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Boxing can change a life

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Boxing can change a life Empty Boxing can change a life

Post by Derbymanc on Fri 03 May 2019, 5:16 pm

This isn't written by me so hopefully you'll all take a look

An account from a writer who would rather stay anonymous but share his story on his upbringing and how boxing in particular helped save his life.

Growing up in the care system from a young age, separated from my younger Sister and brother for a significant period of time, as you can already imagine is the toughest of times, more still knowing that Gang activity was constant ever since I came into this world.

A person walking the same path with a different mindset may have easily been swayed by the spoils that go hand in hand with Gang life but my mindset was different from the start, due in no small part to my passion for the sport of boxing, changing my view on my future aspirations, giving me the heart to reject what was waiting on the other side.

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