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Post by Paul Mac 6CW Mon 03 Apr 2017, 9:04 am


I am a frequent poster in the wrestling and efed section. For those who also dabble in those dark arts you may have seen that we have launched a podcast network called 5Nerds Go. The first podcast focusing on WrestleMania 33 was released last Friday but the plan/hope is to release regular content which not only covers wrestling but also TV/Movies/Gaming etc.

I am putting together the plans for a short podcast this week called 5Nerds News - The overall idea is a group of likeminded individuals talk for roughly an hour on current affairs across the Nerd spectrum - Trailers for movies, New season debuts or finales, game releases or any other news worthy stuff that sparks conversation

To make this work I need some fellow Nerds to join in with me, with the hope that as we grow people will take responsibility for creating their own content under the 5Nerds banner and we will have a community of contributors producing regular content for the listeners

The plan for this week is to record 2 podcasts
1. Weds evening WrestleMania and WWE review - Discuss the fallout from Mania and the RAW and Smackdown Live shows
2. Date TBC - 5Nerds News

As I said hopefully we will have weekly content and as people become more comfortable will start taking the lead themselves.

If you are interested in taking part or want to ask me any questions feel free to add a reply on this thread or PM me directly


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