My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000.

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My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000. Empty My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000.

Post by Samo on Mon 30 Mar 2020, 3:54 pm

Social distancing is a bitch, and its playing havoc with the current wrestling landscape including potentially ruining WrestleMania, I thought I would take a trip back throughout my own wrestling history and I invite you to join me.  I'll be rewatching, reliving and reviewing EVERY WWF/E PPV that I have seen since I started watching wrestling. Im hoping to do atleast a PPV a week, maybe more but definitely not less (unless Im on holiday or something).  We'll look at matches, builds, backgrounds, etc etc etc.  With WrestleMania 36 just around the corner, what better place to start than the Royal Rumble 2000!

The first match on the card sees the undefeated Kurt Angle face an unannounced opponent - making his WWF debut, ECW's "Suplex King" Tazz.

Kurt Angle vs Tazz

Not much of a build as Tazz was unannounced.  Angle, having debuted at the prior Survivor Series has been on a winning streak since.  He cuts a pretty decent promo for a guy who's only been a pro-wrestler for a couple of months.  I cant think of anyone who took to wrestling like Angle did.  Such a rare breed.  Tazz has just left the sinking ship of ECW, making his WWF debut infront of a rabid Madison Square Garden crowd.  Its seriously one of the more underrated pops, the crowd go nuts.

I remember this being a squash, but Angle gets a surprising amount of offense in, including giving Tazz a vertical suplex on the concrete ramp.  The only offense Tazz gets in is a flurry of suplexes (which look awesome by the way) and chokes out Angle with the Tazmission.  Angle sells afterwards and has to get stretchered to the back.  

Winner via Submisson - Tazz

Rating: 2 Stars.  It was a fine, short match putting Tazz over. Angle still looked good and he had an out that the Tazmission is an illegal choke.  Nothing groundbreaking but it did its job and was fine for what it was. Fun fact: Tazz was the wrestler who brought visual tap outs to US wrestling, prior to him it was all verbal, and it was popularised by Ken Shamrock in WWF.

Next up we have the Dudley Boys vs the Hardy Boys in the first ever Tag Team Table match.  The Dudleys (especially Bubba) had a thing for putting women through tables.  They went after the Hardys manager Terri (Who's services they had won by winning the Terri Invitational Tournament (TIT - thanks Russo)) and put her through a table on the RAW before the Rumble.  The Hardys returned the favour by putting both Dudleys through tables on SmackDown, and so we have this match.

The Hardy Boyz vs The Dudley Boyz - Tag Team Tables match

And what a match it is.  This is just carnage from the get go.  Its really difficult to do play by play here because this match starts at a ten and doesnt slow down.  A scary looking moment when Jeff dives a fraction too early to put Bubba through a table, which causes Matt to leg drop right on Bubbas head on the outside. The Hardys take the lead 1-0. Theres  a mad flurry which see's both Hardys put themselves through tables within a few seconds of each other.  The Dudleys take control and powerbomb Matt Hardy through a table in the ring to even the score 1-1.  Theres a skirmish around the ramp area, which ends with Bubba taking a couple of sick head chair shots before falling off a balcony and through about 4 stacked tables.  The match ends when Jeff does a super Senton (not yet the Swanton) bomb from the same balcony and putting DVon through a table.

Winners - The Hardy Boyz

Rating: 4 Stars.  Its one of the craziest 10 minutes of wrestling you'll see anywhere.  Theres that old cliche of "being in a car wreck" but this match is the closest thing you'll get.  Loved every minute of it and this is a hidden gem to look out on the Network.

JR reminds me how old I am by mentioning that Shawn Michaels winning the Rumble from No.1 but skinning the cat in 1995 was "only a few years ago".  Jesus.

I think the less said about the Miss Rumble 2000 swimsuit contest the better, we've thankfully moved on from this.  The jist of it is several female talent show off bikinis but the judges rule Mae Young as the winner because she gets her puppies out.  Thankfully theres a big censored bar on screen and Mark Henry (God love him) tries his best but you still see way more than you need to.  One thing about this segment is now that Im older I can appreciate seeing the legends the roped into being involved in this.  They had comedian Andy Richter, Sgt. Slaughter, Tony Garea, Johnny Valiant, 'Classie' Freddie Blassie and the Fabulous Moolah.  For the sake of completion, the women who competed were Ivory, Terri, Jacqueline, Barbara Bush (not that one), Luna Vachon (who refused to derobe, good for her) and The Kat.  So yeah, this was a thing that happened...  Moving on.

Chyna (co-c) vs Chris Jericho (co-c) vs Hardcore Holly - Triple Threat for the Intercontinental Championship

We have a Triple Threat match for the Intercontinental championship, which at this point was held by both Chris Jericho and Chyna.  Jericho won the title from Chyna at Armageddon the month prior, but during a rematch two officials declared both of them winners.  They became Co-Champions, however they would defend the title seperately and if one of them lost, they both lost the IC title.  Hardcore Holly was added after he lost a title match vs Chyna when Jericho interfered, and demanded be added to the match to find out who is the rightful Intercontinental Champion.  Chyna puts Holly in the Walls of Jericho and Y2J breaks it up with a facebuster before hitting Chyna with the Lionsault for the three count.  Thats about all there is to say on this one.  Chyna also hit a pedigree on Holly at one point.

Winner via Pinfall and Undisputed IC Champion - Chris Jericho

Rating: 1.5 Stars.  To be fair, it wasnt a badly executed match, and all three talent were fine in their own right, it was just pretty boring and entirely forgettable.  The crowd have never cared for Holly, and Jericho has just recently turned face so the crowd arent that into him, but what face heat he is getting it face heat that Chyna isnt, so all three get fairly subdued reactions from the crowd. Shame, Jericho tried his best to get the crowd excited pre-match but theres only so much one man can do.

The New Age Outlaws (c) vs The Acolytes - WWF Tag Team championship

The recently reunited Outlaws are in their 5th reign as WWF tag champs, and they've been feuding with the Acolytes over the past month.  Road Dogg does his classic intro speech and despite technically being heels they are over as all hell.  Its amazing how hot the crowd are for this.  The Acolytes come out to a decent reaction.  We get a taste of all the signature moves before Xpac interferes to help his DX stable mates and Billy Gunn pins Bradshaw after a Fameasser in about 2 minutes.

Winners via Pinfall - The New Age Outlaws

Rating: 0 stars.  History has been made.  In the first of this series we have a zero star match.  Was over before it begun and never went anywhere.  Hopefully the next match is better...

Whooooo baby.  Lets do this.  The McMahon Helmsley Era have been running things since HHH took out Vince McMahon.  HHH is recently in his third run with the WWF title after defeating the Big Show a couple of weeks ago on RAW thanks to DX.  Mick Foley was the one superstar to stand up to them, and paid for it with his job.  After the firing of Foley, The Rock staged a mass protest with the entire locker room, demanding he be reinstated or they would all walk out in solidarity.  HHH relented and Foley was brought back and granted a title match at the Royal Rumble.  HHH destroyed Mankind a week later after an 8 man tag match.  On the following SmackDown, Foley cut one of his most memorable promos ever.  He declared Mankind was not prepared to face HHH in a street fight, but he had a substitute lined up.  He took off his mask and shirt to reveal a Cactus Jack shirt, and stormed the ring while Triple H looked like he'd seen a ghost.  Cactus Jack was back, and HHH was scared for his life.

Triple H (c) vs Cactus Jack - Street Fight for the WWF Championship

Jack gains the early advantage after repeated punches, and they fought outside the ring, where Triple H hit Jack with the ring bell. Triple H then hit Jack with a chair, but Jack got up, and performed a leg drop with the chair. The fight continued into the audience, with Jack performing a suplex onto pallets (infamously sticking a sizeable chunk of wood into HHH's calf), and using a trash can. Triple H hits a belly to back suplex, but Jack comes back with a running knee lift into the steel steps. Jack attempts to use a barbed wire two-by-four, but Triple H performed a low blow, and used the weapon on Jack. Jack came back, hit Triple H's groin with the weapon, and performed a double arm DDT. Jack attacked Triple H's head repeatedly with the weapon. Jack attempted a back to belly piledriver through the announce table, but Triple H countered with a back body drop. Jack countered a Pedigree attempt and performed a bulldog onto the two-by-four. Triple H performed a hip toss into the steps, and targeted Jack's knees, using the two-by-four. Triple H then handcuffed Jack but as he tried to use the steel steps, Jack performed a drop toe hold, sending Triple H's head into the steps. Triple H came back by using the chair - mirroring the spot Foley and Rock did the year prior. However, The Rock came out, and blasted a bloody Triple H across the face with a chair, as a police officer removed Jack's handcuffs. Jack performed a pulling Texas piledriver on the announce table, and spilled a bag of thumbtacks in the ring. Triple H came back with a back body drop onto the thumbtacks, and a Pedigree, but Jack kicks out at two!  The crowd cant believe it, JR and King cant believe it, HHH cant believe it and by god I cant believe it.  An infuriated Triple H finally performed a Pedigree onto the thumbtacks to win, and retain his title.

Winner via Pinfall and Still WWF Champion - Triple H

After the match HHH gets loaded onto a stretcher as Jack recovers in the ring.  He charges the EMT's and throws HHH back into the ring and still with tacks in his head and back, drops hims with the two-by-four one last time, signalling that this feud is far from over.

Rating: 5 stars.  History is made once again as we go from a 0 star to a 5 star classic.  20 years on and this is STILL the best street fight WWE have ever put on.  Mick Foley gave HHH everything, and solidified HHH as a top star in the same way he would later do for Randy Orton and Edge.  Fun fact:  Jack wasnt meant to kick out of the first pedigree, but called an audible and took a second onto the thumbtacks to help get HHH over as a badass heel willing to do whatever it takes.  I absolutely love everything about this match and Jack was instantly my favourite.  If you someone still havent seen this match I implore you to seek it out.

Phew, main event time.

Royal Rumble Match

Im not going to go through the whole thing otherwise we'll be here forever.  Rikishi gets a solid run including a dance spot with his buddys Too Cool.  He gets the most eliminations in the match with 7 before getting ganged up on by about 6 guys to be eliminated.  Test is the marathon man at 26:17 - the shortest time recorded for the longest time in one match if that makes sense.  Bob Backlund makes a surprise appearance and gets a good reception from the New York crowd.  Road Dogg spends most of the match hugging the bottom rope.  There are several invasions by Kai-En-Tai and the Mean Street Posse, and Taka Michinoku takes a bad landing the second time he is "eliminated" landing right on his face.  We see about 4 replays of it with King laughing hysterically each time.  Xpac gets the Stone Cold '97 spot by being eliminated but sneaking back in because the referees were distracted.  Thankfully he doesnt win like Austin did.  The final two are Big Show and The Rock, with The Rock eventually getting the better of Show and managing to eliminate him while keeping both feet of the floor....

Winner of the 2000 Royal Rumble - The Rock

Rating: 2 stars.  Incredibly predictable but not in a good way. Aside from Rock and Big Show there was no one else who could believably win. No Austin and no Undertaker.  Jericho and Angle are still undercard talents.  Benoit and Guerrero were on the cusp of signing. Kane and Bob Backlund were the only other former WWF champions in the match but Kane was back in the mid card and Bob was a 50 year old special guest entrant for a pop.  Its a shame, but they did their best with what the had.  There have certainly been worse Rumble matches, but this one is nothing special.  Middle of the road.

Kurt Angle is already showing his massive potential
Tables match was chaotic
Street Fight was an instant classic
The Crowd were into everything for the most part


IC title match was forgettable
Miss Royal Rumble
Waste of a tag title match
Predictable Royal Rumble match

Overall verdict

An overall fairly average PPV, saved by two awesome matches.  Does it hold up today?  Tough call, but I dont think it quite does.  The tables match and street fight are definitely worth looking out, and the Rumble match had some decent spots in it despite slowing down in the second half.  However, its bogged down in the middle and suffers for it.  Theres plenty to look forward to though.  The Radicalz are about to sign and give the midcard a massive talent injection, and HHH vs Cactus Jack still has more to give.  We'll see how this transpires at next months No Way Out.  If I had to give it a score I'd think 6/10 is fair.  

Thanks for taking the time to read, and with the pandemic not looking like its going away any time soon, I'll hopefully have another review up before the week is up.  Hope to see you there.

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My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000. Empty Re: My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000.

Post by Marsh on Mon 30 Mar 2020, 7:27 pm

Really interested to read that. Cultaholic are doing a Smackdown retrospective podcast by episode of this time period, so listening to that has got me back into watching shows from around this era 'with' them. I watched maybe a month's worth of shows at this point.

The last episode I watched was the famous one where Mick Foley revealed Cactus Jack as Trip's surprise opponent at the Rumble, which in hindsight had all the potential to fall incredibly flat, so I think I have a week to go before getting round to this show.

Re-watching has made me notice things I just wouldn't have picked up on as kid (I was 9 when this PPV aired) you've mentioned Jeff's senton to Swanton bomb, which was one, Scotty 2 Hotty using the worm almost as a mid match move rather than what it would become, and people like Too Cool getting more and more over as ever week passes.

I know it might be early days if this is the first one you've re-watched, but is there anybody who's changing your opinion of them or bits you didn't remember? For me I always thought of Al Snow as being pretty decent, and a good character guy, but his heel run at this time is fairly average, great theme for a heel though.

I'm quite looking forward to re-watching this one, as it's a show I always had fond memories of (although I think it's got nothing on the 2001 show). I remember the Dudleys / Hardys match as being a car-wreck as you say, but I used to love matches like that, and was a huge Hardy's fan at the time, so it'll be interesting to see whether everything holds up or my opinion differs to yours or my memory!


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My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000. Empty Re: My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000.

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Tue 31 Mar 2020, 12:50 am

I’ve been really slowly watching Raw from 98 and I’m up to No Way Out 2000, so I’m very much with you on this period too!

What I noticed most of all is how short and basically sh*t most tv wrestling is. The importance of actual wrestling back when wrestling was at arguably its TV peak is so minimal.

But everyone has a story. There’s so much interlinking in them too. You generally have an idea of why a match is happening or what is going on with the characters around each match, but it doesn’t feel so forced by commentary like it does now.

The match quality often extends to PPV. It does start to get a bit better around this time, but it felt a lot like PPVs were filler events until the big match.

What this time period has is some absolutely star-making performances. Foley absolutely makes HHH in this period. Trips is obviously doing some great work, and the sell for the Cactus reveal makes a weird moment into a really good one (as well as fans that understand and give a sh*t), but Mick did put in the kind of performances he hadn’t been able to or motivated to in a long time (by his own admission).

What’s fascinating about this spell is the stars coming through and being made. This year probably makes legends of HHH, Rock, Edge & Christian, Hardys, Dudleys whilst Angle, Benoit and Jericho have moments.

There’s also reminders in there of how some could have failed, especially with some of the weird stuff for Jericho.

I implore you to watch the Ruthless Aggression documentary series, if you haven’t already. I know it’s not this period, but the Lesnar episode alone highlights another freak who took to wrestling at a ridiculous speed. And was gone in a flash too

Dolphin Ziggler

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My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000. Empty Re: My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000.

Post by Samo on Tue 31 Mar 2020, 3:24 am

Marsh wrote:
I know it might be early days if this is the first one you've re-watched, but is there anybody who's changing your opinion of them or bits you didn't remember? For me I always thought of Al Snow as being pretty decent, and a good character guy, but his heel run at this time is fairly average, great theme for a heel though.

I never really rated Al Snow, but I’ve spent some time watching his recent shoot interviews and seminars and I’ve got a newfound appreciation for him. He’s got a great mind for the business and really gets how important psychology is in a wrestling match. Also, going back with the knowledge about wrestling I have now makes me appreciate how special a surprise appearance from guys like Backlund and Blassie were.

Im looking forward to seeing guys like Malenko and Saturn again, I dont think those two got a fair crack at the whip compared to Benoit and Guerrero. Its also amazing what a hot crowd can do, they help turn a C+ show into an A.

Dolph: the match quality across the board over the next few months alone is staggering, and it only gets better going into 2001 when Austin is back proper. Cant wait to get there. The Ruthless Aggression series is on the watchlist for sure.

