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Season 11 - Show Page

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Season 11 - Show Page Empty Season 11 - Show Page

Post by Fernando on Thu Apr 13, 2017 11:21 am

Match Rules
- 6 Matches a show (Up to 10 for PPV's)
- 7 lines per match (Up to 10 for PPV's)
- 3 lines maximum for promo's & pre/post match hype stuff (up to 5 for PPV's)
- If you write 5 matches you cannot use the leftover lines to further something else


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Season 11 - Show Page Empty Re: Season 11 - Show Page

Post by Fernando on Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:26 pm

Odnando Valley Wrestling 
Chapter 1 - Edd Kent Knows Where Maddie Is 

The show opens to Mike Quackenbush in the ring who announces a tournament to find the 1st Ever OVW Champion & welcomes everyone to Chapter 1 - Edd is a Nonce

Liverpool's no.1 Zack Gibson demands entry to the tournament but is denied and assaulted by Pastor William Eaver who smashes him over his head with a bible. 

We go to ringside to see the brackets for the World Title Tournament

Jeff Cobb vs Michael Elgin

"Unbreakable" Hits as Michael Elgin heads out to a mixed reception
"Coming Undone" Hits as "Mr Athletic" Jeff Cobb comes out to a pop

- Both men go to lock up but Elgin goes in with the cheap shot and a quick roll up for a 2 count
- Elgin pulls up Cobb and butterfly suplexes him across the ring before landing a spinning backfist to the jaw
- Elgin pulls up Cobb but Cobb knees Elgin in the gut and gutwrench suplexes him with a bridge for 2
- Cobb lifts him above his head with vertical suplex into a side slam for a close 2
- Cobb goes for the Tour of the Islands but Elgin elbows him in the jaw and hits him with a lifted double arm DDT for the 3 count 

Winner & progressing to the Final - Michael Elgin

We get a video package for the debut of Jordan Devlin next week

Alberto Del Rio vs Cedric Alexander

"Realeza" hits as Alberto Del Rio comes out in his million pound car to booing

"Won't let go" hits as Cedric Alexander comes out to a big pop 

- Both men lock up with ADR grabbing the arm of Cedric working away at it with a armbreaker
- ADR knee drops the arm before scooping up Cedric for a repeated shoulderbreaker 
- ADR drags up Cedric and goes for the armbar but Cedric pushes him away and lands a german suplex before a springboard moonsault for 2
- Cedric lifts ADR for the Lumbar check but he's shoulder gives out and ADR lands a kick to the shoulder before rolling into the armbar leaving Cedric no choice but to tap.

Winner & Progressing to the Final - Alberto Del Rio 

We see War Machine in the office of Mike Quackenbush threatening him that unless they get competition their going to run riot over OVW

KUSHIDA vs Jimmy Havoc
"Timesplitter" Hits as KUSHIDA comes out to a pop 
"I Hope You Suffer" hits as Jimmy Havoc comes out staring straight at the ring ignoring everyone around him 

- Both men lock up with KUSHIDA taking down Havoc with a double knee strike to the jaw and goes for a quick roll up only getting 2
- Havoc ducks the clothesline lands a discus elbow to Jaw of KUSHIDA before lifting him up for a death valley driver. 
- KUSHIDA slowly rises up and Havoc grabs the wrist for the acid rainmaker but KUSHIDA hits him with the rain trigger to the jaw 
- KUSHIDA  heads up to the top rope and goes for the midnight express but Havoc gets his knees up.
- Havoc grips the wrist and turns KUSHIDA inside out with the Acid Rainmaker 
- The ref starts to count but gets dragged out the ring by 2 masked men who take apart Havoc & KUSHIDA

A No Contest is declared. 

We go backstage to a fuming Mike Quackenbush with Alberto Del Rio & Michael Elgin and tells them if either of them are behind what just happens im going to make your life hell and instead we're going to have semi finals with KUSHIDA & Havoc both going through.
Semi Final - KUSHIDA vs Michael Elgin

"Timesplitter" hits as KUSHIDA limps down to the ring
"Unbreakable" Hits as Michael Elgin storms the ring looking to take advantage of KUSHIDA's condition

- The match starts with a groggy KUSHIDA being beat down by Elgin in the corner 
- Elgin lands a bucklebomb and a spinning powerbomb but KUSHIDA gets a shoulder up barely at 2. 
- Elgin drags up the barely lifeless KUSHIDA and lands another spinning powerbomb but still only gets 2 
- Elgin screams at the ref that it was 3 and locks in a crossface on KUSHIDA who starts to fade slowly reaching for the ropes but grabs one of Elgins legs and rolls him over for a quick 3 count 

Winner & Advancing to the Final - KUSHIDA 

After match Michael Elgin attacks KUSHIDA throwing him out the ring and putting him through the announcers table.

The commentators speculate wheather KUSHIDA will even be able to compete tonight after various beat downs. 

Michael Elgin walks back through the curtain and is confronted by Quackenbush who tells him next week he's going to suffer because he'll be facing the debuting Sami Callihan. Elgin screams at him he can't do this.

Semi Final - Alberto Del Rio vs Jimmy Havoc

"I hope you suffer" Hits as Jimmy Havoc comes out to a pop 

- Jimmy Havoc limps down the ramp selling the beatdown from earlier but is blindsided on the ramp by ADR who throws him shoulder first into the steps
- ADR grabs the arm and wraps it around the post and smashes a chair over it and rolls Havoc into the ring
- The ref checks on Havoc and asks if he wants to start the match and nods as ADR comes on the attack kicking away at the arm.
- ADR goes for the armbar but Havoc shrugs him off and lands the Acid Rainmaker with the injured shoulder and can't get over to ADR quickly enough to get 3
- Havoc pulls up ADR and goes for another Acid Rainmaker but ADR turns it into a jumping shoulder breaker before flipping over Havoc and locking the Armbar on the injured shoulder leaving Havoc no choice but to tap.

Winner & Advancing to the Final - Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio grabs a mic and says he doesn't want to waste any more time before he's crowned as OVW Champion so KUSHIDA get out here. 
KUSHIDA comes out hobbling with his ribs taped surrounded by refs and medical staff trying to get him back to the locker room for treatment. 

Final - Alberto Del Rio vs KUSHIDA

"Timesplitter" plays as KUSHIDA fights off the medical staff and refs to get to the ring

- The ref calls for the bell and ADR rushes KUSHIDA and backs him into the corner with shoulder thrusts to the injured ribs of KUSHIDA
- ADR pulls KUSHIDA out and suplexes him before rolling over and lands a brainbuster for a 2 count
- ADR slaps KUSHIDA in the face and waits for him to rise and goes for a backcracker but KUSHIDA catches him and lands a sitout jawbreaker
- KUSHIDA hits ADR with a buzzsaw kick to the Jaw and heads up top and lands the Midnight Express but hurts his ribs and slowly crawls for the cover but a masked man climbs onto the apron to distract the ref
- As another climbs in the ring grabbing KUSHIDA and landing a gringo killer and dragging Alberto Del Rio over him for the 3 count

Winner & New OVW Champion - Alberto Del Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiio 

The show ends with Alberto Del Rio raising the belt in the middle of the ring as the masked men pull off their masks to reveal Homicide & Hernandez as KUSHIDA recovers on the outside looking in at all 3 men holding his ribs


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Season 11 - Show Page Empty Re: Season 11 - Show Page

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Sun Apr 23, 2017 1:20 am

Xavier Woods begins the show in the ring with Kofi and Big E at his side. He delivers one line: "I would like to issue the statement that I am not interested in SEX. I do not care who is in charge, joining SEX does not interest me."

Vince McMahon enters the ring and delivers a promo. He explains that at the PPV we will crown a world champion and  tag team champions.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Vader
Nakamura kicks Vader really hard in the face with his knee and Vader nearly dies. This counts as a win in real life so does here.

Daniel Bryan vs Hideo Itami
Both men get injured but Bryan refuses to accept it as fact so gets given the win.

Kurt Angle vs RVD
Both men come to the ring Frak off their faces, but Angle wins as painkillers numb him to RVD's attack.

Gallows and Anderson vs Jericho and Zayn
G&A win due to Omega interference.

Bret Hart delivers a promo backstage about how the standard of wrestling in the show is too low, and only Canada can save it.

Ziggler vs Flair
The match ends in a draw as both men just sell moves that could have happened rather than doing any, eventually resulting in a double ten count on the mat.

Chris Wilkerson vs Rosey Anoa'i
Wilkerson gorilla presses Rosey 16 times in 2 mins and 30 seconds then spears the fat man and gets a three count. This match lasts 3 minutes. The spear kills Rosey. RIP

Vince comes out and lambasts Wilkerson for killing Rosey in the main event as Vinny Mac likes to put a show on when someone dies.

Dolphin Ziggler

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Season 11 - Show Page Empty Re: Season 11 - Show Page

Post by Thunder87 on Sun Apr 23, 2017 4:40 pm

Previously in WWR…:
World Title Picture
Cesaro carried the title from the beginning of R2 until the final PPV of the R3. This run as champion has to date been the longest run of any champion in the company. Cesaro feuded with Super Dragon in the second half of R3. During this time Cesaro turned heel when he failed to help fans when the stands collapsed. Super Dragon played the hero until after he won the title from Cesaro at the final PPV of the season. After the win he attacked fan favourite commentator Matt Striker for no apparent reason.

International Championship Picture
Ken Kennedy held the title for most of the R3, this was his second run as champion. He got his shot by putting Hideo Itami on the shelf for most of the season. When he returned Itami went straight after Kennedy and the International championship. The two clashed in an ambulance match which Itami won in spectacular fashion. During the time between seasons, WWR original Wade Barrett, goaded Itami in to a match with the title on the line, just so he could return to WWR after a two year absence.

Tag Team Title Picture
American Wolves won the tag team titles mid season during R3. They won the titles from the Hype Bros. The Wolves entered in to a feud with the Road Warriors after crashing Animals League of Legends celebration. During R3 the Worlds Greatest Tag Team won the second annual Tag Team Dominance, earning a title shot when ever they’re ready. The Dudley Boys, the first Tag Team Dominance winners, returned and entered in to a feud with WGTT.

The Workhorse Title Picture
During R3 THE championship and the Workhorse championship were unified when, Apollo Crews defeated Super Dragon in a ladder match. Before that, Crews won a battle royal to become the first Workhorse champion. The Workhorse Championship came into being as Umaga had previously won THE championship and WWR wanted nothing more to do with him after his actions in R2. Due to the always on the line rule of THE championship, THE title came home when Umaga lost out of season to Super Dragon. ACH would leave R3 as the Workhorse champion and would hold it until WWR returned.

A Question of Legend
In R3 WWR experimented with a League for Legends, called League of Legends. While the idea sank quicker than a lead balloon, Sting felt a little insulted to not be involved. Sting would create a faction with Abyss and the Ascension, the group would enter in to a feud with Cody Rhodes when Rhodes, as Stardust was insulted by Stings words about Dusty. Rhodes dropped the Stardust gimmick and created his own group with long time friend, Damian Sandow or as he preferred at the time, Stardow. The two were joined by Hurrican and Shark Boy (Heroes 4 Hire), who had unresolved issues with Ascension from R2. Everything would come to a head at the final R3 PPV in a War Games match. Sting’s team won and Sting attacked his own team, delving deeper into his own darkness. After the match, Sting was confronted by the Ultimate Warrior.

World Wrestling Revolution
Week One

Before the show goes live, we get footage from earlier in the day, John Cena has just arrived at the arena. Laurinitis meets in the car park, Laurinitis welcomes Cena to the company and promises a shot at Super Dragons World title.

The Wreckage opening video plays. The video showcasing the WWR R4 talent while the song, Land of Confusion by Disturbed plays in the background.

After the opening video, we see Oliver Queen in his office with Jay Lethal. Laurinitis enters the office saying Cena agreed to face Dragon, Queen is not pleased as he just offered the shot to Jay. Queen quickly puts the two in a match tonight to determine the number one contender.

Straight to ringside, Renee Young and Bobby Heenan welcome us to Wreckage. Joey Mercury and R-Truth make their respective ways to the ring for the first match.

Match 1: Best Foot Forward?
Joey Mercury Vs R-Truth
- A serviceable match, that does well for an opener.
- The match goes back and forth, each man giving as good as he gets.
- Mercury throws Truth in to the corner and follows up with a shoulder thrust.
- Mercury rains down with the ten punches, he pulls Truth up on to the turnbuckle.
- He looks for the superplex, but Truth blocks the move, elbowing Mercury and following up with a sunset flip powerbomb.
- As Mercury gets to his feet, Truth hits the Lie Detector, leaping reverse STO. Truth covers for the three.
Winner by pinfall – R-Truth

After the match, Truth celebrates and offers Mercury a hand up. Mercury knocks the hand away and gets up on his own. Truth offers up a handshake, Mercury looks at the hand and walks off.

Back in Queens office, Laurinitis brings up the Tag Team Dominance Tournament, but Queen cuts him off saying, there won’t be a tournament this year. With a women’s division to build, they can’t afford that much time to Tag Team Dominance, so it’ll be one match only. Speaking of the women, Queen tasks Laurinitis with exhibiting the division tonight.

Back at ringside, Heenan and Young are joined by ACH for the next match. The winner will face ACH next week. The talk about how all three men in the match have taken to social media to put their cases forward.

Match 2 Working for the right
Billy Kidman Vs Tyson Kidd Vs John Morrison
Winner to face ACH next week
- A good match from the opening bell.
- All three men get in a good showing, exchanging moves,
- Kidd is thrown through the ropes to the out side, leaving Kidman and Morrison to go at each other.
- On the outside Kidd spots ACH at the commentary table and traps off at him.
- He does notice Morrison being knocked off the apron while looking for a plancha.
- Kidman runs the ropes and dives over the top, Morrison see’s it coming and pulls Kidd in the way.
- Morrison rolls Kidman in the ring, he heads to the top rope and hits the starship pain for the three.
Winner by pinfall - John Morrison

Morrison briefly celebrates before leaving, he signals to ACH that he’s coming for the championship. Kidd heads into the ring to confront Kidman. The two stare at each other as the scene heads backstage.

In the Worlds Greatest Tag Team’s locker room, Benjamin and Haas are gearing up. They step in front of the camera, they cut a promo saying that a new dominant tag team can’t be crowned until they’ve claim they’re prize for winning the tournament last year. With that in mind they say they’re claiming their tag team title shot tonight, in the main event.

Sting is in the ring, he cuts a promo stating that he’s beaten all the legends of wrestling and last season he ended the joke that is the Rhodes dynasty. Goldust appears to defend his family, Sting turns it around on him saying “if he’s so proud of his family, then why is his name Runnels. Laurinitis is out and sets up a match right there to end this argument.

Match 3: Legendary Bonds
Sting Vs Goldust
- From the get go, Sting dominates Goldust in a glorified squash match.
- Sting plants Goldust in the corner as he looks for the stinger splash.
- Sting takes too long to connect, giving Goldust enough time to move.
- As sting bounces out of the corner Goldust is there and rolls him up with a school boy.
- Sting kicks out at two and in enraged, he gets back to his feet and hits Goldust about with some stiff punches.
- He backs Goldust up into the corner and continues his assault, the ref forces a break.
- Sting drops Goldust with the scorpion death drop before locking in the scorpion death lock for the win.
Winner by submission – Sting

Sting refuses to release the hold, eventually, Goldust passes out, then Sting drops the hold and starts to pummel the lifeless body with a chair. Heenan says these actions are no actions of a legend. Ultimate Warrior runs down the ramp to assist, Sting drops the chair and leaves the ring.

