6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3)

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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3) Empty 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3)

Post by JJJohnson on Tue 05 Nov 2019, 4:51 pm

Live from Emirates Arena, Glasgow, Scotland
Official theme song: "Kingdom" by Downstadt

Group A
O'Callaghan - +8 points
Engel Harlequin - +6 points
Dante Phoenix - +2 points
Angelo Trust - -8 points

Group B
Damion Onyx - +6 points
Marty Helms - +6 points
Uryu Ishida - +4 points
James McManus - -6 points
Group C
Cerberus - +3 points
Karl Kramer - +2 points
Scott Harris - +2 points
Liam Wood - +1 points

Group D
Jackson Jackson - +6 points
Jimmy Phillips - +5 points
Vincent Costello - +5 points
Ricky Nelson - -8 points

*Cillian Frost will address Hero’s future in 6CW

Bout 1
Angelo Trust vs Dante Phoenix

Bout 2
James McManus vs Marty Helms

Bout 3
Cerberus vs Scott Harris

Bout 4
Vincent Costello vs Ricky Nelson

Bout 5
Engel Harlequin vs O’Callaghan

Bout 6
Karl Kramer vs Liam Wood

Bout 7
Jackson Jackson vs Jimmy Phillips

Main Event
Damion Onyx vs Uryu Ishida

*Quarter Final Draw will follow the main event*

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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3)

Post by x12x on Tue 05 Nov 2019, 10:38 pm

Our scene begins at the end of the previous Proving Grounds episode where we see Liam Wood leaving the arena, as he does he is quickly stopped by 6CW Interviewer Fleur Michaels. Wood runs his hands through his hair and lets out a deep sigh, clearly not in the mood but he motions for her to talk

Tonight Liam you got off the mark in the Iron Man Tournament by scoring your first win, are you happy with how you got it though?

Wood looks at her with a look of distain

and why wouldn't I be?

Well some are saying you got lucky...

Wood attempts to compose himself but quickly loses the battle, snapping back at Fleur


I have been back in this goddamn place for two shows and I'm already getting sick of it...THAT is your question? You're going to come up to me and show me NO respect by telling me I got lucky?

I'm sick of idiots, I'm sick of idiots like you and the fans who don't even try to hide your bias towards me anymore. Last week I lost due to Scott Harris stealing a victory and getting lucky yet nobody was talking about that...no, people mocked me...people joked that it was MY fault that he got a fluke win! They told me how he 'outwrestled' me despite me dominating the match...if anyone got lucky, it was him.

Wood pauses for a moment, Fleur attempts to speak but is once again cut off

Well tonight, I get my win...I do what it takes and yet again I'm picked apart by the fans and the morons who want to tell me why it just doesn't count. They say I don't deserve those points but is it my fault that Cerberus doesn't know how to count to ten?! How is it my fault that he got himself counted out? Am I meant to give him those points to make up for the fact that whatever raised him never taught him basic math?! f**k that!

You see, tonight not only did I get the points that should have been mine last week I also made sure that karma paid Scott Harris a visit and he got to feel what it was like to have a match stolen from him. You see, last week he stole what was mine and I couldn't let that go unpunished. If this tournament was fair I'd have two wins to my name but we all know that I'm being held back.

Wood seems calmer now as he continues his self indulged rant

The sad truth is the bosses hold me back because when the fans look at me they see something unobtainable...they see success, they greatness and they see everything they aren't. They need someone pathetic to look up to like Uryu Ishida or some fat f**k like that Kramer guy who I handed a win to tonight. They can't have me win because it will break the fans hearts...but sorry guys, that isn't going to stop me.

I got my points tonight and next week, I'll do the same because I deserve it.

Wood goes to walk off but is stopped by Fleur who finally gets a second word in

Liam, aren't you worried that Scott Harris might be out for revenge after what you did?

Wood laughs before replying

I've come to expect it at this point...people always try to hold me back so I'd be shocked if that idiot didn't try and get involved. It's not like anyone's going to stop him is it? I should be respected but the staff and the security cannot even be bothered to do their jobs...

...You know what? The ONLY reason I decided to get involved in his match was when I realised that it was deemed ok to do. You see, during my match I had to deal with that felon Vincent Costello coming out and making the ringside area smelling of stale pizza.

Nobody stopped him trying to distract me so I guess nobody was going to stop me doing the same for little old Scotty. The only difference is that I did what I set out to do while he just got to watch me win my match.

Wood smirks but Fleur's next question wipes the smile from his face

Talking of Costello, how do you feel about the return of your arch nemesis? You two have a long history together and at times he seemed to be your kryptonite.

Wood's grin becomes a scowl as he turns to the camera, snatching the mic from Fluer's hand who gives a disapproving look. Wood quickly focuses his eyes down the lens of the camera and speaks

Listen up, to all the marks out there who are getting all hard in their panties about the idea of Liam Wood v Vincent Costello...get over it.

You see, Vincent Costello might be someone who has the ability to put ANYONE through hell, he might be a former world champion who's beaten the best and he might even be someone who at times I found had the better of me but in the end it doesn't matter...it never does.

It NEVER matters because Vincent can never be bothered to stick around to make it matter. He can never stick around once things go wrong to try and make things right...Vincent Costello is a quitter but for some reason, every single one of you marks still try to deep throat him whole the moment he decided he needs the attention.

He walks in and out of this place and still you eat it up like the idiots you are. You still act like he's a big deal despite the fact he's normally gone again within a week and somehow I have to sit back and take that?! HOW F***ING DARE YOU!

Wood's composure is completely gone at this point as he loses is, seething as his rant loses control

Everyone always wonders why I turned my back on you fans in the first place and it's THIS very reason. I killed myself for you over and over again and you acted like I was done! You replaced me for idiot, after idiot, after idiot and treated me and everything I did like it was nothing!

I got no respect so I damn well took it!
I didn't get it handed to me like Vincent f***ing Costello!
I didn't get it handed to me like any of the idiots in the back...

I took what I wanted and I will continue to do so.

Wood throws the mic to the floor and storms off leaving a shocked Fluer Michaels as the scene ends


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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3)

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Wed 06 Nov 2019, 2:52 am

Car Show, the a capella delight from Pitch Perfect, rings through the arena and out walks Angelo Trust

JT: Well, here comes what would really appear to be the first man eliminated from this IronMan tournament.

JR: Whilst the format definitely allows for a sudden and late twist of fate, I have to suspect you're right, JT. Trust looks to be a lost cause from here, and will be playing for pride

*Trust walks down the ramp gingerly, limping and a little shy, it seems. The fans give him a cheer, but with no passion. 

HE: He's done for, and no one will be upset to see him off the card for a few weeks as things get serious.

JT: I enjoy his bravery and his desire to learn, especially with his interesting style and calm persona. A Kiwi with a Mexican mother, that's some mix of mild manners and Mexican machismo. 

*Trust rolls into the ring, grabs a mic and the music stops. He looks out to the crowd

AT: Well, what a tough 20 days. I've put it all out there, I really have, and I've not been able to get it done. I've rolled in with two old hands here, two vicious machines too, and I've not backed down. One man stopped me, the other man got it stopped for him. O'Callaghan might be a b***ard, but he's got my respect. Engel, well, point on any image and you'll see a shameful man. The barrage of racist remarks he made to me backstage are the signal of what that man is. Yet he gets away with it...

