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Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV

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Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV Empty Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Sun 05 Mar 2017, 9:08 pm

Ashes to Ashes - Sunday 5th March
Live from the SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland.

Official Theme - Seven Nation Army (remix) - The Glitch Mob

Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV Ashes_10 Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV 2s7gs4g

*Outside the arena the fans are waiting, roaring 6-C-DUB over and over again. Up rolls a car, a matte-black Mustang, stopping briefly to allow GazzyD to step out before leaving. The fans cheer as they see Gazzy, but he waves sheepishly before walking at a fast pace through the gangway and towards the doors. He keeps his head down until he reaches them, but before going through he turns back, looks up at those in attendance, seems to sigh and then walks through as we fade to commentary.

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Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Sun 05 Mar 2017, 9:09 pm

Match One
Cameron Faith vs Jack Hurst

HA: Welcome to 6CW – and welcome to the very first Ashes to Ashes PPV
HE: Scotland is ready, brother!
HA: What a night this is going to be….what a card…

HE: And this crowd is making one hell of a noise, Harold…

HA: Back where 6CW began, our home beyond home…..

"Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" plays through the speakers and boos begin from the crowd. They are minimal at first but they grow and grow until they reach a deafening point as Jack Hurst enters the fray, draped in an England flag…

HA: Wow….just wow….

HE: Jack Hurst really ramping up the English/Scottish divide here….

HA: In the last few weeks we have seen Hurst get under the skin of Cameron Faith with a number of insults to do with Faith's home country… would seem he is continuing in the same vein here tonight in Glasgow…

HE: Glasgow is rowdy at the best of times, these people need no encouragement…

HA: All Hurst needs to do is announce he's in favour of Brexit and they may bring this whole place down….

Hurst stops and raises the flag in the air with one hand whilst giving the audience a regal wave with the other. He grins as he climbs up the steel steps and wipes his feet on the ring apron…

HA: Once upon a time Jack Hurst was a member of the most successful team in 6CW history, the fans cheered his every move….but I guess bitterness has overcome him…..this is a very different man…

Hurst climbs into the ring and then he steps up on the ropes, continuing to wave the flag as he does so, drinking in the torrent of abuse that is being aimed at him. He smiles and then "Ain't no stopping me" booms through the speakers, met by a standing ovation….

HA: Hometown welcome for Cameron Faith….

HE: What an ovation…

Cameron Faith strides out onto the stage with a broad grin upon his face. He raises his arms to the audience, who cheer, as blue and white pyros erupt all around him. He removes his cap and launches it into the crowd before making his way down the ramp…

HA: Cameron Faith had quite a career in 6WF….he came to 6CW with a whole lot of promise and despite having his moments, he has never quite lived up to his fullest potential….

HE: He's had a few issues but there is no doubting this man's talent…

HA: Absolutely no doubts about that….if Faith can get it together, put a run together, then 2017 could be a huge year….

HE: I'm not used to such support for Faith…

HA: He's taking it all in his stride though….the cheers seem to be something he is responding to…

Faith makes his way around the whole ring, reaching out and tagging hands with his fans as he does so. He pauses to interact with a few of them…

HA: What a dastardly, cowardly move…

The cheers are drowned by boos as Jack Hurst climbs from the ring and attacks Faith from behind. He grabs Faith by the shoulder and runs him forward, clattering him against the ringside barrier…

HE: Hurst isn't here for support, he is here to win and rebuild his career…

Hurst stomps down on Faith and chokes him with his boot before turning away to taunt the crowd. The referee is ordering Hurst to bring the action into the ring but he merely smirks…

HA: So much to look forward to here tonight at Ashes to Ashes…

HE: We are well and truly on the road to Night of Glory now…

Hurst grabs Faith by the head and he drags him to the ring before chucking him under the bottom rope. He climbs in after him and rocks Faith back to the corner with stiff right hands. Hurst follows up with chops to the chest and a well placed headbutt to the temple…

HA: I don't think Cameron Faith was expecting such a quick start from Jack Hurst…

Hurst mocks Faith as he pushes him back in the corner and slaps him across the face. He then grabs Faith's arm and he whips him across to the opposite corner before following across….

HE: Oh…

The crowd roar as Faith hits the turnbuckle and then bursts straight back out with a huge clothesline, meeting Hurst head-on and almost decapitating him. Hurst stumbles back up and falls into the corner as Faith sprints at him and scores with a shining wizard…

HA: I think Hurst might have just lost one of this pearly whites….

Faith pulls Hurst into a headlock and he runs him out to the centre with a bulldog takedown…………..1…………….2………….Hurst kicks out!

HA: Faith trying to build momentum here….and he has every fan in this building on his side….

Faith drags Hurst back up but is surprised by a sit-down jawbreaker. Faith stumbles back into the ropes and then walks forwards, straight into a belly to belly suplex….he makes it to his feet again and this time Hurst nails a belly to back suplex…

HE: If Cameron Faith loses this match I think we may have a riot on our hands…

HA: Be one hell of an issue for security…..we are just getting started on what promises to be a show for the ages….

Hurst, mockingly, slaps Faith around the head and then he drags him up to his feet and positions him for a suplex. He looks to lift him but Faith manages to swivel over his shoulder before pushing Hurst into the corner. He follows in but Hurst drives his elbow into Faith's jaw, sending him away again….Hurst lifts himself onto the second rope and then leaps towards Faith….

HE: Double axe….JEEZ!

*Crowd cheer

HA: Brilliant athleticism and improvisation…

Hurst jumps through the air but isn't prepared for Faith, who swivels on his heel and nails a pele kick in midair as Hurst comes down to land….Hurst clutches his jaw and rolls from the ring….

HE: That shot knocked Hurst for six….


Crowd: Came-ron Faith x10

Hurst tries to recover next to the ringside barrier but Faith drives into him with a suicide dive, both men collapsing in a heap on the outside as the crowd go wild….

HA: This partisan crowd are certainly elevating the performance of Cameron Faith….right now he's looking like that guy who had so much success in 6WF…

Faith picks Hurst back up and he rolls him under the bottom rope before clambering onto the apron, himself. Hurst is flat out as Faith climbs up the ropes….

HE: Faith looking to go high risk….

Faith appears to be preparing for a moonsault but Hurst is back up and swipes his legs, leaving Faith in a crotched position facing the crowd. Hurst punches his opponent in the back before climbing up behind him….

HA: Faith does not want to be here right now….HUGE IMPACT!

The crowd groan as Hurst drills Faith with a massive back suplex from the top rope. Faith is flopped out on his stomach as Hurst rolls him over and hooks both of his legs…
………shoulder up!

HE: Faith showing some resiliency…

HA: And the crowd eating it up….they are trying to act as a tag team partner…

Hurst stalks Faith, trash talking him as he does so, and beckons for him to stand. Faith is groggy, holding the bottom of his back, but eventually he rises and walks straight into his opponent's path…

HA: A win for Jack Hurst would certainly put him back on the map…….and this will do it….


Hurst scoops Faith onto his shoulders but the Scotsman rams his elbow repeatedly into Hurst's jaw until he releases him. Hurst stumbles back around and Faith kicks him in the gut…

HA: What a DDT….Hurst landed right on the top of his head….

HE: Faith needed that, stemmed the flow…

Cameron Faith makes it back to his feet and he staggers to the corner. He takes a deep breath and listens to the crowd before diverting his attention back to Hurst, who is beginning to stir. Faith stomps his foot on the mat…

HA: Faith is lining it up…all it takes is one kick….

HE: Hurst is gonna stand right into it…


Faith leaps forwards for the superkick but Hurst succeeds in catching Faith's foot. He spins him around and kicks him in the gut before scoring with a suplex straight into a bodyslam….Hurst mocks the crowd again as he heads for the corner…

HE: Faith went all in and got nothing….he's down and out now…

HA: Hurst is climbing high…

The crowd are urging Faith to get up but he's flat out on his back. Hurst reaches the top rope and he raises his arms high before launching through the air…


The crowd cheer and breath a sigh of relief as Faith moves aside at the final moment and sends Hurst crashing into the deck. Hurst is clutching the bottom of his back and writhing in pain as Faith starts to stagger back up…

HA: A lot of energy has been expended by these two men….

Faith grabs Hurst by the head but is surprised by a poke to the eye. Hurst takes advantage by scooping Faith up on his shoulders….


Faith drops off the back and he counters with a backbreaker straight into a spinning neckbreaker….he rolls over to the corner and he climbs up high….

HA: This is it….Faith is on high, Hurst is down…

HE: Faith's gonna fly…


The flashbulbs go off as Faith launches himself into an incredible double rotation moonsault. He hurtles down towards Hurst but the Englishman drives his knees up at the final moment, crushing Faith's ribs upon impact…

HE: Jesus….Faith just got all of the wind taken from his sails…

HA: And he may have broken ribs to go with that……WASHBOARD STOMACH!

Faith is writhing in pain, struggling to catch his breath, but he manages to stumble up and straight into the clutches of Jack Hurst, who nails him with the GTS punt…



HE: HUH?!?

HA: Faith somehow found it deep in his reserves to kick out of that….

HE: I would have bet my house on that match being over…

HA: And that's why you have no possessions…..Cameron Faith is a tough S.O.B….Jack Hurst is finding that out first hand, his taunts have brought this out of Cameron Faith…

Hurst gets to his knees and complains to the referee, but the official informs him it was only a two. Hurst stands over Faith and smack talks him some more as Faith reach out a hand toward Hurst's boot, only to be kicked away…..Hurst drops three consecutive elbows to Faith's chest and then he heads for the corner again…

HE: Faith is barely running on fumes now…

HA: A loss here in his hometown would be so detrimental to him….

Hurst reaches the top rope and he gazes out at the crowd once more before raising his arms. He suddenly notices something on his boot and bends down on the turnbuckle….

HE: Shoelace undone I think….


*Crowd pop

Faith is back up and he launches forward, superkicking Hurst right in the top of his head. Hurst falls forward and crashes down onto the deck as Faith drops on top of him, the crowd counting along with the referee…

HA: Faith wins…..picks up a real morale boosting victory here at Ashes to Ashes…

HE: In front of his own fans, this has to feel good…

HA: But what on earth was Jack Hurst thinking? Tying his shoelace at such a crucial turn in the match…..

HE: I think if you check the replays, Faith is the one who undid the lace in the first place…

The instant replays show Hurst standing over Faith just before he climbs the ropes and Faith loosening up his lace. Back live and Cameron Faith is smiling as he climbs onto the turnbuckle, celebrating in front of his adoring followers….

HA: Still a very naïve mistake by Jack Hurst, his lace could have waited but extremely quick thinking by Faith all the same….he knew he was at a disadvantage and he rolled the dice, tonight he found that bit of luck that has been alluding him in recent months….is this the start of a revitalisation?

Jack Hurst skulks into the backstage area as Cameron Faith continues to milk the support of the Glasgow crowd. He taps his heart and thanks the audience before finally climbing from the ring…

HA: Cameron Faith puts a "W" on the board to kick start Ashes to Ashes….folks I promise you do not want to go anywhere because there is so much more where that came from….

HE: First PPV of 2017 and I have a feeling tonight will be one we never forget…

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Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Sun 05 Mar 2017, 9:10 pm

*O'Callaghan stands backstage with Charlotte Grey

CG: Double Champ O'Callaghan joins me on a huge night for this company, and a huge night for his career

*She turns to him

CG: A fatal four way leaves you in an unstable position; three other men who could be pinned by any of the others without your involvement and your titles could be gone

O'C: Won't happen

CG: But it could

O'C: But it won't, ya hear?

*She goes to speak but he puts his hand up

O'C: But nothing, darling. I enter this arena as the best thing in the business, and I'll leave it that way; with both my titles. Believe. That.

*He laughs to himself

O'C: The marks will eat that up...

*He walks away and leaves an annoyed Charlotte in his wake

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Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Sun 05 Mar 2017, 9:10 pm

*Crime Lord is backstage with Tim Allen

TA: I’ve been called to give the last interview from either man ahead of their huge casket match…and Crime Lord, the challenger, has been given one last opportunity to talk. He has demanded only an introduction…no questions…no interruption…and none of what he calls my “insolence”

*Allen turns to Crime Lord

TA: And now, over to the challenger

*Crime Lord steps forward

CL: For weeks and months, this has been building. Cerberus is a flawed fighter, but not a flawed man. As he is neither a man, nor the monster he wishes people to believe of him

*He pauses after this show of respect, then smiles

CL…he is a mockery of all of that, a meek figure of myopic and moronic misfortune. I pity it, in all honesty, as he desperately clings to this TV title.

*Crime Lord cracks his neck and looks down the lens

CL: I have held titles, stronger, more important titles than this little piece of 6CW jewellery. These days, the sheep in these audiences cry if a man dares belittle these medallions, but tonight is not about this title. No, I have bigger plans than that…holding it from tonight onwards will just be the pendant on my chain, much like a hunter might keep a tooth of an animal he has beaten in their own fight of wits.

The title will be the memory of the man I have laid to rest.

At Ashes to Ashes, Cerberus will rest…in…peace!

*Crime Lord laughs loudly as the camera zooms in on his wild face, before the scene ends.

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Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Sun 05 Mar 2017, 9:13 pm

Match Two
UK/INT Titles: Fatal Four-way
O'Callaghan (c) vs Geoff Steel vs Mike Hill vs Perfect Jack

Ha: up next we have not one, but two titles on the line. O'Callaghan puts his gold on the line against Geoff Steel, Perfect Jack and Mike Hill

He: And this really isn't fair. It’s a horrible abuse of power from Enforcer

Ha: Really? I think O'Callaghan deserves this. He could have let the number one contenders match take place and only have pen man to face. But no, he chose to get involved. He beat each man bloody with a steel chair. No, he deserves this tonight

He: I'm ashamed to call you my brother. How you can even condone this. The champion doesn't even have to be involved in the outcome

Ha: I know. Beautiful isn't it

'Perfection' starts to play and the crowd descend in to a chorus of boos as Perfect Jack walks out to the stage, trademark towel in hand. He ignores the taunts of the crowd as he makes his way down to the ring motioning a title around his waist.

Ha: This certainly isn't going to be easy for the UK and International Champion. The pedigree of his opponents tonight. Perfect Jack is a former 6CW Champion, Geoff Steel a former 6CW champion, Mike Hill a former tag champion, hardcore champion and TAW World Champion....quite the CV each of these guys have

He: Luckily for O'Callaghan he is one of the single most gifted superstars I've ever seen in a 6CW ring

The boos continue as 'The next big thing' starts to play and Mike Hill walks out to the stage. He looks around at the fans before making his way down to the ring. he slides inside and pushes past Jack before climbing the ropes

Ha: Like I said, another tough opponent here for O'Callaghan.

He: Hill, a grant you a very dangerous individual, could be his own worst enemy though. One of the guys he faces tonight is long-time rival Geoff Steel. He can't afford to lose his mind and get caught up that here tonight

Ha: I agree, if Steel and Hill let their hate for each other boil over, then Jack and O'Callaghan can use that to their advantage

The mood in the arena changes as 'Last Resort' starts to play and the crowd get to the feet in unison cheering. Steel bounces to each side of the stage firing up the fans before making his way down to the ring and tagging the hands of those in the front row

Ha: Steel, the last even PCW champion and then he made the jump to the big leagues here at 6CW. He's been a fan favourite ever since.

He: Some might say that has held him back though. Yeah, he may have a few world titles on his resume, but he could have had more if he didn't care about what the fan. I'll admit Steel is as tough as they come, but I'd argue he should have more to show for his time here in 6CW

'Run this town' starts to play and the boos are louder than ever as O'Callaghan struts out to the stage with his titles draped over either shoulder and is carrying a steel chair in his right hand. He makes his way down to the eyes fixed on his three opponents inside

He: Here comes the double champ, and my favourite, despite the unfair odds

Ha: And notice, in his hand he carries the chair that caused this whole situation to begin with

O'Callaghan gets to ringside and looks up at his opponents. before opening the steel chair and sitting down. He places his titles on the ground in front of him and ignores the officials orders to get inside the ring

He: O’Callaghan obviously wants to weigh up his competition to start with

The official signals for the bell and straight away Steel finds himself outnumbered as Jack and Hill turn on him. Steel tries to fight back but is easily overpowered by the two heel characters. They push him against the ropes and whip him across the ring


The crowd cheer wildly as Steel ducks under the offense from both Hill and Jack before bouncing off the ropes and flying through the air taking both men down at once. He wastes no time in lifting Hill up and driving him back in to the corner with a flurry of right hands.

Jack tries to attack him from behind but Steel is wise to it and blocks the right hand from jack, he kicks him in the gut doubling him over and then drops him to the mat with an axe handle across the back. he turns to face Hill again but staggers backwards as his long-time foe gets a thumb to the eye

Hill advances on Steel and rocks him with a knife edge chop across the chest, he connects with a second and a third backing Steel in to the corner. Steel grabs Hill and turns the tables tossing him in to the corner and then begins to unload on him. Hill can only attempt to cover himself but each punch from Steel breaks through his defences and find its mark until he slumps down in the corner

Ha: Steel looking as focused as I've seen him in a while

He: But like I said, when he had the choice he went straight after Hill, that will be his weakness in this fight

Steel lifts Hill up to his feet and whips him in to the opposite corner before sizing him up and charging at him




Steel throws his shoulder off the mat as Jack grabs him by the head and drives it back in to the canvas repeatedly. Jack halts his assault enough for Steel to slowly get to his feet only to be met with a kick to the gut and followed by a float over suplex into a pin attempt



Steel kicks out again as Hill joins the attack. Hill and Jack lift Steel up to his feet whip him against the ropes and then sends him soaring through the air with a big body drop. Hill grabs Steel to lift him up to his feet

He: Jack from behind...chop block to the knee

Jack takes out the standing leg of Hill who collapses down to the mat and he follows up by kicking him outside of the ring under the bottom rope down in front of the seated O'Callaghan who still is yet to join the fight. He looks down at Hill clutching at his knee and orders him back in to the ring


The crowd begrudgingly cheer as Hill explodes from the floor and takes O'Callaghan backward of his chair. He grabs his head and starts to rain down big right hands as the duel champ can only try and cover up. Inside the ring Jack lifts Steel up and whips him against the ropes taking down with an arm drag in to an arm bar.

Jack applies more and more pressure as Steel battles up to his feet. He uses his spare arm to fight his way free and then runs and bounces off the ropes

He: well-read by Jack

Jack follows the run of Steel and greets him with a knee to the mid-section as he bounces off the ropes.