In a darkened room somewhere in the arena, the men stand shadowed. One says that they three have made their returns for one reason. He continues saying, you don’t like me, I don’t like you, but a common enemy we have in him. He must be stopped.

The women of WWR make their way out to the ring for a scheduled bikini contest. Before the ladies can disrobe, Queen appears to put a holt to proceedings. He says he didn’t bring them in for this crap, he goes on to say he will put a commercial break in here and they can go get dressed for a six women tag match.

~#~Commercial Break~#~

Match 4: Women’s Exhibition
Nia Jax, Jessica Havok & Beth Phoenix Vs Blue Pants, Becky Lynch & Asuka
- The face team gets on from the get go, but the heels argue among themselves on who should start.
- Eventually the heels gain some traction as Phoenix takes charge, she dominates on Blue Pants.
- Phoenix plays with Blue Pants, letting her get within a finger tip of tagging out, before she pulls his back into a belly to back.
- She follows up with the Glamslam, she doesn’t realise how close she is to her corner and Jax tags herself in.
- Not happy with the tag Phoenix hits Jax with a forearm and leaves the ring, she demands that Havok follows suit.
- During this time, Blue Pants tags in Lynch, who takes the fight to Jax, the faces tag themselves in and quickly taking the fight to Jax.
- Asuka finishes a series of finishers from the face team, when she locks Jax in the Asuka Lock.
Winners by submission – Asuka, Blue Pants and Becky Lynch

The three celebrate in the ring. Jax rolls from the ring, looking annoyed and storms up the ramp calling for Phoenix and Havok. Renee comments that Phoenix may have pissed off Jax, Heenan says he thinks she’s always pissed off.

Dave Bradshaw is joined by R-Truth, Bradshaw askes him how he feels about winning his first match. Truth responds in typical Truth fashion. Queen enters the scene and tells Truth he’d rather see Ron Killings out there.

As Lethal and Cena make their way to ring, Heenan and Young discuss both men and their different paths in the wrestling industry and their respective impacts. Cena is greeted with his usual welcome from the crowd.

Match 5: World Championship Number One Contendership
John Cena Vs Jay Lethal
- Despite his size advantage, it’s evident throughout the match that the two men are equal in ring skill.
- Each man pushes the other to his limit, Lethal counters the FU and Cena counters the Lethal Injection.
- After the counter sequence, the two back and smile, Cena runs the ropes, he connects with the shoulder block.
- Lethal counters the spinning powerbomb into a hurricanrana, Cena is surprised and impressed.
- Lethal approaches from behind, Cena pulls out the springboard stunner and looks for a five knuckle shuffle.
- As Cena comes down with the fist, Lethal rolls out the way, and hits a handspring cutter.
- While both men are down, Super Dragon storms the ring attacking both men, causing the ref to throw the match out.
Referee’s ruling – No Contest

Before either Lethal or Cena can retaliate, Dragon slips from the ring and over the barricade. He smugly holds the belt in the air, Queen appears on the ramp. He tells Dragon that he’s not dodged anyone, seeing as neither man won, Dragon will face both, he’ll face Cena next week, the winner will face Lethal at IYF: Way of the Weird.

Backstage, Ultimate Warrior cuts an intense promo on Sting and his action against wrestling legends. He says that the man he called friend has gone too far. He challenges Sting to meet him face to face next week.

Young and Heenan inform us that we have come to the main event. The World’s Greatest Tag Team, will finally cash in their title shot that they earned by winning Tag Team Dominance last season. As WGTT make their way to the ring, American Wolves attack them from behind, after dealing damage to the two, Richards rolls Haas into the ring.

Main Event: Tag Team Title Match
American Wolves Vs Worlds Greatest Tag Team
- Richards goes for a quick pin, but Haas kicks out at two, the next few minutes Richards beats on Haas.
- Richards looks for the sharpshooter, Haas counters using his foot to send Richards out the ring.
- Haas uses the time to crawl to Benjamin, just as Richards get to him, Haas makes the tag.
- Benjamin comes in hot off the tag, taking Richards for a belly to belly and rolling through to knock Edwards off of the apron.
- Benjamin looks for the super kick, but Richards ducks it, he looks to tag in Edwards whose not there.
- From behind Benjamin hits a belly to back suplex, then another and finally a releasing belly to back.
- As he goes for the cover, Edwards plays him from the ring and attacks on the outside, causing a DQ.
Winners by disqualification – Worlds Greatest Tag Team, but still, Tag Team Champions – American Wolves

Laurinitis comes out to console the losers, he tells them that TTD only gets them one shot. Kidd and Kidman walk out, he introduces WWR’s newest tag team the Robins and sets up a number one contenders match next week. Before the show ends, he announces that TTD will be one match this year, fought inside a cage and any team that wishes to enter should see him.

Next Week:
Super Dragon Vs John Cena (World title match)
Worlds Greatest Tag Team Vs The Robins (tag team number 1 contenders match)
John Morrison Vs ACH

Sting/Warrior face to face?

In Your Face: Way of the Weird Card:
Tag Team Dominance inside a cage
Participants to be announced

World title match
Champion Vs Jay Lethal


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Season 11 - Show Page Empty Re: Season 11 - Show Page

Post by Good Golly I'm Olly on Sun Apr 23, 2017 7:55 pm


The show opens with Donald Trump in the ring.
Donald - "Ladies and gentleman, I have a great, really terrific announcement for you. Possibly the best announcement in a long time. PLease can you welcome Bin Wang and Chyna to the ring"

Bin Wang and Chyna make their way to the ring

Donald - "Fellow humans I am here tonight to announce the start of a best of 7 tournament to crown the.......KING OF CHING CHONG STYLE.....right here on SEX"

Chyna - "But I'm not Chinese"

Donald Trump then says China for three minutes before they exit the ring and SEX goes to break


We come back from break to go backstage and see Muhammad Hassan and Daivari backstage kneeling in the corner.

Hussan - "We shall bring peace to these infedels young Davairi"

Davairi praises Allah before Hardbody Harrison enters with Stephanie McMahon in handcuffs

Harrison - "Lads you need my help? I can bring you virgins yah"

Hussan - "She's been touched"

Harrison - "But I thought you guys liked girls who were touched around 11/12?"

Hussan and Harrison are stopped from brawling as Vince Russo appears


SEX cuts away


We cut to CCTV footage of Paul Walker parking his car in the parking lot. He crashes but manages to escape the flames, but in doing so is hit by a falling pole and dies.


Muhammad Hassan vs Hardbody Harrison

- Hassan slaps Harrison
- Harrison slaps Hassan
- Hassan low blows Harrison
- Hassan puts him in the camel clutch until Harrison passes out
- Davairi runs in with a camera and Hassan goes out of the ring and grabs a balaclava and sword

Just as Davairi begins recording The Pope runs in and makes the save

SEX cuts to commercial


We come back to see Donald Trump in the ring with Paige, Lita, Miss Elizabeth, Candice Michelle and Sunny

Donald - "Now ladies, I am a great guy, a man who gets things done greatly. And I think its really sad, really sad, the state the nudes industry is in. Its really sad! Now I'll tell you what we're gonna do, gonna do to make it better - we're gonna make PORN GREAT AGAIN!"

The girls look confused

Donald - "Each week you get to perform a task for me, and I will decide who the ultimate winner is, sort of like a great TV show I was on, you know ratings were real high"

Trump is interrupted by Lex Luger throwing steel chairs at Miss Elizabeth, before Bill Armstrong comes down to the ring and begins to stalk the women

Donald - "Hey Bill buddy, quit it"


Owen Hart suddenly falls from the rafters and goes through the ring

SEX cuts to commercial


We cut backstage to Donald Trump's office where Daniel Benoit is sitting, with Chris Benoit and Jeffrey Dahmer the other side of the table

Donald - "Now I see a bill before me presented by you two that you both want to participate in a series of events to decide who gets to kill Daniel is that correct?"

Dahmer - "I just like the look of his thighs"

Chris Benoit - "What else do you use pillows for?"

Daniel Benoit weeps in the corner

Donald - "Well then next week we will see Chris Benoit vs Jeffrey a HELL IN A CELL MATCH."

SEX cuts away with Benoit and Dahmer facing off....

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Season 11 - Show Page Empty Re: Season 11 - Show Page

Post by x12x on Sun Apr 23, 2017 8:16 pm

Last Season in Triple X Wrestling:
- Triple X Wrestling came under threat as Dario Cueto brought Lucha Underground to crush Jim Cornette's company leading to a huge Civil War and people swapping sides. The season culminated in unlikely hero Kevin Steen becoming world champion and defending against a Lucha Underground cash in from Pentagon Jr which also featured Lionsgate winner Marty Scurll who used his cash in to make the save, helping Steen keep the belt within the company and officially rid the company of the Lucha Underground threat for good.

We see a timer ticking down to zero before footage from the previous four seasons is shown, we see the list of champions so far including Johnny Gargano, Cesaro, Trevor Lee, AJ Style, Tommy End before showing the moment current champion Kevin Steen won the title before showing him surviving the cash ins from both Marty Scurll and Pentagon Jr before walking out on Jim Cornette.

Narrator: It all begins again!

MTV Proudly Presents:
Live from the The Barclays Centre, Brooklyn New York
Date: 23.04.2017 | Attendance:14,521

Show Theme: Every Time I Die - It Remembers

The show goes live in the biggest venue seen for a Triple X Wrestling show as we see Jim Cornette stood in the ring, the fans cheer as he welcomes them to the next chapter of Triple X Wrestling but as he talks about the last season he's cut off as Marty Scurll walks out, Scurll brings up how last season he sacrificed his Lionsgate Contract to save the belt and Kevin Steen and he believes that he deserved a title shot for Kevin Steen's World Heavyweight Title, before Cornette can answer though Johnny Gargano walks out to a hgue cheer, he reminds Cornette that last season he nearly ended his career to not only save the company but to save Marty Scurll! Gargano says that if anyone deserves that title shot it's the only member of the Triple X Wrestling Hall Of Fame...him! Cornette takes things in to account but says that although he appreciated the efforts of both men they'd have to earn their title shots, just like everyone else...he says that later tonight there would be an announcement that would interest them both! Cornette then leaves as we cut backstage

Backstage we see former New York City Champion Prince Devitt being interviewed by Veda Scott, he talks about he's always come close but now he was ready to take over and the Bullet Club is here to stay, Devitt's then joined by The Young Bucks Matt and Nick Jackson and Cody Rhodes, the group talk about how they sell out shows wherever they go and Triple X Wrestling belonged to them, as we cut back to the ringside area the commentators talk about how we'd see the Triple X TV Title defended as Speedball Mike Bailey takes on last seasons dominant champion The B*stard Dave Mastiff

Match One: TV Title
Dave Mastiff v Mike Bailey

As soon as the match begins we see that Mike Bailey's speed is the key to him doing well in the match and as the action goes on we see both Jim Smallman and JR playing up just how much tougher Mike Bailey is than they thought he was. The fans get behind him as at one point Bailey avoids a canon ball in the corner allowing him to hit a standing red arrow in to knee drop for a two count. The match comes to an end when Mastiff is able to cut Bailey's speed off and begins to break him down with big power moves. In the end Mastiff hits two powerbombs on Bailey just to make sure he's put away for good.

Winner: Dave Mastiff

As the match ends we cut to the office of Jim Cornette who talks about World War X reminding us of the previous two seasons that saw winners Tommy End and Marty Scurll go on to fight for the World Heavyweight Title saying that this year would be no different as he announces World War X: Battle Of The Brands saying that this season 6 men would represent a company each with the winner getting a title shot at a time of their choosing but first they would have to qualify and those matches would be up next.

Match Two: World War X Qualifer: NJPW & Evolve
Hiroshi Tanahashi & Johnny Gargano v Kazuchika Okada & Timothy Thatcher

With both teams well matched the fans are split down the middle as each man plays up to his strengths, Gargano and Tanahashi seem to work better as a team and go close a few times only for Thatcher and Okada's toughness to keep them in it. The end comes when the match breaks down, both members of Thatcher and Okada end up in the ring with a lone Gargano but as Okada looks for the Rainmaker Gargano is able to duck under it allowing Thatcher to take the brunt of the attack, Gargano then throws Okada from the ring making the cover on Thatcher for the win.

Winners: Hiroshi Tanahashi & Johnny Gargano

Gargano and Tanahashi celebrate as Thatcher begins to come around, he stares daggers at Okada and we go to our first break of the night.


Returning from the commercials we see the Undisputed Tag Team Champions L.G.D.C (Jack Evans and Angelico), the crowd boo them as they try to prove they regret being part of the Lucha Underground invasion that saw them take the titles from record breaking champions Kings Of Strong Style (Shinsuke Nakamura/Kenny Omega). They say they're here to prove they are Triple X through and through but Jim Cornette comes out and says they might not get the chance saying that once the titles were off them they'd be fired...saying that it starts tonight as they defend their titles RIGHT NOW!

Match Three: Tag Team Titles
L.G.D.C © v Red Dragon
(Jack Evans & Angelico) v (Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish)

The match from start to finish is a complete contrast with LGDC playing up their speed and agility and RedDragon keeping technical and hard hitting with a clear MMA influence. RedDragon go close a few times causing the fans to cheer but LGDC begin to impress the fans as they show their heart and resilience. The end comes when Best Friends Forever (Chuck Taylor, Trent? and  Rocky Romero) interfere forcing the ref to call for the bell. The fans split down the middle with some cheering for BFF and others booing them for ruining the match and keeping the belts on LGDC

Winners: No contest

Backstage we see Marty Scurll, he talks to Triple X interviewer Corey Graves and says that he will proudly represent Progress Wrestling in World War X: Battle Of The Brands but as he speaks Pete Dunne walks in to the shot, he says that Scurll isn't Progress...HE is and it'll be him representing Progress this season, Corey Graves attempts to interview Pete Dunne but he pushes past him.

Back at ringside Braun Strowman comes out and says that he hasn't been booked to fight tonight but that's not good enough! Strowman says that he's ready to start his path of destruction and sets up an open challenge. After a few moments the fans jump to their feet as Big Damo walks out, Smallman and JR talk about how Damo would be representing ICW in World War X this season

Match Four: Open Challenge
Braun Strowman v Big Damo

As soon as the bell rings the two big men begin to have a contest of power throwing each other around the ring and ringside area with the ring threatening to break a few times, at one point Damo looks to tackle Braun in to the guard rail but misses and instead dents it. The end comes when Strowman's strength proves too much for Damo but it's clear to see that Braun was pushed to his limits by ICW's Big Damo.

Winner: Braun Strowman

As we cut to the final commercials for the night we see Strowman pick Damo up to his feet, for a moment there's tension but it's clear that there's respect


As we return we see Marty Scurll and Pete Dunne in the ring ready for their World War X qualifying match for the chance to join Big Damo (ICW), Hiroshi Tanahashi (NJPW), Johnny Gargano (Evolve) and Uhaa Nation (Dragon Gate)

World War X Qualifer: Progress
Marty Scurll v Pete Dunne

Technical fighter v Brawler, both men clearly giving every thing they have for the win leading to mistakes being made. As the match goes on Dunne plays the heel with the fans getting behind last seasons hero Marty Scurll with Jim Smallman and JR talking about how he almost sacrificed his Lionsgate Contract for a shot and was now looking to become a 2 time World War X winner to regain a shot at becoming champion. The end comes when Dunne looks for The Bitter End only for Scurll to drop down the back locking in the Chicken Wing, catching Dunne offguard and forcing him to tap out.

