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6CW Summer Showdown 26th July 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build Week 2)

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6CW Summer Showdown 26th July 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build Week 2) Empty 6CW Summer Showdown 26th July 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build Week 2)

Post by JJJohnson Mon 13 Jul 2020, 8:29 pm

Bout 1
Strap Match
Clarke James vs Ojore

Bout 2
Klash for the Kingdom (if Crime Lord wins he becomes King)
Crime Lord vs King Karl Kramer

Bout 3
6CW United Kingdom Championship
Uryu Ishida (c) vs Robin Reborn

Bout 4
Table Elimination (Winning team gets man advantage for War Games)
Team Frost vs Team Lawless

Main Event

6CW Championship
Jackson Jackson (c) vs Marshall Murdoch

*An update on Liam Wood's condition following the conclusion of Proving Grounds

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6CW Summer Showdown 26th July 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build Week 2) Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown 26th July 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build Week 2)

Post by x12x Wed 15 Jul 2020, 12:54 am

Our scene opens in the backstage medical area of the 6CW Arena where we see a clearly injured Liam Wood lying on a stretcher, struggling to move.

Doctor: Liam, you need to stay still. You have possible internal bleeding, you might have broken bones. Please...

Wood ignores the doctors words and sits himself up but as he does he slumps back down, his face contorting in pain from the injuries suffered from the 10 foot fall. Wood once again attempts to get up but is unable to do so. Finally, he gives in, and lies back down.

Doctor: You need to rest, an ambulance is on it's way but it's delayed. Like I said, you need to stay put...please listen to me. I'm going to check on it now...

The doctor then walks out of the room, clearly frustrated by Wood's stubborness but it's clear that Liam is staying put this time, not by choice. As Wood lies on the bed though we see a figure appear in the door. One we haven't seen for a while

…: You really haven't changed have you...

Wood looks over to see Ex Girlfriend Emmy stood with a worried look on her face, Wood looks away snapping at her as he speaks

I don't need this right now.

Emmy: Right...Liam Wood doesn't need anyone does he...well look where that got you.

Emmy continues to speak as Wood does his best to ignore her

Emmy: A few weeks ago you said you were ready to change, that Liam Wood was going to do things right but you're still the same a**hole who is pushing people away and getting yourself hurt. Will you ever learn?

Wood again ignores Emmy who continues to speak, the concern showing in her voice

Emmy: You pushed me away, you pushed Mike away and you were left on your own. I thought that maybe one day you'd stop doing this sh¡t but no, you're still the same old Liam. You need to realise that you can't do everything on your own. You need to really change...

...having friends doesn't make you weak...'re allowed to care.

Wood stays quiet causing Emmy to tear up

Emmy: You carry on like this and you'll lose everything...I won't be watching when you do.

Emmy walks away leaving Wood lying in pain on the bed, he looks at the empty door letting out a sigh as the scene ends.


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6CW Summer Showdown 26th July 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build Week 2) Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown 26th July 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build Week 2)

Post by The Last Outlaw Wed 15 Jul 2020, 3:17 pm

*In a small, empty arena, Remedy by Seether plays and Marty Helms powers onto the stage and then down the ramp and into the ring. He walks with a pronounced limp that he is clearly trying to ignore.

MH: Let's get this very quickly on record, I don't wanna hear anything about this no more.

*He paces with a rage in his eyes but falters as he finishes his sentence, looking down at his knee and getting even angrier. He walks over to the ropes that face down the ramp and leans against them, hanging his arms over them and pressing his chest against the top rope.

MH: Cillian Frost. Oh look at him, arriving back again now it suits him. And he wants to use me to play some silly game with the Judy to his Punch. She isn't his mistake, he knew what he was doing and he did it.

And now you want my trust?

*He shakes his head

MH: I never trusted you before and I don't trust you now. Call yourself Team Frost, I'm on the same team I've always been. I called you out from day one, day one. You and the little b*tch chose your champion and have continued to choose your hurdles.

It's me that keeps getting back up. You might have thought I was quiet last week, but I was preparing. I was preparing to fight on one god damn leg. I kept my counsel and made my way onto that show with her fate in one hand and yours in the other.