Thanks for the feedback guys. Appreciate it.


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My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000. Empty Re: My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000.

Post by tigertattie on Wed 01 Apr 2020, 11:22 am

Here's an arguement for you - DOne many times, but hey, we're bored!

Best era of WWF/WWE?

Is Hulk Hogan/Ultimate Warrior/Legion of doom/Natual disasters better than Rock/Austin/Hardy boys/Dudley Boyz?

Al I know, and its an age thing, is that both eras above are better than Orten/Cena/The OC/etc

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My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000. Empty Re: My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000.

Post by Samo on Thu 02 Apr 2020, 9:22 am

I think its just going to boil down to personal preference because each era did something better than the rest.

Ruthless Aggression was always my favourite, and I think the match and story quality overall was much higher than anything before or since. It had its fair share of bum notes, sure, nothings perfect.


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My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000. Empty Re: My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000.

Post by Samo on Mon 13 Apr 2020, 11:12 am

Its time for No Way Out. I know I said I would be back within the week but what are you going to do?  Turns out I underestimated how long it takes to write these up, plus it was Mania week and Final Fantasy 7 just got released so I've been busy.  Sue me. Anyway, on with the show. Will HHH survive Hell in a Cell and escape with not just his WWF title, but Mick Foleys career?  Or can Cactus win it all?  We'll finally figure out who the rightful No. 1 contender is to the WWF title, and both the Intercontinental and Tag Team titles are on the line.  Without further ado, lets do this.

Chris Jericho (c) vs Kurt Angle - Intercontinental Championship

Both men trade offense and advantage early on, neither managed a sustained period of control until Angle starts working Jerichos left arm.  Jericho manages to switch the momentum after a flurry of big moves including an excellent spinning heel kick, a running facebuster and a huge flying forearm.  Angle counters a pinfall attempt into an armbar, continuing targeting the arm before Jericho makes the ropes.  Angle back in control and hits the Olympic Slam but taunts the crowd before going for the pin, giving Jericho time to rally and kick out.  A frustrated Angle gets the Intercontinental title and when he goes to use it Jericho drops him and locks him in the Walls of Jericho.  Angle manages to make it to the ropes and rolls out the ring.  After a small skirmish Angle gets HIS European title, however Chyna attempts to intervene, she dodges a title shot but Jericho attacks Angle from behind, causing him to smash Chyna into the steel steps.  Jericho suplexes Angle from the apron to the middle of the ring.  He hits the Lionsault but Angle as the IC title and smashes Jericho in the face with it, he rolls over and pins Jericho to win the match.

Winner via Pinfall and NEW Intercontinental Champion - Kurt Angle.

Angle is loaded with gold now, adding the prestigious Intercontinental title to his olympic gold medal and his European title.

Rating: 3 stars.  A fine first outing for these two, given more time they could have had a real barn burner.

Road Dogg starts his entrance speech as we see a Pseudo-Cell built around the ramp - it looks awesome.  Outlaws are still crazy over.  The ECW icons dont get much of a response in Hartford.

New Age Outlaws vs Dudleys - Tag team titles.

Bubba and Road Dogg start off, Bubba counters the Shake Rattle and Roll with a full nelson powerbomb.  The Dudleys hit the WASSAP low blow while the ref is distracted by Gunn.  The Dudleys keep working of Road Dogg. Billy Gunn eventually gets the hot tag and runs riot before dropping DVon with a fameasser.  Bubba pulls him out the ring to break up the count.  Road Dogg hits a knee drop and makes a cover - despite not being the legal man - and Dvon kicks out at two - despite Road Dogg not being the legal man.  Bubba pulls Gunn off his apron and lamps him in the shoulder with a lead pipe.  The Dudleys hit the 3D on Road Dogg and get the 3 counts.

Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions - The Dudley Boys.

Rating: 1.5 stars.  Right, we need some backstory here.  The legend goes that Bubba injured Gunn with the pipe shot, but watching this match its clear Gunn was injured from the very beginning.  He was very obviously protecting his left arm, even during the hot tag phase he wasnt using that arm, and its why Road Dogg did most of the work.  Obviously a match put together to protect Gunn as much as possible, but it was still quite sloppy at bits.  Not a classic but its of note because its the Dudleys first tag title reign in the WWF.

We see Angle (a heel) celebrating wildy with fans in the concourse area.  We see a repeat of how he won the title. We see a clip from last RAW last monday night where Viscera hit a big splash on a - sigh - pregnant May Young.  Mark Henry is here to get revenge.  Jesus christ it looks like Henry hasnt aged a day in 20 years apart from putting on a bit of weight and growing his hair.  Neither man get much of a response from the crowd for this impromptu match that was only set up on Sunday Night Heat.  Viscera's music is terrible, Mark Henry has sexual chocolate so 10/10 for that.

Mark Henry vs Viscera

Fun fact; Viscera means guts and internal organs.  Theres a couple of cool spots with the stairs, and Henry ends up under the larger part.  Viscera calls for the ref to count him out before inexplicably lifting the stairs off and throwing Henry back in the ring.  Audible boring chant.  May Young charges the ring, Viscera drops her.  He goes for a splash but Henry shoulder blocks him, then hits a big powerslam for the 3 count.

Winner via Pinfall - Mark Henry

Rating: 0 stars. Not a good match. At all. Such a bad match infact that this would be Mark Henrys last PPV match until Survivor Series 2003 where he was in Team Bischoff vs Team Austin.

We get an interview with Jericho who isnt happy with Angle and we see Billy Gunn being treated.  Big pop as the Hardy Boyz music hits, they're accompanied to the ring by Terri much to Kings excitement.  They're facing Edge and Christian.  Good stuff.  The Canadian duo are Shield 0.1 as they make their entrance through the crowd.  Suddenly the Acolytes make their way ringside.  They've been hired by Terri to protect her from the Dudley Boys - the dawn of the APA.

The Hardy Boys vs Edge & Christian - Number 1 contenders match.

After surviving the Dudleys at the Royal Rumble, the Hardy Boys almost found common ground with Edge and Christian (the two teams have shared respect for each other after their amazing ladder match at No Mercy 99), which lead to the Dudleys putting E&C through tables.  It all culminated in D-Von winning a triple threat between himself, Edge and Jeff Hardy so the Dudleys got the title shot tonight and these two going at it tonight.

Jeff missed a corkscrew moonsault early on - vintage Jeff.  Hardys in control early on against Christian, almost wrestling a heel style.  Poetry in Motion (awesome) followed by a huge clothesline gets a two count.  Jeff hits an out-n-in springboard moonsault for a two, and a bit double flapjack, face buster thing for another 2 count.  Matt goes for what looks like a Razors Edge but Christian counters.  He still doesnt have it in him to get to Edge for the tag, but he gets the knees up to counter a splash from Jeff and gets the tag to Edge.  Edge clears house.  Christain hits a springboard crossbody to Matt on the outside while Edge works on Jeff.  E&C in control now.  Edge and Jeff trade counters before Edge hits a piledriver.  Its weird seeing that as a throwaway transition move.  The match slows down so JR and King start predicting the Hell in a Cell match later.  Edge hits a huge sitout powerbomb which would normally end a match but doesnt make a cover.  Christian tags in, hits a powerslam then tags out so Edge can have another rest hold.  The match starts to pick up when Matt gets a hot tag.  Jeff goes for poetry in motion but Edge plucks him out the air with a spear.  Jeff goes for the Senton Bomb but Terri pushes him off the top rope, she slaps Matt who takes the Unprettier from Christian, and its good for a 3 count.  

Winners and New Number 1 contenders to the Tag Titles - Edge and Christian.

Terri celebrates ring side and Matt grabs her by the hair.  The APA dont like that very much so get in the ring and dominate the Hardys.

Rating: 2.5 stars.  The opposite of the opener, I think this one went about 4 minutes too long. Would have been a much better match without alot of the fluff and the weird finish.

Tazz vs Big Bossman w/ Prince Albert

How is Albert ringside?  You cant hold a manager license and a wrestler license at the same time.  Gorilla Monsoon would be turning in his grave.  JR trying his best to put Tazz over but he's already on the decline.  The match starts on the outside when Bossman goes after Tazz on the ramp.  Tazz calling on his history of fighting big men by throwing the considerably larger Ray Traylor around.  Tazz locks in the Tazzmission but Albert attacks him to cause the DQ.

The beatdown continues after the bell with some audible cowpat chants from the crowd.  Tazz refuses to give up and everytime it looks like he's fighting back he gets beat down again.  The beatdown seemingly ends when Bossman breaks his nightstick over Tazz's head, but Tazz keeps on fighting back.  A low blow ends it before the referees and Sgt Slaughter run down to break it up.

Winner via Disqualification - Tazz

Rating: 1 star.  It wasnt so much a match, but an angle.  It put Tazz over really strong as someone who is almost impossible to keep down.  Will this be the start of a push for Tazz? (Spoiler: no.)

We see Angle still celebrating with the crowd, this time he has a megaphone.  Then we go straight into the video package for our next match.

Kane vs Xpac - No Holds Barred.

Former tag team champions turned bitter rivals for seemingly no reason, Xpac just turned on Kane, with Kanes girlfriend Tori also betraying him.  Kane wanted revenge and was granted this match by HHH once he defeated HHH and Big Show in a handicap match.

The fight quickly makes it way up the ramp, where Xpac uses the steel cage set up to attack Kane, nothing seems to work as Kane keeps stalking him. Kane hits Xpac with clubbing blows and starts throwing Xpac around the crowd area.  Kane misses a steel steps shot so throws the stairs into the ring in anger, before taking a shot to the head from the ring bell.  Paul Bearer attacks Xpac, Tori attacks Bearer, Bearer chases Tori etc etc.  Xpac drops Kane with a spinning back kick, then hits the 4th worst move in wrestling history, the Bronco Buster.  Kane no sells it and drops Xpac, but Xpac quickly regains control and starts working on Kanes left leg.  Kane catches Xpac coming off the top rope and looks like he's going for a tombstone, but Xpac escapes and hits a low blow followed by an X Factor.  Kane sells for about 4 seconds before he gets up and hits a chokeslam.  Tori leaps on Kanes back to try and distract him, but Kane pulls her over his shoulder and drills her with a tombstone.  He picks up the steel steps, but Xpac dropkicks them into his face, he lands with the stairs over his face and Xpac makes the quick cover.  Kane is back on his feet after about 3 seconds, and Tori has (almost) recovered enough to make her way to the back with Xpac, the Road Warriors would be proud of the amount of no selling on show her.

Winner via Pinfall - Xpac

Rating: 2 stars.  Decent enough but hardly any psychology.  Thats pretty much all there is to say.

We see the Radicalz backstage, making their WWF PPV debut.  Guerrero is injured with a legit dislocated elbow, but he's concealing a huge pipe in his sling for 'moral support'. His accent also doesnt sound as strong as it would become.  Hmm.

Too Cool & Rikishi vs The Radicalz (Benoit, Malenko and Saturn)

Three of the greatest technical wrestlers ever on one side, vs a very decent technical wrestler in his own right, the 'big man' to provide the muscle and Grand Master Sexay.  A big schmoz involving all six men ends when Rikishi splashes Malenko, and he thwarts Guerreros attempt to use the pipe, taking it from him and smashing him in the elbow, taking Eddie out of the equation.  The faces in control for the opening exchanges before Benoit takes the momentum.  Scotty 2 Hotty loses his hat and JR speculates whether that will be his team on the downward slope.  He gets his answer as Rikishi tags in to a good pop and clears house, hitting the 2nd worse move in wrestling history, the Stinkface on Benoit.  Radicalz finally regain control by targeting Rikishi's heavily tapped left ankle.  S2H looks for the 5th worst move in wrestling history, The Worm but he's dropped by Malenko, heels have control again, with quick tags isolating S2H.  Already massivley impressed with Malenko, and now I'm imagining the quality of matches he could have had with the likes of Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles. Chris Benoit (who has WCW World Heavyweight Champion no less than 6 weeks prior) is already looking like one of the best wrestlers in the company.  Rikishi tags in to a huge pop and he clears house again, before Scotty comes in and hits the Worm on Saturn (Ahem, DQ ref?) and in the confusion they lose track of who the legal men are (Rikishi and Malenko in case your wondering), GMS hits a huge legdrop on Saturn and as he makes the cover Benoit his him with a diving headbutt.  The four illegal men all spill to the outside as Malenko works on the Big Kish's leg.  Rikishi takes over, hits the Rikishi driver then a Banzai drop on Malenko for the three count.

The faces celebrate with a dance party in the ring while the heels make their way up the ramp.

Winners via Pinfall - Rikishi & Too Cool

Rating: 3.5 stars.  A very fun 6 man tag, bolstered by the sheer talent on display.  Apparently the Radicalz where booked to lose as a pressure test to see how the would react, and they were already on thin ice because of Guerrero getting injured so early on, with some of the brass wondering if they were worth signing in the first place.  Worth going back and watching.

Big Show vs The Rock No. 1 Contenders match for the WWF title.

This one came about as a result on the Royal Rumble match. Big Show is adamant he's been screwed, and demands a match against The Rock for the WrestleMania spot.  HHH says he'll give Big Show the match if he can prove that Rockys feet hit the mat first.  Everytime Big Show produces something HHH throws a curveball at him until Show comes back with video proof, and he gets his wish.  Now, the rumour goes that this was planned all along because Vince didnt want to have Rock vs HHH one on one, instead chosing to hold that off until the Backlash PPV.  Backlash ended up drawing 675,000 buys, which was the 2nd best buyrate of 2000 so, job well done I suppose.

The Rock and Big Show have spent weeks knocking seven bells out of each other, including Show throwing Rocky through a window, so this should be a barn burner, right?
The 28 year old(!) Big Show is out first, and the 27 year old (!!) Rock is out second to a huge pop.  The Rock ends a quick flurry of offense with a beautiful floatover DDT for a two count, but Show quickly gets control.  A brawl in the ringside area and the crowd, and the Rock hits back body drop over the guardrail and it doesnt get the reaction it deserves, from the crowd or the commentators.  Show hits a Gorilla Press onto the guard rail (up to atleast a 70 count by now) before finally getting back in the ring.  It must be easy being a giant wrestler because even the simple things look devastiting, like a clothesline on an elbow drop.  The Rock manages to get a couple of nearfalls with a Russian Legsweep and a DDT, but Big Show gets control back with a big sidewalk slam.  Big Show gets a chair and JR quite rightly says that it doesnt make sense, because if he gets DQ'd he doesnt go to Mania.  Senoir referee Earl Hebner is taken out and Big Show hits a chokeslam on Rock.  Tim Whyte makes his way to the ring to make the cover but Hebner pulls him out the ring.  Shane O'Mac makes his return to sort this mess out, meanwhile Rock hits show with a chair and a Rock Bottom, but as he goes for the 8th worst move in wreslting history, The Peoples Elbow, Shane charges the ring and clatters him over the head with the chair.  Big Show makes the cover and gets the pinfall.

Shane and Big Show celebrate while The Rock recovers in the ring.

Winner via Pinfall - Big Show

Rating: 2.5 stars.  Didnt live up to the expectation from the build. Probably could have made this a No Holds Barred and let them go at it.  I think most people would have had the Rock on their betting slip all day long, so a bit of an unexpected result.

Hold on to your asses, its time for the main event.  The night after the Royal Rumble, a cocky HHH challenged Cactus Jack to another match, and he lets Jack pick the stipulation.  Cactus Jack shocks the world and picks Hell in a Cell.  HHH will accept the match, but only if Mick Foley puts his career on the line.  JR and King put over the Cell huge, saying its the most dangerous match in WWF history, and you believe them.  We suddenly cut to Angle in the parking lot heading towards his car, but he's jumped by Jericho and Chyna and they dump him in the boot of his car.   HHH is first out.

Triple H (c) vs Cactus Jack - Hell in a Cell, WWF title vs Career.

HHH will not take his eyes off the Cell, showing respect but no fear.  Cactus Jacks theme is one of my favourites.  Foley keeps looking between HHH and the Cell, whilst he walks around the ring, the ominous Cell structure starts to lower, I hadnt seen anything like it.