Winner: Marty Scurll

We see John Bradshaw Leyfield stood with Uhaa Nation and Veda Scott...JBL talks for Uhaa Nation saying that his client was here to win World War X but he wouldn't be representing Dragon Gate or any other indie company...we was here to show that WWE Superstars are the elite of the professional wrestling business. Veda asks JBL if anyone else in World War X worried him but he laughs saying that they all came from small companies with small mentalities, Veda then asks if he includes NJPW star Tanahashi in that and JBL says that if it's not WWE then it's not worth anything, the pair then walk out of shot.

Backstage we see Pete Dunne who's stopped by Corey Graves who interviews him about his loss to Marty Scurll, Corey attempts to ask Dunne what his plan is next but Dunne once again pushes past him only to return with a stiff forearm that takes Graves down to the ground. Dunne grits his teeth staring at Graves on the floor before letting a sick smile cover his face

Main Event: Champion vs Champion
Kevin Steen © v Candice LeRae ©

A competitive match between two of Triple X Wrestling's champions but one that Steen clearly has the advantage in given his strength and size advantage. LeRae at points is able to use her speed and agility to gain the upper hand but Steen quickly cuts this off, clearly not holding back but still showing his opponent respect. The end comes when LeRae manages to lock in the octopus stretch only for Steen to spin her around, throwing her in to the air for the pop up powerbomb

Winner: Kevin Steen

As Steen stands in the ring he takes a mic and talks about how he nearly walked away from Triple X Wrestling but couldn't leave this company, as he speaks the Prince Devitt walks out with the rest of the Bullet Club (Cody Rhodes & The Young Bucks), Devitt says that unlike Johnny Gargano and Marty Scurll he wasn't here to ASK for a title shot...Suddenly Cody blindsides Steen with a flurry of punches knocking him in to the turnbuckle but Steen is able to fight back only for Nick Jackson to hit a superkick to the leg that causes Steen to kneel, Matt goes for a superkick to the face but pauses before doing it allowing for Roderick Strong to charge out with a chair clearing the ring of The Bullet Club. The show goes off air with Steen and Strong stood in the ring together and Rhodes, Devitt and The Bucks on the outside, Matt and Nick seem deep in conversation.

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Season 11 - Show Page Empty Re: Season 11 - Show Page

Post by ncfc_Tooze on Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:53 pm

MWF presents Rebirth

Mark Dallas welcomes us to the rebirth of mwf. He is interupted by Travis banks who says he is still disappointed to not have a match this week. Dallas says banks will get a match next week. Banks says he will make a statement tonight and no one will stop him

Match 1-Super 7 Match for the Vacant x division title- Kip Sabian vs Drew Gulak vs Matt Cross vs Zack Sabre Jr vs Shane Strickland vs Andrew Everett vs Neville
* A fast paced match with 7 of the best cruiserweights in the world involved
* Evenly matched throughout
* Sabian gains the first fall of the match when he hits massive double foot stomp on strickland
* Matt Cross hits Death from Above to gain his first fall of the match at around the 10 min mark
* Gulak Locks in a Gu-Lock on Everett. Everett has no choice but to tap,Giving Gulak his first fall
* The match continues to be even in the closing moments with all 7 men gaining near falls
* Kip Sabian Hits the double foot stomp on cross from the top rope and gains his second fall of the match just in time as as soon as the ref counts 3 the bell ends to signal the end of the match
Winner and New X division Champion- Kip Sabian

Post Match
It looks as though neville is going to congratulate the new champ as he extends his hand, Sabian nails him with a low blow and celebrates his championship win raising his new championship above his head

Backstage segment
Cheerleader melissa challenges any female in the back to a match later on in the show for her MWF womens title

Match 2- Battle Of The Originals- Akira Tozawa vs Doug Williams
* A back and forth contest between 2 MWF originals and Fan Favorites
* Both men exchange stiff blows throughout
* Akira hits the Apron Kara Tozawa for a near fall at around 6mins
* Match is still even
* Williams hits the Bomb Scare Knee Drop for a 2 count at around 10 mins
* Match is still back and forth as the match progresses
* Tozawa hits the Tozawa Driver, covering and gaining the 3 count at the 19min mark
Winner- Akira Tozawa

Post Match
Once recovered Wiliams shakes Tozawas hand before Tozawa States that he will once again hold gold in MWF by the time the year is out. He says that 2017 is the year of Tozawa

Announcement for next week
Mark Dallas is shown polishing his golf clubs before turning to the camera and announcing that the super x cup will return next week with a qualifier between two new roster members who have never been given the spotlight in mwf

Match 3- MWF TItle #1 contender Match- Adam Cole vs Trent Seven
* A stiff hard hitting match that is back and forth throughout
* Trent Seven hits a stiff uppercut that rocks cole, but cole retaliates and smashes a stiff shot straight back at Seven, both men exchange stiff shots
* Seven Stars Lariat from Seven gains a 2 count at around the 15min mark as cole forces the shoulder up from the mat at the last possible milisecond
* No man can seemingly gain an advantage over the other in the middle section of the match
* 22mins in and cole hits the Coleatera for a very close to 3 2 count
* Match continues to be hard hitting and even late on
* After a long tough contest Cole hits the Panama Sunrise for the 3 count at around 27 mins
Winner and MWF Title #1 Contender- Adam Cole

Backstage segment
The former liberty,Alex Windsor is shown backstage she says that as an MWF original she deserves the shot at the women's title and she will be the new champion by the end of the night

Backstage segment
A long black limo pulls up in the arena car park. The door opens and the crowd go wild as the camera pans up to show that former mwf champion the southern stomper luke hawx has returned

Match 4- Women's Title Match- Cheerleader Mellissa  (c) vs Alex Windsor
* A hard hitting contest between 2 MWF womens division originals  in which Mellissa dominates the early going
* Mellissa Swings Windsor into the ring barricades several times, she roles into the ring as the ref starts his count. Windsor slowly gets to her feet and breaks the count at 8
* Mellissa attempts to go for the Butterfly effect but Windsor wriggles free
* Mellissa continues to dominate throwing windsor round the ring gaining several near falls
* Windsor fights back into the match late and the match evens itself out
* Windsor slowly picks up the pace and begins to take control
* Windsor hits the Norwich Destroyer for the 3 count at around 21 mins to become the new Womens champion ending Mellissa's 2 year title reign
Winner and newwwwwwww champion-Alex Windsor

Post match
A hooded figure hits the ring,spraying the new champion in the face with a green mist as she celebrates. The hooded assailant slowly lowers her hood and reveals herself to be Courtney Rush. She raises the women's title above her head as we go to a commercial for nightmare on oak street 10.

Match 5- International Title #1 contender match-Pentagon Jr vs Luke Hawx
* Match is hard hitting straight from the off  
* Hawx hits a springboard moonsault for a 2 count early on, Hawx dominates the early going
* Lanza from Pentagon at the 10min mark connects, he goes for the cover but Hawx rolls from the ring
* The 2 men brawl around ringside for several moments both men breaking the 10 count several times
* Pentagon sends Hawx Crashing into the ring post opening a deep cut, which pentagon works over for several moments, Pentagon sends Hawx Back into the ring
* Pentagon now well in control
* Pentagon Locks in The Sacrifice at around 19mins . Hawx attempts to break the hold but Pentagon appplies more pressure and Hawx has no choice but to tap
Winner and International Title #1 Contender- Pentagon Jr

Highlights package
Kevin Kelly takes us through the highlights of the show so far. He announces that the main event is next

Main Event-Champion vs Champion-Joe Coffey vs Drew Galloway
* A hard hitting even contest with neither man gaining an advantage
* Galloway goes for the Claymore early but Coffey ducks under it and avoids the move
* the 2 men exchange blows in the centre of the ring
* Galloway hits the Futureshock DDT but only gains a 2 count at around the 15min mark
* The Match Continues to be even and hard hitting
* Joe Coffey slowly begins to dominate the match ganing an advantage for the first time when he hits a massive cothesline
* Joe Coffey hits his Discuss Lariet at the 30min mark and as he goes to cover the arena is plunged into darkness, as the lights come back on Travis Banks is in the ring. He attacks Coffey with a steel chair. In this time Galloway is recovering and back on his feet. He trys to stop Banks attacking Coffey but is blasted with the chair also. the ref calls for the bell and the match is called a no contest
Result-No Contest

Post Match
Travis Banks continues to attack both men with the chair as security and wrestlers pile out from the back trying to restrain the kiwi buzzsaw who manages to break free and escapes through the crowd. Mark Dallas is shown watching from the stage as we go off air.

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Season 11 - Show Page Empty Re: Season 11 - Show Page

Post by Crimey on Sun Apr 23, 2017 11:04 pm

The very first MPW show starts with fireworks and Jeremy Borash welcomes people to the show. Karen Jarrett comes down the ramp and into the ring. She announces that tonight MPW will begin with the start of two tournaments, one to crown tag team champions and one to crown a world champion. 

Match 1
Round 1 of Tag Team tournament
Erick Rowan/Luke Harper vs Hardy Boyz
- The match kicks off with Matt (normal Matt Hardy) and Erick Rowan, locking up. They wrestle for a while with Erick will in control before he tags in Luke Harper, who continues beating down on Matt.
- Matt manages to hit a side effect on Luke Harper, and crawls to the corner, tagging in Jeff. Luke tags in Erick who runs at Jeff Hardy but he ducks under a clothesline and then hits a Will'o'Whisp. Jeff lifts Rowan up for a Twist of Fate but Luke Harper hits a huge discus clothesline.
- 1....2....!Matt Hardy breaks the count and then he manages to pull the ropes down as Erick Rowan comes running at him, sending him to the outside. Jeff Hardy then dropkicks Luke into the corner. Matt Hardy gets on all fours and they hit Poetry in Motion. 
- Jeff climbs to the top rope and hits a Swanton Bomb and then 1..2..3! 

Winners: The Hardy Boyz

Nigel McGuiness says that the Hardyz were lucky to get through there as Rowan and Harper looked dominant for much for the match. Jerry Lawler says that any of the tag teams in the company could easily be winners.

Match 2 
Round 1 of MPW World Championship tournament
Brock Lesnar vs Kane
- Paul Heyman comes out first and bigs up Brock Lesnar who comes out and walks to the ramp. Masked Kane is next. Brock Lesnar immediately goes after Kane before he has the chance to move. Brock Lesnar moves behind Kane and starts with a German suplex.
- Kane is stunned and is groggy when he gets back to his feet, Brock Lesnar runs to clothesline him but Kane isn't taken down. Brock Lesnar can't believe it and goes to knee Kane but the big man grabs Lesnar by the throat, chokeslam! 1...kick out!
- Nigel McGuiness says that was crazy! Lesnar is back to his feet and Kane hits him with a stiff uppercut before going for a tombstone, Lesnar falls back down his back and then lifts Kane onto his shoulders. F5! 1.....2.....3!

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar leaves the ring with a very smug Paul Heyman. Kane sits up again in the ring to a cheer. The commentators discuss how Kane doesn't stay down for a long and I'm sure we'll see more of him here in MPW.

Backstage Shawn Michaels says that tonight he's going to take the first step to regaining his smile, when he wins the MPW World Championship. AJ Styles is his opponent tonight and people have made comparisons between the two. HBK says original Coke was better than New Coke and he's better than AJ Styles and he'll prove that tonight.

Match 3
Round 1 of Tag team tournament
Edge/Christian vs Batista/Randy Orton
- Edge and Christian work together much better than Batista and Orton throughout the match but Batista and Orton do get some good moves in.
- Christian manages to get the better of Orton when he goes for an RKO but Christian reverses it into a Killswitch. Christian stands up and absorbs the reaction from the crowd. Edge is screaming at Christian to get the pin. When Christian turns around Batista kicks him in the mid-section and hits a huge Batista Bomb. 
- The referee is pushing Batista out of the ring, he doesn't fight it and gets out. Edge is shouting at Christian to get up as Orton stirs. Batista steps out of the ring and grabs Edge off of the apron.
- Orton gets up and lifts Christian up who is barely aware of his surroundings, he hits an RKO and then pins.

Winner: Randy Orton/Batista

Randy Orton and Batista have an uneasy celebration together and then leave the ring together. Edge steps into the ring and helps Christian up, the crowd applaud them. Christian is apologising to Edge. Suddenly Edge grabs Christian and slams him into the mat, he gets into the corner and runs his hands through his hair as the crowd boo. Nigel McGuiness is saying 'Don't do it Edge' whilst Jerry Lawler says Christian never should have trusted Edge again. Edge spears Christian and spends a moment looking down at him before leaving the ring. 

Backstage Stone Cold says that he's brought back his list and every man in the tournament's name is on it. He's going to the very top of this tournament because he's the baddest son of a bitch in the business. Mick Foley walks into shot to big cheers, he says that he may not be the baddest, he may not be the most athletic but he's got the biggest heart and can take the biggest beating and that could take him past Austin tonight. Stone Cold says it's good Foley can take a beating because he's going to get a hell of a beating tonight.

Match 4
Round 1 of MPW World Championship tournament
Shawn Michaels vs AJ Styles
- This is a real classic, with both men using their speed and athleticism to try and get the upperhand. 
- Both men are down and Shawn Michaels kips up, then AJ Styles does the same. They both look each other up and down before resuming fighting.
- Shawn Michaels starts to get the upperhand with chops and then a reverse atomic drop, he whips AJ Styles into the corner, he hits the turnbuckle and lands on the mat. Michaels goes to the top rope and goes for his Elbow Drop, but Styles moves out of the way.
- AJ Styles goes for a Styles Clash but Shawn Michaels fights out of it, HBK goes for a Sweet Chin Music but Styles ducks it and then hits a pele kick. He goes to the apron and hits a rising Michaels with a Phenomenal Forearm.
- AJ Styles doesn't feel comfortable going for the pin, lifts Michaels up and then goes for a Styles Clash. 1........2.........3!

Winner: AJ Styles

Styles sits in the corner exhausted, he waits for Michaels to get up. Styles goes up to Michaels warily, but HBK gives out his hand and the two shake hands. 

Backstage The Undertaker says that tonight he is planning to start a new Streak. An unbeaten streak here in MPW. The Rock will be the first of many names for his new Streak. 

Match 5
Round 1 of MPW World Championship tournament
Steve Austin vs Mick Foley
- This is a real brawl, very little technical wrestling on show. Foley is taking a real beating but Austin can't keep him down. Foley keeps asking for more.
- Austin continues the fight and he goes for the Stunner but Foley manages to fight out of it and then hits a Double Armed DDT. He goes for the cover, close two count!
- Foley can't believe it and neither can the commentators, Jeremy Borash says that could be Foley's only chance to put away the Rattlesnake. Austin starts to get to his feet and Foley goes to his pants and pulls out a sock.
- Lawler shrieks at Mr Socko and then Foley goes for the Mandible claw but Austin kicks Mick in the gut and then hits a Stunner. 1.........2........3!

Winner: Steve Austin

Nigel McGuiness says that there a lot of big names in the tournament but Steve Austin could claim to be the best ever and everybody else in the tournament will be worried about facing him. Jeremy Borash says every man in the tournament has that claim and MPW will be full of any results.

Main Event
Round 1 of MPW World Championship tournament
The Rock vs The Undertaker
- This is a real showboating match, with both hitting some of their favourites. Neither man is really in control. 
- The Rock makes a mistake when he gets cocky and takes a really long time for his People's Elbow. The Undertaker sits up and grabs The Rock by the throat. He stands up and is about to hit him a Chokeslam...
- Suddenly Luke Harper and Erick Rowan are ring-side and they drag the referee out of the ring. They get into the ring and begin attacking The Undertaker. The Undertaker fights back but the numbers game is too much.
- Luke Harper and Erick Rowan hit a brutal Flapjack/cutter move on The Undertaker. They leave the ring to boos and the referee stirs just as The Rock reluctantly covers The Undertaker. 1....2....3!