*He ponders for a second but shrugs and carries on

AT: Why watch my words, behaviour doesn't matter here. So far, all I can see is that maleficence and outright cheating are encouraged. Is that the message here, 6CW? I don't think these fans want cheats. I think these fans want wrestling. In this ring, hand to hand, man to man, bell to bell! 

*The crowd give him a roar, which makes Angelo smile, a bit shocked

JT: The boy is getting into it now!

AT: Ha, wow, yeah! Woo!

*He immediately loses the extra respect he'd earned

AT: I wanna know why Engel Harlequin can attack two men before matches and be qualifying from this group. I wanna know why Hero's best line of action to get a contract is to attack other wrestlers for no reason when the man is a living legend in these parts. I want to know why Marty Helms can throw merchandise into the crowd and be rewarded. I want to know why anyone would think Man Mountain Mike was a good idea

*He stops his little tirade

AT: And I want to go into this last match and put on my best showing. Dante, man, you don't deserve to lose a place because Engel Harlequin is a coward. You took that submission from O'Callaghan to earn that draw - - - I couldn't do that and I know how impressive that resolve was.

Do I want to stop you qualifying? No, not really. But I want to be the best I can be and for the man who wins this title to have earned it. Beat me, book your place, and you've earned that shot. If you can't, then we both live to try another day. 

*He looks down the ramp

AT: If you're back there, well we can chat. I think we can have a damn good match, if those two leave us to it. We're on first, we set the pace. I've got your back until that bell rings, and the second it finishes, I've got your back again. Those two will be watching us, and they can ensure you don't qualify. I wanna make sure the only way this ends without you getting through is because I beat you and bested you on that day. Sound fair, brother?

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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3)

Post by gazzyD on Wed 06 Nov 2019, 1:18 pm

We’re backstage at the Emirates Arena after Proving Grounds has finished, Christy is making her way towards one of the locker rooms and knocks before entering. Jimmy Phillips is sat on a bench in front of one of the lockers, the camera scans up to see several dents and the top of the locker door bent outward. The Talent sits hooded with a bloodied fist wrapped in ice

CJ: Jimmy, is this a bad time?

No answer

CJ: I was just hoping to get your thoughts about your chances in the Iron Man tournament. You’re in good standing going into the final challenge in ten days time don’t you think?

Again, Phillips sits hooded and mute, almost as if unaware of Christy’s presence

CJ: Next time out you go head to head with Jackson, you’ve both beaten new comer Ricky Nelson, how are you going to prepare for him?

Phillips once again ignores the question posed by Christy

CJ: It certainly makes for an interesting contest. The winner guarantees qualification to the quarter finals with Jackson on 6 points, and yourself on 5 having lost a point after your first defeat tonight

For the first time since Christy arrived The Talent lets on to her as he fixes her with an angry gaze

JP: Defeat?

Phillips gets to his feet and looks down at Christy who begins to look scared

JP: Please Christy, tell me at what point tonight did that has-been Costello pin my shoulders to the mat for a three count?

CJ: well…he didn’t

JP: Correct. And tell me at what point I tapped out?

CJ: Well I can’t because I know you didn’t

JP: and did I get counted out? Or was I knocked out to a point I was unable to complete any further?

CJ: well, no

JP: That’s right. So how in the hell did I lose tonight, huh? As far as I’m concerned I remain undefeated

CJ: You were disqualified when Hero interfered and…..

JP: EXACTLY! That was absolutely nothing to do with me. So why am I getting punished losing a point because Hero, a man who hasn’t been relevant for years, a man so pathetic begging his ex for a job, a man so pathetic his own child wants nothing to do with him. Why am I being punished because this guy shows up in my main event, in my spotlight?

CJ: I think…

JP: Christy, you’re not paid to think. You’re paid to be a piece of ass to ensure thousands of sad little virgins tune in each week, or as I like to call them, 6cw fans

Christy is in shock

JP: Now I ask again, why am I being punished for something I haven’t done? Well I’ll tell you why, it’s because the powers that be, the guys that even Miss Jessica has to answer to, they don’t want The Talent becoming World Champion. They would sooner have somebody like Jackson. A halfwit, an imbecile, a man who I’ll admit is a very talented competitor but walks around acting like a clown making puns every time I see him on screen. Its guys like Jackson that they know they can sell to idiot fans and desperate sponsors looking to plug their latest idiotic products.

They don’t want somebody like me as the face of the company because they know I don’t care about the fans, I don’t care about sponsorships. My focus is solely on one thing and that’s becoming the most dominant 6CW World Heavyweight Champion that this company has ever seen and whilst they can try and screw me out of it all they want, they’ll be left disappointed at the end

CJ: Well I ask again, given the winner between yourself and Jackson is guaranteed a quarter final berth, how are you going to prepare?

JP: Like I said, I know Jackson is a tough b@stard, he’s a two time tag champion for a reason, but the guys a moron at the same time, obviously been hanging around with Max Adamson too much. I’m not going to divulge my game plan, but I will give a spoiler or two. November 14, Jackson may fancy his chances, but it will be to no use. I’m going to beat him so bad that not only will he want to immediately withdraw, but I’ll put all of 6CW on notice.

CJ: and if you do win, if you do progress, who do you hope to draw in the quarter finals?

JP: Like it matters! Whoever the poor guy is. as soon as I take their head off with the Game Changer and lock in that submission….it’s Game Over!

CJ: is there anybody you hope to avoid?

JP: Christy, you’re really not getting this are you? It doesn’t matter. It’s irrelevant. The Talent is the most powerful, the quickest, the most technical…simply put the most gifted superstar in pro wrestling at the minute. And The Talent, one way or another will be your new 6 CW Champion. Now enough questions. Get the hell outta my dressing room

Phillips sits back down as Christy and the cameraman leave the locker room and the scene fades


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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3)

Post by TwisT on Wed 06 Nov 2019, 4:13 pm

We go backstage to see Christy James standing there with a film crew. She starts to talk confidently into the camera.

CJ: My guest right now scored his first win in the Ironman tournament. If we didn’t know him already, we would guess he will be arriving for match 3 supremely confident. Please welcome, the Cannonball!

Karl Kramer walks into shot cheering. He wears his usual attire and his mohawk is now covered with bright colour splashes like fireworks going off. He approaches Christy, takes her hand and kisses it, before shaking the cameraman’s hand off camera.

KK: Oh my lord, the truth be out. Yes indeed! The Cannonball came away from match six with the W! How proud he is and how proud he will be! Time to celebrate like Kool, oh yeah!

He twirls on the spot and claps his hand. Christy laughs.

CJ: You are hard to control Cannonball.

Kramer sways from side to side.

KK: Like you can’t believe! Buddies been taking long time to cheer. Why not savour the flavour?! Every day is a new day and a last day. You got something to shout about, then make it heard! I walked out of that ring with cheers from the people. Beautiful feelin’, just beautiful! If y’all think the Cannonball is milking it then you are damn right. Let the cream spray!

Christy laughs again as Cannonball does some shooting motions with his hands.

CJ: But Cannonball, being serious what response do you give to those that say that you were only able to get the win because Liam Wood distracted Scott Harris?

Kramer laughs and shakes his head.

KK: No way, no how! Scotty has been in this business a lot longer than me. He knows the game! First rule is eyes on the prize not those you despise! He knows it, gets it and Cannonball can’t see him cryin’ about it. Was a good match, a hard match and one the Cannonball enjoyed. Don’t taint it by wailin’ you weren’t ready. Scotty is better than that.