He: Northern Lights Suplex, could have him



Steel throws his arm in the air breaking the pinfall. Meanwhile on the outside Hill and O'Callaghan are still fighting each other. O'Callaghan aims a wild right hand which Hill ducks underneath of and then connects with a pele kick to the champ

Ha: There's action everywhere here

Jack motions for Steel to get to his feet and then whips him in to the corner of the ring


Steel crashes against the turnbuckles only to fly out of the corner and almost takes Jacks head off with the lariat. He gets up to his feet breathing heavily and slowly pulls Jack up to his feet. He Irish whips him against the ropes

Ha: Flapjack, that’s a not a never a nice landing

He: Steel looking for the pin



Jack kicks out and Steel goes straight in to a headlock to wear his opponent down further. On the outside of the ring Hill lifts O'Callaghan up and throws him into the steel stairs and then follows up with a baseball slide

Steel pulls Jack up to his feet and forces him back against the ropes with a number of European uppercuts. He follows up by kicking him in the gut and then dragging him over to the corner of the ring and smashing his head against the turnbuckle. Steel lifts jack up and sits him on the top rope before climbing up after him

He: uh-oh, I don't like the look of this

Ha: what goes up...MUST COME DOWN, SUPERPLEX!





The crowd boo as Hill flies across the ring halting the pinfall. He lifts Steel up to his feet but Steel blocks the punch attempt and then kicks him in the mid-section before sending him flying through the air across the ring with an overhead belly to belly. He goes after Hill and leans down to lift him up


He: That's gotta smart

O'Callaghan appears from behind and grabs Steel and then drives him shoulder first through the ropes in to the steel ringpost. O'Callaghan looks smug with himself as he goes straight after Steel and exits the ring. He grabs the arm of Steel and then continuously wraps it around the ring post before dragging Steel from the ring and then throwing him shoulder first into the ring steps

He: Brilliant from the champ. He's pretty much just turned this one from a fatal fourway in to a triple threat

Ha: I fear you may be right. As tough as Steel is, I fear the damage has been done there. In fact here come the EMTs, they're helping Steel to the back. This doesn't look good

O'Callaghan slides back in the ring as Jack is getting to his feet. He runs over from behind and wraps his arms around his waist and rips him through the air with a German release suplex before turning his attentions to Mike Hill. O'Callaghan ducks under a clothesline attempt and then hits a jumping knee to the temple of Hill

Hill staggers back against the ropes and O'Callaghan follows up clotheslining him over the top to the outside. Jack gets to his feet slowly but turns and walks into a big drop kick from O'Callaghan who then climbs to the top rope





Ha: Not quite. Jack just in the nick time gets his shoulder off the mat

O'Callaghan wastes no time in going back on the attack. he lifts Jack to his feet and whips him in to the corner, following up with a running enziguri. Jack stumbles out of the corner





Hill breaks the cover and then lifts the champion to his feet. He rocks him backwards with a number of right hands before Irish whipping him

Ha: Slingblade from Hill



O'Callaghan kicks out and Hill gets to his feet and stomps on him. He lifts him to his feet and then hits an inverted Atomic drop and then takes O'Callaghan down with a headscissors and goes for the cover again




O'Callaghan kicks out again and Hill hits the mat in frustration. He gets up and exits the ring to the apron before motioning for O'Callaghan to get to his feet





Ha: O'Callaghan is on the ropes here. He's hanging in by a thread

Hill quickly gets up and climbs to the top rope and looks down at O'Callaghan



He: hold on, here comes Jack......PERFECT PLEX TO HILL





Jack crawls over to O'Callaghan and hooks the leg




He: Champ kicks out too

Jack claps his hands together demanding a quicker count from the official before lifting O'Callaghan up to his feet. He wraps his arms around his waist and connects with a German suplex and then rolls through dragging him back to his feet and connects with a second and a third and fourth

Ha: Perfect Jack going German Suplex crazy here....FIFTH WITH A BRIDGE IN TO THE COVER





Jack lifts O'Callaghan up and throws him through the ropes to the outside of the ring and he turns his attentions back to Hill, he reaches down to lift him up






Ha: Not so fast, official is signalling 2

Both men quickly get up to their feet and start to trade punches in the middle of the ring, neither giving the other an inch. Jack slowly starts to get the upper hand and forces Hill on the back foot. He Irish whips him against the ropes

Ha: Springboard crossbody from Hill



Jack throws his arm in the air and quickly gets to his feet but is knocked straight back down with a dropkick from Hill. He gets to his feet again and walks straight into a spike DDT








Steel runs down to the ring, his shoulder heavily taped up and bandaged. He slides in the ring and meets Hill head on and quickly gets the advantage in trade of punches. He backs Hill in to the corner of the ring and then whips him with force in to the opposite corner. Hill bounces out on impact and then is met with a thunderous lariat that almost decapitates him and Steel winces as he makes contact

Ha: Steel obviously not 100%, but he is such a tough competitor that doesn't faze him

Steel begins to stalk Hill who slowly gets to his feet, he spins him around and kicks him in the gut


He: But here comes O'Callaghan before Steel can get the cover on Hill

O'Callaghan grabs Steel from behind looking for the full nelson

Ha: Steel too powerful for O'Callaghan who can't get he hold locked in.......snapmare takedown.......SPEAR....MY GOD HE SPEARED HIM RIGHT OUT OF HIS SHOES. ALMOST BROKE HIM IN HALF

Steel gets back to his feet and throws his arms in the air drawing huge cheers from the crowd. He kicks Hill to the outside of the ring, and then looks to Jack who has just gotten to his feet using the ropes for support. As he does Steel runs at him and clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside leaving just Steel and O'Callaghan in the middle of the ring.

Steel signals for the end and then motions for O'Callaghan to get to his feet

Ha: If he hits a Bladecutter then this one is over

Steel impatiently drags O'Callaghan up to his feet and kicks him in the midsection


He: Reversed in to a big body drop by O'Callaghan...LOOKING FOR A SHARPSHOOTER

Ha: Steel is fighting though....WHAT A KICK TO THE FACE FROM STEEL. THAT'LL DO IT

Blade quickly gets to his feet






Ha: SON OF A B......

The crowd are at fever pitch as the officials hand is coming down for a three count when Hill enters the ring with the steel chair in hand and brings it crashing down across the back of Steel.

Steel gets up to his feet holding his back and notices what’s happened. He looks at Hill with the chair in his hand and then starts to chase him. Hill throws the chair toward the head of Steel who ducks underneath and then proceeds to chase Hill out of the ring and up the ramp way. He tackles him on the stage and unloads a flurry of punches. Hill tries to escape as each punch from Steel finds their mark

He: Hill rakes the eyes

Steel staggers back holding his face as Hill gingerly gets to his feet and he drives a knee in to the gut of Steel and then goes to send him flying head first into the stage decor but Steel turns the tables and sends Hill flying instead

Hill tries to crawl away but Steel closes in and lifts him up by the elastic of trunks


He: That gets him the separation he needs

Steel shakes off the low blow and the two men continue to trade punches as they disappear backstage leaving both O'Callaghan and Perfect Jack ringside

He: and then there were two, the champs odds have just gotten a whole lot better

Ha: Dunno about that, he doesn't look too good here and Jack is on his feet......FIGURE FOUR IN THE CENTRE OF THE RING. O'CALLAGHAN HAS NOWHERE TO GO

Perfect Jack has the submission locked in perfectly. O'Callaghan writhes in pain and tries to drag himself across the canvas toward the bottom rope. He is inches away when Jack breaks the hold and drags him back in to the middle of the ring and locks the submission in again

Ha: I think we're moments away from crowning our new champion here

O'Callaghan is clawing away in pain but quickly begins to lose fight and his shoulder fall to the mat



He sits back up as much as he can breaking the cover but the look of pain is etched on his face as Jack applies more and more pressure and O'Callaghan's shoulders fall down to the canvas again



Ha: O'Callaghan halts the pinfall again but he needs to do something to get out of this predicament

He: He's trying to turn him. If he can do this then the pressure will be on Jack....AND HE DOES TURN HIM

Ha: hold on a minute....THATS IMPRESSIVE


Jack pulls himself towards the side of the ring but is quickly dragged back in to the centre by O'Callaghan. He arches back applying more pressure


Ha: You know, I may not like the kid but I can't deny that was an impressive move at the end. Just to have the ability to even think of doing that, let alone actually pull it off. Not many better on the roster at present, pains me to say it

'Run this town' begins to play as O'Callaghan slowly gets up to his feet favouring his leg after the figure four. The official gets his titles from ringside and O'Callaghan rips them out of his hands and raises them high in the air drawing huge heat from the crowd

He: Definition of champion that man right there. Is there anybody who can take these titles away from him

Ha: At this moment in time. I'm not too sure

The crowd jeer as O'Callaghan exits the ring and limps up the ramp before disappearing backstage as a disappointed Jack looks on from the ring

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Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV

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*Anthony Grace stands with two men in suits, the pair both looking at him with awestruck faces. Over walks Tim Allen. Grace welcomes him into their conversation

AG: Terence, meet Mr Florence and Mr Reid. You may not know them, they don’t often come down to 6CW. But you should know them, Terry, because these are the two men that sign your cheques

*They smile at Grace, one interrupting

MR: Oh, Mr Grace, we are just businessmen, and dare we say it but we have twisted a few arms to come here tonight and meet the STAR of this show! The real reason to invest in wrestling, indeed!

*They look up to Grace, hoping the words have met his approval, and Grace shows his the skills of a politician to rub their egos

AG: Gentlemen, I am just a performer here, I heard you were in the building and rushed to thank you for steadying the ship. It pained me to leave before, honestly it did, but when I heard such wise-men were running things again I knew I had to be back here!

*Allen stands as they all smugly revel in their arrogance, until butting in

TA: I’m sorry to interrupt then, gentlemen, but if you’re paying me then I would be remiss not to be doing my job in front of you!

*They nod, and Allen turns to Grace

TA: Mr Grace, what is your reaction to the news GazzyD’s partner, my long-time colleague Christy James, will not be attending in support of the former 6CW World Champion here in Glasgow?

*Grace smiles

AG: Oh, Tyler, it really isn’t time. I have a little moment before the fight, and I wouldn’t want to comment on their romantic problems.

*He turns to the men from Monster Energy

AG: Rest assured, gentlemen, that my team have reached out to Ms James and I know, for a fact, that the lady is in good spirits. She enjoyed the blu-ray Anthony Grace filmography sent to her, and I even told her, personally, that I did not mind if she sold them online since I had signed them all!

MR: That is VERY kind of you, Mr Grace

AG: Please, it is Anthony for you, sir

*Allen interrupts once more

TA: Anthony—

AG: I said for these esteemed gentlemen it was Anthony, you are not of their ilk. Now, Tiffany, you have other performers to interview, the lovely Miss Grey cannot do ALL the work for you!

*He turns to the men from Monster Energy and Allen skulks away as the scene fades

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Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV

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*We change to see Charlotte Grey standing with Jackson Jackson and Frank Horrigan. She speaks to Jackson

CG: First time we have been able to speak to you since the reveal of your manager…how are you finding the transition to 6CW?

JJ: Comfortable, Charlotte. We are the best tag team in the world, and tonight we get to take some gold to prove it.

CG: Your talent is obvious, so why the alliance with the now disgraced Max Adamson?

*Jackson goes to speak, but Adamson bursts through the door

MA: I did not sanction this! Gentlemen, back away from this harlet!

*Jackson obliges, Horrigan, who never showed any interest in the first place, is unmoved. Adamson stands now next to Charlotte.

MA: Do not distract these gentlemen, they are underdogs in a huge fight

CG: Underdogs? I think many would believe them likely winners, certainly stand a good chance

MA: They are underdogs, Charlotte. They are against a team with the titles, so they must be underdogs. I don’t wanna call them the Leicester City of 6CW, but it’s nearly that big

CG: But—

MA: You’re ruining preparations! Get out!!

*Adamson ushers her to the door, then through it, before staring at the cameraman who still stands in the room

MA: Filming in changing rooms is illegal where I’m from, mate. Get out!

*He pushes him through the door as the scene fades

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Match Three
Tag Team Titles
The Parasite Killers (c) vs The TA w/Max Adamson

As we head back to the ringside area we are once again met by the team of Harold and Henry Lloyd with excited looks on their faces as Harold Lloyd introduces us to the next match

HA: Well for the second time tonight, in this action packed show it's time that gold was put on the line as two teams battle it out for the tag team titles

HE: That's right and what a match it promises to be! Two dominant teams who will look to rip each other just goes to show how important those tag team titles are...

The crowd boo as Machine Gun by Portishead begins to fill the air and Max Adamson struts out flanked by Frank Horrigan and Jackson Jackson who stare out in to the crowd, pausing on the stage

HE: What a team...Max Adamson and the TA have really given the tag team division a kickstart since they appeared on the scene...these ungrateful fans don't know how lucky they truly are!

HA: Nobody denies their talents, it's their attitude that we have a problem with...especially Adamson a man who these fans cheered for not long ago!

HE: A man who they turned their back on once he was brave enough to admit his issues...these fans don't deserve The TA!

As Adamson, Jackson and Horrigan make their way to the ring mocking the fans holding up Parasite killers signs before climbing in to the ring, Max taking his place at ringside sitting casually on the commentary table.

HA: Who does he think he is?

Max reaches over pulling Harold in close, using his microphone

MA: I'm Max Adamson...who the hell are you?! Bloody drongo...

Max pushes Harold back before moving to the corner of The TA, given them a last minute pep talk. Suddenly Change (In The House Of Flies) by Deftones comes on bringing out the tag team champions James McManus and The Fanatic to a mixed reaction

HA: This team normally get booed by everyone but the idea of them kicking the TA's asses is getting the fans behind them

Fanatic and McManus pause for a moment before spitting a blood like substance in to the air, the lights then begin to flicker with the team getting closer and closer to the ring each time the lights come back on.

HE: Freaks...lets hope their title reigns are over nice and quick tonight.

HA: Well we're about to find out...on both sides we have teams ready to put their bodies on the line but only one team can walk away as champions!

With Jackson Jackson and James McManus ready Max Adamson drops down and the ref calls for the bell. The pair quickly lock up but McManus breaks the hold hitting european uppercuts only for Jackson to return with his own. McManus is able to take control hitting a few more but as he goes for the last one Jackson is able to block it before hitting a huge drop kick that takes McManus down

HA: What a start, McManus and Jackson going for it straight away

HE: Jackson's looking to pick McManus apart

McManus quickly sits up but is met by a running kick to the shoulder that sends him back down, Jackson then bounces off the ropes and returns with a HHH style knee drop on to the same shoulder causing McManus to clutch it in pain. Jackson wastes no time dragging McManus up, throwing him in to the corner of the TA and making the tag

HE: What a start...divide and conquer!

HA: It's early days but I have to agree if they can keep this game plan up, it'll be hard to stop them tonight

Jackson quickly climbs out of the ring and bends the arm of McManus around the top rope as Horrigan charges in landing a sick big boot in to the unprotected shoulder, McManus staggers forward after the impact but is quickly met by Horrigan who hits a huge headbutt taking the former UK champion down.

HA: The Fanatic is going crazy...he wants in now!

HE: Well he isn't getting his chance any time soon...

HA: You were saying?!

As Horrigan pulls McManus to his feet the bigger superstar is caught out by a surprise european uppercut that staggers him back, McManus hits another knocking Horrigan in to the ropes before McManus charges across the ring to make the tag to the Fanatic, Adamson screaming at Horrigan to stop him

HA: He's going to make the tag!

The crowd groans as at the last moment Horrigan is able to use the momentum of the ropes to catch up with McManus, dragging him back from his tag partner and hitting a vile German suplex that brings him down hard on his shoulder. Horrigan covers, cockily placing a foot on McManus' chest


HE: That might be a mistake for James McManus...

HA: He's not the type to just give up!

Horrigan quickly drags McManus up and drags him to the TA's corner once again where the TA quickly make a tag again allowing Jackson to reenter the ring, Jackson wastes no time charging across the ring hitting Fanatic from the apron with a european uppercut before bouncing back and charge back at McManus and looking for another

HA: McManus ducks it and Horrigan is taken off the apron

HE: This isn't what is meant to happen!

As Jackson spins around McManus is lying in wait and scoops him with before landing a samoan drop leaving Jackson down but as McManus reaches his corner Fanatic isn't there

HE: Turn around James!

McManus turns and is met by Jackson who hits a running yakuza style boot to the shoulder sending McManus in to his own corner but as Jackson goes to charge in once again The Fanatic is able to get back on to the apron and get the blind tag, only for McManus to charge forward hitting Jackson with a huge shoulder tackle taking the technical wrestler down

HA: THE FANATIC IS IN THE RING! Jackson Jackson has just gone for being evenly matched to being the much smaller man!

HE: Get Frank in there Jackson!

Jackson attempts to get to his feet and to his corner but The Fanatic stops him, hitting a massive belly to belly sending him across the ring, The Fanatic then drags him up and whips him across the ring, as he returns Jackson is hit with a jaw breaking big boot that sends him rolling out of the ring. Fanatic leans over the rope looking down at Jackson but as he turns back in to the ring Frank Horrigan is stood waiting for him, a scowl on his face

HE: When Jackson Jackson was thrown against the ropes Horrigan got the blind tag! What a show down this is!

HA: Two men standing at around 7 feet tall...ready to throw down...

Suddenly the ring bursts to life as Horrigan and Fanatic charge forwards exchanging devastating strikes, neither giving up ground. The fans jump to their feet as both give it their all. Horrigan then brings boos out of the crowd as he cuts Fanatic off with a knee to the gut followed by a shoulder block. Fanatic however merely bounces across the ring, using his momentum to bounce back and hit a big boot that staggers Horrigan, the monster some how still on his feet

HE: A big boot from someone the size of the Fanatic could normally end a match but here Horrigan seems pumped up!

Fanatic runs in landing more right hands but Horrigan is able to shove him away to the middle of the ring before charging forward, scooping up the massive member of the Parasite Killers and drilling him to the mat with a huge powerslam

HA: Horrigan is signalling for the end here!


HA: NO Fanatic manages to drop off the shoulders...CHOKEBOMB!

HE: Jackson Jackson back in to stop the attack!

The fans boo as Jackson Jackson hits a chop block to the back of Fanatic's leg causing him to drop Horrigan from the Chokebomb attempt. With Fanatic down Horrigan hits a big splash and goes for the cover




HA: Now it's James McManus to make the save

HE: and that's what you get for it!

As McManus makes the save Jackson Jackson runs in hitting a Codebreaker style attack to the arm of the former UK Champion, The Fanatic is back up but is met by Horrigan who attempts to scoop him up but as he does Fanatic is able to hit a snap suplex leaving both men down

HA: Both men looking to make tags...Fanatic tags in McManus!

HE: Jackson Jackson gets the tag too...

Jackson charges in looking to go after the arm but McManus blocks the attempt hitting European uppercuts that seems to cause him pain, Jackson looks for a high kick but James ducks it before hitting spinebuster on Jackson

HE: Horrigan is getting back in

HA: Fanatic has something to say about that! Both men crashing down to the outside...the brawl continues!

As Horrigan climbs over the top rope he's tackled by Fanatic who sends them down to the outside

HA: WOAH! In all that confusion...McManus looks read to pounce...oh wait...