Winner: The Rock

Jeremy Borash questions why did Luke Harper and Erick Rowan attack The Undertaker? What will happen next week? MPW still has names to introduce and we have a clearer picture of who our champions may be. It'll all be clearer next week. 

Next week:
- Luke Harper and Erick Rowan will explain their attack.

We will find out the draw for the semi-finals of the world title tournament.

Christian will be the guest on the Cutting Edge.

There will be a battle royal between Rusev, Bobby Roode, Bobby Lashley, The Miz, James Storm, Austin Aries, to discover who will be MPW Internet Champion.

Other matches will include:

Batista vs Brock Lesnar
Jeff Hardy vs The Rock
Shawn Michaels/AJ Styles vs Steve Austin/Mick Foley

And much more!


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Season 11 - Show Page Empty Re: Season 11 - Show Page

Post by Marky on Mon Apr 24, 2017 7:12 am

WAF Episode 1: Youth in Asia

"Party Hard" by Andrew WK plays and the 950 strong crowd inside the K2 Leisure Centre, Crawley are chanting and cheering, Glen Joseph welcomes us to Episode 1: Youth in Asia!

WAF GM William Regal comes out to cheers and announces an 8 man tournament for the vacant WAF World Heavyweight Championship, quarter finals tonight.

He introduces WWE UK Champion Tyler Bate, Regal says that tonight's main event will be historic. A fatal fourway match to two falls, the first fall will be for Tyler's WWE UK Championship, and the second fall will be for the vacant WAF Middleweight Championship!


Ringkampf's Axel Dieter Jr and Walter are backstage, Chris Hero is coming the other way, they get into a friendly argument about the Tournament, until Dieter Jr and Walter attack Hero, slamming him into a wall back first. EMT's check on Hero as Ringkampf walk off, Hero refuses help.


Match One
WAF World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Quarter Final
Matt Riddle v Andrade Cien Almas

•Riddle and Almas go nose to nose, Almas shoves Riddle away to boos
•Almas gets some good early offense in, with some high flying hurracanranas and dropkicks
•Riddle takes Almas down eventually with some vicious knees to the gut. Riddle pounds away at Almas
•Almas tries fighting back but Riddle mat wrestles him down and hits a series of elbows to the neck of Almas
•Riddle continues with the elbows and then locks in a body scissors while elbowing, the referee calls for the bell!

Winner by referee's stoppage, advancing to the semi finals, Matt Riddle!

Riddle immediately releases Almas as the bell rings, and Riddle absorbs the crowd cheers as he's the first man into the last four.


Andrade Cien Almas is furious as he walks backstage, William Regal finds him and calms him down. Regal says he believes in Almas' ability, that's why he was in this 8 man tournament. Regal says more opportunities will come for him, and to learn from this.

Almas says Regal put him in an unsafe work environment by making him face Riddle and Regal will hear from his lawyers.


Match Two
WAF World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Quarter Final
Walter v Tommy End

•The match is brutal as both men exchange vicious kicks and forearms
•Walter gets the upper hand with a massive running senton!
•End turns the tables with an amazing series of kicks to the body and limbs of Walter
•End has Walter reeling, End sets up for the Black Mass
•All of a sudden Chris Hero hits the ring for revenge on Walter, End stands as Hero hits Walter with repeated elbow strikes

Winner by DQ, advancing to the semi finals, Walter!

Tommy End stares at Chris Hero as Hero realises what he's done, Hero shrugs and lays out Walter with a big boot before leaving!


Matt Riddle is backstage chilling out, being the bro that he is, when Tommy End walks past angrily. Riddle stops End, he's sympathetic to End about how he was eliminated but says when he's the Tournament winner he'll give End a title shot. End nods respectfully and says he has to take care of some business first.


Match Three
Kaiju Big Battel fighto
Dr Cube v Unicorn Party

•The ring is surrounded by some small cardboard buildings to imply the battle is taking place in a city by giant monsters.
•Dr Cube is a man in a surgical gown with a cardboard box face on and a drawn on angry expression.
•Unicorn Party attacks Dr Cube with numerous kicks and then hits a springboard Moonsault crossbody!
•Dr Cube kicks out, Unicorn Party slams a cardboard building onto Dr Cube who reacts in agony!
•Unicorn Party hits a Shooting Star Press on Dr Cube and pins him for the three count!

The winner of this fighto, Unicorn Party!

Unicorn Party celebrates as Dr Cube holds his cardboard head in pain, Dr Cube says "this is not the end of this" and walks off.


Dr Cube is backstage demanding to speak to William Regal. Regal emerges confused and says he knows nothing about why any of the Kaiju Big Battel guys are here. Dr Cube says they were sent here by the mystery benefactor but forget that, he wants a rematch against Unicorn Party next week, Regal looks bemused, he says next week is already full, but he grants the rematch for Week 3.


Match Four
WAF World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Quarter Final
Katsuyori Shibata v Chris Hero

•In a vicious match, Shibata and Hero kick and elbow the absolute crap out of each other.
•At the end, Tommy End walks out to the stage and End just stares a hole into Hero.
•Shibata takes advantage of the distraction with a vicious headbutt to Hero.
•Shibata hits the G2PK and pins Hero, one, two, three!

Winner by pinfall, advancing to the semi finals, Katsuyori Shibata!

Tommy End sneers and leaves as Shibata has his hand raised by the referee.


Chris Hero and Tommy End find each other backstage and argue, William Regal intervenes and says they will reform their Tag team "Heroes Never Die" next week as part of the WAF Tag Team Championship Tournament! Neither man looks too happy.


Match Five
WAF World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Quarter Final
Will Ospreay v Axel Dieter Jr

•The majority of the match is Dieter Jr using his technical superiority to get the upper hand
•Ospreay repeatedly fights back with some incredible high flying moves
•The end comes as Ospreay goes up top again with Dieter Jr down
•Ospreay hits the 630 Splash, Dieter Jr got his knees up!
•Dieter Jr with a small package and both legs hooked, one, two, three!

Winner by pinfall, advancing to the semi finals, Axel Dieter Jr!

Dieter Jr has his arm raised as he leaves up the ramp, Ospreay looks rueful as he holds his ribs.


The Revival come out and say the main focus of the show is going to be on them winning the tag titles, starting next week, and say they will walk through these Indy guys. London Riots come out, put over Indy wrestling and brawl with Dash and Dawson, standing tall at the end.


Match Six
Two falls match
1st fall for the WWE UK Championship
2nd fall for the vacant WAF Middleweight Championship
Tyler Bate (c) v Jack Gallagher v Mark Andrews v Mark Haskins

Match highlights
•Tyler giving all three opponents an Airplane Spin at the same time
•Gallagher with an umbrella assisted top rope plancha onto his three opponents
•First fall occurs as Haskins locks Andrews in a Star Armbar
•Gallagher breaks the submission with a dropkick, gets hit with a Tyler Driver 97 from Bate for the 3 count!

Winner of the first fall by pinfall, and STILL WWE UK Champion, Tyler Bate!

•Bate celebrates and clutches his UK Title to his chest, before handing it to someone at ringside and continuing.
•Second fall ends as Andrews hits a Shooting Star Press on Bate
•Haskins immediately tosses Andrews from the ring, Andrews lands hard.
•The ref checks on Andrews, Haskins turns into an umbrella shot to the head from Gallagher!
•Gallagher throws the umbrella outside and as Bate crawls up in the corner...
•Corner dropkick! Gallagher pins Bate for the three count!

Winner of the second fall by pinfall, and NEW WAF Middleweight Champion, Jack Gallagher!

Gallagher celebrates as he's handed the WAF Middleweight Championship, he stands in the corner as the camera focuses on the annoyed Andrews and Haskins, Tyler Bate less so as he grabs his WWE UK Title. The show ends with Gallagher raising his title aloft to cheers.


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Season 11 - Show Page Empty Re: Season 11 - Show Page

Post by Fernando on Wed May 03, 2017 10:13 pm

Week 2 starts here obvz


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Season 11 - Show Page Empty Re: Season 11 - Show Page

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Wed May 03, 2017 10:51 pm

Show 2 - Why does this need a name?

Xavier Woods begins the show in the ring with Kofi and Big E at his side. He delivers one line: "I would like to issue the statement that I am not interested in SEX. I do not care who is in charge, joining SEX does not interest me."
The New Day are attacked from behind, Omega leading Gallows and Anderson. They do that sh*t finger thing over their stricken bodies and then cut a promo about how they dominated Japanese wrestling with ease and now will take on Springfield.

Vader vs Rosey
Vader wins as Rosey is dead and cannot answer the ten count.

Nakamura, Itami and Ibushi stand backstage together: they tell the world of yellow people (Springfield citizens) that they are ashamed of the Bullet Club in this guise, and Japanese wrestling is full of honour.

Jericho vs Bret Hart
Time limit draw. The man shake hands and invite down Sami Zayn to the ring. They tell the world they have seen what the yellow people are saying and they shall also be forming an alliance.

Ziggler cuts a promo about how hard done by he is. He doesn't specify why or in what context, but he bloody well means it.

Jushin Thunder Liger vs Ken Shamrock
Shamrock wins because Liger looks like a tw*t.

Angle vs Gable and Jordan.
The tag team win. Moves n stuff. They shake hands, is there respect there? From 3 people? Of the same nationality?!

Vince McMahon is in the back w*nking over pictures of your dad.

Main Event
Chris Wilkerson vs Eddie Guerrero

Guerrero is outclassed. Wilkerson toys with him, using power moves and luchador wrestling in a style Michael Cole describes as vintage. The other commentators talk but I can't remember who they are.

Wilkerson wins when he offers Guerrero some steroids and he eats them all cos he's a junkie. His heart explodes in the ring, the naughty naughty boy.

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Season 11 - Show Page Empty Re: Season 11 - Show Page

Post by Fernando on Thu May 04, 2017 11:38 pm

OVW - Chapter 2 - Edd Kent Knows What You Did Last Summer

The show opens to a recap of last weeks tournament where Alberto Del Rio was crowned OVW Champion.

"Realeza" hits as Alberto Del Rio comes out with Homicide & Hernandez and brags about screwing everyone over at the last show.
GM Mike Quackenbush comes out and says you might be champion but i told you not to mess with me so every week until the PPV where you will face KUSHIDA for the belt if you get that far. im also going to make you defend it with them 2 behind you banned from ringside time to prove that you can hang with the best & not run with your tail between your legs 

On that note LAX it's time to fight so say hello to your opponents....LAX stare up at the ramp as Jimmy Havoc & KUSHIDA slide in from behind and attack them before running off Alberto Del Rio who scampers through the crowd with his belt.

KUSHIDA & Jimmy Havoc vs Homicide & Hernandez 

- KUSHIDA & Havoc beat down LAX until Hernandez hits a low blow on Havoc as the ref tries to break up the brawl to start the match
- Hernandez lifts up Havoc and lands a belly to belly suplex across the ring before pulling KUSHIDA off Homicide and chucking him to the outside
- Hernandez tags in Homicide who goes for the gringo killer but Havoc rolls off and lands an german suplex as KUSHIDA finally gets up to the apron
- Havoc lifts Homicide for the Death Valley Driver and lands it for a 2 count and goes to tag in KUSHIDA but Hernandez pulls him off the apron
- Havoc goes for the Acid Rainmaker and lands it and goes for the pin 1...2... lights out..
- The lights come on to a table on the outside set up with Hernandez launching KUSHIDA over the top with a border toss and Havoc laid out with Homicide's arm across his chest

Winner - The Latin American Xchange 

The commentary speculate who attacked Jimmy Havoc and if this is just the start of his torment

The commentary hype the next match with 2 new debuts to the OVW Roster in Jordan Devlin & TK Cooper

Jordan Devlin vs TK Cooper

"Luck of The Irish" hits as Jordan Devlin comes out to booing from the OVW Crowd 
"Keep it 100" hits as TK Cooper comes out in his dungaries to a big pop from the crowd

- Both men chain wrestle to start the match with Devlin getting the upper hand with a knee to the gut.
- Devlin lifts up TK and lands a brainbuster and floats over into the pin getting a 2 count
- Devlin runs at the corner and goes for the corkscrew spinning kick but TK ducks and dropkicks Devlin out of the ring and climbs the turnbuckle and lands a corkscrew moonsault
- TK rolls Devlin and goes for the UltraKick but Devlin ducks and rolls up TK grabbing the dungaries for the 3 count as the crowd boo

Winner - Jordan Devlin

TK Cooper protests at the ref as Devlin celebrates going up the ramp

We see a video of why Elgin is facing Callihan after his assault on KUSHIDA attempting to take him out the tournament

Sami Callihan vs Michael Elgin

"For Whom The Bells Toll" Hits as Sami Callihan comes out to a pop
"Unbreakable" hits as Michael Elgin comes out to booing

- Both men lock up with Elgin overpowering Callihan who rakes the eyes and knees Elgin in the face
- Callihan lands a saito suplex before going for a spinning lariat but Elgin waistlocks him and full nelson slams him
- Elgin goes for the double arm DDT but Callihan spins out and lifts Elgin for a modifed exploder suplex for 2 count
- Callihan draws his hand across his throat and goes for the Cradle Killer but Elgin shoves him off and rolls out the ring
- Elgin stands and stares at Callihan but decides against getting back in and walks up the ramp as the 10 count finishes as Callihan rolls out and starts charging after him

Winner by count out - Sami Callihan 

We go backstage to Michael Elgin hightailing through the arena with Callihan in pursuit as the camera closes with Elgin jumping in a car and leaving.

"Rush hour" hits as Lio Rush comes out with a mic and says for far too long has cruiserweights like him been overlooked and is calling out anyone in the lockeroom.

Lio Rush vs ???

"Making a Difference" Hits as Andrade "Cien" Almas comes out telling Rush there is a reason he is overlooked and that's because he's not good enough for OVW

- Both men lock up with Almas getting off top and slapping him around the back of the head and laughs at Rush
- Almas kicks Rush in the face and goes for the double knees but Rush moves and Almas bounces off the turnbuckle
- Rush goes to the top and lands a 630 splash but Almas gets his foot on the rope at 2 to frustrate Rush
- Rush waits for a groggy Almas to rise and goes for the Rush Hour but Almas spins him round back to his feet and hits him with the La Sombra DDT for the 3 count

Winner - Andrade "Cien" Almas 

Lio Rush sits up and slaps the mat frustrated at his loss.

We see a video of Pastor William Eaver attacking Zack Gibson with his bible
Up next he's in action vs Jeff Cobb

Pastor William Eaver vs Jeff Cobb

"Reach Out and Touch Faith" hits as Pastor William Eaver comes out to booing
"Turn The Page" hits as Zack Gibson runs out and goes after Pastor William Eaver tackling him down to the mat and laying in punches before Pastor rolls out the ring 
Pastor grabs his loaded bible & hits a chasing Zack Gibson knocking him out and kneels over him telling i know your dirty little secret Zack & You will all Bill Eave in the Pastor when this is over.

Match ruled a no contest

We go backstage to see War Machine being refused entry to the arena after threatening to run riot over OVW & they warn next week nothing will stop them.