CJ: And Wood…….?

Kramer pauses and smiles.

KK: Well what now? The Cannonball can get go all hulk sh*t and green but his energy would be wasted. Woody’s business is his business. Mine is mine. When the two meet, it don’t look pretty. But seems to me that is the road we are all goin’ down. The contest is wide open and Cannonball is always up for a fight. Don’t think I will cross swords with words though yeah? Woody ain’t gonna get to me, don’t matter how hard he tries. He thinks that a show of weakness? Well the Cannonball says it is a sign of respect. Woody and Cannonball have the same chance to get their arm raised at the end of this duel. Cannonball acknowledges that fact. Up to Woody whether or not he does the same. I ain’t his teacher or preacher, he is his own man. How he approaches it is up to him. Cannonball hopes he picks the right way but whose to say…….

Christy smiles.

CJ: But the payoff for beating Wood in a 1 on 1 match would be huge and send a clear message to the entire roster?

KK: Damn right Christy! This door is only ajar at the mo, but Cannonball aims to burst right through it. Cerby was first up and Cannonball came close than most. Cannonball made the beast look like a man. Sure, he got the points, but Cannonballs point was also made. Then we come to Scotty H and he was first to feel the Cannonball run. You ain’t get up from that right arm….

Cannonball kisses his right bicep before continuing.

KK: Now Woody is in the frame, this multi-belt winnin’ boy wonder. He got a lot to say every damn day, but he backs up his words with deeds. If Cannonball gets the win against him, then his initiation of 6CW is complete. Cannonball ain’t no rookie no more. Cannonball ain’t no easy lay. It’s all action and reaction, with the 6CW crew on notice. Cannonball isn’t lookin’ to be a bit part…no sir. The star of the show is where Cannonball is heading, flying high with flames shootin’ out his ass! The target will be met, don’t you doubt that. It’s whether you respect that and move out of Cannonball’s way.

He nods emphatically to emphasis his point. Christy pauses before speaking in a serious tone.

CJ: Finally, do you have any comment on the actions of Hero during the main event?

Kramer sighs and looks to the floor.

KK: Man, what can you say? Desperate men do desperate things. When a guy needs to go to those lengths, then his head is all wrong. All wrong! But like Cannonball says, business is business and Hero’s is his own. He may have sweet nothin’s being purred in his ear. He may be workin’ to his own tune. Cannonball just guessin’ like everyone here, and the tale will be told. But Cannonball says this yeah? 6CW history, hell wrestling in general, has been covered with the thick goo of drama. That’s what attracted the Cannonball to this place. But drama only stresses the masses. It ain’t got time for your life and your life ain’t got time for it. Rest assured Hero’s action will be hit head on by some meaty counter punches. If he ready and rocks to that beat, then he be in his happy place. If he ain’t ready for this showdown, then he better hope he got friends in high places. ‘Cos one man’s battle could soon turn into one hundred’s men war. He be wise on that, Cannonball has no doubt. But if not……this place could get too ugly to pick out the good from the bad.

Kramer stares into the camera.

KK: Cannonball ain’t no fool. He knows this tourney is ‘bout divide and conquer. You shift out the weak and double cross the strong. Last show showed that to be a fact. Now Cannonball stated he ain’t playing games. He ain’t no-ones mouthpiece or easy way out. But Cannonball had times in his life when he had to fight for it. Cannonball can do it again in a heartbeat. Wise men are mute men as far as the Cannonball is concerned. Let’s see how the next show goes down and then he will play on from there. Watch and learn against playing and missing. But when a home run needs to be scored, the Cannonball is the best guy to hold the bat.

Christy looks a bit taken aback.

CJ: It is the first time we have seen you so serious Cannonball….

Kramer holds his stare and then shakes his head; blinking wildly.

KK: Woah girl, Cannonball just messing. He must have been seriously tripping a storm there! No doubt! No doubt! You take no notice of the ramblings of a rolling man yeah? Wheels keep on turning like Tina, pray and relay…. pray and relay.

Kramer smiles.

KK: So pretty lady, are we done?

Christy nods her head and motions for the cameraman to stop recording. Kramer goes to leave, but Christy catches his arm.

CJ: Karl……

Kramer sees she is being serious so doesn’t do a usual response. Christy removes something from her pocket and shows it to Kramer.

CJ: I just thought you should know……the papers did their digging and uncovered this. They plan to run it next week….

Kramer looks down at what Christy is holding and we can see that it is a tattered photograph on a piece of A4 paper. The photo shows three people – a silver haired man and two children, barely teenagers. One of them is seriously overweight while the other is much thinner and with a baseball cap covering his face. The silver haired man is between the pair of them, with his arm wrapped round the bigger boys’ shoulders. Even though the thinner boy is smiling, he stands slightly away from the other two in the picture.

Kramer stares at it for a moment before speaking. He doesn’t look up.

KK: You say they printing this?

Christy pulls the picture away to get Kramer’s attention.

CJ: This is all they have so far, and they haven’t been able to get anything else. They think there is something but at the moment this is all they have. But……

Kramer stares at her.

KK: What?

CJ: I did my own digging Karl. It is easier from within 6CW than on the outside. Lots of records to look up……

Kramer looks at the ceiling and grits his teeth.

KK: Look, to hell with this. They got no story and it ain’t their damn business. You take that spade of yours and get rid of it. Ain’t no more diggin’, ain’t no more checkin’. You hear me?

Christy nods.

CJ: Look Karl, I am sorry….

Kramer shakes his head and walks away while shouting back.

KK: Don’t need no sorry’s girl, that sh*t got old long ago!

Kramer’s heavy footsteps can be heard marching away as the scene fades.


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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3)

Post by Marky on Wed 06 Nov 2019, 4:38 pm

Jackson Jackson is sat on an equipment case, legs dangling, as he peels and eats an orange. He sees Christy James walking, not in a good mood, after Karl Kramer's interview. Jackson beckons Christy his way, and finishes his orange

Jackson: Christy! Hold up...

Christy stops and rolls her eyes as Jackson jumps off the case to his feet, and stands in front of her, he motions for the cameraman to come over and continue recording

Jackson: So you're not having a good run of interviews... First, you've got my next opponent, one Jiminy Phillips, mouthing off at you about how the world is against him, about how Hero did this, or whatever. I only started paying attention when he mentioned me, to be honest. And then, the Cannonball getting defensive about his secret nonce past...

CJ: That's not what that was about-

Jackson: ...But luckily, you're due a win. And I am due to mock and berate Jimmy Phillips in front of a camera. Help me help you, Christy.

CJ: Okay.

Christy gets the cameraman in place and begins an interview

CJ: Jackson Jackson, you-


Jackson storms off as Christy throws her arms up in the air in frustration


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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3)

Post by Marky on Thu 07 Nov 2019, 4:41 pm






"Take me to the Hospital" by The Prodigy plays, the crowd reaction is split with some cheers and some boos, Jackson Jackson walks out, he has a headset microphone on his face as he walks down the ramp, he is wearing his ring attire underneath a long jacket which is zipped up. Jackson climbs the ring steps to enter the ring and makes a motion with his hand for the music to stop, before speaking.

