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Jimmy Hoffa - An appreciation..

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Jimmy Hoffa - An appreciation.. Empty Jimmy Hoffa - An appreciation..

Post by TRUSSMAN66 on Mon 3 Jun - 10:06

Something a bit different......

With all anti-Establishment figures...The 'Status quo' tends to sully them while those of a more radical nature and those of a non-vested interest either revere or look objectively at their legacies..

Whatever one thinks of Corbyn...This smearing as a racist and anti semite really is the scraping of any barrel when you look at his record...

Hoffa's legacy to the indoctrinated mind is that of a rabble rouser who was bought by the mob....Who was destructive to hard working businessmen who fed their kids apple pie and went to Church on a Sunday.....and was eventually defeated by the brave..angelic Kennedys and sent to prison...

The misogynistic..Lazy...Silver spoon Kennedys who made their money bootlegging...(Daddy got kicked out as Ambassador to Britain because he wanted Roosevelt to keep the US out of the war)....But if you are an Establishment figure who cares about a few minor indiscretions ???

The real Jimmy Hoffa was a Man devoted to Workers and helping their families..(Teamsters is the biggest labor union in the USA..Truck driving/Haulage)....A Man that took Teamster membership into the millions and was fighting for Civil rights long before Martin Luther King was ever on the scene..Usually at the cost of losing support with branches in the South..

The fact he was killed by the mob makes short work of the argument he was bought and paid for by them...(He wasn't though he did loan them money and access to pension fund money, ).....Hoffa was a threat to Mob influence unlike Fitzgerald who took over from Hoffa in abstentia....The fact Hoffa's Son is President today shows the grateful adoration of those with decades in the Union and in the industry..

Before Hoffa contracts were few and far between...........Wages weren't good..........Workers were sent home or fired on the whims of the Employer...

Hoffa's 1964 Chicago agreement brought Healthcare...Worker Protection and employee benefits to 500,000 workers.....

Democratic Senators at the time said thanks to Hoffa the lives of millions of people all across America have improved substantially..

Nobody is perfect....In life you can only hope the good you do outweighs the bad..

Hoffa was corrupt......Was a bruiser......But the proof of the pudding is in the eating....

Good outweighs the bad.. rose


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Jimmy Hoffa - An appreciation.. Empty Re: Jimmy Hoffa - An appreciation..

Post by lostinwales on Mon 3 Jun - 12:29

The problem I have with unions are that they are, or should be, really important to how businesses work. And yet what can happen is that you get leadership that profess working for the good of their members while somehow making a lot of money. Also too much power in the hands of unions can be every bit as damaging as them having no input at all.


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Jimmy Hoffa - An appreciation.. Empty Re: Jimmy Hoffa - An appreciation..

Post by Samo on Mon 3 Jun - 13:36

Isnt he buried in a baseball field or is that an urban myth?


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Jimmy Hoffa - An appreciation.. Empty Re: Jimmy Hoffa - An appreciation..

Post by SecretFly on Mon 3 Jun - 14:30

Hoffa.  Well, he's a long story, like most people with such a public history behind them.  In other words, in the rush to see the good side in Hoffa, it was so easy there to highlight the bad in the Kennedys - a family that were actually never universally liked because they too upset the 'establishments' of their day, whether that was the political, the intelligence or the downright directly criminal establishments; there was always quite a lot of winking and muttering that possibly they've always gotten what they deserve....... as Albert Thomas might have said to LBJ at some stage post JFK assassination.
Another point too - I can't go with the concept that being killed by the mob in some way infers that Hoffa wasn't bought and paid for by them. Indeed, I'd suggest it's a well proven fact that working for organised crime outfits is perpetually an extremely risky business..... ; when you've outlived your usefulness, retirement can come suddenly.


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Jimmy Hoffa - An appreciation.. Empty Re: Jimmy Hoffa - An appreciation..

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