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Footsteps in the Snow..One of the biggest American mysteries !!!

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Footsteps in the Snow..One of the biggest American mysteries !!! Empty Footsteps in the Snow..One of the biggest American mysteries !!!

Post by TRUSSMAN66 on Wed Jul 10, 2019 9:36 pm

Dec 1957 on a dark Snowy winter's night in Illinois young 7 year old Maria Riddolph was playing with a friend outside her house when a young adult called 'Johnny' came over and said "Hi".....When Maria's friend went inside to fetch her doll a few minutes later and came back, Mary was gone..Her body was found a few days later..

Forty/Fifty years passed with all leads reaching dead ends...until an old Lady on her deathbed told her two daughters that she lied to the police and their brother 'Johnny' had killed the girl....The Tessier family lived two blocks away from Mary Riddolph's house..

Problem was John Tessler had evidence that he was in another Town signing up for the army 40 miles away about an hour before Maria went missing..Army stamps prove it...and on treacherous roads the cops didn't think he could have made it back in time.....He also passed a Polygraph test...

However Tessier had a sordid history....Being accused of picking up down on their luck young girls and making them strip for money to take pictures...Tessier was a 'photographer' for dubious magazines when he left the army.....His Sisters also accused him of abusing them when they were young....

Mary's young friend now nearing 60 also picked his photo out of a set of pictures of the suspect saying "She would never forget Johnny"

Anyway a few years ago he was tried and found guilty of Maria's murder and then had his conviction overturned....The timing of the abduction was always the problem..

Could John Tessier have got back in time ??...Will Mary's family ever get justice and some closure ??

Footsteps in the Snow remains one of the biggest unsolved American mysteries....Looks like remaining so for the foreseeable future..


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