Jack goes straight for the Cell door but its massively padlocked shut with about 8 different chains and locks, there really is No Way Out (wink wink). The Cell veteran Jack in control early on, trying repeatedly to grate the Cell virgin HHH's face against the Cell wall.  HHH gets control and takes in back in the ring for a wrestling match.  HHH bounces Jack from the apron to the Cell wall, then throws him off the steel steps.  Jack charges HHH but Hunter throws the steps at him and wipes him out.  Awesome.  HHH gets into Jacks world, covering him in the steps then beating them with a chair.  HHH bends a chair over Cactus' back, but Foley no sells so HHH drills him in the head with it.  HHH in control now, making repeated pinfall attempts.  Jack goads HHH to hit with him the chair but he low blows him, then hits the double arm DDT on the chair.  It takes him too long to make the cover though and HHH is able to kick out at 2.  Russian leg sweep on the chair but again HHH kicks out at 2.  Jack sets the chair up in the corner and sits HHH in it and pummels him with the Cactus rights, he charges but HHH counters and drop toe holds Jack face first into the chair.  Big clothesline over the top to Jack, and HHH starts bouncing him off the Cell wall.  HHH sets up for a Pedigree on the steel steps, but Jack takes his legs out from under him (HHH takes a gnarly looking spill on his back) before Jack catapults him into the Cell wall, busting HHH wide open.  Jack is now repeatedly throwing HHH into the Cell, HHH already has the "crimson mask".  Jack jumps from the second rope to the floor with a chair, splashing HHH.  Huge Foley chants from the crowd.  Cactus Jack throws the steps at HHH but he ducks, and the steps go through the Cell wall.  The crowd pop huge when they realise Jack can get outside now, throwing HHH clean throw the busted side of the Cell.  Jack with a Piledriver on the announce table, HHH is bleeding everywhere.  Jack starts to climb the Cell but Stephanie grabs his leg and pulls him back down.  Jack has a nasty cut somewhere on his arm, lots of blood.  He uncovers the timekeepers area and finds the two-by-four wrapped in barbed wire.  HHH see's this and tries to escape throw the crowd, but Jack catches him and drills him in the face with the barbed wire.  HHH starts to climb the Cell to escape, and Jack makes quick pursit with the 2x4.  HHH meets him at the top and stabs him in the head with the barbed wire, Jack loses his grip and falls from the side of the Cell through an announce table.  JR calls to the back for help while HHH celebrates on top the Cell.  Somehow Foley finds his way to his feet, his face now a bloody mess aswell.  Foley tries throwing chairs to the top of the Cell but cant quick do it, so he gives up and starts climbing the Cell again, HHH taunting him. Jack makes it to the top but HHH clobbers him with the 2x4, the barbed wire getting caught in Foleys shirt and starts to unravel.  Jack gets a low blow in, and reclaims his 2x4.  Every bump ont he cage gets a gasp from the crowd, and HHH nearly goes throw it in the corner, large audible gasp from the crowd - invoking memories of KotR 98.  Jack hits his double arm DDT on the top of the Cell, then gets the 2x4 and he SETS IT ON FIRE!  HHH takes a shot to the face with it!  Jack puts it down on the Cell and signals a Piledriver onto the 2x4, but HHH back body drops Cactus and the roof of the Cell breaks and Jack falls into the ring and the ring breaks under Jacks weight!  Cactus Jack lies motionless in the crater in the ring caused by his fall.  HHH climbs down through the hole in the roof and surveys the scene.  Huge Foley chants as he starts to move.  He crawls out of the hole and takes a hard right from HHH.  Another hard right but Cactus will not stay down.   HHH hits a Pedigree and mercifully ends it with a three count.

HHH lies against the bottom rope clutching his title while Foley lies motionless.  The Cell starts to lift as the EMT's get ringside to help Foley.

Winner via Pinfall and Still WWF Champion - Triple H.

Post match, Foley refuses help from the EMT's instead choosing to leave the arean under his own power to a standing ovation. One final look back to the crowd with tears in his eye, and Foleys in ring career is over as we go off the air, with JR thanking Mick Foley for everything.

Rating: 5 stars.  Still holds up as one of the best Hell in a Cell matches ever, and Mick Foley once again giving everything he has to help HHH get over.  Brilliant, and absolutely worth seeking out.  Went nearly 24 minutes but never felt like it dragged at all.  An outstanding effort from both men.

Before I go into my final grade and my pros and cons, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Mick Foley.  His sacrifices in and out of the ring over the years have taken a massive toll on his body and health, but he was so god damn good at his job he made me a lifelong fan in just two matches.  A rightful Hall of Famer and truly one of the greatest of all time.  Thank you Mick, for everything.


Angle/Jericho was very good.
The 6 man tag was very enjoyable and watchable despite Grand Master Sexay being there.
Radicalz debut.
The Hell in a Cell match, and Foley saying goodbye.


Some very bad filler matches on a card that didnt need them.
Its going to take a long time to find a match worse than Henry vs Viscera.
Rock vs Big Show failed to deliver.

Overall verdict
I'd put this show on a level par with the Royal Rumble.  Its already becoming a trend of a bulked out undercard being carried by 2-3 very good matches.  Angle is quickly being groomed to be a top star because his story went on all night.  Foley is Good.  HHH is now a bonafide top superstar, and the tag division is shaping up nicely.  Next stop, WrestleMania 2000!


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My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000. Empty Re: My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000.

Post by Samo on Mon 27 Apr 2020, 2:33 pm

We've arrived.  The road ends here.  Its the biggest show of the year, in arguably WWF/E's greatest ever year, its WrestleMania 2000.  The WrestleMania infamous for only having 1 singles match (hoo boy we'll get to that) and a couple of first time ever matches.  This should be an absolute barn burner.  Lets get to it.  Traditionally WrestleMania opens with a hot match to get the crowd excited and try and keep that level of energy going, so our first match is...

D-Lo Brown & The Godfather vs Big Boss Man & Bull Buchanan

Ice-T accompanies Godfather and D-lo who have matching attire which is nice.  Crowd are stupid hot for Godfathers schtick. The faces in control for the opening exchanges but big Bull isnt having any of that. Bull is a big hoss of a man, I wonder why he didnt last long?  He leaps to the top rope like it was nothing before launching himself off with a big clothesline, taking control for the heels.  Quick tags isolated D-Lo.  Nothings happening.  There are some very beautiful women ringside with Ice-T.   D-Lo gets the hot tag and the future Right To Censor stablemates start throwing fists.  It must be WrestleMania because Godfather actually hits the Ho Train.  Bull Buchanan hits an incredible leg drop from the top rope, jesus the height.  Anyway thats enough for a three count.

Winners via Pinfall - Bossman and Bull

Rating: 0.5 stars.  That was chronic.  Lasted way too long, nothing exciting happened and nothing was on the line.  Seems like it was just an excuse to get Ice-T out there.

We see a conference of sorts between the referees and the hardcore division.  Its billed as a battle royal but it technically works as the first ever Championship Scramble Match.  15 minute time limit, whoever is the champ by the end of 15 minutes leaves with the belt.  We have Tazz (strong reaction) Viscera (no reaction) Mean Street Posse (little reaction) Hardcore Holly (strong reaction) Kai En Tai (reasonable reaction) The Headbangers (little reaction) The Acolytes (strong reaction) Crash Holly (reasonable reaction).  I love little Crash bringing out his scales to kid on he's 400+ pounds.  Love that gimmick.

15 minute Hardcore Battle Royal

Tazz immediately hits a fishermans suplex on Crash to win a pinfall.  You have to pin the champion to win apparently.  Tazz jumps on Viscera who catches him and very gently taps him against the ring post, before slamming him on the ground for a three count.  Viscera is the new champion.  You need to pin the champion but everyone is just fighting with everyone else.  Crash has juiced.  Viscera hits his signature move of spitting when he gets hit in the stomach.  He tickles Farooq with a trashcan before stumbling away, I'm three PPV's in and he might already be my least favourite wrestler.    Pete Gas of the Posse has juiced.  This makes me pine for some of the genuinely good matches theres been for the Hardcore title.  This is Poopie.  Viscera climbs to the top rope for some reason before the Acolytes throw him off.  He sells one 2x4 shot from Farooq (but not the second which is the one where the wood broke) before Bradshaw sends him down with a flying shoulder block.  They put Kai En Tai on top of Viscera and the ref counts the three.  Funaki is annouced as the new champion and he makes a run for it.  We're backstage now.  Funaki is getting beat down by the Posse while Taka is just wandering around with the Japanese flag.  Rodney gets the pin on Funaki before Joey Abs pins him.  Headbanger Thrasher pins Abs.  These reigns are canon btw, not like the recent scramble matches.  Pete Gas pins Thrasher.  Viscera is what Yokozuna would have been if Yokozuna didnt get over.  Tazz covers Gas, Holly kicks him in the head but Tazz no sells and gets a three count.  The crowd have given up all hope and theres still 5 minutes left.  Tazz makes a cover on Crash and the ref counts it for some reason. 90 seconds to go and only the Holly cousins are trying to pin Tazz, everyone else is still fighting ring side.  50 seconds to go and Tazz eats a shot from Crash and Crash gets the pin.  All he has to do is survive but Tazz locks in the Tazzmission.  10 seconds left.  Holly canes them both with a glass jug or something and makes the cover with 5 seconds left.  Whyte counts two then waves it off, Hardcore is hesitantly announced as the winner as Crash tries to take his belt away.  Holly celebrates as this shambles it put to bed with a botched finish.

Winner - Hardcore Holly

Rating: 0 stars.  This was painful. Apparently the finish was supposed to be Hardcore pins Crash a second too late, and Tim Whyte was being counted down in his earpiece, but they blew the timing and Holly was early.  Apparently Whyte got chewed out for it backstage but he was just doing his job.  Farcical from start to finish.   Thank god thats over and I dont need to see Viscera again for a few years.

Access video.  Looks like a good bit of craic to be honest.  The show the finish to the hardcore match again and they still havent figured out an explanation for it.  We see Steve Blackman and Al Snow in the toilets discussing their match.  TITS AHOY ITS TRISH STRATUS.  That was gratuitous.

Al Snow & Steve Blackman vs Test & Albert

Al Snow has been trying to find a gimmick for Blackman and they seem to have settled for head cheese.  Theres a little dude dressed as a block of swiss cheese comes out.  What the Frak is this.  T&A come out with Trish.  T&A?  Head Cheese?  Just goes to show you that you never can quite wash off the stink of Vince Russo.  Albert proves he's an interchangable baldy big hoss henchman by teaming with Test this month after helping Bossman at No Way Out.  JR's headset breaks and King tries to cover on commentary, its as bad as it sounds.  Steve Blackman is in wicked good shape but he just isnt a pro-wrestler.  For the second tag match of the night JR makes the same comment about neither team finding an advantage - which is a polite way of saying nothings happening.  The camera cuts to Stratus again which is always welcome before T&A hit a huge double powerbomb on Snow but unfortunately Blackman breaks up the pin attempt. The little cheese dude makes an advance to Trish and King calls him Chester the Molester which I must admit gave me a chuckle, suddenly Albert hits a gorilla press slam on Blackman followed by a big elbow drop from Test.  Its good for the 3 count.

Winners via Pinfall - T&A

Rating: 0 stars.  Is this really WrestleMania?  This has been woeful.  Headcheese beat down the little cheese guy after the match.  Backstage The Kat is naked, putting on make up and Mae Young is chatting with her, they're coming up with some 'clever' ways to hide The Kats private parts (think the opening to Austin Powers 2.  Vince Frak Russo.  We need something to lift this PPV because its been shocking.

The Dudley Boys vs The Hardy Boys vs Edge & Christian - Triangle Ladder Match for the Tag Team Championship

Aw hell yeah this is what Im talking about.  Big schmoz on the ramp to start us off.  Jeff is selling like a dream for Bubba, flying all over the joint.  Christian is the first to get a ladder but its no where near big enough.  The Hardys trap Bubba in the corner with a ladder before hitting Poetry in Motion.  Shield 0.1 try it in the opposite corner but Dvon takes out Christian with the ladder.  Hardys in control now, Jeff goes for a 450 on Bubba but hits the ladder instead.  Bubba puts the ladder on a prone Jeff before hitting a second rope senton, squashing him.  E&C put a ladder on the prone Matt Hardy, the Edge rides another ladder down on top of Matt.  This is already like a car wreck, and Bubba does the Terry Funk airplane ladder spot, before E&C double drop kick it into his face.  E&C double flapjack Dvon into a ladder in the corner.  Christian with a crossbody from the top of a ladder inside the ring to the outside on Bubba and Matt.  Jeff starts to climb but Edge spears him right off the ladder (unknown foreshadowing for a year later).  Matt takes Edge off the ladder and hits a sort of Razors Edge power bomb thing.   Bubba and Christian both climb side by side ladders before Bubba hits a cutter from the ladder on Christian.  As Bubba lies motionless the Hardys hit a tandem leg drop/splash combo.  E&C deposit the Hardys to the outside, before hitting a superplex on Dvon from the ladders, and Dvon does his classic convulsion sell.  Edge and Matt on one ladder beside Christian and Jeff on the other, E&M take each other out with neckbreakers while C&J take each other out with facebusters.  Three ladders in the ring now with all 6 men trying to climb, Jeff and Christian are the first to eat Poopie as they get pushed over the top, then Matt and Edge both get toppled and straddle the top rope.  Advantage Dudleys as they both pick up ladders before sandwiching Christian between them.  Big 3D to Edge.  Bubbas got that look in his eye as they both go for tables.  They could have had this match won by now tbh.  They set up two ladders the form a bridge with a table across them.  The other two tables get set up in the ring as Bubba sets up a fourth outside.  Dvon sets Jeff on a table in the ring as Bubba climbs on the Spanish Announce table with Matt.  Dvon dives as Jeff rolls out the way, crashing through a table, while Bubba powerbombs Matt from the announce table through the other table.  Jeff runs the guardrail and leaps at Bubba but Bubba plucks him out the air by throwing a ladder at him.   Bubba gets a ladder on the ramp that must be atleast 12 ft tall, and he sets up a table at its base.  He drags Jeff over and lays him on it, but Christian decks him with the ring bell, now Bubba is on the table as Jeff starts to climb the ladder.  Perched from the top Jeff hits a senton bomb on Bubba through the table.   Back in the ring Dvon starts climbing on this elaborate set up, but Matt manages to pull him down and hit a Twist of Fate.  Matts climbing one side, Christian the other.  Edge follows Matt and he tosses him off the side through another table.  Egde and Christian both grab a belt and this match is over!

Winners and NEW WWF Tag Team Champions - Edge and Christian

Rating: 4 stars.  This was awesome.  Edge and Christian win their first Tag Team championship in a match very much worthy of WrestleMania.  Tag wrestling hasnt been as hot since the heyday of the Road Warriors and the Midnight Express.  Loved it, loved it, loved it.  We dont get to see them celebrate for long as we cut backstage for a promo.

Mick Foley is backstage with Linda McMahon.  He puts over the ladder match and talks about his fairytale ending here at WrestleMania, getting one last shot after being retired last month.  Hopefully this is a turning point in this PPV.

The Kat w/ Mae Young vs Terri w/ Moolah - Cat Fight with Val Venus as the special referee.

Oh for Frak sake.  The winner is the first one to throw their opponent out of the ring.  This is the only 1-1 match on this whole card.  This.  This Vince Russo stink Love sacks.    This is the Frak pits.

Terri wins Frak this.

Rating: -1 star. History is made.  I thought it would be a long time before I saw a match worse than Mark Henry vs Viscera but this is the worst Frak thing I have ever seen. This is the absolute worst of the Attitude Era and you should get down on your knees and thank God by name if you havent seen it.

We see the Radicalz backstage.  Light Heavyweight Champion Dean Malenko is trying to rally Eddie Guerrero to get his head in the game because he seems infatuated with Chyna.  She's teaming with Too Cool to take them on next.