Jackson: Do you like the microphone? It allows me to berate my opponents, but hands free! I could even use my phone right now, which I might do depending on how boring things become later. But I am here to discuss, as they call it in Spain, the old Irono Mano Tournamento por favor. The same tournament where I, Jackson Jackson, currently lie top of Group D. But presuming Vinnie C, Vincent Costello to you, beats Ricky Nelson, the last match between myself and Jimmy Phillips will be "WINNER TAKES ALL". You know, ignoring the fact I only need a draw to qualify. If I beat Phillips, I'm through into the Quarter Finals. But if he wins, he's into the Quarter Finals. It's going to be tense, but one thing I have noticed... You guys are cheering me somewhat...

The crowd cheers, Jackson smirks and shrugs

Jackson: Now, I KNOW I haven't changed anything about myself. I'm still a d*ck. I don't hide that fact. I take the p*ss a lot. I do wonder if the presence of so many bigger d*cks in 6CW is making me less undesirable these days... I mean, when you've got Marty Helms, Liam Wood, Damion Onyx and Jimmy Phillips walking around, acting like massive helmets, is that why? It would make sense, with you all knowing that it's me versus Phillips, knowing that Jimmy Phillips is a massive d*ck, that you would want him to lose more than you want me to lose. Is that fair to say?

The crowd cheer again as Jackson nods

Jackson: So that's it huh? You expect me to be your performing monkey now? Are we even allowed to say monkey in 2019? Who knows! Maybe it's that edginess that makes Jackson Jackson so f*cking endearing these days. Maybe you like the jokes, is that it? Maybe if I tell a few jokes every time I'm in the ring I'll get more fans. I went to see my acupuncturist earlier, when I got home, my voodoo doll was dead.

Jackson points to the back as a "badum tsch" hits, right on cue

Jackson: Jimmy Phillips' mother is so fat, I took a photo of her last year and it's still printing.

Jackson points as another "badum tsch" hits

Jackson: Jimmy Phillips' mother is so fat and old, when God said "Let there be light" he asked her to move out of the way first.

"Badum tsch"

Jackson: Jimmy Phillips' mother is so ugly, when she went to the ugly contest they said "Sorry, no professionals"...

"Badum tsch"

Jackson: Is that it? Perhaps you'd like a song or a dance. Hit the music.

"Sexy Boy" starts playing and Jackson does a Shawn Michaels pose, but doesn't sing, and signals for the music to cut off

Jackson: Nah. That ain't it. The truth is, I'm just being real. And you people understand and respect when someone's being real. When somebody in this ring is being legitimate, it brings a level of respect irrespective of behaviour. See, I am still who I've always been. I'm an argumentative pr*ck. Always will be. I'm a wind up, I will happily abuse and berate people that I know will react. Promos aside, I am a damn good wrestler. I have trained hard, my work ethic is without question, and I don't care if I leave you laying in this ring unconscious, or tapping out to your heart's content.

The crowd cheer as Jackson continues

Jackson: If you guys want to cheer me when I fight bad guys who are worse than me, and boo me when I fight good guys who are morally better than me, then that's your right as a paying fan. And if I want to cheat, I will. If I choose not to, that's up to me. Personally, it does not affect me in the slightest what any of you think of my actions. Tweener is a word overused in this game, I don't care for it personally. I am me. I don't care if you're horrible to Jeff Thaddeus, I don't care if you came out of a messy divorce with your now boss, and I definitely don't care if you call me a moron, Jimmy Phillips.

The crowd boo the mention of Phillips' name

Jackson: Because here's the thing. I am going to defeat you Jim. I am aware you were screwed in your last match, in reality we both have one win and neither of us have been defeated yet. My aim is to defeat you and get into the quarter finals, any way I possibly can. I don't even care if I cause a double countout because I'd finish ahead of you. I'll let you worry about that, because I intend on leaving you Jacked Off in the ring. You are one of the biggest d*cks in 6CW, and I will leave this d*ck Jacked Off. Mark my words.

Jackson is puzzled as some of the crowd are laughing

Jackson: Anyway... TL DR, I am neither good or evil, but I am f*cking good at what I do, Jimmy Phillips, you will find out the hard way. You can call me a moron all you want, lets see how much of a moron I am when I break your fingers, and have you tapping out to the Chickenwing. You f*cking fanny. That Quarter Final spot is mine.

Jackson poses as "Take me to the hospital" plays again in the Emirates Arena


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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3)

Post by The Last Outlaw on Fri 08 Nov 2019, 10:17 am

*Marty Helms is walking through the corridors of 6CW. He is followed by a cameraman. He turns and admonishes him

MH: I get it, contractual obligations. Interviews important, blah, blah, blah. But f***ing following me on the way there? The people watching this television show get more Marty Helms than they deserve.

*Music can be heard as he walks along, getting louder as he gets towards a changing room. He stops and shakes his head, hearing All Time Low by Jon Bellion; the door has a sign for ‘Hero’ on it.

“You’re the reason I’m alone and masturbate”

*Sobs can be heard coming from within. Helms bangs on the door

MH: Stop playing that f***ing song you wet piece of s***!


*Helms steps away as the shout rings out. Turning to the camera, he speaks more quietly

MH: That woman has never knowingly left a man alone to masturbate.

*He carries on and the song begins to fade away. As he turns a corner, he is greeted by Travis Sharp

MH: Travis this week huh?

*Sharp smiles and spreads his arms

TS: You get the A team, my man!

*He offers a hand to shake and Helms looks at it with disdain

MH: A handshake suggests respect, Travis. You should respect me, I’m the 6CW World Champion. I have none for you, shove it up your bollox.

*Sharp is taken aback; Helms is in a hurry

MH: Get on with this, little man.

TS: Right, yes, welcome to the third week of the new and improved 6CW! Are you excited to get down to the last matches of these IronMan group stages?

MH: No, I haven’t been excited since I was 8 and we went to the Laser War Zone for my birthday. But they threw me out for taking things “too far” and not approaching the War Zone with “the right spirit.” Here we are, all these years later, and more idiots in uniform are telling me how to fight.

TS: A nod to Miss Jessica, Cillain Frost and your...uh hum...frosty relationship with the pair?

*He smiles at his word play

MH: You’re a d*** and your Mum’s only still alive so she can watch you die.

*Sharp’s jaw almost hits the floor in shock

TS: You can’t ta---

*Helms grabs him by the lapel and pushes him against the wall

MH: What can’t I do, Travis? What do you think that this man can’t do right this second? Test me, Travis…

*Sharp has no words, fear running through his veins. He tries to speak but no words come out

MH: Not so smart now, are you? Get something straight in your little head, Sherpa. I am not here to play, I am here to break people. I will shatter the skull of any man who wants to give me the opportunity. Are you offering yourself as a 6CW sacrifice?

*Sharp shakes his head and then cries in pain as Helms grabs him by the hair and slams his head against the back wall before letting him drop to the floor. Helms stares down at him

MH: I was waiting for Uryu or Great Thunbags to go out and speak to the world, but it looks like neither has the sacks to do it. Watch from here, and never look me in the eyes again

*Helms walks away and towards the direction of the ring

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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3)

Post by TwisT on Fri 08 Nov 2019, 12:42 pm

A massive cannon fire goes off and "O Fortuna" starts to play as the fans cheer. The camera pans around to show some of the fans wearing "We are all Buddies!" t-shirts and smiling. We then hear Jeff Thadeus on commentary as we see Karl Kramer coming out onto the stage.

