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Suicide rate hasn't gone up during Covid but it will after !!

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Suicide rate hasn't gone up during Covid but it will after !! Empty Suicide rate hasn't gone up during Covid but it will after !!

Post by TRUSSMAN66 on Mon 13 Jul 2020, 1:57 pm

According to the Samaritans there is no evidence to suggest Suicide has increased during the worst Pandemic for a hundred years.....Why would it ???....

The main causes of Suicide are...Lack of self esteem.....Loss of a relationship.....Loss of finances....Loss of a loved one (Statistics show that grief to suicide is a slow burner in most cases)....

The loss of a loved one apart sometimes the other three tend to be related.......We have all experienced maybe two out of the four at least...

Strange thing about suicide is People that generally go around with self pitying stories and threaten to end their life hardly ever kill themselves...Been 20 years since we lost a good friend Adrian from work probably one of the most charismatic...extrovert people I have ever met...Going through relationship and financial trouble at the time but always making a joke about it when asked.....One night went home and hung himself...

Never thought he'd be somebody who would do that.....Massive turnout at the funeral...Very sad..He was loved.

Heard plenty of other stories.. "He/She didn't seem the type"

Lesson to us all really.......Those really hurting tend to be the ones that refuse to burden others with their problems....and despite what you read or hear it takes an awful lot of guts to leave this World for ever and it isn't the easy way out...

What it is though is a Permanent solution to a Temporary problem in most cases...

Bad times are coming.....Time to be viligant... cuppa


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