard brother.’

(Clarke nods, and attempts to use the coffee machine, but it appears broken, Clarke and Marshall look quizzically at each other)

MM: ‘Well what you gonna do brother?’


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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by Beer Fri 24 Feb 2017, 11:49 am

CJ: Well, you know something Mean Gene...

Marsh looks round, puzzled, before turning back to Clarke James...

MM: What?

CJ: Sorry brother, got caught up in the Man, so many brothers, it's like we back in Harlem, brother.

MM: You're from Leighton Buzzard, brother.

CJ: Tell did not just say that, brother?

MM: Oh, brother....

CJ: See, brother, we're the Church of Hero, brother! And at Ashes to Ashes, we go brother to brother with the motherbrother-ing Brotherhood, brother. We take what we want, and after Lex Luger and The Giant, we coming for gold sucka..... Hulk Hogan, we coming for you...


Marsh slaps Clarke across the face....


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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by Marsh Fri 24 Feb 2017, 12:31 pm

When Marshall has just slapped Clarke in the face, a familiar face appears round from the corner, although he doesn’t look happy…

MM: ‘Vlad! Brother, nobody told me you were back brother! O’brother where art thou?’

(Vlad pulls his trusty nerf gun from behind his back and prods it in Marshall’s face)

MM: ‘Brother, what’s he doing brother?’

CJ: ‘Sorry brother, are you talking to me or brother Vlad, brother. I'm not sure what he's gonna do brother’

MM: ‘I’m talking to you brother, why is brother Vlad so angry to see me brother?’

CJ: ‘Well brother, you did promise to bring him in to 6CW with you, brother’

MM: ‘But I thought he was signed on, nobody told me brother!’

CJ: ‘It was him or Hero I believe, and they went for Hero, brother’

MM: ‘Hero’s back?!? Why the hell did nobody mention that brother?’

CJ: ‘Beat’s me brother, anyway Brother Vlad’s been hanging around the Birmingham Bowl for the last few years, just waiting, only his nerf gun for company. The things he must have seen brother…’

(Clarke grabs the nerf gun and slowly brings it down from Marshall’s face)

CJ: ‘It’s OK brother, things will be OK brother, we’re all together again brother’

(Vlad starts to sob slightly, but ): ‘Brother, brother, brother, brother!’

Marshall and Clarke look at each other in bemusement

MM: ‘Brother! He’s finally started to speak English brother, oh I’m like a proud mother...sorry brother over here’.


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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by TwisT Mon 27 Feb 2017, 3:57 pm

The fans chant for Gazzy, but when he doesn’t arrive, Grace smugly steps forward from the turnbuckle.

AG: You see! Money only talks when you have something worth saying. And everything that comes out of my mouth is 24 carat gold!

The crowd boo as Grace continues.

AG: The time to honour you with my presence is very limited. I cannot wait for your Mr 6CW. Usually the very scent of a payday would have him running to this ring. As it is the man isn’t worth of my time……..or more of my money!

Grace walks up to the cash lying on the canvas and goes to pick it up. He then thinks better off it and addresses the crowd.

AG: I am sure there are others in the locker room that need not only the cash but also the courage to share my spotlight. Since my return not one wrestler has shown any evidence disproving the fact Anthony Grace is the biggest name in this business or any other!

The fans jeer Grace which gets him annoyed.


The crowd boo louder as Grace stands in the centre of the ring unopposed.

AG: Everything about brand 6CW was created by me! Not Cassius Zhi! Not Max Adamson! Not Engel, Reilly or Wood! Me! Look around at how much faith they have in this place! Look around and see how much they value your support! I come out here, state the truth and they say nothing!

Grace takes another wad of cash out of his jacket and drops it on the mat.

AG: $1000!

Grace glares at the camera.

AG: I can do this all day! I can cover this ring with currency! But no feet will walk to this ring and disagree with my worth! You know why?! Because 6CW has told them not to! Ashes to Ashes was supposed to be 6CW’s great comeback! Ready for their best Night of Glory! But they know only I can bring in the people! Only I can bring in the profit! Only I can make 6CW Grace again!

Grace paces the ring and gets more irritated.

AG: You boo and you jeer and you spew your hate but in two short appearances I have entertained you more than you have been for months!

Grace looks at the crowd.

AG: Because that is what you want right? Mismatched stables! Rewinds of 6CW back catalogue! Stories filled with confusion and boredom! Show after show, amateurs trying to be professionals! Idiots trying to be important. Guy’s searching for glory when talent has gone! Gone or never existed!

He paces again and points to the 6CW sign.


Grace stops and adjust his coat. He checks the time on his gold Rolex and tuts. The boos start up again and Grace responds.

AG: Everybody in this building. Every fraud that dares call themselves a superstar. Every guy boring you to death with their next gimmick. Every failure convincing you of their world title calibre. Every champion making their belt worthless. Every writer losing the will to live. Every producer wishing for a different show. Every accountant painting the balance sheets in red. Every board member looking for a takeover. Every viewer praying for something new. Every ticket holder embarrassed with spending money. Everybody!

Grace stares at the camera.


Grace points to the money


Grace confidently raises both his arms as the audience show their annoyance.


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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by Electric Demon Mon 27 Feb 2017, 6:33 pm

“They Say” by Scares on Broadway hits and the crowd jeer the arrival of the 6CW World Heavyweight Champion, Cassius Zhi, who steps out onto the stage with a green tea in hand and his world title slung over his shoulder.

Reilly paces the ring in anticipation as Zhi slyly smirks in his direction, though clearly favouring his neck after the attack by the Church of Hero, wincing as he rolls his head back and fore.

Zhi seethes the pain away and takes a sip of tea before addressing Dicey Reilly, staring right through him across the distance of the ramp.

Cassius : Dicey Reilly…. Why do you do this to yourself?


Cassius : Why do you keep on chasing after that golden era of 6CW that you relentlessly reminisce about? Why do you keep on chasing after that golden era of Dicey Reilly that you keep on reminding us about? Why do you keep on chasing after a bygone time, Dicey Reilly, unable to even notice that with every passing day you are having to chase it that little bit further! That with every passing day you are having to chase it that little bit harder! That with EVERY PASSING DAY… it becomes an ever more distant memory that wouldn’t even feature in the minds of these morons in attendance anymore if you weren’t out here romanticising about it every god damn week!



Cassius takes a step down the ramp, taking a sip of tea.

Cassius : That time has passed, Dicey Reilly. YOUR TIME,.. has passed! And it has passed you by so damn quickly that I’m not surprised your mind has had to take a little break to catch back up again.

Harold Lloyd : Oh come on!

Cassius smirks over the lip of his disposable cup, then eyeballs Reilly as he drinks

Cassius : But whatever the doctor gave you to stoke up this newfound positivity has done you no favours, Dicey. Maybe he’s just after some repeat custom! Because you can try and convince these people that you can bring all that glory back to this building… you can whip them up into a fighting-frenzy like no-one else can, with your profane language and your even more profane gimmicks and gadgetry that you brought out to the ring last week! But you should have gone home, got healthy and stayed happy because all you’re going to do is let them down even harder when they realise that just like your mind, your career is in the gutter!

Harold Lloyd : That’s enough damn it!


…You’re out of time, Dicey Reilly!


Zhi continues to stroll down the ramp, laughing sinisterly to himself

Cassius : But you’re not the only one, Reilly.

You’re not the only one calamitously chasing after halcyon days in the sunshine of some reincarnated success, oblivious to its long-gone obsoletion.