JT: Welcome fans, and it is good to see the Cannonball out here. Impressive in both his matches but still very much seen as a 6CW rookie. What do you think Jack?

JR: I agree, he still has a lot to prove against other established stars. It seems as if the fans have taken to him which, if you have believed the interviews, is all he is worried about.

Kramer walks down to the ring, slapping the fans hands as he goes. He is passed a microphone and the music dies down.


The crowd cheer and Kramer laughs.

KK: No doubt, what a welcome! Thank you! Well I am sure y'all want to know why I brought the fire down here. Burnin' and wheels turnin' like Tina. But yo, time for talk is over. Cannonball is nearin' the business end.....the one where that ball comes shootin' out and slams you in the face! Loads of guys messin' with the words like they are testifyin'. But the games too long to hit the high note from the first bars of the song. You got to hold it long and proud right til the final curtain. If they believed what they spew then each fight will be as hard as the next. Cannonball don't think they believe though. It's macho grande chitter chatter to the max!

Kramer paces the ring.

KK: And Cannonball gets that the usual response is I am bigger than you. I am badder than you. I am stronger than you. That's how this usual sh*t goes down right? We barb to and fro, pretendin' how sweet feelin's ain't hurt. They tell of history of scalps to get gold and parade that list like the 4th of July. You look down line by line by line and nod ya head as if it is a new chapter in the Lord's book.

Kramer yawns loudly and then winks to the audience.

KK: Oh sometimes it goes way past that! No doubt, there be talk of how you look, how you speak and how you love. Thinkin' they are better men because the skeletons in their closet still have meat on! Blowin' air with graces, thinkin' you goin to take the shame and knock them out! Waitin' for you to chomp on the bait so they can haul in the prize whale! Oh they reel it in and laugh coz' they think it scores points on humanities best men league table!

Kramer stops.

KK: Well Cannonball ain't interested in bait takin'. Or ping pong sing song ding dongs! I ain't got time in duets for duels. That may not be the done thing here but my thing never been right for lemmings. Boys speak when they are spoken too. Men give you the finger and knock you out at a time fittin' for them!

The crowd laugh and cheer, as Cannonball bangs his chest.

KK: Maybe Cannonball's face don't fit round here. Maybe his words ain't prime steak and fine wine. Maybe you choke on them. But what keeps happenin' is you order it all up again. Maybe hopin' the next time round it goes down as well as what you other guys are servin'. Maybe.....just maybe......you wait too long for that to happen. You nod your head and realise Cannonball ain't gonna play your way. A lot of flak can come hit this body but it will bounce right off. So why waste energy even tryin'?

Kramer shakes his head and smiles.

KK: So the time has come for those to either hear or bawl. I kinda guess which card is going to be flipped but miracles do happen. Let's hope your hand is as good as your bluff......

Kramer drops the microphone to his side.


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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3)

Post by x12x on Fri 08 Nov 2019, 10:54 pm

As Karmer stands waiting in the ring the lights go out and Revival Mode by Every Time I Die begins to play through the speakers. The fans quickly begin to boo as the music continues to play but Wood doesn't show. Suddenly on the stage a single spot light appears but the figure clearly isn't Wood.

The figure sheepishly walks along the aisle and can be seen carrying a mystery box, he is quickly joined by various other figures who surround the ring. 20 maybe 25 different figures with various boxes and bags appear and when the lights come back on they are revealed a delivery guys, each with a different fast food item.

Kramer looks around confused as Wood appears on the titatron with a smug look on his face

Sorry I can't be there in person Carly but I wanted you to feel at home in the ring so I got what I assume you eat most days to be as fat as you are. So you're welcome and don't worry, I know they don't pay you much so I've covered the cost.

Now you might be asking WHY I'm not there in person and it's simple really...firstly, the fans are poor and I'd rather not have to be around poor people that much so this video system helps but mostly it's about respect....

...and respect is important in this business.

Wood sits back in his chair as he continues to speak.

Last time we had a little meeting you did your best to disrespect me, you came out and put on a show for these idiots and then ignored what I was said. Now I could forgive you for being excited and wanting to put an act on but you're not dealing with some local wrestling shmuck...I am Liam Wood.

I will not be disrespected by a guy who clearly has to wear a bra under his wrestling gear, I will not be disrespected by a guy who's blood type looks like it would be mostly gravy at this point! I am honouring you...a nobody in the business...with my time and I expect you to show some effort and respect or I pull the plug...just like they'll do with you once you have that first heart attack you've been training for.

Wood's smile widens and he leans forward in his seat and puts on a mock serious tone, looking down the lens as he speaks

Now, your respect is not the only thing I want from you I need something else if this is going to happen. I need you to try your best to actually say something...anything really. You see I've heard you talk and I'm not sure what you're saying...at all.

You sound like Dusty Rhodes with autism and while the fans seem to love it, I'm a wrestler not a care assistant and I don't enjoy humouring ret**ds. So please Carly, speak like an adult and enough of the act. It got old in 80's and just because you have the heart of an 80 year old because of the steroids and the obesity doesn't mean you can't try and be a bit more modern.

So, where were we...proceed with whatever you wanted to say...feel free to stuff your face as well you fat f**k.

Wood sits back, faking interest as Karl remains stood in the ring. As he does though one of the pizza boys nervously gets in the ring and holds out a piece of pizza, visibly mouthing the words “I'm sorry” as he does.


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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3)

Post by TwisT on Sat 09 Nov 2019, 9:06 am

Kramer takes a step forward and looks at the pizza slice. He takes his time to look over it from every angle. He then bends down and sniffs the slice. He scrunches up his face and looks confused. He then beckons the pizza boy to open the pizza box.


The pizza boy goes flying backward and drops the box on the canvas. Kramer stands laughing loudly before gently helping the boy back to his feet and slapping his back. Kramer then stares at the screen and smiles.

KK: No doubt you give these guys want they want Woody! It shows heart! It shows passion! It shows true motives! In fact.......

Kramer walks over to the ropes and exits the ring. He then beckons the assorted fast food boys to the crowd barrier. Kramer then starts to hand out all the food to the crowd who start cheering. Kramer starts shouting out "free food!" as the crowd scramble to get the assorted burgers, pizzas and other assorted fast food grub.

JR: I'm starting to feel really hungry. I hope the Cannonball comes over here!

The crowd still cheer as Kramer finishes handing out all the food. They turn to the screen and mockingly thank Wood. They lift up their fizzy drinks and toast him, while a "thank you Wood" chant starts. Kramer can't help laughing as he gets back into the ring. He picks up one of the dropped pieces of pizza and walks to the corner.

KK: Woah buddy! You truly are a man of the people!

He toasts Wood with the pizza slice before taking a massive bite. He stands there eating and looking at the screen


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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3)

Post by x12x on Sat 09 Nov 2019, 4:09 pm

Wood watches as Kramer hands out his food with a scowl on his face but as Kramer steps back in to the ring and takes a bite Wood's scowl turns in a huge smile. Wood almost can't hold back the laughs as he speaks.

Oh how generous of you but I'm really glad you did that and I knew you would. Roll the clip...

Suddenly a video plays showing the food brought out for Kramer with Wood stood with all of the delivery boys, he can be seen handing out money to each one and as he does they spit in to the take away food, it then cuts to Wood who looks in to the lens and sends a message to Kramer

Hope you enjoy the meal you fat disgusting pig...enjoy the special sauce

Wood then spits in to a burger before putting it back in to the package and winking, the screen then goes black leaving Kramer stood alone in the ring, the fans all spitting out the food and looking disgusted. The delivery boys quickly sprint out of the arena, some of them looking bad for what they've done but some of them clearly finding it funny.