We see the commentary hype the main event of Alberto Del Rio defending his OVW World Title vs Tomohiro Ishii 
We see a package of how Alberto won the title at Chapter 1

Tomohiro Ishii vs Alberto Del Rio  - OVW World Title 

"Stone Pitbull" hits as Ishii heads out with a towel wrapped around his neck storming down to the ring
"Realeza" Hits as Alberto Del Rio comes out with the OVW Title over his shoulder to booing

- The ref calls for the bell and Ishii goes straight for Del Rio and hits him with stiff kicks and punches to Del Rio collapsing to the ground
- Ishii grabs Del Rio by the waist and deadlift german suplexes him before maining his grip and landing a tiger suplex for a 2 count
- Ishii goes for the vertical drop brainbuster but Del Rio knees him in the face and lands a shoulder breaker to Ishii 
- Del Rio stomps on the arm and goes for the armbreaker but Ishii overpowers him and places Del Rio on the top rope 
- Ishii goes for a superplex but Del Rio headbutts his way out of it and pushes Ishii back leaning down over the turnbuckle 
- Del Rio mocks Ishii and lands the double stomp to the face of Ishii before covering for the 3 count 

Winner & Still OVW Champion - Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio grabs his belt off the ref as the Latin American Xchange come down to celebrate with him and grabs a mic and says F**k Mike quackenbush & F**k OVW

The big screen comes on with GM Mike Quackenbush and congratulates Del Rio on his title defense...Because next week he will be fighting the guy to the right of you Homicide!

The big screen goes off as Homicide eyes up Del Rio's title as the show ends. 

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Season 11 - Show Page Empty Re: Season 11 - Show Page

Post by x12x on Sun May 07, 2017 5:20 pm

Last Week at no sleep(ER HOLDS) till brooklyn:
World Title: After defeating MTV Champion Candice LeRae in a competitive champion vs Champion match Kevin Steen spoke about nearly leaving Triple X before coming back to be the champion only to be attacked by Prince Devitt, The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes, during the attack Kevin Steen was saved by Mount Rushmore team mate Roderick Strong.

TV Title: Fans were shocked when dominant TV Champion Dave Mastiff had to pull out all the stops to put away Speedball Mikey Bailey

Tag Titles: Jim Cornette vowed to get the tag team titles away from season 4 Lucha Underground traitors Jack Evans and Angelico and announced they would defend the titles each week until they were finally in the hands of real Triple X Wrestling stars, during the first defence though Best Friends Forever (Trent?, Rocky Romero & Chuck Taylor) cost the challengers Red Dragon (Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish).

World War X: Marty Scurll beat Pete Dunne to secure his place to represent Progress in World War X: Battle Of The Brands along side Hiroshi Tanahashi (NJPW) and Johnny Gargano (Evolve) who beat the team of Kazuchika Okada and Timothy Thatcher. The three men now join Ricochet (lucha Underground), Big Damo (ICW) and Uhaa Nation (Dragon Gate/WWE).

Uhaa Nation: Uhaa Nation and new manager JBL announced near the end of the show that Uhaa would NOT be representing Dragon Gate but would instead represent WWE, JBL went on to talk down about the independents as well as NJPW saying that if it wasn't WWE it didn't matter.

Pete Dunne: After losing his shot to be involved in World War X Pete Dunne took his anger out on Triple X Wrestling interviewer and retired wrestler Corey Graves, attacking him backstage. Will Jim Cornette stand for this sort of behaviour from the Bruiser Weight?

Braun Strowman: Without a match booked for him Braun Strowman issued an open challenge that saw him face World War X member Big Damo, with Strowman getting an impressive win from a challenging match what's next for the newest monster of Triple X Wrestling.

MTV Proudly Presents:
Moonsault Bae (S5 E2)
Live from The Quickens Loans Arena, Cleveland Ohio
Date: 7th May 2017 | Attendance: 9,402
Show Theme: Beartooth - Agressive

We start the show with Jim Smallman and JR who remind us about World War X before announcing that tonight would feature three matches with the three winners taking part in a triple threat match next week, the winner of that would enter the final of World War X at King Of The Mountain V last as the trophy was decided in Triple X's first ever Thunder Båstard match.

Backstage we see Jim Cornette with Pete Dunne, Cornette berates him for his attack on interviewer corey Graves last week saying he's suspended and no longer eligble to be involved in any title match this season. Dunne scowls, shoving past him. We then cut back to the ring for the first of three WWX matches.

Match One: World War X
Big Damo v Ricochet

Although the fans boo Damo you can still see that they have a hatred for former Lucha Underground 'traitor' Ricochet. The match shows Ricochet's speed and agility as he does well to deal with Big Damo's strength and size advantage. The end comes when Ricochet goes for a cross body but it's caught and turned in to an inverted DDT allowing Damo to make the cover and go through to next week's Triple Threat

Winner: Big Damo

Cutting backstage we see Dan Barry and Bill Car dressed in their usual police gimmick talking to Veda Scott about how they get their title shot tonight against Jack Evans and Angelico. Suddenly Chuck Taylor, Trent and Rocky Romero burst in and interrupt saying they should be getting a shot first and that's why they got involved last week...Veda Scott tells them that they've been banned from ringside for the entire show and that Jim Cornette has said he wants to speak to them next week about how they cost Red Dragon last week.

Cutting to a different part of backstage we see JBL with Uhaa Nation, they both sport Property Of WWE shirts as JBL talks down about the indies and NJPW once again, he says that tonight Uhaa books himself in to next week's triple threat before going on to win the Thunder Båstard followed by the Triple X Title, the pair then joke about throwing it in the trash and bringing in a WWE belt in it's place

Match Two: Tag Team Titles
LGDC v Team Tremendous
(Jack Evans & Angelico) v (Dan Barry & Bill Car)

LGDC once again show off their speed and skill that proves too much for Team Tremendous who do their best to put on a great fight. Smallman and JR comment on how LGDC almost seem to be on a different level since Jim Cornette put a target on their backs, the match ends when Evans hits the double rotation senton on Bill Car retaining the belts for his team.

Winners: LGDC

as the match ends Jim Cornette calls out Candice LeRae and reveals that the MTV board have decided that intergender wrestling can no longer be a thing in Triple X Wrestling before announcing that the MTV Title would therefore be made vacant. LeRae protests saying that her near 500 day reign shouldn't be ended until it ends due to a match but Cornette says that the board have made up their mind as the fans start a 'LET HER FIGHT' chant.


Returning from commercials we see Speedball Mike Bailey in the ring, he takes the mic and calls out TV Champion Dave Mastiff challenging him to a second match after Bailey took Mastiff to the edge to the surprise of the fans, the fans boo when Mastiff doesn't come out but instead JBL does. JBL calls Bailey an indie midget who needs to get out of Uhaa Nation's way as he dominates World War X. Jim Smallman and JR talk about how Bailey is brave to call out a man like Mastiff but say the show must go on with the next match.

Match Three: World War X
Marty Scurll v Uhaa Nation w/JBL

Marty Scurll shows off his technical ability to deal with Uhaa Nation's stength and agility and it goes well until Pete Dunne walks out to the ringside area, mocking Scurll and causing him to get distracted. The end comes when JBL gets the attention of the ref allowing Dunne to land a stiff right to Scurll sending him in to the path of Uhaa who hits the gorilla press, followed by a standing shooting star press for the win.

Winner: Uhaa Nation

The fans boo Dunne who smirks at Scurll in the ring who attempts to recover, the boo's get louder though as Uhaa Nation and JBL walk over to Dunne and put their arms around him with Smallman and JR wondering if Pete Dunne was now part of JBL's clientèle

As we return Smallman and JR talk about the MTV Title saying that at King Of The Mountain V it would be decided in a triple threat match with one man out of the next four going through automatically. The two Jim's talk about how Trevor Lee is not only a former World Champion but actually cashed in the New York City Title to get that title shot (the NYC Title was the original name of the MTV Title)

Match Three: MTV Title qualifier
Braun Strowman v Kazuchika Okada v Timothy Thatcher v Trevor Lee

As the match begins the three smaller men team up to take down Braun but the unity breaks down as Thatcher attacks Okda from behind with Smallman reminding the fans that Okada accidentally hit Thatcher with a rain maker intended for Johnny Gargano last week. The pair of Okada and Thatcher begin to brawl and it spills on to the outside with weapons getting involved. In the ring Trevor Lee is left to compete with Strowman who's size and surprising speed manages to take out the former MTV/NYC Champion.

Winner: Braun Strowman

As Thatcher and Okada are split up on the stage Strowman stands over former world champion Lee, Smallman and JR talk about his dominance and say they might as well give Strowman the belt now if this is the momentum he has already.


Backstage we see a car arrive and injured interviewer Corey Graves climb out, he tells Veda that he's here to see Jim Cornette about Pete Dunne saying he's not going to sit back and watch that pr¡ck push people about. As we return we see JR and Smallman who talk about the last World War X match which would see last weeks partners Johnny Gargano & Hiroshi Tanahashi fight over the final spot in the triple threat

Match Five: World War X
Hiroshi Tanahashi v Johnny Gargano

The two men shake hands as the match begins and split the fans down the middle as control changes hands, the end comes when Gargano is knocked over the top rope but is able to land on the apron before hitting the spear through the ropes followed by the Hurts Doughnut for the win.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

Gargano celebrates as we cut backstage where the camera follows a large crashing noise, as it enters the office of Jim Cornette we see Candice LeRae destroying the place in a complete rage, she looks at the camera and promises that the original Queen of Triple X Wrestling wasn't going to leave the company without HER belt.

Main Event:
Bullet Club v Mount Rushmore
(Prince Devitt & Cody Rhodes) w/The Young Bucks v (Kevin Steen & Roderick Strong)

The match is fast paced with Rhodes and Strong doing most of the fight, building the tension for Steen and Devitt to clash, the fans go crazy as Steen and Devitt finally do but Devitt tags out, mocking the 'marks' in the crowd and allowing Rhodes to fight for him, The end comes when Nick Jackson attempts to slide in to the ring but Matt Jackson grabs him stopping the attack on Steen, in the chaos and confusion Cody Rhodes is caught by Steen who hits the package piledriver for the win for his team.

Winners: Mount Rushmore

As the match ends Nick and Matt are clearly arguing among themselves once again as Steen grabs a mic, he tells the Bucks that they are the only ones who should be deciding what they do...not the Bullet Club...and not even Mount Rushmore but he tells them to remember who was there BEFORE The Bullet Club came about and who will be there after...Steen, backed up by Strong says that soon the choice will come for them to pick a side...

Steen or Devitt...
...Mount Rushmore or Bullet Club...

...but the choice is there's.

The show ends with Steen and Devitt staring each other down as the tension between the Young Bucks is clear to see.


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Season 11 - Show Page Empty Re: Season 11 - Show Page

Post by Marky on Mon May 08, 2017 12:27 pm

WAF Episode 2: Semi Sunday

"Party Hard" by Andrew WK plays and the 950 strong crowd inside the K2 Leisure Centre, Crawley are chanting and cheering, Glen Joseph welcomes us to Episode 2: Semi Sunday, and says we get underway with our Tag Team Championship semi final matches! RJ Singh informs us that there will be six teams and both matches will be triple threat matches with one fall. Glen Joseph then adds that tonight we also find out our World Heavyweight Championship Tournament finalists as both semi finals also take place tonight. RJ Singh quips he wondered why the show was called Semi Sunday...

We recap the events of last week when Chris Hero and Tommy End cost each other in the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, before WAF GM William Regal put them in this Tag Team Championship Tournament together against their will.

Match One
WAF Tag Team Championship Tournament Semi Final
The Revival v Heroes Never Die v The Dudley Boys

•Hero and End reluctantly begin to work well together throughout
•The Dudleys set up for a 3D on Hero but End breaks it up
•The end comes as Hero big boots Bubba Ray and End roundhouse kicks D-Von, knocking both Dudleys out of the ring
•Hero goes for a Big Boot on Dash, Dash ducks and Hero catches End on the jaw!
•Dawson bundles Hero out of the ring, Dash and Dawson hit the Shatter Machine on End, one, two, three!

Winners by pinfall, advancing to the final, The Revival!

Hero looks at End in shock as Dash and Dawson celebrate up the ramp. RJ Singh wonders what might happen next with Hero and End.


Will Ospreay is looking frustrated as he rewatches his defeat last week to Axel Dieter Jr in the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, Matt Sydal comes up to him and tells him he needs to forget about last week as they have their Tag Team Tournament match next and he wants Will focused 100%. Ospreay nods and high fives Sydal before both leaving.


Match Two
WAF Tag Team Championship Tournament Semi Final
The Addiction v London Riots v Will Ospreay and Matt Sydal

•The match is predominantly high flying action between Daniels/Kazarian/Ospreay and Sydal
•While JD and Rob of the Riots grounding and slowing the pace down whenever they could
•Sydal goes for a Shooting Star Press on Daniels but Kazarian drags Daniels out of the way
•Ospreay hits a spinning somersault plancha onto Daniels and Kazarian on the outside!
•In the ring, the Riots hit the District Line on Sydal and JD pins Sydal, one, two, three!

Winners by pinfall, advancing to the final, The London Riots!

Ospreay dived in to break the pinfall but didn't make it, he looks down at the fallen Matt Sydal, as the Riots make their way to the back Ospreay drags Sydal to his feet to applause from the crowd.

Ospreay hits a low blow to Sydal! The crowd boo as Ospreay has his foot across Sydal's throat and says he's sick of this. He shouts he's going to right the wrongs of WAF starting with Sydal.


William Regal announces that after last week's defeat to Matt Riddle, Andrade Cien Almas has left WAF. WAF insists they do not allow wrestlers to compete in an unsafe manner and believe Almas' upcoming legal action against WAF is unfounded. WAF have reached agreement with another company where Almas will work for them and a new Middleweight Division wrestler has just this evening signed a contract with WAF.


WAF Middleweight Division match
Mark Haskins v Mark Andrews v Tommaso Ciampa v Kalisto

•WAF Middleweight Champion Jack Gallagher joins the announce team for this match
•Kalisto and Andrews hit a series of high flying moves onto their opponents before staring down
•Ciampa takes control but is locked in the Star Armbar by Haskins!
•Kalisto hits a hurracanrana on Andrews sending him into the ringpost
•Kalisto breaks up the Star Armbar on Ciampa, Haskins counters the Salida Del Sol into a Star Armbar on Kalisto who has to tap out!

Winner by submission, Mark Haskins!

Haskins celebrates and he immediately looks over to Gallagher who holds up his Championship as the Announcers discuss what a match these two could have at the Norfolk Enchance PPV!


Dr Cube comes out with a microphone, he says William Regal won't grant his rematch with Unicorn Party tonight, but he has a secret plan to get his revenge on Unicorn Party and we will all witness it's beginning next week. Dr Cube laughs maniacally to end the segment before having a coughing fit.


WAF World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi Final
Matt Riddle v Walter

•Both men begin with vicious kicks, Walter slaps Riddle hard in the chest
•Walter with hard chops to the chest and back of Riddle, his chest looking bright red
•Riddle fights back with some nasty kicks and elbows to the head and body of Walter
•Walter almost gets the pinfall with a Chokeslam, Riddle counters the pin attempt with a Triangle Choke!
•Riddle transitions into the Bromission and Walter has to tap out!

Winner by submission, advancing to the final, Matt Riddle!

Riddle staggers to his feet looking happy, Walter reluctantly shakes his hand before leaving. Riddle's chest is red raw as he flicks his hair back and celebrates.


WWE UK Champion Tyler Bate is backstage with GM William Regal, Bate says he shouldn't have had to defend his UK Title outside of WWE, Regal takes offence and says not only was he right to make Bate defend the title last week, but to show Bate that he should expect the unexpected, tonight's match against Flash Morgan Webster will now also be a WWE UK Championship defence!