Radicalz vs Too Cool & Chyna - 6 person tag

Eddie laying on the charm to Chyna, and he starts things off with S2H.  He's so quick, but S2H has the control.  He tags in Chyna but Eddie scarpers to his corner and tags in Malenko much to the chagrin of the crowd.  GMS tags in and he and Chyna hit a double vertical suplex before a celebratory dance move.  Eddie back in but the faces keep control.  GMS goes to the top but Malenko distracts the referee so Saturn can push him off the turnbuckle.  Saturn tags in and the heels take over.  It doesnt seem to last long as GMS is able to counter Eddie and tag in S2H, but Eddie drops Scotty over the ropes and regains control quickly.  Eddie is just a bucket of charisma.  He takes a suplex from GMS from inside the ring right to the floor, that looked sore. Saturn and Malenko try to double team S2H, but he counters, GMS runs in a takes down Malenko before S2H hits a facebuster on Saturn, then he hits a double worm on the Radicalz.  As bad a move as it is the crowd are eating it up, somehow still invested in this PPV despite what we've seen so far.  Heat from the crowd as again Chyna and Eddie are kept apart - its such simple booking but it works.  Heels in control again.  Big top rope elbow from Saturn misses a mile.  Chyna gets the hot tag while Eddie is the legal man and the build is paid off.  She clears house and hits back to back handspring elbows.  Huge pop.  She counters a powerbomb attempt from Eddie and hits one of her own.  She grabs Eddie by the junk before hitting him with a gorilla press.  She locks in a sleeper before dropping Eddie almost like a reverse cutter and its good for the 3 count.

Winners via Pinfall - Chyna & Too Cool

Rating: 3 stars.  This was actually pretty good.  They told a simple story really well and when you get the basics right wrestling just works.  Two PPV losses in a row for the Radicalz.  That cant be good.

We see a video package of some white trash who won front row tickets to this show, she wont stop squealing.  Thankfully we cut backstage to Shane giving Big Show a pep talk.  Show looks in great shape.  A far cry away from his days as The Giant but its probably the best he ever looked in WWE.  We see a replay from heat, turns out it was Bob Backlund who convinced the higher ups to force Angle to defend both his belts tonight, so Angle puts him in the crossface chickenwing to punish him.  We see Angle talking down to a security guard, god damn he's so good at this.

Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle (cc) - 2 fall Triple Threat match for the Euro-Continental championships.

Two back to back triple threats here with 3 of the best to ever lace them up.  The first fall is for the Intercontinental championship, and the second fall is for the European championship.  

Benoit attacks Angle outside the ring as he's making his entrance.  All three men trade counters before Benoit is sent to the outside via a shoulder in the ring post.  Jericho goes for a Lionsault but Benoit pulls his feet out from under him.  The action ends up ringside and Angle flapjacks Jericho on the steps.  Beautiful belly-to-belly from Angle.  Benoit with a huge lariat but Jericho breaks up the pin.  Tigerbomb backbreaker on Angle from Jericho and he goes to the top rope but Benoit sends him flying and he bounces off the announce table.  Benoit is in control now before Jericho somehow comes back with a big dropkick to Benoit, followed by a bigger dropkick to Angle from the second rope.  No man is able to hold momentum for long, highlighting the dangers of a triple threat match, with all three trading big moves and pin attempts.  Angle locks Jericho in the Crossface Chickenwing, and the ref checks Jericho with the arm drop thing.  When did the change it from 3 drops to just one?  Benoit breaks it up and tosses Angle out the ring, he hits a diving headbutt on Jericho and gets a three count.

Winner and new Intercontinental Champion - Chris Benoit

This match restarts immediately with Benoit trying to pin Jericho again but Angle breaks it up.  Commentary come up with a 4th 'I' for Angle - Irate.  Jericho looks like he's going to hit a hurricanrana from the top on Angle, but Benoit gets him in a belly to back suplex from the second rope instead.  Angle then goes for a moonsault but Benoit rolls out the way.  Jericho gets the Wall of Jericho on Angle but Benoit wipes him out with a clothesline.  Beautiful spinning heel kick from Jericho on Benoit, then hits a double powerbomb on Angle before Benoit hits a trio of germans for a close two count.  Big bridging German on Angle and Tim Whyte counts even though Angles shoulders are clearly not down.  King calls him out on it and brings up the Hardcore match earlier.  He gets taken out and misses Jericho tapping to the crossface.  When Benoit goes to revive the ref Jericho gets the Walls on but Angle hits him with a title belt. Another big German on Angle but Benoit misses the follow up diving headbutt when Angle rolls out the ring. Quick as a cat Jericho hits a Lionsault and its good for a three count.

Winner and new European Champion - Chris Jericho

Angle is fuming in the ring after losing both belts, Benoit celebrates with his new IC title and Jericho celebrates with his new title.  Angle still shouting at the crowd and the ref.

Rating: 4 stars.  Really enjoyed this.  Avoided the cliche of triple threat booking for the most part and they got both belts off Angle but he didnt take a pinfall so he still looks strong.  Really good booking.  Worth looking this one up, and its good knowing that the matches to come with these three guys only get better.

We see Vince talking about the main event, then HHH, before Run DMC's awesome version of the DX theme hits.   Out come Road Dogg and Xpac for the penultimate match.  Xpac gets some farty pyro before Road Dogg goes into his shpeel.  Still over as hell.  Rikishi is out first for the face team.  Why Rikishi?  Well Kane needed a partner to end this feud with Xpac and the Big Kish wasnt doing anything so here we are.   Big pop for Kane as he comes out.  The announcers wont stop talking about Pete Rose.

D-X w/ Tori vs Kane & Rikishi.

Tori slaps Bearer before the match, so while Kane is distracted DX jump Rikishi, but their dominance doesnt last long before Road Dogg eats a stink face.  Xpac saves Tori from suffering the same fate.  D-X try to leave but the faces make chase and they start fighting in the ramp way.  King calls Kane a 'big red special' which is nice.  Xpac hits a bronco buster on Rikishi, then tags in Road Dogg.  Dogg hits some of his signature moves then tags back out. Kish soaks up Xpacs offense before hitting a pop up cutter.  Hot tag to Kane who takes out Road Dogg then hits a huge back body drop on Xpac.  He drops Pac in the corner but Tori saves Xpac from a stinkface this time.  Bearer throws her in the ring and Kane goes for a chokeslam, Xpacs rescue attempt is thwarted though and she takes a stink face.  Kane tombstones Xpac for the 3 count in about 4 minutes.

Post match the faces celebrate and Too Cool run down.  Before we get a dance number, Pete Rose runs into the ring dressed as the San Diego chicken.  Rikishi has had enough and goes to leave but he's convinced to stay by Too Cool.  They put the sunglasses on and its time for a dance break.  Kane doesnt know whats going on.  Kane grabs the chicken by the neck but its not Pete Rose!  Pete Rose comes from behind and clobbers Kane with a baseball bat, but Kane no sells and drops him with a chokeslam.  To compound his misery he gets a stinkface.

Rating: 1 star.  This was Poopie.  Atleast we get a typically great promo from The Rock afterwards.

Right its time for the main event.  After beating The Rock and No Way Out to win his spot in the championship match, Big Show has sided with Shane McMahon.  Vince McMahon returned soon after and helped The Rock to win his way back into this match.  For some inexplicable reason we got the Triple Threat WWF title match on free TV - which HHH won, however after the match Linda McMahon returned and added Mick Foley to the match even though HHH retired him the month prior.  So on almost a weeks notice we have this.

HHH (c) w/ Stephanie McMahon vs The Rock w/ Vince McMahon vs The Big Show w/ Shane McMahon vs Mick Foley w/ Linda McMahon - Fatal Fourway Elimination match for the WWF Championship

The ultimate ego trip, a McMahon in every corner.  The Rock and Big Show pair off while Foley and HHH take shots at each other.  Foley and Big Show in control until Show drops both Foley and HHH with a double clothesline.   Gorilla press slams for everyone.   Mick Foley tries for a sleeper but Show drops backwards, crushing Foley.  The Rock tee's off on Show but Show stops Rockys momentum with a sidewalk slam.  Chokeslam attempt from Show but Foley hits a low blow.  All three men working over Show now, it takes a clothesline from each man to drop Show, now all three men stomping a mudhole.  The alliance doesnt last long however when Foley hits a Cactus Clothesline taking himself and HHH over the top rope.  Foley hits Show with a chair, then a Rock Bottom and its a three count.

Big Show has been eliminated

Well that was quick and pointless.  Less than five minutes.  Vince taunts Shane as he leaves with Big Show.  HHH unsuccessfully convinces Foley to work with him to take out the Rock, so he tries his luck with The Rock.  Rocky appears to agree but he sucker punches him.  The Rock n Sock connection start working together on HHH.  They appear to be on the same page as they take out HHH in the ringside area.  Mick tosses Rock the ring bell and holds up HHH.  Rock goes for a bell shot but HHH ducks and Foley takes a walloping.  HHH then drives The Rock into the ring steps.  HHH starts working over The Rock but Mick Foley gets a 2x4 with Barbed wire.  HHH saves himself with a low blow before driving the 2x4 into the stomach of Foley.  Double Arm DDT on HHH and he goes for Mr Socko.  Mandible Claw applied and he pushes HHH into a belt shot from The Rock.  Rocky set ups for the Peoples Elbow but Foley slaps the Mandible Claw on The Rock.  HHH takes them both out with a double low blow.  Hey theres Michael Clarke Duncan at ringside.   Rock takes down HHH and Foley takes down Rock for a 2 count.  Big chants for Foley as he hits the Rock with a double arm DDT but Rock kicks out.  Rock hits a big DDT on Foley but HHH breaks it up for some reason.  Foley and HHH start working together to take out The Rock now.  Rock starts choking HHH with a cable but Foley drops him with a steel step to the head.  Rocky ends up on the Spanish table and Foley drops the elbow from the second rope, but he falls short and crashes hard.  HHH tries to drop Rock through the table but it refusesd to break.  It takes a third drop before it sort of collapses.  Foley and HHH in the ring now, HHH hits the pedigree but Foley kicks out.  HHH shoves Hebner to the floor and kills Foley with a chair shot to the side of the head.  He then hits a second pedigree on the chair and the three count is academic.

Mick Foley has been eliminated

Atleast Foley went out fighting.  Its pretty unceremonious though compared to No Way Out.  He still gets a standing ovation on his way out though, and he cant hide his emotions.  Huge Foley chants.  He stops halfway up the ramp before he charges back down.  He gets the 2x4 and smashes HHH in the head with it.  A final Bang Bang and Foley is out of here.  The Rock makes the cover but HHH kicks out.  They end up outside the ring and head up the ramp as Michael Clarke Duncan barks orders.  Big suplex from The Rock to HHH on the concrete.  He bounces HHH off the stage structure and they wrestle into the crowd.  HHH gets his head bounced off the time keepers table.  The Rock lifts the steps to hit HHH with them but HHH hits the steps with a chair.  Rocky lies under the steps while HHH wails on him with the chair.   HHH hits a piledriver on the steps, this is probably one of the last piledrivers you'd see on WWF tv because it was banned not long after.  HHH gets Rocky in the ring for a pinfall but The Rock kicks out.  The Rock fights back and they trade finisher counters until The Rock back body drops HHH over the top rope.  The brawl continues and The Rock hits a spinebuster on the outside mat.  Rocky suplexes HHH through the remaining announce table.  Vince and Stephanie both look concerned.  Vince bounces HHH off the ring post as Shane McMahon sneaks down and drops Vince.  Shane batters Vince with a monitor, Vince takes it right on the forehead with no protection.  Ouch.  Stephanie cant believe it.  Vince is up and he drops Shane as blood starts to trickle down his forehead.  Its ended soon enough with a low blow from Shane, then he clobbers him with a chair shot, again unprotected to the head.  Referees swarm to break it up, and Shane squares up to Michael Clarke Duncan.  Patterson and Briscoe help Vince to the back.  Back to the actual match and Rock and HHH are beating the hell out of eachother.  A couple of nearfalls for the Rock and Shane is still stalking ringside with the chair.  HHH drops Rocky with the 2x4.  Shane gets in the ring but Rock catapults HHH into him, the hits a Rock Bottom on HHH, but he cant make the cover.  Vince charges the ring again and drops Shane, sending him out the ring.  He grabs a chair and drops The Rock with it!  HHH makes the cover but The Rock kicks out to a huge pop.  Vince with another chair shot on The Rock, this time its good for a three count.

Winner and Still WWF Champion - HHH

Post match.  Vince kicks the Rock out of the ring before celebrating with Stephanie as unhappy fans launch trash and drinks into the ring.  Shane gets in the ring, and The Rock charges and takes out Shane and Vince with Rock Bottoms.  Stephanie slaps The Rock and she gets a Rock Bottom.  Rock dials it up and hits Steph with a Peoples Elbow to send the crowd home happy.

Rating: 3.5 stars.  This main event is much maligned but I really enjoyed it.  It has its flaws, sure, but the action makes up for it.  Doesnt deserve most of the hate it gets, but the negatives arent without foundation.  I suppose its all down to personal preference.

So that was WrestleMania 2000.  How is it as a show?  Lets get to the pros and cons.


Trish Stratus
The Ladder match was an instant classic.
The Triple Threat was very good, and showcased all three men really well.
Despite the McMahon family Love sacks the main event was still pretty good.


Literally everything else was Poopie.  Barely redeemable Poopie.

Overall Verdict

This has gone down in history as one of the worst WrestleManias of all time and its hard to argue against that.  I had to take a break from watching this after the cat fight because I just couldnt take anymore.  Not even the great matches can save this from being a complete dumpster fire, even though most of the guys making their Mania debuts gave it socks. Its incredible that WWF dropped the ball so bad here, but it goes to show that they really were being carried by their main event scene, which was the opposite of WCW at the time which was only just managing to stay afloat because of their mid card scene.  Hopefully they buck up their ideas and Backlash can deliver.  See you then!


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My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000. Empty Re: My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000.

Post by Samo on Fri 01 May 2020, 2:05 pm

Alright we have arrived at Backlash 2000 and we've got a stacked card.  Traditionally the PPV's after Mania are pretty good - continuing the feuds and angles that began at Mania and this is no exception.  The Rock challenges HHH for the WWF championship but they odds are stacked against him as the modern day corporation have taken over nearly every ringside role and Shane is the special guest referee.  The Rock will have someone in his corner though...  Also on the card, Edge and Christian defend their tag team titles, Chris Jericho challenges Chris Benoit for the Intercontinental title and Kurt Angle takes on Hulk Hogan?  Kind of.. Anyway lets go to ringside to get this show on the road and hopefully wash the taste of WrestleMania out of my mouth.

Debra is introduced as the special guest ring announcer for this opening match - much to Kings delight - for some reason. It the first of 6 title matchs tonight.

Edge & Christian (c) vs D-X - WWF Tag Team Titles

The awesome Run-DMC DX theme plays and out come Road Dogg, Xpac and Tori.  You can barely hear Debra.   While the DX corporation are a heel faction these two are towing the line between heel and face here.  Crowd still love the opening promo.  E&C come out next, and Debra practically gives up half way through announcing them.  They've fully embraced the comedy heel role, this is when the 5 second pose started.  None of that hear tonight though, and its weird to see a heel vs heel match, so I reckon DX will be wrestling as the faces.  JR almost enforces that idea by saying DX should be the favourites.  Big Xpac sucks chant so maybe not.

Xpac channeling his 1-2-3 Kid days here with some impressive cruiserweight moves.  This is the third PPV in a row with a tag match opener so this must be where HHH got the idea from for NXT.    DX tag control when Road Dogg hangs Christian up on the top rope and then drives him into the stairs.  Tag to Edge but the referee didnt see it and while he's distracted with Edge DX double team Christian, and Tori gets a choke in before a bronco buster. Simple booking here, and Edge and Christian are definitely the faces.  Xpac attacks christian to prevent him making the tag, but when the referee is dealing with him Edge hits a diving headbutt on Road Dogg.  Christian counters out of a double back drop attempt and his a double reverse DDT, then he gets the hot tag to Edge to a big pop.  He catches Xpac mid air with a sit out powerbomb.  A flurry of offensive and signature moves, the ref ends up outside with Tori, Xpac hits Edge with a spinning wheel kick but because theres no ref Christian drills him with the ring bell.  He covers Xpac for the three count.

Winners via Pinfall and STILL WWF tag team champions - Edge and Christian.