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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3)

Post by TwisT on Sat 09 Nov 2019, 4:34 pm

Kramer looks to the screen and back at the fans. He shakes his head.

KK: Woah buddy, that ain't good. That ain't good.....

He looks to the fans and apologises before shrugging his shoulders.

KK: Well, if you wanted Cannonball to call off sick 'coz you didn't want to face him, then this is the best way right. Desperate boys have desperate toys. Bawlin' and chuckin' them out the cot. Woody defo got some issues if he tryin' to give me food poisonin'......

He holds his stomach.

KK: Cannonball should be well enough to fight. But it be touch and go. Woody must be feelin' the heat, oh boy.....

He doubles over a bit and heaves.

KK: Truth is y'all knows what Woody has had to put in his mouth to get that gold he loves. How the hell else he got it???

He lifts himself up smiling as the crowd laughs.

KK: No Cannonball will be fine, no doubt.

He winks at the crowd as they chuck the food packaging over the barriers.


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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3)

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Mon 11 Nov 2019, 6:36 am

Dolphin Ziggler wrote:


*He looks down the ramp

AT: If you're back there, well we can chat. I think we can have a damn good match, if those two leave us to it. We're on first, we set the pace. I've got your back until that bell rings, and the second it finishes, I've got your back again. Those two will be watching us, and they can ensure you don't qualify. I wanna make sure the only way this ends without you getting through is because I beat you and bested you on that day. Sound fair, brother?

*With nothing happening for at least 30 seconds, maybe closer to a minute, an awkward cough resonates from the silent crowd and Trust decides he is going to have to speak

AT: Well, looks like not only am I a night owl, but I'm an early bird too. That's cool. So I'm wise, and I have worms.

*He stares down the ramp again

AT: Nope, nothing. I thought at least one of the Irishman, the worst person to promo or Dante might come down.

*He shrugs

AT: Maybe I should make some fat jokes or some gay slurs, get things going. Yo mama so gay, I took a picture of her last christmas and it still printing.

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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3)

Post by Uryu Ishida on Tue 12 Nov 2019, 4:29 pm

We see Uryu slowly moving backstage after his match, still breathing heavily as he slumps against a wall with a small smile.

UI: Frak..

He slides down the wall, legs barely holding him up.

UI: That...was close...

His backside hits the floor as his head slumps into his knees as Travis Sharp approaches.

TS: Uryu, congratulations on your victory! What an impressive finish to the match!

Uryu puts his hand up to stop Travis, the mic picking up heavy breathing, a few seconds pass before Uryu lifts his head, a tired looking smile on it.

UI: It could have easily...been him winning. I took a gamble and won. He pushed me, as always. Frak I hurt...

TS: You should go see a medic just in case...

UI: No...

TS: No?

UI: I...need to remember this...this...feeling. These cuts...and bruises, aches and pains. I need to...use them as a guide...for what to expect.

Travis looks concerned as Uryu tries to stand up using the wall but slumps back down, groaning in pain.

UI: I have a lot worse coming...if I am to progress... Hell, I still feel Martys blows from last week...yet...I refuse to quit...I won't be left to die here...I aim to win..and to do that...I gotta win next week.

Uryu coughs heavily on the floor, drops of blood are splattered on a canvas of spit.

UI: Damion...Onyx...

Uryu slowly tries to stand up and after a few near falls, eventually stands up without the wall as support.

UI: I am going to come at you with everything I have left... risk everything that I have left to win... You may have youth and energy but I have a lot more experience and my bones know a lot more pain than yours ever could. Yet...I am still compelled to keep going...

Uryu staggers away slowly, barely able to walk. He stops and looks at the camera, smiling.

UI: Good luck facing...a man who refuses...to quit.

Uryu Ishida

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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3)

Post by The Last Outlaw on Wed 13 Nov 2019, 9:35 am

*Remedy by Seether begins to play after the usual LIGHTS OUT refrain echoes around the 6CW arena. Out walks Marty Helms, a face of fury

JT: I didn’t think we’d have to wait long to see Marty out here. He doesn’t look in the best of moods

HE: He looks a lot better than little Travis back there. I’d bet the weasel still hasn’t moved

JR: That’s a colleague, Henry. That could have been your brother

HE: My brother isn’t stupid enough to provoke Marty Helms, and he’s smart enough not to match wits with a man who outguns him.

*Helms makes quick pace to the ring and grabs a mic

MH: I thought one of them might have the pride to come out here and make a statement. I know, I’m the fool who gave Uryu Ishida enough credit here to believe he might show some balls instead of crying in the back about cuts and bruises. Thunbags will probably need that in a gender neutral term, but I won’t patronise the women here with that crap. They’re in a wrestling crowd, surrounded by a male demographic that must be 75% sex offenders.

*He looks out at a now booing crowd and stops to speak to one man

MH: You sir, how many images do you have on your hard drive that should preclude you from living near a school? Upwards of 200, although I bet most of them are Asian schoolgirls you’ve drawn yourself.

*He stops to look down the ramp, immediately disinterested in the fan shouting back at him

MH: Come on, Uryu, there’s no way you’re resisting a conversation about little anime sl*ts.

*He smiles and looks down the camera lens

MH: They’ll bleep that out. It rhymed with guts, coincidentally something Uryu and Grater lack.

*He ponders for a second

MH: And what of James McManus. The world saw my little insurance idea, and he’d be wise to accept. He’d be wise to take a chance on the world champion. He’d be wise to ally himself with me right now, especially with Uryu and Al Gore desperately afraid like they’re showing themselves to be.

Scared men make very poor decisions, but they won’t step to you if I’m around.

*He taps the top of the mic

MH: This is definitely on, they can definitely hear me. Think about that, 6CW. They’re choosing to hide from me. Much like Cillian Frost hides behind his General Manager.

I suspect he is the one I should watch this week. He’s far more invested in screwing me than Uryu and Thunbags. And Jessica will try screw anyone. Maybe they’re the threat, after all. I certainly can’t hear anyone in my own group giving me anything to think about...

The Last Outlaw

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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3)

Post by MtotheC on Wed 13 Nov 2019, 4:59 pm

***6CW Presents a special edition of ‘Behind the Curtain’ with Henry Lloyd***

HL: Good evening sports fans and welcome to a very special edition of Behind the Curtain… man am I pumped, because boy do we have a treat in store for the 6CW universe tonight!!!

It’s been nearly three long years, but joining me tonight for his first sit down interview since his return to 6CW at October 25th Proving Grounds… it’s the former 2 time heavyweight champion of the world… all the way from Hell’s Kitchen, in the heart of New York City… it’s the founder, enforcer and preacher of Costello’s Law… the one, the only… Vincent Costello!!!!!!!!

*The camera pans out to reveal Costello sitting opposite Henry, dressed impeccably in a three piece suit, his long jet black hair gelled back and a trademark red rose adorning the pocket of his navy blue suit

HL: Vincent, firstly let me say how exciting it is to be sitting down with one of the greatest champions of the modern era, yes I said it… because it’s a damn fact! Man have we missed you around here!

*Costello smiles a half smile as Henry continues...