Bate is furious and storms off as Regal smirks.


WWE UK Championship Match
Tyler Bate (c) v Flash Morgan Webster

•Tyler isn't happy as Flash gets in his face and gets the upper hand early on
•Flash comes very close on a few occasions with a few very near falls
•Bate uses underhand tactics to get the upper hand and looks annoyed as the fans seem to reject him
•Flash hits a big DDT and goes up for a 450 Splash, he hits it!
•...Tyler got the knees up! Tyler drags Flash up and hits the Tyler Driver 97 for the three count

Winner by pinfall, and STILL WWE UK Champion, Tyler Bate!

WAF GM William Regal walks out and congratulates Bate, says that Bate's next defence of the WWE UK Championship will be at WWE NXT Takeover Chicago on 20th May against Pete Dunne, if Bate retains then the WWE UK Championship will stay with Bate on WAF, but if Bate loses to Dunne then the WWE UK Championship will move to Triple X Wrestling with Dunne.

Regal says he believes in Bate and says keeping the WWE UK Title in WAF will ensure Bate is highly rewarded. Bate looks at his UK Title as we fade to black.


Matt Riddle's music hits and the crowd cheer as the first World Heavyweight Championship Tournament finalist makes his way out to the announce table, Riddle joins the team and says he wants a closer look at his potential rival.


WAF World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi Final
Katsuyori Shibata v Axel Dieter Jr

•The match starts out very technical with Dieter taking control
•Shibata fights back with vicious strikes to Dieter and some nasty headbutts
•Dieter fights back and works the arm of Shibata, Dieter comes close to the win with a cross arm breaker!
•Shibata fights to the ropes and hits more huge kicks and forearms, Shibata with a massive Brainbuster
•Shibata drags Dieter to his feet and hits the G2PK before dropping onto the prone Dieter, one, two, three!

Winner by pinfall, advancing to the final, Katsuyori Shibata!

Riddle walks down to the ring and he and Shibata go face to face as Glen Joseph discusses how both men will face off next week in the final to crown the new WAF World Heavyweight Champion.


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Season 11 - Show Page Empty Re: Season 11 - Show Page

Post by Good Golly I'm Olly on Mon May 08, 2017 6:44 pm

SEX Season 2

We open the show with Donald Trump in front of an empty arena and he announces that this week SEX has been cut short due to the scenes that occurred in the pre recorded main event ahead of the main show.

Donald - "I regret to inform you the live portion of SEX this week has had to be cancelled due to the pre recorded main event that was so horrific the families in the audience literally shat themselves as they curled up in the foetal position."

Trump scratches his balls

Donald - "As a result SEX this week will only be a record of me taking you into that main event match, and then the main event itself, the Hell in a Cell match between Jeffrey Dahmer and Chris Benoit. I apologise for any inconvenience caused, we will tone down SEX next week, but for this episode, let me talk you in..."

*SEX cuts to the recorded main event in front of a then rabid audience, the Cell is over the ring, Jeff Dahmer is opposite Chris Benoit in the middle and we begin*

Main Event - Jeffrey Dahmer vs Chris Benoit - Hell in a Cell match - the winner wins Daniel Benoit

- Dahmer and Benoit get into a hard elbow lock up, Benoit lobs Dahmer over the ropes into the cage
- Benoit throws Dahmer against the cell cutting him open
- Benoit goes to get a steel chair but Dahmer picks up the steel steps and smashes Benoit with them
- Dahmer gets out a table, places Benoit on it in the ring, but misses a frogsplash
- Benoit goes to the outside, gets the chair and pummels Dahmer with it


- Benoit goes for the pin, Dahmer kicks out at two
- Benoit gets a trash can, and hits Dahmer with it
- Benoit signals for the end and puts Dahmer in the sharpshooter, Dahmer fights for a minute....


- Dahmer bites Benoit's pen1s clean off and starts devouring it in the ring and blood spews everywhere
- The referee vomits, members of the crowd can be heard pooing themselves as Jeff Dahmer finishes the pen1s
- Donald Trump comes out


*But as we are well aware there was no SEX this week due to the nature of the pre recorded main event, so SEX will return next week, from Damascus, Syria*
Good Golly I'm Olly
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Season 11 - Show Page Empty Re: Season 11 - Show Page

Post by Thunder87 on Tue May 09, 2017 7:25 pm

So far this season:

-          John Cena and Jay Lethal fought to see who face’s World Champion Super Dragon, Dragon got involved causing a no contest. Oliver Queen decried that Dragon would face both men, Cena this Week, Lethal at IYF: Way of the Weird.
-          WGTT claimed their title shot and failed to capture the gold. They have been placed in a match this week with the new tag team Tyson Kidd and Billy Kidman.
-          Ultimate Warrior challenged Sting to meet him this week in the ring.
-          During the six woman tag match, Nia Jax’s Partners, Beth Phoenix and Jessica Havok walked out on her.
World Wrestling Revolution
Week 2
Footage from earlier in the day, new signing Jason Prime is getting lunch at catering. Player Dos walks up to him, he says his mother told him to make an impression by finding, the biggest, meanest, I am a twonk of the highest order in the place and slapping him. Dos then proceeds to slapping Prime silly before, walking off.
The Wreckage opening video plays. The video showcases the WWR R4 talent while the song, Land of Confusion by Disturbed plays in the background.
After the opening video, fireworks pop around the arena. Young and Heenan welcomes everyone to the show. Heenan says Dos must have a screw loose, for attacking the slab of man that is Primate.
Match 1: Debut in Pink
Player Dos Vs Ron Killings
-          A quick opening, match that sees both men showcase their talents.
-          Killings proves to be a little more serious as Killing than he has been as Truth.
-          As the match nears the 3 minute mark, Killings puts Dos down with a reverse STO.
-          As Dos begins to get to his feet, Killings runs the ropes, coming back looking for the corkscrew scissor kick.
-          Dos ducks the move, Dos connects with a falcon kick and looks to follow up with the B13.         
-          Killings blocks the attempt and counters with a bridging dragon suplex for the three.
Winner by pinfall - Ron Killings
Killings celebrates in the ring, while Dos rolls from the ring and heads up the ramp. He turns to give Killings a round of applause as he does, Jason Prime comes out attacking Dos from behind. He throws him in to the stage set, before throwing him off the stage.
We get unseen footage from last week, Tyson Kidd comes through the curtain after his match last week. Billy Kidman follows him, the two get into an argument over the finish of the match. Laurinitis is on the scene, he tells them that if they put their differences a side and forget that match, they can work together for a shot at the tag titles.
Back at ringside, Young and Heenan discuss the rest of the card. Young says it’s not often that we see a good, old fashioned fight between good and evil. Heenan asks her what she means, she clarifies that the main event of Cena Vs Dragon is like a fight between good and evil.
Match 2: Workhorse Championship Match
ACH Vs John Morrison
-          A strong back and forth from the opening bell, each man countering the other.
-          Morrison begins to dominate taking the fight to the champion.
-          Following a series of kicks, Morrison hits a running knee strike, he looks for a standing shooting star.
-          Knees up from ACH, he runs the ropes as Morrison begins to get up, as ACH comes back he hits the Freebirds crossbody.
-          Both men back to their feet, they lock up and ACH nails a T-bone exploding suplex.
-          Mercury appears causing a distraction, as ACH turns his attention, Morrison pounces in to a roll up, ACH rolls through into a cradle pin for the three.
Winner by pinfall and STILL Workhorse champion -  ACH
ACH celebrates in the ring as we go backstage.
Killings is walking through the corridor, as he passes Laurinitis, Laurinitis stops him. He says he brought him in to be R-Truth not that stupid unknown indie guy. He tells him to go get his truth gear, then go find Goldust and sign up for the Tag Team Dominace. Killing shrugs and says ok.
American Wolves join Young and Heenan on commentary. They talk about how they’ve taught every team that has stepped to them a lesson. The Robins out first, followed by WGTT, the Wolves say that WGTT seem to have learnt their lesson, by coming out second they can’t be jumped.
Match 3: Tag Team Titles Number 1 Contenders Match
Worlds Greatest Tag Team Vs The Robins
(Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin Vs Tyson Kidd & Billy Kidman)
-          Benjamin starts things off for WGTT and after arguing over it, Kidd starts for the Robins.
-          The two lock up, Benjamin looks for a suplex, Kidd scrambles out of it and backs up to his corner.
-          Kidman laughs, Kidd tags him in, telling him to prove he’s better, Kidman gladly comes in.
-          Benjamin and Kidman go back and forth for a couple of minutes, before Benjamin tags in Hass.
-          WGTT show their team work skills over the next few minutes, tagging in and out between themselves and isolating Kidman.
-          Kidman eventually gets to Kidd and tags him in, at the same time Haas tags in Benjamin.
-          Kidd charges at Benjamin, but he gets caught and WGTT hit him with broken arrow, Benjamin covers for the three.
Winners by pinfall - Worlds Greatest Tag Team
WGTT turn their attention to the Tag Champs and talk smack at them. The Robins attack them from behind, American Wolves slide in the ring and join in the assault. The heels stand over the WGTT, the Wolves hold up the titles and the Robins eye up the belts.
Byron Saxton is joined backstage by Nia Jax. He asks her how she feels about her partners walking out on her last week, Jax stares a hole right through him. Nia takes the microphone and issues a challenge to Beth Phoenix to meet her in the ring to answer for her crimes.
Ultimate Warrior is in the ring, he ramblingly calls out Sting, while he doesn’t come he does appear on the big screen. Warrior calls him a coward for not facing him, he asks what happened to his friend to make him, so bitter. Sting says that it’s no talent hacks like Warrior that have diminished his impact on the industry. Warrior asks Sting why he’s grinning like a fool, Sting points behind Warrior. Sting stand there and he attacks Warrior with his bat. Sting stands over a bloodied Warrior.
Nia Jax is in the ring awaiting Beth Phoenix. Phoenix appears with Havok, who she sends to the ring in her place.
Match 4: Hell Hath No Fury
Nia Jax Vs Jessica Havok
-          The two women square up and begin to brawl.
-          The action goes back and forth for a moment, before Nia begins to dominate.
-          She scoops up Havok for the Samoan drop, but drops her when Nia see’s Beth on the apron.
-          Nia runs at her, Beth has it scouted and lowers the top rope, Nia goes tumbling over the ropes to the floor below.
-          On the out side Beth attacks her, kicking her repeatedly, the attack causes the ref to call for the bell.
Winner by disqualification – Nia Jax
After the match, Beth directs Havok to sandwich Nia between the steps and the ring post. Beth climbs on the barricade and leaps off connecting with a drop kick to the steel steps. With Nia in a heap on the floor the pair taunts her, as paramedics are on the scene.
Back in Queen’s office, Laurinitis enters stating that Queen wanted to see him. Queen offers him a seat and says they need to talk about his place in the company. Laurinitis begins to grin, Queen shoots him down with a firm look, Laurinitis is taken back and takes the seat.
At ringside, Young and Heenan speculate on the bosses having difference of opinion recently, regarding talent. Jay Lethal is out and we’re informed that he will be facing WWR’s newest signing next. The arena falls in to a pink hue as Martin Kirby makes his WWR debut.
Match 5: Pink Debut
Jay Lethal Vs Martin Kirby
-          As the match begins the two men shake hands and lock up.
-          The action goes back and forth over the next few minutes, until Lethal hits a leg lariat from the second rope.
-          From there, Lethal locks in a koji clutch, Kirby manages to get out of the clutch with a swift blow to the sternum.
-          Both men up, they lock up, Lethal takes Kirby up for a suplex, but Kirby counters in to a swinging DDT.
-          Kirby kips up to his feet and looks around, he heads to the top turnbuckle and climbs along the top rope.
-          As he looks for the Zoidberg elbow, Lethal gets back to his feet and catches him mid air.
-          Lethal uses the momentum to convert in to the lethal injection, he covers for the three.
Winner by pinfall – Jay Lethal
After the match, Lethal helps Kirby to his feet and raises both their arms. Kirby heads to the back, while Lethal rolls from the ring to join Young and Heenan. They congratulate him on the match, he says he’s joining them for the main event, he’d like to see what happens between Dragon and Cena from the front row.
We go back to Queen’s office, Queen goes over all the differences he and Laurinitis have had. Queen says that Laurinitis doesn’t understand what he or the fans want, so he’s going to have to let him go. Laurinitis asks who is going to replace him, the greatest Raw GM ever, from behind him come the words, “I can do it better, ‘cause I’m a smart ass.” The camera pans around and we see Adam Blampied.
Back at ring side, Super Dragon makes his way to the ring. He trash talks Cena and Lethal, he tells Lethal to watch carefully, what happens to Cena is his fate also. Cena is out, Lethal tells Young and Heenan, that many including himself have doubted Cena, but after being in the ring with him last week, he knows Cena’s the real deal.
Main Event: World Championship Match

Super Dragon Vs John Cena
-          As the two circle each other, Cesaro and Barrett make their way through the crowd, each one coming opposite.
-          The lights go off and when they come back on Wyatt has joined Cesaro and Barrett.
-          He says that, he and his fellow former World champions will ensure Cena never.
-          The three circle the ring, causing distractions every time Cena begins to pick up momentum.
-          Cena ignores them as best he can and hits the five moves of doom capping off with the FU.
-          Bray distracts the ref while Cesaro and Barrett slide in the ring, Cesaro pops Cena in to the air and Barrett connects with the bull hammer, midair.
-          The two slide from the ring, allowing Dragon to nail the curb stomp and cover for the three.
Winner by pinfall and STILL WWR World Champion: Super Dragon
Dragon rolls from the ring, grabbing his title and high tailing it out of the ringside area via the crowd. The former World champions slide in the ring and begin to attack Cena. Lethal leaves commentary and looks to aid Cena, Dragon comes from behind nailing him with the title. The heels stand tall as the show comes to an end.

In Your Face: Way of the Weird:

World Title Match
Super Dragon Vs Jay Lethal
Tag Team Dominance Cage Match
The Robins Vs Golden Truth Vs more competitors to be announced
Tag Team Title Match
American Wolves Vs Worlds Greatest Tag Team


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Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Thu May 18, 2017 12:32 pm

Show 3 - Viva La Drug Problem

The show starts with a sit down interview. Chris Wilkerson sits across from one of my announce team (I don't remember - Tom Phillips?)

TP: People are saying you killed the men you fought.

CW: These rumours astound me. Rosey was dead before our match; all obese people are dead inside. I saved him

TP: And Eddie?

CW: I didn't kill Eddie, Eddie killed Eddie. And the drugs. But he did em. So he killed himself. Brutally, proper massive heart explosion I'd bet. He pooped in the ring, clear sign of heart explosion

*Phillips nods

TP: Agreed. What a waster.

*The pair hug for no reason and confetti falls from above. Fireworks go off. But before the scene can fade, the police take Wilkerson away.

Match One -
David Flair and Ric Flair versus Bret Hart and Chris Jericho

Sami Zayn is at ringside as Team Canada beat the Flairs. David Flair just lies at the top of the ramp, not moving the whole time. Ric blades and then gets caught in the sharpshooter.

*Vince McMahon is backstage. He is furiously masturbating over pictures of Maddie.

Match Two
The New Day vs Angle, Omega and Itami
Xavier Woods joins forces with the other opposition, whilst Big E films them all beating and then pinning Kofi. After the match, the New Day are still all chums.

Xavier cuts a post-match promo about how he is not interested in SEX.