*Helms snarls

MH: And now you have me in an elimination tables match, and telling me this is "for the team." You take on the Lawless clan, bring Dicey and whoever the f*** else for your little gang. I will come to that ring with no need to rely on anyone else. I rely on me. And dont you think

*He shakes his head and points down the camera

MH: that I'm not watching you, Jackson. You don't get to hold my title and go unnoticed. Don't think I don't see the strings being pulled. You keep running away, I'll catch up to you, even on one leg. I'll take down this little pair first and then you've got nowhere else to hide. No one watching your back. And then you'll be without any more use, don't be surprised when you get bent over, they told ya, but you were dying for it

*He smiles now and goes to lean on the turnbuckle

MH: That's out the way, let's get the circus on the road. Little Mac, Tyler Roth, even the dripping, puss-covered minge that Jessica is attached to. I await your rebuttal

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6CW Summer Showdown 26th July 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build Week 2) Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown 26th July 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build Week 2)

Post by TwisT Wed 15 Jul 2020, 5:05 pm

As the camera pans to the ring, King Karl Kramer is sitting on his throne - different from the one Crime Lord F5-ed his uncle through. He wears his crown proudly as a spotlight illuminates him. Charles Kramer watches at ringside, as Karl hunches forward and stares at the camera

KK: Like some second spike, the virus of 6CW rises once again. It wasn't enough that I sent Crime Lord a message of retirement at Stars and Stripes, but now he has decided he needs another bite at the cherry. It makes me f*cking sick, but I am sure it makes Crime Lord feel worse. Someone who thinks he is so dominant, needs a second chance to do what he failed to do with the first. He had to involve himself in my coronation to get it......proving he is still a force by kicking the main guy in the balls and smashes someone not even half his size through a throne. Yeah.....that's what you need to do to live up to your bad man credentials.

Karl scoffs and sits back.

KK: The irony is that during your first real prod into my business, you decided to interfere in my match. Then I decided to repay the favour later on that night. I didn't need to do it, even Jackson Jackson can beat you but I did it to prove a point......I am not f*cking scared of you and right now I just want to laugh in your face. The guy who said everything and everyone is just part of the game, is complaining that he didn't have it fair during our PPV match.

He shakes his head.

KK: Well boo f*cking hoo......too many bangs on the head have made you forgot that sh*t like that happens in this business. You have benefited from it many times and you know as well as anyone a simple truth......if you don't get the job done then the only person to blame is yourself.

He seethes slightly and takes a deep breath before staring hard at the camera.

KK: Which brings me to Marshal Murdoch.

He takes a piece of paper out from the side of his throne and waves it at the camera.

KK: This nugget from 6CW shows that you have quite an impressive win/loss record. I am sure it was the same when you were jerking yourself off on the B show years ago. You remember those times right? I don't......I don't watch comedies, but from what my uncle has told me 6WF was mainly for the retards you tried to suck up too. Which probably is the reason you get along with this Clarke James. But all that doesn't matter, because this piece of paper tells everyone one important thing....

Karl leans forward.

KK: 7 wins, 2 losses and you have achieved nothing. Sound familiar Marsh?

He sits back again.

KK: Jackson Jackson doesn't even need to be here to tell you that fighting you isn't going to be tough. Because that is always the situation you get yourself in right? You try so hard and yet, you need another persons intervention to get over the line. But when you are on your own, you fail. Just like you failed in our semi-final and why I am King and you are not.....

He shakes his head again.

KK: And we will just brush over the f*cking fact that as King, I should have had first shot at Jackson. But I have a feeling that maybe my face doesn't fit round here and so 6CW will do everything to not give me what I am due......hence my next match that could take away my title and you having a shot at the 6CW World Heavyweight gold.

Karl glances to his uncle and then sits back.

KK: No matter. Unlike the fraud of my opponent, I am going to make my own success and not rely on 6CW's f*cking pity parade. I am going to smash Crime Lord's face in and then I am going to be coming after you Jackson. I am not going to waste any time thinking about Murdoch because we know he will lose........

Karl sits forward and smirks.

KK:........but don't worry Marsh, you will still have a better win/loss record than me.

He adjusts the crown on his head and continues.