HL: Look, I’m gonna cut right to the chase, I’m paid to ask the big questions and I’m all about giving the people what they want… and what the people wanna know is, is Vincent Costello back to stay in 6CW or this just a fleeting visit? We heard your long time rival Liam Wood allude to the fact that you aren’t a threat to him as you won’t be around long enough to pose any legitimate threat, please Vincent, your thoughts?

*That rye half smile is back on VC’s face, he adjusts his position in the chair and begins to respond…

VC: You’re not the first person to pose this question to me in the last month Henry, and I get it, I really do… Costello’s Law blazed such a trail of dominance here in 6CW that the reverberations are still being felt to this day. You know I can’t put a tweet up, I can’t do a single interview, hell I can’t even buy a cup of coffee without someone asking me that same question… Are you back for good?

And the answer is, unfortunately for Liam Wood, that I am back to stay!

HL: I’m pretty sure I can hear the ovation from here, that’s fantastic news! Now we know what a fierce competitor you are and I for one know what your number one objective must be now that you are back, but lay it all out for us Vincent, where does Costello’s Law go from here?

VC: Its simple Henry, Costello’s Law is here to for all the marbles. I’m not back to soak up the atmosphere one last time, I’m not back to make a couple of bucks. I’m back to once again be the worlds heavyweight champion and nothing short of that will satisfy. It’s a benchmark I’ve set over my entire career, so why settle for anything less than being the very best, I can’t accept that, and I won’t accept that!

And yes, I heard what Liam Wood had to say in the week, but it doesn’t phase me, you’re looking at the master of the mind games, I’ve lost count of the number of times I got inside his head and systematically broke him down. And look at him now… a shell of the man he used to be, quite frankly an absolute joke, wining, moaning, complaining… playing, acting at being a big bad guy… it’s pathetic, but this evolution of character started with my complete and total annihilation of his psyche, I made Liam Wood who is today… and that’s a fraud, trying so hard to hide his true self from the world, to hide that scared, fractured, damaged self.

So when Liam Wood has something relevant, or remotely entertaining to say I’ll listen, I may even pay attention… but whilst he’s pretending to be someone he isn’t, whilst he’s wearing his bad guy Halloween mask, I put no stock in anything he says or does. He’s frightened, terrified now that Vincent Costello, the only competitor he’s never been able to overcome, is back to take his spot and you know what Henry… That’s exactly what I’m gonna do!

HL: Well if there’s one man that can do it, it’s you Vincent. Moving on to the Proving Grounds, it’s week three and you face off against Ricky Nelson, the young lads not had the best of starts to the iron man tournament and finds himself on -8 points, at the foot of group D… Is this a guaranteed victory for you?

VC: Look, Ricky hasn’t started well, he’s found it tough out there, as many do and he was always going to, being placed in such a competitive group, I give the boy credit for how he’s performed so far but ultimately without the W good performances mean Jack. So, I fully expect a fight on 14th November, here in Glasgow, I expect to have to roll up on sleeves and bring my best… but I fully expect to claim the victory, the points and my spot in the quarter finals.

HL: Well there you have it, a confident, focused and vocal Costello’s Law is in town! Vincent, it’s been an absolute pleasure having you hear on Behind the Curtain tonight and I for one can’t wait to see you back inside a 6CW ring for years to come!

Well that about does it ladies and gentlemen, what a statement from the former worlds champion.

Vincent, thank you again and goodnight 6CW universe… join us again soon for another edition of Behind the Curtain!

*The camera pans out as credits roll and the theme song plays out, the two men shake hands as the scene fades to black.


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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3)

Post by Bentyf1 on Wed 13 Nov 2019, 8:15 pm

*The scene opens up to the production area of the Emirates arena where the audience are greeted by a well lit area packed full of tools, production equipment and large metal crates. As the camera pans around, we are introduced to Damion Onyx looking worse for wear, head slumped down perched on a large metal black crate full of production equipment. Onyx is wearing a pair of black casual shorts and a dull looking pair of hemp sandals. Onyx slowly lifts his head to the camera, in doing so, he reveals the full extent of the war with Marty Helms. His chest is red raw with welts slowly blotching over his skin, a slight cut under his eye showing with signs of swelling and a large bruise on his washboard like abs. Onyx looks into the camera somewhat a little gingerly before a sinister smirk creeps over his lips as he gazes into the camera.*

DO: Focus Damion... Focus.... Focus. Keep calm.. Keep calm.

*Onyx exhales deeply before staring into the camera this time with more intent and more vigour*

DO: Do you know what I love about living a vegan lifestyle? My vegan lifestyle allows me to
be knocked down nine times and stand back up ten times. It doesn't matter what I do, whether
it's pro-wrestling or bodybuilding, I always stand back up. Veganism keeps me sharp. It
keeps me sharp physically and emotionally, did you all witness the war Marty Helms and I
had tonight? Did you?! 6CW's big bad man couldn't keep me down. That battle was nothing
I couldn't handle... why? because Im sharper than Marty Helms. Marty Helms maybe the
Prize fighter in 6CW, his lists of accomplishments are huge... The eco-warrior on the other
hand... His accomplishments will be mere footnotes to what I, Damion Onyx will accomplish.

DO: When I go out to ring I'm not just fighting for me... I'm fighting for the planet, because
nobody else will. The reason why I'm 6CW's most valued asset is because not only I'm fighting
for the planet and promoting Veganism all over the world... it's because I'm superior to them all
Not physically... but mentally. You don't have to be the strongest, the quickest or the most dominant
but what you do have to be is the smartest, which I am. There is nobody on this roster that
can touch me when it comes to smartness and focus.  

DO: Not Helms, Not McManus, Not O'Callaghan, Not Jackson and certainly not Uryu Ishida. None of them
can touch me in that ring, none of them. And do you know what? all you people could learn a lesson
from me, Damion Onyx about smartness. You're not smart and you're certainly not focused on your own
lives. You're all living on your screens.. on your iphones, samsungs, all wrapped up in that warm
fake glow of internet and approval. I on the other hand can walk anywhere with my head held high
and actually communicate with people. Yeah, I see all you people booing me when I walk down that ramp...
But you're all looking down. You're all looking down because you know you can't look at me in the eyes
and boo me.

DO: What you people need to do is focus. Focus on improving your lives and improving your health...
Open your eyes to the fact that this planet is dying a horrendous, slow and painful death while you
all stare at your screens. Raise your heads up and look at the people willing to save you from yourself,
people like me. Watch me on my crusade in 6CW to become the Planets champion. Because this company and more importantly, the world needs a champion like me. I'm willing to sacrifice sweat, blood and tears for this and nobody...Nobody! is going to stop me. Uryu Ishida is not going to stop me.

DO: Uryu Ishida has had a long, historic and frankly epic career, there is no doubt about that. But this company deserves so much better than Uryu Ishida, representing it as it's champion... well the planet as it'schampion. No, Uryu Ishida encapsulates everything that you people love and I hate. He encapsulates that lazy loyalty you fans seem to cheer because you respect loyalty. Loyalty can only get you so far... what has Uryu Ishida done for any of you people? what has Uryu Ishida done for the planet? Absolutely nothing. Apart from profit from his merchandise sales which are coated in plastic which kills defenseless animals...