You’re not the only one who is out of time, Reilly!

Because this match reads like a compendium of elapsed dreams. Dicey Reilly, Lex Hart and JJ Johnson! All fighting against the clock, all fighting against their own creeping inferiority! All trying to recapture that person they once was… and ironically, all under the watchful gaze of the man that time just couldn’t beat!


Cassius laughs sinisterly as he reaches the ring apron and rolls into the ring to face Dicey

Cassius : Whether it be Hollywood wanting a younger looking face for their billboards… or Jessica wanting a man who doesn’t age with the disgrace and damage of defeat… or these fans wanting a hero who is able to write himself a new story once in a while, not just repeat tired old tales of an ever-exaggerated utopia…

You’re all out of time, gentlemen.

And at Ashes to Ashes, when you’re all laying on your backs, looking up at the reigning champion of your once so respectable company, and looking up at that big screen counting down… 5….4….3…..2…….

Zhi steps right up to Reilly, going face to face with him

Cassius (whisper) : ….1!

You’re finally going to realise it yourselves!

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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by Nay Mon 27 Feb 2017, 8:52 pm

*The crowd abuse of Hurst stops and turns to cheers as “Ain’t no stopping me” blasts out around the arena briefly, before both the music and lights cuts out leaving the arena in pitch blackness and a static sound filling the arena.*

Ha: Um looks like we might be suffering technical difficulties folk*

*Suddenly the static stops as a spotlight focuses on the stage revealing Cameron Faith stood with his hands down the crotch of his grey joggers as “I fought the Law” starts blaring out the SSE Hydro, to a rapturous ovation form the crowd.*

HA: Listen to this crowd Henry, what an ovation for Faith

HE: But what was that entrance all about

HA: I think it’s just Faith enjoying his homecoming

HE: Given hid recent record maybe he should spend more time focused on his opponent and less time with this crap. Hurst is a dangerous opponent who Faith doesn’t want to take lightly.

*Faith dressed in Grey Joggers , vest, Nike Air max and a beanie hat and bling chains walks to the ends of the stage acknowledging the crowd before returning to the middle of the stage and focusing his attention on Jack Hurst stood in the middle of the ring.*

CF: I was gonna come out here make a few jokes, make you look like a fool but you pretty much managed that yourself. I mean you walk out here draped in that flag with swagger of a Eubank and then you open your mouth and f*** me, you come across as a spasticated version of Joey Essex.

Seriously what the f*** are you on about, did you just google Scottish stereotypes as told by the world worst comedians and think yeah that will really stick it to them. The truth is though its just pish patter

Crowd: You got pish patter!!!!! You got pish patter!!!!!!!

CF: And did you really think comparing everyone to a multi time champion, a millionaire playboy who just happens to have a 15 inch wang was an insult.

*Faith turns to an attractive woman in the crowd winking while mouthing the words when soft*

HE: He can’t say that

HA: I think he just did

*Faith walks back and forward raising his hands riling up the already partisan crowd*

CROWD: Faith...Faith....FAITH....FAITH

CF: Listen to then Jack, they know what you know. That you picked a fight you just cant win. See you stand in the ring acting the hard man but i have made a career of knocking mouthy pricks like you out.

*Faith pauses for brief second as flicker of doubt briefly appears across his face*

CF: And Tonight Jack won’t be any different, see i may be on a losing streak right now, but f*ck me i wont be beaten by a glorified side kick. See last time i came home, fought in this building i underestimated my opponent and it cost me, i will not make that mistake again.

*Faith points at Hurst in the ring*

I will not be beaten by the likes of you, not in front of my people, not here, not in my house. Not again!



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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Mon 27 Feb 2017, 9:56 pm

*Hirst calmly chuckles to himself as the locals chant for their native hero

JH: Hard? Goodness, not a man could be hard in front of these faces! They make Stoke on deadline day look like a cast of Bond girls!

*He laughs to himself as the fans struggle to even understand the joke

JH: Mr Faith, I don't come here to act the braggart, come across all 'hard' or what have you. I come here to show these people a touch of class, of betterment. Everything you cannot give them.

In fact, I come here to educate them, something it is quite clear your country hasn't done for many a year! I presume then ten-plus around these parts is how many cigarettes you can fit down your underpants in the local corner shop without being noticed.

*More boos fly down

HA: Despicable

HE: Hard truths hurt

JH: Look, Cameron, let's be clear here. You're nothing but a cheap pop and a job spot for this company. They put you on the billboards and get the apes to come pay a shiny penny to guffaw and dribble in excitement as you lump on by.

I am a man of matured decency; you are an alcoholic obituary waiting to happen. It would be a mercy to you if I caved your head in during this match. These buffoons may mourn, but to end you now would surely limit the pain for yourselves and us poor souls who have to be around you...

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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by Paul Mac 6CW Tue 28 Feb 2017, 7:03 am

Cassius smiles in the ring and Dicey lifts the mic to respond. By Myself blasts out of the speakers and the crowd start to boo

HA: Hate is a strong word Henry but I would definitely go as far as saying this man is one of the most hated men to ever set foot in a 6CW ring

HE: I would say that feeling spreads beyond the boundaries of this company

HA: That is something me and you can agree on. Lex Hart is one of the most successful wrestlers of his generation and wherever he has gone he has maintained a special relationship with the fans in particular

HE: Technically one of the best ever but aside from all that talent he is an arrogant, cocky, self centred.....

Lex Hart swaggers towards the ring. Dicey and Cassius keep one eye on each other as they watch Lex climb into the ring

HA: Normally one to avoid confrontation unless it is absolutely necessary

HE: Are you saying somebody as decorated as Lex Hart is a coward

HA: He certainly picks and chooses his fights wisely Henry. Lex is one of the smartest around and he won't put himself in harms way if not absolutely necessary

HE: Well if he has aspirations to be the next World champion now is one of those necessary occasions

HA: We shall see. Lex being Lex I'm sure he has a trick or two up his sleeve

Lex grabs a mic

LH: Isn't this cosy, two men, a warm beverage. You're just a shared blanket and a quick fumble away from a happy ending

Cassius glares at Lex and Dicey gives a sarcastic clap

LH: But you know I didn't come out here for pleasantries. As nice as your shared stories are I think it's necessary to add some realism to these fairytales.

Have you heard the one about the man who should be king?

Cassius and Dicey look blankly as Lex continues

LH: It's a long and winding tale that crosses many years and involves a lot of famous names but throughout the story there is always one constant.

One reoccurring feature

Lex smiles and his eyes narrow as he lifts the mic

LH: ME!!

LH: Lets start with JJ Johnson. It may be rude to speak ill of a guy who's not here to defend himself but JJ has a habit of leaving on a whim so I can't wait for him to turn up each time I wanna tell a few home truths

Now JJ was a legend, some would say in that other place he was one of the best. And JJ came to 6CW with a reputation but reputations get you nowhere in this business.

Lex scowls

LH: Money and words may get you in the door but you gotta be willing to do what ever it takes to get the job done.

And JJ doesn't have what it takes. JJ picked a fight with the wrong man

JJ was weak and JJ Johnson left on a stretcher at the hands of Lex Hart.

The crowd boo and a small JJ chant starts

LH: Oh shut the hell up, he's not your guy. He doesn't care a damn about you. You need to get behind a real warrior, a man who's been here since the beginning

The JJ chant subsides and a Dicey chant takes its place

Lex sneers smugly
LH: You are so fickle.....