The fans boo as Adamson climbs up on to the apron, mocking McManus causing the English superstar to turn and face The TA's manager, the two exchanging trash talk

HA: Turn around James...


The crowd groan as Jackson Jackson strikes, locking in the chicken wing and dragging McMannus down in the middle of ring


On the outside Fanatic attempts to intervene but is taken out by a gore from Frank Horrigan who sends both men crashing through the barricade and in to the time keeping area

HE: Adamson would have been proud of that Gore! This has to be the end!

In the ring McManus begins to struggle but is locked in tight, the legs of Jackson wrapping around him

HA: The fans are behind McManus here...but I don't know if it's enough!

HE: Just give up McManus! Don't be a hero!

The fans are stunned as McManus is able to land elbows causing Jackson's grip to slip, McManus is quickly able to push himself up but as he meets Jackson Jackson in the middle of the ring Jackson is able to duck the lariat attempt, once again locking in the chicken wing. As McManus hits the ground this time, he struggles for a moment before being forced to tap out


Jackson quickly pushes McManus away as Adamson helps Horrigan up, after a few moments the pair join their team mate and celebrate as the ref hands Horrigan and Jackson their new tag team titles. Adamson stands between the men, a smug smile on his face as the boo's begin to fill the air

HE: What a joke...they won it fair and square and these fans still boo them?!

HA: Adamson got involved!

HE: Did he touch anyone? If not, then shut up!

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Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV

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*Enforcer stands with Tim Allen

TA: You join me here, during another huge, historic night for 6CW – and the boss here claims to have some more

*Enforcer smiles

E: We would not be the great success that we are if we stood still and congratulated ourselves. So, whilst we carry on this evening with our incredible pay-per-view, plans have been finalised and confirmed for the next coming weeks.

I am delighted to announce that, during the lead-up to Day of Reckoning, you will see a new concept unfold on Aftermath and Anarchy.
On Monday March 20th we will begin the “Fight for Thirty.” The significance of which becomes obvious when it is remembered that at Day of Reckoning we will have the Gateway to Glory match, and the number 30 slot could be very important in the right hands.

The fight to earn that slot, the Fight for Thirty, will begin with all of the roster in action on Aftermath in tag team matches. Some old friends, some teams and some foes will combine, and the winners of those tag matches will advance through to the next sequence of the competition to earn the chance to be our 30th entrant in the Gateway to Glory, and be the freshest man with the most secure position looking to beat them all and book his place in the main event of Night of Glory.

*Enforcer takes a deep breath in, smiles and nods to Allen

TA: Wow! Thank you, Enforcer! A huge announcement, but one we barely have time to digest as we head back to ringside for the TV Title Casket Match!

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Match Four
TV Title: Casket Match
Cerberus (c) vs Crime Lord

Ding ding

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is a CASKET MATCH……for the 6CW TV CHAMPIONSHIP!

*Crowd pop

The cameras pan around ringside and show the huge coffin resting up against the ring apron on the side of the aisleway. The screen zooms in on the nameplate on the lid which reads "Rest in Peace"

HA: Professional wrestling matches don't usually get much more dangerous or personal than this…

HE: The aim of the match is simple….you put your opponent inside the casket, close the lid on them and you walk out as the TV Champion…

HA: However it isn't as simple as it sounds….especially with these two combatants, they need to inflict so much damage upon their opponent that they can incapacitate them long enough to lock them inside that coffin…

The lights in the arena begin to dim and then "Out of the black" booms through the speakers to a majority of boos from the Glasgow crowd. Pyros begin to illuminate the front of the stage as the first competitor makes their entrance…

RA: Introducing first…….the challenger……..weighing in at 276 pounds…….The Iron Man……….Crrrrriiiiimmmmmeeeeee Looooorrrrrrrddddd!

HA: Crime Lord is a former multiple time world champion but he also cut his teeth and made his name in 6WF as a dangerous hardcore brawler……this match could be exactly what he needs in order to stamp his authority in 6CW…

HE: Crime Lord is used to being the dominant force…..his loss to Cerberus at Seasons Beatings was extremely difficult for him to take…

HA: Tonight he has the opportunity for vengeance…

Crime Lord pauses at the base of the casket and he slaps his hand on top of the solid, wooden lid before nodding his head and climbing up into the ring. He paces around the squared circle and then he turns to face the stage once again, fire burning in his eyes…

HA: These two monsters have beaten the holy hell out of each other for the best part of three months now…..they both love to fight and right here at Ashes to Ashes they are going to have the battle of a lifetime…

Flames suddenly burst from the stage and then leave a deep red light illuminating the entranceway as "Haunted" by Disturbed begins to sound out around the arena…

RA: And his opponent…………..from Deadman's corner………..weighing in at 275 pounds……….he is the current, reigning and defending 6CW Television Championship…………….Ceeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeerrrrrrrruuuuuuuuussssss!

The giant form of Cerberus appears on the stage and he just glares down the ramp at Crime Lord, who begins to shout and beckon at his opponent to come and fight. The crowd are roaring as Cerberus begins his descent to the ring…

HA: It was back at Night of Glory when Cerberus captured the TV Championship……..since then he has ran roughshod through anyone who has attempted to dethrone him……he may very well be the most destructive and dominant force in all of 6CW right now…

HE: He's found a whole new level over the last eight months….Cerberus has always been a scary, powerful beast but now he's putting all the pieces of the jigsaw together….

HA: Neither of these men is a particular "fan favourite" but this crowd is hot because they know this match is going to be all-out action…

HE: Sometimes it doesn't matter who you like….you pay your money for edge of the seat action and that is what you are about to get…

Cerberus grins at the sight of the coffin and then he tosses the TV Championship to the side as he climbs up into the ring. He and Crime Lord go head to head and immediately begin trading huge punches…

HA: Each of these shots is like being hit with a sledgehammer…

Crime Lord rallies with a three punch combo but then Cerberus responds with an uppercut and then a huge knee to the gut. He grabs Crime Lord by the head and launches him through the middle rope, Crime Lord crashing on top of the casket and rolling off to the hard floor…

HE: That casket is solid, that is not a comfortable landing….


*Crowd roar

Crime Lord stumbles back up to his feet as Cerberus runs the ropes and then returns, flying over the top rope and the coffin as he smashes into his challenger in the aisleway…

HA: That is amazing athleticism from a near 7 foot man….

Cerberus stares around the arena before dragging Crime Lord back up and smashes his head off the top of the coffin. He repeats the process twice more before grabbing Crime Lord's arm and he whips him toward the steel steps…..BOOM!

HE: And just like that it switches…

Crime Lord reverses the whip and sends Cerberus into the steel, his knees smashing into the steps and sending him and them flying across the floor. Crime Lord then grabs the base of the steps and he places it on its side against the ringside barrier…..he pushes Cerberus against them before backing away…

HA: Just what on earth is Crime Lord…..OH GOD!

Crime Lord drives his knee against Cerberus' skull and the steel steps, leaving the champion in a battered heap on the floor. Crime Lord smirks down at Cerberus and then he heads towards the coffin, lifting up the lid…

HE: Cerberus might be out cold….Crime lord certainly thinks so…

HA: He senses a title change…

Crime Lord grabs Cerberus by the head and begins to hoist him towards the open coffin. He pushes the champion against the wood and attempts to lift his legs up, dumping him inside….

HE: The champion still has life in him…

Cerberus grips the side of the coffin and refuses to be lifted inside. Crime Lord is gripping him by the waist and using all his effort to move him…


Cerberus kicks his heel out backward and right between Crime Lord's legs, sending the challenger staggering away in agony. Cerberus follows him and then throws him back inside the ring…

HA: I wasn't holding my breath that any of this match would take place in the ring…

Cerberus pulls himself up on the apron and begins to scale the ropes. He perches there and waits for Crime Lord to stand before launching himself through the air with a huge lariat. Both men get back to their feet and Cerberus gets behind his opponent, hooking his arms…


Crime Lord throws his head back and butts Cerberus in the face, breaking his grip. The champion staggers and the stumbles forwards as Crime lord ducks into him…

HE: He's got him up….LOCK N…

Cerberus elbows his way off the shoulders of Crime Lord and then pushes him away into the turnbuckle. Crime Lord stumbles back around is wiped out by a huge bicycle kick…

HA: Crime Lord's jaw may have just shattered from that kick…

Cerberus stands over his foe for a moment and then he bounces off the ropes and returns with a huge legdrop to the throat. Crime Lord slowly staggers back up and Cerberus seizes him by the throat, backing him toward the ropes…

HE: You don't think…

HA: I do…Cerberus going to chokeslam Crime Lord over the top and into that casket…

Crime Lord, in desperation, jams his thumb into Cerberus' eye and temporarily blinds him. He then grabs the champion and delivers a barrage of knees to the midsection and then a huge belly to belly suplex…

HA: Crime Lord's career is littered with barbaric, smash mouth matches…

HE: I think both of these men are cut from a similar cloth and that is what makes this so fascinating….

Crime Lord stumbles to the ropes and then outside the ring. He shoves officials and crew members out of his way as he grabs a steel chair, folding it up as he heads back inside…

HA: Completely legal in this match…no disqualifications whatsoever….

Crime Lord beckons his opponent to stand and then he swings the chair at him….CRACK….Cerberus swats the chair away and follows up with a fierce uppercut, staggering Crime Lord back into the corner. The champion rushes in and scores with a big clothesline before scooping Crime Lord onto his shoulders…


HA: And the side of Crime Lord's head hit that steel chair…

The ring shakes from the impact and Crime Lord rolls away, clutching at his skull. Cerberus picks the steel chair up and he admires it for a moment as he waits on Crime Lord to get back to his feet…

HA: Now the violence is being turned up…

Cerberus jams the chair straight into Crime Lord's gut, doubling him over, and then he smashes it down across his back, leaving him in a heap on the floor. Cerberus then points to the casket…

HE: This crowd are blood thirsty…

HA: The home of 6CW, they were brought up on this…

Cerberus drags Crime Lord to the ropes and begins to shove him through the middle. Crime Lord grips to the apron and then he drives his elbow back into Cerberus' gut, repeatedly, until the champion sags away. Crime Lord then reaches over and he shuts the lid down on the casket…

HA: Challenger taking no chances…

Crime Lord takes a moment to get his senses before staggering forwards and he reaches for the steel chair on the mat. Cerberus boots him in the face, as he bends, and then reaches for the chair himself…

HE: Tug of war…

Both men pull as hard as they can but then Crime Lord releases and the momentum causes Cerberus to stagger backward, with the chair in his hands….THUD!


Crowd: Holy (beep) x10

Crime Lord bursts forwards and he spears Cerberus through the middle ropes, both men landing with serious impact on the hard arena floor by the announce area. The referee at ringside moves around to check on the condition of the competitors…

HE: Cerberus landed right on the back of his head….he might be out cold…

HA: Crime Lord's head collided with the steel chair as he nailed the spear….both men are far from 100% right now…

HE: Nothing the referee can do though….he's just there for the official announcement to end the contest…

Crime Lord slowly manages to crawl toward the announce area and he uses the Spanish desk to start getting to his feet. Cerberus is still extremely groggy but he too starts to rise up…

HA: Tremendous resilience from these men….

HE: Crime Lord looking to finish though…LOCK N LOAD!

Crime Lord scoops Cerberus up on his shoulders for the finish but the champion slips off the back and then runs Crime Lord, face-first, into the ringpost…

HA: My god we heard that thud from here…

Cerberus then throws Crime Lord back into the ring before clambering up on the apron, himself. The champion scales the ropes once more and waits for his foe to stand…

HE: Cerberus so mobile for a big man…


Cerberus flies through the air again but this time Crime Lord shows amazing strength to catch him across his shoulders and turns defence into immediate attack with a huge F-5…

HE: Crime Lord needs to pick himself up….he has the title in the bag if he can just roll Cerberus inside that casket…

Crime Lord is clearly still seeing stars from hitting the ringpost but eventually he starts to come to. He gestures for the referee to open up the casket lid as he starts to roll Cerberus towards the bottom rope…

HA: Crime Lord on the brink of retribution right now…

Crime Lord succeeds in pushing Cerberus onto the apron and then down inside the coffin. The crowd are on their feet, in anticipation, as Crime Lord climbs out onto the apron and reaches for the lid…

HE: New champion…

Roars from the audience as Cerberus' hand flies into the air and clutches Crime Lord around the throat. Suddenly, the monster sits up and then climbs back to his feet, whilst still inside the casket…

HE: Ahhh he's still in this one…

HA: I think Crime Lord's delayed reaction allowed Cerberus enough time to recover…

Cerberus shoves Crime Lord backwards and the challenger falls through the ropes and back into the ring. Cerberus pulls himself back up onto the apron as Crime Lord rushes forward again and knees him in the stomach…

HA: Crime Lord fighting like a man possessed here…

Cerberus sags and Crime Lord hits him with huge punches and forearms, trying to force Cerberus down inside the casket once more. The champion is taking a barrage of punishment but he manages to grab Crime Lord's head and drop him with a guillotine jawbreaker across the top rope…

HE: That stemmed the tide and Cerberus needed that…

Crime Lord staggers away as Cerberus is able to clamber back into the ring once more. Cerberus beckons for Crime Lord to come toward him and then he grabs him by the throat…


Crime Lord drives a heavy boot into Cerberus' gut and then he drills him with an almighty DDT in the centre of the ring. He then rolls on top of the challenger and begins to tee off with huge right hands…

HE: This is the kind of performance we expect from Crime Lord….brutal and hard-hitting…

Crime Lord slowly gets back up on his feet and then he climbs from the ring and grabs the steel steps, from earlier, and hauls him them up and over the top rope…

HA: No messing around here…..Crime Lord wants to inflict maximum damage…

The challenger rolls back under the bottom rope and then he drags Cerberus forward and dumps him on top of the steel. Crime Lord then climbs from the ring again and he picks up the steel chair…

HE: Crime Lord has some bad, bad intentions here…

HA: He's being methodical though….Cerberus being given time to recover…

Crime Lord swivels the chair in his hands and then he walks forwards and raises the weapon up, driving it down with ultimate force……CRACK!


Cerberus moves, just in time, and the chair thunders off the steel steps. The champion is able to punch upwards into Crime Lord's gut, winding him, and then he stands up and delivers a sidewalk slam that drives Crime Lord down on top of the steps.

HA: Both of these men are putting their bodies through unreal punishment….

HE: But it's all about proving their dominance…

HA: The whole of 6CW is the proving grounds right now……the entire roster is wide open it seems to any statement made is going to propel you further toward the summit…

Cerberus grabs the steel chair from the mat and he picks it up before setting into a seated position. He then grabs Crime Lord by the throat and drags him up…

HE: Cruel intentions right here….CHOKE…..DAMN!

Crime Lord fights off the grip of Cerberus and then he picks him up and spins him into a spinebuster that drives the champion straight through the seat of the chair, leaving the weapon mangled on the canvass. Crime Lord kneels for a few moments and then he gestures for the casket to be opened again…

HA: Crime Lord wants this match over with…

HE: Can you blame him? The punishment they have taken has been unreal…

Crime Lord begins pushing Cerberus towards the bottom rope, once more. He gets the champion out onto the apron but suddenly Cerberus swivels his legs so that he falls out onto the hard flooring and then he grabs the coffin lid…..THUD!


The lid slams down onto of Crime Lord's head and neck, leaving him completely flat out on the deck. Cerberus takes a few moments to compose himself whilst he stares at what he has done…

HE: That coffin is heavy….I mean that kind of impact could break a man's neck…

HA: Crime Lord hasn't moved, he could be in a very bad way…

The referee looks concerned but Cerberus shoves the official aside and then climbs up on the apron. He walks across and then drives a huge leg across the back of Crime Lord's neck, forcing him to roll back inside the ring…

HA: Cerberus' reign as TV Champion has certainly elevated this championship to great heights and matches like this are only adding to the prestige….the crowd are enjoying every moment of this…

HE: I just can't believe either of them are still moving…

Cerberus climbs in after his opponent and he grabs Crime Lord by the head and hoists him up. Crime Lord tries to battle out and collapses down on one knee but Cerberus clubs him, over and over, across the neck and then flips him up…


Crime Lord kicks his feet and drops off the back of Cerberus before running the ropes. He returns but the monster just seizes him by the throat and hauls him into the air…


HA: Right across the steel steps….MY GOD….Crime Lord is broken in half…

The crowd are stunned as Crime Lord is chokeslammed down on the steel. He arches his back upward and the agony is etched all across his face as he begins to contort and writhe…

HE: First his neck and now his spine….Crime Lord may have suffered substantial injuries in this contest…

HA: I don't think either man has got off lightly…

Cerberus calls for the casket to be opened once again before drawing his finger across his throat. He grabs Crime Lord, who is now unmoving, and drags his deadweight toward the ropes…

HE: Crime Lord can't even move…

HA: But he is one hell of a weight to shift…..OH MY!

In a last act of desperation Crime Lord flings his arm up and catches Cerberus between the legs, the champion looks in agony as he collapses down next to his challenger.

HA: It was Crime Lord's only move….his last act of defiance….

HE: He knew he was going in that casket and he did what he had to do…..

Cerberus is still on all fours, breathing deeply, whilst Crime Lord sags against the ropes and stares up into the rafters. The crowd are applauding the effort of both men…

Crowd: This is awe-some x10

HA: I whole heartedly agree with the 6CW Universe…..what a tremendous contest this is…

Crime Lord slowly gets up to his feet and he staggers forward and into the steel steps. He sucks in a huge breath before hauling the weight up on his shoulders…..


BOOM! Cerberus is up but Crime Lord runs into him with the steps and clatters them against his skull, sending him flying into the ropes…

HA: But he didn't go down….how fierce is this man?

HE: I don't think he is a man…

Crime Lord backs away, looking shocked, and then he runs forwards again….BOOM!....This time the steel steps find their mark and send Cerberus flying through the ropes and out on top of the casket….Crime Lord throws the steps from the ring and they land in the aisle with one hell of a bang…

HA: Cerberus may be out cold from those shots…

HE: But Crime Lord isn't satisfied….surely not now….not here…


Crowd: Holy (beep) x10

Crime Lord climbs out onto the casket and he succeeds in scooping Cerberus up on his shoulders before drilling him right on top of the solid wood with the tombstone piledriver. Both men just lay their, unable to move from their efforts…

HE: Cerberus has to be done…

HA: He is done… doubt about it….but Crime Lord has to get him off the casket top and then inside of it…

Crime Lord seems to sense what he has to do and he goes to push Cerberus back into the ring but the champion, somehow, rolls off the side and onto the concrete floor…

HA: Cerberus has absolutely no idea where he is but that move may have just saved his title reign…

HE: He's still out of it….Crime Lord just needs to get him up…

Crime Lord slides off the casket and staggers into the ringside barrier, which he holds onto in order to regain his balance. He orders the referee to open up the casket as he drags Cerberus up and onto his shoulders…

HA: He just needs to carry him over….drop him inside…..this is over….

