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New Putter Manufacturer

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New Putter Manufacturer Empty New Putter Manufacturer

Post by Roller_Coaster Wed 29 Nov 2017, 2:40 pm

Will start by saying I have nothing whatsoever to do with these guys, but they are a couple of local (Isle of Man) guys and thought it might be of interest.

Raybon Putters - Golf WRX interview

For mod purposes I'm not advertising, it's purely an interest story as they are local guys and having had a look at their website the putters look very nice and seem to be more customisable than anything else I've seen out there (the website and instagram is in the Golf WRX article - I won't post them directly here for fear of being shouted at but I found the website interesting to say the least!).

One thing I thought was that I wonder how internet customisation without a physical fitting would work beyond aesthetics.


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New Putter Manufacturer Empty Re: New Putter Manufacturer

Post by Roller_Coaster Wed 14 Mar 2018, 12:31 pm

Realise it wasn't the topic that stimulated the most conversation in the world (OK it managed the joint least!) but a little suffix that happened this week.

My Evnroll needed a lie adjustment and no pro over here can or would do it, the place I got it from wouldn't do it and the place I had previously been fitted near Manchester who said they would do it having looked at a picture I sent through actually then said no when it was taken in.

Anyway, I thought I would try these guys as a last resort to see if they could help and, despite it not being one of theirs were happy for me to pop in and tweaked it for me free of charge.

While I was in there I had a look around and got chatting to the guy. They seem to be doing really well (for a truly independent start up custom build manufacturer - they aren't shifting thousands yet), particularly in the US where they have now got some reps. Also had a look at some of the putters they've made. Some in progress, some old prototypes, some ready for delivery. The milling machine is seriously impressive and really does produce these nice, gorgeous, well built bits of kit.

I'll certainly consider one next time I'm in the market for a flatstick.


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