Lex turns to face Reilly

LH: Dicey, Dicey, Dicey

Here we stand again. The best of friends, the worst of enemies. Our names are synonymous with so much this company has gone through over all the years and yet here we still are. The story continues, the legend grows but for anyone who has been in a hole or a well or you know just had their heads up their asses for the last few years let me recap briefly.

You built this company up from nothing, back in the day you were the first to arrive and always the last to leave, you were the life and soul of this business. You showed me what it meant to be a 6CW icon. Me and you stood side by side, you trusted me with your life and we were the future of this company

Lex scowls and spits on the mat before smiling evilly

LH: But I tore out your heart and burnt your beloved company damn near to the ground and you've never been able to get past that betrayal. It eats away at you every day that you trusted me. You let yourself be drawn in.

You believed in me...

You poor ignorant fool

Lex laughs and turns to the 6CW champion

LH: And Cassius....

Lex laughs sneering at his long time adversary as the 6CW champion retains constant eye contact with Hart. Lex pauses briefly carefully choosing his words

LH: I..........took...........her.........

Cassius' head drops for a second before returning with a scowl. Lex smiles licking his lips enjoying the fact he's getting under the two men's skin

LH: There are only two things you care about Zhi. Absolute power and that promiscuous sl.....

Lex stops speaking, Cassius' eyes narrow and the veins on his neck twitch

LH: I had one at my beck and call

Lex looks at the 6CW championship briefly

LH: And now I will take from you the other

Lex puffs out his chest and eyeballs the two men stood across the ring from him

LH: You know its true!!

I am the man who is always two steps ahead. You hate that, no matter what. There is always that niggling voice in the back of your head

Lex points at Dicey

LH: I am better than you

And then points at Cassius
LH: I am better than you

Lex smiles and points around the arena

LH: I am better than all of you....

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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by President Trump Tue 28 Feb 2017, 4:36 pm

Lex is looking smugly at Dicey and Zhi and soaking up the hatred from the crowd

Dicey: They don’t seem too fickle to me there Lex, I just think they know a d**khead when they see one

Crowd: DICEY

Dicey: Don’t act like you don’t miss it, the crowd chanting your name, the bromance we had, you are right Lex I did trust you with my life, I did have faith in you when everyone else spat on you as you walked on by and I admit it cut me to the core when you were revealed as the leader of Genesis, but I’m still here broken hearted and all, the company is still here too, you tried to kill us both but here we are son ready and waiting to show you have much we really missed you


Dicey turns to a stone faced Zhi

Dicey: To have a better future, one must look to the past and right his mistakes and trust me Zhi I have made a lot, but without the past we are nothing, look at this place for example, it has been through it all, Invasions, near closer, closer, more invasions, dodgy owner after dodgy owner but look we are still here

Crowd: 6-C-DUB

Dicey: We will always be here…I will always be here because where else do people like us go, this company doesn’t not belong to me or you or that numpty over there or even Monster, it belongs to the people that are out there, that show up for all the shows, all the PPVs, all the signings and events because this is where they feel like they belong and I love’em for it, they are my people and I will keep fighting for them, with that belt around my waist or not, I will fight to the end and that’s all I can do and that is all they want to see

HA: Dicey is speaking from the heart

Dicey: Last year I spoke a lot about the men and women who sacrificed it all to try and free Ireland in 1916, they all died because they believed what they were doing was for the betterment of their people, they died fighting and through their deaths they brought on the end of oppressive rule in 26 of the 32 counties of Ireland and created the Republic that I am proud to be part of, last year I tried just like them to stop you and your friends from destroying this company and I failed but not anymore, I will succeed where I failed before, it may not be at Ashes to Ashes but I have dug in deep and I’m not gonna stop until you are, so enjoy all this while you can Zhi because like all empires you all fall in the end and it only takes one annoyingly persistent Irishman to bring it on

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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by x12x Tue 28 Feb 2017, 5:07 pm

The lights in the 6CW arena go dim as 'Clouds' by He Is Legend begins to fill the air bringing out the figure of Edward Plague, a sick smile on his face as the crowd boo him. Plague takes his time, looking in to the sea of people who rain down abuse at him.

HA: Things are about to get weird...the leaders of the Brotherhood is here...

HE: This guy freaks me out, where's Hero when you need him?

HA: Yeah, that's what we need...two motormouths with god complexes...

As Plague reaches the ring he crawls under the bottom rope and remains low to the ground, crawling all the way over to the opposite turnbuckle before pulling himself half way up, he then spins causing himself to slump in a seated position. Plague pauses for a moment beckoning for a stagehand to bring him a microphone. Plague looks around before speaking, waiting for the boo's to die down.

Plague: The word hero is as old as the passing of time itself...yet now the word has rusted and twisted to what it has become today. A hero used to fight off the demons but now you have allowed it to become something that smothers the light and further blinds you...

...The days of heroes saving the world are over... a Hero is nothing more than a beacon of filth, the weak and the vapid put on a pillar and you eat it up, mimicking their every foolish action. You have been taught to be a clone, you have been taught that you are worthless and that these zombies are the only ones that matter.

Plague pauses as the crowd boo him

Plague: You see, I tell you the truth...I tell you that you are more than you allow yourself to be and you try to cast me away. I do not blame your were born to be a sheep and lead by were born to be you spread your hate towards me for offering are just living up to your destiny.

...a destiny only I can change... I do not blame your misguided hate. I know that you are afraid, I know that you fear change because it means for once in your worthless, pathetic lives you would have to stand up and tell the world...

...I am not a sheep.

Plague pulls himself up to his feet, walking towards the front of the ring and staring at the stage

Plague: Brother Murdoch...Brother Clarke...I do not blame you either...You are caught up in a war that you simply cannot believe yourself to be saved but you have been blinded by a wolf. You are but sheep who have been allowed to lie with the wolves...

...The one I the so called Hero in all of this.

The crowd give a mixed reaction, completely split down the middle as half the fans seem to hate Hero and the other half seem to love him

Plague: Hero...the wolf at my door...the threat...

...the false idol.

Plague opens his hand out to the stage, speaking again

Plague: I do believe it is time for us to meet...I want to see if there is just another sheep under that costume or if you truly believe the image you portray in the mirror.


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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by JJJohnson Tue 28 Feb 2017, 6:36 pm

"La....La La...La....Wait 'til I get my money right"

*"Ante Up" booms through the speakers and there is a positive reaction from the Glasgow crowd as JJ Johnson moonwalks out onto the stage and raises his arm into the air. He soaks in the reaction of the audience and nods his head before motioning a belt around his waist.

HA: And now we have the full set....the four men that will compete at Ashes to Ashes for the 6CW World Heavyweight Championship....

HE: I can't deny the run of form that JJ Johnson has been on....but do you really think he still has what it takes to be the main man?

HA: I do and the majority of these fans do too...JJ's name has been synonymous with success throughout his entire career and I don't believe he would have returned to professional wrestling if he did not truly believe he can still hang tough at the highest level....he wouldn't settle for anything less than as good as he always has been...

*JJ leaps ups onto the apron and he glares at his three opponents before climbing up onto the turnbuckle and posing for the fans in attendance, flashbulbs going off all around. He nods his head again and smirks before leaping into the ring.

HA: I don't think there has been many more highly anticipated world championship matches.....these four men will compete for thirty minutes....unlimited pinfalls and submissions in that time....but the last man to score a decision before the time is up will leave with the richest prize in our business...

