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6wE Episode Three - 10th February 2019

Uryu Ishida
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6wE Episode Three - 10th February 2019 Empty 6wE Episode Three - 10th February 2019

Post by Marky Mon 28 Jan 2019, 3:15 pm

Live from the Roundhouse, in Camden, London

Max Adamson addresses the 6wE Universe

Match One
Liam Wood v Brandon Perez

Match Two
Non Title
Uryu Ishida v The TA

Match Three
Grudge Match
Perfect Jack v Chris Patricks

Main Event
Ultra Violent Championship Tournament Final
Engel Harlequin v The Fanatic


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6wE Episode Three - 10th February 2019 Empty Re: 6wE Episode Three - 10th February 2019

Post by Uryu Ishida Thu 31 Jan 2019, 5:42 pm

Uryu Ishida is seen backstage, smiling as he looks at his tablet as Tim Allen is seen nearby.

TA: Uryu! How are you feeling after that handicap match?

Uryu looks up and sighs.

UI: Not surprised, not one bit. I expected Max to be a bit more gentlemanly than this.

TA: You mean your upcoming handicap match against The TA?

UI: Yeah...though I suppose Max hasn't been put in his place for a very long time. He is acting like a child now his favourite toy has been taken away and being played with properly by someone who respects it and understands its value.

Uryu pats the 6WE World Title and smiles.

UI: This title symbolises that the person holding it is the best person in 6WE. This title tells every other wrestler in the world that this person is the best in the company. This title says to anyone who wants to take it that they have a very strong champion to beat first! Now in my speech last week I had a few, some would argue, well earned pokes at Max Adamson. This week it becomes a very different story. Five minutes after my speech the story changed. I cannot rest on my laurels and sit back. That is why I have to keep on evolving. You saw what I debuted in the ring, what did you think of it Tim?

TA: Well, it certainly was effective, does it have a name?

UI: It does and I think it represents life. As you know Tim I'm not exactly at my peak, age has caught up to me and that clearly showed in 6CW. Yet coming here seems to have rejuvinated me, though I still know my sun will set eventually. So those who think I'm not worthy or capable of wrestling can witness my Sunset with me.

Tim nods slowly, yet confused.

TA: Sunset? is uniquely named.

UI: Yeah, the sun at the top of the sky only lasts a split second so I thought the name suits my career right now.

TA: Does that mean you plan on retiring soon?

UI: Not a chance! I must keep training and improving, improvising new moves because I know out there are people who will say "oh what a fluke" and "He is a one man B Team". To those people I say the following...

Uryu clears his throat and stares into the camera.

UI: As soon as Max decides to sit back down at his desk and take the dunce cap off his head then whoever wants to challenge me for this title can come here and see for themselves how good I am. TNA, PWG, Defiant, ICW, ROH, AEW, CHIKARA it doesnt matter where you are, you come here and I will show you that I deserve to be 6WE World Champion and that goes for anyone here already as well!

Uryu Ishida

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6wE Episode Three - 10th February 2019 Empty Re: 6wE Episode Three - 10th February 2019

Post by Marky Fri 01 Feb 2019, 8:32 am

Jackson Jackson is talking into his mobile phone camera

Jackson: Uryu Ishida, I saw that little interview you did with Tim Allen, and I have to say, you're right about a lot of things. You are right that you have to keep evolving, to keep reinventing yourself. You are right that people think you're a fluke. You are right that Max is sulking. I've not heard from him all week. And you are right, that you are the best wrestler in 6wE as long as you hold that 6wE World Heavyweight Championship of the World.

Jackson smirks as he continues

Jackson: But the only problem with the title making the man is that, without the title, the man goes back to the obscurity where he once dwelled. Do you know what makes me laugh though Uryu? It's that, for you to say you aren't at your peak, that you are beyond your peak... This shows the delusions of grandeur you have. The opinions you have of yourself. To suggest you are beyond your peak, while you bask in the greatest achievement of your mediocre career, is laughable. Are you seriously telling me, that the old cuck, the water cooler loitering, girlfriend losing loser was better than this shoulder breaking Champion of the World?

Jackson laughs to himself

Jackson: Team Water Cooler? I've seen guys cuck before, but they were the cuckiest bunch of cucks that ever cucked. I'm not buying it. You are most definitely at your peak right now Uryu Ishida. But here's the problem.

