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A new league with a twist - deals only Empty A new league with a twist - deals only

Post by Trebs on Fri 12 Jul 2019, 1:01 pm

Hi All,

Bit of an idea for a league based on a previous format that was done years ago. The basic premise is that you do a two-week stint in charge of each team. The main objective is to bring back the fun and get as many deal going as possible.

Link to the old league here:

Ideally this would start on August 12th, the Monday after the PL transfer window closes. All being well the league would run up to Christmas, over 16 weeks.

You must provide a starting XI and eleven players as backup (not necessarily a backup XI - but there must be an element of balance) Other than two goalkeepers the rest of the squad is up to you, but there must be some element of balance.

Any original players must be sold - this is to force deals. You may release players for half TM Value, and buy any player from foreigns for his TM Value. There will be a minimum transfer fee of 5M, and possibly an element of bidding war (tbc). The first three days will only be domestic transfers, then foreign transfers will open.

The teams will then be ranked by the other managers in the league. It should be considered that you will have different aspirations with each team. For example, to finish third with Everton would be a success, but with City it would be probably seen as a failure. Potential and all the rest of it go out the window, the judgement should be based purely on a here and now on how the teams would fare in a league.

Ideally need eight managers to make this work, but depending on interest we could change the numbers. My initial thoughts on teams/budgets is:

Man City - £0
Liverpool - £10M
Tottenham - £30M
Chelsea - £30M
Arsenal - £50M
Man United - £50M
Everton - £100M
Wolves - £100M

It's just the start of idea and I'm flexible to changes with it - but hopefully this would get the interest back with loads of deals and discussion about the Premier League! Should be easy to run, with no injuries, lawyers, and such and the only bit being the transfers.


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