*JJ takes his own mic and he stops as he stares from Cassius to Lex and then to Dicey. All four men stand their ground and some words are exchanged as the audience make their voices heard.

Crowd: Let's go JJ.....Let's go Dicey x10

HA: I have a feeling we are going to have a very split audience on Monday night...

HE: JJ used to be the universal figure of popularity.....these are new grounds for him...

HA: I think he's growing used to it..

*JJ continues to listen to the audience and he acknowledges them before raising his mic

JJ: If that kind of reaction doesn't get the blood pumping then you may as well pack up yo (beep) and get stepping.....this is what this business is all about....

*Crowd pop as JJ stares around the ring, none of the other three disagreeing with his statement.

JJ: We all been around a long a55 time....between the fo' of us we probably accomplished mo' than most.....I'd say it is pretty fair to assume this might just be the most star studded 6CW Championship match of all time...

*More cheers from the crowd

JJ: These are the nights that any promoter....any company....any superstar....they want these kinds of matches.....twelve world championship reigns combined....sold out per view sales through the goddamn roof.....20,000 strong on they feet...

Crowd: 6C-Dub x10

JJ: And quite frankly I don't give a damn about any of y'all stood in this ring right now but what I do care about is creating these moments and these memories for all of them...

**JJ points around the arena

JJ: See I know I ain't as popular as I once was, maybe somewhere along the line they got tired of my schtick, maybe they find someone they liked a little bit mo' than me....or maybe, just maybe, it's because I didn't build this house....I'm not their hero....

*Now the chants of "Dicey Reilly" ring all around and JJ nods

JJ: But whether it's 6WF or 6CW......whether I'm hated or loved, ain't nobody gone ever doubt that when I'm in this ring it is 110% from the beginning to the end....ain't no stone unturned, it's go hard or take yo a55 back home...  

And when I'm done....when the time comes to hang it up because I just ain't got it no mo'....I want to be able to look back on nights like the one we got coming up and add it to the long a55 list I already got....I ain't going out without a few mo' memories....a few mo' plaudits....and...

*JJ stands in front of Cassius now

JJ: At least one mo' world heavyweight championship!

*Cassius smirks, his eyes full of dislike, as he glares at Johnson

JJ: Because whilst you two (he points at Cassius & Dicey) wanna tear each other apart....and whilst you (he points at Lex) want to bask in the glory of how long it has been since you did something newsworthy....I'm putting in the work, for the first time in my career I'm flying under the radar.....and if you ain't realised by now just how dangerous that is....then it's already too late to do anything about it...

18 months Lex Hart took off of my career.....piledriver on top of a ladder damn near snapped my neck in two.....eighteen months from my career taken by Cassius Zhi....the effort necessary in order to dethrone his reign of tyranny back in 6WF.....three whole years in rehabilitation thanks to the both of you and yet here we stand....still I'm on the same matter how good you believe you are, even your best wasn't enough to to keep me down....and Monday night gone be exactly the same...

*JJ paces the ring now

JJ: Even when you put me down I come back....I come back bigger, better and badder than ever....Lex Hart wants to talk about home truths so here we go....I go away, I stay away and when I come back I'm still a bigger deal than any of y'all.....I spend three years on the shelf combined and even in that time you can't rise above what I'm capable of.....I could take another goddamn vacation and when I return I'm still the main event name still up in lights....the rest of you sons of b1tches collecting chump change whilst I'm breaking the mother(beeping) bank!

As competitors I respect any man that climbs through those takes takes heart that few men possess.....but I don't like a single one of you fools and Monday night I'm gonna enjoy showing you...

*JJ stands in front of Lex

JJ: You've had eighteen months to live off of my name....and in that time you claimed yoself a tag team title reign and a sniff of Miss Jessica's thong....and there was me thinking you were some kind of cerebral assassin....turns out you were nothing but a pink panted pussyhole I always assumed....

You had the end of my life in the palm of yo hand....just like once upon a time you held the heart of this company.....and guess what? choked....both times you the Falcons in the Super saw the end in sight, your career defining moment and you fumbled missed the boat and the chance will never come around again......because I dare you to test my patience once more.....I'm going to enjoy my revenge with you, tomorrow or a year down the line you are going to look into my eyes and rue the day you failed to finish the want to see a warrior? I'll see you on Monday night...

*JJ then walks around to Dicey and the fans are torn once more

JJ: Ain't never had a problem with you Dicey....seems the only animosity comes from took exception to me representing Team 6CW in War Games....took exception to my beef with we from different side of the tracks so maybe we ain't never gone see eye to eye but anything that goes down from here is because you asked for it and I want you to make sure you never forget that...

See you can sup a beer, swear a whole lot in an incoherent fashion but fact remains that you ain't on my level, never have been and you never will be....for anyone who ever wondered about a dream scenario where we facing off well Monday night they gone see exactly what I'm talking about....and it ain't gone be a dream fo'' like a living nightmare....and after I'm done beating some sense into you maybe you and Gazzy can exchange stories on how it feels to be made into JJ Johnson's personal b1tch!

*There is a heated response from the crowd at these words before JJ turns on Cassius

JJ: And heck playa it's been a long damn time......chapter after chapter in the most famous storybook rivalry that professional wrestling has ever seen....

It damn sure seems like one can't exist without the other....

*Cassius' chest heaves as he faces JJ

JJ: But this time yo' focus ain't on me and I can see the dilemma in those eyes....the mental anguish and torment eating you from the inside.....

Not once.....not ever have you managed to head into a match with me and walk away victorious....that alone is the single biggest parasite that lives within your hate me just as much as I hate you...

But every time we face off you've had've had preparation....your mind has been set solely on me and my destruction...

*JJ whispers in Cassius' ear

JJ: And it still wasn't enough...

*JJ smirks as he steps back

JJ: So you really believe whilst you got yo' finger on the trigger and your sights set on ending Dicey Reilly that you can overcome a man that you have never beaten?

Face facts,'ve built up yet another empire....just like you did in've run have created chaos...ruled with a goddamn iron fist, destroyed anyone foolish enough to oppose you....

And yet...

*JJ laughs and holds out his arms

JJ: Here comes the big bad wolf....gone huff, puff and blow that empire to bits, brick by brick so help me God...

You see I got a little bit sick of kicking yo a55, Cassius....that (beep) kinda became repetitive after I'm quite happy to step aside and let you finish what you and Dicey started...

I'm just gone be needing that belt before you feel me?

*JJ lowers his mic and stares at his opponents again as the crowd go wild

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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by Good Golly I'm Olly Tue 28 Feb 2017, 9:17 pm

*As Steel turns and faces the ramp, O'Callaghan picks up his mic to speak again*

O'Callaghan: "Woah woah there Geoff, it's only 7:30pm mate your carer isn't coming for at least another what, half hour? No need to look up that ramp just yet pal..."

*O'Callaghan chuckles, the crowd give no reaction, Steel mainly ignores the Irishman*

O'Callaghan: "Geoff you say you're the man for the big occasion my friend, can you name me anything of significance you've done in what the past two years in this company? Same applies to you Jack, please enlighten me on your accomplishments, because to me, and this is just me, all I see standing before me is a guy was last relevant as I say in about 2012, and the lesser half of Perfect Execution"

*O'Callaghan turns to Jack now*

O'Callaghan: "Jack my man, you're calling this fine fellow a coward? Mate, have you been watching 6CW like at all the past year? I have taken on all comers, I mean heck Glasgow, you guys know I'm not a coward right?!"

