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Rugby League

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Rugby League Empty Rugby League

Post by rugbybanter Sat Dec 02, 2017 10:04 pm

My summary of that Rugby League final is
* Firstly that wasnt anywhere near the standard of rugby befitting of a world cup final (perhaps it wasnt?!?) A closer look at the Australian team they look like an awkward bunch of second grade rejects (not the world class sides of years gone by). The fact that the commentators announced that the stadium was "Brisbane stadium" instead of Suncorp was odd, perhaps it was Brisbane stadium and perhaps it may not have even been played in Australia again very odd. Decisions on the field were incompetent to say the least. There is no point televising a game when the picture being broadcast is completely and utterly contradictory to the decisions being made by the referee, again very odd. It looks as though the broadcast television has some serious issues to address urgently!


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