Jackson stares intently into the camera

Jackson: I'm not yet at my peak. And I'm still the most talented wrestler on this entire roster, and I am one half of the most dominant tag team in all of Professional Wrestling. I'm gonna prove that, while you're great, I'm greater. I'm going to use you and your new found status to make a statement to the world. That statement is that Jackson Jackson is rising to the top. The difference between that handicap match last week between you and Max and Liam, and next week against The TA, is that Frank and I will actually be working together. There is no ulterior motive at play. Max and Liam wanted to be Champion, both needed to get that pinfall. Rest assured, Frank and I are a team, and as a team, we are going to defeat the 6wE Champion. Statement incoming.


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6wE Episode Three - 10th February 2019 Empty Re: 6wE Episode Three - 10th February 2019

Post by Uryu Ishida Sat 02 Feb 2019, 3:51 pm

Uryu watches the response and smiles as he applauds and is shown several feet away from Jackson Jackson, who glares across.

UI: Not bad. However I do have a few points to pick up on.

Uryu adjusts the title on his shoulder.

UI: So, by Max not having the title does that mean he is fading into obscurity? How do you feel being ordered by a man who used to be a shining beacon of a company, only to see that the only way he earns anything is by placing it on himself and then placing anyone he deems unworthy or a mistake in stupid matches where he changes the rules? How long until we see such grand matches as the Max Adamson Auto Win Invitational? or maybe bring back an old classic, Pink Slip on a Pole Match?

Uryu looks up and down at Jackson, nodding.

UI: I will admit this match between us will be difficult for me. Not because it's two on one, not because you probably have Max bribing the referee to look the other way. It will be difficult because you both are fantastic athletes, you work very hard on your skills and I admit freely that I am past what I believe to be my absolute physical best. Where you are going to fall down is right now, I am approaching, or maybe even at my mental prime. I keep surpassing what I think are my limits and I keep improving. I took beating after beating, challenge after challenge and war after bloody war and that trains your mind to go beyond what you thought possible. Your mind gets used to going beyond one hundred percent and it tells you to ignore, go beyond its limits and keep moving forward. After everything you and Max put me through in 6CW, after the war with Engel which only ended with a baseball bat to my head through a crowd of people. How do you think you are ever going to stop me successfully defending my title when I don't think my mind will ever quit, even if I want it to?

Uryu pulls out a small, wicked smile before chuckling.

UI: Good luck out there.

Uryu slowly heads towards the entrance ramp.

Uryu Ishida

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6wE Episode Three - 10th February 2019 Empty Re: 6wE Episode Three - 10th February 2019

Post by ncfc_Tooze Tue 05 Feb 2019, 11:20 am

The arena is plunged into darkness as the from lights up. We hear the sound of creaking floorboards. Before seeing the massive figure of the fanatic standing in the centre of a room. The lights come up in the room and we see several items that could be found in a circus dotted around. The fanatic laughs maniacally as he walks round running his hand along them. He stops and stares at a toy of a clown riding a small bike that is perched on the  edge of a cabinet. He bends down and stares the clown straight in the face. Before flicking it and the clown falls flat onto the cabinet. He swipes his massive hand at it. Knocking it to the floor.


The camera zooms down to the floor where we see fanatic has stomped on the toy. Flattening it leaving it as a complete wreck.
The fanatic turns his foot on it as he leaves the room.

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6wE Episode Three - 10th February 2019 Empty Re: 6wE Episode Three - 10th February 2019

Post by x12x Thu 07 Feb 2019, 7:53 pm

Our scene opens outside of the Roundhouse as we see Liam Wood arriving at the entrance. As Wood pulls up he is met by a group of fans who mockingly cheer for Uryu Ishida


Wood stops in his tracks and turns to the face the fans before letting a smile cross his face. The fans cheers stop but one of them begins to mock Wood further. Then fan wearing a 6CW t-shirt is a larger gentleman but seems confident with the guard rail between himself and the former EWF Champion.

Fan 1: Couldn't even beat Uryu in a handicap match! You suck!

Wood moves up to the fan causing the fan to flinch

Woah there fat boy, no need to get scared...I'm not going to hurt you, hell...that would involve putting my hands on you and I don't know what I'd catch. I just wanted to come and see what Uryu's fans looked like and I'm not shocked on bit.