KK: King Karl Kramer reigns supreme and and will continue to reign. Just accept it as the world of 6CW better run by someone easily more superior than you. Kneel and pledge your allegiance......or lose your head.

He pushes his fist into the palm of his other hand, before sitting back casually.


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6CW Summer Showdown 26th July 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build Week 2) Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown 26th July 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build Week 2)

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Thu 16 Jul 2020, 7:26 pm

*Ultralight Beam begins to play and the lights drop for the entrance of the Wolf Gang. Out walk the group, all three men waiting in their spotlights in the smoke before marching down to the ring. Reborn grabs the mic

RR: Clarke, Uryu. I want to talk to you about the man who you have chosen to rely on. I want you to rewatch the footage we have seen of Liam on the way to the hospital.

*The footage of Liam Wood and Emmy shows. As it ends, Reborn speaks once more

RR: I'm sure you've noticed the same thing I have. This footage is from years before. The company are sending in old Liam Wood promos, knowing they don't need to show you the man he is now. Because it's just a weathered and broken version of the man from before, and far less marketable.

*He smirks

RR: And they know that showing him victimised and in the condition he is in is not fit for television. And you have chosen to work with him.

But maybe I get it

*He paces slowly

RR: Clarke has been out of this business for so long, even longer than you'd think. You combine his layoff with that time spent as a comedy act with Perfect Jack and it's no wonder that he's missed the descent of Liam Wood.

And Uryu, well Uryu is an idiot, so my expectations for him are so low...

*He stops

RR: I don't blame you, but you will be punished if you stand across from us in any fight. Let Liam be a lesson, we will make sure the past is left in the past, by any means necessary. You're seeing the results, what the Wolf Gang can do. Liam is your lesson, but he is his own too. Every one that he does not learn, he repeats.

He cannot sustain his failure, so the question you need to ask yourself is whether his failure is worth your time? Is it worth your health? The years we will take off your careers?

It won't be us to blame.

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6CW Summer Showdown 26th July 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build Week 2) Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown 26th July 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build Week 2)

Post by Uryu Ishida Wed 22 Jul 2020, 3:28 pm

"Hold on Tight to your Dream" starts to play as Uryu walks out slowly, bandages and medical tape can be seen on his left shoulder. He stands at the top of the ramp and looks at the Wolf Gang.

UI: Well, I guess you kind of expected me out here Lion. No i'm not going to call you Robin because this honestly reminds me of Batman. You get deservedly beaten and killed off, you come back under a mask, kick ass, dissapear again and somehow wound up with a couple of outlaws in Bizzaro Ojore and a disgraced former champion in Artemis Drake! Tell me bitch hows it feel to be the only one with no wins since your return?

Drake steps forward and Uryu waves at him to attack.

UI: Happy to give you another loss Drake! Though it's Lion I want to deal with first. Because he is right about one thing. I am an idiot. Yet I don't mind being an idiot. Lion knows how I can be a bit dim and I know he has a way with words. He knows how tough I am and I know how tough he is. Which is a shame really, he understands that I always do the right thing. Injured or not, the right thing for me to do is defend my UK Championship. The right thing to do last week was ask for help from guys in the back in dealing with you. My idiocy was asking guys who dislike me more than you three. Hoping thats changed now though. Even if it hasn't I still plan on fighting because that's the right thing to do.

Uryu looks around the arena for a few moments, a sad look in his eyes turning to seriousness.

UI: The seats are empty, yet I can still hear the cheers of the crowd. When the seats are full all you three will hear is silence because by the time they come back, you will be gone! I will throw everything I have left into making it possible because I am at a point in my career where I have no idea how much I have left. Each battle with you three takes chunks out of me and I have an idea thats all that matters to you. Wearing me down, injuring me, making sure I can't greet the fans or hear their cheers. If I have one match left or one hundred, I still am going to do the right thing and make sure that you three are going to experience all my years of pain and suffering. I may not have won the Iron Man Tournament but I am the iron man of 6CW and If i'm going down then I'm taking one of you with me!

Uryu looks at the Wolf Gang ready to fight them all.