Rating: 3 stars.  A very enjoyable opener, and even though Im 100% certain the Christian wasnt the legal man (and neither was Xpac) it didnt take away from the match because it was such a frantic ending.  Really good match, E&C retain and is that some dissension among the DX ranks?  Hmm.

We see The Rock arrive in a limo and we go straight into our next match, the 2nd of 6.

Dean Malenko (c) vs Scotty 2 Hotty - WWF Lightheavyweight Championship

Malenko dropped the title to S2H a couple of weeks ago, but won it back on an episode of SmackDown with the help of the ropes, so this blow off was set up.  S2H is out dancing around, Malenko comes out and he's the polar opposite.  Reminds me of Mr No Gimmicks Needed Chris Candido.  S2H straight on the offense.  Big blood stain on the mat from Xpac, eww.  A contrast of personalities but a match of styles.  Frenetic and fast paced trading of offense before Malenko gets control after a huge lariat.  Malenko takes out S2H with a dropkick to the knee so we enter the story part of this match with Dean working over the leg.  Malenko setting up submissions that are also pinning predicaments *finger kiss*.  S2H hits an enzuigiri and gets a hope spot but its quickly cut off.  Malenko goes for a spinning toe hold but S2H kicks him into the turnbuckle and rolls him up for a 2 count, but Malenko quickly regains control again.  S2H counters out of a powerbomb and hits a facebuster, the crowd pop huge as he signals for the Worm.  He hits it up its only a two count.  Malenko rolls up Scotty and puts his feet on the ropes but the referee is wise to it.  He goes up top but S2H cuts him off and sets up a superplex but Malenko counters and hits a DDT from the top rope!  Its academic at this point and he gets the three count.

Winner via Pinfall and STILL WWF Light Heavyweight Champion - Dean Malenko

Rating: 4 stars.  I absolutely loved this match.  This is one of those hidden gem matches on the WWE Network.  Simple booking done well.  Loses a point for Scotty 2 Hotty hopping around the ring on the leg thats been getting worked on the whole match, but it was a very good match and a brilliant finish which I havent seen since.  Loved it.  More of that please.

We're backstage in the corporations office and McMahon is trying to find out if Patterson and Briscoe are still on their side, then Shane comes in with his referee's shirt.  Fun fact:  Shane is a trained referee and worked the inaugural Royal Rumble match in 1988.  

Big Bossman & Bull Buchanan vs The APA.

The Acolytes have fully embraced the role of the APA, and after protecting Kai En Tai during a match they were attacked by The B team (I cant be arsed writing their names again so they'll be the B Team from now on.)  Big pop for the Acolytes and the action starts outside the ring.  4 big hosses beating the hell out of each other.  Bradshaw working over BB in the opening exchanges.    Bull does his leaping springboard clothesline on Faarooq but doesnt get all of it.  Bossman in but Faarooq takes control again.  Bradshow slams Bossman on the steps outside.  Quick tags between the APA, before Bossman is able to tag BB.  The B team isolate Faarooq now, cutting of his side of the ring.  Tag to Bradshaw but Teddy Long didnt see it.  Bradshaw finally get the tag and it all breaks down.  BB hits Bradshaw with a superplex for a two count.  Clothesline from Hell from Bradshaw but Bossman breaks up the cover, he takes Faarooq down with the nightstick, then hits Bradshaw with it. BB hits a huge legdrop from the top and its good for the three count.

Winners via Pinfall - The B Team

Rating: 1.5 stars.  Wasnt bad but was too long and never really got that exciting.  Bull Buchanan is still pretty impressive even if he is a bit limited, but he only debuted a couple of months ago so give him time.  Another big PPV lose for the APA.  

Quick cut to backstage where we see the Hardy Boys discuss the upcoming Hardcore title match, and they mutally agree that if it comes to it they'll fight if they have to.  Hardcore Holly tries to affirm the same to Crash but Crash tries to talk him out of it.

Crash Holly (c) vs Hardcore Holly vs Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy vs Perry Saturn vs Tazz - 6 pack challenge for the WWF Hardcore Title

3rd title match of the night.  Decent reactions for all 6 guys.  Perry Saturn is the last of the Radicalz to win a WWF title, but the Radicalz have all but disbanded by this point.  Crash quickly tries to escape, but the rest of the guys wont let him.  He tries climbing the structure at ringside (which looks awesome)  Matt jumps from it onto the 5 other guys, must've been about 12 feet in the air.   Jeff swings off one of the hooks in the structure to hit Saturn with a hurricarana.  Hardys double team Crash but Tazz takes them both out with a trash can lid. Big ECW chants.  Although theres less than half the field of the WrestleMania match this is still pretty difficult to keep track of.  Its about half way through when I realised that they need to pin Crash to win the title.  I like the dynamic of Bob Holly being a badass who loves to fight and will happily fight his little cousin Crash, and Crash who is reluctant to do so. Hardcore looks to have the title won when he hits Crash with a Falcon Arrow on a chair but Matt breaks it up.  Wouldnt be a Hardys match without a ladder and Jeff duly obliges.   Matt with a Twist of Fate to Crash before Jeff hits the now-christened Swanton Bomb from the ladder.  Matt makes the cover but Jeff breaks it up and they start fighting.  Tazzmission to Crash but Saturn drops Tazz with a stop sign across the head.  Matt and Jeff take out Hardcore and Saturn outside as Crash crawls over Tazz and gets a pin.  Huge pop.

Winner and STILL WWF Hardcore Champion - Crash Holly

Rating: 2 stars.  This was much more enjoyable than WrestleMania even if it was still a bit too chaotic for its own good at times.  It was still fine for what it was.  Backstage Coach is interviewing Shane and asks him if he can be impartial.  Shane says of course he will be, even if he is less than convincing.

Hulk Hogan (?) vs Kurt Angle

Big Show has decided he's had enough of being a big bad heel, so he's turned face and started impersonating other superstars, including Rikishi and Val Venis and having a bit of fun.  He and Kurt Angle get a tag team title show but Big Show isnt taking it seriously.  So Angle slaps him and Big Show takes him out.  Angle says he can see potential in Big Show so wants to try and make him serious again.  Angle is out first and cuts a good promo, comparing himself to past presidents and putting down Big Show.  He's so damn good.  Real American hits and out comes the Showster.  Crowd are loving this.  Show cuts a promo as Hulk Hogan and he's pretty good at it.  Angle jumps him and Show immediately Hulks up, couple of big right hands before he hits the big leg drop but Angle kicks out.  Angle uses his speed to take Showster down and starts working the knee.  Big Show gets pissed off and turns on the offense, starts wailing on Kurt and throwing him around the ring.  Big dropdown chokeslam from Big Show and its academic.

Winner via Pinfall - The Showster

Rating: 1 star.  It was a bit of fun but ultimately a waste of these two guys, especially Angle.

The Dudley Boyz vs T&A

Ever since Trish Stratus debuted, Bubba Ray has had his sighted on her, wanting to put her throw a table.  Everytime he gets the chance she ends up seducing her way out of it. Dvon is trying his best to snap Bubba out of it.  We see Billy Corgan at ringside.  Its amazing to think that Trish - who at this point is nothing but eye-candy valet - would go on to be one of the most respected womens wrestlers of all time. Dvon and Albert start us off, Dvon being the quicker man for probably the first time in his career.  Some pretty fast paced action, both teams trading control and momentum, but the heels eventually managed to control the match. T&A working well together as a unit against the more experienced team.  Bubba distracts Albert while he's on the second rope allowing Dvon to get a superplex.  Dvon makes the hot tag and cleans house.  The Dudleys isolate Test and hit a modified 3D but it only gets a two.  Test goes for a big elbow but misses and that gets a two count.  The Dudleys signal for a 3D proper but Trish jumps on the apron and distracts Bubba enough for Test to take out Dvon then hit Bubba with a big boot for a three count.

Winners via Pinfall - T&A

Post match the Dudleys clear house and Bubba grabs Trish.  Dvon sets up a table and Trish tries to get her way out of it by kissing Bubba again, it doesnt work and Bubba drags her to the corner and powerbombs her throw a table to a huge pop from the crowd.  We see a few replays and the Dudleys celebrate.  Trish is put on a stretcher and taken out of the arena.

Rating: 2 stars.  A pretty decent tag match but overshadowed by the uncomfortable story of Bubba and Trish.

We see Trish being loaded in an ambulance when lowrider appears, its got Eddie and Chyna in it.  Eddie is told if he doesnt get out there right now he forfeits his title, so he drives the car into the ringside area.

How did this come about?  Eddie won the European title from Chris Jericho when Chyna turned on Y2J and sided with Eddie after a month of spurning his advances.  Eddie has a tuxedo on a Chyna has a red dress, apparently they've just came back from prom.  Eddie is defending his title against Esse Rios.  They had a tag team match vs the Hardys but Lita screwed up and cost them the match.  They had a rematch and the same thing happened, Chyna ends up throwing Lita to the Dudleys who put her throw a table.  Rios blames Eddie and Chyna for what happened and challenges Eddie for the title.

Eddie Guerrero (c) w/ Chyna vs Esse Rios w/ Lita - WWF European Championship

4/6 title matches.  Eddie is still in his slacks and bow tie, he takes advantage early with a blindside drop kick.  Some highflying back and forth before Guerroro takes control.  Guerrero working a more methodical technical style while Rios gets the high flying hope spots.  A traditional lucha libre exchange ends with Rios monkey flipping Eddie but Eddie goes too far and crashes into the ropes.  That looked scarier than it was because Guerrero quickly regains control.  He sets up Rios for a powerbomb on the announce table but Lita goes to the top to jump on Eddie.  Chyna shoves Lita off and she crashes into the table. Rios uses the distraction to back body drop Eddie, then hits a big springboard asai moonsault onto Eddie on the outside.  Rios hits a huge senton flip from inside the ring to Eddie on the outside.  He goes to the top rope but Chyna drops him on the turnbuckle, Eddie capitalizes with a superplex. Guerrero hits a brainbuster then goes to the top, Rios meets him there and hits an armdrag off the top.  He goes for a top from moonsault but Eddie gets his knees up.  Airplane spin into a neck breaker by Eddie and its enough for a three count.

Winner via Pinfall and STILL WWF European Champion - Eddie Guerrero

Eddie and Chyna celebrate but its short lived and Rios takes them both out with a dropkick, then Lita storms the ring and rips Chynas dress off as King starts screaming "BRA AND PANTIES BRA AND PANTIES" eugh.  Eddie offers the belt to Chyna to help cover up but she pushes him off.  Eddie starts admiring Chyna in her lingerie before Chyna poses for the crowd.

Rating: 3 stars.  A pretty good match with two guys who gel well.  Not quite at the hidden gem level of Malenko and Hotty but worth a watch.  Esse Rios was only 22 here and it still wrestling sporadically in AAA.  This was probably his most high profile match in WWF, and this would be his last WWF PPV appearance and would spend the rest of his time in WWF wrestling on Heat and Jakked.

Benoit cuts a simple promo backstage before Y2J makes his entrance.

Chris Benoit (c) vs Chris Jericho - WWF Intercontinental Championship

Jericho the charismatic loudmouth vs Benoit straight from the school of Chris Candido no gimmicks needed.  These two guys have been wrestling together since as far back as 95 as Wild Pegasus and Lionheart in Japan so this should be some top drawer stuff.  The first few minutes both men are trading moves and counters, great chemistry.  Jericho looks to have taken control before Benoit goes for his patented 3 Germans, he hits two before Jericho gets to the ropes to break it.  Benoit gives him a receipt with a backdrop over the top.  He goes for a suicide dive but Jericho avoids it.  JR calls it a career shortening move - ouch.  Thats nearly as bad a call as Joey Styles with Mike Awesome.  Benoit irish whips Jericho into the steel steps but Jericho leaps over, so Benoit dropkicks them into his legs.  Quick plug from JR for Innsurextion in London (not covering it).   Benoit fully in control as he catapults Y2J into the top turnbuckle.  Benoit has that very rare ability that not many wrestlers have ever had in that he can make this fake fight look like a real one.  His offense, his selling, his work rate.  Spot on. At this point in time he's probably the best wrestling in the world.  In American at the very least.  Jericho gets a bit back with a reverse elbow, he goes for the Lionsault but Benoit gets the knees up.   Jericho with the advantage and gets a few nearfalls.  Jericho misses a springboard dropkick but drops Benoit on the turnbuckle as he climbs.  Y2J attempts a back drop but Benoit counters and lands on top of Jericho and gets a two count.  Jericho hits a double powerbomb but cant Benoit kicks out and applies the Crossface, but Jericho manages to get his feet to the ropes, Benoit drags him into the centre of the ring and tries to apply it again but Jericho fights out and gets up getting Benoit in the Walls of Jericho but Beniot manages to get to the ropes this time.  Jericho misses a flying forearm and smashes into the ref.  Benoit gets the title belt and clobbers Jericho with it. Tim Whyte is revived enough to make a two count.  Jericho takes a snap suplex on the title, then Benoit goes for a diving headbutt.  Jericho moves and Benoit hits the title belt and the referee calls for the bell.  Jericho has been disqualified!

Winner via Disqualifiaction and STILL WWF Intercontinental Champion - Chris Beniot

Post match an irate Chris Jericho puts Tim Whyte in the Walls of Jericho and the other refs swarm down to try and break it up.  Replays show that Jericho raised the title belt up and hit Benoit with it, so it was the right call.

Rating: 4 stars.  Loved this match aswell, as expected with the two parties involved.  Fair ending gets both men out of doing a job and keeps the belt on Benoit.  This is another match you should go out of your way to see.  

We get a promo package for the main event.  After The Rock was screwed by Vince at WrestleMania he won this match by beating The B Team in a handicap steel cage match. He was dismantled and left a bloody mess by HHH afterward.  However the McMahon Helmsley Faction are stacking the odds against The Rock every chance they get.  Not only will Vince and Stephanie be allowed at ringside, but Shane McMahon is the special guest referee.  Linda McMahon decides that its unfair and puts someone in The Rocks corner - Stone Cold Steve Austin!    We see Austin destroying the DX Express and McMahon tries to warn The Rock that he cant trust Austin.  Austin still hasnt appeared at the arena yet, so The Rock is going into this one alone.

Triple H (c) vs The Rock - WWF Championship

The 6th of 6 title matches tonight, but no other titles have changed hands.  Will this one be any different?  Shane McMahon is out first, followed by HHH with Vince and Stephanie.  Vince has a mic but is drowned out by a series of boos.  He has a program with him and he highlights the words "Card subject to change".  He says Stone Cold will not be here tonight.  The Rocks music hits and he comes out to a huge pop. The Rock has control early doors before HHH takes advantage of a Shane distraction to hit a neck breaker.  Huge Rocky chants from this electric crowd.  The match goes to the outside and HHH is bouncing Rocky off the steps and the announce table.  Vince bounces Rock off the ring post as Shane is "distracted" with HHH.  This starts to be the theme of the match.  Every time The Rock gets a hope spot he gets screwed someway.  JR says that HHH is good enough and doesnt need anyone to cheat for him.  10/10 commentary right there.  HHH has a sleeper on The Rock and puts his feet on the ropes but Shane is "distracted" by Vince again.  Double clothesline takes both men out, Shane starts counting but is trying to rouse HHH aswell.  Vince lays the Rock out with the title belt.  HHH crawls and makes the cover but Rock kicks out.  Rock gets control and sends HHH over the top rope.  Huge DDT by the Rock but Shane doesnt count.  Rock clobbers him and sends him to the outside.  HHH sends the Rock out aswell then cracks him into the steel steps.  HHH starts clearing the Spanish announce table.  HHH goes for a pedigree but Rock low blows him.  He sets up a Rock Bottom but Shane climbs up and tries to break it up, so he double Rock Bottoms Shane and HHH through the table, with Shane crushed under HHH.  Rocky gets HHH in the ring, Vince jumps him from behind and starts taunting him.  Rock doesnt like that and starts beating him down before HHH hits a low blow.  Pedigree! Theres no referee, so Vince waves for a ref.  Here comes Patterson and Briscoe in ref shirts.  Rock kicks out at two before the Stooges beat down on The Rock. Steph gives Vince a chair as the 4-1 beatdown continues.  Crowd chanting cowpat as Vince smashes Rocky with the chair.  HHH sets up for another pedigree when AUSTINS MUSIC HITS! ITS STONE COLD! THE PLACE ERUPTS!  Austin takes out HHH with a chair, then Patterson, then Briscoe, then Shane, then Vince!  Chairshot to HHH again.  As he's leaving Linda McMahon appears with Earl Hebner (who was fired a few weeks ago by HHH).  Linda shoves down Stephanie, and The Rock hits a spinebuster/Peoples Elbow combo on HHH, Hebner storms the ring and makes the three count!