*The crowd boo O'Callaghan, and a few smatterings of "I'll lamp ya ya wee irish git" can be heard*

O'Callaghan: "Hahaha, oh Glasgow surely you guys haven't been doing so much sugar for the nose that you can't remember what happened right here in this very ring on August 1st 2016....roll the footage lads"

*O'Callaghan points at the titantron, which shows a flashback to the August 1st episode of 6CW Aftermath in Glasgow, and the UK Title match between Cameron Faith the champion, and O'Callaghan the challenger*

6CW Aftermath 1st August 2016 wrote:O'Callaghan takes down Faith with a judo-like leg sweep, He grabs the legs of Faith, he steps through...





The crowd once again put the full force of their support behind Faith, he is nodding his head trying to fight the hold. Faith claws his way forward towards the ropes, but O'Callaghan drags him back and then leans further back in the hold with the pain evident across the face of the UK Champion.

HE: The hold very much locked in here!

O'Callaghan wrenches back on the hold, Faith yelling in agony as the crowd continue to cheer. These cheers begin to die down in correlation with the fight of Faith. O'Callaghan is dripped with sweat such is the force he is applying, he urges the ref to check on Faith.

His hand drops once but then the crowd go wild as Faith's hand doesn't drop down for the 2nd time. He places his hands on the mat, pressing his body into the air and crawling towards the ropes.

HA: What fight from Faith.

HE: He needs this break, he needs the ropes...

HA: Nearly there, one more reach...No!

HE: O'Callaghan drags him back to the middle of the ring!

HA: This has to be it!

O'Callaghan pulls Faith away from the ropes just as he was an arms length away, he is practically seated such is the force he is applying to the hold and eventually, Cameron Faith has no choice...





Ding, Ding, Ding!

The crowd are in total silence as O'Callaghan releases the hold as the bell rings to signal the end of the match, he slumps forward in exhaustion...

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman...the winner of this match by way of SUBMISSION and NEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW 6CW UK CHAMPION...O'CALLAGHAAAAANNNNNNN!

The referee is passed the title by the time-keeper, he walks towards O'Callaghan, he lifts his head up and then looks to the title, a smile breaking out on his face as he grabs it from the ref and clutches the title closely before getting to his feet.

HA: What a shock! O'Callaghan has just defeated Cameron Faith for the 6CW UK Championship, in Faith's home-town.

HE: We knew this kid had potential, we knew he'd come good but I don't think anyone believed it would be tonight. Not against this opponent, not in that way and certainly not in this environment, this atmosphere.

HA: O'Callaghan went into the lions den, he went in against a home-town hero who has been a championship holder in every company he's been in, who has barely been without at least one title for the last 18 months and made him tap out.

*The titantron dies out, and O'Callaghan is smiling from ear to ear in the ring*

O'Callaghan: "You guys see that right? This coward came into this very building, in front of all this drugged up, drunk hooligans, against a hometown hero, and made him tap out in the centre of this very ring. I mean guys, that's not even my greatest achievement of the past twelve months, but it gazumps anything you have done..."

*O'Callaghan winks at Steel then Perfect Jack*

O'Callaghan: "You two, and Mike Hill, wherever he may be right now, can try to convince yourselves that my attack on Monday night was me trying to take you out before Ashes to Ashes, but the reality is that O'Callaghan, once again, is just a step ahead of this roster, and management. Not only am I physically and technically superior, I am also messing with you psychologically...and I hate to break the news to you guys, but being in this ring with me wearing these two belts right now, is the closest you're going to come to them whilst I still intend on holding them."

*O'Callaghan lifts the UK Title up, and preens the International one round his waist*

O'Callaghan: "In fact, the more O'Callaghan thinks about it, this whole match and little session we have going on here should involve more appreciation from you guys, I mean you get to wrestle against and in the same match as the hottest property in the business today, somebody will actually be watching your match for once! May I suggest maybe getting some new merchandise, you might as well make an extra buck or two in the process of losing, eh?"

*O'Callaghan cheekily smiles at both Jack and Steel....*
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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by Electric Demon Tue 28 Feb 2017, 11:32 pm

Cassius is clearly riled as his eyes dart back and forth from JJ to Lex and to Dicey. He strokes the back of his head furiously, failing dismally to hide the fact that JJ’s words have somewhat landed and for a moment he looks intimidated by the prospect of taking on all three opponents at the same time. Zhi laughs nervously then cracks his neck and takes a big gulp of tea before holding up an accusatory finger at Johnson.

Cassius : Don’t do this, Johnson. DON’T DO THIS, JOHNSON!

Zhi laughs manically again

Cassius : Don’t play this up to be something that it’s not, Johnson. It’s what you always…. It’s… It’s what you do, Johnson! But not this time! This isn’t one for the ages. It’s not a once in a lifetime. It’s not some clash of the titans… maybe five years ago it was, Johnson. But not now. NOW this is just one legend who stood the test of time against three who couldn’t! Against three who are OUT OF TIME!

That’s what this is Johnson! That’s what THIS… is.

You know what THIS is? (Zhi furiously points at all four of them in turn). THIS is Triple H (pointing to himself) vs Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania…


Harold Lloyd : Sounds like a pretty big deal to me!

Cassius : In the trailer, spliced with all the archive footage and the Hollywood voiceover it seems like some gladiatorial epic, but in reality its just one warrior who can still go, to borrow your vernacular for a moment, versus three crippled odes to nostalgia.


Cassius : I’M THE ONE WHO CAN STILL BEAT ANYBODY! Whereas you three are just beat!

Zhi gets up in Johnson’s face

Cassius : I’m not scared of you, Johnson. Only a fool fears the past. And at Ashes to Ashes, I’m going to put you back on the shelf, with all the history books and the best of DVD’s where you belong… and I’m going to put you there for GOOD!

Cassius seethes at JJ, they both share an intense stare-off, before Zhi turns his attention to Hart

Cassius : And just like Johnson, Hart… once upon a time, I’ll admit it, you inflicted pain upon me. Just like Johnson you inflicted a defeat upon me that I wasn’t able to take my retribution for. That I didn’t know HOW to take my retribution for. Just like when Johnson left 6WF, with a broken body but the most important win of all time in his back pocket, a part of me was torn away and congratulations Lex Hart, I admit it, what you did to me tore a part of me away too!

Harold Lloyd : WOW! A frank admission from Zhi. The fans are stunned into silence here!

Zhi stares into Lex’ eyes, his emotionless gaze momentarily tinged with regret at giving something away. The regret flashes away into anger and then composure is regained through a sip of tea.

Cassius : But just like JJ Johnson’s accomplishment, that too is all in the past. And you may well have succeeded in taking Jessica away, Lex Hart, but that is because Jessica is a fickle being, susceptible to betrayal, always liable to spread her wings at any moment. But this….

Zhi looks down at the title belt on his shoulder with a sly grin then back to Lex with a shake of the head

Cassius : This is incapable of betrayal, Hart. This is THE one truth!

Zhi takes the 6CW World Title from his shoulder and holds it up in the air

Cassius : You can convince that little girl, forever longing to be a princess, that you are the King in waiting, but THIS is like a magic mirror on the wall that tells me every day who’s the greatest of them all… and you will only ever glimpse it from afar, Lex Hart. It will NEVER hold your reflection. You will NEVER… NEVER get your hands on THIS!

Zhi heaves with aggression then puts the title back on his shoulder and takes another sip of tea

Cassius : But what is it that you three see when YOU look in the mirror?