HE: This may go down as one of Crime Lord's most impressive career victories….



Cerberus' hand shoots out and grabs the lid, preventing himself from being dumped inside, and then he kicks his feet and lands behind Crime Lord, succeeding in pulling him into the devastating submission….

HA: This is the same move that Cerberus made Crime Lord submit to at Seasons' Beatings…

HE: And there are no submissions in this match so Cerberus can keep it locked in until Crime Lord passes out…

HA: What improvisation right there…

Crime Lord senses the danger he is in and he lifts his boot up to find the ringpost. He then pushes off against it and sends himself Cerberus crashing backwards into the ringside barrier…

HE: Crude but effective….and I think Crime Lord is still in charge here…

HA: Submission wasn't locked in long enough to leave any lasting damage and Cerberus is still barely functioning from that tombstone…

Crime Lord manages to haul himself up and then he drives a knee into Cerberus' head, crushing him against the barrier. He drags the champion back to the ring and throws him inside before following…..Cerberus' legs are barely under him as he manages to get back up…

HA: Crime Lord looking to finish…..LOCK N LOAD!

Cerberus elbows his way off the back and drops out on his feet. He then grabs Crime Lord by the throat and prepares for a chokeslam but Crime Lord counters with a knee to the stomach and he lifts the champ up again…


Crime Lord drills Cerberus with the F-5 and then turns toward the casket. He stares at it for a moment and then at Cerberus before shaking his head…

HE: Get him in the casket, Crimey…

HA: Crime Lord doesn't feel Cerberus is finished….

HE: He's out…

HA: Crime Lord isn't convinced and after the punishment Cerberus has sustained you can see why…

Crime Lord gets back to his feet and he orders the referee to open up the casket. He drags Cerberus to his feet and pulls him out onto the apron before scooping him onto his shoulders….

HA: Crime Lord ready to put the exclamation point on Cerberus…..

HE: You have got to be kidding me……..LOCK N LOAD!

Cerberus kicks his legs at the final moment and he drops behind Crime Lord. He seizes the challenger's arms and lifts him up off the floor before leaping off the apron with him and into the casket…



Crowd: Holy (beep) x20

The instant replays are on constant loop as Cerberus nails the chickenwing gutbuster from the apron and inside the casket. The cameras zoom in on the coffin as slowly the champion sits up and drags himself away from Crime Lord, who is face down. Cerberus slowly clambers out and drops to his knees with a grin….he draws his finger across his throat as the referee drops the casket lid down…

Ding ding ding

HA: My God what a match….

HE: I think it is fair to say these two superstars will never, ever, be the same after that…

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner…………..AND STILL 6CW Television Champion…….Ceeeeerrrrrrrrbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeerrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuusssss!

HA: Cerberus literally had to walk through hell tonight in order to retain his championship but that is exactly what he has done…..he will never forget this challenge but it is another that he has overcome…..can this man be stopped?

HE: One heck of a performance from Crime Lord….he hit Cerberus with absolutely everything and he inflicted more damage upon the champion than I think I have ever seen…but it still was not enough…

HA: Crime Lord is locked inside that casket……is this the last we have seen of the Iron Man?

Cerberus grins as he climbs on top of the casket with the TV Championship in hand. The lights dim down and a lone red beam illuminates the top of the coffin as the champion kneels down and basks in his victory….

HA: One of the most physical matches you are ever likely to see…..but when all is said and done, Cerberus is still the TV Champion….

HE: Yet another fantastic match here at Ashes to Ashes and there is still so much more to come…

HA: You are damn right….don't go anywhere folks because you are not going to want to miss what is coming up next…

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Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV

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*Legacy by Eminem plays as a crucifix fills the screen, lit through stained glass windows. We then go to footage from Season’s Beatings

Man Mountain Mike looks at Paige Russell, who nods. MMM climbs onto the ring apron and into the ring. Engel gets to his feet, he glares at the daunting figure of MMM. Engel marches forward and bravely fights with a series of punches but MMM soon blocks once and then drives a knee into the gut.

MMM grabs Engel, and then proceeds to throw him brutally into one of the remaining three walls repeatedly. MMM grabs Engel and throws him into another one of the walls. He then drags up Engel, launching him into the steel in the corner.

HE: MMM is absolutely decimating Engel here.

Harlequin stumbles to his feet, MMM grabs him by the throat with two hands and then double chokeslams Engel into the canvas. Engel lies motionless on the mat, Liam Wood is still out of it. MMM looks to Paige, she again nods. MMM picks up Wood over his shoulders and steps out of the ring where he removed the side of the cage...

HA: What is he doing?!

HE: I think he's just won Liam Wood the EWF World Title Harold.

HA: What?!

HE: He's just dropped him on the outside. Wood has escaped the cage, he's the champion!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

The referee is talking to the time-keeper on the outside who is looking confused. He nods and passes the message to Mike Bird...

Mike Bird: Ladies and Gentleman...after escaping the cage...the winner of this match and NEEWWWWWW EWF HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLLDDDD....LIIIAAMMM WOOOODDDDDD!

HA: No way! No way in hell! This isn't right! Wood is not the champion! Neither man should be the champion!

HE: He escaped the cage Harold, that makes him the winner with Engel lay flat in the middle of the ring.

HA: He is only lay there because of the interference and brutal beatdown from that freak of nature Man Mountain Mike and his manager.

HE: This is great, Wood is champion once again...

HA: I'm not sure it's too great for Liam just yet Henry, MMM is lifting him up again...

MMM follows Paige Russell up the ramp, Wood rested over his shoulders as Russell carries the EWF Title. The lights suddenly turn off, a spotlight shines on the stage where a lone figure is stood head down...

HA: And now who's this?!

A second light switches on, it shows Paige Russell placing the title belt down and MMM laying Wood down in front of this figure. Suddenly the whole arena is once again plunged into darkness. The camera pans in the titantron as red lettering begins to drip down on the screen, one letter after the other...












HA: That can't mean what I think it does can it Henry?!

HE: Surely not, it's not, it can't be...

The lights in the arena return, the figure at the top of the ramp slowly lifts his head....






HE: My god tonight has been one strange evening brother.

*The video changes to Aftermath, 9th January

*The lights in the arena dim and we pan across the stage, although it appears more than a couple of wrestlers may be missing. As the first bell tolls, the ever shy Cassius Zhi raises his 6CW title in the air.

As the bell tolls, the whole arena stands silently. Off to the side, a commotion seems to spread in one section of the audience.

Suddenly, two hooded figures come from the crowd to stand before the roster just below the ring, at the other end of the ramp. They wear all white but other than that they are non-descript.

HA: What the hell is going on?!

*Between them they hold a man, limp at their feet and dragged by the wrists. His face is covered, a bag over his head.

The two men bow their heads and the lights go out.

HA: Nothing good ever happens when the lights drop...

*The lights come back on and the crowd gasp and cheer all at once





Every man and woman in the arena stands in shock as the smiling, snide face of Hero laughs maniacally as he stands in the middle of the ring.

H: The greatest trick the devil ever did pull...

HA: That I am a twonk of the highest order...

*The shock of everyone is interrupted by a wild scream from the stage. Christy James fights through and tries to storm down the ramp, but is stopped and then held back by JJ Johnson.  

H: Priceless! Look at you, Christy. As foolish as the man you love...but we won't be hearing from him for a while. I'm sure we can get that charge changed to attempted murder

*He laughs wildly as JJ drags the crying Christy away.

H: This is the history that is truly delivered by a, not just a mere man, a deity...of such power that the world can be rid of its great white knights. Gazzy is just one more idiotic soldier for a lost cause that has been slain at my hand. They call them white meat babyfaces; I do not give them names, I merely send them into obscurity. Oh Thunder, we do miss thee too

*He laughs wildly again as the crowd start to boo

HA: What is he implying there?

HE: An endless amount of genius...

H: But why now, you may ask? The answer is so painstakingly clear. This company has been brought to its knees. An industry where false prophets lead you from doom to doom with their lies and their weakness. This company became so weak that they were willing to beg me to return. And as I contemplated, I saw men claim to rise to the top as gods. Others forming power from behind the scenes to position themselves on my throne. It is these false prophets that have drawn me back.

And now that I have returned, I shall bring my bothers back from the wilderness. For I am the Holy Spirit of professional wrestling, and my disciples will follow!

*The men in the masks reveal themselves as Marshall Murdoch and Clarke James.

H: Brother James, Brother Murdoch, welcome back to life.

*They stand emotionless, and then drag the lifeless body to the ring where Hero shouts at it.

H: To worship false prophets is to question the God before you! You have deified him and given him power he does not deserve. You have drawn me here, and you will see what power a real God holds!

*He lifts the bag and we see Liam Wood. The crowd all gasp. Wood is beaten, bloodied and bruised, his head lolling to the side and clearly unconscious.

H: Now Plague Rises, but the Church Lives - you have brought me here, Wood. You chose to praise in false prophets; now God will smite them.

*The lights go out and when they flash back on there is no one standing in the ring, the limp body of Wood is all that remains. The fans stand in a stage of shock, and eventually the roster begin to walk from the stage.

*Marshall Murdoch sits backstage, in a darkened room, entirely alone.

MM: I told you, and it was certainly foretold. The return of the king.

*A wild smile lights his face

MM: And I told you all that this change was coming. Marshall Murdoch is dead, regardless of some Irish drunk off on holiday. Brother Murdoch rises with the God amongst us.

*Another figure enters and Clarke James takes the focus of the camera

CJ: And so do I. The ideas that once were are now a memory, but the mind does not forget where the Church leads us. And neither should this company. The power and the glory returns, and 6CW is here to learn from us as we spread a message. One all should know and soon all will learn.

*The camera flicks off

*The story continues.

*Engel walks down to the ring and waits outside it. He turns as Do or Die by Childish Gambino plays and the crowd rise to their feet.

HA: And so begins again the ascent of Robin Reborn

HE: Or here we are reminded of his place in line: a former champ and back in tag matches.

HA: This crowd still love him

*As the music plays, but Reborn does not emerge. The camera footage turns and we see Reborn flat out on his back in a 6CW corridor. Medics flock to him, and he shows no sign of coming to.

Back in the ring, Wood holds his arms aloft and laughs as the crowd realise what is happening and boo the two men in the ring. Engel watches events unfold on the big screen, and you can almost see his thoughts on his face and he chooses between leaving or fighting alone.

HE: Clown or chicken, Harold?

*The boos intensify as Hero, Clarke James and Brother Marshall walk down from the ramp. The two hooded men enter the ring and stand across from Mike and Wood, but Hero stays to talk to Engel. He then gets on the apron and opens the ropes for Engel to join them.

HA: No, Engel, not with them! Trust yourself!

*Engel instead backs away, shaking his head and then holding it in his hands. He slumps to the barricade and sits on the floor. The Church turn their attentions from him to the two foes in the ring, and the three men take a step towards Wood and Mike.

HA: And this is where we see the Church face the Brotherhood

*The crowd roar in anticipation, as Wood and MMM respond in kind to the challenge put down by their counterparts. All of a sudden, the lights go out

HA: Someone is leaving...or the others are arriving...

*They flash back on and MMM and Wood are now backed by Edward Plague and two figures

HE: that the Death Squad?

HA: Not seen here for a long time, Henry, but it looks like they have come back guided by Plague's hand.

*Plague smiles widely as he sees the advantage his troops have over the enemies. He keeps his eyes fixated only on Hero, who responds in kind. As they fixate on each other, the two men once of the Death Squad fly forward and attack James and Murdoch.

HA: Fists flying!

HE: I think that may just be the appetiser...

*Man Mountain Mike steps forward, and Hero takes that as an open challenge. Wood goes to follow, but Plague puts a hand on his shoulder.

HA: What is going on there?

HE: Power, Harold, an understanding of power.

*A quick fade takes us close to the end of that evening

HA: The war is beginning, Plague is sending a message one way or another

*The Brotherhood walk down the ramp, Plague bowing to Hero and laughing wildly before exiting the stage.

Hero stands and raises his arms wide in the ring.

HA: One way or another, this night has started and ended with Hero as our sole focus

HE: A perfect night in his eyes...

HA: He is back, brother, and we won't escape his rise again...

*Our last scene shoots onto the screen, 6th February at Anarchy as chaos descends again with The Church and the Brotherhood involved, fighting over Engel’s soul, fighting each other over who is the highest power

HA: This match has barely got going and we have all hell breaking loose….

HE: And Engel is about to put a nail in Liam Wood's coffin…


*Lights out

HA: What the…?

Engel pulls Wood in close for the "Sister Abigail" and he listens to the roars of the crowd before the whole arena is pitched into darkness…..when the lights come back on….


Edward Plague is standing behind Liam Wood and staring straight at Engel Harlequin. Engel's eyes widen in shock and he drops Wood from his clutches….Plague breaks into a huge smile and begins talking to Engel…

HA: Plague just appeared from goddamn nowhere….

HE: And now the manipulation continues…

Engel seems to be shaking slightly at Plague's presence and slowly he stars to fall to his knees at the feet of the Brotherhood leader….

HE: Plague is going to convert Engel right here….

*Crowd pop

Robin Reborn comes flying from the top rope and he missile dropkicks Edward Plague, taking him off his feet. The attack seems to awaken Engel once more and he looks alarmed at what is happening to him….Reborn is beckoning for Plague to stand up…..

HA: Reborn acting, once again, as the protector of Engel Harlequin's sanity….and now he has Edward Plague in his sights….


The crowd is at fever pitch as Hero comes through the crowd and he slides in behind Reborn before spinning him around and drops him with the stunner….Hero rolls back to his feet as Edward Plague turns to face him…


Marshall Murdoch and Clarke James suddenly climb into the ring and they stand side by side with Hero, drawing yet more cheers from the crowd. Plague seems to be weighing up his options…

HE: Edward Plague may now be at the mercy of The Church….

HA: This is insane…

Suddenly, The Death Squad come hurtling down the ramp and they dive into the ring to take their places at the side of Edward Plague, who now has a smile back on his face…..Plague and Hero have their eyes locked…

HA: The power struggle is real….it is right here in plain sight….

HE: The Church & The Brotherhood….and look who is in the middle of it all, Harold?

Engel Harlequin is still on his knees, trapped in the centre of the two warring factions. He looks from one side to the other….

HA: Engel Harlequin is in no man's land right now…

HE: Does he pick a side here?

HA: I have absolutely no idea what he does…both sides have mentally and physically destroyed him…

Engel begins to get back to his feet, his eyes still flitting from one side to the other, whilst the stand off continues. Harlequin's eyes are wide and he seems to be muttering to himself…

HE: I think Engel might break down at any second…

HA: I think we are on the cusp here….both sides have their finger on the button…..

Liam Wood suddenly returns to the ring and he smashes the EWF Championship into the back of Engel's head….he looks furiously from The Brotherhood to the Church and then he drags Engel back up and delivers a "Manson Driver" right in the middle of the ring….

HA: Wood using the goddamn distraction to his advantage….

HE: Mark of a champion….

HA: And now this will blow….The Brotherhood have the number's game despite Man Mountain Mike being out of play….

Wood gets back up and spits on Engel before edging closer to the side of The Brotherhood….Hero begins to take a step forward when "Saturday Night" crashes through the airwaves….

HA: Perhaps a little order to be restored….


Enforcer is just making his way out onto the stage when Clarke James and Marshall storm forwards and attack the Death Squad, pummelling them back into the corners……Hero and Edward Plague begin trading shots as Liam Wood slinks back into another corner, getting a good eyeline of the action….

HA: We knew this was going to erupt and now it has….all out war here at ringside….

HE: Can Enforcer rein this in?

*With the tensions high, the face of Enforcer appears on the big screen

E: Gentlemen! Gentlemen! There is no need to fight…now at least.

*The crowd boo

E:…just wait, I have my reasons!

*He laughs as the crowd abates
E: We’re not long from a pay-per-view after all. And we need matches, big matches, matches worthy of making this first time Ashes to Ashes a night to remember.

Which is why, on March 5th, live from The SSE Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland, it will be:

The Brotherhood vs The Church

*The crowd pop and Hero can be seen smiling at the news

The mantra repeats as the wild smiling face of Edward Plague is overlapped by the shadows of the Church of Hero.

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Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV

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Match Five
CoH vs The Brotherhood

HA: It's time, Henry….we are about to witness faction warfare here at Ashes to Ashes….

HE: This is a contest we have all been waiting for……finally the in-ring return of Hero…..right now we are going to find out who really is the dominant force in 6CW…

HA: For weeks we have seen both sides fire on the other…..mentally, verbally and physically but here this evening the talking will stop and only one will come out on top…

The lights dim and "He is legend" booms through the soundsystem as the crowd begin to boo furiously and The Brotherhood make their entrance. The big screen displays their message…


HA: Edward Plague has always been a cult leader here in 6CW…….this is not the first time he has attempted to seize control of this company…

HE: After a failed attempt last time he disappeared, I didn't believe we would ever see him again….but two months ago he returned with his legion behind him, ready for a fresh assault…

HA: But are they more focused? Have they learnt from previous mistakes? Because there is no doubting the danger and threat they pose but one has to wonder just how "together" The Brotherhood really is…..Liam Wood's role has been met with trepidation by certain members and I just wonder if they have complete faith in the direction of their leader…

Plague stands in front of his team and he holds his arms wide as he mutters to himself in an unknown tongue. He guides his followers down to the ring and then the climb up inside, standing in a line across the canvass. Slowly, the three other members lower their hoods…

HE: Castile…..Varyag…and Man Mountain Mike…..they are a formidable looking group, those three alone….you place the demonic Edward Plague in front of them and they have the potential to dominate…

HA: That isn't a doubt….but it just depends on their plan, their direction and their unity….because their opposition here tonight are 100% unified…

The Brotherhood stand in a line an then the lights go down once again. A choir begins to sound through the air and there is a wild reaction from the audience as "Glorious" belts out all around…

HE: Here we go, Harold…

HA: It's been a very long time….but Hero is returning to the squared circle and The Church of Hero are back together, arguably more formidable than ever before…

HE: This unit dominated 6WF….they destroyed everything in their path and they have picked up where they left off here in 6CW it would seem…

HA: Hero and Plague share the similarities of being able to control and lead….they are masters of manipulation and give off an aura of invincibility that manifests and projects itself upon their followers…that is where this all began, this company is not big enough for two men with the same goal…

Hero is flanked by Marshall Murdoch and Clarke James as they stand on the stage and stare around the arena, the fans on their feet and cheering up to the rafters. Hero blesses himself and then focuses his gaze upon Edward Plague, who is staring straight back up…

HA: The Brotherhood have the man advantage remember….but The Church of Hero has laid waste to some of the greatest superstars in the history of pro wrestling…

HE: The battle lines are drawn….

