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Pro 14 expanding?

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Pro 14 expanding? - Page 3 Empty Pro 14 expanding?

Post by Kingshu Mon 01 Jun 2020, 7:32 pm

First topic message reminder :

Appears thst there are a lot of reports of the SA super Rugby teams leaving super rugby and joining the Pro 14.


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Pro 14 expanding? - Page 3 Empty Re: Pro 14 expanding?

Post by Pot Hale Mon 20 Jul 2020, 3:32 pm

Welshmushroom wrote: 
....If South African sides do join, and im not convinced pro 14 will allow 6 south african sides, what is the best format moving forward.  I would love to see us move to a 1 leg league.  Home and away aspects alternating each year.  So Leinster for exmple would play 2 SA sides home and 2 away each year.  The reason I think this would make a great change is that each team with aspirations to win the league would have to play their best players each week.  That for me would recreate a mentalitly throughout the season with every game being of vital importance.

Sadly I think however the powers that be will more than likely introduce a conference system which if super rugby has shown us wont help engroccing fans.  


The PRO14 or 16 Championship (not a league) is designed for unions and the teams they control to develop players ultimately to test level. Wishing that the best players - say a Liam Williams or a Tadgh Furlong - play all 18-21 matches in the Championship, another 6-8 in the Heineken Cup, and another 6-10 test matches during the year is just that - wishful thinking.

In addition, thinking that to win the Championship you need your best players each week, is also wrong-headed. You don't.

Reduce number of PRO16 regular season games to 18 plus finals in which your best players mainly play the home games is probably the best outcome. 9 games
H Cup - 4 pool rounds plus quarters, semis, final - 5-7 games
6 Nations plus revised July/Nov - 9/10 games

Ideally - 25/26 games max.
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Pro 14 expanding? - Page 3 Empty Re: Pro 14 expanding?

Post by Welshmushroom Mon 20 Jul 2020, 3:58 pm

Thats why i mentioned playing everyone in the Pro14 just once.  Ideally it will be a Pro16 next year with the 4 super rugby sides replacing the cheetahs and kings.  Granted that would be a bit tough on the cheetahs but that way you could limit games to 15 league games in the regular season which would be 4 weeks less than the current setup.

Granted sides wont always be able to play their best sides every week but what that would do is turn the league more competitive for home fans as a majority of sides wouldnt travel away resting players all the time.  It certanly would increase the likelyhood of better players being on show in the league.

The added HC and European games would only apply to those teams that do end up making the knockout stages.  Those sides for example losing their oppening 2 rounds would probably bench their best players for the league matches instead.  Basically what a bulk of the french side and english sides do already when they know they are out of Europe.


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Pro 14 expanding? - Page 3 Empty Re: Pro 14 expanding?

Post by Old Man Mon 20 Jul 2020, 4:19 pm

Only issue with your format is we are then limited to four top teams. Which means the other 10 Provinces become feeders only.

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Pro 14 expanding? - Page 3 Empty Re: Pro 14 expanding?

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