Winner and NEW WWF Champion - The Rock!

The crowd erupts as Rocky lifts the belt above his head.  He celebrates in the ring and JR tells us the game is over. He poses with the title in the corners but Austins music hits again!  Rock doesnt know what to make of it but we see Austins truck driving into the arena towing the wreck of the DX Express.  He gets in the ring and shares a few beers with The Rock.

Rating: 4 stars.  This was the main event that WrestleMania should have had.  Simple story of The Rock overcoming the odds and the corporation trying to screw him everystep of the way.  You get the excitement of Stone Cold and the pop of a big baby face win.  Brilliant way to end this show.


Dean Malenko vs Scotty 2 Hotty
The Canadian Chris's
The Main event

Big Show vs Angle
APA vs The B Team

Overall Verdict

This was a very good and very watchable show, especially compared to WrestleMania.  It wasnt perfect, but it did a great job of reaffirming the WWF as the top dog, especially considering WCW had just crowned David Arquette as the World Heavyweight Champion.  Worth going back a checking out because theres a few hidden gems here.  The 'B' PPV's often get overlooked which I dont think is very fair.  I'll be back soon with WWF Judgement Day...


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My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000. Empty Re: My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000.

Post by Samo on Wed 06 May 2020, 1:35 pm

Its the inaugural Judgement Day PPV.  A card that should be a cracker (atleast on paper) headlined by only the second 60 Minute Ironman match in WWF history for the WWF title (if you dont count the two that happened on house shows in the early 90's).  We start of the show backstage where the McMahon faction are gathered and seem to be having a good time.  Hardcore champion Gerald Briscoe interupts but he's quickly sent to get coffee for everyone.  Vince hypes DX vs The Dudleys in a table match, and Shane vs Big Show in a falls counts anywhere match.  Quick cut and we see Briscoe being assaulted by the Headbangers, it doesnt come to anything and we see Shawn Michaels in his referee gear for tonight main event.  Kurt Angles music hits and out comes the olympic champ for the opener.  The Tag Team champions join him and they're carrying big bags with them.  E&C are playing the conceited over-confident surfer dudes, and its time for a five second pose.  The three dress up as a Jug band, which Edge calls the greatest cultural achievement to come out of Kentucky.  This was great fun.  The crowd pops huge and Too Cool and Rikishi come out.

Kurt Angle, Edge & Christian vs Too Cool & Rikishi.

The heels try to get the jump early but the faces quickly gain control with a triple decker corner splash spot.  Once Teddy Long gets this under control GMS and Edge start us off.  Lots of energy from the faces and they're in firm control, outsmarting Edge and Christian at every turn.  Huge chant for Rikishi.  Christian tags down GMS and mock dances whilst GMS tags in Rikishi.  Rikishi clears everyone but Angle finally gets the tag and takes control of Rikishi.  They try isolating the big man in their corner but he fights out easy and tags in S2H.  He hits a bulldog and signals for the Worm but Angle drops him with a clothesline.  Heels back in control now, working over Scotty 2 Hotty.  Big Angle sucks chant now, the crowd are electric.   Rikishi makes a hot tag and the crowd explode, chanting OOH every time he hits someone.  He hits the triple decker corner splash again then gets Angle with the Stink Face. He no sells a double DDT but Edge takes him down with a spear.  Edge sets up for a Worm but S2H hits a bulldog, then follows up with a Worm of his own.  Rikishi lifts Edge for a Rikishi Driver but Christian decks him with the ring bell.  While Edge makes the cover however, the ref is too busy trying to break up Christian and S2H so GMS climbs the top a hits Edge with a Hip Hop Drop, Rikishi rolls over and makes the cover.

Winners via Pinfall - Rikishi and Too Cool

After the match the faces dance to celebrate while the heels stew in the aisle.  The crowd are stupid hot into this jesus christ.

Rating: 3.5 stars.  This went 10 minutes but never felt like it.  The crowd were super into everything given to them and everyone did their job well.  A thoroughly enjoyable match and excellent opener to get the crowd going.  Proof positive that a hot crowd can make a match.

Michael Cole is backstage interviewing Shawn Michaels.  He asks whether he can be impartial or not given his history with HHH.  Shawn confirms he was hired to do a job and he will do that job to the best of his ability.  Cole asks is he is jealous of The Rock.  Makes me wonder why we never got an HBK vs The Rock match.  Thats one of the biggest dream matches ever. We see Eddie and Chyna arrive at the arena earlier, but they're stopped by Dean Malenko who tells Chyna to stay out of their business.  

Eddie Guerrero (c) vs Dean Malenko vs Perry Saturn - Triple Threat match for the WWF European Championship

Former Radicalz collide here.  Chyna is accompanying Eddie with a bouquet of roses Eddie gifted to her.  Perry Saturn is out next and he looks swole, and his eye hasnt gone lazy yet.  Dean Malenko, still with the Radicalz music, and his Light Heavyweight title isnt on the line.  Saturn and Malenko working together early to take out Eddie.  The alliance is quickly broken when Saturn takes out Malenko with a lariat.  Guerrero takes control with his speed and lucha style.  Malenko counters a head scissors from Eddie into a side slam.  Nice.  Eddie hits a tornado DDT on Saturn but Malenko breaks up the fall.  Big powerbomb on Eddie gets a two.  He goes for another powerbomb but Guerrero counters with a sunset flip but Malenko counters the counter into a texas cloverleaf, and he locks it in Saturn takes him out.  Guerrero now in control sets up Malenko for a superplex, but Saturn pulls him down a hits a beautiful overhead Belly to Belly, he goes to superplex Malenko but he fights him off.  Guerrero goes up to get Malenko now but Dean hits an avalanche gutbuster.  Saturn up top with a big Frog Splash on Eddie but Malenko breaks it up. Now Saturn tries to lock the Cloverleaf on Malenko but Eddie breaks it up and hits a brainbuster. Malenko hits a back suplex on Guerrero while Saturn hits a German on Malenko at the same time.  Saturn rolls to the outside and Chyna smashes him with the roses.  She tries to hit Dean but he grabs them off her.  She drops from the apron and pulls Malenkos feet out from under him and he lands face first on the flowers.  Eddie rolls him up quickly and gets the three count.

Winner via Pinfall and STILL WWF European Champion - Eddie Guerrero

Post match we see Chyna and Eddie celebrate as Eddie reveals the big lead pipe hidden in the flowers.

Rating: 2.5 stars.  A pretty good match that avoided all the Triple Threat cliches, and the right guy goes over in the end, but he cheats to win so that keeps the heat on him.  Very good, probably could have went another few minutes but overall I cant complain.  All three men looked good so job done.

We see how Briscoe won the Hardcore title, by pinning Crash on Smackdown while he was asleep.  Briscoe appears to have recovered from his assault by the Headbangers earlier, stll with the belt he's hiding out in the toilets.  He gets scared by his own reflection in the mirror... sigh.

We see how Shane McMahon and Big Show crossed paths.  Big Show is still having fun, while Shane is decrying him for it.  Shane has been talking about Show behind his back saying how much he owns Big Show and how much of an idiot Big Show is.  Shane challenges Big Show and Show seems to get a bit more serious.  Shane sets up Big Show in a gauntlet match which turns into a 7 on 1 beating, with 6 guys helping Shane chokeslam Big Show.  Shanes out first for this No Disqualification match and he doesnt seem too confident.  Big Show out to a massive pop to his WWF Aggression theme (rapped by K Mac, Mack 10, Boo Kapone and MC Eiht if you're wondering which you probably arent).  Its actually a decent theme.

Shane McMahon vs Big Show - Falls Count Anywhere

Shane immediately leaps over the top rope to get Big Show but Show catches him easy, and drives him into the ring post.  He bounces him off the steel steps, then a big powerslam onto the bottom section of the steps.  Big Show presses Shane back into the ring over the top rope.  Shane tries to rally but Big Show still in firm, easy control.  This is a massacre.  Show signals for a chokeslam but Bossman runs out and attacks him with a nightstick, targeting the knee.  Show is able to get back in control and takes out Bossman with a couple of head butts and a powerbomb.  T&A storm the ring with chairs but Big Show punches the chairs right out their hands.  Trish hits a low blow but Show no sells, and he presses her up and out of the ring into T&A.  He drops Test and Albert with a double clothesline as Shane tries to escape.  Show catches up to him and throws him into the stage setup.    Show pulls a bit part of the steel frame off and lifts it over his head, Shane is able to drop kick him down as T&A start the double team again.  Shane rams show with a road case and makes a cover but Show kicks out.  He's pissed and takes out all three men.  Albert gets bounced into the stage, then Test.  Bull Buchanan is out now attacking Show with a nightstick. Shane pushes a big speaker onto Shows leg, trapping him.  Shane cracks a cinder block over Big Shows head and knocks him out, getting the three count.

Winner via Pinfall - Shane McMahon

Afterwards Shane celebrates while a whole host of refs and emt's attend Big Show.  Sgt Slaughter is there for his PPV pay day.  Big Show wakes and is helped to the back on one leg.

Rating: 1.5 stars.  This went a mile a minute and didnt slow down, but not in a good way.  Makes Big Show look really strong that it took 5 guys to take him out, and makes Shane look like a real piece of Poopie, so I suppose it did what they intended it to, but it wasnt great.

We see replays spliced with live footage of Big Show being loaded into an Ambulance, then we see Briscoe again.  He heads into the referees lockerroom looking for a safe space.  He falls asleep and freaks out when the refs check he is ok.  We then see HBK and HHH having a catch up before moving onto our next contest.  

Chris Benoit (c) vs Chris Jericho - Submission match for the Intercontinental Championship

The Crossface vs The Walls. The opening exchanges are a tight back and forth until Benoit his a shoulder breaker.  He starts working over Jerichos shoulders and neck.  Jericho shifts momentum and attempts the Walls but Benoit twists him out of it.  Jericho dropkicks Benoit to the outside and we see Val Venus backstage (he's challenged the winner to a match on RAW).  Benoit back in control and throws Jericho into the steps.  Jericho counters Benoit with a Knee breaker on the steel steps.  Jericho follows it up with a tigerbomb backbreaker and instinctively goes for a cover.  Trading chops but Jericho misses a shoulder charge in the corner and hits the ring post.  Benoit removes the turnbuckle cover and drives Y2J's shoulder into the metal ring a couple of times.  Another loud chop exchange and Benoit hits a beautiful snap suplex.  Benoit locks in a fujiwara armbar but Jericho makes it to the ropes - highlighting the flaw in a submission match.  Its No DQ but rope breaks still apply.  Jericho regains momentum with attacks on Benoits knee, taking Benoits knee brace off, then starts whipping the knee with it.  Jericho locks in a modified Walls using the ropes for leverage, almost like a tarantula.  Benoit regains control with a trio of Germans, but Jericho breaks out of the third and goes for the Walls, Benoit fights out of it and smashes Jericho in the face with the knee brace.  Benoit locks in the Crippler Crossface but Jericho is crawling to the ropes.  Benoit breaks it and drags him back into the middle of the ring to reapply.  Jericho gets free for a moment but Benoit punches him a couple of times and goes straight back to it.  Benoits hands slip down round Jerichos neck and Y2J eventually passes out.  The ref calls this one off.

Winner via stoppage and STILL Intercontinental Champion - Chris Benoit

Rating: 4 stars.  Loved this.  Loved it loved it loved it.  Benoit looks like a monster and Jericho saves face because he never tapped out.  This is one of those gems.  Go out of your way to watch it.

Michael Cole is with Gerald Briscoe.  He's lamenting how everyone is trying to beat him for the title and he cant stop looking for striped shirts.  Two guys bringing in beverages are behind them talking to ref, so Briscoe attacks them both.  We see The Rock threatening Shawn Michaels to call it right down the middle.

Time for our penultimate match.  A tag team tables match.  DX vs The Dudleys.  The Dudleys have went full face and have been standing up to DX recently - who still blame them for the break up of the New Age Outlaws - and Bubba has his eyes on putting Tori through a table.

The Dudley Boys vs D-X - Tag Team Table Match

Same rules as the Royal Rumble - put both team members through a table to win, although interestingly its not tornado rules. Typical Dudley tag match until DX decide they've had enough and try to leave.  Once the action gets back in the ring DX take control working over Dvon.  Theres a tag to Dvon but the ref doesnt see it.  Dvon with a double clothesline then makes the tag to Bubba.  Bubba hits a few high impact moves and calls for tables.  Two tables are set up in opposite corners, and when Dvon goes out to get another Road Dogg throws him into the steps.  Road Dogg sets up a table and pumphandle slams Dvon through it.  1-0 to DX.  Bubba starts beating down on Road Dogg.  Xpac sets up for a bronco buster on Dvon but Bubba grabs him by the hair and drops him.  Xpac jumps up but Bubba catches him and powerbombs him through a table.  1-1.  Bubba and Road Dogg trading fists and the referee tries to break them up, so they both throw the referee throw a table!  The Dudleys 3D Road Dogg through a table but the referee cant call the match off.  Briscoe comes down and drags Road Dogg out the ring.  Tori gets in and tries to slap Bubba but he grabs her by the hair.  They set up a table and get Tori set up but Briscoe low blows Bubba, saving her.  Xpac climbs up and hits a super Xfactor on Bubba through the table, which the referee sees and calls the match.

Winners - D-X

Post match Briscoe tells Bubba to suck it but he's jumped by Dvon.  They get another table and 3D Briscoe through it.

Rating: 2 stars.  Took a while to get going but was good fun in the end.  Fun Fact:  The Dudleys are now 1-4 in this series or reviews, and despite the tables being their specialty they havent won a tables match on PPV yet.

Theres a creepy vignette of little girls reciting the Lords prayer.  JR and King cant figure it out, but Kings best guess its because tonight is Judgement Day.

Time for the Backlash rematch.  Grab a couple of cans and settle yourself in, this is going the distance.  Very good video package hyping this up.  They get the story and history of HBK in but keep the focus on the two guys in the match.  Finkel runs down the rules.  Whoever score the most falls in the 60 minute time limit will win. Unlike WrestleMania 12 champions advantage applies and The Rock will retain in the event of a tie.

The Rock (c) vs HHH - 60 Minute Iron Man Match for the WWF Title - Shawn Michaels is the Special referee.

HBK is out first to a good pop.  Like Perry Saturn his eye hasnt gone lazy yet.   HHH is out next flanked by the McMahons sans Linda.  HHH tells them all to go in the back, because he has to settle this on his own.  The Rock comes out to huge ovation.  The bell rings and both men stare down and start trashing talking before a lock up.  Theres a sign in the crowd that reads "Kevin Sullivan will book for food" that gave me a chuckle.  Pretty slow pace to begin with, both men being very methodical.  The Rock ups the pace with a few nearfalls, but HHH goes outside to break the momentum.  He gets back in the ring for a few more quick exchanges before Rock drops him with a huge right and he goes outside again.  He takes full advantage of the 10 count, getting back in at 7.    The crowd break into a big Rocky chant.  HHH gets control and starts working over The Rocks shoulder.  A clock appears and we're at the 10 minute mark with neither man coming close to a fall.    Suddenly, out of no where The Rock hits a Rock Bottom and makes a three count!

