Sevens series 2017/18

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Sevens series 2017/18 Empty Sevens series 2017/18

Post by rugbybanter on Sun 03 Dec 2017, 12:21 pm

good to see the (historically) better ranked sevens teams of old re-establishing some sense of hierarchy at the start of the season. Last season was filled with odd results. One thing for certain is that fitness is going to be the difference that determines a favourable the win/loss ratio particularly in the warmer climes. Fiji are well adjusted to these conditions and provided they can maintain the ball in hand and avoid meaningless confrontation at the breakdown there should be plenty of tries on display over the course of the coming months. Look out for the ever elusive boks who seem to be the nemesis any team around the playoff stages, both NZ and Samoa (the improvers) will be looking to stay competitive while the English look fairly comfortable in their own skin. Australia will also gather momentum in the months ahead and will look for additional speed to complement what look to be a solid starting 7. Argentina, Canada and the US should see a few more bowl shaped accolades provided they can keep the other minnows from the odd upset or four, should be good!


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