Text appears on the screen saying the PPV will be a best of threes tournament. Plus other matches. This has to be how the announcement is done because Vince is furiously masturbating over Maddie, if you don't remember.

Some of my wrestlers appear in this match

Match 18
Rosey vs Eddie Guerrero

As both are dead, it isn't a lively contest. Rosey still wins, as Eddie is so overrated that he loses this to restore some balance.

Main Event
Chris Wilkerson vs the Big Bossman - Street Fight
Wilkerson drives around with Bossman's carcass attached to the back of his vehicle by rope. Limbs fall off slowly. Wilkerson wins.

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Post by Marky on Sun May 21, 2017 6:25 pm

WAF Episode 3: Golden Showers

WWE NXT Takeover Chicago
We see footage of Tyler Bate unsuccessfully defending his WWE UK Championship against Pete Dunne, Dunne hitting the Bitter End on Bate and getting the pinfall, closing with the image of an upset looking Tyler Bate.

"Party Hard" by Andrew WK plays and the 950 strong crowd inside the K2 Leisure Centre, Crawley are chanting and cheering, Glen Joseph welcomes us to Episode 3: Golden Shower, RJ Singh asks what's with the name and Callum Leslie says it's obviously because we're crowning a new WAF World Heavyweight Champion and new WAF Tag Team Champions tonight! Plus the WXW Unified World Championship and the WAF Middleweight Championship are also defended. Glen Joseph informs us that as we just saw, Tyler Bate lost his WWE UK Championship to Pete Dunne which means the UK Title is no longer on WAF programming.


Axel Dieter Jr and Walter, AKA Ringkampf come out to the ring. They claim that as they were never given a chance in the Tag Team Championship Tournament (due to their semi final runs in the WAF World Heavyweight Championship Tournament) they want in on the Tag Team Championship Final. Regal comes out and says no but gives them a match right now, where the winners would get a future Tag Team Championship match.

Match One
WAF Tag Team Championship number one contenders match
Ringkampf v The Addiction

•The early part of the match is Daniels and Kazarian getting the upper hand with high flying moves
•Walter and Dieter Jr ground Daniels and slow the pace down, isolating him
•Dieter works on Daniels with numerous submission attempts until Daniels makes the hot tag
•Kazarian is able to get the better of Dieter and Walter,
•Walter absolutely destroys Kazarian with a nasty running boot, and pins him for the three count.

Winners by pinfall, and new number one contenders to the WAF Tag Team Championship, Ringkampf!

Walter and Dieter Jr celebrate in the ring as Glen Joseph looks forward to the final of the Tag Team Tournament and how Ringkampf will be first in line for the winners.


A video package airs focusing on recent issues between Chris Hero and Tommy End, followed by the announcement that Jurn Simmons will defend his WXW Unified World Championship tonight against Tommy End (who is himself a former WXW Champion), and Chris Hero will be the Special Guest Referee!


Match Two
WXW Unified World Championship
Jurn Simmons (c) v Tommy End
Special Guest Referee: Chris Hero

•As the match starts, Hero holds up the WXW Championship and calls the match down the middle
•Both men hit each other with elbows, kicks and forearms predominantly
•Jurn controls the tempo of the match until End manages to counter a big boot with a knee
•End drags Jurn up, End lines up Jurn for the Black Mass, Jurn ducks and counters into a single leg Boston Crab
•End struggles, all of a sudden Chris Hero calls for the bell!

Winner by submission, and STILL WXW Unified World Champion, Jurn Simmons!

The crowd boo as Hero gives Jurn his title, Jurn is none the wiser as replays show Tommy End didn't tap out. Hero smirks as End sits in the ring looking incredibly frustrated.


We cut backstage as Tommy End is angrily looking for Chris Hero, William Regal intervenes and tries to calm End down, End says he wants Hero one on one. Regal says he'll get his wish, Hero v End is signed for the Norfolk Enchance PPV in a No Holds Barred match. But as for now, he needs End to go home before he does something he regrets. End reluctantly calms and walks off.

Chris Hero walks up to Regal and says he used to like Tommy End, but now he will end his career.


Match Three
Kaiju Big Battel rematch
Dr Cube v Unicorn Party

•As for all Kaiju Big Battel matches, the ring is filled with cardboard buildings to portray the competitors as giants
•Unicorn Party downs Dr Cube with some dropkicks and a big DDT which somewhat crushes Dr Cube's box head
•Dr Cube rolls from the ring and signals for more Dr Cube's to hit the ring! And 4 more Dr Cube's come out!
•Unicorn Party tosses all the extra Dr Cube's over the top rope to the outside, then hits a clothesline to the real one
•Unicorn Party hits a 450 Splash to Dr Cube and covers him for the one, the two, and after a short pause for dramatic effect, the three!

Winner by pinfall, Unicorn Party!

As Unicorn Party celebrates, Dr Cube brings out Hell Monkey and Cycloptopus to attack Unicorn Party 3 on 1.

As they stomp Unicorn Party, Silver Potato and Super Wrong rush down to even up the odds and clean house, saving Unicorn Party. Unicorn Party, Silver Potato and Super Wrong celebrate as Dr Cube looks angry from the outside.


Matt Sydal is backstage explaining how he feels Will Ospreay isn't the same man he was, and it saddens him. Ospreay attacks Sydal from behind and claims to be fed up of people expecting him to dance and flip like a performing monkey at the zoo. Ospreay crouches over Sydal and starts slapping his face repeatedly.

Regal and security break up the brawl and Regal angrily tells Ospreay he will perform because he says so. And he'll perform at the Norfolk Enchance PPV against Matt Sydal. And just to put more emphasis on it, it'll be to determine the new number one contender for the WAF Middleweight Championship.


Match Four
WAF Middleweight Championship
Jack Gallagher (c) v Mark Haskins

•The two men lock up, Gallagher using his unique style to escape and frustrate Haskins early on
•Haskins takes control soon after, grounding and punishing Gallagher
•Gallagher fights back and hits moves including his Mary Poppins style plancha from the top to the outside
•Gallagher gets very close to winning with Haskins fighting out of submissions
•Haskins manages to lock Gallagher in the Star Armbar, all of a sudden Tyler Bate hits the ring and attacks Haskins!

Winner by disqualification, Mark Haskins. Still WAF Middleweight Champion, Jack Gallagher.

The crowd boo as Bate hits the Tyler Driver 97 on Haskins, then does the same to Gallagher. Bate grabs a microphone and says he wants his Middleweight Title shot.

Regal answers, he says Bate lost WAF the WWE UK Championship, Regal emphasises he said Bate would get a WAF Middleweight Championship match if he retained at NXT Takeover. Regal says at the Norfolk Enchance PPV it will be a Middleweight Title rematch between Jack Gallagher and Mark Haskins. One on one.

Regal says that Bate will have a non title match against anybody he chooses from the roster, as a consolation prize. Bate doesn't look happy.


Dr Cube walks up to a still bemused William Regal backstage and says he demands revenge on Unicorn Party and his friends. Regal smiles and says he'll let them have "another one of your Big Battels" at the Norfolk Enchance PPV, in a 6 man tag match!

Glen Joseph comfirms it will be Dr Cube, Cycloptopus and Hell Monkey v Unicorn Party, Silver Potato and Super Wrong!


Match Five
WAF Tag Team Championship Tournament
The Revival v London Riots

•There is a big fight feel as both teams have a staredown to begin things
•Dash and Dawson take control, isolating JD, and getting several near falls
•JD makes the hot tag to Rob Lynch who takes apart both members of The Revival
•Eventually it all breaks down, with Dash and JD brawling on the outside
•Rob and Dawson are the legal men in the ring when Axel Dieter Jr and Walter from Ringkampf hit the ring and clothesline both men!

Result, Double DQ

The crowd boo as the referee rules a double disqualification, the commentators query what happens with the Tag Team Championship Tournament.

Axel Dieter Jr gets a mic and claims they deserve to be the first WAF Tag Team Champions and not just the first challengers.

William Regal comes out, angry at Ringkampf for ruining the Tournament final, and says "Fine, at the Norfolk Enchance PPV, it will be Ringkampf versus The Revival versus London Riots to crown the new Tag Team Champions". Both members of Ringkampf grin.

Regal continues "But next week Ringkampf, you will get your comeuppance in a 4 on 2, no disqualification handicap match against The Revival and London Riots!"

Walter and Dieter's faces drop as Regal sneers at them.


We see a video package showing Matt Riddle and Katsuyori Shibata's routes to the final of this WAF World Heavyweight Championship Tournament and clips of both men talking about how much they want this.


Main Event
WAF World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Matt Riddle v Katsuyori Shibata

•The match begins with a handshake and immediately both men kick each other in the head!
•For several minutes both men destroy each other with vicious strikes, kicks and forearms
•Riddle locks in the Bromission, Shibata nastily elbows himself free and knees Riddle down
•The match comes to an end as both men chop the hell out of each other, Shibata kicks Riddle repeatedly in the chest
•Riddle gives Shibata two middle fingers, Shibata hits a nasty G2PK and covers, one, two, three!

Winner by pinfall, and NEW WAF World Heavyweight Champion, Katsuyori Shibata!

Riddle kicked out just after the three count, but the bell rings and both men are exhausted. Shibata gets to his feet and celebrates as William Regal gets into the ring with the WAF World Heavyweight Championship.

Regal presents Shibata with the Championship and Shibata celebrates as Regal leaves the ring. Riddle gets back to his feet and initially looks annoyed, he then nods respectfully at Shibata as the two men shake hands.

Regal applauds from the top of the ramp and is blindsided by Tyler Bate! Bate drags Regal up and hits a Tyler Driver 97 on Regal on the steel ramp before security run down and usher Bate away. Regal is flat on his back being attended to by medics as Bate grabs a microphone.

Bate says he's decided on his opponent for Norfolk Enchance. Bate says he chooses William Regal! Bate drops the mic as Regal looks up at Bate confused and angry.


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Post by Marky on Sun Jun 04, 2017 2:11 pm

WAF Episode 4: Wet Dreams

Glen Joseph welcomes us to Episode 4, Wet Dreams. Glen tells us that the title is because ahead of our first PPV entitled Norfolk Enchance, we are going to have some dream matches.

RJ Singh brings up Tyler Bate attacking Regal at the end of last week's show.

Glen says he's been left in temporary charge for this week but he can confirm Regal has accepted the match with Bate for Norfolk Enchance.

Matt Riddle comes out to start the show, he puts over Katsuyori Shibata as a deserving Champion, but he wants a rematch at the Norfolk Enchance PPV. Shibata comes out and says Riddle lost fair and square, Riddle should get to the back of the queue.

Chris Hero interrupts and says he agrees with Shibata, plus Shibata v Hero has a much better ring to it. Tommy End interrupts him and says firstly, End and Hero have business to settle, and secondly, Shibata v End sounds even better.

Glen Joseph stands up at the announce table with a microphone, he says if everyone puts something on the line, he'll make a Fatal Fourway Hell in a Cell match between the four of them. Shibata will put his WAF World Heavyweight Championship on the line. Riddle will put his Progress Atlas Championship on the line. End and Hero will put their WAF careers on the line.

Glen confirms it will be Shibata v Riddle v End v Hero inside Hell in a Cell for the PROGRESS Atlas Championship and the WAF World Heavyweight Championship, and if End or Hero take the fall they are gone from WAF!

But as for tonight, all four men will be taking part in non title matches as part of tonight's theme of Dream Matches! Matt Riddle will be taking on Tommy End, and in our main event, Katsuyori Shibata will take on Chris Hero!


Match One
Four v Two No DQ Handicap Match
The Revival and the London Riots v Ringkampf

•The Riots and Revival put aside some early animosity to take their frustrations out on Ringkampf
•Dawson pins Dieter Jr after a Shatter Machine, while the Riots hit a Pop Up Spear to Walter

Winners by pinfall, The Revival and the London Riots

Revival and Riots then stare down each other while making title belt motions around their waists


Tyler Bate's music hits and the former WWE UK Champion makes his way to the ring. Bate talks over the booing and says that he will hurt Regal at the PPV, he should still be WWE UK Champion and he should be competing for the WAF Middleweight Championship, so he will make Regal pay for denying him.

Glen Joseph stands up and says that Tyler Bate will face William Regal at the Norfolk Enchance PPV, but Bate has some unfinished business tonight. Bate will have a match right now, against the man who believes Bate cost him the Middleweight Championship last week, Mark Haskins!


Match Two
Tyler Bate v Mark Haskins

•Bate rolls up Haskins with a handful of tights and gets his feet on the ropes for the three count!

Winner by pinfall, Tyler Bate

Haskins isn't happy as Tyler smirks, he raises his arms as he backs up the ramp.


Matt Sydal is backstage, laughing and joking with Kazarian and Christopher Daniels, when Will Ospreay cockily walks up to them. Ospreay says he is going to show Sydal why Ospreay is cracking Japan and not Sydal. Daniels interrupts and says that later tonight Glen Joseph has made somewhat of a dream match, Ospreay v Daniels!

Daniels tells Ospreay that he's going to show Ospreay what happens when you disrespect guys like Sydal. Daniels says Ospreay will be lucky to make it to Norfolk Enchance. Ospreay is not happy as Daniels, Kazarian and Sydal leave.


Match Three
Non Title
Jack Gallagher v Mark Andrews

•Gallagher gets the knees up as Andrews hits a Shooting Star Press, Gallagher then headbutts Andrews into the corner
•Gallagher hits a Corner Dropkick to the head of Andrews, and covers him for the pinfall, one, two, three!

Winner by pinfall, Jack Gallagher


Glen Joseph says that a lot of the roster feel they are under utilised. Glen says that along with the stacked card for Norfolk Enchance, there will be a Feast or Fired Ladder Match, with Four Briefcases hanging above the ring.

The entire roster not already involved in a match is invited, the four briefcases will contain either, a WAF World Heavyweight Championship match, a WAF Tag Team Championship match, a WAF Middleweight match, and a P45 which to our American friends means the recipient will be fired from WAF! Glen wishes all the competitors good luck.


Match Four
Non Title
Matt Riddle v Tommy End

•Glen Joseph informs us that Chris Hero has been banned from ringside for this match
•After a vicious match, Riddle locks on the Bromission on End and End has no choice but to tap out

Winner by submission, Matt Riddle

The commentators point out that if that happens at Norfolk Enchance then End is gone!


Glen Joseph runs through the confirmed card for Norfolk Enchance

Progress Atlas Championship, WAF World Heavyweight Championship
Hell in a Cell
(If Hero or End take the fall they are gone from WAF)
Katsuyori Shibata (c) v Matt Riddle v Tommy End v Chris Hero

WAF Middleweight Championship number one contenders
Will Ospreay v Matt Sydal

WAF Middleweight Championship
Jack Gallagher (c) v Mark Haskins

Tyler Bate v William Regal

WAF Tag Team Championship match
The Revival v Ringkampf v London Riots

Kaiju Big Battel 6 Man Fighto
Dr Cube, Cycloptopus and Hell Monkey v Unicorn Party, Silver Potato and Super Wrong

Feast or Fired Ladder Match
Four briefcases (1x World Heavyweight Championship match, 1x WAF Tag Team Championship match, 1x WAF Middleweight match, 1x P45)


Match Five
Will Ospreay v Christopher Daniels

•After a great highflying back and forth, Ospreay pokes Daniels in the eye as both men sit atop the top turnbuckle
•Ospreay jumps down as Daniels holds his eye, Ospreay hits the Essex Destroyer for the pinfall!