Cassius slowly paces around them all then looks at the side of Dicey’s face

Cassius : One of your Irish heroes from 1916 staring back at you?

Zhi begins to laugh incredulously

Cassius : Look around you, Dicey. Look at what you are fighting for. Just like your ancestors, you can fight and fight and you can gain whatever semblance of independence it is you are seeking – but the place you are fighting for will always be the spa5tic cousin of a greater power, with greater history, and evolutionary superior descendants.

Zhi holds his arms out triumphantly

Cassius : I already killed YOUR company, Dicey Reilly. I killed it when I destroyed you at War Games. And if you want to put that right then you’re going to have to look further back into history for inspiration than JJ Johnson and Lex Hart. You’re going to have to look back even further than you’ve gone tonight already. Because to put right what I’ve done to YOUR company, Reilly, requires inspiration from an Easter much further back than 101 years ago!

You need the power of resurrection because I HAVE KILLED IT, REILLY!


Zhi turns his attention back to all three opponents

Cassius : Gentlemen… this isn’t a freedom fight, this isn’t one for the ages, and it’s not the climax of some love story gone wrong… we find ourselves converged here because we all have one thing in common.

None of us like each other.

But that’s where the similarities end, because unlike you three, at least I like myself!

Because I guarantee whatever it is you do see in that mirror, gentlemen, is an image you HATE.

You HATE what you have become. Whereas I am in awe of what I am!

You know, between us we’ve got almost a half a century of collective history.

But mark my words we have only ONE future…


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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by Engel Harlequin Wed 01 Mar 2017, 12:14 pm

Engel slumps to the mat, a disappointed look upon his face as Liam Wood smirks at Engel.

EH: know what Liam? You win. You have single handedly outwitted me. There's nothing left to say or do but drop that big piece of crap out of that window, and go on to face you later tonight for that EWF title and hope...hope you actually know what your talking about when it comes to me.

Engel signals to the masked men on the tron to drop Man Mountain Mike. There is a loud crash and the sound of running footsteps as the two masked men run off screen. The crowd, and commentators are in shock

EH: HeHeHeHe...

The fans don't know how to react as Engel casually steps through the ropes and drops to the mat outside. His eyes fixated on Liam Wood who becomes to look a little uneasy

EH: I am not scared of poking bears Liam, the truth is I have your number...and deep down, you know it, these angels know it. BOO...HOO Mr Plague those nasty men are teaming up on me, we all saw it Liam. Your scared, I'm surprised you even came out here to be perfectly honest but your ego never lets you down.

Engel slowly walks towards Liam. Suddenly the crowd burst into laughter as Man Mountain Mike bursts through the "window" and the camera pans out to reveal a set.

MMM: Do you want me to come out there Brother Liam?

Engel laughs as the camera goes back to ringside

EH: You don't need Liam to answer that question surely you big lug? I mean you have ye own voice donnae ya? hehehehe...seems not. Come on down...BROTHER Michael, bring Edward and his death squad and lets get this party started. (Engels eyes refocus back on Liam Wood) Liam, I didnt ask Robin Reborn to be the special guest referee because I need him...oh no the truth is...YOU NEED Robin Reborn, he's out here to make sure things are straight down the middle, he is also here to stop me doing anything I might regret! You better hope and pray that he is fit enough for our match. Tonight is about you and me Liam, who is the better man? Can you manage that? Or will your ego mean yet again that your trinket round your waist is worth cheating everybody out of a title match? That EWF title should be around my waist, and while I don't care clearly as much as you do about your little shiny...ITS MINE, YOU STOLE IT...TONIGHT LIAM...I TAKE IT BACK...Ashes to ashes dust to dust!

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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by Hero Wed 01 Mar 2017, 12:57 pm

As Edward Plague finishes speaking he stares up the ramp and as if on cue ‘Glorious’ begins to echo out throughout the arena, a golden spotlight circles the fans before centring upon the figure of Hero who now stands upon the stage. His arms aloft in his crucifix pose he smirks and tilts his head slightly to the side as he looks directly at Plague.

HE: Our chosen Leader of the Church! The one that died and came back to save us all!

HA: He didn’t die you buffoon, it was just a simple ruse to get him attention and try and make him relevant in 2017!

HE: Blasphemer! May Hero have mercy upon your very soul when judgement day is upon you!
Hero waits for his music to die and the sound of the vilification from parts of the crowd to abate before slowly raising his mic to speak…
H: Little pig, little pig, let me in…
Oh no, not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin.
Then I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house in!

Hero makes a motion of blowing towards Plague and then laughs before addressing him again.
H: Oh I’m a wolf Plague, the biggest meanest nastiest wolf you’ve ever seen with those beady little eyes of yours. Edward, it isn’t sheep that follow my call, but my fellow wolves and I’m the Alpha Male, we hunt as a pack and you’re nothing more than prey. You’ve built your little house of straw, you think you’re all safe and protected inside but come Ashes to Ashes little piggy you’ll be squealing and your banjo playing followers won’t be able to save you. Squeal piggy squeal!
Hero looks upon Plague and makes a gesture of playing a banjo.
H: You make reference to the origin of my name? It refers back to Greek times Edward, of beings with divine ancestry or given divine honours, the powers of a God. And with these powers I shall smite down upon thee oh some terrible vengeance. See you’re an annoyance Plague, not for the reason you probably think you are, simply that at Ashes to Ashes there’s a 4 way match going on for the 6CW World Title, a match in which it’s Dicey v JJ v Lex v Cassius, four guys with which I have history with, four guys that are somehow at this very moment in time somehow also promoing in that very ring.

Hero looks down the camera and says ‘ooh breaking down the 4th wall Dicey style’

H: And at Anarchy I showed those 4 guys exactly where the true power lies in 6CW, not in the hands of a drunk potato lover from Craggy Island, not in the hands of Parappa the Rapper aka the Fresh Prince of Bellênd, not in the hands of Jessica’s cuckold who’s simply not man enough to keep her satisfied, and certainly not in the hands of Sagat from Street Fighter, how did it feel Cass? Lying on your back looking up at your God?
But at the PPV it’s the Church v the Brotherhood and my anger, my disproval, my vengeance shall be taken out on you Edward. Ashes to Ashes is a very, very apt name for shall I show you mercy?

The lights dim in the arena and a lone spotlight circles in on Hero as he brings the microphone closer to his mouth and he slowly whispers into it…
H: I commend unto my hands of mercy, most merciful Hero, the soul of this the Brotherhood departed, and I commit their bodies to the ground, earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust; and I beseech my infinite goodness to give you all grace to live in my fear and love and die in my favour, that when the judgement shall come which thou hast committed to thy well-beloved sin, both this our Brotherhood and you may be found acceptable in my sight. Grant this, O merciful God, for the sake of Hero, your only Saviour, Mediator and Advocate….Amen


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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by Crimey Wed 01 Mar 2017, 1:55 pm

(The doors of the crematorium are blasted open and Crime Lord is stood there in a suit, he's holding a steel pipe and staring Cerberus' down.)

CL- This is truly pathetic.

(Crime Lord steps forward, his steps echoing around the room as Cerberus looks on bemused.)

CL- All this is just one great big empty gesture. This is not scary, this is not intimidating, these are not even very good mind games. What these are Cerberus is a desperate attempt to distract. You have organised all this, spent your money, wasted your time, all to try and divert attention from the fact you are running scared. That's why you've come out here to this place instead of addressing me from the ring. You've awoken the beast inside me and you know it and now you've backed yourself into a corner where your only escape is to be beaten and rolled into a casket to be buried alive. You think you scare anybody? You're a little boy trapped in a 7 foot body. 