Hero leads James and Murdoch to the base of the ring and they stare up at their opposition once again before Hero beckons his cohorts forwards and they dive into the ring…


James immediately runs through Castile with a clothesline whilst Murdoch boots Varyag in the gut and follows up with chops and right hands. Hero and Plague are face to face but Man Mountain Mike grabs Hero by the head…

HE: This is where the numbers game will become a problem…

Murdoch and James produce a double clothesline on Varyag that takes him over the top rope before they hurl Castile out after him. They see MMM with his hands wrapped around Hero's throat and they rush over, ambushing the big man…

HA: It was only a few weeks ago when The Church were responsible for laying out Man Mountain Mike…

HE: It's an effort that one man can't manage…

They club him down to his knees and then Hero delivers a stiff superkick to the jaw that leaves the big man flat on the canvass. All three members of the Church then turn and face Edward Plague…

HA: All of a sudden the numbers don't add up for Plague….he's a man alone, abandoned by his followers…

Plague's eyes dart from one of his foes to the next and then, inexplicably, he begins to laugh. He throws his arms out wide and then beckons for The Church to come at him…

HE: They won't need a second invitation…

Marshall takes a step forward but Varyag has returned and he spears Murdoch up off his feet and drives him back into the corner with huge impact, leaving both men in a heap. Castile then shoots in from on high with a missile dropkick that sends Clarke James through the ropes and onto the apron…

HA: And the leaders stand alone once more…

The crowd are going wild as Hero and Plague stand facing one another again. Plague is whispering in Hero's direction and begging him to come and fight…


Crowd: Holy (beep) x10

Castile runs across the ring and he leaps over the top rope, catching Clarke James on the apron and spinning him off to the hard flooring with an incredible tornado DDT. The momentary distraction sees Hero turn his head to what just happened and he is blindsided by Edward Plague…

HA: And now the two commanders enter the battlefield…

Plague grabs Hero by the head and runs him to the corner, launching him upside down against the turnbuckle. Plague laughs as he circles the ring and then charges back in with a huge cannonball splash…

HE: It has been a long, long time since Hero was last wrestling….you have to wonder just what he has left in the tank…

Plague remains on his knees and he grins at what he has done to Hero in such a short space of time. He seizes his rival by the head and holds him up…

Plague: Do you see? You are nothing but a false prophet….this here is your final resting place!

HA: Plague letting Hero know that he doesn't belong here anymore…

Plague nods his head at Varyag, who then climbs from the ring and begins to search underneath. He slides two tables into the ring, drawing a huge roar from the audience, and then he returns to the fray…

HE: This does not look good…

HA: This is absolute chaos from the get go….I'm not sure we expected anything different…

Varyag begins to set the tables up, side by side, as Plague drags Hero up to his feet. Man Mountain Mike is back to a standing position too and he patrols the ring whilst Plague places Hero's head between his legs…

HE: We could be about to reach a very quick and painful conclusion to this match…

Plague appears to be setting up for a powerbomb as Marshall Murdoch returns to the fray and smashes a steel chair right across the side of Varyag's head…

HA: Just in the nick of time….

Man Mountain Mike roars as he lunges forwards but Murdoch jabs the chair into his stomach and then he drops to his knees and drives the chair right between the giant's legs…


HE: That's how you bring a big man down…

Castile climbs up on the apron as Murdoch just launches the steel chair through the air………CRACK! It hits him on the shoulder and he winces in pain as Marshall then flies forwards…


The roundhouse kick sends Castile flying from the apron and rolling into the aisleway. Plague flips Hero up on his shoulders and charges him towards the tables…


Hero kicks his legs and he manages to drop off the back of Plague, stunning him then with a pele kick to the top of the skull as he turns around. Plague wobbles off balance as Hero crawls back up and kicks him in the gut…


Plague shows strength to block the stunner and lift Hero off the floor, launching him forwards and into Murdoch, knocking them both to the floor. Marshall crawls back up and Plague slings him out of the ring before giving chase…

HE: Plague not afraid to get his hands dirty here…

Murdoch tries to get up and tackle Plague but he receives a sharp knee to the gut and then Plague runs him forwards…..BOOM!....Murdoch is sent head-first into the steel steps and left in a battered heap on the floor. Plague then rips up the apron and begins searching underneath…

HA: This has been an all out brawl from the get go….no rules, no restrictions…

In the ring, Varyag has returns and he clobbers Hero from behind. He keeps him grounded and delivers several destructive headbutts before dragging him up and throwing him across the two tables…

HE: This does not look good now for Hero…

Varyag continues to pound on Hero, leaving him slumped across the tables, and then he backs up into the corner and lifts himself onto the second rope. He stares down at his foe and then raises his arms in the air…

HA: This is a 6'7, 340 pound man….he'll break Hero in half…

Clarke James is back up on the apron and he grabs Varyag's arm, dragging him off the ropes and guillotines him across the top rope. The crowd applaud as CJ climbs back into the ring and he beckons Varyag up….


James destroys the big man with the "rock bottom". Hero rolls off the table and he nods at James before helping him drag Varyag up, draping him across the tables…

HA: Now this is looking bad for one member of The Death Squad…

Hero raises his arms to the heavens and then he heads to the corner. He is up high and he stares at Plague, who is standing and watching from the outside, before launching himself through the air…


Crowd: Holy (beep) x10

HA: Hero putting his body on the line, my God…

The flashbulbs go off and the crowd are going insane as Hero drives through Varyag with a shooting star press, smashing him through the two tables in the ring. Clarke James quickly checks on his leader and then he runs to the ropes and baseball slides Plague into the ringside barrier…

HA: For the time being at least we may have a three on three fight…

James follows up with right hands on Plague before grabbing his arm and trying to whip him towards the ring….Plague uses his own strength to reverse the whip and sends CJ straight into the ringpost…

HE: James is down…

CJ drops to his knees, holding his shoulder, as Plague begins to close in. The Brotherhood leader grabs James by the back of the neck and begins to drag him up…..WHACK!

HA: We heard that from over here….

Marshall has a kendo stick in hand and he repeatedly lashes it across the back of Plague until he falls down on his knees in the aisleway. Murdoch the twirls the stick as he walks around the front and brings it down across the skull of Plague…

HE: That stick just shattered…

The impact causes the stick to splinter into pieces as Plague just collapses on the hard floor. Murdoch stands over him and grins…

HA: There are bodies strewn all over…


Castile is up and he runs the security barrier, behind Murdoch, and then he leaps off with double knees to the back of Murdoch, sending him sprawling and crashing against the steel steps again. Castile then drags out a ladder from underneath the ring…

HA: What in the world now…

The crowd are rocking as Castile pulls the ladder around to the announce area and begins to set it upright. He laughs off the crowd as he slaps his hand on the Spanish announce table…

HE: I think this is about to get worse…

Man Mountain Mike is on his feet once more and Castile yells at him to drag Murdoch around to the announce area. The big man does so with apparent ease whilst Castile rips the table apart…

HA: Looks like Marshall Murdoch could be about the enter a whole world of hurt…

MMM dumps Murdoch on the table and holds him in place whilst Castile heads back to the ladder and begins to climb. The flashbulbs are going off all around the arena as the crowd prepare for another high octane spot…

HE: I don’t like the looks of this for Marshall Murdoch…


Clarke James throws the steel steps through the air and they smash into Man Mountain Mike's back, sending him stumbling away from the announce area. Castile tries to ignore what is going on below him as he prepares for flight….



The noise in the arena is deafening as Hero leans over the top rope and grabs the ladder, shoving it over and sending Castile flying through the air and through the announce table just as Clarke James pulls Marshall to safety.

HA: Castile just fell on his own damn sword….

HE: And Clarke James saved Marshall Murdoch…

CJ checks on Murdoch's condition for a moment and then both men are trampled from behind by a resurgent Edward Plague. Plague drags James up and he slams him into the ringside barrier and then he grabs Marshall by the head and stares at Hero before flipping MM up on his shoulders…..


Crowd: Holy (beep) x10

Murdoch is launched through the air by a "border toss" powerbomb and sent crashing through another announce table, leaving him in a complete mess on the floor. Plague laughs at his handiwork and then turns to face the ring….

HE: Everyone else is down…

HA: Carnage all around us….Hero and Plague still standing…

Hero backs away from the ropes and he beckons for Plague to come and fight him. Plague pushes his hair from his face and grins at his rival before pulling himself up on the apron…

HA: And it could just come down to this….only room for one….but who is the power broker of 6CW?

Hero charges forwards and begins to lash kicks into the legs of Plague, following up with a series of stiff right hands. He backs Plague up in the corner and continues to go to work until Plague lets out a roar and shoves Hero away…


Plague rushes out for the huge clothesline but Hero ducks underneath it and springboards onto the ropes, returning with a perfectly placed disaster kick to the jaw. Plague stumbles back up and Hero drills him with a backstabber….

HA: Hero has always been a supreme wrestling machine….eight time world champion…

HE: But is he the force he once was? Is he still the Alpha Male?

Hero takes a quick look at Plague and then he climbs out onto the apron. He grips the top rope before springboarding back in with a destructive somersault foot stomp right to the chest of his foe….Plague is clearly winded by the impact as he slowly begins to get back up…

HA: Plague is hurt here….he's all at sea, nobody to protect him…

HE: Hero is lining him up…

Hero seems to be preparing for the "encore" when Man Mountain Mike grabs his legs from the outside of the ring and drags him under the bottom rope. Hero tries to battle but MMM seizes him with both hands around the throat and lifts him off the floor…

HA: Hero no match in the size and strength department….JEEZ!

MMM launches Hero against the ringpost, leaving the Church leader in a heap on the floor. Hero is clutching at his spine and neck as he crawls across the floor…Mike sizes him up and senses his opportunity as he starts running toward Hero, who is trying to use the ringside barrier to get to his feet….




Clarke James comes from nowhere and shoves Hero to safety as Man Mountain Mike spears CJ right through the ringside barrier and leaves both men in a battered heap in the front row of the crowd.

Crowd: This is awe-some x10

HA: We were expecting a war but I don't think any of us were expecting this…

Hero manages to drag himself back up and he stumbles toward the ring, dragging himself onto the apron. Plague is back up and he grabs Hero by the throat and lifts him over the top, spinning him into a destructive chokeslam in the centre of the ring…

HE: And just like that Plague now has control….

Plague kneels next to Hero and he mutters to himself as he stares down at the leader of The Church. He puts his hands together next to his head, imitating sleep, and then he climbs up and grabs Hero by the head…

HA: Plague wants to end this now….send a message far and wide that he is the power here in 6CW…

He places Hero on his feet and he begins to talk into his ear once more. Plague smirks to himself as he slings Hero's arm over his shoulder and then flips him up…


He spins Hero up onto his shoulders for the tombstone but Hero manages to wriggle off the back at the final second and he pushes Plague into the ropes before dropping him with a stiff superkick as he returns. Plague stumbles back up and Hero nails him with a second superkick, dropping Plague to his knees and then follows up with a very stiff running shining wizard…

HA: Plague is out and Hero knows it….

Hero raises his hands to the heavens once more and then he heads to the corner and begins to climb the turnbuckle. There is a huge "Church of Hero" chant ringing around the arena as the eight time world champion reaches the top rope….

HE: The end is nigh!

Hero goes airborne and the crowd applaud as he lands the picture perfect shooting star press to the chest of Plague and he makes the cover…


Varyag comes from nowhere with a destructive clubbing blow to the back of Hero's head, practically leaving him out cold on the deck. The crowd are booing as Varyag kneels over Hero and decimates him with furious elbows and punches before checking on Plague, helping him to his feet….

HE: I didn't even think anyone was still left in this match…

HA: Varyag has been indisposed for the majority of the match….but he's back and he has just handed Hero on a goddamn plate…

HE: He will be rewarded for this…

Plague smiles at Varyag's handiwork and he claps his follower on the shoulder before circling Hero. He draws his finger across his throat…

Plague: This is my world now…

HA: Judgement day is upon us…..

HE: Hero has nowhere to go!

Plague raises Hero's arms behind him into a full nelson and locks in the "crucifix" submission hold. Hero flails against it for a few seconds but there is barely any fight in him as Plague ragdolls him from side to side and lifts him up off the floor…

HA: Edward Plague is about to make the biggest statement of his career….he is going to destroy the Church of Hero once and for all…

Plague lifts Hero off the deck again and splatters him down on the mat, all the while keeping the submission hold locked in. Hero's fight becomes less and less until his head is slumped forwards…

HE: The referee is going to wave this one off…

HA: Hero is out…

Varyag is standing watch and he looks impressed by his leader as he watches him squeeze the life out of Hero. The referee moves in to check on his condition…

HE: What a moment in professional wrestling….



Suddenly, from nowhere, Clarke James and Marshall Murdoch appear and they drive two steel chairs into the skull of Varyag, leaving him completely motionless on the deck. The sight of the two disciples of Hero seem to freeze Plague in position…

HA: Where on earth….I mean how….these two guys were done for…

HE: The power of the Church runs through their veins, Harold…

Hero is able to shift himself back onto his feet and he flings his foot out beneath him, driving his heel right between the legs of Plague, who releases his hold. Hero spins out and stares at his rival for a moment…


The crowd erupt in cheers as Hero delivers the stunner in the centre of the ring. He drops down to his knees and the fans in attendance count along with the referee…


HA: Forget about it…

There is a standing ovation and chants from the crowd as "Glorious" booms through the speakers and the Church of Hero are declared the winners. Hero kneels on the chest of Plague whilst Murdoch and James flank him, both men wincing in pain from their injuries…

HE: It's over….finally……that was insane…

HA: That's one word for it…..every war has its casualties and this one was no different…..not one single superstar is leaving this match without the scars of battle…

HE: I'm amazed anyone is still standing…

Hero folds Plague's arms across his chest and then he rises to his feet to join both Clarke James and Marshall Murdoch. They pose for the crowd and in front of the cameras…

HA: Two opposing armies went to war tonight….only one is leaving…

HE: But what does this mean for the future of 6CW?

HA: Time will tell on that…..the crowd here in Glasgow are cheering the Church…..they are figureheads, alumni, legends….dare I say in some quarters "fan favourites" but the fact remains that they are a cult, led by one of the most maniacal and egotistical superstars we have ever seen….they have no desire for the greater good, they are solely out for their own personal gain…in some ways, no matter who won tonight 6CW was going to lose…

HE: And what about The Brotherhood?

HA: It is hard to believe Edward Plague will be deterred but the fact is quite simple; his army is not strong enough….even with the numbers advantage they didn't have enough to topple their rivals tonight….if they are to be a force here in 6CW they need to go back to the drawing board…

Hero climbs onto the turnbuckle and continues to bask in his own glory as Marshall and Clarke stand in the centre of the ring. Hero, finally, climbs down and he celebrates with his disciples before beckoning for them to follow him from the ring…

HA: 6CW is now on red alert….The Church of Hero is rising…

HE: And I'm sure they'll have their eyes firmly set on our two main events…

HA: Hero will not want to wait long…….EWF Championship, 6CW Championship…….power, control and gold are what fuel him….my word what a night this has been so far…

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Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV

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*Heading backstage, we see GazzyD pacing. His eyes show a frantic worry, and Enforcer walks into the room

E: You need to calm down

GD: A lot on the line here. This guy…I can’t describe it, he just gets to me.

E: I don’t put on shows where competitors might have heart attacks before the damn fight. Slow down, think about who you are, what you have achieved and then go out there and prove it all.

*Gazzy stops and looks Enforcer in the eye. E just nods, and walks away. Gazzy looks at his hands, then turns to his bag and checks his phone. He sighs, then returns to pacing as we head back to ringside.

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Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV

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*Alone backstage sits Liam Wood. He is deep in thought, a look of concern on his face. He looks up to the sky pleadingly, then down to the floor before the camera leaves him to his silence

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Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV

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Match Six
GazzyD vs Anthony Grace

*The camera pans around the arena, with an array of kilts on show along with Irn Bru signs being held up left, right and centre, one sign with "WIGGO TAUGHT ME TO INJECT" and another "WHAT GOES SIXTH WONT GO UP NOR DOWN" as this raucous crowd enjoys Ashes to Ashes by going from line to line and injection to injection, as finally the camera gets to the Lloyd brothers sat at ringside*

HA: "Up next we have a one on one contest between the newly returned Anthony Grace and who some call "Mr 6CW" GazzyD"

HE: "Only yer ma calls him that Harold"

HA: "Errrr....."

HE: "Wut?"

HA: "Moving recent weeks Gazzy has seemed peturbed by a seeming debt to Grace, and just hasn't been himself ever since the arrest of Hero. The tension between Gazzy and Christy becoming palpable recently, Grace really seems to have got into his head"

HE: "Maybe Christy should come see a real men, like me eh brother"

HA: "Dear lord..."

"Limelight" blares out through the speakers and the crowd cheer loudly as Gazzy D marches out onto the stage, he takes in the wild cheering of the crowd with a grin on his face. Gazzy builds into a sprint as he makes his way down the ramp, sliding in under the bottom rope.

HA: "Gazzy looking to put his troubles of recent times behind him with a big one on one win here at Ashes to Ashes"

HE: "PPV winz is what the biz is all about brah"

HA: "Shut up"

“Power” by Kanye West rips through the arena and a massive gold “A” replaces Grace on the screen. The crowd is bathed in gold light as Antony Grace waltzes out onto the stage. He is wearing sunglasses, gone is his white suit but the extravagant fur coat remains. Grace holds up the A gold chain around his neck before walking down to the ring, smiling to himself and at his opponent in the ring.

HA: "Anthony Grace has brought one heck of an attitude since his return"

HE: "The attitude of a winner"

HA: "Well some would say Grace wimped out of his tag match last week midway through"

HE: "PAH! Grace didn't have to lower himself to the level of that match, and he knew it"

Grace enters the ring, carefully removes his coat and gives it to the timekeeper, and the contest gets underway

Ding, ding, ding!

The bell rings to kick the match off, Grace and Gazzy lock up in the centre of the ring. Grace pushes Gazzy back towards the corner, the 6CW legend manages to wriggle himself free. He quickly hits a couple of kicks to the back of Anthony Grace before he places his body in between the ropes which forces Gazzy D to step back.

Grace slowly walks forward out of the corner. Gazzy goes for a boot to the stomach, Grace blocks only for Gazzy to counter with an enzaguri kick. This sends Grace down to one knee, Gazzy bounces off the ropes and connects with a neck snap. He covers.

Ref: 1..................2.......Kick out!

Anthony Grace forces the shoulder up. Gazzy D locks in a side headlock, Grace fights up to his feet quickly. The former tag champ goes for a belly to back suplex but Gazzy flips out and lands on his feet. He bounces off the ropes only for Grace to spin on the spot and take Gazzy down with a huge discus clothesline. Cover.

HE: What impact on that clothesline from Anthony Grace!

Ref: 1...................2.........Kick out!