Winner by pinfall, Will Ospreay

Kazarian checks on Daniels but Ospreay attacks Kazarian from behind. As he stomps Kazarian, Matt Sydal hits the ring and Ospreay immediately bails to the outside, sneering at Sydal as he backs up the ramp.


William Regal's music hits to a pop and the WAF GM comes out, he praises Glen Joseph for his work tonight and the matches he's made, he is here not as the GM but as a man. And as a man he wants Tyler Bate to understand that he is not going to just let Tyler get away with what he did.

Regal says that if Tyler thinks what he's going through is harsh then he needs to walk a mile in his shoes. Regal says he's seen things Tyler couldn't even imagine. And at Norfolk Enchance, Tyler isn't going to look into the eyes of William Regal, WAF GM. Tyler is going to be looking into the eyes of William Regal, the man who is going to show him why he is the man who fought his way from the streets of Blackpool to a successful career in WCW and WWF. There's one more fight left in him and Bate has his full attention.


Main Event
Non Title
Katsuyori Shibata v Chris Hero

•End and Riddle make their way to ringside very early on
•End and Riddle end up fighting on the outside, Hero is distracted and turns around
•Shibata ends a match full of vicious strikes with a G2PK on Hero for the pinfall!

Winner by pinfall, Katsuyori Shibata!

As with End earlier, the commentators discuss if that happens to Hero at Norfolk Enchance then he is the one who leaves WAF!

All four men are now in the ring staring at each other, Shibata raises his title in the air, Riddle raises his titles in the air as Hero and End stare at both men and each other.


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Season 11 - Show Page Empty Re: Season 11 - Show Page

Post by Marky on Mon Jul 10, 2017 4:27 pm


"My Time Is Now" plays, and the fans sing "Norfolk Enchance" to the music, as Glen Joseph welcomes us to WAF presents Norfolk Enchance, live at the O2 Indigo, London, broadcast live on iPPV via

We cut to ringside where there are several ladders around the ring and four briefcases hanging high above the ring.

Match One
Feast or Fired Ladder Match
Four briefcases (1x World Heavyweight Championship match, 1x WAF Tag Team Championship match, 1x WAF Middleweight match, 1x P45)

Tommaso Ciampa, Keith Lee, Gene Snitsky, David Starr, Jurn Simmons, Mark Andrews, Flash Morgan Webster, Kalisto, Bubba Ray Dudley, D-Von Dudley, Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian


•As a mass brawl begins with almost all participants fighting and leaving the ring, David Starr is left on his own with a ladder
•Starr quickly sets up the ladder and climbs up, grabbing a briefcase in near record time!

Winner of Briefcase #1, David Starr!

•Kazarian, Flash, Kalisto and Andrews are at the top of two ladders, Keith Lee enters and stands below the ladders
•Keith impressively pushes both ladders over sending all four men to the mat and ropes hard
•Keith sets up one of the ladders and climbs up, unhooking a briefcase

Winner of Briefcase #2, Keith Lee!

•Tommaso Ciampa and Mark Andrews are at the top of the ladder, they are fighting to unhook a briefcase
•As they fight, the briefcase comes loose and falls, into the unexpected waiting arms of Gene Snitsky!

Winner of Briefcase #3, Gene Snitsky!

•The remaining 9 men are brawling, taking each other down. Only the Dudleys are left in the ring with Ciampa
•D-Von gets the tables, and they hit a 3D on Ciampa through the wood!
•Bubba climbs a ladder and unhooks the final briefcase as D-Von keeps watch

Winner of Briefcase #4, Bubba Ray Dudley!

Glen Joseph tells us that later on tonight we will find out what is inside each briefcase.


We see a montage of the recent issues between Dr Cube and Unicorn Party, with Unicorn Party getting the upper hand on Dr Cube twice now, and all of Dr Cube's underhanded tactics not working, leading to this huge 6 man Fighto.


Match Two
Kaiju Big Battel 6 Man Fighto
Dr Cube, Cycloptopus and Hell Monkey v Unicorn Party, Silver Potato and Super Wrong

•The ring is filled with cardboard buildings again. All six competitors are inside the ring as the bell tolls
•Unicorn Party, Silver Potato and Super Wrong take control, constantly hitting moves on Cycloptopus and Hell Monkey
•Dr Cube is on the outside looking concerned, as Unicorn Party, Silver Potato and Super Wrong stand tall
•Dr Cube has an oversized remote control in his hand and points it at the back
•Dr Cube laughs into the microphone as literally dozens of clone Dr Cube's emerge from the back, filling the ring
•The clone Dr Cube's clear the ring of Silver Potato and Super Wrong, and Unicorn Party is surrounded
•The clone Dr Cube's stomp Unicorn Party and 4 of them hit a Spirit Squad style slam holding a limb each
•The real Dr Cube gets into the ring and hits a diving headbutt (crushing his box in the process)
•Dr Cube pins Unicorn Party, one, two, three!

Winners by pinfall, Dr Cube, Cycloptopus and Hell Monkey!

Dr Cube laughs uncontrollably as the clone Dr Cube's continue to assault Unicorn Party, Silver Potato and Super Wrong. Dr Cube eventually calls off his clones and proclaims himself the Champion of Kaiju Big Battel.


We now see a video package showing the issues between Will Ospreay and Matt Sydal, highlighting Ospreay's recent change of mindset and attitude. RJ Singh tells us that according to the fans, this is one of the most anticipated matches of the entire show.


Match Three
WAF Middleweight Championship number one contendership
Will Ospreay v Matt Sydal

•The bell rings and both men just stare at each other, they lock up and Sydal gets the upper hand sending Ospreay outside
•Sydal with a suicide dive over the top rope wiping Ospreay out! Sydal follows up with a hurracanrana
•Sydal is on fire as Ospreay is reeling, Sydal with a Tornado DDT for a near fall
•Sydal goes up for the Shooting Star Press, Ospreay counters mid air into an Oscutter, Sydal somehow kicks out of the pinfall before three!
•Ospreay hits a Rainmaker and then taunts Sydal and the fans before hitting a second rope knee drop to troll the fans
•Sydal comes back at Ospreay with more high flying moves including a beautiful springboard westcoast pop for a near fall
•Ospreay manages to hit an Oscutter, he pins Sydal but Sydal kicks out at 2, Ospreay sets Sydal up...
•...Another Oscutter! The third of the match! Ospreay pins Sydal, one, two, thre- kickout!
•Ospreay is apoplectic with rage, he realises what he has to do and climbs to the top rope
•Ospreay reluctantly hits the 630 Splash to Sydal, and pins him, one, two, three.

Winner by pinfall, and new number one contender, Will Ospreay

Ospreay stares down at Sydal and sneers, Ospreay leaves the ring as the crowd boo. Callum Leslie goes to interview Ospreay as he gets to the top of the ramp, Ospreay snatches the mic and says he is going to become the Middleweight Champion, and he doesn't care who the Champion is.


We now see recent events with the WWE UK Championship, Tyler Bate defending his title in WAF before losing it to Pete Dunne at WWE NXT Takeover Chicago. Bate interfered in a WAF Middleweight Championship match between Jack Gallagher and Mark Haskins demanding his WAF Title opportunity, William Regal denying his request, saying Bate could have any other match non title.

Later that night Regal was blindsided by Bate, including a Tyler Driver 97 on the stage, as Bate chose Regal as his match.


Match Four
Tyler Bate v William Regal

•The match starts off with the two men trading punches as Regal looks for revenge
•Bate bails from the ring in shock as Regal is fired up! Regal beckons Bate back in
•Tyler tries to make it a more technical match as he slows the pace down
•Regal gets the upper hand as he uses his technical knowledge to repeatedly counter and frustrate Tyler
•Tyler leaves the ring and the referee begins counting him out. He gets to eight as Tyler pretends to get back in but leaves up the ramp
•Regal stops the referee counting to ten, Regal says as he's still GM, this is now a Street Fight, and if Bate doesn't take part he's fired!
•Regal and Bate brawl on the outside and begin to use a variety of weapons on each other
•Bate teases the Tyler Driver 97 but instead hits a double underhook piledriver on Regal on the outside!
•Bate rolls Regal into the ring and applies the Regal Stretch to Regal, Regal reverses it and locks it in on Bate!
•Bate and Regal trade punches again, Bate with a ferocious Airplane Spin, then straight into a Tyler Driver 97 and pin, one, two, three!

Winner by pinfall, Tyler Bate

Bate knows he's been in a war, he slowly gets to his feet, as Regal looks up at Bate, Bate nods respectfully and leaves the ring. Glen Joseph wonders if Bate will stop being a dick going forward.


We see highlights of the Tag Team Tournament, culminating with the final between the London Riots and The Revival, however that match to crown our inaugural Tag Team Champions was rudely interrupted by the team who had won number one contendership earlier that evening Ringkampf.

Ringkampf caused the Double DQ and demanded they used their number one contenders status to become the rightful first Tag Team Champions. An angry Regal gave them the match, which we are about to see, but last week The Revival and the London Riots got a small modicum of revenge on Ringkampf in a 4 on 2 handicap match!


Match Five
WAF World Tag Team Championship
The Revival v Ringkampf v London Riots

•It begins with an immediate 6 man brawl as punches and kicks are thrown
•It's a real slugfest as all three teams are known for their hard hitting approach
•The Riots hit a District Line Powerbomb on Dieter Jr on the ramp!
•The Revival hit a Shatter Machine on Rob Lynch, then hit the figure four leglock stomp on JD
•The Revival try to hit a Shatter Machine on Walter but Walter headbutts Dash away
•Walter viciously boots Dawson out of the ring and hits a nasty piledriver to Wilder!
•Walter covers Wilder as Dieter Jr is back in the ring to stop anybody breaking the pinfall, one, two, three!

Winners by pinfall, and NEW WAF World Tag Team Champions, Ringkampf!

Dieter Jr and Walter celebrate and lift up their new Championships, RJ Singh suggests Ringkampf are now justified in their actions of recent weeks. Glen Joseph says how that doesn't send a good message to any youngsters watching!


We see footage of Jack Gallagher initially winning the WAF Middleweight Championship, and retaining it a couple of times. We then see Mark Haskins winning his number one contenders match and challenging Gallagher two weeks ago, only for Tyler Bate to cause the DQ while Haskins had Gallagher on the verge of tapping out. WAF GM William Regal made this rematch.


Match Six
WAF Middleweight Championship
Jack Gallagher (c) v Mark Haskins

•The match is very technical, with plenty of chain wrestling and great reversals
•Both men go for unique submissions and are able to counter each other superbly
•Gallagher gets a very near fall as he hits the corner dropkick to Haskins, one, two, foot on the rope from Haskins!
•Haskins gets Gallagher into the Sharpshooter, Gallagher turns it into a small package for a near fall
•Gallagher goes for a Boston Crab, Haskins counters, Star Armbar!
•Haskins has it locked in, Gallagher can't reverse it, Gallagher taps out!

Winner by submission, and NEW WAF Middleweight Champion, Mark Haskins!

Haskins celebrates wildly in the ring, eventually Gallagher gets to his feet and offers a handshake to Haskins, Gallagher raises Haskins' arm then leaves, Haskins celebrates some more.


We are live backstage at the O2 Indigo, and Glen Joseph is sat in a room with all four Feast or Fired briefcase winners, David Starr, Bubba Ray Dudley, Keith Lee and Gene Snitsky. Glen reminds us of the stakes, one of you will get a WAF Middleweight Championship match, one of you with a partner will get a WAF World Tag Team Championship match, one of you will get a WAF World Heavyweight Championship match, and one of you will get your P45, and be fired from WAF.

The first man to open his briefcase is David Starr, he wants the Heavyweight Title shot but nods as he opens it to reveal a Middleweight Championship match. Starr goes to leave and mocks that one of them will be fired! Starr goes out of the room with his briefcase and immediately bumps into the new WAF Middleweight Champion Mark Haskins! Haskins tells Starr he got the wrong briefcase if he's hoping to win a title.

Bubba Ray Dudley is next, he's nervous but he opens it up and it's the World Tag Team Championship match! He nods in approval and leaves the room, wishing Keith Lee and Gene Snitsky luck.

Glen Joseph reminds us that it's either a WAF World Heavyweight Championship match or your P45. Keith Lee goes next.

Lee opens his briefcase a tiny bit, looks inside and slams it shut. He doesn't look happy. Keith Lee stands up and throws his briefcase into the face of Gene Snitsky, knocking Snitsky down! As Glen Joseph checks on Snitsky, Lee switches briefcases!

Keith Lee opens his (new) briefcase to reveal he "won" a WAF World Heavyweight Championship match, and he leaves. Snitsky (and Glen Joseph) are back up, unaware of what Lee did with the briefcases, Snitsky opens his case to see he's got his P45. Glen Joseph apologises and wishes Snitsky the best in all of his future endeavours, as Snitsky looks angry.


We see recent events in the Heavyweight Division, with the instant classic between Matt Riddle and Katsuyori Shibata to crown the first WAF World Heavyweight Champion. Shibata won, but last week Riddle asked for a rematch.

Chris Hero and Tommy End had been having their own issues but both also suggested they had a WAF World Heavyweight Championship match, leading to Stand In GM Glen Joseph making a match that suited everybody, as long as every challenger put something on the line.

Shibata defending his WAF World Heavyweight Championship, against Matt Riddle defending his PROGRESS Atlas Championship, against Chris Hero and Tommy End who were both putting their WAF Careers on the line. If Hero or End take the fall they are gone from WAF.

We then see the four man staredown from the end of last week to end things.


Main Event
WAF World Heavyweight Championship
PROGRESS Atlas Championship
If Hero or End take the fall they will leave WAF
Katsuyori Shibata (c) v Matt Riddle (c) v Chris Hero v Tommy End

•The bell rings and immediately it's Shibata and Riddle, and Hero and End fighting each other
•Shibata and Riddle trade strikes in a more accurate style, Hero and End brawl!
•As the weapons come in, Riddle hits Shibata with a Ladder to the face!
•Neither Hero or End have focused on their other opponents and continue to brawl around the ring
•End and Hero use the cell wall and the ring steps as weapons, Hero is bleeding from the forehead
•Shibata and Riddle continue to fight in the ring, Shibata targeting Riddle's bare feet and ankles
•End whips Hero into the Cell door which collapses, Hero and End now brawl outside of the Cell!
•Riddle traps Shibata's head in the Ladder, and DDT's the ladder! Shibata holds his neck in agony!
•End and Hero are round by the announce table, End cracks Hero across the skull with a TV Monitor!
•In the ring, Riddle drags Shibata from the ladder and locks in the Bromission! Shibata is unresponsive and the referee calls for the bell!

Winner by submission, and NEW WAF World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Riddle!

Riddle celebrates as he's handed back his PROGRESS Atlas Championship and also the WAF World Heavyweight Championship, Riddle immediately checks on Shibata and after a moment Shibata is okay.

End and Hero are still fighting, End hits Black Mass to Hero knocking him out, Hero lays across the announce table and End looks up at the cell.

End climbs the cell, looking down on Hero as the crowd are wondering what End has planned, the referee is trying to wave End to stop as the match is over, End stands on the edge of the Cell looking down at Hero laying on the announce table...

DOUBLE FOOT STOMP FROM THE TOP OF THE CELL! End, Hero and the announce table are broken, the crowd are chanting "holy shıt" repeatedly as both men look in a lot of trouble.

EMT's and Medics immediately rush to assist, there is an eerie hush as even Matt Riddle and Katsuyori Shibata come to help, as both Hero and End lay prone on the mess of the shattered announce table.

The feed cuts to black without any replays shown.

Wrestling as f*ck will return... one day.


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I really did a fantastic job here

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