Uryu Ishida

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6CW Summer Showdown 26th July 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build Week 2) Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown 26th July 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build Week 2)

Post by Crimey Fri 24 Jul 2020, 2:57 pm

*As Kramer sits back down 'Back to Black' blasts out of the speaker system and Crime Lord steps out onto the stage. He is wearing a black suit, white shirt and is already holding a microphone. The music stops* 

CL: How are you feeling Charles? A little sore?

*Crime Lord half smirks, half scowls as he stares down Karl Kramer, still sat on his throne* 

CL: Do you know how ridiculous you look Karl sat on that throne, wearing that hat? It's pathetic. I shouldn't expect anything more from you. From the day I got back here, you have been nothing but pathetic. A whining, moaning pathetic piece of shít who has done nothing but try and ride my coattails. You have involved yourself in my business and if it wasn't for you and your uncle I would be 6CW World Champion right now. I would be King of 6CW right now. I wouldn't have to keep wasting my time trying to teach you a lesson I know you'll always be too stupid to understand. 

What you will understand on Sunday is that when my knee cracks against your skull, you stay down. When I drill your fat head into the mat with a Lock and Load you should realise you're done. We're not equals, we're not competitors. You are a worthless waste of my time who has been nothing but a distraction from my true path. I want this week to be an end of me and you. I want the 6CW Summer Showdown to simply be the final chapter of our unwanted story. No more messing around, no more sneak attacks, no gimmicks - you can get rid of that ridiculous throne, crown and sceptre - I want Karl Kramer versus Crime Lord in a fight. A fight I am going to win. 

Forget Marshall Murdoch - why are you talking about him? Forget the 6CW World Championship your title shot and crown are going to be mind. You've lost sight of what's right in front of you. I can forgive that, I made the same mistake. I allowed you and your uncle to get in my head and distract me from my real path. Well, you got what you wanted, you have my full attention now and I will give you everything that I have and I can promise you "King" - you can't take it.


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6CW Summer Showdown 26th July 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build Week 2) Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown 26th July 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build Week 2)

Post by TwisT Fri 24 Jul 2020, 4:39 pm

Kramer stares at Crime Lord from his throne and shakes his head.

KK: Now I have your full attention?

He stands up and walks to the ropes.

KK: Crime Lord your full attention has always been staring at the mirror, and saying the same gospel over and over again. That is pathetic, not me wearing this crown. I earnt it, when I beat you...remember? That means you don't earn the right to come out here and f*cking tell me I am not your equal.

He paces the ring.

KK: This won't be the final can it be? You f*cking forget the past losses and say "hey, I am Crime Lord...fear me". Then you stretch those muscles and believe your own hype. You have become a walking, talking caricature of a f*cking cum stain. Discarded and unwanted but still believing he can do a job he was supposed to do. You beat me at Road to Royalty, which you f*cking failed at. That last time you supposed to have given your all......

He stares back at Crime Lord and erupts.

KK: .......Your all means jack sh*t to me! I took it and it wasn't enough! You say I am worthless but I beat you. So whatever path you think you are on, you need to lay it down and through the arena doors and never darken this place again. You're washed up. You're finished. And tough words and the usual bout of f*cking amnesia will only mean I smash my fist in your skull one more time!

He keeps his stare on Crime Lord but calms down.

KK: Face facts Crime Lord. You can blame me. You can blame my uncle. You can blame the f*cking busboy that you use every night. The only reason you are not King......the only reason you are not 6CW World Heavyweight because you are just not good enough. And the only thing your coattails are good for, are f*cking hanging yourself with.

He goes back to his throne and sits down.

KK: So why don't you you turn that very expensive suit round, walk to the back and go watch Stars and Stripes again. Then if you need to come back, try for f*uck sake, to remember who you are talking to. Because full attention or not, the result of the next match will be exactly the same as you would have watched.


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6CW Summer Showdown 26th July 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build Week 2) Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown 26th July 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build Week 2)

Post by Mat Sun 26 Jul 2020, 12:28 am

*The camera's go to the backstage area where Fleur Michaels is standing by...

Fleur: Ladies and Gentleman, my guests at this time, Ricky Nelson and Mike Hill...

*Nelson and Hill walk into the picture, smirking down the camera.

Fleur: Ricky, obviously you have a huge match coming up but if I may, let's go back to last time out at Proving Grounds where you came up short against Marty Helms...