Anthony Grace gets to his feet and then proceeds to stomp away on the head of Gazzy. He then drags Gazzytowards the corner, where he then piles punches down into the head of the slumping 6CW legend. Grace lifts up Gazzy and hits him with a big atomic drop. Grace then bounces off the ropes and takes down his opponent with a running clothesline. Grace makes the cover.

Ref: 1.......................2.............kick out!

GazzyD forces the shoulder up. Anthony Grace drags him to his feet, he then throws him down to the canvas with a suplex. Grace keeps the hold applied, driving to his feet and this time hitting a 2nd suplex, but dropping Gazzy face first into the mat. Gazzy sits up, Grace runs off the ropes and hits a vicious running kick to the face of his opponent.

The 6CW legend slows gets to his feet, Anthony Grace lifts him into the air and then runs along, connecting with a big backbreaker on GazzyD. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1..................2.............Kick out!

Anthony Grace goes on the attack with a series of knees down into the face. He then drags up the 6CW legend, Irish whipping him into the corner. Grace sprints in, connecting with a big leaping back elbow smash. Gazzy falls forward and Grace hits him with a snap powerslam into the pin attempt.

Ref: 1.....................2..................Kick out!

HA: "Anthony Grace on top here so far"

HE: "Cos he's the best in the biz - this new attitude on Grace is pushing him to new heights"

Grace hauls up Gazzy D, he boots him in the stomach and then sets up for a powerbomb, only for Gazzy to counter with a hurracanrana takedown. Grace stumbles to his feet, Gazzy hits a knee to the stomach and then follows that up with a swinging neckbreaker. Gazzy covers.

Ref: 1..................2................Kick out!

HA: "Lovely counter by Gazzy, who now has an opportunity to attack!"

Gazzy stands over Anthony Grace waiting for him to get to his feet. He then boots Grace in the stomach, following that up with a couple of European Uppercuts to the chin. Gazzy follows that with a snap suplex. Anthony Grace rolls to his feet, Gazzy hits a hip toss. He then runs off the ropes and connects with a dropkick to the face. Cover.

Ref: 1................2................Kick ou!

Anthony Grace gets the shoulder up. Gazzy D lifts him to his feet and goes for an Irish whip. Grace counters the momentum and sends Gazzy propelling towards the ropes and out to the floor outside. Gazzy lands hard near the commentary table, and Grace taunts the crowd, before going up to the top rope and leaping to the outside hitting a crossbody.

HA: "Beautiful counter, and crossbody from Anthony Grace as this match swings back in his favour"

HE: "Look at this stallion stand in front of us, phwoar"

Grace hauls Gazzy up off the floor and hits him with a flurry of punches, sending the 6CW legend stumbling back into the ring apron. Grace then hard irish whips Gazzy into the commentary table, sending the cover sprawling into Henry Lloyd. Gazzy falls to the floor in agony, as Grace enters and exits the ring to break the referee's 10 count

HA: "I would ask if you're ok, but you've probably already could the EMTs..."


HA: "You worry about that, I'll worry about this excellent contest..."

Grace goes to bang Gazzy's head off the table a few times, but Gazzy blocks and manages to hit Grace with a flurry of kicks to the abdomen, before hitting Grace with a huge spinebuster on the outside. Gazzy collects himself, and sees the table, then removes the TV monitors before hard irish whipping Grace into the ring apron, sending the former tag champ to the floor in agony. Gazzy then lifts Grace up and places him on the table before going into the ring and onto the top rope...

HA: "Gazzy going for a high risk maneouvre here!"

Gazzy D takes in the cheers from the crowds before leaping for a frogsplash to the outside....


Crowd: "Holy Sh1t! Holy Sh1t!"

As Gazzy leaps from the top rope, Grace moves off the table out of harms way and Gazzy crashes through the commentary table on the outside. Both superstars lay for a moment, before Grace gets up and surveys the scene.

HE: "Where is the god damn EMT, my tooth!"

HA: "Gazzy needs him more than you!"

Grace looks at Gazzy who is motionless, before going over to the timekeepers area and checking that his coat and chain are still in safe hands, and unblemished by the scenes occuring on the outside. Grace tells the timekeeper to make sure they stay safe

HA: "Grace wasting valuable time here"

Gazzy begins to stir in the rubble, and Grace sees this and lifts him up and chucks him back in the ring, and reenters himself. Grace then whips Gazzy off the ropes and hits a huge backbreaker! Cover

Ref: 1......................2................kick out!

Gazzy forces the shoulder up off the mat. Grace drags Gazzy to his feet and again throws him into the ropes, this time he connects with a Double A spinebuster. Grace rolls Gazzy onto his front before then running the ropes and hitting a running senton to the back. Cover.

Ref: 1......................2.................Kick out!

Grace drags Gazzy to his feet, he then throws him into the corner. Anthony Grace turns Gazzy so his body is against the turnbuckle. The former tag champion then hits a series of knees and kicks to the back. Grace then grabs Gazzy by the waist, stepping back and then flinging him into the canvas with a German suplex. Grace bridges over into the pin.

Ref: 1......................2.................Kick out!

Gazzy forces the shoulder up once again. Anthony Grace hauls him to his feet and places him into a bearhug position. Grace flings Gazzy from side to side, looking to squeeze the life out of the 6CW Legend.

HE: "Grace toying with Gazzy here"

HA: "But Gazzy D doing what Gazzy D does best, fighting for all that he's worth."

Gazzy pummels away at the head of Grace with elbows and punches, he then manages to clasp a front facelock on Grace. Gazzy then falls back, planting Anthony Grace into the canvas with a DDT. He covers.

Ref: 1...................2................Kick out!

Grace gets the shoulder up. Gazzy drags him to his feet, he goes for an Irish whip but Gazzy springboards back off the ropes and takes down Anthony Grace with a dropkick. He rolls to his feet, Gazzy hits a Northern Lights suplex bridging over into the pin.

Ref: 1.....................2...................Kick out!

Gazzy stands in the corner waiting for Anthony Grace to rise, he then sprints in and this time the headscissors takedown manages to connect. Gazzy then climbs up to the top rope...

HA: "Starship Pain!"

Gazzy hits Starship Pain on Grace, the crowd going bananas, and he goes for the pin....

Ref: 1........................2.........................................kick out!

HA: "A long, long two count there! Gazzy can't believe it!"

Gazzy remonstrates with the referee as Grace kicks out of starship pain. Gazzy then signals for the end...

HA: "Gazzy signalling for deep impact here..."

Gazzy drags Grace to his feet and hits him with a boot to the gut...


Grace reverses deep impact into a DDT and both men lay strewn in the ring.


Anthony Grace manages to get to his feet first. Anthony Grace rolls Gazzy onto his front, dropping a couple of knees into the back. He then allows the 6CW legend to his feet, before hitting a big atomic drop. Grace then runs off the ropes, knocking Gazzy down with a running clothesline. Gazzy stirs up and Grace hits a 2nd, more powerful clothesline. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1...................2...............Kick out!

Grace drags up the beaten up Gazzy, and fires in a couple of hard right-hands. Gazzy stumbles back, Grace hits a couple of hard left hands before whipping Gazzy out across the ring. Grace connects with a back body drop. Gazzy stirs, Grace runs off the ropes...

HE: "Bulldog!"

Ref: 1......................2................Kick out!


Anthony Grace picks Gazzy up from the mat and hits a scoop slam. Gazzy gets to his feet and Grace hits a couple of European Uppercuts as Gazzy falls back to the corner. Grace climbs up to the top turnbuckle to start punching down on Gazzy. Gazzy then slumps into the ring and Grace heads to the top rope....


Anthony Grace steadies himself on the turnbuckle, goes to salute the fans, before giving them the finger and hitting Fall from Grace! Grace now gets to his feet rather than making the cover...

HA: "Why didn't Grace cover him there?!"

Grace pulls Gazzy up by the ears, and slaps him across the face. He then does it again, this time talking trash to Gazzy before slapping him down to the canvas

HE: "I can't tell what he's saying to Gazzy, but Grace wants to end this!"

Grace pulls Gazzy up to his feet this time, and signals its time to finish him....


Anthony Grace connects with the Blockbuster to Gazzy D and can be seen maniacally laughing as he goes for the pin....

Ref: 1.............................2..............................3!

Ding, ding, ding!

Announcer: "Your winner, Anthony Grace!"

HA: "A great match between these two, Grace just trumping the heroic Gazzy D"

HE: "Just? He dominated. Hush up over there"

HA: "Oh be quiet, that was a great effort by Gazzy and Grace will certainly know he was in one heck of a contest"

Anthony Grace has his hand raised by the referee standing over Gazzy D, before heading to the timekeepers area, collecting his coat and chain and sauntering up the ramp looking pleased with himself as Gazzy stirs in the ring, dazed as 6CW Ashes to Ashes heads to another segment.....

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Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV

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*Backstage, Robin Reborn is with a 6CW ref. They are deep in conversation

HA: As we get our breath out here, it looks like the former 6CW Champion is taking some last minute lessons

HE: Hopefully from one of our fairer refs; I am worried Reborn will cheat Wood out of this tonight!

HA: As daft as that sounds, this rivalry has twists and turns going way back, Henry…

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Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV

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As the scene begins we see a misty, empty battlefield, smoking slowly floating along the ice covered tips of grass as the sound of marching begins to be heard. After a few moments on either side of the field two groups form, on one an army all dressed in white, on the other an army dressed in black. Behind the footage Bury Me Face Down by Grandson begins to play.

With the music playing men from each side begin to walk to the centre where a throne rests, floating above the throne, a crown of thorns. The first men of both groups reaches the throne and hold each other up at gun point...One one side a man dressed as Engel Harlequin...On the other a man dressed as Liam Wood.

The video continues, showing Engel's earlier victories over Wood,






The video fades and our image returns to where we started, and it begins to pan along the two armies, showing the faces, each man dressed in black dressed as versions of Liam Wood...The men dressed in white as iterations of Engel. We cut back to the men in the middle with the stand off over the throne as the sun goes down, turning the sky a dark black causing the version of Engel to turn as two more groups begin to form.
It changes again, showing the scenes of Wood’s victory at the last PPV




We return one last time to our dramatized scene; On the north side, men dressed as versions of the Church Of Hero...On the other, The Brotherhood. As Engel turns back to the throne after the distraction he now see's Wood sitting down, the throne now looking rotted and worn, the wood splintering.

With the music ending we end the scene focussed on Engel, surrounded. He turns in a circle, first looking at the versions of himself, then at the Church Of Hero, then the Brotherhood and finally he looks at Wood sitting on the rotting throne.

The group's all then flicker before disappearing leaving Engel alone in the field.

The words of Robin Reborn ring around him

RR: Can you do that? Can you hit the top, smash the glass ceiling, earn that title and hold it like a champion?

The scene then cuts to black.

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Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV

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Match Seven
EWF Title
Liam Wood (c) vs Engel Harlequin
Special Guest Referee: Robin Reborn

HA: Good evening folks and welcome back to Ashes to Ashes, and what a show it has been so far tonight!

HE: And that is before we even begin these next two matches, our co main-events for the evening, the two world championship matches.

HA: Up first, it's the EWF Title that is on the line in a rematch from Seasons Beatings, with Liam Wood facing off against Engel Harlequin.

HE: The difference between Seasons Beatings and now is two-fold though Harold. Firstly consider the environment, Seasons Beatings was inside a steel cage, this is purely wrestling.

HA: It was also a totally different situation, with the EWF Title actually vacant at that point, while tonight sees Liam Wood defending the belt.

HE: And there is another addition to the match-up, with the former 6CW World Champion Robin Reborn acting as guest referee.

HA: Here he comes right now!

"Stronger" blares out through the speakers and the crowd cheer loudly for the arrival of the former world champion. Reborn runs out onto the stage, he goes from side to side at the top of the ramp saluting the fans before walking down to the ring in his referee's shirt. He rolls under the bottom rope.

HA: Robin Reborn finds himself in a very tough situation here tonight. He has been trying his best to keep Engel sane amidst this battle between The Church and the Brotherhood, a task that many have tried and failed to do.

HE: I just hope he calls it down the middle Harold, we don't want this world title match to be influenced by someone not technically involved.

HA: You weren't saying that after the interference from the Brotherhood at Seasons Beatings which handed the title on a plate to Wood.

Mike Bird: Ladies and Gentleman the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the EWF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

Introducing first...the challenger... weighing in at 280lbs...ENGELLLLLL!

The arena is plunged into darkness as "Time is Running Out" kicks in through the speakers, a single spotlight shines on the stage as Engel emerges from the backstage area, the spotlight follows the exaggerated movements of Engel as he makes his way down to the ring. Engel stops at the bottom of the steel steps, looking up at Reborn before entering the squared circle.

HA: Will tonight be the night that Engel finally breaks through that glass ceiling and capture the world title that has proven to be elusive to him throughout his career?

HE: I just can't see it Harold. Engel has all the ability in the world, but he is easily distracted at the best of times. All this business with The Brotherhood and The Church will just break him down. You have to be 100% to win a world title match, I don't see that Engel is.

Mike Bird: And now...the REIGNING AND DEFENDING EWF HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD... hailing from Hereford, England and weighing in at 235lbs...LIIAAAM WOOODDDDD!

The lights go out as Revival Mode by Every Time I Die blasts from the speakers, suddenly a single spotlight appears on the stage revealing Liam Wood stood there wearing his World Eater biker style cut. Wood remains under the atmospheric blue light continuing to stand on the stage soaking in the boos of the fans. Wood then swaggers to the ring as the spotlight follows his every footstep, Wood ignores the fans but clearly enjoys their need to get his attention. Wood reaches the ring, he climbs up to the top rope and then sits a top of it, arms out-stretched showing the EWF Title around his waist.

HE: Now here is a man who knows how to get it done! You want to talk about big-match wrestlers, then look no further than Liam Wood.

HA: Undoubtedly Wood is now a formidable opponent in these contests, particularly with the backing of the Brotherhood. But let's not forget there was a time when he was the nearly man of 6CW. He's changed minds, there is no reason Engel can't do the same tonight.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

The bell rings to kick the match off. Reborn walks towards Liam Wood in the corner, holding his hands out to be passed the EWF Title. Wood simply stares back, smirking, he holds the EWF Belt high above his head before finally handing it over to Reborn. He stands in the middle of the ring, and holds the title above his head before walking over to the ropes and passing the belt down to the time-keeper.

Liam Wood and Engel staring in opposite corners, staring each other out for a few moments before eventually Engel walks forward. Wood follows suit and the duo finally lock-up and Engel pushes Wood down to the canvas. The champ rolls to his feet, running in at Engel angrily and he drives a knee up into the stomach.

Engel then lifts up the EWF Champion and drops him down to the canvas with a front suplex. Engel makes the cover.

Ref: 1...............2........Kick out!

Engel goes back on the attack, lifting up Wood and firing off a succession of punches and kicks to the body and head of Liam Wood, who falls back towards the corner. Harlequin unloads with another flurry of strikes, he then drags Wood back from the corner before Irish whipping him into the turnbuckles viciously from close range.

Harlequin then rests Liam Wood up against the turnbuckles, before stepping back into the opposite corner. Engel then runs in, nailing a huge stinger splash on the EWF Champion. Wood stumbles forward straight into a spinning heel kick from Engel.

HA: A strong start here from Engel, who seems very focused on the job in hand tonight rather than any potential outside interference.

HE: He is doing well so far, but we know it doesn't take much to tip Engel over the edge.

Ref: 1..................2..............Kick out!

Liam Wood forces the shoulder up. Engel drags him up to a vertical base, where he fires in a couple more stiff strikes to the body. Engel slings Wood over his shoulders, running towards the ropes but the world champion drops down the back.

Engel turns around and Wood runs in, hitting a dropkick that sends Engel himself into the ropes. Harlequin rebounds back towards Wood who hits a snap powerslam. He covers.

Ref: 1...............2............Kick out!

Liam Wood slowly gets to his feet, looking to recoup some energy. Engel is soon up, then hits a couple of firm European Uppercuts to the chin. Wood strongly Irish whips Engel to the corner. He rebounds off the turnbuckle into the on-rushing Wood who delivers a discus lariat, knocking Engel down to the canvas. Wood quickly goes up to the top rope, Engel stirs and Wood knocks him back down immediately with a double axe handle.

Engel again gets to his feet, Wood attempts a Double Arm DDT and it connects, driving Engel face first into the mat. Cover.

Ref: 1................2...............Kick out!

Liam Wood applies a grounded double underhook lock on Engel, dropping some knees down into the back of his head. Slowly he brings Engel up to his feet and then throws him across the ring with a double underhook suplex. Engel rolls up to his feet, throwing a wild clothesline that Wood ducks underneath...

HA: Pele kick followed by a superkick!

HE: This is what I meant about different situations. Considering Engel's reputation, the Steel Cage match played into his hands. In a straight-up wrestling
match, Liam Wood has to be strong favourite and he is showing that right now.

Ref: 1...................2..............Kick out!

Wood gets to his feet, he looks to Reborn for a second and makes a motion for a quicker count, Reborn simply smiles back. The EWF Champion drags up Engel and looks to send him back into the corner, hitting an Irish whip that sends Harlequin into the turbuckles.

Liam Wood then runs in, connecting with a Yakuza Kick to the head of Engel. The N01 contender for the title stumbles forward and Wood connects with a big boot. He covers.

Ref: 1..................2................Kick out!

Liam Wood drags Engel to his feet, he lifts him onto his shoulders, setting up for a powerbomb. He runs forward looking to add some extra impact on the move but Engel uses the brief pause to counter with a hurracanrana. Wood rolls to his feet, he sprints in at Engel who counters with a flapjack.

Wood rolls up, he throws a wild punch that Engel ducks underneath. He grabs Wood by the neck and then plants him into the canvas with a reverse DDT. Cover.

Ref: 1..................2..............Kick out!

Engel drags Wood up by the head, he cracks a series of European Uppercuts into the chin. Liam Wood hits the ropes, Engel whips him into the ropes and then connects with a spinning wheel kick. Wood rolls to his feet and Harlequin scoops him onto his shoulders, hitting a Fireman's Carry neckbreaker. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1..................2............Kick out!

Wood kicks out, Engel lifts him to his feet and then kicks Wood in the stomach. He then drops him down to the mat with a front suplex. Wood sits up and Engel sprints in, nailing a running knee to the face. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.................2...............Kick out!

HA: Engel coming back into this one strongly now, he showed tremendous fight to see off a sustained spell of Liam Wood offence and is now looking to capitalise.

Harlequin goes on the attack, he clambers onto Wood and then piles huge punches into the head of his rival. Robin Reborn gives the 5 count, with Engel only just breaking in time. Reborn tries to warn Engel but he is brushed aside by his sometimes ally who wants to go straight back after Wood.

Engel stomps away on the head of Wood as Reborn shakes his head. He then lifts up the current world champion, placing him on his shoulders and then running to the corner. He hits a snake eyes down onto the top turnbuckle. Wood falls to the mat, Engel goes up top...

HE: Corkscrew Plancha!