Wood looks the fan up and down and laughs to himself

You look just how I imagined you'd're fat, you stink, you've got bad teeth and your hair is greasy! I mean just look at you! You're not a man you're a sack of gammon...I mean your blood type must be gravy!

You've clearly got no self respect, you come out here stretching our merch over your fat disgusting body and you cheer for the worst champion I have ever seen in my god damn life! You cheer for him though because you can're a loser and so is he...right now he has something that belongs to someone else and it fills you with hope that maybe one day YOU could be a fraud just like he is now.

I am going to take that belt off doesn't matter how lucky he gets because one day luck runs out and all that's left is skill and he has none compared to me. You can point out that he kept the title in a handicap match but I never took the pinfall and the next time I get a chance I'll break his neck if I damn well have to.

So f**k Uryu Ishida and f**k you...
If you look up the word Autism in the dictionary your picture is next to it!

Wood smirks at the speechless fan and begins to walk away but is stopped in his tracks

Fan 1: You dictionary has pictures in it? Dumb c**t

F**k it...

Wood suddenly spins on his feet and charges at the guard rail before landing a thunderous right that knocks the fan out clean. The security attempt to stop Wood but before they can get close he's already turned away and began to exit again with a smile across his face. Wood mocking cleans his fist as the scene ends and security attend to the fan.


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6wE Episode Three - 10th February 2019 Empty Re: 6wE Episode Three - 10th February 2019

Post by Perfect Jack Sat 09 Feb 2019, 7:25 pm

I am Perfection plays out of the arena speakers as Perfect Jack walks out onto the stage to loud boos. He smirks as he walks down the aisle, ignoring the outstretched hands of the fans. He picks up a microphone nearby and enters the ring. The crowd continue to boo loudly.

PJ: A few weeks ago I showed why I am the smartest competitor to have ever walked down that aisle and into this very ring. First of all, I screwed Chris Patricks out of his match, all because he made the stupid choice to eyeball me in the corridor. He has the audacity to think he's better than me, I eliminated him from the battle royal, I cost him his match against he Fanatic, which I think he was going to lose anyway. To top it all off, management banned him from interfering with my match later on that night. He has his match this week, but I know he's not thinking right, I'm living in his head rent free.


PJ: As for my tag match, I had every right to walk out on Brandon Perez, he tagged himself in when I had everything under control, he didn't have the intelligence that I do, to wait for me to tag him in. He lost that match. Not me. It was his fault, not mine. He only has himself to blame.


PJ: I've said my piece, I'm better and smarter than everyone here. You know it, I know it, just admit it and accept it. You will all be better for it.

Perfect Jack

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6wE Episode Three - 10th February 2019 Empty Re: 6wE Episode Three - 10th February 2019

Post by Engel Harlequin Sun 10 Feb 2019, 2:37 am

Creepy Carnival music plays as a video shows a man walking into an arena carrying a barbed wire bat by his side. The video cuts to a scene revealing half a bearded face

"Whose Laughing now?

The scene fades and the initials E.H. flash onto the screen

Engel Harlequin

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6wE Episode Three - 10th February 2019 Empty Re: 6wE Episode Three - 10th February 2019

Post by President Trump Mon 11 Feb 2019, 9:07 am

Just as Perfect Jack is finished talking Chris Patricks appears on a screen to a huge roar from the crowd

CP: Sorry I couldn’t be there to slap you upside the head Jack but unlike you I have more shows to be at because I am actually liked in this business

Crowd: E-NIG-MA

CP: But I like this new you, gone is the Mr Perfectesque you and here is the….who are you ripping off now Bobby “The Brian” wait Damien Sandow….no I get it you are “The Genius” Lanny Poffo, I’m only kidding you are unique, a one of a kind, you keep doing you boo

Perfect Jack stares visible angry at the screen as CP gives his 2 thumbs up

CP: You standing there thinking you are the all-knowing Oz but you really messed up Jack, you are sticking your nose into people’s business that you have no right to be even thinking about, swanning around backstage like you’re that big Austrian goon that I keep hearing about but in reality you are nothing but a piece of dried up sh1t that is dangling from his big a$$ because he didn’t wipe properly, you messed up Jack you picked on one of the best wrestlers in this business….Brandon Perez, it’s the quiet ones that get ya

The screen goes out and leaves Jack fuming in the ring as the crowd chant for Patricks

President Trump

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6wE Episode Three - 10th February 2019 Empty Re: 6wE Episode Three - 10th February 2019

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