Nelson: Woah, hold up a second there Fleur. Let's get one thing straight here, I did not come up short against Marty Helms, in fact I was robbed of a clear, decisive victory over a former world champion due to the sheer ineptitude of the referee in the match.

Fleur: Erm, how do you figure that one out?

Nelson: Go back and watch the tapes Fleur, how long was Ricky Nelson stood in that ring waiting for Marty Helms to appear? How long did it take that referee to begin a count? If I hadn't appeared for that amount of time when scheduled for a match, you could be damn sure that the referee wouldn't have just started a count, he'd have finished it in double quick time.

I'd have been roundly criticised as unprofessional and I'm sure people would have been demanding that I be cancelled. But because it was Marty Helms, one of the good old boys, the familiar faces, he wasn't just forgiven, it was simply swept under the carpet as if nothing ever happened.

Not only that but when he did bother to appear, he only managed to win the match because of a blindside attack. Yet he was heralded as brave for even showing up to compete. Everyone seems to forget that I went through an equally brutal and hellacious contest at Scars and Stripes yet turned up, ready to go and ready to face my opponent face to face. If I'd have blindside attacked Helms, I would have been derided as a coward. He did it, he's smart, it's a veteran move. I'm tired of it Fleur.

Ricky Nelson beat Dante Phoenix at Scars and Stripes. Ricky Nelson was robbed of a victory against Marty Helms. It's about god damn time everyone around here started putting some respect on my name and realised just how good I am.

*There's an awkward silence for a few moments, Nelson looks at Fleur as if to beckon her to carry on.

Fleur: Erm, yes, well, erm...going into the big match tomorrow, I was just wondering about what your motivation is to get yourself involved and on the side of Miss Jessica in this battle?

*Nelson goes to answer but Mike Hill steps across, placing an arm across the chest of Nelson.

Mike Hill: I'll take this one Fleur. Now as you know, Mike Hill has been around this business a long time. Mike Hill has seen this kind of situation unfold umpteen times before in every place that he's been, with some of the biggest names in the wrestling industry involved. Not only that but Mike Hill has found himself on both sides of the battle field in his time. Mike Hill has been the guy perceived who is trying to destroy the company, and he has been perceived as the guy trying to save them.

Ultimately to be successful in this industry, there are two key factors. Power and Popularity. Now if you're incredibly lucky, you can get both. But most of the time, only one of those options is available. When it comes down to picking between those two options, power is the winner every time. Miss Jessica is the one with all the power in this situation, why the hell would Ricky want to be on her bad side? And on the flipside of the coin, of course Jessica, being the supremely intelligent businesswoman that she is, would want to have the best young wrestler in the world fighting her corner.

The funniest thing is watching these guys who oppose Miss Jessica desperately clawing to try and find some moral high-ground, some kind of rational explanation as to why they've sided against her. Mike Hill can give you the real truth right now. They aren't against Miss Jessica, they're just annoyed that they weren't smart enough to see just how powerful she is.

They're annoyed that at the start of this rebirth that they chose to bet against her, and now they're trying to pretend that they've taken up against her because they are the force for good and she is the cause of all evil. They want people to believe she is bad for this company, that she is running the company into the ground. They want the fans to think they're doing it for them, to save this place.

Newsflash idiots, there's no fans in the arena and we know full well that they aren't doing it for these nerds on the internet with their hashtags and fantasy ideas. They don't think what Miss Jessica is doing is wrong, they just dislike the fact that she's not doing it with them. If god forbid she was ever to leave, to become Prime Minister or whatever, these guys like Dicey and Phoenix would be sniffing around the new guy trying to curry favour with them.

You only have to see the way that they swarmed around Cillian Frost as soon as he returned to see what their motives are. They think if they beat beat us at War Games and remove Miss Jessica from this place that Frost will owe them something. Unfortunately, they will never be able to cash in those debts. Because Ricky Nelson will win the Tables Match at Summer Showdown. Then he will win the War Games. Then maybe, just maybe, you'll start showing him the respect he deserves.

*Hill walks off, Nelson smirks down the camera once more and slaps his chest before following Hill.

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6CW Summer Showdown 26th July 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build Week 2) Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown 26th July 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build Week 2)

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