HA: High Risk and potentially a high reward move for Engel!

Ref: 1......................2.................Kick out!

Engel gets to his feet looking agitated, this time it's him who gets right into the face of guest referee Reborn. Reborn motions for calm from Engel but this time it is the challenger left to shake his head in annoyance. Harlequin stands over the world champion, waiting for him to rise before booting him in the gut.

HE: Aversion Therapy!

HA: Blocked!

HE: And then the counter with the Northern Lights Suplex!

Ref: 1....................2.............Kick out!

Wood looks to attack the back of Engel, he hits a series of stomps and knees down into the spine of his rival. Wood drags up Engel by the waist, he strides towards the turnbuckles and then flings Harlequin into them with a double underhook suplex. He drags Engel away from the turnbuckles and covers.

Ref: 1................2.............Kick out!

Engel gets the shoulder up. Wood clambers onto Engel and drives huge punches into the head, before rolling away. Engel gets to his feet, Wood attempts an Irish whip to the corner but Harlequin reverses the momentum. He runs in but Wood flapjacks him face-first into the top turnbuckle, Engel stumbles out of the corner straight into a swinging reverse STO. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.....................2.............Kick out!

Liam Wood drags up Engel, kicking him in the stomach and then lifts him onto his shoulders. Wood strides forward, he then drives Harlequin into the canvas with a powerbomb. He then drags up Engel, still in the powerbomb position...

HA: Lung-blower!

Ref: 1..........................2...................Kick out!

HE: That was a close call!

HA: Undoubtedly the closest either man has come to winning this match.

Harlequin kicks out just in time. Wood hauls up Engel, he sets up for the Tiger Suplex but Engel counters with a back body drop. Engel then hauls up Wood...

HA: Tiger Driver!

Ref: 1.....................2.................Kick out!

This time it's Wood with the kick out. Engel applies a front facelock, he drives a succession of stiff knees up into the face of Wood. He stumbles back into the ropes, where Engel continues with an attack of knees to the abdomen and head. He then takes Liam Wood down with a hip toss, before running the ropes and hitting a knee to the back of the head. Cover.

Ref: 1....................2.................Kick out!

Engel hauls up Liam Wood, he kicks him in the stomach...



Ref: 1........................2........................Kick Out!

Wood forces the shoulder up just in time as Engel looks up at Reborn frustrated. Harlequin lifts up Wood, he sets up for Self-Fulfilling Prophecy but Wood fights his way out. Engel spins around, Wood kicks him in the gut...


HE: Just like that, a real switch in momentum!

Ref: 1....................2..................Kick out!

This time it is Wood left frustrated by Reborn. Liam Wood goes to the corner and climbs up to the top rope, waiting for Engel to rise...

HA: Psycho Crusher!

HE: Engel avoided it...

Wood lands on his feet, he runs in at Engel...






Ref: 1...............................2.......................................Foot on the rope!

HE: Incredible ring awareness from Wood!

HA: The title belt is still just about in his grasp!

HE: Engel thinks it's all over!

HA: Reborn is going to have to be the bearer of bad news!

Engel is up on his feet, he is leant over the ropes in a mixture of delight and exhaustion, he turns around to have his arm raised but Reborn looks on apologetically, he points down at the bottom rope where Liam Wood's foot is rested.

Harlequin shakes his head, he looks brushes his hands through his head and then turns back to Wood. He drags up the EWF Champion, he sets up for the Aversion Therapy, but Wood frees himself. He runs off the ropes...

HE: Double clothesline!

HA: Both men down here!

Reborn looks down at both men, he begins counting. Reborn is at 6 when suddenly the lights in the arena are completely killed, they switch back on almost instantly...

HE: The Brotherhood!

HA: What the hell?!

HE: Wood's Brothers In Arms are here!

HA: Surely Reborn isn't going to allow this.

HE: You really think he's going to have much choice?!

Castile steps onto the ring, Edward Plague then follows him, leaving Varyag on the outside. Castile goes to enter the ring, but Reborn is quickly over. He
drags Castile through the ropes, unloading with a series of roundhouse kicks to the side.

HE: He's the referee, what the hell is he doing attacking someone?!

HA: Don't be so damn ridiculous, this is the very interference that you were talking about ruining the match.

Plague motions for Varyag, he steps onto the ring apron but Reborn runs over, sending the other member of the Death Squad flying with a big dropkick. He falls to the outside, Reborn then motions for Plague to try his best but the leader of the Brotherhood drops off the apron.

Plague gathers Varyag and Castile together, he helps them up and then orders them back into the ring. The Death Squad circle around Reborn, who steps backwards until he bumps into Engel who is up to his feet. Engel jolts around, the pair stare down the Death Squad before nodding at each other.

Engel and Reborn storm at the Death Squad, a flurry of punches and kicks unloading onto Varyag and Castile. Engel backs the monstrous Varyag into the ropes where he fires off a flurry of knees and kicks ala Shinsuke Nakamura. Engel then runs off the ropes and hits a flying knee to the head of Varyag.

On the opposite side of the ring, Reborn hits a couple of European Uppercuts to the chin and then hits a shining wizard in the corner. Reborn turns Castile so his body is against the turnbuckle, hitting a knee to the back. Robin Reborn waits for Castile...

HA: Lining up the worldstar!

HE: But his back is to the action!

HA: Plague! Plague!

Edward Plague rolls into the ring with the title belt in hand, he runs in at Engel. Harlequin goes for a clothesline but Plague ducks under it and then cracks the title belt into the head of Harlequin. He collapses to the mat, Plague quickly rolls out just as Reborn nails the worldstar on Castile and rolls him under
the bottom rope.

Reborn turns around, he sees Engel down and out on the canvas, not knowing what has happened. Wood slowly stirs to his feet, he sees Engel down and covers.

HA: Why the hell is Reborn counting? This should be a disqualification damn it!

HE: He didn't see it Harold! He can't make that decision if he didn't see it!

Ref: 1..........................2......................................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Mike Bird: Ladies and Gentleman...the winner of this match by way of PINFALL and STILLLLL EWF HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD...LIIAAAMMM WOOOOODDDDD!

The crowd are booing loudly as Wood is announced the winner, Reborn is handed the EWF Title by the time-keeper. He continues to look on shocked for a few moments before Wood snatches the title from Reborn and with his trademark arrogance rested, holds it aloft high above his head. For a moment, Wood looks down to the outside where Edward Plague is stood. They exchange a brief nod before Plague leads the Brotherhood up the ramp.

HA: Wood celebrating this win like he did it all himself but he knows deep down, that he needs to be thanking that man right there who laid it on a plate for him.

HE: That could have been Engel Harold, if he'd been willing to accept Plague rather than hawk himself around looking for the best deal from either The Church or Brotherhood.

HA: Do you really believe some of the BS that comes out of your mouth Henry? Engel was never given that option, Wood has always been the chosen one for the Brotherhood. Engel was led down the garden path and even with Reborn's presence tonight, it couldn't protect the legitimacy of this match.

HE: If Reborn had been doing his job instead of beating down the Death Squad, he could have prevented that interference. If Engel wants someone to blame, he need look no further than the referee for this evening's match.

*Wood continues to celebrate in the ring as Reborn rolls out, looking disappointed at the outcome as Engel slowly begins to stir.

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Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Sun 05 Mar 2017, 9:52 pm

*Backstage, Hero stands with Brother Marshall and Clarke James

H: Never more shall these fake prophets be able to hold their heads above water and challenge us as the truest power

*Hero smiles, and the pair follow in his joy, as sick and sadistic as it seems. James speaks

CJ: We have done our task, we have fulfilled your request. You knew this was not the Church as it once was

H: Yes, my old friend. Spread the name, the fear and the power at your desire, your instruction and however you need.

MM: The Church has lived on

H: And however you prosper now, so it shall remain. You are free once more, Brother Marshall. Let Brother James remind you of the path you can make for yourselves

*The pair bow to Hero, and he returns it, before they part as the scene fades

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Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV

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*On the screen, in four quarter split, we see all four men in the main event warming up. Dicey is pacing in the changing room, JJ is stood against a wall in the corridor with headphones on, Lex is alone in a different changing room taping up his fingers, and Cassius Zhi stands quietly in a room with his eyes closed and head pointed up to the ceiling

HA: And here we have the four men about to do battle over the 6CW World Championship

HE: What a feeling, Harold, that pre main-event buzz!

HA: The characters of all four men painted so subtly and succinctly in these four shots:

Dicey – frantic and furious

JJ – composing himself to his own beat

Lex – calculated and prepared

And the champion, Cassius Zhi – solitary, calm, composed.

HE: The champ hides his frenzy, Dicey cannot contain his

HA: Both Lex and JJ control theirs, make it what they want of it, channel it their own way

HE: And yet I cannot question the methods of any of them, brother. Four vastly experienced men, four titans of this industry

HA: And the build to this event, it started with the champ’s experience fuelling his arrogance, and an enraged “suit” backstage…

*The scene turns to past events

E: I’m the man with my finger on the trigger, Cassius. I’m the man who, whenever I choose to, will be naming the Number One Contenders to the title you covet…

*Cassius is incredulous

CZ: You know nothing piece of—contenders? Plural? WHAT IS THIS S***?!

*Enforcer riles up over him

E: IT IS WHATEVER I SAY IT IS, ZHI! Bite the hand the feeds and it will slap your sorry a*** about!

*Zhi steps back shaking his head

CZ: Oh we’ll see about that old man, I’m the power now

*He keeps backing away, laughing now

CZ: I’m the power now!

*The scene fades to a furious Zhi in the ring, some two weeks later

CZ…I am out here to question the injustice of our current 6CW leadership. That FOOL Enforcer, jealous of my dominance and the fact I have stayed at the top of my game and supremely fit and athletic, all whilst he struggles to even slip on shiny black shoes to go with his cheap suit.

He is just another man who does not understand the glorious future I am trying to lead this company to after I burned it to the ground.

*Now he smiles, even against the vitriol spat at him from the crowd

CZ: You sent me your heroes, and I sent them down to hell! Ground down to dust, down to the ashes of this once pitiful company, I raise it to a glory that will at least match some percentage of the glory 6WF had on my shoulders.

*He turns to stare down the ramp

CZ: BUT, the old man in the back, the suit, the washed up old wrestler who was washed up in his prime anyway, somehow sinking to new lows. He, so scared of my power, cannot find a competitor to match my prowess. So he needs to stack the odds, so sure is he that he cannot have me toppled. Not just one number one contender, because he cannot find a man who could match me. So he needs to pick multiple, plural, many, whatever way you want to put it!

*He slows down from the fired up frenzy in his face

CZ: Even the wreckage in this place, even in there he seeks desperately to find challengers. And do I care who? Of course not, no man here stands up to my power, but I see his plan. He doesn’t want me pinned…he wants my title from me.

*Slo-mo of Enforcer walking out to confront him, then sped up to see him introducing our first number one contender

E: I came back here to reward the best performers in the company. And there has been a man returning to this company in recent times who won one of the biggest matches of 2016. Legend fought legend, icon versus icon, and if you win a match that big, where do you go next?

*The crowd roar

HA: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

HE: I hope not…

*Enforcer continues

E: And you know him well, Cassius. Very well indeed

*Zhi paces back and forth shouting to himself as the crowd’s noise rumbles around the arena

E: The Franchise Initiative…The Main Event Playa…some may even say: The Best Pure Athlete in the Business Today!

*Enforcer is having to shout above the noise of a raucous crowd

E: Your FIRST Number One Contender for the 6CW Title at our new Ashes to Ashes pay-per-view:


*Zhi screams in the ring as the crowd lose their s***. Enforcer smiles and looks down a camera

We fast-forward to later that night

O'Callaghan immediately picks up Grace, he plants him into the canvas with a spinebuster. O'Callaghan immediately steps through...







O'Callaghan is shouting at Zhi as he applies more and more pressure to the sharpshooter hold.

HA: Surely Grace can't hold out much long...





Cassius drops to the mat to make the count, Lex Hart glares at him as Zhi makes the count.

Ref: 1............................................2...........................

HA: My god this is taking an eternity! Make the damn count!


Ding, Ding, Ding!

HE: That's it!

HA: It's over! It's finally over, oh my god what a match up that was! What an effort those four men put in tonight.

HE: But eventually, spotting the right moment, it was Lex Hart who emerged the victory. Taking it from the very grasp of O'Callaghan, who had the sharpshooter hold firmly locked in on Grace.

HA: His time will come but tonight it's former world champion Hart who will get a shot at Zhi, along with JJ Johnson.

*Lex Hart gets to his feet slowly, he stands staring at Cassius for a few moments.

HA: Does Hart want Zhi to raise his hand?!

HE: I think he knows that isn't going to happen.

*Eventually, Hart holds his arms above his head for a few moments and then motions a title belt around his waist.

HA: Hart sending a message...and it looks like somebody else is keen to join the party!

*JJ Johnson walks out onto the stage to a mixed reception, he is applauding Lex Hart as he reaches the bottom of the ramp. JJ rolls in under the bottom rope and gets to his feet, he stands staring at Zhi and then Hart with a grin. He motions the title belt around his waist, with Hart shaking his head and Zhi's glare unflinching.

HE: What a sight, three of the biggest names to ever grace this industry competing for the 6CW World Championship.

HA: What an image to end the show on.

HE: I don't think that's how it's ending Harold!

HA: Three combustible elements, I think we may see the explosion tonight.

We skip onward a little bit more to our final reveal…

E: We’ve got a match winner, our in-form pick, but it feels like we’re missing one final ingredient.

*The three men in the ring are all watching Enforcer intently

E: We’re missing the kind of man who fights until the blood runs dry, who’ll fight anyone, any time, any place. A man who has fought for this company without a seconds thought for his own health or wellbeing

*The colour runs from Zhi’s face

HE: No…

*Enforcer can barely smile wider

E: A man with a track record in recent times that anyone would envy…recharging, returning and ready to claim what he feels is rightfully his…

*Born to Fight by Waylander plays and the arena goes insane, the noise deafening as Dicey Reilly steps out onto the stage. Enforcer drops the mic and Dicey can be overheard screaming at Zhi as the 6CW logo appears in the bottom corner

HA: Dicey, Cassius, Lex, JJ! Ashes to Ashes!

*The scene comes back to ringside as it fades slowly on their four faces...

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Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes - LIVE PPV

Post by Mat Mon 06 Mar 2017, 1:12 am

HA: Ladies and Gentleman welcome back to Ashes to Ashes, we've just seen one world title match and now it is time for our second World Championship match of the night.

HE: And this isn't just any match, let me hand you over to Mike Bird to explain the rules.

Mike Bird: Ladies and Gentleman...the following contest is your MAIN EVENT for the EVENING and is for the 6CW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

It is a FATAL FOUR WAY....TIME ATTACK MATCH! There is 30 MINUTES on the clock, the world championship can change hands as many times as it likes during that 30 MINUTES...the COMPETITOR who is CHAMPION when the clock hits ZERO will be the WINNER of the match and the 6CW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

HA: One of the greatest concept matches in wrestling history, this particular Time Attack match brings together four of the biggest names in professional wrestling.

HE: All four men are current or former world champions, some here in 6CW, others in 6WF, some of them in both companies.

HA: And there is also without doubt plenty of history going into this match-up, between all of the competitors. Without further ado, let's get this match started.

Mike Bird: Introducing the first challenger...he hails from Compton, Los Angeles and weighs in at 270lbs...The Franchise Initiative...JJ JOOOOHHNSSSONNNNNNN!

The lights dim slightly and a very familiar electric blue spotlight flashes around. The intro to "Right above it" echoes around the arena before "Ante Up" booms through the speakers. JJ Johnson enters the fray, taking time to soak up the atmosphere, before pounding his chest and making his way down towards the ring. Johnson climbs up the steel steps and then motions a title belt around his waist before stepping through the middle rope.

HA: There's been somewhat of a change in attitude to JJ, prompted by the feud with Gazzy D. But this has bought something else back into JJ's life, and that is Cassius Zhi.

HE: These two had a storied rivalry in 6WF, they were the antithesis of each other. They despised what each other stood for, the chance to renew that rivalry in 6CW was simply too good to turn down.

Mike Bird: Introducing the second challenger...hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and weighing in at 240lbs....LEXXX HAARRTTTTT!

"Be Myself" blares out through the speakers and the crowd descend into boos as Lex Hart swaggers out. He glares at the opponents in the ring before walking confidently down the ramp. Hart rolls in and stares at JJ.

HA: Lex Hart was in the tag team division, dominating alongside long term partner Perfect Jack, but there was always a sense of unfinished business at the very top.

HE: And you want to talk about the history between Johnson and Zhi, let's not forget the animosity that exists between Zhi and Hart, stretching back a long time.

Mike Bird: Introducing the 3rd challenger...hailing from Dublin, Ireland and weighing in at 240lbs...DICEEYYYY REILLLY!

The crowd erupt into huge cheers as pyros shoot off at the top of the stage and "Born To Fight" kicks in through the speakers. Dicey Reilly storms out onto the stage and then paces down the ramp, tagging the fans hands. He steps into the ring and smirks at his two rivals.

HA: Dicey Reilly looking fired up tonight and these fans are certainly behind him, they want the 6CW World Championship back around his waist.

HE: It'll be tough for Reilly but he is pretty fresh after a little time away from the ring. And again, there is history here, this time between former tag partners Reilly and Hart.

Mike Bird: And now...he hails from Tibet, China and weighs in at 220lbs...the REIGNING AND DEFENDING...6CW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD...CASSSSIUUSSSSSS ZHIIIIIIIIIIII!

"They Say" creeps through the sound system. A crimson mist begins to seep through the curtain, covering the ringside area in seconds, as a golden spotlight illuminates the stage. Cassius Zhi walks out into the spotlight to huge boos, he holds the 6CW World title above his head as he walks down the ramp. Zhi climbs up the steps and stares at his rivals with that trademark demented grin.

HA: Zhi doesn't seem over-awed at all tonight but surely he realises the size of the task that faces him.

HE: Nothing ever intimidates Zhi Harold, he knows what he's in for but he has the self confidence to believe he can do it and I believe that too.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

HA: What a sight this is! Four of the biggest names in 6CW, no scratch that, wrestling, history stood in the four corners of this ring set to do battle for the 6CW World Heavyweight Title.

HE: The only downside to this match Harold is that it can only last half an hour, these fans would happily watch these four go all night.

HA: All four men's legacy's are already ensured but imagine what a victory here tonight would do for one of them, to beat the other three in this match over that time limit is a career-defining achievement.

The four competitors stand staring at each other, Lex Hart looks to go down to the outside and watch on but Dicey Reilly runs over and drags Lex Hart away from the ropes. Reilly fires in a series of right hands that backs Lex into the turnbuckles. Reilly then reels off a number of punches to the body, before climbing to the 2nd rope.

