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2020 whats the point

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2020 whats the point Empty 2020 whats the point

Post by rugbybanter Sat 02 Dec 2017, 6:24 am

The abbreviated from of the game has yet again failed to evolve into a limited overs spectacle that can attract and maintain the attention of the viewership. In this day and age with a multitude of platforms available to the discerning viewer the sport has one option , evolve or run the risk of losing its appeal. A run chase no longer provides the attraction, perhaps limiting the distance of run up a bowler can take which would possibly restrict the pace of delivery which would make it easier for the batsman to score more runs (after all the spectator wants to see runs scored not wickets in the short game) The other option setting a target number of runs within fewer overs as a potential follow on scenario (ie if the team gets to 100 runs within the first 10 overs they get an additional 5 overs to bat added onto the end of the innings) something to spark the sport otherwise people wont want to watch it Boost the run rate and increase the appeal of the sport!


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