You can quote your bible verses and coming up with stupid analogies but at Ashes to Ashes it's just you and me and a fight for that title, but more importantly a fight that will leave you six feet under. That's what I'm in this for. When this all started I was interested in the TV Title, it was another notch, another accolade to add to my gold-filled now it's personal and what I really care about is inflicting as much pain and suffering on you as I physically can. I want to eviscerate you, I want to embarrass you and then I want to lock you inside that tiny casket and bury you. That's what I will do Cerberus, I will bury you. I have done that my entire career, every young promising talent in 6WF and here have got one route to the top and sooner or later they have to come face to face with me and I BURY them. Only those lucky enough to survive have ever made a name for themselves.

You might think you're one of the lucky ones, that when you beat me last month that this was a sign that you had my number or that I am past my prime. I haven't peaked Cerberus, I haven't even begun to peak, when I have peaked the whole world will know about it! What you did Cerberus was you gave yourself a little more time and you used that time given to you poorly. You had the chance to run, to escape, to give that title up and go retire to whatever the hell hole you crawled out of. You could have spent the rest of your days knowing you made me tap out, that'd get you pretty far you know, you could have made a career out of that. I hear the convention scene is getting a little better you know and they would pay a lot to have the man who retired after beating the best the world has ever seen. Instead you stayed, you didn't THINK, your ego grew, your confidence had a boost and now you're walking into the lion's den with no escape and I swear to God I am going to tear you apart.

At Ashes to Ashes will barely be able to be called a wrestling match, it will be a brutal FIGHT and I am going to make sure the public get what they pay for. They are watching always desperate for us to go further, to top the last time, to get more brutal, to get more violent...well they will certainly will get what they paid for, but I'm certain they will like it. I am going to take you apart, I am going to leave you with NOTHING and why...?

BECAUSE NOBODY IS BETTER THAN ME! You want to go around proclaiming that you are my equal or even that you're somehow better than me?! I can't have that. I AM THE BEST. I WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST. At Ashes to Ashes I will prove that when I destroy you. Mark my words Cerberus, I am going to destroy you, crush you and ALL THIS will be laughed at for years to come, the fact that you thought you had a chance will leave you as the biggest laughing stock in 6CW history!


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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by x12x Wed 01 Mar 2017, 2:03 pm

Wood looks at Engel with the smile still on his face and shakes his head, almost as if he was embarrassed for him

You see Engel, THIS is why you don't scare's the same way that horror movies don't scare me...everything with you is just an act, a cry for's all just a way to get attention and now for's lost it's edge...what used to be kind of impressive now just comes off as fake.

Even your accusations do...I'm scared of you? Just like I was scared of Dicey Reilly? Just like I was scared of Keith Leone? It doesn't matter how many times your repeat doesn't make it true just like it didn't when everyone else said it to me...God damn it man get some originality out could have just put on their little speeches and saved yourself the time because you sound JUST like them.

Wood moves closer to Engel, almost whispering as he speaks directly to him

but're not the same as them are you Engel?, you're special aren't you? A special little self diagnosed snowflake that uses this show like a therapy session because his heads oh so messed up...'s ironic that people used to joke about me being the emo one when we probably should have been putting you on suicide watch since day are depressed aren't you?

Wood pauses, leaning in and speaking again

...or is it just another one of your acts? Exploiting mental health issues to get sympathy from the idiots in this's hard to tell what's real and what isn't with you Engel...the asylums, the comic book villain BS...where's the real you hiding?

Because that's exactly what you're're hiding the real you...because out of the two men standing toe to toe right're the one that's scared...
...You're scared that once people realise that THIS is all an act that they'll see that you're just a normal idiot like them and they'll no longer chant for you, they'll no longer cheer and just like Mummy...they'll no longer care.

Wood pats Engel on the shoulder and begins to walk away, stopping as he reaches the stage where he turns back to face his opponent

So well done tried to get under my skin, you tried to expose me and you tried to audition for the next Marvel movie but sadly you failed...well done for trying though, well done for being brave enough to come out here...

...well done for not looking in the mirror and deciding to throw yourself under a goddamn train because if I had to have a failure like you looking back at me...I probably would have done that long ago.

Wood drops the mic and soaks in the fury from the fans, his eyes locked on Engel as he backs away, leaving the arena with Engel stood alone.


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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Wed 01 Mar 2017, 3:01 pm

*As Wood steps to the curtain, Do or Die by Childish Gambino hits. Robin Reborn comes out to the arena. Wood stares at the former-6CW Champion incredulously, but Reborn blanks him, smashing his shoulder into the EWF champ and walking down the ramp, He stops in the middle and turns back to eyeball Wood as the man once known as Viper walks away shaking his hand and staring daggers at Reborn.

HA: No love lost there, Henry

HE: Reborn needs to be careful, he'll be in that ring with Wood too and the EWF champ could end him in seconds

HA: I'd think that the man needing to be most careful is Wood; Reborn runs the ring and rules the roost as ref at Ashes to Ashes. Liam used to struggle with Costello's Law, but at Ashes to Ashes the law runs through Robin Reborn's interpretation of the rulebook!

*Reborn takes a mic from a stage-hand and address Engel Harlequin

RR: Blah-blah-blah, Engel! The baby has spat his dummy out and gotten all his teenage frustration out, but now we got real talk, boy!

*He hops from foot to foot and smiles

RR: We talking about the man who will hold that title, it's all been about who got their hands on it...but that ain't why I'm here. What neither of you understand what it is to be a champion. Not hold a title, nah, thats just a shiny toy - the championship doesn't make a man, the man makes a championship. What have GazzyD, JJ, Stone Cold, John Cena, Kenny Omega done with titles? They've been champions as men, and that is what stands in the memory. Liam Wood is a David Arquette champion - not a man will remember this all fondly.

He holds the belt, Engel, but is he a champion? Can you be a champion? And THAT is why i'm out there at Ashes to Ashes; to make sure a champion wins that title, like a champion should win a title. Not as a puppet, and not because I can hand it to him with my educated feet.

I'm out there to make sure the winner goes out there and earns it

*He stops and stares intently at Engel

RR: Can you do that, son? Can you hit the top, smash the glass ceiling, earn that title and hold it like a champion?

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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by Fernando Thu 02 Mar 2017, 12:06 am

Cerberus stands looking at Crime Lord with his pipe in his hand and starts laughing much to the chagrin of Crime Lord

Well it's nice of you to finally show up...
We've been having a lovely time celebrating your future passing...
But as usual it's typical Crime Lord...Late to the party...
Much like the last few years of your 6CW Career...
An Unwelcome guest...

Cerberus looks around the room at all the people there before locking eyes on Crime Lord again

It amazes me how delusional you actually are in the twilight of your career...
Cast your mind back to December at Season's beatings...
I wandered out to the ring and told you to come out...
I even offered up protection for you better then that stupid pipe you are holding...
Yet you popped up on the big screen in one of your charity shop suits...
Going on about how it's going to be an easy night's work...

Cerberus spreads his arms out wide 

Yet 3 months down the line here we are...
The TV Title still over my shoulder...
And you dancing to my merry little beat like a 12 year old at a disco...
Dancing about like a puppet on my strings...
All it took was one little card dropped through your front door...
Too delusional to see through what im up to by bringing you out of your comfort zone...
Out of your sh*tty mansion and into the world of Cerberus...
A world i know better then anyone...