The camera pans to show JJ and Cassius, the duo stare each other out before eventually locking up. JJ drives Cassius backwards, only for Zhi to push back. JJ changes tact, attempting to lock in a side headlock but Cassius counters by throwing Johnson into the ropes. He rebounds to the middle of the ring and Zhi levels him with a spinning back elbow to the head. Cover.

Ref: 1...................2...........Kick out!

Zhi locks in a sleeper hold as the camera pans to show Dicey Reilly reigning punches down into the head of Lex, but the former tag team champion sneaks under the legs of Dicey. Lex goes to grab the waist of Dicey, attempting a German suplex but Reilly cracks some elbows backwards into the head of Lex. He falls down to the canvas, Dicey then dives off the top rope and connects with an imploding splash, he covers.

Ref: 1...................2............Kick out!

HA: Reilly and Zhi both attempting to go for early pin attempts.

HE: That's more a psychological thing Harold, I don't think either would have expected to get a winning fall with that.

Dicey Reilly drags up Lex Hart, he throws towards the ropes and follows up with a clothesline. Lex Hart stumbles up to his feet, Dicey hits him with an inverted atomic drop and Lex stumbles backwards into the ropes. Reilly sprints in and sends Hart flying with a big boot to the head, he falls down to the outside.

Reilly follows Lex down to the outside as JJ is shown getting to his feet in the ring. He fights out of the sleeper hold with an inverted jawbreaker. Johnson then pulls a groggy Cassius towards him where he nails him with a big belly to belly suplex. Johnson drags Zhi away from the ropes and goes for the cover.

Ref: 1...................2..Kick out!

Zhi kicks out. JJ Johnson hauls him to his feet, he kicks Cassius Zhi in the stomach. Johnson then slings Zhi down to the canvas with a snap suplex. Cassius rolls up to his feet, JJ again hits Cassius with a kick into the stomach before following that up with an Emerald Fusion. He then makes the cover.

Ref: 1...............2.......Kick out!

Johnson is stomping down on Cassius when a crash is heard from outside the ring, Dicey Reilly is stood on the outside with a grin on his face as the camera spins around to show Lex Hart slumped against the ring steps.

HA: Let's take a look at a replay of what happened there!

HE: Holy crap what a move by Dicey Reilly.

HA: Reilly powerbombed Lex Hart into the steps! It might be the early throes of this match-up, just over 7 minutes into the contest, but that may already rule Lex Hart out.

Dicey Reilly rolls into the ring, he looks to JJ Johnson and the two share a tense stare-down for a few moments before JJ takes a small step to the side, nodding down at Cassius Zhi. Reilly has a brief smile to himself and then nods. Reilly picks up Zhi, rocking him with a number of crashing right hands to the head.

Cassius falls into the ropes, Dicey Reilly whips him out across the ring and then meets Zhi with a standing side-slam backbreaker. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.................2..........Kick out!

Dicey rolls away as JJ Johnson takes over, dropping a number of knees down into the face. JJ then hauls up Cassius Zhi. JJ Irish whips Cassius into the ropes, and on the rebound connects with a vicious tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Johnson then waits for Cassius to rise before hitting a Samoan Drop. He hooks the leg.

HA: It appears as if JJ Johnson and Dicey Reilly have decided to work together, at least for the time being.

HE: Taking out the champion is smart tactics Harold, after all he is the man who will be desperate to break every pinfall, every submission, that's what he needs to do to retain the title belt.

Ref: 1...................2..............Kick out!

Dicey Reilly once again takes over from JJ Johnson in taking the attack to Cassius Zhi. Reilly rolls the 6CW Champion onto his front and then proceeds to stomp down on the back continually. Reilly then picks up Cassius by the legs and then sprints towards the corner, driving him into the turnbuckles. Dicey turns Zhi and rests his head over the top rope, Reilly then steps onto the ring apron.

HA: Running knee to the head!

HE: And Johnson follows that with a Stinger Splash.

Cassius falls backwards out of the corner, Dicey springboards in off the top rope and takes down Zhi with a flying clothesline. He covers.

Ref: 1.......................2...........Kick out!

HA: And with that we hit the 10 minute mark, and still there has yet to be a title change in this contest.

HE: This is unlike any Time Attack match I have ever seen.

JJ Johnson steps back into the fray. He grounds and pounds Cassius Zhi, smashing punches down into the face. Johnson then drags up Cassius, he throws him into the ropes and then connects with a big Farooq spinebuster on the 6CW World Champion. Johnson stands over Zhi, who slowly gets to his feet. He drives a knee up into the abdomen, JJ then bounces off the ropes...

HA: Scissors Kick!

HE: A trademark Johnson move, could that be the first pinfall of the match?

Ref: 1.............................2............Kick out!

There's another kick out from Cassius Zhi, Dicey Reilly looks to go and take over proceedings from JJ Johnson, but he is pushed aside by Johnson. Dicey glares at JJ, eventually Johnson holds his hands up and steps aside for the 6CW Hall Of Famer to take over. Reilly drags up Cassius Zhi, he boots the 6CW World Champion in the stomach...

HA: Reilly setting up for the Craicdown!



Ref: 1.........................2......................Johnson breaks the pin!

The crowd descend into boos as JJ blindsides Reilly with a leaping knee to the back of the head. Johnson picks up Cassius Zhi by the head, he then launches him out over the top rope. JJ then turns his attentions back to Dicey Reilly, who has just got to his feet. Reilly throws an angry, wayward clothesline that JJ ducks underneath.

He synchs in a full nelson hold on the Irishman. He then slings Dicey Reilly down to the canvas with a Dragon Suplex, bridging over into the pin attempt.

Ref: 1........................2.............Kick out!

JJ Johnson stands over Dicey Reilly waiting for him to rise. He then kicks him in the stomach, before lifting Reilly into the air and connecting with a knee-breaker. Reilly staggers around, Johnson scoops him onto his shoulders and then nails the FU on Dicey Reilly. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1....................2...............Kick out!

Dicey again forces the shoulder up the canvas. Johnson stands waiting for the Irishman to rise, he then kicks him in the stomach. JJ hits Reilly with a snap DDT, and then goes up to the top rope.

HA: What is Johnson thinking here?

HE: Johnson is looking to climb Mount Rushmore one more time!

HA: He's shooting for the stars...

HE: But it was a crash landing!

JJ writhes around in pain as Dicey manages to get the knees up into the stomach. Reilly rolls towards the ropes and manages to drag himself to a vertical base.

HA: A timely counter from Dicey Reilly, just as the clock hits 15 minutes. That's right folks, 15 minutes are up and there has still yet to be a pinfall here.

HE: You have to think that despite the predicament he is in, Cassius Zhi will be pretty happy with this.

HA: These four competitors have so much heart, they are all struggling to put one another away.

Dicey Reilly lifts up JJ Johnson and looks to take advantage of the potentially injured abdomen/ribs. Reilly slings JJ over his shoulders, running to the middle of the ring and connecting with a gutbuster. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1....................2............Kick out!

Johnson gets the shoulder up. Dicey Reilly hauls up JJ and again slings him over his shoulders, he then runs to the ropes and then drops JJ down across the top rope stomach-first. Dicey then runs along and connects with a vicious running kick to the gut. Reilly then grabs JJ by the waist and throws him down into the canvas with a German suplex, bridging over into the cover.

Ref: 1......................2............Kick out!

Dicey Reilly drags up JJ Johnson, he then connects with a big atomic drop. Reilly bounces off the ropes and connects with a Brogue Kick, taking a play out of fellow Irishman Sheamus' offence. Reilly hooks the leg.

Ref: 1...........................2................Kick out!

JJ once again forces the shoulder up. Dicey Reilly drags him up, hitting a couple of big European Uppercuts to the chin. He then lifts JJ Johnson up into the air, holding him aloft for around 10 seconds and then drives JJ down into the canvas with a brainbuster. He again makes the cover.

Ref: 1...........................2...................Kick out!

HA: This is exactly what JJ Johnson has been renowned for throughout his whole career, showing incredible heart in the face of adversity, when the odds are really against him.

HE: Unfortunately for JJ, that is also what Dicey Reilly has made a career out of. These two could probably fight all night and not concede a pinfall to one another.

HA: This might do the job though Henry!

Dicey Reilly drags up JJ by the head, knee to the stomach...

HE: The second time he's set up for the Craicdown...


Ref: 1...............................2..............................Lex Hart breaks the pinfall!

HA: Hart comes from out of nowhere to break this pinfall!

HE: Lex has hardly been in this contest, and now he is arguably in pole position to win this match-up.

HA: And sweet revenge considering it was Dicey who ruled him out of the first 18 minutes of this championship match-up.

Lex Hart lifts up Dicey Reilly, he throws him into the ropes and then connects with a big inverted atomic drop on the Irishman. Hart then bounces off the ropes, connecting with a spinning heel kick. He doesn't make the cover, instead choosing to go up to the top rope. Hart dives off, connecting with a big leg drop down across the throat. Cover.

Ref: 1.........................2..............Kick out!

Hart decides that he is going to turn his attentions to JJ Johnson. Lex drags up the multiple time 6WF World Champion, he then boots him in the stomach. Lex Hart flings Johnson down to the canvas with a snap suplex, he keeps the hold applied and then brings JJ up to his feet, connecting with a second suplex. He keeps the old applied still, bringing Johnson to his feet and hitting a third suplex, bridging over into the pin attempt.

Ref: 1.......................2................Kick out!

Lex drags up JJ Johnson, and then Irish whips him into the corner. Hart then picks up Dicey Reilly, and throws him into JJ Johnson. Lex stands in the opposite corner, he then runs in and nails a big dropkick into Reilly, who in turn crashes into Johnson. Reilly falls down first, Lex is more interested in JJ who falls forward straight into a leaping knee to the head. He covers.

Ref: 1...................2...............Kick out!

JJ again forces the shoulder up. Lex Hart hauls him to his feet and then connects with a backbreaker on Johnson. Hart goes to the corner...

HA: My god what a move!

HE: Triple moonsault from Lex Hart!

HA: He's pulling out all the stops!

HE: Is that enough for the first pinfall of the match-up?!

Ref: 1.............................2.......................Kick out!

Johnson again forces the shoulder up. Lex Hart stands over Johnson, waiting for him to rise...



Ref: 1.......................................2..................................Zhi places the foot of JJ on the bottom rope!

HA: Cassius Zhi saving his title belt by saving JJ Johnson!

HE: Words I never thought I'd hear.

Lex Hart gets to his feet in frustration, he looks down and sees Zhi on the outside. Hart quickly uses the ropes in an attempt to springboard down into a splash on Zhi, but Cassius catches him across the chest. Zhi then nails a fallaway slam on the outside, sending Lex Hat flying. Cassius Zhi then rolls into the ring.

HA: This is a perfect situation for Cassius Zhi now.

HE: No pinfalls as of yet, there is just 9 minutes left on the clock of this match. Lex Hart is down on the outside, Dicey Reilly and JJ Johnson are both prone in the middle of the ring. He is in control of his own destiny.

He picks up JJ Johnson, dragging him to the corner. Cassius Zhi then hits him with a series of roundhouse kicks to the stomach. Cassius then turns his attentions back to Dicey Reilly, he drags the Irishman by the head to another corner. Zhi then nails a succession of roundhouse kicks to the head of the 6CW legend.

Cassius Zhi turns back towards Johnson, Zhi sprints out across the ring and connects with a shining wizard on JJ. Zhi turns back around, hitting a shining wizard on Dicey Reilly. Cassius jumps down off the 2nd rope, he then runs out across the ring to JJ and hits a big elbow to the head of his long-time rival. Zhi follows that up with a series of elbows to the head.

The 6CW World Champion eventually relents with the attack on JJ, going at Reilly with the exact same moveset. He hits the big leaping elbow followed by elbows to the head. Zhi decides to switch tact, going after Johnson once more. He walks to the corner and methodically takes his time in trying to wrap Johnson's arms up in the ropes.

JJ boots away at the stomach of Zhi, desperately trying to force him away from the corner. Zhi takes a few steps back from the kicks before running back, but Johnson again gets a boot up into the gut. JJ manages to free his arm from the ropes, he then explodes out of the corner and takes down Cassius with a flying lariat.

Zhi rolls up to his feet, JJ Johnson kicks him in the abdomen and scoops Cassius onto his shoulders. Johnson then nails Zhi with a firemans carry into a spinning side slam. JJ hooks the leg of his long-time rival.

Ref: 1...........................2.......................Kick out!

Zhi forces the shoulder up off the canvas. JJ drags him up to his feet, he lifts up Cassius and sets up for the VIP Experience...

HA: Zhi drops down the back...



Cassius turns his attentions back to Dicey Reilly after escaping the attentions of JJ Johnson for the time-being. Cassius drags Dicey away from the corner, hitting three successive roundhouse kicks to the head. He then covers.

HA: Why is Cassius covering?!

HE: This is a nonchalance thing, an egotistical gesture, Zhi is showing how much better he is than these three by pinning one of them despite not needing to.

HA: And with just 6 minutes left on the clock, quite frankly, it is a clever tactic from Cassius Zhi.

Ref: 1..........................2...................Kick out!

Dicey gets the shoulder up off the canvas. Cassius looks to attack Johnson again for around 30 seconds stomping away on the head of JJ, who tries to shield himself but to very little avail. Zhi motions a title belt as he stands over JJ for a moment...

HE: Roll up by Dicey Reilly!

HA: Out of nowhere!

Ref: 1..............................2.................Kick out!

Cassius powers the shoulder up. Both men rise to their feet simultaneously...

HA: Just 5 minutes left on the clock here, Zhi is still the champion at this moment!

Zhi goes for a boot to the gut. Reilly grabs it and smiles, only for Cassius to him with an Enzaguri kick. Dicey falls down to one knee, Cassius then smirks...

HA: Zhi setting up for the Craicdown! Using Reilly's own move...

HE: Counter! Back body drop!

Cassius stumbles up, Dicey takes him down with a clothesline. Zhi staggers up, boot to the stomach...




Ref: 1......................................2....................................JJ Johnson breaks the pinfall!


JJ desperately dives in and just about the breaks pinfall before Dicey Reilly can get the three count to become new champion. JJ boots Reilly away towards the ropes and then out underneath them. Johnson turns his attentions back towards Cassius Zhi, he lifts up the 6CW World Champion and then boots him in the stomach...





Ref: 1........................................2..............................................Lex Hart saves Zhi!





Lex Hart lifts up JJ Johnson, he goes for the Flat Line but Johnson shoves him towards the ropes. Hart rebounds to the middle of the ring, JJ scoops him onto his shoulders for the VIP Experience but Hart drops down the back and then rolls up JJ.

Ref: 1..............................2..................Kick out!

Johnson kicks out. Lex Hart hauls up JJ, he goes for the Flat Line but Johnson again counters with a shove away. Hart runs back at Johnson, he cuts him off with a knee to the stomach. JJ hits Hart with a powerbomb, he then lifts Lex back up into the air and connects with a second powerbomb. Cover.

Ref: 1.................................2............................Kick out!

Hart just about forces the shoulder up. Cassius Zhi begins to stir, Johnson decides to take the attack to him briefly.

HA: Clever from Johnson, Hart might be his main target here but he needs to take out anyone who could potentially break the pinfall!

Johnson piles away on Zhi in the corner with a series of punches to the head, JJ then drags Cassius forward and connects with a Samoan Drop. JJ turns his attentions back to Lex Hart, he drags him towards the corner and then climbs up to the top rope...

HE: Johnson going for Mt Rushmore once again!

HA: This could finally be it...


Dicey Reilly leaps onto the ring apron, he pulls the ropes away from JJ and causes him to crotch himself on the top rope. Reilly then throws Johnson down from the top rope, JJ stands up and Reilly dives off, taking him down with a Lou Thesz Press. Reilly then proceeds to pummel down on the head of JJ Johnson on the outside...


In the ring, Lex Hart has just stirred in the corner. He sees Cassius Zhi down on the canvas, he lifts up the 6CW World Champion and then throws him into the ropes. On the rebound, he connects with a spinebuster. Hart grabs the legs of Cassius, he places one leg through...






Dicey Reilly is pummeling down on Johnson, he tries to get into the ring to break the submission hold but JJ grabs a hold of Reilly's right leg and pulls him down to the floor. JJ then starts to drive forearms into the face of Reilly.

In the ring, Lex Hart is wrenching back on the submission hold. Zhi is yelling out in pain, looking up at the clock on the titantron that has just hit 1 minute.

HA: One minute to go!

HE: Hart has the Sharpshooter locked in, middle of the ring, this is it!

HA: He's going to win it!

HE: Can Zhi last this minute? Can he fight the pain?!

HA: Don't forget, Reilly and Johnson targeted the back of Zhi throughout their double team offence on him.

HE: Could one of them save the match for Zhi, and themselves?!

HA: With all our talk, there is just 45 seconds remaining!

JJ continues to pummel down on Dicey, but Reilly then manages to block an elbow and fires back with headbutts to Johnson. JJ stumbles back, in fact getting closer to the ring. He groggily tries to slide in but Dicey grabs him by the leg and pulls JJ down to the outside where he starts pummeling down on him.

HA: Amidst all this, Johnson and Reilly are more interested in preventing each other win the world title than stopping Lex Hart!

HE: There's just twenty seconds remaining!

Cassius Zhi crawls towards the ropes but Lex Hart drags him back to the centre of the ring and then for extra force and pressure, sits down and leans back, further pulling back on the submission hold as Zhi lets out another scream of anguish.

HA: Just 10 seconds to go for Cassius Zhi!

Lex Hart is screaming at the referee by this point, shouting to check on Zhi, shouting at Zhi to tap out. The clock continues to tick down.




Hart leans back further in the hold and Zhi's face is an expression of pure anguish and pain.



Ding, Ding, Ding!





HA: That was absolutely unbelievable!

HE: What a match-up! What a main event! What a champion!

HA: Absolutely incredible. 30 minute Time Attack match and there was not a single pinfall or submission.

HE: But how close did Lex Hart come to being the man to get the sole submission of the night? Just two minutes left and the sharpshooter was locked in on Cassius Zhi, middle of the ring. I thought that was it.

HA: I think these fans thought that was it, I think that Lex Hart thought that was it.

HE: Everyone wants to talk about the fighting spirit of the likes of JJ Johnson or Dicey Reilly, well that one of the most incredible title defences I've ever seen. That was the epitome of fighting spirit.

HA: And you want to talk about fighting spirit? JJ Johnson and Dicey Reilly have only just been separated now, it was simmering throughout and it boiled over in the end.

HE: It certainly did, both men preventing each other from stopping Lex Hart's submission. That has cost them a potential world title, Mr 6CW and Mr 6WF simply could not bear the thought of either man winning the title tonight.

HA: This match was incredible and it has certainly left some talking points ahead of Aftermath, be sure to join us.

*Ashes to Ashes goes off the air with Cassius Zhi clutching the title belt to his chest on the canvas as Lex Hart sits in the corner, looking frustrated and angered by the end of the match.

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