The Rock scores via Pinfall - 1-0

HHH rolls out the ring but The Rock makes chase.  They fight ringside and it moves into the entrance ramp.  The Rock is in full control until HHH reverses him and drops him on the guard railing.  HHH breaks the 10 count then starts his assault again.  Goes for a high knee but The Rock dodges and he hits the guard rail.  The Rock suplexes HHH from the apron into the ring and gets another two count.  Rocky then wraps HHH's leg round the ring post.  Rock working over the knee now, fully in control of things.  Rock locks in the Figure 4 leg lock, but HHH refuses to tap.  His shoulders go down and HBK counts a two.  JR wonders whether HHH should just tap, lose the fall but save his leg.  HHH is in agony but manages to roll over and flip the pressure.  I love that by the way, such a simple way to tell a story - thank you Buddy Rogers and thank you Ric Flair.  The fight goes to the outside where HHH is able to take control.  The fight spills into the crowd and descends into a brawl.  Somehow we make in back into the ring as we hit the 20 minute mark.   HHH with a series of nearfalls but cant keep Rock down.  The fight goes to the outside again and HHH gets thrown into the steel steps.   Rock working over the knee in the ring again.  Rocky goes for the Figure 4 again but he's kicked into the corner, HHH then hits a Pedigree and gets a three count.

HHH scores via Pinfall - 1-1

HHH with a blatant choke on The Rock, he counters an Irish whip and he gets quick inside cradle for another pin.

HHH scores via Pinfall - 1-2

The Rock is fighting back with hard right hands, but HHH dumps him to the outside.  The fight continues up onto the stage area, HBK not counting, just letting them go.  HHH is bounced off the structure, but HHH counters a suplex attempt into one of his own onto the concrete.  We hit the 30 minute mark and The Rock hits a back suplex on HHH on the ramp.  King points out that both men have just broke their record for the longest match they have ever had.  Rock in control as he whips HHH into the apron then backdrops him onto the concrete ramp.  We hear HBK tell JR he's not going to count both men and let them fight.  Back in the ring Rock pulls HHH up and drops him with a right.   HHH counters with a facebuster then hits a piledriver.  He rolls over and gets a three count.

HHH scores via Pinfall - 1-3

Both men look knackered but The Rock explodes out of the corner with a huge clothesline.  HHH cuts off the hope spot quickly enough though, and the pace slows again.  HHH climbs to the top rope but The Rock with a super arm drag drops him hard.  Both men take a 9 count to get to their feet, and The Rock lays into HHH with huge right hands.  He gets a nearfall but HHH hits a high knee and gets a nearfall of his own.  They exchange shots but HHH gets a sleeper on The Rock.  Rocky tries to break out by pulling the hair but it doesnt work.  They drop down and it looks like Rock is fading, HBK lifts his arm but The Rock powers up before it falls once.  HHH uses the ropes for leverage and HBK calls him out on it. Checks The Rock again and the arm falls once but HHH uses the ropes again, HBK kicks his legs off the ropes as we hit the 40 minute mark.  Rock recovers while they argue and lays the Smackdown on HHH, he counters a sleeper and hits a belly to belly suplex.  Rock makes a cover but only gets a two.  Rock scores a floatover DDT and makes a cover for a three count.

The Rock scores via Pinfall - 2-3

We're at 18 minutes as The Rock drags HHH outside.  He drops HHH on the timekeepers table. He goes for a second shot but HHH counters and hits Rock on the table.  HHH goes to use a chair but HBK unarms him.  Rock whips HHH into the steps.  They fight their way around the ring and Rock hits a big neckbreaker on HHH.  Back in the ring and HHH clobbers The Rock with a chair, HBK calls the fall.

The Rock scores via Disqualification - 3-3

HHH immediately makes the cover and gets a three count.

HHH scores via Pinfall - 3-4

The Rock is busted open and HHH puts the sleeper back on.  They drop to the mat and HBK checks on the Rock.  The arm falls once.  Twice.  Three ti... NO The Rock holds on, he makes it to his feet and fights out of it.  He bounces off the ropes for a big move but HHH locks the sleeper again.  HBK checks again.  Arm falls once.  Twice.  Three times.  HBK calls the fall.

HHH scores via Submission - 3-5

HHH doesnt break the hold but HBK forces him to.  It looks like their going to come to blows but HHH backs down.  The Rock is back up and goes straight for HHH with right hands and sends him flying over the top rope into a camera man.   HHH kills any momentum Rock had with a big DDT but he can only get a two count.  Its the 50 minute mark and HHH goes up top again.  Rock crotches him on the turnbuckle though and lays into him with big hands.  Rock climbs to the second rope but HHH drops him with a headbutt.  Rock recovers and hits a superplex from the second rope.  Both men are down but Rock makes a cover, he only gets a two though.  The fight spills outside once again.  Rocky bounces HHH off the steps again, then catapults him into the ring post.   HHH is able to counter Rock and whips him into the steps.  With less than 6 minutes left HHH starts clearing the announce table.  HHH sets up for a Rock Bottom on the table, but The Rock fights out and hits HHH with a Pedigree on the table.  4:30 left on the clock.  The Rock gets in the ring and HBK starts counting.  Its a pretty quick count but he makes it to 10 as we see a bloody HHH trying to recover.

The Rock scores via Count out - 4-5

HBK goes to check on HHH as the McMahons head down to ringside.  Theres only 3 minutes left as HHH nearly gets counted out again, but makes it back in at 9.  The Rock is straight on him, he lays the Smackdown, then a big lariat, then a big DDT.  Shane tries to get involved but Rock drops him, he then drops Vince and hits HHH with a spinebuster.  He hits the Peoples Elbow as DX arrives and gets the three count.

The Rock scores via Pinfall - 5-5

HBK is pulled out the ring and he drops Vince and Shane.  Road Dogg is fought off by The Rock who hits a Rock Bottom on HHH but Xpac jumps him.  HBK is out and its a 4 on 1 as the vignette from earlier plays.  Suddenly THE UNDERTAKER APPEARS ON HIS MOTORBIKE!  HE storms the ring and takes out DX and the McMahons one by one!  Chokeslam to Road Dogg, Chokeslame to Xpac!  He grabs Stephanie but HHH breaks it up, he hits a tombstone on HHH as HBK waves it off.  The buzzer sounds and the bell rings.  There confusion and chaos.  No one knows whats happening.  HBK comes out and talks to Finkel.  Finkel makes the announcement.  That due to outside interferance, the winner of the fall via disaqualification is.... HHH!

HHH scores via Disqualification - 5-6

Winner and NEW WWF Champion - Triple H!

DX and Vince help HHH to the back as we go off air, confusion and chaos reign supreme here.

Rating: 4.5 stars.  This was an incredible match.  Both men gave it everything and it never once felt like they went a full 60 minutes.  This was everything that HBK vs Bret Hart should have been.  Drama, story, action.  Loved it.  HHH gets his title back but theres an asterix next to it as both men were equal, and there will be an argument about whether HBK screwed The Rock or not, and did the buzzer go before the bell was rung?  Oooh tune in to RAW to find out as we wrap up another classic PPV.


The opener was good fun.
Benoit vs Jericho was excellent yet again
One of the best Iron Man matches ever, possibly THE best depending who you ask.


The Triple Threat could have used a bit more time.
Shane vs Big Show failed to deliver, but its a stop gap match.

Overall verdict

Whopper of a show.  WWF going from strength to strength right now.  A show where even the worst match delivered in some capacity.  Not as good a show overall as Backlash but easily the 2nd best PPV so far.  HHH and The Rock proving to be two of the best in the business, Undertaker returning with a new gimmick to inject some new life into the main event, and the undercard is as solid as it will ever be. This is another one to dedicate the time to.  Hopefully next months King of the Ring PPV can keep the momentum going.  I'll see you all there.

Im going to do end this show with something a bit different, and include a table ranking the PPV's in order now that we've got a few under our belt.

Judgement Day
Royal Rumble
No Way Out
WrestleMania 2000

Incredibly, its the flagship show propping up the table.  Still cant believe how WWF dropped the ball with that given how consistently good the two shows following have been.


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My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000. Empty Re: My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000.

Post by Good Golly I'm Olly on Wed 06 May 2020, 3:22 pm

Enjoyed reading these Samo - a bit before my time wrestling wise, I've recently been re-watching some of the PPVs from when I began watching around mid 2002. No Mercy 2002 in particular was a great re-watch
Good Golly I'm Olly
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My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000. Empty Re: My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000.

Post by Samo on Wed 06 May 2020, 7:58 pm

Cheers Olly, Im enjoying doing it. King of the Ring is next which from memory has some belters and some absolute stinkers, so that should be fun!

No Mercy 2002 was an excellent show and definitely worth a re-watch. Wont be too long till I get there.


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My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000. Empty Re: My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000.

Post by Samo on Mon 18 May 2020, 4:58 pm

We have arrived at the King of the Ring!  And hoo boy has the landscape of the WWF changed since Judgement day.  We have a new Intercontinental Champion, new WWF Tag Team Champions and some old blood back in the main event picture, which could have massive ramifications on the whole company.  This is also the biggest King of the Ring tournament in history, with a whopping 32 people competing.  The first 2 rounds have already taken place on TV, so we're down to the final 8 tonight. So without further ado, lets do this.

The new Intercontinental Champion Rikishi is out first to a huge pop.  Rikishi won his only WWF singles title only a couple of days ago on Smackdown, but Benoit took him out after with a steel chair.  A pissed of Benoit is out next and the two immediately go at it.

Chris Benoit vs Rikishi - KotR Quarter Final #1

Rikishi takes the advantage early and dumps Benoit off the steel steps.  Benoit tries and hits a massive german suplex on Rikishi.  Benoit starts working on the shoulder he injured on SmackDown.  JR reminds us that only winners advance and if theres a draw in anyway both men are eliminated.  Benoit gets the crossface on Rikishi but the big Samoan is able to power his way to the ropes.  Benoit grabs a chair and smashes Rikishi with it and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner via Disqualification - Rikishi

Post match Benoit continues to wail on Rikishi with the chair and locks in the crossface.  The refs storm the ring to break it up and Sgt Slaughter gets his PPV payday.  Benoit breaks it then hits a diving headbutt and goes straight back to the crossface before he finally relents and leaves.

Rating: 1 star.  Its probably unfair to rate this match because it was so short, but as a story it puts the big babyface Rikishi in peril.  We see him recovering in the ring and he has a big welt forming on his arm, looks nasty.

The McMahon-Helmsley faction are shown backstage and tensions seem high because Linda has just arrived and she plans on confronting Vince.  We see replays of Benoits attack on Rikishi, hes with Michael Cole who asks him for an explanation.  He says he's the best in the world and does whatever he wants, and no one can stop him.

Eddie Guerrero w/ Chyna vs Val Venis w/ Trish Stratus - KotR Quarter Final #2

The European Champion is out first with his beau Chyna.  Despite the heel gimmick these two are crazy over, got to put that down to Eddies charisma.  Val Venis has formed a 'business relationship' with Trish, has turned heel and almost entirely dropped the porn star gimmick.  Venis gets the advantage early, using his size and power to his advantage but Guerrero is soon able to counter with his patented Lucha offense.  The match spills to the outside and Venis drops Guerrero on the barrier, fully establishing control.  Back in the ring Eddie counters Val and hits a superplex from the top rope.  Eddie's cut his hair quite short and he's the double of his brother Hector. Surfboard into a guillotine chock by Eddie but Val racks his eyes to break it.  Val hits a big flapjack on Eddie to switch the momentum.  He goes for a second but Eddie hits a hurricarana.   Eddie goes up top for a frog splash, but Val rolls out the way and Eddie has to adjust in mid air, Val then drops Eddie with a huge spinebuster.  He follows it up with a Money Shot but Eddie gets the knees up.    Val tries a pin with his feet on the ropes but Eddie manages to kick out.  Guerrero hits a hurricarana from the top rope, but Trish is distracting the ref.  Chyna runs over and takes Trish out.  Val goes for Chyna but Eddie rolls him up for a very close two count.   Quick flurry of counters before Val his a Fishermans suplex and locks it in for a three count.

Winner via Pinfall - Val Venis

Rating: 3 stars.  Very good match here that kept a high tempo throughout.  Venis is getting a semi-push so it makes sense to put him over here, and Eddie doesnt really lose anything in defeat.  These two worked really well together so yeah, job done and no complaints from me about this one.

We see Hardcore Champion Pat Patterson backstage, he's trying to pick out his evening gown for his upcoming match.  Oh dear God, please help me.  We see Coach with Rikishi.  Rikishi says hes able to go, no problem.  JR quotes the late Gorilla Monsoon (who died October previous) and says the fans are hanging by the rafters.  

Crash Holly vs Bull Buchanan - KotR Quarter Final #3

We see Crash's "fairytale" run in the tournament so far, beating Albert and his cousin Hardcore on his way to the PPV.  Big Bull is out next and I forgot all about this theme but its pretty rockin.  Crash tries to use his speed but Bull drops him quick enough.  King says they better hope Crash doesnt win because he doesnt think they make crowns small enough to fit Crash's head.  Nice line.  Bull very much in control of this paint by numbers match.  Theres a sign in the crowd that says "smoke that magic leaf".  I'd love to, might make this go quicker.  BB is fine in a tag match where he just needs to do his spots, but he's massively exposed trying to carry a story through a match himself.  His misses a scissor kick and Crash rolls him up for a three count out of no where!

Winner via Pinfall - Crash Holly

Rating: 0.5 stars.  The fairytale continues as Crash reaches the semi finals.  My only hope is either Angle or Jericho can get a better match out of him.  No Beuno.

Vince is backstage and meets up with Linda.  He asks her how she's going to meddle in his business tonight, and lists off all the ways she's "screwed" him.  She asks him if he's going to be man enough to keep the main event 3 vs 3 and not 12 vs 3 like on SmackDown.  Im going to borrow a line from Jim Cornette here: I dont know what anyone got from putting a live mic infront of Sable Linda McMahon but it should have been 3 to 5 years.  For someone whos life and career is the wrestling business, someone whos husband is one of the best talkers in history she is a charisma vacuum and cant even cut a scripted promo without sounding like a really bad soap opera star.  Jesus wept go away.  

Kurt Angle vs Chris Jericho - KotR Quarter Final #4

Its our final QF match and its surely the best on paper.  Angle is out first and cuts the same promo he's been cutting since his debut, but he's so damn good he gets a reaction everytime.  He's just so Frak good and he's barely 8 months into his main roster career.  Jericho is out next to a huge pop.  Jericho cuts the same promo he's been cutting since he turned face, but he's so damn good he gets a reaction everytime.  He's just so Frak good.

Both men jockey for position in the early moments as theres a huge Y2J chant.  Angle takes the lead with a beautiful overheard belly-to-belly. Jericho quickly responds with a big flying forearm.  Jericho fully in control a hits a Lionsault but Angle gets his foot on the ropes.  It looks like Jericho landed right on Angles face.  Springboard dropkick sends Angle to the outside.  Angle recovers enough to send Jericho into the crowd.  Irish Whip to Jericho into the steel steps.  Angles chest already looks like Daniel Bryans in the GRR after only a few chops from Jericho.  Angle locks in a sleeper but Jericho fits out and hits an underhook backbreaker, but Angle gets his foot on the ropes again.  Angle with a bridging German for a very close two count.  Jericho starts building momentum and hits a huge spinning heel kick.  He goes for a facebuster but Angle counters with a lariat for another very close two count.  Jericho counters out of the Olympic Slam and gets the Walls on Kurt.  Stephanie McMahon runs to the ring and distracts the ref as Angle taps out.  Jericho complains to Teddy Long and Angle socks Y2J into him. Steph goes to hit Jericho with her title belt but he ducks and she clobbers Angle.  Jericho then plants a kiss on Steph but turns into an Olympic Slam for a three count.

Winner via Pinfall - Kurt Angle

Rating: 3.5 stars.  A very good match ruined but a dirty finish.  I know its part of this love triangle story their building to but it took away from what was a very good match.  These two are so good and work so well together.  Shame, but still very enjoyable.

We see Shane and Vince discussing their match backstage.  Vince is overly confident that they'll win because The Rock, Undertaker and Kane will be too focused on the WWF title to work together to win.  We go to WWF New York and see Mick Foley with his new haircut sitting at the bar.  We can barely hear what he's saying over the crowd there.  They start talking about his match with Undertaker 2 year prior, and Mick jokes about how he cant remember much of it.  We get ready for our next match

Edge & Christian vs The Hardy Boys w Lita vs T&A w/ Trish vs Too Cool (c) - 4 corners elimination match for the WWF Tag Team titles.