*Onyx furrows his brows, his eyes widen as he addresses the camera once more*

DO: I'm going to show Uryu Ishida the error of his ways at Proving grounds. This is do or die... do or die
for the planet to have it's champion it so richly deserves. Uryu Ishida is a block in my path to represent
this planet and save you people from yourselves. Uryu maybe more experienced than me... stronger than me and larger than me. But the one thing Uryu Ishida is not, and that's smarter than me. It is my calling to
be the Planets champion... forever.

*Onyx snarls into the camera before gingerly standing up and slowly walking away from the metal crate.
The scene closes with the the camera following the figure of Onyx as he slowly walks to the locker room
with a slight limp. The scene then fades away to a commercial promoting one of 6CW's sponsors, Subway.*


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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3)

Post by DP on Wed 13 Nov 2019, 9:07 pm

We go backstage where Christy James is shown facing the camera.

CJ: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, 'The Sharpshooter' Scott Harris!

The crowd roar as the camera zooms out to reveal Scott Harris stood next to Christy. He is looking into the distance. His usual warm demeanour is replaced by a look of irritation.

CJ: Scott, thanks for your time.

Harris doesn't look at Christy.

SH: Anytime...

Christy stands waiting for Harris to say more but the words don't come. She awkwardly searches for another way to get the interview going.

CJ: Last week, Scott, saw you defeated by Karl Kramer after a distraction by Liam Wood..

At that, Harris turns his head to face Christy. She stops dead.

SH: Go on... Finish.

Christy looks at Harris and tentatively continues.

CJ: OK... What are your thoughts on what happened last week?

SH: My thoughts? You want to know my thoughts? Sure... OK... I'll tell you.

Harris deeply exhales before carrying on, trying to maintain his composure.

SH: My overriding thought at the moment is that I want to tear Liam Wood limb from limb. I want to grab hold of his throat and choke the life out of him. I want to suplex him in the centre of that ring over and over and over and over again. I want to lock him in The Sharpshooter and crank up the pressure until that pathetic, arrogant, self serving cretin can do no more than cry tears of pain.

See, last week reeked of Liam Wood. It absolutely hoofed of his hypocrisy and double standards. He stood there and cried and whined about Vince Costello costing him, distracting him and then goes and does the exact thing himself.

And I shouldn't be surprised, I shouldn't be as naive as to think that he wouldn't want to get revenge for what he perceived to be an injustice. The fact is, I beat that mouthy, emo at his own game when we faced off. I saw the opportunity and took it, irrespective of whether I was up against it or on top. Liam Wood took his eye off the ball and I beat him and he can't stomach that the first show wasn't all about him.

You see Christy, I'm angry, I'm fuming. I was getting into my stride against Karl Kramer. Building a head of steam that Cannonball didn't have an answer to. I was ready to all but rubber stamp my way through to the next round and that attention deprived virgin had to come and get even. Believe me when I say this Woody, this isnt over!

CJ: What about this week, Scott? You're going up against Cerberus, who's looked to destroy everything and anyone since he returned...

Harris nods.

SH: You can say that again...

CJ: Do you consider yourself to be the underdog for this one?

SH: I think that's a given Christy. But I've got to back myself on this one, I've got to think that I can get past him. It's all to play for in that group and any form of a result might just see me get through.

See, Cerberus is a big guy, a powerful guy. But the old adage goes 'the bigger they are, the harder they fall' and I showed against Kramer that I can go against a big guy and handle myself well. Cerberus is going to come out there, do his slow walk to the ring, climb between those ropes and try to blow me away. But I'm up to the task, I'm ready for him. This tournament is about staying the course, finding a way to win. And it might not be by making the monster tap but I've got enough in my armoury to beat Cerberus!

I believe it and I need the fans to. And if they do, that Shot in the Dark might just come through!

Harris looks to Christy, pulls his hood up and walks away out of shot.


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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3)

Post by Fernando on Thu 14 Nov 2019, 12:36 pm

We see Cerberus arriving to the arena for tonight's show as he enters he is approached by Christy James

CJ - Any chance of a quick word

Cerberus nods

CJ: Thoughts on what Scott Harris had to say about your match

I mean Scott is a talented wrestler...
He knows more submissions then Liam Wood knows wrestling moves...
And when you know that many you're always a threat no matter how much punishment you've taken..
It doesn't matter how big or strong you are when you can't breathe... 
All it takes is a matter of seconds to lock a hold in and it's game over lights out goodnight...

It's going to be a hell of a fight but im confident of picking up a W tonight...
I made a stupid mistake last week against that "attention deprived virgin" Liam Wood...
I took my eye off the ball when Vincent Costello turned up and it cost me...
It won't be happening again Christy... 
Tonight im going to leave Scott imprinted on the mat...
Everyone proclaimed that we "Need More Harris"..
The only thing he's going to need is Medical Attention..

Anymore questions??

CJ - Why do you think Vincent Costello interfered in your match with

Cerberus puts his finger against her lips and says when i let go you call him by his new official nickname or we're done here

Christy Nods

CJ - With..."Attention Deprived Virgin" Liam Wood

Anyone that's watched 6CW before this reboot knows the history...
We all know what kind of man Vincent is...
And what he'll do to get himself to the top...
Well this is one mountain he ain't going to climb...
So if he wants to get involved in my sh** again...
I will put him in a bodybag and throw it into the sewers where he belongs...
So consider it a warning Vincent..
You stay out of my business...
I won't kill you...

Cerberus walks off as Christy mutters Thanks for your time 


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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3)

Post by Good Golly I'm Olly on Thu 14 Nov 2019, 3:29 pm

*O'Callaghan is sat at his locker, earphones plugged in, listening to the latest Katy Perry banger. He's got his iPad up, and appears to be watching film from Night of Glory VIII. Christy James approaches him, and he reluctantly removes his earphones before the chorus of "Firework"*

James: "Do you have a moment?"

O'Callaghan: "Always for you, you dark horse."

*James blushes*

James: "Well this week sees the end of the group phase, and clearly you are doing some scouting on your opponent Engel Harlequin...what are your thoughts ahead of your matchup this week?"

*O'Callaghan places his iPad down*

O'Callaghan: "My thoughts on Engel Harlequin? Do you want the explosive version, or the boring one?"

James: "I want the explosion"

*O'Callaghan sniggers, and winks at James*

O'Callaghan: "You usually do...."

*10 seconds of silence*

O'Callaghan: "...my thoughts on Engel are simple. He's a pretender. A fraud. A complete and utter loser."

*James mouths...."why?"*

O'Callaghan: "Why? He's proven it over and over again in this company. What I was watching earlier was a prime example...he spent the whole time leading up to Night of Glory VIII laughing, proclaiming because it was an Elimination Chamber match, he'd outlast us all because he doesn't feel pain like we do. And what happened? He tapped like the loser he is."

James: "But did you not see what he did to Angelo Trust last week?"

O'Callaghan: "What you mean those two matches where he attacked his opponent pre match? Yes what a stallion of a man! What a warrior! My god how can anybody deal with this monster!"

*O'Callaghan rolls his eyes, sighs, gets up and begins to pack his gym bag*

O'Callaghan: "It's simple Christy. Engel Harlequin cannot defeat me one on one, in that ring, man on man. I'm ready for him, I'm ready for this tournament, and I am ready to become to most dominant superstar this company has ever seen. That is all."

*O'Callaghan plugs his earphones back in, and walks out of the locker room whilst the scene fades to black*
Good Golly I'm Olly
Good Golly I'm Olly

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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 14th November (Iron Man Tournament Week 3)

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