Cerberus steps down from behind the Lecture Stand and kneels down at the beginning of the aisle directly infront of Crime Lord.

All today is Crime Lord is a show of what you already knew...
Im inside your head weather you like to admit it or not...
Sitting there prettily niggling away on your brain...
Why...? Because you know what ive said is true...
And when i bury you you 6ft under...
It's not going to be the lack of Air...Food or Water that will kill you from the inside out...
It will be knowing that i was right all along...

Cerberus gets off he knees and starts to slowly step towards Crime Lord

I hope you are prepared for is going to happen on Sunday...
Because it's not going to be pretty to watch as your family sitting down somewhere watching me cave your face in...
Imagine how it must feel knowing that you could of prevented this but for the same reason you're stood here...
You're going to be locked away in that casket and left to rot away as your body starts to decompose over time...

On Sunday im going to slowly and methodically break you down piece by pathetic piece...
And watch the pain in your eyes as it finally sinks in...
That what ever you've done in your career is going to mean little to anyone when you're 6ft under...
You can stand here and make your idol threats...
But the truth is this ends when i decide to end it...
When i decide you've had enough...
When it's time to put Crime Lord to rest...
I will not be remorseful because the truth is Crime Lord...
You deserve what's going to happen on Sunday...
And i hope you suffer for every last second you breathe in that casket over there...

Cerberus points to the casket never taking his eyes off Crime Lord mouthing "Your future" at him.


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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by President Trump Thu 02 Mar 2017, 11:09 am

Dicey looks at his three opponents

Dicey: The gangs all here, can you all feel it, can you feel the excitement coming from the crowd, can you feel the tingling in your balls, this is what you want as a fighter, this is what every wrestler dreams about, fighting against three of the if not the best wrestlers in the business, I can feel it lads, I can sense this is going to be the match that will define this company going forward from here, we can all stand here and throw insults at each other, talk about our pasts with each other, and predict what’s going to happen at Ashes to Ashes but that all counts for f**k all until that bell goes and we have to get into it, out of all of you I know I am the least technical or flashy or wrestling able but out of all our you I don’t know when I’m beaten, I will stand toe to toe with anyone in this business, against all the odds and not back down, I NEVER back down and I am not going to start now, I will see you all on Sunday, whether I hate you or not I will treat you all the same and hit you all just as hard, that’s all I can do so I will leave you all to have your little cat fight, I have a match to prepare for

Dicey walks past the three men and suddenly shudders

Dicey: That was strange, I felt like Hero was standing in the ring talking about us standing in the ring and I just walked through his astral form

Dicey shrugs and leaves the ring and a confused trio looking on

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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by Electric Demon Thu 02 Mar 2017, 7:36 pm

Cassius gulps back the last of his tea and throws the cup over the top rope, and up the ramp in the direction of an exiting Dicey Reilly. Zhi shouts after him


Zhi is annoyed that Reilly leaves and he rolls out of the ring and grabs a cameraman by the scruff of the neck, focusing the camera on himself, addressing Dicey in the hope he sees a monitor backstage.

Cassius : You’re like one of those balls on a string, Dicey Reilly. No matter how hard you get hit you just keep coming back, time and time again. And I know why, Reilly. It’s because that elastic that keeps pulling you back for more and more punishment (Cassius rams his fist into the palm of his hand over and over), over and over again, is like an umbilical cord that you feed off of. That keeps you tied to this godforsaken place.

You know that you NEED this company, Reilly. You NEED its adoration. And like a parasite you take and you take and you can no longer give back because YOU CAN’T BEAT THE MONSTER WITH HIS HAND WRAPPED TIGHTLY AROUND THAT CORD! YOU CAN’T BEAT ME, REILLY! And pretty soon, maybe even at Ashes to Ashes, you’re going to come back one too many times and I will sever that cord and leave you to perish under the starving force of insignificance!

Cassius pushes the camera away, rolls into the ring, and goes head to head with Lex Hart

Cassius : And speaking of parasites….

Zhi smirks as his lips twitch with agression

Cassius : You’re going to realise that the biggest mistake you ever made wasn’t taking Jessica away, but failing to keep her at your side. Because you Lex Hart, only stand tall when on someone else’s shoulders. If I were you, I would be desperately soliciting either Johnson or Reilly’s support – because whether it be Perfect Jack, Alex Walker, Abe Abercorn or Miss Jessica, you have never been anyone… without someone!

Zhi lets the words sink in, and desperately looks for a reaction in Hart’s eyes. He continues antagonistically.

Cassius : All I see now is a shadow without an owner. A shadow who will be lost forever once the darkness of defeat falls!

Zhi continues to eyeball Hart, then begins addressing JJ without looking at him

Cassius : Now why don’t you do what you’re good for and fire these people up some more, Johnson?

Cassius slowly diverts his attention to his oldest foe

Cassius : It only serves for a disappointment that much sweeter, and ushers a fall to a silence much more tantalisingly tranquil, when their anticipation is at its crescendo.


Make these people believe anything is possible, JJ, just like Robin Reborn did! Do that for me will you Johnson?

Because that’s all you’ll ever be, JJ. A warm-up act for the main event. A hype man for the show stealer. A red carpet trodden beneath my feet!

Cassius takes a sinister step towards JJ

Cassius : I’m going to go to my trailer now, Johnson.

Call me when it’s TIME!

Zhi smirks malevolently then takes a step back from JJ and Lex. He climbs out of the ring and stands for a moment on the steel steps. Staring icily out into the crowd he raises the 6CW World Title in the air, provoking an angry reaction from the crowd.

Cassius laughs off the reaction and slowly makes his way backstage, turning round to look at JJ and Lex one more time with a confident grin, raising the title again.

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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

Post by Steel Sat 04 Mar 2017, 8:08 am

Steel stares blankly at O'Callaghan for a few moments before shaking his head.

GS: Wow how much did you pay the guy in the in the back to have that VT lined up just incase you found a moment to use, if I'd have known I'd have brought a collection of my greatest hits along would have lasted a damn while longer than your one hit wonder. Sure winning those titles is a big deal, but it's not the biggest deal is it. Jack here, myself even Mike Hill we've held world championships and led from the front of the company, it's easy to claim your the best but whilst you lack real gold around your waste you will always be lacking that validity. It's just a fact.

Steel shrugs his shoulders.

GS: I'm the first to admit since returning to 6CW I've not lived up to my own standards that doesn't mean on any given day I can't put on one hell of a performance and blow away the competition. What better night than Ashes to Ashes to proof to everybody that I have still got a lot more to give to this company. Beating the self proclaimed hottest new property in wrestling and two decorated superstars, would propel me back into the stratosphere where I belong and that exactly the journey I plan on taking.

Steel takes a look up the ramp once more before turning back.

GS: Oh and trust me if you try any of the sh1t you got away with at Anarchy, I'll shove that chair so far up your a$$ at least your ego will be able to rest easily once it's taken one heck of a beating. I came out here to give you a reason why I would beat you at your request and I've done just that, as far as I'm concerned that's me fulfilling my duties to these fans, right now though In done with this, I'll be seeing you two at Ashes to Ashes, enjoy those titles whilst you can, you won't have the opportunity to brag about them for much longer.

Steel nods at Jack, then drops his microphone and exits the ring, he storms up the ramp not looking back at his competitors.


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Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - 5th March - PPV Promo thread

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