Too Cool have had Edge and Christians number over the past month, proving it by beating them for the WWF Tag titles a few weeks ago for their one and only tag title run.  The Hardys have been feuding with T&A recently and both teams were added to this match.  

Albert and Jeff start things off.  Only two men can be legal at the same time, which makes me wonder why you would tag in if you're in one of the other two teams.  T&A take control and start working over Matt.  Trish gets on the apron as Matt goes for a Twist of Fate but Matt goes to hit her off the apron.  Lita takes out Trish, Matt hits Test with a ToF for a two count.  It breaks down and Lita goes for Albert but before he can chokebomb her Matt dropkicks his legs out from under him and Lita lands on his chest.  Matt takes a pumphandle slam from Test but Jeff hits a senton on Test.  He leaps out the ring and takes out Albert as Matt rolls on top of Test and gets a three count.

Test & Albert have been eliminated

Scotty 2 Hotty gets in on the action for the first time, facing off against Jeff.  The two have a quick exchange before Christian tags himself in for some reason.  JR questions the logic.  Whisper in the Wind on Christian then a double suplex to Edge.  Jeff and Edge take eachother out with a double clothesline.  Christian tries to get a cheapshot in but Matt sends him flying, while the ref is distracted by this Lita hits Edge with a diving hurricarana but Jeff only gets a two count.  Matt hits a ToF on Christian but Edge pulls Matt out the ring.  Jeff climbs to the top but he's taken out by Edge.  Christian hits the Unprettier (still called the Impaler) and pins Matt.

The Hardy Boys have been eliminated

Grand Master is in now taking on Edge.  Too Cool in firm control as the fresh team, but Edge is able to gain advantage with a big forearm.  The two heels cut off Scotty and work over him with double team moves and quick tags.  A double head clash gives S2H a chance to tag out and GMS runs wild.   He's able to keep control ovr both men and hits a big Batista Bomb on Edge but Christian is able to interupt the count.  They drop GMS with a double flapjack then mock Scotty 2 Hotty's worm.  S2H sneaks in behind them and drops them both with facebusters.  He signals for the Worm on Edge and the crowd go nuts.  Christian tries to interfere with a belt but he's dropped easily.  GMS hits a big leg drop on Edge but the ref is too busy getting S2H out of the ring to count, meanwhile Christian is back and lamps GMS with the title on the back on the head.  Edge rolls over for the three count.

Winners via Pinfall and NEW WWF Tag Team Champions - Edge and Christian

Rating: 3 stars.  This was pretty good.  Was always at a high tempo so kept the excitement up.  Shame to see Too Cool lose the belts so soon after winning them, especially after the celebration with Rikishi when all 3 had some gold, but E&C are probably the best tag team on the roster right now so it makes sense.  It could have been a better match if they didnt bother with the other two teams and just let them tell a better story, but thats hindsight.  Michael Cole is with Crash backstage.  Crash says he's always been an over achiever, and he says Kurt Angle is in big, BIG trouble.  He's got a nasty looking scar on his shoulder which I can only assume is from a surgery.

Rikishi vs Val Venis w/ Trish Stratus - KotR Semi Final #1

Rikishi isnt moving too good and he has a huge bruise on his arm.  Val Venis looks in the zone.   We see a recap of the bloody rivalry between these two.  Rikishi takes control early. keeping up the aggression, not letting Val get a chance, but Val finds an opening and starts to work over the big Kish's arm.  Rikishi throwing big lefts trying to get back into it but Val regains control with a big kick.  He goes for the Money Shot but Rikishi catches him with a big belly-to-belly and gets a three count!

Winner via Pinfall - Rikishi

Post match Trish jumps on Rikishis back but he throws her over his shoulder and sets her up for a Banzai drop.  Val makes the save with a low blow, then throws Rikishi off the second rope.  He throws the steel stairs in the ring and lays into Rikishis shoulder with them.  Trish hands him a steel chair and he crushes Rikishis arm between it and the steel steps.

Rating: 1 star.  Ended before it got going but it did the same job as the earlier match.  Puts the babyface in peril.  Its also the problem with such a stacked card that these matches need to be rushed out.

Coach is with Gerald Briscoe backstage talking about the evening gown match.  Please dont make me watch this.

Crash Holly vs Kurt Angle - KotR Semi Final #2

Crash gets a decent reaction.  Kurt Angle comes out and looks like he could still wrestle for an hour.  Crash getting a rare chance to show off his technical ability vs someone like Angle. He's keeping toe-to-toe with Angle before Angle hits a great looking hooked belly-to-belly.  Crash gets a hope spot and a very good nearfall but its almost academic as Angle puts him away with an Olympic Slam.

Winner via Pinfall - Kurt Angle

Rating: 1.5 stars.  Criminally short this one.  Its a shame Crash is only really remembered for his run with the Hardcore title because this match showed that he was pretty talented and with the right opponent he could have a great match.  Would love to see these two go at it again for a longer period.  Good story of Crash's run in this tournament aswell.

We see footage of the MSG show the night before this one, and Donald Trump is shown ringside with Melania, back when he was actually a reasonably likable personality.  How times change in 20 years.  Michael Cole is with Kane backstage.  Kane says that its always been about him becoming the WWF champion and walks off.  Coach is with the Deadman.  Undertaker says the WWF title is the most coveted title in the business, and he didnt come to Boston to lose.

Aww Frak me.  Time for the humiliation of two absolute wrestling legends.

Pat Patterson (c) vs Gerald Briscoe - Evening Gown match for the WWF Hardcore Championship.

Real American starts playing to almost zero reaction as NWA Tag Team legend Briscoe comes out first in his dress with fake boobs and a wig.  The first ever Intercontinental Champion and NWA legend Pat Patterson is out next.  JR says this is a sad state of affairs for legends like this.  Fair play to the two of them they're being completely professional and giving it 100%.  Patterson says he's a good friend, so he'll lie down for Briscoe and let him pin him 1, 2, 3.  But he low blows him.  Huge boos and cowpat chants from the crowd.  Theres suddenly a huge pop as Crash Holly charges the ring.  He drops Briscoe with a trash can, then Patterson and he exploits the 24/7 rule to pin Patterson and win the Hardcore title.

No Contest.

Rating: -3 stars.  This was the worst Frak thing I have ever seen in wrestling.  I thought The Kat vs Terri at WrestleMania was bad but this is the absolute Poopie.  Its going to be a long, long time before I see anything this bad in a WWE ring.  I need to take a break.

We see The Dudleys hyping themselves up backstage.  They take on DX next.  After almost putting Tori through a table at Judgement Day, the Dudleys and DX have been interfering in each others business, including costing respective members KotR matches.  It escalates to the point that DX put The Dudleys into a dumpster and toss them off the stage.  Mr McMahon says that in the interest of fairness at King of the Ring it will be a Handicap Table Dumpster match.

The Dudleys vs DX (Road Dogg, Xpac and Tori) - Handicap Tables Dumpster match.

For DX to win, both Dudleys have to be locked in the dumpster, and for the Dudleys to win all three members of DX have to be put through a table.  No disqualifications but Tag rules still apply for some reason.  A few ECW chants from the Boston crowd.  Xpac his a big back kick on D-Von then does his silly karate pose.  The Dudleys take control and hit their diving low blow on Road Dogg, then Xpac, then finally Tori to a big pop.  The Dudleys spot DX trying to leave so make chase up the ramp.  DX quickly get control back and manage to get the Dudleys in the dumpster.  DX celebrate but the ref is too busy checking on Tori to call the match.  Meanwhile the Dudleys get out the dumpster, grab some chairs and his stereo chair shots.  Time to get some wood.  Two tables get stacked ringside, and the steel steps are set up adjacent in the ring.  Road Dogg is put on Bubbas shoulders and he powerbombs him from the steps through the two tables.  Great looking spot but Road Dogg barely hit the ground with two tables to cushion his fall.  Safe as house.  Xpac sets up a table and lays DVon on it. Bubba drops Xpac on the turnbuckle and Dvon hits a superplex through the table.  Bubba now has his eyes on Tori, but she has no where to run.  She climbs into the dumpster to escape the Dudleys.  They go to open the dumpster to get her but Road Dogg and Xpac from behind with chair shots drop the Dudleys into the dumpster and the ref calls it.

Winners - D Generation X.

After the match the Dudleys reappear and they've got Tori.  Xpac tries to save her but gets a 3D for his trouble.  Road Dogg tries his luck but gets one aswell.  Bubba has a hold of Tori now as Dvon gets the table with her name on it.  Big Bubba Bomb from the second rope puts Tori through the table.

Rating: 2 stars.  Was a good bit of fun, a few good table spots but the only downside is the Dudleys look like idiots, and despite getting their heat back at the end thats another PPV loss for them.  What are they 1-5 now in this series?  They're still over as all hell though.

Angle is with Michael Cole and he says how important it is for him to win this tournament.  He says once he wins he's going to challenge HHH for the title. We see replays of Val Venis's attack on Rikishi.  He's with Coach and his arm is heavily bandaged.  Rikishi says nothing is going to stop him, and Angle needs to realise this.

Kurt Angle vs Rikishi - King of the Ring Final

Angle comes out first looking fresh as a daisy.  Rikishi comes out and he's selling big time.  Kurt comes to get some early but Rikishi takes control.  Angle hurts his back trying to scoop slam Rikishi, and Rikishi delivers one of his own.  Rikishi goes for a stinkface but Angle sneaks a lowblow.  Angle throws Rikishi into the steps shoulder first.  Rikishi doing his best to fight through the pain but Angle is firmly in control.  Rikishi with a one armed Samoan Drop get a bit of momentum back. He hits a big neck breaker but cant get a proper cover.  Kurt ends up in place for a stinkface again, and this time Rikishi gets it.  Rikishi takes a moment and Angle charges and hits an Olympic Slam but it only gets a two count!  Angle goes for a sunset slip but Rikishi drops and squashes him but that only gets a two count.  Rikishi starts to climb to the top but Angle crotches him.  Angle with big right hands to the shoulder, he climbs up and hits a huge overhead belly-to-belly from the second rope!  He makes the cover and gets the three count.

Winner and King of the Ring - Kurt Angle

Rating: 2 stars.  Another victim of time contraints.  Could have been really could but managed to do what it had to.  Kurt Angle wins the whole shebang and Rikishi looks like a really strong babyface, fighting with a huge heart the whole way.

Time for our main event of the evening.  What started off as a 6 man tag has evolved into a WWF title match which could have huge implications.  It was first announced that if Team Corporation won then HHH would defend his WWF title against the King of the Ring winner at Fully Loaded.  It was then added that if ANYONE on HHH's team took a pinfall then HHH would LOSE his title.  It was THEN added that whoever got the pin on the face team would win the WWF title.  Can the McMahon-Helmsley faction survive the combined might of the face team?  Or will Undertaker, Kane and The Rock implode on eachother in their own crusade to win the WWF title?  Lets find out.

Undertaker, Kane & The Rock vs HHH (c), Shane McMahon & Mr McMahon - 6 man tag for the WWF Championship.

Team Corporation are out first.  Kane is out next. The American Badass is out next to his Network dubbed Big Evil theme.  Just pay Kid Rock it wont cost that much.  He's a redneck he'll probably let you use his song for a pack of smokes and a six pack.  Its a great theme but it sounds like Poopie dubbed in.  The Rock is out last to a huge ovation from the Boston crowd.  Shane attacks Kane from behind and those two men start us off.  Kane gives Shane a free shot but no sells it.  Kane easily disposed of Shane with a raised choke. Shane tries to escape to the outside but Taker throws him right back in.  Kane firmly in control as he press slams Shane right over his head.  Kane with a guzzle on Shane but Vince tries to break it up and he gets one for his trouble.  HHH then breaks it up but Kane quickly regains control.  Rock tags himself in and faces up with HHH.  Rock tells him to Bring It and Shane jumps him from behind.  Undertaker tags himself in and starts beating down on Shane.  He hits a huge one armed Chokeslam on Shane but The Rock breaks up the pinfall.   HHH tags in and starts working over the Undertaker, but the Deadman quickly regains the upper hand overpowering HHH.  Taker hits a huge DDT but Kane pulls him off of the cover.  Undertaker gets in Kanes face and The Rock tags himself back in.  HHH tags Shane but Shane wont get in, so Rocky drags him over the top rope.  He then lays the smackdown on HHH and Vince.  He gets low bridged over the top but Undertaker and Kane are quickly there to break up the triple team.  Its broken down into a skirmish as Rock and HHH fight over the announce table, while Kane beats down on Vince and Undertaker and Shane are brawling up the ramp.  Back in the ring HHH hits a Pedigree on The Rock but Taker is there to break it up just in time.  Rocky is struggling to stand but refused to tag out.  He eats thunderous clothesline for his efforts.  The heels are in control now cutting The Rock off in their side of the ring.  HHH goes to the top but takes a hard right to the guts, Rocks hope spot doesnt last long as HHH takes him out with a neckbreaker.  Vince is tagging in to get a few cheap shots in before tagging out again.  Great heel heat.  Shane breaks up a pinfall by the Rock and it all devolves again.  All of a sudden Kane takes out Undertaker.  Rock hits HHH with a spinebuster but as he goes for the Peoples Elbow Kane takes him out with a Chokeslam.  HHH seems to think Kane is working with him but HHH gets a Tombstone.  He goes for the cover (not the legal man) but Undertaker pulls him out.  The two brothers of destruction start brawling and Undertaker cleans Kanes clock with a chair shot.  Undertaker then grabs Shane from the second rope and chokeslams him through the announce table in a now iconic spot.  In the ring Vince McMahon taunts the Rock with his own Peoples Elbow, but Rock kips up and hits Vince (not the legal man) with a Rock Bottom.  He makes the cover and gets the three!

Winners via Pinfall - The Rock, Undertaker and Kane and NEW WWF Champion - The Rock!

HHH is going ballistic as The Rock celebrates in the ring.  We see Undertaker tell The Rock that he owes him one before he leaves on his bike.  McMahon recovers in the ring and The Rock drills him with the title belt, adding insult to injury.  We see him pose in the corner one more time as the PPV comes to a close.

Rating: 2.5 stars.  As is the main theme of this PPV, this match suffered from time constraints.  It was a good concept but felt really rushed and the ending was way too chaotic.  It was still good fun though.  Interesting enough this PPV only ran for 2h 40m instead of the standard 3h we see today, so there could easily have been some more time given to a few of these matches.  


The stories of Crash and Rikishi in the KotR
Jericho vs Angle
Everything served a purpose


Time management
That Hardcore match which we shall never speak of again
Bull Buchanan

Overall Verdict.

As King of the Ring tournaments go this was a very strong one.  You had a decent field of midcard talent and the way they were pushing Rikishi you'd be forgiven for believing he could actually win it, but Angle was the right decision all day long.  Aside from one of the worst matches ever just about everything else on this card delivered what it set out to do, so theres not really much more you can say than that.  Not on par with Backlash or Judgement day but an overall better PPV than the three from the start of the year.  So in the ranking system it falls:

Judgement Day
King of the Ring <- here.
Royal Rumble
No Way Out

Next time out we have Fully Loaded.  How will the events of this show effect the landscape of WWF?  What happens to Kurt Angle now that he thought he was getting a title match?  Can the McMahon-Helmsley faction survive this turmoil?  Will Undertaker cash in on The Rock?  Where does Rikishi go from here?  We'll find out next time.  Thanks for reading, and stay safe.
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My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000. Empty Re: My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000.

Post by Good Golly I'm Olly on Tue 19 May 2020, 8:24 am

I had no idea a Pat Patterson vs Gerald Briscoe disaster existed, will go watch
Good Golly I'm Olly
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My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000. Empty Re: My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000.

Post by Samo on Tue 19 May 2020, 3:27 pm

Good Golly I'm Olly wrote:I had no idea a Pat Patterson vs Gerald Briscoe disaster existed, will go watch

Dont, for the love of God dont. Its not even "so bad its good" like a lot of the Hardcore stuff.


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My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000. Empty Re: My Wrestling History - PPV by PPV. Updated - King of the Ring 2000.

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